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08 November 2017
Issue 34
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Upcoming Events

Friday 10th November

Remembrance Day Assembly

Year 12 Formal


Saturday 11th November


New Enrolments 2018 Music Auditions 1


Tuesday 14th November

Years 5-9 Exams begin


Saturday 18th November


New Enrolments 2018 Music Auditions 2


Thursday 23rd November

Year 7 Vaccination Clinic #3



Friday 24th November

Founder's Day Festival


Saturday 25th November



Monday 27th November

Year 10 Immersions / ABW Begins




Friday 1st December

Year 11 conclude

Snowy Hike departs to 7/12

Christmas Twilight Concert


Monday 4th December

Year 10 Peer Support Training

Year 10 Dinner Dance


Tuesday 5th December

Year 10 Peer Support Training

Years 5-10 Reports on Portal


Wednesday 6th December

Junior School Prizegiving Day

Years 5-10 Closing Mass/Term 4 concludes


Thursday 7th December

Staff Day

P/T Interviews (if requested)


Monday 11th December

College Office open



Thursday 14th December

HSC Results


Friday 15th December

Year 12 BBQ


























From the Principal     

  • Prayer:  Romans 13:8-10
  • End of HSC
  • P&F Office Bearers for 2018
  • Australian Catholic Youth Festival
  • Assessments for Years 5-10



Today’s Reading is Romans 13:8-10 - Love Fulfills the Law

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not covet,” and whatever other command there may be, are summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.


At this week’s Tuesday Mass we prayed for all those in our families who have passed away and you are invited to add the names of your loved ones you wish to be remembered in prayer during the month of November in the College's Remembrance Book which is located in the College entrance foyer below the crucifix.


End of HSC

Yesterday, Tuesday 8th November, the last HSC exam was completed by the Drama students and I thank the presiding Officer Mrs Cheryl Braisby and her team of examination supervisors for an excellent and very smooth exam procedure. The students will now wait for their results which are due on 14th December.

This Friday evening will be the Year 12 Formal at Curzon Hall with approximately 400 guests including students, their partners, parents and staff who will join together to mark the occasion of the end of their HSC year.


P&F Office Bearers 2018

Last Monday evening the P&F conducted their AGM and I acknowledged with deep appreciation the leadership of Mr Paul Hunt as President for the past five years. Paul has been a very calm and inclusive leader who has constantly encouraged parent involvement and generously supported the school. Simiarly I thank all the Committee members and the leaders of the Clubs who have so generously supported the school in so many ways.

The newly elected President is Mrs Braelen Zwart and I thank Braelen for accepting this position. I encourage all parents to be involved with the P&F as it all helps to build our great community.

The position of Social Events Coordinator was not filled and in 2017 many parents assisted with leading different events. The  P&F are keen to hear from parents who wish to nominate and assist in this role by helping with the various events.


Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) 

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Mercy College Creative Arts Showcase last Friday night led by Mercy Drama teacher Ms Amy Gill.  The Showcase includes strong SPX representation in their dramatic preparation for December’s Australian Catholic Youth Festival.  Best wishes to Ms Gill and the performers from both schools who will feature at the Festival in December.

Please see full details from the Head of Student Services on the Student and Parent Matters page of this newsletter.


Assessments for Years 7-10

Over this week and the next the students in Years 7-10 have many assessments and exams as part of their Semester 2 studies. All students should be working hard at their studies during this key period of learning at the school.

Year 5 and 6 exams will be finalised by the end of this week.  Catch-up exams will take place next week.

Mr John Couani - Principal


Mission & Identity 

Mission & Identity

Yesterday, Tuesday 7th November, marked the last day of the HSC. In meeting students around the College as they finished exams and signed out, it was not difficult to miss the looks of elation on the faces of our men. The HSC is indeed one of the most rigorous academic processes they will ever go through. In my experience with my own sons, as well as personal study, I doubt they will ever have to face such an intense period of assessment, even at university. We wish them well and keep them in our prayers as they now await their results.


Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the wedding of a family friend at the Armenian Apostolic Church of Resurrection at Chatswood. This was made more significant because of the present Religion unit that Year 8 are studying called: Ways of Being Catholic. Although much of the service was said in Armenian it was very clear that this was a ritual embedded in a love for God and a fulfilment of the sacred scriptures. I came away with a deeper understanding of the values that Jesus lived within the Gospels and an openness to respect and understanding for what is different. Although the Armenian Church has been separated from the Catholic Church for about fourteen centuries, through the work of Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis it is very close to having what is called ‘full communion’ and unity with the Catholic Church.


This week we dedicated our Tuesday Mass to the family and friends of our community who have passed away. Father John Puliparambil gave a special blessing to the departed whose names appear in our November Remembrance book.

Ms D Dempsey - Assistant Principal Mission & Identity


Student & Parent Matters

Photo: Kokoda Track Expedition 2018 - Training Underway!

  • Kokoda Track Expedition 2018 - Training Underway!
  • From the Head of Student Services:

            -  Mercy College Creative Arts Showcase and the Australian Catholic Youth Festival

            -  Remembrance Day
            -  Year 9 Camp and EREA School 'The Haven' visit
            -  Student Leaders' Speechcraft Graduation Dinner

  • Student OPAL Card Compliance
  • General Notices:  
    -   Helping Learner Drivers Become Safe Drivers
     -   Pittwater Sports Centre Summer Holiday Workshops
     -    St Joseph's College Spring Fair - Sunday 12th November


Kokoda Track Expedition 2018 - Training Underway!

Rain! The village of Kokoda has an annual rainfall of 3700mm so it was no surprise that the Kokoda Track Expedition training hike still went ahead on Sunday.  The wet, yet perfect walking weather was put to good use on the weekend with our second practice hike for the upcoming Kokoda Track Expedition. The group of fathers and students hiked over 13km from Cowan to Brooklyn through the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. All participants demonstrated a good level of fitness and many questions and discussion was had around expectations on the “Track”. Now, if only we could turn up the temperature and add some mud!

A big thank you to Mr Sean Brannan and Mr Tim Long for their assistance with this hike.

This is the last call if you are interested in being part of the Kokoda Track Expedition 2018.



Mr P de Silva - Outdoor Education Coordinator


From the Head of Student Services

Mercy College Creative Arts Showcase includes strong SPX representation in Dramatic preparation for December’s Australian Catholic Youth Festival.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Mercy College Creative Arts Showcase last Friday night led by Mercy Drama teacher Ms Amy Gill. The production featured many Pius – Mercy College links, not least of which was the comedic introduction co-hosted by Sam Schyvens (Year 10), and the full dress rehearsal for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival drama production which included Sam Schyvens, Lachlan Donlevy, James Bleasdale, Nic McLachlan (all from Year 10) and Taylor Alan (Year 9).

The powerful production, choreographed and directed by Ms Gill, will feature at the Australian Catholic Bishops Youth Festival from the 7th to 9th December at Homebush and The Domain, Sydney. Our students listed above have joined the Mercy Drama Team in many hours of rehearsal over recent months and the quality of their work was highly evident to the full Concourse audience including many dual Mercy-Pius parents and connections and also CSO Broken Bay officials such as Mr Tony Bracken. 

Notably Mercy School Captain 2018 elect and solo French Horn performer, Mary-Ann Heaney, boasts Harry Heaney (Class of ‘16) as her brother, and SPX Kokoda Expedition 2014 and current SPX Cricket Umpire Mark Heaney in her support crew, while Mr Kim Jephcott (SPX College Captain ’89) was there to support his daughters who were key performers on the night. The Mercy College Staff act featured ex SPX parent Mrs Jenny Paton, and Mercy PDHPE Teacher and Girl’s 7s Rugby Coach extraordinaire, Mr Mark Cutler, who ended their performance with a well-executed “lift”, which I am reliably informed is their signature move.  At grave risk of leaving someone out, other Pius-Mercy families names to feature included Daniels, Makarewicz, Tobin, Bullock, Coyne, Morton, Vaccher and Frost.

Congratulations again to all involved and best wishes to Ms Gill and the performers from both schools who will feature at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) in December.


