Photo: Proud of our graduates: members of the class of 2017 recieve their certificates

Northcote High School Newsletter

07 November 2017
Issue Eighteen
From School Council & the Principal
Principal appointment 2018
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Achievement and community: class of 2017 graduates
Future thinking: passion, engagement and knowledge
Opportunity: French exchange
Learning from experts: cartoon club
Northcote Thrive
Invitation: 7&8 Showcase
Learning outside the school gates
Awarding achievement, effort and contribution in Sport
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Celebrate our musicians 
Real-life job skills
Exam time for Year 10s & 11s
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News from the world: Northcote students overseas
Homestay: can you help?
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From School Council & the Principal

Photo: From the Northcote Leader November 3 2017 - Kate and families call for additional building funds. Picture: George Salpigtidis

Building the future - community and learning

Community, Celebration and Preparation

The Class of 2017 Graduation was a further signal to the Year 12 cohort that exams are only days away and their secondary schooling is rapidly drawing to a close.  For families, young people and staff Graduation is a joyful event, and an opportunity to recognise each young person through their contribution to learning, leadership, co-curricular programs and academic excellence.  Clare Gleghorn, the School Captain of 1999, delivered the Graduation address. Her rich narrative highlighted the useful and not so useful advice she had received across her work and life experiences to date, with a particular emphasis on failing forward, that hard work wins every time and finding the ‘fun’.  Clare is currently General Manager and partner with Bastion Reputation Management.   It is always great to hear from past students about their experiences and pathways through and from school. 


As a point of interest: 1999 was the last time our school population was below 1000 students. It was also the year of the last new building at Northcote High. We now have 1800 students and 50% of our classes are in portables. See below for a message from School Council about this issue.


Learning together and in the Community

The Unit 3 / 4 Exams are underway and it's fabulous to see our students working in study groups, revising exams questions and seeking support from staff and each other.  Year 11 and 10 exams begin this week – hard work across the semester and the schooling journey informs how confidently young people approach revision an the exam experience.  Exams are an important opportunity for students to hone their skills in the various types of tasks and questions required across the learning program and in preparation for VCE. There is plenty of evidence that confirms studying for and sitting exams deepens learning and strengthens neural pathways for future use:  the process of searching one's memory and accessing relevant information is easier when practised - like exercising.   Study hard and good luck.


The Year 9 City School Program was a highlight of last week and this week. It was very positive to meet with so many of our students in the city – representing themselves and our school so well, learning and having fun.  The City School Program will be expanded in 2018 and will be a feature of the Northcote Model at Year 9.  Thank you to the Year 9 team led by Sarah Green, Steven Flight and English colleagues for leading the way. We look forward to meeting families in at the Presentation evening on November 21.


The annual Sports Breakfast on Friday was a further opportunity to celebrate student achievement  - congratulations to all awardees and thank you to Sarah Blanchard , Pauline Dridian and the Sports Captains for leading this event.


Hot topics - funding for facilities for our students and community

A message from School Council

School Council wrote to our community via Compass Newsfeed in late October, encouraging families to ‘speak up for building funds’ during the Northcote state by-election. Northcote High School will have 1800 students in 2018 and half our students will have their classes in portables. With our excellent results and local population growth, our school is in high demand and we need to ensure we have adequate learning and social spaces to cater for our school community now and into the future. The school funding issue was featured recently in the Northcote Leader



School Council is asking for your help to appeal for financial support for the buildings of contemporary permanent facilities at Northcote High School.


To ensure adequate permanent facilities for our students  - currently 50% of classrooms are in a wagon train of portables.  Shout out for funding to deliver contemporary learning and social spaces to cater for our school community now and into the future.


Shout out via:

1. ‘Old school’ media

  • Call 774, 3AW
  • Write to The Age, Northcote Leader, Herald Sun

2.  Social media

Post on social media and share with friends, colleagues and politicians.


Some key points are listed here, plus an infographic to share:

  • Our student population has grown by 800 since 1999
  • We have the same number of permanent buildings now as in 1999
  • NHS is the largest metropolitan school (in terms of numbers) on the smallest site
  • Our existing buildings are well-maintained but outdated
  • We have received more portables each year since 2006
  • In 2016 we had to lease additional open land from the Council


Northcote Thrive Fund

Over the next weeks we will be presenting you with a series of communications around the Northcote Thrive fund, which has been inspired and lead by our families via a robust governance structure.  Giving to Northcote Thrive provides a real opportunity to support our students and school now and into the future.  Read on for more information and how to take action and donate.


