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29 November 2018
2018 Issue 17
Acting Principal's Message
Primary News
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Years 11/12 Happenings
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Acting Principal's Message


On Monday night 26 November, we farewelled our graduating class of 2018 at their Valedictory Dinner. It was a special occasion to give thanks for these amazing young men and women who now leave Bayside to go into the world which awaits. We thank families for their support and input as you have partnered with us in your child's education; some for a few years, and four families since Prep in 2006. The parents of our College Captains - the Hames and Gaskell families - spoke on the impact of being in Christian community at Bayside and the importance of the partnership we have.


Most of those reading this are still on the journey with Bayside. We hope that you too find the partnership a joy. For many, that partnership is supported by volunteering in the College. We want to thank each of you for your support throughout the year; for camps, excursions, reading or helping in classes, helping with the production, cooking, photography, coaching and supporting special events such as the disco, social, and Graduations for Years 6 and 12. We could not do it without your help, and we are extremely grateful.

We look forward to our end of year celebrations. The Secondary Presentation Night is next Tuesday 4 December, followed by the Primary Celebration Evening on Thursday 6 December. It will be excellent to see you there.


Religious Freedom

This week in federal parliament, a bill regarding religious freedoms is being debated. This is very important for all faith-based schools, as some members would seek to remove religious exemptions from the Sex Discrimination Act, thus dramatically changing the legal environment for faith-based schools. Repercussions could include not allowing faith-based schools to employ staff or enrol students based on acceptance of our Christian foundations.


On Monday we participated in the National Day of Prayer for Religious Freedom. We encourage all parents and families to write to the Prime Minister, Mr Morrison; the Opposition Leader, Mr Shorten; and, your local member of parliament to voice support for maintaining religious freedoms in order to ensure the right of parents to choose a school which matches and teaches according to the Christian beliefs you hold at home.


Toni Steinbergs

Acting Principal

Pray for Bayside

Following on from the National Day of Prayer for Religious Freedom, please continue to pray for our federal politicians, that they would honour and uphold the religious freedom of Christian schools.


Give thanks for our graduating students and the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead.


Please pray for our Year 6 students and all the mixed emotions - the excitement and anticipation - that comes from transitioning into Secondary School.


Pray for Orientation and Transition Day on Monday (3 December), as children from our ELC, Primary School and Year 7 for next year spend the day with their new teachers and classes.

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

Last Thursday 22 November, the Years 5/6 students had a wonderful day participating in a triathlon at Crib Point. It was a much-anticipated event as it had been cancelled the previous year due to inclement weather. Thank you to all the parents who supported the event and to Mr Klan and the Years 5/6 teachers who helped the students have an experience that really challenged them.

Yesterday, the Primary Student Leaders hosted the Primary Volunteer Afternoon Tea for all of those who have helped in the Primary School. At the event, the Student Leaders thanked all of the volunteers. There were many volunteers who were unable to attend the afternoon tea, but their contributions have been really valued by all the students and staff.  The range of activities for which volunteers have helped included listening to reading, helping with spelling tests, building props, attending excursions and camps, helping to run sporting events, organising functions, running stalls, school banking, covering books, participating in the prayer group and being class carers. The list goes on... My sincere thanks is extended to all of the volunteers, on behalf of the whole Primary School.


Next Monday 3 December will be an exciting day as the students get to meet their new teachers and classmates. Please pray for a very smooth and happy day for the students and teachers. In the evening, the students can return to school from 5:00-6:30pm for the Primary Dance. Mr Klan has been teaching the younger students some of the dances in his PE classes. Unfortunately, the previously communicated ‘Juicies’ are not going to be available because of problems experienced by the supplier, so the students will receive a substitute ‘Quelch Stick’ which is still 99% fruit juice, or a lemonade icy-pole with no artificial colours. They will still be having the sausage in bread and plain popcorn as advertised. Late permission forms will still be accepted tomorrow, Friday 30 November.