Chatswood Remembrance Day Commemorating the Centenary of the most costly year for Australian lives on the Western Front, The Charge of Beersheeba and 75 years since the Kokoda - Owen Stanley Ranges Campaign

Next Saturday 11th November the College has been invited to the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Chatswood Garden of Remembrance (adjacent to the Southern end of Chatswood station from 10.35am).  We will be represented by College Vice Captain Nikita Papastamatis (Year 11), MindMatters Student Leader Daniel Fileman (Year 9) and a Year 5 Class Captain (yet to be confirmed) in laying a wreath.

Prefects, House Vice Captains and MindMatters students are all encouraged to attend to represent the College in their leadership roles.  However with many student leaders committed to Saturday sport, music auditions and the like, we can extend the invitation to attend this ceremony more widely across the College. Anyone interested in attending should see Mr Brannan this week to register and report to him from 10.30am on Saturday in full polished school uniform.


Year 9 Camp and EREA School “Haven” Visit

Our Year 9 Huntington House “Workul Koo” Rites of Passage Camps program drew to a conclusion last week with 9H3 accompanied by Ms Whelan, Mr O’Byrne and Mr Adrian Brannan. Each homeroom has enjoyed an extraordinary growth experience through the camps in recent weeks and on behalf of Year 9, I thank the Year 9 Pastoral Care staff including Ms Fernando, Ms Doyle, Ms Foord, Mr Lacey, Mr Anderson, Mr Kovacevic, Mr Olson, Mr Kennedy, Mr McBrearty and Mr de Silva. These staff facilitated and led the Camp experiences from surfing, paddle boarding to indigenous culture, sustainability, spirituality and personality analysis experiences.

To consolidate their Camp 9H3 had the opportunity to visit “The Haven” which is an EREA Flexi School focusing on reintegration into mainstream education.  The Haven is supported by St Edward's Gosford and St Pius X College under dedicated staff such as Chris Kokegai, Sonya Robinson and Paul Briggs and has maintained the EREA ideal of teaching and working “at the margins” over many years of operation.  The experience was a powerful one for the SPX students and reinforced the great value in listening to the stories and reaching out to others in the selfless humanistic tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice through the examples of the Gospels. Thanks go to Matthew Hogan who has written the report below on their experience.  


Year 9 Camp and EREA Haven Experience Report - Matthew Hogan (Year 9)

The Year 9 camps provided to us this year were different, and in many aspects superior, to all others we had previously attended. The purpose of this year’s camp ran deeper than just being for the sake of enjoyment. Although this was certainly a prevalent aspect, the environment of the camp provides the potential to pioneer a tradition of allowing students the opportunity to mature into young men, and more importantly the impending leaders of the college. This is because the camp itself separated us from the technology that surrounds us, and allowed us a few days to relax on the beachside, and momentarily step back from our busy lives.

When first arriving at the house that we had been provided with, there was a genuine feeling of awe and excitement; something that can be considered hard to come by in a group of teenage boys. There was a good reason for these sentiments, this being that the house we had parked in front of stood apart from all those around it. Expectations were high as we mounted the steps of the building erected in front of us, and we were not disappointed. The front of the house gave a breathtaking view of the beach laid out in front of us, and in the water were whales migrating! Throughout the trip, this calm environment allowed us to just relax, and to enjoy what we had been provided with as we rekindled with old friends, and created bonds anew.

Intertwined with the activities such as surfing and paddle-boarding were other activities which were designed to help us grow into young men. Incorporated into those other activities were underlying themes that questioned the people we were when we arrived at the camp, and helped us consider what we could change so we could grow as people, and help make the world a better place. All in all, this camp was an enjoyable experience that showed many that it is indeed possible to enjoy yourself with as little as a spot in front of the beach and friends to enjoy it with.

When the camp ended, for some more new experiences awaited them. While most students boarded the bus that would take them back to Chatswood, a few went on a different bus that would take them to “The Haven”, a school designed to help children to integrate back into mainstream education. These students were Matthew Hogan, Julian Galevski, Corey Johnson, Daniel Halverson, Caelan Hearne and Ivan Macolino. Over the space of a few hours, we got the chance to experience an altered form of learning. This was an exciting and educational experience for all involved as we ate, played sport and indulged in music drum circles with students of the school, and learned about them.