Inner City Netball Project and Performance Hub

Great news: the Inner City Netball project (2 x Courts for community and NHS use) and Performance Hub are about to begin construction.  This means that Northcote High will have an additional court for school use which is desperately needed.  The Performance Hub will replace the Music and rehearsal facilities formerly housed in 'A block' - currently decanted around the school.  It will feature a black box performance space (120 seats), music rehearsal, instrumental music spaces, performance classroom and  VCE precinct on level 1 (study spaces, classrooms and office space). 


Recognition of Fiona Richardson and her commitment to our community lives through both of these projects.


Congratulations Sue Harrap

Congratulations to incoming Northcote High School Principal Sue Harrap.  I look forward to working with her over the next few months for a positive start to 2018 and the continued success of young people, support of staff and development of our school and community.


I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming community events and course confirmation days over the next 6 weeks.




Principal appointment 2018

Photo: Sue Harrap

Sue Harrap appointed Principal

Northcote High School Council are delighted to announce that Sue Harrap has been appointed (provisional until Friday 10 November) as the new Principal to commmence in the 2018 academic year.


Sue is currently Assistant Principal at Nossal High School in Berwick. She has extensive leadership experience and a proven record of effective change management and school improvement with a focus on student learning, teacher collaboration and practice excellence.


Sue brings to the role a strong background as a school leader and Biology, Science and Maths teacher across a range of schools in Gippsland. School Council is excited about the contribution she will make to the ongoing success of Northcote High School.


Kate Morris will continue to lead and support the many new and exciting projects currently underway at Northcote High throughout 2017, and will work with Sue, the leadership team and the school community over the coming months to facilitate a smooth and well-planned transition. Sue will officially commence her role on 29 January 2018.


Martin Hughes – School Council President

For your diary

Key dates 

  Please note the following events coming up:

  • Friday 10 November            Year 10-11 Exams commence
  • Monday 13 November        Junior Music Concert - Clocktower Centre
  • Monday 20 November         Year 10 Work Experience commences
  • Tuesday 21 November        Year 7&8 Showcase and City School presentations
  • Tuesday 21 November        Great Victorian Bike Ride commences 
  • Monday 27 Novmeber         Year 11-12 Course Confirmation
  • Thursday 30 November      Art and Design Show
  • Friday 1 December               Year 10-11 Course Confirmation
  • Monday 4 December           VCE Orientation commences

Achievement and community: class of 2017 graduates

Photo: Graduates on stage

Graduation Night

As our Year 12s finish their formal secondary education, traditions and ceremonies are a feature and an important way for them and our community to celebrate their progress to the next phase of their lives. On Thursday, 26th of November, we enjoyed one such ceremony: the graduation of the Class of 2017. Over one thousand students, staff, family and friends attended the Grand Hyatt to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our students over their thirteen years of schooling.


Our guest speaker, Clare Gleghorn, Northcote High alumnus and former school captain, encouraged the students to work hard, take risks and most importantly, use any setbacks that come your way as an opportunity for growth and adventure.


Students were awarded their graduation certificates as well as subject and citizenship awards spanning many areas of the school and all upholding the values of curiosity, fairness, humanity and achievement. We congratulate all students recognised for their work that extends beyond the classroom.


As always, one of the highlights of the night were the musical numbers.  A big thanks to all the students who performed, notably KJ Rotunno singing the national anthem and Thomas Hewitt, Saro Blaikie, Callum McKinnon-Mintzis, Edward Bond and Josh Torcasio for their stunning rendition of ‘The Girl From Ipanema’.


Our School Council President, Martin Hughes,  also took the opportunity to recognise the impact upon this cohort of the leadership of Principal Kate Morris, who will resign in January 2018. Martin spoke in particular of the skilful way in which Kate negotiates the complexities of school leadership in order to create the best learning opportunities for students; and of her energy, dedication and genuine engagement with all the members of our school community.


The night was a reflection on how the students have tackled the year; with a sense of gravitas and acknowledgement of the importance of the moment. We thank you all for your attendance and support and wish the students all the best for their exams.


Shane Gemmola, Head of Senior Years, and the Senior Years team


Award Recipients

We congratulate the following students who received awards in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions, both academically and to school life.


