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22 March 2019
Term 1 Week 8
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From the Principal 


Dear Parents and Caregivers, Konnichiwa!


There have been a few staffing changes at Grange Primary School that I want to share with our school community.

Last Friday we farewelled three staff members.

Firstly, Maureen Russo our Business Manager has won another position. Maureen has done an outstanding job over the past 21 years here at Grange Primary School and we wish her well in her new role in the Department for Education, State Office. The Business Manager position at Grange Primary School has been advertised and we will conduct a selection process over the next week for someone to take on the role.

Support Staff member, Merrill Battista is also finishing her time here at Grange Primary School and is retiring after 20 years at Grange. Thank you to Maureen and Merrill for your fantastic contribution to Grange Primary School over so many years. We wish them both all the best into the future. 

We also farewell Alex Narcys, Senior Leader STEM and Years 5-7 sub-school, who has won a Leadership position as Deputy Principal at Allenby Gardens Primary School for the rest of the year. Alex returns to his Leadership role at Grange Primary School in 2020. Alex has been an outstanding leader at Grange and I wish him all the best in his new position.

Alex's role as Senior Leader will be taken up by Chris Philbrook and Room 10 will be taught by Darrien Newcombe.

Schools are no different to any work environment where staff members build skills and move on to other challenges, roles and locations.

In managing this continual change it is important that we build the capacity in other staff to step up into short and long term positions. We have been very intentional in building staff that are multi skilled, able to manage a changing environment and step up and take a lead at Grange Primary School. These are skills equally critical to develop in our students as they are in our staff.

This will enable us to continue to move from a good and great school to one that is consistently outstanding.


Regards, Grant

Grant Small, Principal

Grange Primary School 




School Activities

Brainstorm Productions visits Grange Primary School

This week, all classes from Foundation to year 5 attended the Brainstorm Productions performance of The Human Race. 

The performance challenged children to find out what qualities we need to create positive relationships at school, in the community and as citizens of the world. 

Actors Isaac and Ashton demonstrated positive traits within the word R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

In Term 2, Wednesday 5th June Year 5/6, Year 6 and 7 classes will attend the Brainstorm Production’s performance The Flipside.

Ashton and Issac singing Everyone in the Human Race needs to be respected.


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

For those of you who do not already know me, my name is Debbie Moore and I am the Parent & Community Liaison Officer at Grange Primary School.  After each Governing Council Meeting at school, I will provide you with a summary of school community issues that were discussed at the meeting in the following school newsletter. 

The Governing Council (GC) met on Monday 18th March 2019.  The Principal welcomed all attendees, including our newest members, who were recently elected at the GC Annual General Meeting on 18th February.  

Election of Office Bearers took place for the 2019 GC Executive. 

The Executive comprises of:

Chair:                Rob Lustri

Deputy Chair:  Anastazija Licanin

Treasurer:        Chris White

Secretary:         Maureen Affleck

As well as the above members, the Governing Council parent representatives also include:

Emma Boulby                                         Lee Berggren- Levitt

Jacqui Burden                                        Alicia Bewry

Belinda Haines                                       Nikki Gagliardi

Tracey Massie                                          Charissa MacDonald (community member)

Paul Pearce                                              Dion Trimmer

Raelene Rosewall                                  Kaylee Thompson

Sarah McGrath (community member)/Grange Ward Councillor for Charles Sturt Council

Staff Representatives:

Pauline McAuliffe - Year 2 Teacher

Georgie Medhurst - Year 3 Teacher

Debbie Moore - Parent & Community Liaison Officer (SSO)

Governing Council Constitution has been amended to increase parent representative members from 13 to 15.

2019 School Year Planner was approved, with Student Free Days ratified by members.

Channel 9 News will be visiting the school on Tuesday 26th March to show Upper Level students how the news is compiled.  There will also be weather broadcasts televised from the school and Channel 9 will be funding a school community BBQ between 5.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m., which will be advertised on the school website.

Annual Report 2018 has been approved by the Education Director and will shortly be available for viewing on the school website.

Principal's Report included the following staff changes:

Alex Narcys (Senior Leader) has been appointed in a short-term Deputy Principal appointment at Allenby Gardens.  Chris Philbrook will replace Alex as Senior Leader.

