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15 September 2017
2017 - Issue 28
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Principal's report

Enrolment of Siblings for 2018

A further reminder enrolment documents are now available from the office for siblings of current MPW students commencing school in 2018. Finalising our enrolments for 2018 assists with our planning for the 2018 school year.

Class placement 2018

The demand for places at Moonee Ponds West continues to be high. If you are leaving the school during term 4 or at the end of 2017 please let the office know at your earliest convenience. This will greatly assist our forward planning and also the transition of those students leaving at the end of the year into their new schools.

  • If you have  information of which your child’s teacher is unaware of that may assist with your child’s class placement for 2018 please put your request in writing and forward to Jeff Lyon via email to [email protected] 

by Monday 30th of October. This request will then be registered for consideration. In formulating a request please refer to the school's grade placement policy below.

State Library of Victoria

With the school holidays fast approaching, one of our great community resources is the State Library of Victoria. For further information please click on the link below.

State School Spectacular

This Saturday children from the MPW senior choir will be performing at the State School Spectacular. There are two performances, one afternoon matinee and an evening performance. Thank you especially to Kate and to everyone who has assisted in preparation for this weekend’s performances. 

Japan Tour 2017

The Japan Tour departs on Monday 18th September. We wish them bon voyage and wish them a safe and educational adventure. Thank you to Diana and Cindy for the organisation of the Tour.

School Council

There will be a School Council meeting on Monday September 18 at 7:00pm.

Education Committee September 4th

At the Education Sub committee meeting held on September 4th there were reports by the Action Team Leaders for Student Engagement and Wellbeing, Inquiry and Communication. Mandy Jones reported against the Student Engagement and Wellbeing Action Plan, Fiona McKenzie reported against the Inquiry Action Plan and Sandra Monaghan and Michelle Bove reported against the Communication Action Plan. Please find below a summary of their reports.


Student Engagement and Wellbeing

  • Initial drafting of the Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy undertaken in consultation with Dave Vinegrad as a prelude to taking the policy to a working group in term 4
  • Student wellbeing staff assisted with induction program for new staff
  • Playground survey completed
  • Parent information evening with Dave Vinegrad (100% positive feedback)
  • 3 staff professional learning sessions and a Leadership workshop facilitated
  • Rights and Responsibilities process for classrooms undertaken
  • Sex education sessions for students in years 3-6 and an information session for parent/ carers received very positive feedback from the community
  • Kate Wilde workshop with years 5/6 – resilience typology of crocodile, dolphin, fox and mouse – the aim is to be a dolphin
  • Student Attitudes to School Survey – 6 student focus groups reviewing the results, students were excited about the process and in giving their ideas
  • Completion of Kids Matter component one


  • Create a Policy for Communication and review the current Parents/Carer Concerns and Complaints Policy -Communication Policy created:

Work  on the Policy will commence after the work of the communication consultant


Managing Parent/Carer Concerns and Complaints policy reviewed and approved by School Council. This has been completed.

  • Review of the staff wellbeing policy to enhance staff wellbeing to increase the capacity of all members of the school community safe and to manage difficult situations as well as possible.

Staff Wellbeing policy is currently being reviewed with a target date of end of 2017

  • Develop a communication framework covering all significant communications between the school and parents.

Community survey to be undertaken in Term 4 to identify what we do well, areas for improvement and the needs of the community with reference to communication

  • Communication to community review

Successful review and implementation of the plan that captures the needs and requirements of our school community - Website and Newsletter have been refreshed


Newsletter focus on including more student content in each edition

  • Communication Intra School review
  • Daily Communication
  • Communicating School Philosophy
  • Communication Protocols

Successful review and implementation of the plan that captures the needs and requirements of our school community - Currently undertaking a feedback process with the staff regarding internal communication processes. This is on track to be completed by the end of Term 3

  • Communication Student Led - JSC/Green team. Create and evaluate a Student Consultation process. Opportunities for student voice and engagement

The leaders of the two groups are undertaking a needs evaluation and an update will be provided in the next report. JSC and the Green team will be encouraged in the upcoming building works

  • Communication to wider community

Local Council/Local Businesses/Service Providers

Work will commence in Term 4 with a completion of Term 1 2018

  • System Communication

Organisation design to distribute the workload

Review current systems. Work will commence in Term 4 with a completion of Term 1 2018



  •  Audit and review of the Inquiry Policy is on track – this Policy is new
  • Induction regarding the Inquiry based learning has taken place with new staff in 2017
  • Professional learning for staff has been conducted across teaching teams and in classrooms by Jeni Wilson to further develop Inquiry practice and language – Jeni is a consultant in Inquiry based learning
  • Inquiry has been discussed at each team's parent information evening – notes outlining Inquiry based learning have been distributed to families
  • Exploration of a variety of reporting formats, Fiona and Jeff have visited another Primary School that has  an Inquiry based learning model.​

End of Term Assembly

A reminder that the whole school assembly for the last day of term will be at 9:00 am Friday morning.