Subject Awards and Prizes


Anastasia Adams-Picard

Maths Methods

Specialist Maths

Contribution to Music


Ai Ai Ku

Visual Communications and Design

Contribution to International Program


Alice Barnes

Nelson Alexander Community Leader Award


Macsen Lawlor

Gray Citizenship Award - recognises outstanding services to the School

Contribution to Production


Edward Clayton

K.S. Inglis Prize  - Australian History


Elan Lee



Liam Crough

Physical Education


Stella Farnan

Gray Citizenship Award - recognises outstanding services to the School

Contribution to Production


Cal Faubel



Julia Makridis

Archibald Clancy Award - Dux of Commerce

Business Management


Amy Mccole

Food Studies


Callum Mckinnon Mintzis

Extended Investigation

Contribution to Music


Jack Hart

Alexander Sutherland Prize - Outstanding Achievement in Sport and Study


Nore Mourad

David Feeney Award - An Outstanding Citizenship Award for contribution to school and community


Thomas Hewitt

Music Investigation

Contribution to Music


Grace Hilder



Pamela Kastoris

The Manousopoulos Prize -  for excellence in language



Indigo Keel



Shirley Killen

Wayne Roberts Humanities Prize

English  Language

Classical Studies History Revolutions

Contribution to Production


Leah Nassis

Product Design Fibre


Hoang Giang Nguyen



Thien Nguyen

Product Design Wood

Contribution to International Program


Prani Patton

ADF Long Tan Award- An outstanding Citizenship Award for Contribution to school and community


Jack Puccini



Charles Robert

Studio Art


Joseph Stafford

Legal Studies


Miranda Starr



Adrian Stojanovski


Contribution to Production


Loren Stojcevski

Dr. Jocelyn Scutt Prize - Outstanding Achievement in Sport and Study


Minh Hang Thai

English as an Additional Language

Contribution to International Program


Lucy Tonkin

Global Politics French


Mira Tonkin

R.G. Kitchenn Prize - Outstanding Achievement in English

Catherine Helen Spence Award - An outstanding Citizenship Award for contribution to school and community​

Health and Human Development


Joshua Torcasio

Caltex Best All Rounder Award -  for Sport, Study and the Community

Contribution to Music


Fiona Tran

Sir Gustav Nossal Prize - Dux of Mathematics and Science


Noah Wright

The Olver Prize - Literature Prize


Year 11 Recipients of Subject Awards

Maryellen Matsas

VET Sport and Recreation


Mollie Mckenzie



Xue Yang Chen

Chinese First Language


Kathleen Xiao

Chinese Second Language


Ava Leach Absolom

Music Performance


Fergus Boyd



School Captains and Deputy Captains Awards

Leah Nassis

Thomas Paizes

Macsen Lawlor

Yen Bao Le


Outstanding Citizenship awards for contributions to program areas:

Saro Blaikie Music

Edward Bond Music

Ziqi Chen International Program

James Cornwallis  Production 

Antonia Coutts     Music, Production

Zhijian Deng  International Program

Phoebe Hennessy Music

Louisa Johnson Production

Tsz Kong  Music, International Program

Michaela Lattanzio-Barns Music, Production 

Yen Bao Le International Program

Naomi Leigh Music, Production 

Nian Liu Music

Eleanor Mcnab Production

Greta Mcnab Music

Havya Modi Art Club

Robert Nicholson Production

Nicholas Obst Debating

Jacqueline Phelps Music

Katrina Rotunno Music, Production

Jiayang Song International Program​

Joseph Walker Production

Erica Wright Production

Boyan Zhao    Art Club

Future thinking: passion, engagement and knowledge

Photo: Enjoying Design and Technology week

Design and Technology Week a success

Northcote High School students were engaged in another fun filled week of celebrating the Design and Technology learning area.

During the week our students could be found constructing personal projects in Makerspace, hunting down the school programmable drone, watching inspirational videos in tutorial and learning about study and career opportunities in design and engineering.

Our main event was the student and parent information evening – Design & Engineering on the Move - the Present & Future of the Automotive Industry.  It was a full house and the level of insight we gained into a very secretive industry was amazing.


What was even more astonishing was the depth of understanding and thought-provoking questions that our students had for our guest speakers: Senior Designer for Ford and Automotive Design lecturer at Monash University Mark Johnson and an engineer for the Society of Automotive Engineers Australia, Sid Sheth.

Mark shared this comment with us recently by email.


“When I got home on Tuesday night it really occurred to me that while it's interesting to present what is happening with production cars today there is also real passion, engagement and knowledge on where the future of mobility lies with topics such as autonomy and electrification.


The quality of questions and the knowledge your students presented makes me pleasantly surprised. This was a great professional experience for me, when I go back to Monash I will structure the learning to better reflect where their interests are. There has been a real lack of engagement from the younger generation with the vehicles of today because they can't relate to them. I see it at uni and now it's confirmed on a school level. It's old basic technology to them (which is fundamentally true). So there will be a lot more talk about "smart" vehicles in the future!”

Another great example of Northcote helping to shape the future through design and technology. Hope to see you all at our info events next year!

