Photo: House Swimming Carnival 2018

St Andrews Christian College

09 March 2018
Issue Two
Parents and Friends
Junior School
Middle School
Senior School
Community Notices
St Andrews Christian College
03 8847 8300
130 Tyner Road
Wantirna South, Victoria, 3152


Dear Friends,




In line with widespread interest in the growth of the Christian School movement, many people in the Eastern suburbs considered that a new school in the Surrey Hills area would be welcomed by the community. The first positive move was from the Reverend Dr Allan Harman, when he called a public meeting for June, 1981 at St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church in Surrey Hills.


Further investigations were made, and at a second public meeting, an interim council was appointed. The incorporation of The Presbyterian School of St. Andrew took place in June, 1982 and the College opened in 1983.

It was so wonderful to meet with Mrs Joan Andrew last week. Joan, the Rev. Dr Alan Harman (the first Board Chairman of St Andrews Christian College) and several others were on the inaugural Council for the College. Today, Joan’s grandchildren attend St Andrews and she and many other faithful visionaries continue to pray for the College.


Nothing has changed in the mission of St Andrews. In fact, every day we are reminded of the urgency of our mission and the reason we exist.

We are not just here to give students an excellent education. We go much deeper and wider!


We help students to be who they are meant to be in Christ!

Together with our parents, we are training the heart and mind of our children for their destiny in God’s kingdom.

It’s an education of HOPE. It’s transformational.


In God, in His strength, our students can achieve anything…

Perhaps a scientist who discovers a cure; a pastor or counsellor who brings life; a business person who runs their business in an ethical manner and influences others; a parliamentarian who influences public policy.


We all have a PURPOSE in this life and in God we can do anything!


Ephesians 4:1

Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.


Abundant blessings,

Catriona Wansbrough





Photo: PFA Animal Farm


There has been a lot of discussion around NAPLAN moving to an online format this year. We have recently received the latest update regarding this National Assessment Program. Our College will not be moving to the online version for this year’s testing period. We will still be using the pen and paper format. NAPLAN testing will be carried out from the 15th to 17th of May. We will also run catch up tests on Friday the 18th for any student who was absent on the 15th, 16th, or 17th.  Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are required to sit each NAPLAN test.


More information regarding NAPLAN can be found at: 

Gifted Education

As a part of the Gifted and Talented review, we have redefined the definitions that we use across the College.


  •  A gifted child is one who has the natural ability to perform at a significantly higher level than their chronologically aged peers in any of the following areas: intellectual, creative, socio-emotional, sensory-motor or any other valid area.
  • A talented child is one who displays mastery of a set of abilities or competencies in at least one endeavour. Mastery will be at a significantly higher level than their chronologically aged peers and can have been developed as a result of their learning experiences.
  • A twice-exceptional child (or 2E child) is a child who is gifted and has another exceptionality; for instance, ESL background, learning difficulty, physical disability.
  • High Achievers are those students who complete work to a high standard and meet all expectations and requirements. This term is often used interchangeably with Gifted and Talented but should not be confused with the natural ability.

As a Christian College, we recognise that each child is uniquely created by God, blessed with individual gifts and talents that enable them to live out their purpose as God has planned. Our mission is that not only are our students motivated to walk with God but to serve Him so that they will be a positive Christian influence in the world. Through our curriculum and programs we aim to allow each student to reach their full potential.


Merrick Brewer

Head of Learning and Teaching

Working Bee

We would like to invite you to our first Working Bee for 2018, to be held on Saturday March 17th from 9:00am – 12:00noon.

Our Working Bee will be a great time for you to get involved and take pride in our fabulous College. We are working on creating a clean and tidy school with gardens and plants that are indigenous to this area.

We invite you and your children to help with this important school community event.  It will create greater ownership of the College and encourage students to care of the gardens and facilities we are creating.