Notices home to parent/carers

Tuesday 12th September

Filming permission - Room 6

Wednesday 13th September

Japan Tour update -Japan Tour participants

Friday 15th September

Grade 2 Sleepover -  Rm's 7,8,9,20,21,22



Community Calendar


Monday 18th September 

School Council Meeting 19:00 to 21:00

Japan Tour 2017 Departs

Tuesday 19th September

Back Up Soccer

Thursday 21st September

MPW Show Day

MPW MVIMP Concert 19:00

Friday 22nd September

School Assembly 9.00

Early dismissal 2.30pm - End of Term 3


Monday 2nd October

Japan Tour returns

Monday 9th October

Term 4 Begins 9.00

Thursday 12th October

Cricket Victoria Clinics 

Friday 13th October

Summer Sport begins

Tuesday 17th October

Regional Athletics

Thursday 19th October

Grade 2 Sleep Over

Friday 20th October

Grade 2 Sleepover

Grade 3/4 Cricket

Monday 23rd October

Children's Week begins

Thursday 26th October

Organising You Workshop

Friday 27th October

Children's Week concludes

Summer Sports

Monday 30th October

State Athletics


Thursday 2nd November

Foundation/One Activity Night

Count Us In

Friday 3rd November

Summer Sports

Monday 6th November

Education Sub Committee Meeting 19:00 to 21:00

Tuesday 7th November

Melbourne Cup-Public Holiday

Friday 10th November

Summer Sports

Tuesday 14th November

Resources Committee

Soundgarage Concert

Wednesday 15th November

Soundgarage Concert

Thursday 16th November

MVIMP End of Year Concert

Wednesday 22nd November

Grade 5/6 Cricket Carnival

Friday 24th November

Summer Sports

Monday 27th November

School Council Meeting 19:00 to 21:00

Education News 

Show Day

One of the most anticipated events on the MPW calendar, Show Day, is just one week away! (21st September)

Show Day will commence at 11:30 and run through until lunchtime at 1:30. The community is welcome to join in the festivities and we ask that you sign in at the office and get a yellow sticker first.

To prepare for the day, students have been busy preparing a range of activities. As part of the activities, students have the opportunity to win prizes. We are asking that students donate any small toys they no longer want to be used as these prizes. There is a strict ‘NO FOOD’ policy for prizes at this year’s Show Day, therefore we ask that you do not bring in any food.

Lastly, JSC will be running two competitions: ‘Best Dressed Teddy’ and new to MPW, ‘Best Dressed Pet’ (shown in a photo).

If students would like to enter either competition, they will need to bring their teddy and/or pet photo to room 9 on the morning of Show Day.

Our JSC judges will choose the winners at the end of Show Day and announce the winners the next day at assembly.

Good luck!

Room 5

Last Friday, 8th September as part of our Inquiry Unit, Room 5 did some cooking. We made some German biscuits, called Amerikaner. We got the recipe from Room 4. Together we read the recipe, put the ingredients together, taking turns in measuring, adding and mixing and then spooned the mixture onto the tray to put into the oven. We then enjoyed our biscuits at lunchtime. We really love cooking in Room 5. 


Nude Food Lunches and Rubbish MPW:

Last week, as part of Nude Food Lunches (ran by Green Team), Room 5 noticed that there has been lots of rubbish around. We decided to spend 20 minutes to see how much rubbish we could collect around our school. In that time we filled 7 plastic bags filled with rubbish! We were so surprised that there was so much rubbish around! As part of the Nude Food Lunches challenge, we have had 14 out of 22 people in Room 5 bring nude lunches.

Parent/Carer Speakers:

This term we have been learning about communities and different cultures as part of our Inquiry Unit.

  • Earlier in the term we had Tory, Harper’s mum speak to us about their family background. She spoke to us about Switzerland. We learnt about the flag, the country and even learnt a short song.
  • Last week we had Rosa, Logan’s mum come and talk to us about Vietnam. We learnt about the flag, foods that are popular in Vietnam and we even saw some traditional dresses.

Thank you Tory and Rosa for coming to speak to Room 5.