Peter Murphy
Head of Design Faculty


Opportunity: French exchange

Photo: In Antibes

Inaugural French Exchange program

On Saturday 9 September, two Year 10 French students, Clare and Dougal, headed to France for a 4 week exchange at the Centre International de Valbonne (CIV). This is a reciprocal arrangement, and NHS had already hosted the French students for four weeks during June- July. During the four weeks in France, students lived with a family, attended the CIV and participated in normal classes. They were immersed in French language and culture and were able to experience life as a French teenager. They also had the opportunity to visit many places along the French Riviera, including, Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, Grasse and Gourdon. While the situation was daunting at first, both students had a wonderful time and felt that their grasp of the French language improved dramatically during the exchange.


Are you interested? Information evening coming up

NHS intends to offer this exchange program to our Year 10 and 11 French students in coming years, increasing the program to 10 participants. If this is an opportunity that interests your family, we will be holding an information evening on Wednesday 22 November at 6pm in Room M1. Please come along to hear about what the program entails and to ask any questions you may have. If you are unable to attend but would like to know more, please contact Pierrick Hubert or Audra Keane on 9488 2300.

Learning from experts: cartoon club

Photo: Matt Golding with some of the Cartoon Club students

Matt Golding visits Cartoon Club

The Cartoon Club,  which runs every Tuesday lunchtime,  were lucky enough recently to have a visit from Matt Golding. Matt is a local freelance cartoonist of over 25 years experience whose work appears reguarly in The Age and The Sunday Age.


Students had the opportunity to get an insight into the career of a cartoonist, how to create an effective cartoon and the process an illustrator goes through in the creation of a daily cartoon. The students were not only able to see a lot of Matt’s work first hand but also how simple and direct his work can be.


He said that the most important thing was the idea, everything after that was just about making things clear. Be it on politics, busienss, investment, sport, culture, science or the arts, Matt's cartoons have the power to engage audiences, capture a message and make people laugh. Our students relished the chance to learn from an industry expert.


Jerome Rush

Art Department

Northcote Thrive

Help our school to thrive

In our last newsletter, we introduced the Northcote Thrive Fund, an initiative of School Council. In addition to government funding, generous financial and in-kind support from our families provides us with additional resources to improve school spaces and resources, develop innovative programs, and provide essential equipment for students in financial need.


In this edition, we’d like to tell you more about BUILD, which represents Northcote High School’s Building Fund.


Improved learning and social spaces are part of our long-term vision for a campus that better caters for contemporary learning and a growing student community. We are developing a new Campus Master Plan in consultation with our school community and this year we celebrated completion of the Art and Design Hubs.  High quality creative spaces that inspire and engage young people are key to the vision of the Northcote Campus Master Plan.   The Art & Design Hubs were funded thanks to our parent community via the Building Fund.


Construction of the Performance Hub will begin in the next weeks, funded by DET ($4.5m) and Northcote High ($800,000) – this will include an upgrade of the front of school .  


We invite you to DONATE to Northcote Thrive Fund when making your annual ESLI (Essential Student Learning Items) payment. Shortly you will also be able to make ad hoc donations via our school web page. Please contact our Finance Manager, Richard Wang, to set up ongoing or specific purpose donations.

Invitation: 7&8 Showcase

Photo: Exemplary work on show: Year 7 Art

A year of achievement

On Tuesday 21 November, Northcote High School invites current Year 7+8 students and their families to join us in celebrating another great year.


The Showcase is fantastic opportunity to look over the impressive work that our students have completed throughout the year in the classroom, through co-curricular activities and beyond. Furthermore, students and their families will have an opportunity to hear from students in the year level above about the exciting opportunities and events that lie ahead.


The Year 7 showcase will be based in the lLibrary and the Year 8 showcase in the Design Hub (located in B-block, opposite the library). The showcase will run from 6.45pm – 7.30pm.


We look forward to seeing you soon!



Learning outside the school gates

Year 9 City School

Ask any former  Year 9 at Northcote High School and they will tell you that the City School Experience is one of the highlights of the year. The current Year 9s are in the city now working hard on their research project and enjoying city life. This year we were joined by the Year 11 VCAL students who designed and ran the ‘Amazing Melbourne’ City Exploration for the Year 9s as part of their community project.


The Year 9s have also visited the Big Issue to learn about issues for people experiencing homelessness. They recorded a radio program exploring youth issues at SynFM. Each group also have interviewed a experts and surveyed members of the public to learn about their social research project. Topics under investigation range from car buying habits of CBD residents to homelessness to the media. One group even interviewed Channel 9 stalwart Peter Hitchener! The students' findings will be presented to friends and families at our Presentation evening on November 21.