Those who made this camp possible were not forgotten. A holistic feeling of gratitude has been felt towards those who provided us with it, and many gave sincere appreciation and praise to these people throughout the camp. Both of these combined have provided me and many others with one of the best experiences this great school has to offer.


Student Leaders' Speechcraft Graduation Dinner

Our Year 11 Student Leadership Team will complete their Speechcraft Course by speaking in front of a dinner audience of Parents, staff and Old Boys Association representatives next Monday evening from 6.30 – 8.30pm at Chatswood RSL. Parents who still need to Trybook the event and meal, please refer to previous emails from myself and Ms Brady for details and / or contact us at the College.

The Course which is generously sponsored by the Old Boys Association to develop the public speaking and presentation skills of our students, particularly post the experience of Liam Knight and the founding of The White Knight Foundation, has been a feature of our leadership Team training in recent years.  We have been greatly encouraged by the developing skills of our students throughout and no doubt Dan Hall, Nikita Papastamatis and Jack Moran's team will be equally impressive and entertaining in their delivery next Monday evening.

Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services


Student OPAL Card Compliance

Please read this important information from Forest Coachlines re tapping on and off at the beginning and end of each bus trip:


"Since the introduction of the Student OPAL card to all eligible students it has been a requirement that students either tap on and off or pay the applicable fare to catch any school bus operated in the Sydney Metropolitan area.  It is a joint responsibility of both bus operators, school and parents to ensure that students comply with this requirement.


The tap on and off date is used by Transport for NSW to determine demand for bus services. If students don’t tap on and tap off, services may be cancelled due the lack of recorded patronage.

With this in mind, we ask for your assistance in reminding your students that tapping on and off at the beginning and end of each trip is one of the conditions of using a School Opal card."


General Notices



Helping Learner Drivers Become Safe Drivers

FREE two-hour workshop in Chatswood on Wednesday 29th November, 6.30 to 8.30pm.





Pittwater Sports Centre Summer Holiday Workshops

including age specific activities such as Gymnastics, Basketball, Kayaking and Trampolining.





St Joseph's College Spring Fair

Sunday 12th November 2017 

MindMatters for Students

Buddies Beach Walk - Friday 24th November

Our final activity in the Mentors/Mentees program for 2017 will be a “Buddies Beach Walk” from Long Reef to Dee Why Surf Club on the Friday afternoon following the Founder’s Day Festival at Oxford Falls.  This activity is planned to further support our students in building caring and friendly relationships within our school community as part of the College’s MindMatters Program.

A letter containing full details and a permission slip will be sent home to parents in the next few days.



A reminder that Boxercise is held every Thursday and Friday morning at 7.30am in the Junior School playground.  This MindMatters initiative provides friendship, fun and fitness to strengthen students’ resilience and general sense of wellbeing.  Classes are free to all students.

Mr R Russo - College Counsellor

P&F Events

Photo: Year 7 Class Picnic - Sunday 3rd December from 2pm


  • Year 7 Parent Get-Together - Friday 17th November
  • Year 7 Class Picnic - Sunday 3rd December
  • Year 9 Mums' Drinks - Friday 1st December
  • P&F AGM - Office Bearers for 2018


Year 7 Parent Get-Together - Friday 17th November

Join Year 7 parents for a casual Friday night drink and/or a bite to eat at The Greens North Sydney from 6pm (   We have reserved an area but please RSVP to the Year 7 class parents via email before 11th November so we can ensure enough seating for all.


Year 7 Class Picnic - Sunday 3rd December from 2pm

Bring your picnic gear, snacks and drinks to Davidson Park for a fun family afternoon. Sausage sizzle provided.  Click on the invitation below for all the details.

PLEASE RSVP to [email protected] before 19th November so we know how many sausages to purchase.


Year 9 Mums Drinks - Friday 1st December

Come along and join other Year 9 mums for a drink and/or a bite to eat at The Orchard, Chatswood from 6.00 to 6:30pm on Friday 1st December.   Please see the invitation below and RSVP to Fiona or Marissa via [email protected].