Student Banking

A reminder to parent/carers that there will be no student banking next week. Student banking will resume on the 19th October 2017.

Grade 5/6 LEGO Robotics Incursion

Following on from our Technology inquiry unit, Grade 5/6s were visited by TechKids for a LEGO Robotics incursion. 

Students were given the task of building a robotic giant out of LEGO and making him stand up using coding. 

Students worked in small groups and followed instructions on laptops to find LEGO parts and build their giant. The next challenge was to build a bulldozer which moved when the students wrote lines of code. 'It was fun and interesting to learn about the engine, belts, and gears', said grade 5 student Soleil . 'It was nice being able to be creative with things and invent things that you wouldn't be able to invent by yourself', said classmate LeNoir.


Grade 3/4 Artist in Residence:
Bell Shakespeare

At the beginning of Term 3, the Bell Shakespeare Company came and worked with the Grade 3/4's for a whole week. We learnt all about how William Shakespeare created so many of the English words and phrases we know today, played lots of drama games and performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


“My favourite part was when we performed a mini play and had to memorise lines and actions that we made up.” Charlotte 


“My favourite part was when we played a drama game called ‘Enemy and Protector’. I enjoyed it because we had to stay away from a particular person and it could be anyone.” Xavier 


Back in our classroom, we made comics about A Midsummer Night’s Dream that represented the story told in the play.



Grade 5/6 camp 1 at Camp Curumbene!!

The Grade 5/6 students from rooms 11,12, and 18 attended the 5/6 camp from the 4th-8th September at Camp Curumbene, at Corop, near Echuca. It was five days of intense activity, sunshine, rain, hail (!), paddle steamers, abseiling, campfires, climbing, horse and carriage rides, canoeing, teamwork, laughter, gaga ball, red faces… and even more.  Next week look out for a camp report from Camp 2.


Some comments from the kids:

Adam: “It was fantastic! Really enjoyable.”

Aiden: “The activities were fun – my favourites were canoeing and archery.”

Chantal: “Canoeing was amazing.”


Some Haiku Camp Writing....

Higher and higher.

My heart races as I'm clipped.

Forward run, then fly.


Paddle left, then right.

The race goes on, as canoes glide.

Paddling forever.


They say “Ga Ga ball”.

Dodge, Dodge. Some people get hit.

Out, out, one by one.


Act eleven now.

We start act. They laugh.

Red Faces? Success.

Student, Staff and Community Wellbeing

At MPWPS we have a strong commitment to our values of respect, inclusiveness and rights and responsibilities.  We know that the Marriage Equality Postal Survey may be a difficult time for some in our community and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our support to staff, students and families.  We will do our best to ensure everyone feels respected and included during this time.


With extensive media coverage of the Marriage Equality Postal Survey your children may have questions about what it all means.  You may find the following resources helpful in talking with you family:

Parenting Ideas (Michael Grose)

It's Cold and Flu season

During this time, it is important to remember important steps to keep us all healthy and happy.

How can we respond best?

We should consider the following these points when responding to influenza:

  1. Students with cold or flu-like symptoms should be encouraged to seek medical attention, limit contact with others and stay at home until symptoms have passed.
  2. If a student becomes ill at school with these symptoms, we will contact the family and arrange for the collection of the child.
  3. Good general hygiene remains the best defence against infection.  We encourage students to regularly wash their hands, cover their noses, and mouth if sneezing or coughing.  One of the most important ways to reduce the spread of disease and keep staff and students healthy is with proper handwashing.


Thunderstorm Asthma – be prepared

Every year during grass pollen season there is an increase in asthma and hayfever symptoms and during grass pollen season, there is also the chance of a thunderstorm asthma event.

What causes thunderstorm asthma events?

Thunderstorm asthma events are thought to be triggered by an uncommon combination of high grass pollen levels and a certain type of thunderstorms, resulting in large numbers of people developing asthma symptoms over a short period of time.

Those at increased risk at this time include:

  • People with asthma, people with a past history of asthma
  • Those with undiagnosed asthma (i.e. people who have asthma symptoms but have not yet been diagnosed with asthma)
  • People with hayfever who may or may not have asthma

Having both asthma and hayfever, as well as poor control and self-management of asthma, may increase the risk further.

Further information see Asthma Foundation of Victoria



Term 3 Keyboard Lessons


Ann Went has been away recently due to illness.  If she is unable to deliver the guaranteed minimum 8 keyboard lessons for Term 3, the lessons will definitely be made up in Term 4.  We wish Ann a speedy recovery and apologise for any inconvenience. 

