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20 November 2018
Issue Thirty-five
From the Principal...
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From the Principal...

Dear Parents and Friends of St Therese’s Primary school,


In Mark’s Gospel last Sunday, we heard how Jesus spoke to his disciples about the coming of the Son of Man. In these biblical times, the people would look to the sun, moon and stars as signs from Heaven above. Even then, Jesus explained that we cannot predict the future, only the Father Himself knows. All we can do is have HOPE.


In Greg Sunter’s reflection he states, “Whilst the community who were the intended audience of the Gospel of Mark were expecting the return of Jesus and the end times to occur during their lifetimes, nearly two thousand years later we realise that wasn’t the case. Today, as in Mark’s time, many people approach the future and change with fear and apprehension. As Christian people we are called to be optimistic and hopeful as we approach the future. We know that God is good, that God loves us unconditionally and that God has a dream for us. That is the simple basis of Christian hope.”


This week, let us reflect on these questions:

  • What could I do today that is an action of love?

  • What could I do today that is an act of compassion?

  • What can I do today that is an action of justice and mercy?


As you enjoy this week, you may wish to say this prayer with your families.


“Loving and merciful God,

May we wear today the cloak of Christ

Woven with the threads of love,

compassion, mercy and justice.

May it become part of the fabric of our lives.”




Congratulations to Sensei Andrews for bringing to us a fun-filled Japanese Day last Friday! The purpose of holding a day such as this to raise the cultural awareness of our learning community.

The children enjoyed a range of activities, including tasting wheat tea and sushi. They participated in Taiko drumming workshops with renowned artist Toshi and Junko Sakamoto. The day concluded with a concert that included our own students performing a dance, song and taiko drumming.


Sensei Andrews was able to present to Toshi the money that we had raised to assist in the relief efforts for Japan who are overcoming many natural disasters. The amount raised was approximately $280! Thank you to the parents for assisting your child to dress up in Japanese costumes and for donating money for this cause. The Guess The Lolly Jar competition is still continuing and we look forward to finding out who the winners will be.



This week, the Library and STEM space, now called 'The Discovery Learning Centre', will be reopened. The new furniture has arrived and the children have already given it their stamp of approval. How exciting to hear from many of our senior students, “Can we sit in the library and read during our lunch breaks?”


I would like to thank the Parents and Friends committee for their commitment to raising the funds that went towards the refurbishment of this space. I hope you enjoy the photos that have been included.


Our next Parent and Friends meeting is on Wednesday, November 21 from 2:15pm till 3:15pm. At this meeting we would like to welcome new members and to set our directions for 2019. Please come along if you are free.



For our school to operate successfully, we rely on positive partnerships with families. Throughout the year, parents and carers are often called upon to assist the school in many ways. From reading in the classroom, attending excursions, helping with fundraising etc.

We would like to show our appreciation of parents, grandparents and carers who have helped during the school year by providing an afternoon tea on Tuesday, December 4 from 2:15pm till 3:30pm. I hope to see you there. Please complete the RSVP that will be sent out via CareMonkey.



There are only four weeks left until the end of the school year. There is much to do as we finish up the year and begin to prepare for 2019. Please ensure you read the Dates for the Diary and take note of what is coming up.


Our next major event will be the Carols Concert taking place on Thursday, December 6. Families are welcome to join us for a BYO picnic on the oval from 5:00pm and then the concert will begin at 6:00pm in the Hall. Please note that this event is an alcohol-free event due to the Child Safe Standards that all schools must comply with.



Finally, I would like to welcome two new students to St Therese’s school. Emma and Patrick joined our learning community on Monday. Emma and Patrick have come from St Jude’s in Scoresby. Emma will join Senior G and Patrick will join Three K. I know that you will join in me in making Emma, Patrick  and their parents feel very welcome!


I would also like to welcome back Tanya. She left St Therese’s when she was in Year Four in 2016 and is returning for the last couple of weeks before beginning Year Seven at St Peter’s. For the past two years, Tanya and her family have been living in Serbia and have now returned. We hope she enjoys reacquainting herself with old friends as she prepares to transition to secondary school.



Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the Secure Funding Brochure that has been attached to this newsletter. The information contained may be of interest to you in the days leading up to the elections to be held this weekend.

Have a terrific week.


Yours in partnership,

Michelle Bruitzman

RE News ...

Parish News

Please find attached Parish newsletter.