Thanks to the parents who came to the AGM on Monday night. We all enjoyed pizza, drinks and a very interesting update from Mr Couani, financial summary from Mariano Rossetto and farewell speech from outgoing President Paul Hunt.  Odette Shahady and Miss Bates updated us on PAPA activities and Roger Paino presented a summary on the activities of the Football Club. 


All except one of the P&F positions for 2018 have been filled as listed below:

President:  Braelen Zwart

Vice President:  Roger Paino

Treasurer:   Mariano Rossetto

Secretary:  Sarah Gillard

Assistant Secretary:   Nadine Robson

Social Co-ordinator:  To be filled

N.S.W. Parents Council Representative:  Paul Hunt



Nadine Robson

[email protected]

0412 272 056

Department News

Photo: 2017 China Tour

  • Languages
  • Performing Arts News




French Excursion

On Thursday 26th October our Year 9 and Year 10 French students, accompanied by Mrs McCormack and Mr Listo, ventured into the city for an excursion at the Alliance Française, Sydney.


The students participated in workshops around the theme of World War II. They were immersed in the French language and developed their confidence in speaking French with a native speaker. Our students enjoyed a variety of activities, such as sequencing of WWII events, discussions of the countries and alliances involved, and cloze passages. After putting their French skills to work, the boys were treated to a delicious French lunch in the café downstairs. We look forward to the possibility of visiting the Alliance Française again with our students in the near future.


French Study Tour for students in Years 10 and 11 in 2018

Ms S McCormack - French Teacher


China Tour

The St Pius X College 2017 China Tour was an amazing opportunity for those 26 boys that attended to enhance both their knowledge and appreciation of Chinese language and culture. We visited three cities in China. Firstly Beijing, the capital of China where we got to experience life in a Chinese university for 3 days and then visit Tiananmen Square and the astounding, 2,000 year old Great Wall where we enjoyed a toboggan ride. We then flew to Xi’an and visited the world-famous Terracotta Warriors where we shook hands with the man who discovered them back in 1974. After that we flew to Shanghai, the largest city in China and a global financial hub. We visited the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Centre, an ancient water town called Zhujiajiao where we enjoyed a gondola ride and then experienced a stunning cruise on the Huangpu River at night and marvelled at the light show on the towering skyline of Shanghai. We were truly privileged to go on this magnificent trip and it would not have been possible without the help of Mrs Manga, Ms Ho and Mr Blake who each gave up their holidays to accompany us.

Samuel Walters

The 2017 China trip was a great experience for me. I enjoyed it a lot and thought it was a great way to test our skills and abilities in another country. We used our Mandarin all the time, putting it to the test with those who spoke it fluently. We seemed to get by all right with some of us making some great purchases, most notably being Ethan’s deck of cards. We all improved dramatically and got a whole lot better at Mandarin, speaking and reading. I want to thank the teachers and all those involved for the great experience!

Tyson McCallum, Year 9


Start typing your article in here...

Performing Arts  


Thank you to the Intermediate String Quartet (Matthew Crotty, Luke McManus, Thomas Van Dijk and Young Oh) who gave of their time on Saturday morning to perform for Years 5 and 6 parents and students who will be new to the College in 2018. Many in attendance commented on your professionalism and dedication to your music.



Our team of Ben Cullen (Year 7), Reuben Jacobson, Ashely Johnson, Alec Ramsbottom and Max Wilkins (Year 8) will be competing in the FINAL of the Junior Theatre Sports Competition TONIGHT at Knox. A supporters bus will depart the College at 5.45pm and will return by 9.00pm (approximately). Students should meet Miss Foord at the buses no later than 5.30pm.



Our last Concert for the year is on Friday 1st December (Week 8) commencing at 5.00pm in the Junior School yard. The following ensembles will be performing; Junior, Intermediate and Senior Concert and Jazz Bands, Intermediate and Senior Percussion Ensembles, Junior and Senior Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Senior String Ensemble, College Orchestra and Junior Drama Ensemble. Parking will be available in the College yard and it is anticipated that the Concert will conclude between 7.15 – 7.30pm. There will be the usual barbeque run by the Performing Arts Parents Association and also a raffle, where first and second prizes are Christmas hampers and third a gift voucher. We look forward to seeing many of you there!