The experience in the city helps our students to develop their enterprise skills such as team work, navigation, communication and self-management. Thank you to all the staff that have supported the students on this journey.

Sarah Green and Steven Flight

Year 9 team

Awarding achievement, effort and contribution in Sport

Photo: Award winners at the Sports Breakfast

2017 Sports Awards Breakfast

Another celebration of achievement, effort and contribution was enjoyed last week as we held our 3rd annual Sports Awards Breakfast. Parents, students and staff gathered in the GMR for a continental breakfast before the awards were presented.


Our guest speaker Rowena (Rowie) Webster – Olympic Water polo Medallist, spoke about her path to success. It wasn’t always easy but she never gave up on her dream to become an Olympic Athlete: a dream she’d had since she was 5 years old.  She also spoke about the importance of the balance between school life and physical fitness. It was an honour to have Rowie speak at our breakfast, her pride in representing our Country and her story of the path to success was truly inspirational.


The morning was a celebration of the achievements of our students who have not only showed their sporting skills but are also great leaders in their chosen sports in and out of school. Our Sports Captains should be commended for the morning running so smoothly. We thank them for their confidence and enthusiasm. Anyone in the room would agree that they did a fantastic job.



Congratulations to the following award recipients:


Grace Young


Nathan Nguyen Bui


Joe Furphy


Mavia Pelle-Lopeti


Alex Johnston

Cross Country

Mikaila Young


Edward Clayton


Leon Foggiato


Taysen Wilcox


Dominique Niere


Rosalie Thyer


Tim Ingram


Elena Karakitsos

Table Tennis

Toby Zeevaarder


Noey Lum


2017 NHS Coach of the Year - Staff

David MacIndoe

2017 NHS Coach of the Year - Student

Alana Namor


NHS Junior School Sport Persons of the Year 

Alexa Mackey

Connor Lester


NHS Middle School Sport Persons of the Year

Rosalie Thyer

Rhys Seakin


2017 NHS Service to Sport Award - Student

Luke Williams

2017 NHS Service to Sport Award - Staff

Cathy Lester

Careers News

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

Change of Preference for Year 12s

Change of Preference (COP) has two components:

  •  the initial COP period after you get your ATAR
  •  rolling COP from Round 1 (up to five rounds)

See the table below for rolling COP dates:

After each round, you have to decide whether you want to try for additional offers.


Always accept any offers you already have before trying to attract additional ones, as the numbers drop dramatically after Round 1.


Seek advice and do your research before you need to make these decisions.


All tertiary institutions run special activities during the week of ATAR release (see photo above).


More information can be found on the myNorthcoteHigh Careers Page and on University websites.


Please make contact with Ms Witt if you need assistance. Email is the best option in the first instance, and/or use the booking link to make an appointment. This service applies next year, too, if you still need assistance making the transition to your next option. 


Get your AustSwim qualification

If you're a keen swimmer, 16 years and over and looking for a part-time job, an AustSwim qualification might be right for you. Please see the attached information regarding courses in Darebin this December.


Work Experience: Note to Year 9 families


All students in Year 10 are required to participate in the Work Experience program, which involves experiencing the workforce in some meaningful way. Whilst it is an invaluable way of gathering information specific to your current career goals, it can also be used to gather experience in a completely unrelated area in which you may wish to develop some skills or gain insight. Community or volunteer work, for example, can be hugely advantageous in developing skills and knowledge that will assist you in ways beyond simply answering questions about a particular job.


Many of the more popular or scarce placements - such as those with Victoria Police, Melbourne Zoo and numerous hospitals or universities – must be applied for well in advance, and are often closed in the year prior to the placement. We encourage families to start talking about what kind of experience will be appropriate for their child, and to start the process of seeking a meaningful placement. You can check the NHS Work Experience manual via the NHS Careers page for some tips on brainstorming ideas, and students will be assisted with this process during Term 4 in their Connect sessions.

Celebrate our musicians 

Invitation: end of year concert

Come and celebrate a year of musical achievement with our Junior and Intermediate bands and ensembles. The students have been working hard all year, engaging enthusiastically in a multitude of performance opportunities and learning from their teachers and each other in countless lessons, camps, workshops and rehearsals.  Their confidence and capacity as both individual musicians and as a collective has grown immensly throughout this time.


Join us at the Clocktower Centre on November 13 (7pm) to enjoy a final performance for 2017. Tickets via 

Original Composition Project CDs for sale

Original Composition Project album: all student work, all entirely original!

Demolition Lament

On sale now from the main office/Music office $10


Real-life job skills

Photo: Practicing an interview

Congratulations to RIJI participants

Congratulations to the seven students participated in the RIJI (Real Industry Job Interviews) Program this year. This program allows students to experience an authentic job search situation and thereby improve their own skills as potential jobseekers.