Even if you can only come for an hour it will be a great help.
We plan to undertake the following tasks:

  • We are going to focus on the Mound area garden outside of the Prep classrooms
  • General garden maintenance including weeding, clearing leaves, some planting and replenishing the garden beds with mulch.
  • Cleaning of the drinking troughs.
  • Washing of windows.
  • Oiling the decking.
  • Assemble additional garden bed/s.
  • Cobwebs eviction.
  • Replenishing the sandpit areas.
  • Rubbish collection.

And for those skilled at painting

  • Painting of some of the high visible areas, (steps)
  • Painting of hand rails where needed.

If you have any of the following tools you can bring, that would assist as we only have a limited supply:

  • Hand shovel
  • Gloves
  • Spade/ Shovel/ Fork
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Window squeegee

Attendance at the Working Bee is also a way to ‘work off’ your Parent Participation Hours.
If you find yourself available and able to come, please inform me by email at [email protected] so that we can adequately prepare the tasks and morning tea.
Ted Waterman
Grounds & Maintenance Manager

How to recycle the waste from your Subway lunch order

1. Put food scraps into the compost (silver bin).

2. Put paper with food scraps into the red rubbish bin.

3. Put clean paper (subway

envelope and wrapping paper)

into the yellow paper bin.

4. Put the clean serviette into the compost (silver bin).

5. Enjoy your lunch!


Humanities Request

From the Humanities Department:

We would love to create a collection of fake and real historical artefacts to use in both primary and secondary classes to improve the students passion for history and to help them to develop their historical inquiry skills.  We would especially love artefacts from the Ancient World (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, China), Medieval period, Australian History and the World Wars. These would be kept safely in the library. If anyone in the school community has anything from their travels that they would like to donate, please email Penelope Connolly – [email protected]


Penelope Connolly

History Teacher

Extra Curricular Activities

The attached timetables are updated with more details and some new Extra Curricular Activities.


A summary of the changes are:

  • Games in the Junior Library for Middle and Senior School students on Tuesday lunchtime with Ms Kopp
  • Reading Club in 1L classroom on Wednesday lunchtime for Prep-Yr 2 students
  • Games in the Junior Library for Middle and Senior School students on Thursday lunchtime with Mrs Terrington.

Sonia Sires

Extra Curricular Activities Coordinator


Important Coming Events for Term 1 2018:

  • Monday 12th March – LABOUR DAY – Public Holiday
  • Tuesday 13th March –Preps commence full week at School
  • Tuesday 13th – Friday 16th March – Year 9 City Experience
  • Wednesday 14th March – Year 7/8 CSEN Sport
  • Thursday 15th March –VCE CSEN Rally Day
  • Thursday 15th March – Year 7 Immunisation
  • Saturday 17th March – Working Bee at St Andrews Christian College*
  • Monday 19th– Friday 23rd March – Year 8 Canberra Trip
  • Monday 19th– Friday 23rd March – Prep – Year 6 Swimming Program (various times)*
  • Tuesday 20th March – CSEN Secondary Swimming Carnival
  • Wednesday 21st March – Year 9/10 CSEN Sport
  • Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd March- VCE Camp, El Kanah
  • Friday 23rd March – CSEN Primary Swimming Carnival
  • Monday 26th – Thursday 29th March – Prep – Year 6 Swimming Program (various times)*
  • Wednesday 28th March - Year 7/8 CSEN Sport
  • Thursday 29th March – LAST DAY OF TERM 1

* Parents welcome

Term Dates


Term 1: Thursday 1st February – Friday 29th March 

*Prep commence Friday 2nd February

Term 2: Tuesday 17th April – Friday 29th June 

Term 3: Monday 23rd July – Friday 21st September 

Term 4: Mon 8th October – Tuesday 11th December 

Parents and Friends

Photo: PFA Family Welcome Picnic

Get To Know Your Executive Committee

In order to help Parents know a little bit more about our Executive Committee, I included a short Bio on myself last November.  In line with this philosophy this week we get to know a little bit more about our Treasurer; Jean Lee.