On Thursday 6 December, the Primary Celebration Evening will be held in U Block. Students, accompanied by their families, need to arrive wearing their normal school uniform at 6:45pm. During the day, all Primary students are to wear their sports uniforms so that normal uniforms will be clean for the evening event. It is a time to celebrate all of the students, along with the presentation of some awards, and the badging of the Student Leaders for 2019.


The Year 6 students are busy practising their dances for the Year 6 Graduation to be held on Monday 10 December.  It will be a very special night.


God bless,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Hello Primary School

This is the speech that Ryan Hooper and Emma Martin made at the final Primary Assembly. 


Hello Primary School

2018 is slowly ending which means that the leadership team is growing. Yes, it is sad but also means the leadership team is changing so we just wanted to pass on some wisdom and give the rest of the Primary School more of an idea of what being a leader actually is


It says in Philippians 2:3:

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,”


This verse is a short way of God telling you his expectations. This year the leaders have been given so many more responsibilities than we first thought. It has been an amazing experience and it is a really good opportunity to learn more about our school and the people in it. Being a leader we realised that is not about being rewarded but being able to serve the Primary School in a way that honours God.


As leaders this year we have been able to really appreciate everyone who is part of the Bayside family. We really think that leadership teaches people so much about caring for others and really being a servant of God. Being a leader, with or without a badge, is an honour, but being a school captain is a service and we hope that next year, the leaders continue to be role models for the rest of the primary school.

Berita Bahasa Indonesia

“Aduh! Ada laba-laba di atas kepala saya!”

(Oh dear there’s a spider on my head!)

In Years 1/2 we have been learning Indonesian vowel sounds with the help of some very colourful spiders. The clever spiders are also experts at prepositions. They have been di atas (on top) of our heads, di samping (next to) our friends, and di bawah (under) our feet!


Years 3/4 students have reflected on how, being made in the image of a creative God, we can creatively express His story in our lives. Learning Indonesian gives us another way to express His image.


“Pada mulanya Allah menciptakan langit dan bumi.”

Kejadian 1


Kelly Davies

Indonesian Teacher

Moonlit Sanctuary

On Tuesday 20 November, the Prep students went to Moonlit Sanctuary. We fed wallabies and kangaroos. One of the kangaroos had a baby joey in her pouch. We patted the scaly scales of lizards and snakes, and learnt that wombats have square shaped poo! It was a great day.


Donna Martin

Prep-Year 2 Coordinator


Across the College

Year 7 Science

As part of our forces and motion unit, the Year 7 students built their very own marble runs, simulating Indiana Jones being chased by a boulder. The chase was on: the Year 7s were competing for Disney’s ‘Indiana Jones’ contract, where they were required to make the marble move for 19-21 seconds, label forces and incorporate a simple machine into their design.

Special mentions go to Jack Flemming, Sean Feeney and Elimelech Anderson who won the lucrative Disney contract with their fantastic marble run. Students learned many scientific and engineering skills such as how to plan, experiment, construct, problem solve, communicate and work as a team.


Matthew Hames

Secondary Science Teacher

VCALs build Campground

Our Year 10 VCAL students put their skills into practice in the new campground area on the North Campus. In 2019 we will be running activities for Primary School students in this area.


Year 10 VCAL Taster

We had the 2019 Year 10 VCAL Taster Session this week and had a great time.

Students worked through an overview of the program for 2019 and then participated in a bridge building activity in teams of four. Students had to come up with a strategy for their bridge, calculate a budget for specific materials, draw a scale model of the bridge, construct it and complete reflection questions on leadership and teamwork. They then tested each bridge with a 5kg weight and they all stayed intact!

Music Showcase Concerts

On Wednesday,21 and Thursday 22 November,  were the biannual 'Music Showcase Evenings', where students were able to share the musical work they have been learning this semester with their family and friends. There were performances on guitar, keyboard, drums, voice, violin and cello, as well as some wonderful choreography and performances by small ensembles, including the Primary Choir and the Drumming Group. They were again amazing evenings, which clearly showcased the musical talent that so many students at our College possess, and the effort which they had all put into preparing their performances. 