Soundgarage co-ordinator, Maddie Owen is currently on maternity leave. 

If you have an urgent enquiry, please email Sue O’Brien. [email protected]




Our Moonee Ponds West Primary School MVIMP Concert will be held on:

Thursday 21st September 2017

At 7.00pm in the Gym.


The children who participate in the MVIMP Program have been busy getting ready to perform to their friends and families. The evening will conclude with a short performance by the amazing MPW Band! We hope that all families will stay for the entire performance to support all of the students involved in the music program.


Performers will need to arrive at 6.30pm and head towards the Staff Room and Japanese Room with their instrument and music to meet their tutor, set up and tune up.


All friends and families are welcome to come along and enjoy the evening!

The Victorian State School Spectacular.... this Saturday


Sport News

Sport Term 4

Friday 13th  October: Gr 4 Cricket Carnival Day

Tuesday 17th October: Region Athletics (Keilor Athletics Stadium)

Friday 27th October: Round 1 Summer Sport

We need your help

For our programs to run we need lots of parent/carer assistance. If you are able to assist with any of our events please see Bree and pass your Working with Children check details onto the office.

Fundraising Events

MPW Spring Fling



Friday October 20th 


The Union Function Room

Union Hotel, 252 Union Rd, Ascot Vale.


7.30pm - 12.30am


$55 (adult event) - 120 tickets will be available

Includes finger food and 3 complimentary drinks (beer, wine and soft drink) Music and raffles.

Dress code:

Spring Fling - fun or fabulous.


When booking please indicate  if you have any dietary requirements.

Please purchase your tickets @


Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

On Wednesday 20th of September we are raising money for the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. We are raising money because currently only 1 in 5 indigenous children in some very remote communities can read at the minimum standard because they do not have basic literacy and numeracy resources, so we are going to host a stall at lunch time near the orange decking. We will be selling items made by students...

Items for sale will be:

Bracelets              $2.00

Key Rings             $1.00

Boomerangs       $0.50

T Shirts frames   $0.50

Frames                   $0.50


Thank you for your support,

Sasha and Tayla

Fundraising contacts

Rachel, Anna & Danielle - please enquire at the office and your details will be forwarded on to Rachel, Anna and Danielle.               


School Information

General Office

Office:                                         8:15a.m - 4:45p.m

Telephone:                       9370 6875 / 9375 1197

FAX:                                                              9370 1909

Sandra Monaghan                 Business Manager

Cristina Zelaya                Administration Officer

Sharyn Reinke                Administration Officer

Leadership Team


Jeff Lyon

PSD and Student Welfare 

Barbara Springfield (Acting Assistant Principal)

Business Operations Manager & Communications Co-Leader

Sandra Monaghan

Daily Organiser/Communication Co-Leader

Michelle Bové (Leading Teacher)

Curriculum Leader

Vicki McCormack (Acting Leading Teacher)

Student Absences

If your child is absent from school (including illness and appointment), it is necessary to inform the  school.  This can be in the form of a telephone call, email, entering the absence through a link on the front page of our website, in writing or by advising the office or classroom teacher directly.

If your child is sick it is advisable to not send your child to school.

Term Dates

Term 1:

Tuesday 31st January to Friday 31st March

Term 2:

Tuesday 18th April to Friday 30th June

Term 3:

Monday 17th July to Friday 22nd September

Term 4:

Monday 9th October to Friday 22nd December


End of term dismissal is at 2.30pm for Terms 1, 2 & 3 and End of Year dismissal is at 1.30pm.

Curriculum Days

Term 1:

Monday 30th January & Tuesday 14th March

Term 2:

Monday 22nd May

Term 3:

Thursday 27th July

Before and After School Care

At MPW before and after school care is provided by Camp Australia. The service operates 7.15  - 8.45 am in the morning and  3.30 to 6.15 pm afternoons.

To enrol your child please go to

Lost Property

In 2016 - 40kg of unnamed clothing and

30 items of unnamed plastic containers were donated to charity each month.


Our lost property is managed by parent volunteers and we need your help to reduce this huge workload and loss of property.


You can help by:

  • ensuring all belongings are clearly marked with student's names and room numbers
  • regularly check (and encourage your child/ren to check) for their lost property
  • remember it is the responsibility of students and families to regularly check lost property and reclaim items

When is unnamed lost property cleared and donated to charity?

  • Last Friday of every month

Where is lost property?

In the causeway at the entry to room 7 and 8 (near the toilet block off the little adventure playground).

Community News


Moonee Ponds West Primary School