Hello! Ni Hao!


My name is Jean and I am serving as your PFA Treasurer for this year. My family consists of my husband, Arthur, my daughter Sophie in 1O and her little brother Alexander who will be starting school in 2020.


I am a pharmacist by profession, and work locally in Wantirna South.  Since the addition of children into my life, I have had the opportunity and privilege to serve various roles in the community, including BSF Children's Leader, Knox Toy Library Vice President, Preschool Treasurer and Team Rep for a local Calisthenics Club.


At the end of last year, I volunteered myself to be part of the PFA committee. I enjoy helping out at various school events and want to be part of the community that my kids will be spending 13 years of their life.  I believe PFA is a great place for parents to get together, to work closely with the College to provide the best supportive environment for our kids to learn and grow.


Jean Lee

PFA Treasurer


Family Welcome Picnic

Despite the inclement weather; a fabulous afternoon was enjoyed by families who tucked into the food from the BBQ while the kids were kept busy on the jumping castle and enjoyed the animal farm, face painting and balloon sculpting.

Families were also entertained by music from the St Andrews students while enjoying a chat with both old and new friends.

Food Day - Hot Cross Buns

The PFA will once again be selling Hot Cross Buns on Wednesday 28th of March.  Further information in relation to this will be available next week when order forms are sent home in the Student Diaries.

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform shop is open from 8:30am - 9:30am each Tuesday during the Term.

The Second Hand Uniform Shop is located in Rembrandts.

School Banking Information Session

St Andrews college is excited to offer the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program to all students.


School Banking is a fun, interactive and engaging way for young Australians to learn about money and develop good savings habits. Children who deposit money into their Youthsaver account through School Banking earn Dollarmites tokens, which they can save up and redeem for exciting rewards.


The rewards available during 2018 are:

  • Twister Power Handball
  • Secret Scratch Pad
  • Sparkle Glitter Pens
  • Glow Light
  • Mighty Boom Handball
  • Heat Reactor Pencils
  • Slushie Maker Cup
  • Zoom Flying Disc

School Banking is also a great fundraiser for our school. Our school receives a Regular Savers Contribution of $5 for every 10 deposits processed per student as well as an Annual Contribution which is based on the number of students who made at least one School Banking deposit in the prior year.


School Banking day is Tuesday. Each week you need to hand your deposit books to your teacher.


We will be holding a School Banking Information Session at our school:


Time                      3.00pm – 3.45pm

Date:                     Wednesday 21stth March

Location:             Outside the Prep Classrooms


Please join us and find out more about the School Banking program and how your child can get involved.


If you are interested in opening a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account for your child you can and click on the link to open a Youthsaver account. A School Banking representative will be available at the Information Session to show you how you can do this. In order to verify yourself and your child, you will need your driver’s licence and your child’s birth certificate, but if you don’t have these with you on the day, you can complete verification online at home.


Icy Pole Friday

Every Friday lunchtime.

Parent Participation Hours

Families can participate by being involved in a variety of activities. During the year, notices will be sent out requesting parent help at various events or activities, for example, helping at sports carnivals, covering library books, icy pole Fridays, 2nd Hand Uniform Shop, PFA events, classroom help or attending working bees.


Parents are required to record the hours they have completed in the Parent Hours Book which is kept in the College Office. You will be charged a Parent Participation fee of $250 at the commencement of each year and will be credited at the end of the term for any work done. You will be credited at a rate of $25 per hour of work completed, up to a maximum of $250 for the year. The time requirement for each family is ten hours per year.

