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17 December 2019
Term 4 Week 11
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December Dates:

Mon 16th

  • Kinder Marram Group Concert and Breakup
  • Year 5 movie excursion: seeing Frozen 2

Tue 17th

  • Kinder 3 Year Old Concert and Breakup
  • Year 3/4 movie excursion: seeing Playing With Fire

Wed 18th

  • Kinder Budja and Gawarn Group Concert and Breakup
  • Intra School Transition 2:30pm
  • Year 6 Graduation 

Thu 19th

  • Year 6 Excursion

Fri 20th

  • Final Assembly 12:30pm End of Term 4 1:30pm Finish

Principal's Report

Ringwood Youth Recognition Awards

Earlier in the year Samhita and Ryan our SRC presidents worked with Dustin Halse the State Member for Ringwood to develop an award that highlighted student voice and agency. This is an area we have been working on at MPRPS, as we know its important for students to have a voice in their learning.

There were four awards developed and voted on by Senior School students. This is the first time the Youth Recognition Awards have been presented. It was my pleasure, with Ryan, Samhita and Dustin to present the following awards as voted by students:

Environmental Responsibility: Anais P

Effort: Juliet O

Going above and beyond: Oliver S

Community Spirit: Sophie T

Christmas Concert

One of our final events for the year is our annual Christmas Concert. It is always a great way of celebrating the achievements of the year and finishing with a community event exemplifies what Mount Pleasant Road is all about. We started the year with the Kindergarten achieving a well deserved rating of Exceeding in the Assessment and Ratings process. Then the school has undergone its Review and been able to write a new Strategic Plan after consultation with our parents, students and staff. Many of the events, from parent forums to our very own Q&A will hopefully become regular events. The very successful Pleasant Bazaar that raised an enormous $21000 and showcased the commitment of our community to the school. Combine all of this with our amazing student achievements across the year and 2019 was a blast. 

Thank you to Mrs Claire Andrews and Ms Seona Cosgriff for an amazing and well organised concert, Millie and Areeba our Performing Arts Captains who hosted the evening, Luke Watters, staff and parents who helped out with our sausage sizzle - a great way for us to raise money for the school. Also a big thank you to our community for your encouragement and support of all students performing from Kinder to Year 6 and for the respect of our photo/video ban. It was lovely to see families enjoying the songs and watching their children perform.

We raised $800 from the sausage sizzle and $470 from the raffle which are all going towards our new accessible and for all students playground  in place of the old Senior Sandpit. A sneak peak is below and it should be in place over the Easter holidays with a new shade sail when funds are confirmed.

Introducing The Web!


Class Placement and Final Intra-School Transition

Wednesday 18th will see all students attend their 2020 class and meet their teacher. You will receive a letter confirming this with entry and exit points for 2020 and a staff list. Unfortunately the 3/4 Portable which will house two classes will not be ready until early next year. Furniture will be delivered to the portable the week before school starts and will be ready for students on the first day of school.

Reports and Portfolios

Second Semester Reports will be published via Sentral parent portal on Wednesday. Junior students will bring home their portfolios while Senior students have published their portfolio work on Seesaw. It is important that the report is read with the portfolios. I encourage anyone who is leaving the school to download copies of all reports as the portal is not available once your child leaves the school.

Final Assembly 

On Friday we will hold our final assembly at 12.30pm (note this is30 minutes earlier than in past years) We will make some presentations to leaving staff and then handover to the Year 6 Graduating Class of 2019. After Year 6 students run through their banner all students will return to their classes and be dismissed from their class at 1.30pm.

Year 6 Graduation

Wednesday night is the celebration of our Year 6 student's Graduation. Students share a meal at school with a photo opportunity followed by the formal graduation ceremony in the hall. 

Thank you to Megan Sieh and her band of Year 5 Parents who are providing decorations and the dessert table for Graduation.

2020 Leaders

Last week students in Year 5 presented their speeches to the students to  outline why they should be considered for School Captain and/or SRC President. It is the largest number of students that have ever presented and as we have the same number of students in Year 6 as last year this is very impressive. 

After students voted, students were shortlisted and interviewed.  Our 2020 Year 6 students are confident and passionate people. It was very  difficult to make the final decision with such competent young people. 

Congratulations to Oliver S and Anias P who will be School Captains and Sophie T and Jia-Xuan F who will be SRC Presidents in 2020. Badge presentations occur in 2020.

Important Information

End of Year

Please note that the last day of school Assembly will start at 12:30pm for a 1:20pm finish.