Thanks are due again to our amazing instrumental teachers: Rachel Lomulder (voice), Kate Holt (guitar), Sarah Roberts (piano) and Beck Mullholland (drums) for all the work they have done with the students this year. The evenings also couldn't have run without the help of Tim Mann organising the sound system and lighting, as well as all the volunteers who pitched in and helped each night (including the 'After School Care' crew setting up chairs!). Thanks again to everyone who contributed to making these concerts such a success!


David Mallen

Music Teacher

Careers News

In the past fortnight, I've had the pleasure of visiting students in Years 8 and 9 during their Humanities classes. Students in Year 8 have been working on resumes and cover letters, and Year 9 students looked at their career interest results from Allwell testing, and we began conversations around the Year 10 work experience program. 


Two reminders for all Secondary students, and their parents/carers:

  • The Careers website is a tool available for your use including event calendars; career bullseye charts; information regarding VCE, VCAL and VET; career tests; and resume/cover letter templates. You can even download copies of the most up-to-date work experience forms if you need them!
  • Students in Years 9-12 may want to take this opportunity to update their resume, making sure they include details of any awards or certificates obtained during 2018.


Claire Dawson

Careers & VET Coordinator


Years 11/12 Happenings

The last couple of weeks have been packed in Years 11-12! Our Year 11 students celebrated their year at the Year 11 Social on Monday 19 November. A very big thank you to the parents and students who organised this - particularly to Karissa Gaskell and Coral Vass.

Students completed their exams, and VCAL students completed their assessment panel. On Tuesday 20 November, our Years 10-11 students began 'rollover' with a full day of workshops around how to develop a biblical perspective in their learning, as well as engaging in digital thumbprint sessions. Students wrestled with some of the 'big ideas' that exist in society and considered how they can make a positive impact on the communities around them.


Monday 26 November, Year 12 students celebrated with their Valedictory Dinner at Vogue Ballroom. This was bittersweet as we celebrated with our students, as well as farewelling them as they move into the next stage of their life journey.

Next Tuesday 4 December, Year 11 students will be heading to the city for their fun day out - ice skating and the Melbourne Star.


I look forward to seeing you all at Secondary Presentation Night on Tuesday 4 December.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Coordinator


Our 2019 VCAL classes have had the privilege of completing and commencing some projects on our North Campus.


Plants have been loved - through weeding, propagating, and bedding down in the earth, with or without mulch!

The deck on the Trades Skills Centre has been measured, measured again, sawn, drilled and screwed and is nearing completion.


Through all these projects, students are honing and demonstrating their Personal Development and Work Related Skills - skills such as time management, process planning, initiative, communication strategies and skills, occupational health and safety, problem solving, teamwork, leadership and possibly even conflict resolution skills.


Olivia Williams

TSC Manager


School Holidays - Important Dates

Thursday 13 December 2018

Last day for students – 2:30pm finish


Tuesday 18 December 2018

College office closes @ 3pm


Monday 14 January 2019

College office reopens


Tuesday 15 January 2019

Book list collection in G block from 2-5:30pm


Wednesday 30 January 2019

Year 7 Chromebook Evening @ 7pm


Friday 1 February 2019

Years 3-12 students commence


Friday 1 & Monday 4 February 2019

Prep-Year 2 Assessment Days (by appointment)


Monday 4 February 2019

ELC4 children commence


Tuesday 5 February 2019

Prep-Year 2 students commence


Friday 8 February 2019

ELC3 children commence

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

For those waiting on arrival of ordered stock, the expected date for blazers to arrive is 7 December, and dresses shortly thereafter. Our new uniform items for girls - skorts and trousers/slacks - are expected to be in store when it reopens in the new year on 15 January.


Please also remember our Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group, where you can sell, buy or swap good quality items of Bayside second hand uniform.

TEAR Useful Gifts

If you missed out on the opportunity to support the work of TEAR at the Community Market earlier today,  the great news is that you can now purchase from our online market stall. This includes e-cards - delivered straight to the recipient's email address - or cards that can be mailed out to you in time for Christmas! Check it out at this site

Family Zone & SchoolTV

Exciting new initiatives coming in 2019 to help parents keep their children safe online...


ELC Reunion - 12 Dec


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