The trybooking links for 2018  ensemble auditions and instrumental tuition applications have now closed. If you have missed out please contact [email protected] for further information and options.


Ms T Bates - Performing Arts Coordinator


Learning Support
& Enrichment

  • Call for Exam Provisions Helpers
  • LearnFast :  Free 'Role of the Working Memory' eBook
  • ‘Head to Health’ - A New Government Mental Health initiative​
  • Free Vocabulary Skill Builder
  • Learn to touch-type or improve your handwriting at our OT after-school courses
  • Thursday Enrichment Club for interested students in Years 7-10
  • After-school Study Program
  • Maths Drop-in Centre


Call for Exam Provisions Helpers

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Learning Support and Enrichment (LSE) Department is responsible for managing and administering Exam Provisions for students in Years 5-12 as they undertake tests, exams and assessments throughout the school year. We also assist students who may have a temporary injury such as a broken arm or other hand or shoulder injury.

However, we are sometimes in need of ‘extra hands’ to help us provide readers, scribes or support person(s) for a range of students with ongoing needs and for those with temporary injuries that affect their ability to complete formal exams, tests and assessments. If you have a morning or afternoon spare during school hours, we would greatly appreciate the help of any interested parents and carers in the St Pius X College community, who are willing to be a reader or scribe for a student with a temporary or ongoing disability. Please note that for policy reasons, we would not ask you to administer provisions for your son or other student in your son’s year. You will be required to complete a SPX volunteer form and obtain a volunteers (no-cost) Working with Children Check clearance.

If you are interested, have further queries or wish to receive the necessary details and forms, please contact Joanne via email: [email protected] or telephone (02) 9414 4382.



Please click on the flyer below for your free copy of the Role of Working Memory e-book.


‘Head to Health’ - A New Government Mental Health initiative


Free Vocabulary Skill Builder

Please see the information in the flyer below:


Learn to touch-type, or improve your handwriting at our OT after-school courses


Thursday Enrichment Club


After-school Study Program 


Maths Drop-in Centre


Ms J Raheb-Mol - Learning Support & Enrichment Coordinator



  • Careers News
  • Careers Newsletter


Careers News

University Info Days

Find out what your options are after you get your results.  If you’ve applied for university for 2018, you might be a bit nervous right now. Getting your results and making your final course decision can be tough.


Once upon a time, students had to wait weeks or months between receiving their results and being offered a place, but now the ‘Powers That Be’ have made some changes to dates and everything happens much quicker than it used to.  What does this mean for you?


If you’re finishing Year 12 in 2017 and have applied for university, it means that you’ll only have a little while to change your preferences once you’ve received your marks before the main round of offers. 



Be informed – there are still ways to change your mind later on (and a number of uni students change degree paths during their degree – it’s not unusual and you’re never ‘locked-in’ to finishing anything) but it’s a good idea to change your preferences as soon as you know what your results look like.


Why would you change your preferences?

  • You got a better mark than you expected and want to apply for a more competitive course.
  • Or you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped to and want to change to a more realistic course.
  • Perhaps you’ve changed your mind in the time between applying and getting your results and want to go down a different path.
  • A new (and more appealing) course has just become available. Or you recently found out about a course you didn’t know existed.
  • Sometimes universities choose to cancel a course and you may want to replace it.

It’s a big decision, but now you have more information (i.e. your results) it’s wise to rethink your options.  To help you make the best choice, many universities hold special ‘Change of Preference’ sessions (sometimes they’re called ‘Info Days’) where you can get one-on-one advice and find out about your options.


You’ll also find lots of information about university preparation courses, extracurricular activities, accommodation services and alternative entry pathways.


Upcoming Change of Preference Sessions

Australian Catholic University – Know Your Options Sessions

Canberra & Sydney – Friday 15 December


CQ Uni:  Sydney – Friday 15 December

Online Chat – Monday 18 December


Macquarie University:  Saturday 16 December


University of Notre Dame – Course Advice Sessions run until 29 December – book a session online


University of Sydney:  Saturday 16 December


UNSW – Info Day:  Saturday 16 December


UTS:  Saturday 16 December 9am-2pm


Careers Newsletter

Ms D Janes - Careers Adviser

Senior School Sport

Photo: First V Basketball Squad 2017-2018

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • NSTA Tennis


C Teams: The Bus to Blue Mountains Grammar will leave from Anderson St at 6:45am. Students need to be at school by 6:30am. The bus will return around 3:00pm.