Term 1 2018 PFA Events

  • Wednesday 21st March - School Banking Information Session
  • Wednesday 28th March - Hot Cross Bun Food Day
  • Entertainment Books Fundraiser

2018 PFA Executive Committee

President:                     Andrew O’Brien

Vice President:            Sally Wade

Secretary:                      Lesley Goh

Treasurer:                     Jean Lee

Assistant Treasurer:   Eric Chen

Email:                              [email protected]

Junior School

Photo: Prep Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories Night

On Tuesday 6th March, some very excited Prep children came back to school at 6pm in their pyjamas! They brought their parents, a cuddly toy and some of their favourite picture story books.

We had a wonderful evening, reading stories, drinking milo and eating marshmallows. The parents were also treated to a mini concert as we shared some favourite songs we have been learning.

Mrs Hughes visited us (also in her pyjamas) and shared a funny story about some farm animals at their bedtime.


At 7pm it was time to head home…to bed… although a few children managed a late night play in the school playground before the school day was officially finished.


Gaye Jones and Sonia Sires

Prep Teachers

Year 2N Poems


Nicole Ng

Year 2 Teacher

Middle School

Photo: Future Middle School Building

Year 7 – A Year of Opportunities!

(Part 2)


In the previous newsletter, we started a series where Year 7 students of 2017 will be advising the 2018 Year 7 students on some essential skills to make this a successful year.


Kayle Dharmadasa, our current Middle School captain, writes the following:


In Year 7, my History study group had two students who had recently moved to Australia. They had very little knowledge of the English language, and I originally thought this would be a setback. It turned out to be a fun experience! Teaching them new words, phrases, metaphors and punctuation was sometimes challenging, but  we all had a good laugh together. If, for instance, I said someone was “on fire”, they would take it literally, and I would have to explain the real metaphoric meaning to them. It was an enjoyable experience, and when they accomplished something, I felt good. As I want to be a teacher one day, this was an important experience for my future.


In Year 7, there is a major change in how you get your books and materials for each class. In previous years, you would leave your books in tubs and at the start of each lesson, allocated people would just hand them out. In Year 7, you have to go to your locker every two periods and work out what you need for the next two periods. This is why organisation is important. To get the right books and stationery for each period, you have to be very organised. This is also an important skill for the future: if you are organised, it will be much easier to run a business, live in a family and keep track of your expenses.


Before Year 7, tests used to be so easy. Because of this, I barely studied for tests and kept this mindset going into Year 7. In Year 7, tests are much harder than in previous years. I had to put away my electronic devices, and start studying hard. This proved effective, as I achieved excellent test and exam scores. It has definitely taught me the importance of studying hard.


The last thing is probably one of the most important; stay focused. Daydreaming and staring out of the window might not have cost you much in Prep, but now you could miss heaps. If you got distracted for just a moment, you could miss some very important information, which could cost you good results. It is also important to do your work without getting distracted, or you could end up way behind the rest of the class in progress.


In conclusion, I think these things are important as they teach you life skills which will be useful in the future. I would like to thank my Year 7 teachers for setting a good example and teaching me some of the most important things I learnt this year.


Elijah Ferguson summarised his progress in Year 7 as follows:


I have enjoyed Year 7 as part of my schooling. Many of the teachers have been helpful to me. They answered questions, and taught me above and beyond what was required of them. Here are five of the most important things they taught me in Year 7.


I have learnt to organise my writing instruments, and to always have them handy. I have also learnt to organise my work, and to know when due dates were coming up and what standard should be met.


I have learnt how to write up experiment reports in Science. These reports form a large part of Science, and are very important. I am glad that I learnt how to do these, as they formed a respectable part of our grade.


Another thing I have learnt how to do, is study for exams. This is one of the most important aspects of school life, and I am glad I have learnt this in my early school years.


Most importantly, I have learnt to strengthen my relationship with God. I have learnt this through Biblical Studies, church and advice from friends, family and teachers.


Lastly, I have learnt to space out my year for work. For example, by the end of the year, we had to have completed the Essential Mathematics text book. Completing this text book, taught me to space my year out, by dividing the work into terms and semesters. This brought me success, and also taught me a skill that will be helpful in the years to come.