White Ribbon Day

White Ribbon Day is being held on 23 November.  This is a day where we acknowledge the terrible tragedy in our society of violence against women.  In order to raise awareness and funds to help fight violence against women, we ask that all St Therese's students wear something white on 23 November and bring a donation to help this worthy cause.


Mass Times and Reconciliation Celebrations at
St Therese's in Term Four

The Mass for tomorrow 21 November, 2018 has unfortunatley been cancelled.


Friday 14 December

6:00pm - Graduation Mass in the Hall

Wednesday 19 December

12:00 noon - End of Year Mass at St Agatha's Church

Family Advent Wreath Making 2018

Dear Families,


As in previous years, we are holding a Family Advent Wreath making session as part of our preparation for the birth of Jesus.


On Monday, November 26 at 2:30pm the children will meet in family groups across the school to create a wreath for their family. It would be wonderful if parents and other family members could come and assist their children.


We do ask that families provide the materials and that their wreath matches the ones in the church and at school. Traditionally an Advent Wreath is a circle of green leaves with four candles placed around the edges (three purple candles and one pink). The Pascal candle is added to the Wreath on Christmas Day.


Some suggestions for these parts are:

  • Wreath – a green Christmas Wreath, a cardboard circle coloured or decorated with green paper, a circle covered with green tinsel
  • Candles (three Purple and one Pink) – candles in these colours or candles that are wrapped in paper of these colours or coloured paper which could represent these candles.
  • To represent the Pascal candle a white candle could be used.

These are some suggestions, if you have other idea’s to represent these elements please feel free to use them. We will also send home each week the Sunday Gospel reading and theme for each week of Advent for you to gather and pray as a family.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


We hope to see you.

Paul Cowan

Religious Education Leader

School News ...

Principal Award

Congratulations to Tamara T, Clive M, Miriama A, Zoe S,

Bessy S and Manissha G on your Principal's Award and to

Joshua de Nava on your Bronze Award.


1st Cranbourne Scout Group

In need of a Christmas Tree this year??  See the below flyer for information on how you can support your local Scout Group by purchasing your Christmas Tree from them this year.


Parents and Friends

Dear Parents 


Please join us for Parents and Friends Meeting on Wednesday, November 21 from 2:15pm till 3:15pm.! You do play a vital role in our School and your children’s education! We need your support in enriching your child’s education with helping us make decisions to best suit our schools community focus! Thank you and see you there!

Parents and Friends would like to thank all involved in our disco last Friday 9 November 2018! Thanks to staff and school volunteers! We “groooved” to DJ Sanchez Disco Mix!


Yes!!!! Success...Thanks for the Fun!!!!

CFA - Declaration of the Fire Danger Period

Please see the below flyer for important information in relation to the Fire Danger Period for the City of Casey.


Japanese Drumming Concert

Toshi Sakamoto has an annual concert each year and it is coming up soon. Tickets are affordable and the entertainment is awesome. If your children have an interest in his drumming and Noriko Hadano’s shamisen playing, then please treat them and yourself to this concert. Seats are limited so please book quickly or let me know by next Friday. When your children go to Year 7 and they still like Taiko drumming, they can join his classes along with me. Sincerely, Andrews Sensei




Dates to Remember ...


Wednesday 21 November

Year Three Hands on Science Incursion

2:15pm - P&F Meeting

Thursday 22 November

9:15am - 11:00am - Foundation 2019 Orientation Day

Foundation Excursion to Cranbourne Botanic Gardens

Summer Lightning Premiership

Tuesday 27 November

7:00pm - Advisory School Board Meeting

Wednesday 28 November

12:10pm - Kidz Rock Concert


Monday 3 December

Year Five Lead the Way Leadership Workshop

Tuesday 4 December

St Peter's 2019 Year Seven Orientation Day

2:30pm - 3:30pm 'Thank you Afternoon Tea' for Parent Helpers

Thursday 6 December

5:00pm - Christmas Concert

Friday 7 December

Japanese Drummers and Dancers Road Trip to St Brendan's in Somerville

Tuesday 11 December

Year 1-6 2019 Student Orientation

Thursday 13 December

Japanese Drummers and Dancers visit Warragul and St Patrick's school in Pakenham

Friday 14 December

6:00pm - Graduation Mass and Ceremony

Monday 17 December

Year Six Fun Day

Wednesday 19 December

Last day for Students

11:00pm - End of Year Mass - St Agatha's Church

1:30pm - Students Dismissed


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