Students selected a recently advertised job, and worked through the process of preparing a resume and cover letter specifically tailored to this job. Volunteers from HR departments in organisations from our local area, such as the Darebin Council, evaluated these applications, and students were invited to interview. Our team attended the Darebin event on October 19, and following their interview, each student received personalised feedback on all aspects of their application.

This feedback has given the students valuable insight into what they can do to improve their chances on the job market, which we all know has become far more competitive in recent times. Unfortunately, the Darebin, Moreland and Yarra local government areas record significantly higher youth unemployment rates compared to the Victoria and Australian data.  In particular, young people from 17-24 years of age face the challenge of making sure they are not amongst the 28% of young people aged 14-19 years in Melbourne’s north who are currently unable to find employment (14.5% for those aged 20-24 years). Thanks to the initiative of the INLLEN and the local councils for supporting this important program.


Kylie Witt

Careers and Pathways Advisor

Exam time for Year 10s & 11s

Exam timetable now available

Year 10 and 11 exams will commence on Friday November 10. The exam timetable can be found on myNorthcoteHigh via the relevant Year Level page: a copy is also attached here. These end of semester exams are an important preparation for students' final assessments in the VCE Units 3/4. The Year 10 and 11 sub-school teams and teachers have been working with students throughout the year to develop good study habits and to scaffold effective approaches to exams. Below are some tips for exam preparation - these can also be found on myNorthcoteHigh.

Top ten study hints

1. Establish a routine.  

  • Set aside a particular time each day for study and revision and stick to it

2.  Create a study environment.  

  • This should be away from interruptions and household noise, such as the television.  
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting and ventilation, a comfortable chair and appropriate desk.

3.  Set a timetable.  

  • With a timetable you can plan to cover all your subjects in an organised way.  
  • Allotting the appropriate time for each without becoming overwhelmed. 

4.  Look after yourself.  

  • Drink and eat right
  • Get enough sleep each night
  • Regular physical exercise makes you feel great, boosts your energy and helps you relax
  • So try to keep up regular sporting activities or at least fit in some regular exercise.

5.  Reward yourself for studying

  • Watch your favourite television program
  • spend time with your friends
  • play sport and exercise

6.  Have variety in your study program

  • Study different subjects each day
  • Do different types of work and revision in each study session

7.  Avoid interrupting your concentration

  •  Have all the appropriate materials with you before you start a session of study to minimise distractions.

8.  Test yourself on what you have studied

  •  Ask your parents or family members to quiz you on what you have learnt
  • Use draft questions form books and past exam questions

9.  Don’t panic at exam time

  • If you have followed a study routine and have been revising your class work, there should be no need to worry
  • Try to keep yourself calm, positive and confident.

10.  Ask your teachers for guidance

  • Especially if your having trouble grasping a new concept or understanding something learnt
  • They will be happy to help you
  • Make studying a part of your everyday school routine and don’t be limited to cramming for exams and tests


Library News

Book lovers: return or renew now!

We’ve had a flurry of overdue books being returned over the last few weeks but there are still nearly 500 outstanding overdues as we approach the end of the academic year.  


We love to see students borrowing books but we also like to see them being renewed or returned on time so others can borrow them.


 In the next few weeks we would like all students to check their bags, lockers and at home for books they are no longer reading, and return them as soon as possible. 


If you have an overdue book that you still require you can always renew it online or ask library staff to help you extend your loan at the desk.   



A challenge to all students – bring down the thermometer

For the remainder of the year the library will hold an overdue book drive to encourage student to return or renew their books.  A book thermometer will be displayed in the library and updated each week indicating how many books are still overdue.

Our starting point is the overdue reading as of November 2: 481 books.    The challenge is for all students to help reduce the overdue thermometer, let's see if we can get it down to zero! 


Extended holiday reading

From 1st December, there will be extended loans for recreational reading over the holiday period.  Come into the library and ask the Librarians about the extended loans or summer reading recommendations, we have some great new titles.  

Sports News

Photo: At the State Athletics

Team and individual success

State Athletics

Congratulations to Marlon Bargh, Douglas Buckeridge, Michael Daffy, Mikaila and Grace Young who competed in the State Athletics Carnival at Albert Park on 23rd October.  Well done to you all and a big thank you to parents for their support.


Yr 7 Regional Cricket

On October 24 our Yr 7 Boys and Girls competed in the Regional Competition at Donath Reserve.  The girls played a big bash style game and had success winning the day after defeating Epping, Gladstone Park and Melbourne Girls.  They will now play in the State Final later this month.