The Firsts had a good win over a young and enthusiastic Chevalier Firsts on Saturday. The fourth quarter was once again our best quarter of the match. Overall it was a tough day for St Pius X College teams with losses outweighing wins.

I have seen a lot of positive energy at trainings and I hope we can maintain that effort over the next few weeks as we reach the half way point in our season.


Game of the day:  13Bs with an Away win against St Stanislaus’ at Bathurst

Play of the day:  Cameron Bragg got his first 3 pointer in only his third game of Basketball

Deserves a mention

Chris Zilifian, Will Halliday – 13A;  Angus Paterson – 13B

Mihir Mathur, Issac Nistico – 13E;  Frank Houlihan, Elliot Cook – 13F

Ben Kafer, Nick Biefeld – 14A;  Austin Cleary – 14B;  Jamie Dobles, Alex Oey – 14E

Ethan Field, Charlie Crnek – 15A;  Patrick Baker – 17E

Zack Wylie, Lachlan Green, Will Clark – 17F; Jono Moait – 1sts;  Stefan Naprta – 5ths


Student Referees Course

The College will be running a free two-afternoon course at the Chatswood campus for boys interested in becoming a basketball referee.  The dates are Monday 20th and Monday 27th November from 3.30pm until 5.00pm.  This will be an official qualification that candidates will be able to use to earn some pocket money.


Use the link below to see all of the ISA Basketball Teams Results:


Mr N Gibson -  Senior Basketball Convenor



1st XI v St Patrick’s College – ISA Round 3, Saturday 4 November 2017

Winning the toss and electing to bat on a wet day didn’t go as planned for the 1st XI.  At 0/19 when rain first interrupted play the start looked promising.  After 40 minutes play restarted and SPC asserted dominance taking six quick wickets leaving the 1st XI reeling at 6/38 before rain once again interrupted play.  Luckily for the 1st XI the rain set in and the match was abandoned at 3pm.

Mr D Reay - Convenor


Match Reports


NSTA Tennis

ROUND 3:  It was a chilly and damp start to the morning, with ominous clouds looming.  However the boys braved the weather and made their way onto the courts. As everyone was warming up the rain started  so the boys left the courts but fortunately the rain was short lived and the games began.

We had one St Pius X College vs St Pius X College game this week and as usual it was an exciting one, with SPX of course victorious. It was great to see the improvement from Luca and Aiden in their matches with some excellent rallies by both boys in their singles. Michael Chan and Tom Ryan proved hard to beat in their singles matches with both boys securing speedy wins against Reddam. A great first session ended with SPX winning 5 of the 5 morning games!

Unfortunately the rain began again just before 10am and we waited for a break which didn’t come. All games then had to be called off. A special thanks to Nikita who rushed over to Talus Street after welcoming the new Year 5 and 6 boys for 2018 at their orientation at school.

A reminder that all boys by now should be in full school tennis uniform each week: school sports shirt, plain white shorts, white socks, school tracksuit if it’s cold and school hat.


Mrs S Iwatani - NSTA Convenor

Junior School News & Sport

Photo: Year 5 'Kadul' incursion

  • Junior School News
  • Junior School Sport 

Junior School News


Year 5 had a very interesting, entertaining and informative incursion entitled 'Kadul'.  The performer is Ryka and in his performance he reveals the richness of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands cultures.  The show included participatory dances with the students and teachers along with presentations and explanations of various instruments, artifacts and costumes specific to the Islands.

Ryka also introduced the Aboriginal culture of ‘painting up’ with ochre and explained its importance.  Dance and the didgeridoo were also introduced.  This incursion is part of our English program which is based on the Dreamtime and the novel ‘My Girragundji.’


Orientation Days

The new Year 5, 6 and 7 students all had successful orientation days in the last week.  We have lots of very excited boys ready to start in 2018!  Thank you to all the staff who worked to make them successful experiences for the boys.