Thanks to these amazing budding journalists and writers for sharing their expertise about Year 7 with us. I hope our Year 7 students of 2018 will take their excellent advice to heart!

Year 7/8 Locker Bay

During Term 2 last year the new locker bay for Year 7 and 8 was completed, and students moved into the new area. In order to help us keep the locker bay a pleasant area for all concerned, a locker bay creed was drawn up and introduced to the students.

We have a roster of classes who regularly take responsibility for the clean-up in and around the locker bay, but the expectation is that students do not drop their rubbish, food or other possessions on the locker bay floor. Bins are provided for rubbish and recycling, as well as a compost bucket for food remains.


At the start of the year, the school provided each student with a lock, which the school paid for. We are constantly encouraging our students to keep their lockers locked in order to develop the basic life skill of organising and caring for their possessions. Please encourage them in this endeavour.


Christa Cloete

Year 7/8 Coordinator

Senior School

Photo: Physics at Luna Park

Senior School

Thank you to those parents who were able to come along to Parent Teacher Interviews. It was a fantastic opportunity to build partnerships between home and school. I trust that there were valuable conversations about how to best support your child in their learning. It was great to see so many parents and students during the day.


Please make sure you are asking questions about how school is going with your child. The vague, open-ended questions such as, ‘how was school?’ usually elicit a vague, general response such as, ‘good’ or ‘fine’. Try to be specific in your questions. This is where a knowledge of what subjects and assessment tasks your child is completing is important. ‘What did you learn in English today?’ or ‘Have you finished the Chapter 3 questions?’ are good, specific questions to begin a conversation. The more inquisitive (as opposed to ‘checking up’) you can come across—the better!


Please feel free to make contact with any of your child’s teachers. We in the Senior School want to be in good communication with you, and the more we can work together, the better outcomes for your child/our students.


John Presant

Head of Senior School

Year 9 Theatre

The Year 9 Theatre class learning about costumes on a recent excursion.

Karen Elbourne

Theatre Studies Teacher

History Happenings…

Year 11 students in Unit 1 have been learning about the development of writing by the Sumerians, during their Ancient Mesopotamian Class.

Students had a turn at copying the wedge shaped symbols onto clay to create their own written tablets known as cuneiform tablets.


Penelope Connolly

History Teacher

Year 12 Physics Excursion to Luna Park

Amazing sunshine, awesome aerobatics and stomach turning rides.

Understanding centripetal force, impulse, momentum, gravitational acceleration and Newtonian forces can be difficult at times and experiencing these concepts in action can help. The Physics students contemplated each topic as they rode the rides at Luna Park and focussed on analysing their motion for Area of Study 3 in Unit 3. They also enjoyed themselves and a good time was had by all.


Greg Crotty

Physics Teacher

Careers News

Please find attached St Andrews Careers Newsletter No 4.


Items in today’s issue include -


  • A Day at Melbourne University
  • 'Experience Clever' at La Trobe University
  • Snapshot of Deakin University in 2018
  • School Based Hospitality at Box Hill Institute
  • Aviation at Swinburne
  • Courses in Cyber Security
  • What is Land Surveying?
  • U.S. College Sports Information Session
  • Commerce Degrees in Victoria.

If you have a question about a topic featured in the Careers Newsletter, please contact Careers Coordinator Mrs Irena Yevlahova [email protected]


Irena Yevlahova

Careers Coordinator



Photo: House Swimming Carnival

Swimming Success

At the recent District Swimming Competition, Bonnie Carline (4C) swam her heart out. She achieved two massive PB’s and against tough competition took out first place for the 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly.

Well done Bonnie! 