Maureen Russo (Business Manager) has taken a position with the Department for Education and we are currently advertising this vacancy.

Merrill Battista (SSO) has retired from the Front Office.

Di Klass is currently on leave.

Canteen report included comment that it may be useful for parents to pre-order their children's lunches, up to a week in advance, in order to avoid a last minute rush for Friday orders. 

Fundraising report included the Movie Night successfully raised $5027, with approx. 300 attendees.

Sports report included the success of a Basketball event at the school which was greatly attended by students and community members. 


Debbie Moore

Parent & Community Liaison Officer

Grange Primary School

Harmony Day 2019

As part of my role at Grange I have been EALD teacher for the past 2 years.  This involves supporting students that have English as an Additional Language or Dialect. 

Harmony Day is celebrated each year on March 21st.  It is a day to celebrate our cultural diversity and is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.  Over the past 70 years more than 7½ million migrants have come to Australia and made it their home.  Nearly half of all Australians were born overseas or have a parent who was.  People from over 200 countries make up our multicultural community in Australia and over 300 languages are spoken. 

At Grange alone, we have students who are born or whose families come from the following countries –

Italy                             India                            Greece                        Serbia                 Argentina                      Germany                   Poland                         England                    Croatia                New Zealand 

America                     Burma                          Russia                       Thailand             Wales 

Denmark                   South Africa               Portugal                   Korea                   Macedonia

Sudan                         Scotland                     China                          Ireland                Romania

Kenya                         Canada                        Bosnia                        Bulgaria             Hungary

Lebanon                    Norway                        Sweden                     Slovakia             Holland

Congo                         Philippines                Zimbabwe                Tanzania            Uzbekistan

Japan                          Vietnam                      Sri Lanka                  France                 Brazil

Turkey                         Spain                           Namibia                    Nepal                   Austria

Belgium                      Ukraine                      Chile                            Fiji                        Malta

Switzerland                Mexico                      Ghana                         Palestine           Guyana

Syria                              Polynesian              Cook Islands                       

New Caledonia          Timorese

Grange celebrated Harmony Day on Friday 22nd March.  We collected a gold coin donation for our World Vision Sponsor child Yala Pel who lives in India.

Happy Harmony Day,

Sonya Boeck


School News

School Uniform Update


We previously advised that Hats and Bags would still be available from school via the Front Office or the Qkr App. However, it has been reported to us by our uniform supplier that many people have asked about having hats and bags on sale along with the clothing items. Therefore, starting immediately, hats and bags will only be available to purchase from Westside School Uniforms, either at the Westside shop or via their website. 

Prices will be as follows:

Medium Bags with logo                $40.00

Large Bags with logo                      $42.00

Hats  plain no logo                          $10.00


It has come to our attention also that people are having difficultly locating Westside Uniform shop. The majority of the shops in the block face Grange Road, however Westside are situated around the corner in Falkirk Avenue. Should you have any difficulties finding the shop please call Amanda at Westside on 0450 224 887. 



Canteen News

Canteen volunteers are always welcome. Please see Jo in the canteen to register your interest.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 


Term 1

 Week 9 2019

Monday - Sarah Toming


Wednesday - Zina Spirdinoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miige

Week 10 2019



Wednesday - Zina Spirdinoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miige


Dates to Remember

Term 1 2019

Week 11

9th April - Literacy and Numeracy Morning

11th April - Easter Presentation

12th April - Last day of Term - early dismissal at 2:05pm 

2019 School Terms

Term 1                          29th January - 12th April

Term 2                          29th April - 5th July

Term 3                           22nd July - 27th September

Term 4                           14th October - 13th December

2019 Student Free Days

Term 2                           Monday, 29th April

                                         Friday, 14th June

Term 3                           Friday, 30th August - Adelaide Show Day

                                         Monday, 2nd September

Literacy and Numeracy Morning


Community News

Learning Through Music


Springbank Secondary College 
Open Day


Mitcham Girls High School
Open Day


Underdale High School 
Open Day


West Adelaide Basketball Club


Foster Care


National Karate Academies


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