Upcoming Events

  1. Best wishes to Cavan Ryan, Thomas Wilkins and Jack Hammond who will be participating in the IPSHA Speakers’ Challenge tomorrow at St Andrew's Cathedral School, CBD.  Thank you to Mrs Spanyik who has been preparing the boys and who is escorting them to the event.
  2. The College will have our Remembrance Day service this Friday.  The wreath will be presented by two Year 5 boys, Thomas Reay and  Daniel Staal, whose parents have been involved in the armed services.

Mr T Long - Head of Junior School

Junior School Sport

Thursday Sport:  We commence our swim program in lieu of regular sport.  Year 5 attend Macquarie Uni Aquatic Centre for a pool based program and Year 6 attend Dee Why Beach for a surf skills program. Parents can collect boys directly from each venue by 2.15pm.



Mr G Virgona - Junior School Sportsmaster



Softball :  Report Round 10

Last Saturday our game at St Patrick’s College was ‘touch and go’ prior to its commencement. However, the weather held out and a great game of softball was able to be played. The coach had some concerns to begin with as players were not able to play due to sickness or injuries and therefore the reallocation of positions was done a number of times.

We were playing a round-robin style of game against St Patrick’s and Trinity Summer Hill. St Patrick’s batted first and Trinity fielded. St Pat’s had 9 runners home. Trinity went into bat and we fielded and Trinity got 9 runners home. Then we batted and 8 of our players came home, with St Pat’s fielding. The game became a real competition with only one run difference. St Pats went into bat, Trinity fielded and St Pat’s only had 1 player home. That was it for St Pat’s 10 runs.  SPX batted against Trinity and 5 runners made it home. Final score 13. Trinity batted and St Pat’s fielded and 5 runners made home. Their final score was 14.  

Jhon Evans stayed focussed as he pitched to both teams. Will Mathie did some great stealing of bases. Jose Monk is always a dependable player and even helped Trinity out for their first innings. Eliot Sanders caught a fly ball - this is starting to become an every match occurrence for Eliot.  Luca Van Vuuren and Max Lenton were using all their skill and speed to chase balls and keep the run rate down. Joshua Connors and Patrick Hall shared the catcher’s position which made both teams hesitate to make a run home. Michael Whitehead, although injured, defended his base and was a valued player. Special mention to Marcus Steen who was injured and unable to play but still came along to support his team.  Well done Marcus.

Thank you to Mr Evans for keeping score.

Ms J Williams - Softball Convenor



NSTA Tennis:  Please see the Senior School Sports page.

Mrs S Iwatani - NSTA Convenor

Canteen & Uniform Shop


Volunteers needed:  If you can assist on any weekday between 9:30am and 2:00pm please contact either Anna or Marianne on 9414 4301.  It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please click below to see the Term 4 2017 Canteen Roster:

Ms M Erickson and Ms A Coombs - Canteen Supervisors


Uniform Shop




Thank you to all those volunteers and staff who have helped whilst I was away last week.  

I have cleared most online orders so if your son has not received his item/s or is yet to collect it please ask him to come and see me.



The online ordering system  can be accessed via

An updated Price List is now available on the College website.                                       


Orders can be placed:

Collection of Orders (whether made by phone or on-line):

  • Students in Years 7-12  will be sent an email when their order is ready asking them to collect it from the Uniform Shop. If it is not collected by end of school on Wednesdays, it will then be available from Student Reception as the Uniform Shop is not open on Thursdays and Fridays. This arrangement is to prevent interruptions to classes.
  • Junior School :  Orders will be given out at Assembly after lunchtime as required.

Blazer Buttons are available from shop - $2.00 each.   

Second-Hand Uniforms:  Parents are reminded that the Uniform Shop also sells second-hand uniforms, including Blazers. Please read the form below for information on providing second-hand clothing to the Uniform Shop.  


Gift Items:  The College Uniform Shop also stocks a range of gift items:


- Golf umbrellas  $30

- Coffee mugs $15

- Lanyards $5

- Aprons $20

- Scarf $20

- Glasses $5 (Tall and Short)           ​









Ms D Muirhead - Uniform Shop Supervisor

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