Students will be dismissed from their classrooms at 1:30pm.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holidays.

Leadership Centre


This term has seemed to have sped up and we are on the home stretch to the holidays. We still have lots of exciting activities and events in store for this week.

Firstly, last week the Year 5 and 6’s participated in Bike Education. Last Monday students viewed a number of important road and bike safety videos and completed a range of theory based tasks to gauge their understanding. On Tuesday the Year 5’s had their outdoor sessions where they learnt about checking their bikes and helmets for safety, balancing and safe braking techniques, appropriate gear changing as well as completing a range of circuit activities such as the figure of eight, slalom course and right hand turn intersections.

The Year 6’s completed the activities listed above as well as practised single and pair formation when riding as a group. This was put into use when they took part in their road ride around the surrounding streets where they also practised making right hand turns at intersections and roundabouts.

 It was fantastic to see students that hadn’t ridden much grow in confidence as the session progressed as well as other students that consolidated their understanding and bike riding skills. Thank you to Mrs.Baker and Miss Walker who assisted both Mr.Shaw and Mr.Rodgers with the road rides. We look forward to teaching these life-long skills again next year!

We congratulate the Year 5’s who wrote and then presented their speeches for either School Captain or S.R.C. President. The standard was very high which made selecting four students a more challenging task. All students voted for top three candidates which will be taken into account when deciding on the final four leadership roles. A reminder for the other year 5 students that are completing their applications that they need to be handed to Mr.Shaw by the end of this week. Please address the application to Mrs. Streitberger.


Tuesday also saw the Year 6’s venture off on their transition day to their 2020 secondary school. By all reports everyone had a successful day and were able to make some friendships in readiness for a smooth transition next year. A note with the date and time for the 2020 Year 6 Reunion will be going home later this week.


Last Friday saw the fourth and last session of Earn and Learn. It was great to see parents and family members visit the many stores and purchase their wide range of products. Earn and Learn has been a highlight for all students not only for Term 4 but for the entire year. Allowing for students to use maths skills in a real-world context is very important. Earn and Learn is one such maths opportunity where students can do this and have fun at the same time.


Following on from this will be the Year 6 Excursion to Box Hill on Thursday 19th December.  Students are to meet at Wood Street Reserve at 8:50am (near the corner of Station Street and Wood Street) to walk to Nunawading Station. This will be the arrival and dismissal point for all students.

Students MUST be picked up from Wood Street Reserve in the afternoon at 3:45pm. The cost of this excursion will be $30 each, which includes 2 hours of laser tag and lunch on the day. Students can wear sun smart free dress which is suitable for physical activity. They will also need to bring a drink bottle and a small snack. We advise that students do not bring mobile phones or other electronic devices to encourage them to be present in the moment and enjoy the experience.  Please ensure that the permission note and payment is returned by tomorrow.


We will be saddened to say goodbye to Mrs. Baker, Miss Glen and Mrs Sonsie as they all embark on new adventures next year. We thank them for their tireless hard work this year, the dedication and commitment they have demonstrated as well as the wonderful bonds they made with all students. We wish them all the best for the next chapter in their lives.


Finally, we wish everyone a safe,enjoyable and merry Christmas and holiday break. We look forward to seeing students returning to school for their first day on Thursday 30th January.


This Wednesday the Year 6 students will be having their Graduation Ceremony. We ask that students are dropped off at school between 6:00 and 6:20pm in readiness for the graduation dinner which will commence at 6:30pm. The official graduation ceremony will commence at 7:30pm and should be concluded by 9:00pm. Please ensure that the slip detailing how many family members are attending the ceremony is returned to school by Wednesday. We look forward to a great night.

Pupil of the Week: 

There will be not student of the week awards this week as there will be a shorter final assembly on Friday.

Independence Centre


It’s hard to believe that we are in the last week of Term 4! It’s safe to say that time has absolutely flown this year. We are really proud of all of the students in the Independence Centre, it has been so nice to see them all grow and achieve so much over the year. On Tuesday, we have our excursion to the movies to celebrate the wonderful year that we have had. Please remember to bring a drink bottle on the day as this will be needed when walking to the cinema.

We had a fabulous week last week celebrating our Guided Inquiry unit based on ‘Stop Motion Animation’. All students had the opportunity to create their own animation. These have been uploaded to Seesaw for your viewing pleasure. 