District Swimming

On Wednesday 7th March, select students from Years 3-6 went and competed in the SSV District  Swimming Carnival at Ringwood Aquanation. Versing all the top competitors from local primary schools, both public and private, our students were up against some tough competition. We did very well throughout the day starting with the Boys U9/10 Relay team coming 1st in their race. Some great individual performances from Bonnie Carline (Year 4) who placed first in 50m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly, Jessica Hwang (Year 6) who came 1st in her 50m Freestyle and 2nd in 50m Butterfly, and from Eugene Tu (Year 5) who came second in his 50m Backstroke. An awesome day of swimming and congratulations to all those who progress through to the the next stage, Regional Champs in a few weeks time!


Olivia Rowland

Sport Assistant


House Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday the 28th of February, St Andrews Christian College had its annual House Swimming Carnival. It was a great day of participation, competition and fun with many students getting involved whether in the pool or recording times. Once again Deakin came out on top for the third year in a row!! With Parkes coming a close second and Barton following behind. This year we had our first ever VCE water polo match which was great fun to both participate in and to watch!

A special congratulations to our Middle school Champions, Eugene Tu (Year 5) and Lauren Carline (Year 7), and again to our Senior School Champions, Joshua Effendi (Year 9) and Min Hyun (Year 9)! A big thanks to everyone who participated on the day or helped out!!


Olivia Rowland

Sport Assistant



Library News

 Library Staff: Lynne Marks, Joanne Edwards, Wai-Peng Heath


Junior Library

Lunchtime Monday


Middle/ Senior Library:

Before School:

Monday and Friday 8.45-9.00am

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8.15-9.00 am

Monday to Friday: Recess and Lunch

After school:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 4pm.

Wednesdays until 3.45pm.


 Email:  [email protected]

Library Lessons     

Our Prep to Year 6 students participate in a Library lesson once each week. Students should bring their library bag to each lesson so they always have the opportunity to borrow books. Prep to Year 4 students can have 2 books out at a time, while years 5 and 6 can have up to 3.


The Junior Library books are divided into 4 sections – Picture Books, Fiction, Non-Fiction (Information) and Series. Children are encouraged to borrow from a variety of sections, but of course, most children have their favourites!

When can Prep to Year 4 borrow from the Junior Library?

  • In their Library class
  • Monday at lunchtime
  • or any day except Wednesday from 3.30 to 3.50pm

*Students need to bring their library bag to borrow


Year 5 and 6 students can borrow from either the Junior Library or the Years 5-12 collection in the Middle/Senior Library. A yellow dot identifies Year 5-12 books.    


Accelerated Reading Program

Our Year 4-6 students use the A.R. Program to enrich their reading and comprehension abilities and expose them to a wide variety of authors and genres. This Program is run jointly by the classroom teacher and library. In brief, the following steps take place-

  1. Students complete a STAR Reading Placement test in February (and again mid-year). This is an online, adaptive, multiple choice test.
  2. Staff check that results are consistent with any other comprehension assessments.
  3. Students gain a Reading Range so that they have a ‘bank’ of 300 to approx. 900 titles to choose from.
  4. The student selects a book to read carefully from beginning to end.
  5. The student completes a quick multiple choice quiz on their iPad/computer to check that they read the book and understood what they had read.

Our students are provided with a minimum of 1 hour per week AR Reading time each week in the classroom and need to complete a minimum of 1 hour each week of AR reading at home.

Over time, students increase their Reading Range levels.                                                                                                             

Joanne Edwards

Library Staff


Community Notices

Newsletter 2

This section of our newsletter is to give our families information about programs being run by organisations outside of the school which may interest our school families.

These organisations are not endorsed by St Andrews Christian College.

Ringwood Baseball Club

T-Ball and Baseball for players 4-16 years old. 


Parent/Teacher Workshop

Wednesday 14th March, 2018,  from 7.00pm – 9.00pm features the topic, “ Understanding & Supporting Adolescents by Developing their Resilience”.


Venue: Albert Park College, 83 Danks Street, Albert Park.


Presented by Greg Mitchell.


St Andrews Christian College
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