The Boys had some closely contested matches throughout the day playing against Aitken, Eltham and Epping. The team narrowly missed out moving through to the next round by only few runs.

Thank you to Mr Price for attending with the team and to our wonderful student coaches Alex Jonhston and Thomas Downes-Hunt.


Yr 8 Regionals

On October 25 we had Yr 8 Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Hockey and Boys Table Tennis teams competed in Regional Finals.

Congratulations to our Yr 8 Boys Basketball, our Girls and Boys Hockey teams, and Boys table tennis who all finished on top of their pool then successfully played off in the final.  All of which will now move through to the State Finals to be played later this month.

Thanks to Mr Neale, Ms Lester, Mr MacIndoe, Ms Archibald and Parent, Paula Butcher for coaching the sides.  Thank you also to our student coaches, Sunny Brazier and Taysen Wilcox.


Yr 7 Regionals

Congratulations to all of our Yr 7 teams who competed in Regional Basketbal,l Hockey and Table Tennis on October 26. Thank you to Mr O’Shea, Mr Orphin, Mr Neale and Ms Sheridan for selecting and coaching the teams and once again thank you to our student coaches, Rinchen Dorjee, Emma Stafford and Katrina Gustafsson.


Yr 8 Cricket Regional Final

Even without their regular Coach Luke Williams of Yr 9, the Yr 8 Boys Cricket Team defeated Viewbank 3/123 to 5/85 in the Regional Final. We played some great cricket with Mile Fricke bowling 4 tight overs (1/13) and top scoring with 48 runs.  Captain Douglas Buckeridge gave support with his express bowling 0/9 off 4 overs and 23 runs. Connor Lester 17, Thomas Proe-Carter 2/10 and Hemi Dietrich (great wicket keeping) also made valuable contributions. Our whole team fielded and caught well to keep Viewbank struggling to maintain the required run rate.

Mr Price (Stand in Coach)


Yr 7 Regional Volleyball

Congratulations to our Yr 7 Boys and Girls Volleyball teams who played in the Regional Finals on Nov 1.  Both teams completed in tough matches throughout the day.  The boys moved through their pool to play off in the finals, to be defeated by Eltham.  Both teams are congratulated for their sportsmanship throughout the day.  Thank you to our student coaches Noey Lum and Charli Doyle.


Yr 8 Girls Futsal

We had 2 Yr 8 Girls teams compete in the Division Futsal competition at Darebin Community Sports Stadium on 2 November.  The girls demonstrated a great sporting attitude throughout the day.


Cheer team

Northcote's inaugural Cheer team have got off to a flying start, winning first place in their division at the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation Spring Carnival recently. The achievement is particularly notable as the team have only been training for a couple of months, and were competing against teams with a year or more's experience. Congratulations team!  We look forward to their continued development next year.

Congratulations Doug

Doug Buckeridge of Year 8 flew the Northcote flag in the 3000m at All Schools Championships on the weekend. He finished 5th in 9:35. That mean he has qualified (9:40 was qualifying time to beat) for the Vic team at Nationals in March. Congratulations Doug - a fantastic effort.


Coming up

November 8 : Intermediate Boys Cricket State Quarter Final

November 9 : Yr 8 Boys Futsal

November 13 : Yr 7 & 8 Girls State Hockey

News from the world: Northcote students overseas

Photo: Young leaders to China program

Correspondent 1: Sam Sweatman in Finland

Finnish and Australian schools have differences and similarities. The classes are the same size 20-25 students, with groups of tables and teachers desk out front with a projector. School days are same length 6.5 hours, but this is where the similarities stop. 


They have 3 levels of school: Primary which is Prep to grade 5; Middle for years 6-9;  then Senior school  for years 10-12/13. The days start at 8am and finish at 2:30pm. The classes are 1 hour 15 minutes long and there’s 15 minutes in between each class. The classes they have are the same: Maths, English and Sciences etc, but it’s compulsory to learn Finnish and Swedish. They have an one hour lunch break where there is a free hot lunch for every student, usually soup or meat with vegetables and bread. 


The biggest difference is school for athletes that play common sports such as soccer, ice hockey and volleyball. Three days a week in the morning you train at your sports venue with a professional coach for 1.5 hours, but since they miss out on school they have the option to complete high school in 4 years instead of 3.

Sam Sweatman of Year 9 is currently on exchange in Finland.

Correspondent 2: Victorian Young Leaders to China

The Victorian Young Leaders to China team continue to enjoy their experience. They have been working with local students and building their language skills and inter-cultural awareness, as well as continuing to explore significant historical sites. Here are some of their latest pictures.

Homestay: can you help?