In Maths, last week we reviewed place value, decimals and fractions. This week we will be creating board games that include different elements of Maths, some will include chance, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. When they are completed, students will have the chance to play their board games.

On Thursday we had our school Christmas Carols. It was amazing to see so many people attend the evening. The Independence Centre certainly put on a show, it was great to see that their hard work paid off.

Lastly, we thank all parents and carers for your support over the year. It has been so greatly appreciated and we hope you all have a safe and happy holiday break.


Have a lovely week

Mr Chris Rodgers, Miss Ella Gasowski, Miss Emma Kelly and Mr Nicholas Dix

Student Voice

  • “It was awesome showing my mum and brother my animation video!” - Miguel 3/4D

  • “I can’t wait to see the movie on the excursion” - Clara 3/4D

  • “The holidays will be super exciting, I can’t believe they are almost here!” - Alisha 3/4G


  • Cinema Excursion on Tuesday - Please bring a drink bottle

  • Transition on Wednesday - students will find out their class and teacher for 2020

  • Early finish on Friday at 1:30pm

Pupil of the Week

There will be not student of the week awards this week as there will be a shorter final assembly on Friday.

Inquiry Centre


We began our 2020 transitions we enjoyed having the grade 1’s in training in our classrooms we began a classroom quilt activity to get to know each other and also celebrate our differences, look out for them in the classroom next year. 


We concluded the sequence of Student Voice Rotations, the students have loved being able to learn new skills and broaden their knowledge on activities such as Ozobots, cooking nachos, sports, science experiments, STEM, gardening and the crowd favourite was Google Slides.


In Writing we began a Christmas choice board where students were able to select out of a Persuasive, Procedure and Narrative writing prompt. We had some students write about how to decorate a Christmas tree, along with some very convincing writing pieces on why students have been good and deserve some items from their Christmas list. 


For Mathematics this week we explored symmetry, we looked for symmetrical shapes in the classroom and with partners we used a range of 2D shapes to create a pattern then it was our partners turn to recreate the pattern. 


At the end of last year for a transition session we completed an all about me activity. This week we opened up the time capsule and had a look at how we have changed and also stayed the same! A lot of people mentioned how much their handwriting has improved! It was an enjoyable activity and look forward to see how much we will change in the future. 


We loved practising the songs for the Christmas concert and we all had the best time at the concert! 


We hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and holidays! all of the inquiry teachers have thoroughly enjoyed this year and we are sad to see it come to an end. 

Student Voice

"I enjoyed doing warm fuzzy's" Natasha 1/2C 

"It was fun looking back at my all about me activity" Saina 1/2E


  • We have the Junior Picnic on Tuesday 17th, it is going to be a hot day but we have a treat to help cool us down. Parents and siblings are welcome 1:30 pm we won't be signing in at the office a paper sign in will be done with your child's teacher. 
  • 1:30 pm finish on Friday 20th
  • Wednesday is our last transition session! 

Pupil of the Week

There will be not student of the week awards this week as there will be a shorter final assembly on Friday.

Discovery Centre


We had such a bust week this week in the Discovery Centre with our last week of swimming. We had such a fun two weeks of swimming and we thank the wonderful swimming teachers who taught us over the two weeks. In Literacy we created and wrote cards to show our appreciation to our swimming teachers. We listened to Christmas stories and wrote about our favourite parts of the stories. We began our transition for our 2020 classes, where we practised being grade ones for the afternoon, creating a classroom quilt that will on display in our classrooms next year.


In Mathematics we revised different topics that we had learned throughout the year by playing Christmas themed addition and subtraction games with partners. We practised using strategies such as counting on and counting back.


A big highlight for our week was singing in our very first Christmas Concert. We were very proud of ourselves performing our songs ‘Merry Christmas Time’ and ‘If I Were a Snowflake’ to our families, friends and teachers. It was a fantastic night, and was great to enjoy a picnic with the school community.


We cannot believe it is our last week of our very first year of school. It has been a wonderful year, we have made so many friends and memories. We would like to thank all parents and carers for your support over the year. It has been so greatly appreciated and we hope you all have a safe and happy holiday break.


Erin Dawson, Samantha Tang, Katrina Chooi and Jessica Tossell

Student Voice

"I liked going to the different classes and doing fun things with the grade ones" -Molly FJ


  • We have the Junior Picnic on Tuesday 17th, it is going to be a hot day but we have a treat to help cool us down. Parents and siblings are welcome 1:30 pm we won't be signing in at the office a paper sign in will be done with your child's teacher. 
  • 1:30 pm finish on Friday 20th
  • Wednesday is our last transition session
  • Reports and Portfolios are sent home on Wednesday 18th

Pupil of the Week

There will be not student of the week awards this week as there will be a shorter final assembly on Friday.

Specialist News

Senior Choir News

The Senior Choir have been invited to perform at the Year 6 Graduation, Wednesday 18th December at 7.30pm.  The Choir will perform at the beginning of the ceremony to allow parents to watch the performance.  The students do not stay for the remainder of the ceremony. 

Please note:

  • Choir members are required to wear school uniform.
  • Choir members will need to be AT SCHOOL BY 7.15pm. to have their name checked off the roll and to allow them time to put their Choir T-Shirts on.
  • Family are most welcome to attend the beginning of the Graduation ceremony and enjoy the Choir’s musical performance by standing at the back of the hall as there are limited seats. 
  • Students will need to return their T-shirts and be marked off the roll by Mrs Andrews before leaving.

We hope to see you all there to support the students and their Performing Arts endeavours.

Pupil of the Week

There will be not student of the week awards this week as there will be a shorter final assembly on Friday.

Kindergarten News

Dickins Room

What a huge week it will be for all of our Kindergarten classes this week, as the year draws to a close and we celebrate with our concerts and class parties.

It has been an incredible year, our Wimbi class has grown in leaps and bounds, coming in tentatively in the first week of the year, with some tears and apprehension to walking in with such confidence and joy, eagerly awaiting the learning and fun of the day.

Wee have had some amazing moments of learning and discussion, unpacking concepts of change, seasons, leadership and the solar system. The group has LOVED participating in drama and song and this has been a source of some amazing group learning.


Our Marram class has grown and changed like no other that I have experienced before, each child has found their identity and voice and boy, some of those voices are loud! :) Through all the leaning and exploration, we have had so much fun and excitement, the children loved the farm excursion, the dentist visit, responsible pet program and Chinese lessons. There has been sooooo much singing and an overload of harma bead creations too!

We are sad to be letting go of our Wimbi and Marram classes, but we know that next year will bring some amazing moments and learning and that each child has a strong foundation in which to continue their learning journey of life.


We hope that this week is a wonderful moment of reflection of this,

Al, Mardi, Jo and Celia.

Moore Room

The end of the year is almost here. What a great learning environment we have shared with the children of 2019. It is always a sad time of the year as we farewell our children, however, we have great faith that our children are ready for the next step in their education journey.


We are looking forward to celebrating our kinder journey with a great party and music on Wednesday 18th December with the children.


Please bring in your plate of food at the beginning of the session on 18th December and we look forward to seeing you all at 12.30pm for our final hooray.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our class reps, Leonie has been our class rep for Gawarn group and Sam our class rep for Budja group. They have been the most amazing people to keep us updated with what is happening in the school and kinder connectedness. Thank you so much for all your support and continued appreciation of our kinder.


We wish all of you a very merry Xmas and a happy New Year, holiday happiness and safe travels.

Kelly-Anne, Jen, Julie and Mardi

Parents & Friends

P&F Fundraising News 

Thanks to everyone who donated items for our Christmas hampers and raffle. Sale of raffle tickets on the night of our Christmas concert raised $407 for our school and kindergarten.


Thank you to Luke Watters and his BBQ dream team for feeding the crowd last Thursday night. It was so nice to see lots of MPRPS&K families enjoy a fun festive evening together. Thank you to all staff for running a very well-organized event.


Thank you to the Hamilton Family for supplying Friday’s cake raffle and the Taubert family for harvesting produce from the garden. We raised $42.20 from ticket sales.


And as this is our last newsletter for 2019 I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all our class parent reps, you’ve done a wonderful job this year and your efforts are appreciated. Thanks also go to the many parents & carers who have volunteered their time for P&F activity this year. It’s been my pleasure to get to know so many of you.


I wish you all a very happy festive season! Enjoy the holidays!!


Ebony Balaz

Parents & Friends Coordinator

OSHClub News

2020 Information


Parent Information

OSHClub Program Phone: 0427 144 945

Program Coordinator: Ben

Program Assistants: Brooke and Annette

OSHClub Head Office: 1300 395 735


All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is free!

Please create an account online at

All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account.

For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator directly at the program. 


Mount Pleasant Road Primary School does not endorse the products or services of any private advertiser. No responsibility is accepted by the School for accuracy of information contained in advertisement or claims made by them.


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