Photo: Expand your horizons by hosting an International Student

Full Boarding Homestay Families Are Sought for International Students at Northcote High School (for 2018 school year)

Northcote High School seeks quality homestays from our local community, to help care for young international students studying in year 10, 11 +12 with us. They are mainly from Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand. We also have some International Students are from European countries such as Italy and Germany.


Hosting International Students can bring a rich cross cultural experience and opportunity for our families. Many local families already on board with Northcote High School Homestay Program over the years have enjoyed and benefited from the diverse cultural and language exchange experience, especially when they have school age children at home. The reverse experience for our International Students is very much part of their overseas study journey.


  If you have a spare room and are willing to take care of a young international student please contact the International Student Office 9488 2334 (or General Office 9488 2300 or email [email protected]) for more information.


Full boarding homestay fees are $320 per week (tax free), which covers a fully furnished room, 3 healthy meals daily, laundry, household bills (including internet). Students are responsible for their own transport.


Jocelyn Hill

Assistant Principal

Northcote High School  

Community notices

Supporting transgender and gender diverse young people in Darebin

The Darebin Council has committed to assisting local families by providing information for families whose children are discovering and affirming their sexuality and gender diversity.


To this end, Council has developed a resource that compiles in one place a list of organisations that families and their children can access for information  and support.   Please find this list of organisations attached.


La Trobe anniversary celebrations: Soundvision

La Trobe University is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a big outdoor party called soundvision and they’re inviting the community on campus to come celebrate. Free entry for all under-18s and half-price community tickets for adults are just $10 using the promo code ‘community’. Get your tickets here


Soundvision at La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus, Bundoora

Saturday 18 November from 4pm


Family activities: 

  • On stage entertainment from kids comedy duo The Listies and Completely Improvised Potter
  • Live music and DJs for all the family until sunset featuring The Bombay Royale, The Raah Project, Emma Donovan and The Putbacks and The Australian Youth Orchestra.
  • Jumping castle, face painters, roving entertainers, food trucks, giveaways and much more.

Girls make games - holiday program

Girls Make Games is an international game development program designed to inspire girls aged 8-15 to learn game design, programming and entrepreneurship. 

January 15 -20 2018

Monash University, Clayton campus

Metro trains and end of year

The Metro Trains Community Education Unit would like to congratulate your VCE students on the completion of their final year!


Metro places a big focus on safety with respect to the movement of our customers and the reliability of our infrastructure. In line with this, we take this opportunity to encourage you to remind your students that whilst using our services during end of year VCE celebrations, unsafe behaviours that cause an inconvenience or discomfort to our customers may contravene provisions within the Transport (Conduct) Regulations. Metro Trains Authorised Officers are empowered to report these matters, which could in turn result in penalty notices being issued by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport, and Resources, and in some circumstances police involvement.


Metro Trains Authorised Officers and Victoria Police will be monitoring behaviour across our network. We encourage students to use public transport to get to celebrations and school, but there is an expectation that all students continue to act in a safe manner. 


Metro is a strong advocate of working with local schools to assist with educating students on rail safety issues and expected behaviours. We would be pleased to send a Community Education Officer to your school to speak to your students, or meet with the school administration to discuss ways we can work together to minimise unsafe behaviour during this time.


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students who have celebrated their nineteenth (19th) birthday are required by law to obtain a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card in order to use a concession Myki. Many students may not be aware of this, and Metro appreciates you bringing this to their attention.


Application forms are available from any Metro premium station and online. If you have any questions, please contact me as I would be happy to discuss this with you and your students.


Information about student concession entitlements can be found at

The application form for Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Cards can be downloaded from

Are you interested in kayaking?

The Ivanhoe Northcote Canoe Club (INCC) is excited to be recruiting new junior paddlers for the 2017-2018 kayaking season. This program introduces beginner paddlers to the sport of flat water kayaking and allows them to develop new skills on the water in a fun and safe environment.

The Crusaders team is coached by qualified Level 1 Flatwater coaches who have current First Aid qualifications. Some of our coaches are former Australian and World Champions, one of our former Crusaders paddler went on to compete at the Canoe Marathon World Championships in 2016.

To sign up for the INCC Crusaders Program contact Réka Ábrahám ([email protected]). The first session for term 4 is being held on October 14th but new paddlers are welcome at any time.

Girls Football: TAC Cup elite pathway


Think you have what it takes to play TAC Cup Girls Football? We’re looking for motivated girls born in 2000-2002, wantng to pursue football at an elite level and join the AFLW Talent Pathway. No experience required, high level athletes strongly encouraged! If this sounds like you, register your interest at: and see attached flyer for more details.


Northcote High School Newsletter
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