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29 August 2019
Term 3 Week 7 2019
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From the Principal's Desk

Let Me Think

When you are posed with a tricky problem or difficult question, what do you immediately start doing?  You get thinking - and you don’t even think about it. Researchers have found that people, on average, have between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts every single day.  That’s a lot of thinking!  Whilst the practice of thinking happens a great deal at school, we also want to ensure that students are effectively taught critical thinking skills - how to think - and demonstrate these skills to teachers, pastors or to parents.


In 2020, Heritage College will launch a new initiative ‘thinking skills’ programme, delivered to the entire school, that students from Prep right through to Year 12 will benefit from.  The ‘Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment’ is a comprehensive thinking skills programme designed to be used in the classroom and also at home.


What is involved in the programme?
This innovative programme is designed to improve general thinking practice, metacognition, and student engagement.  Students will be exposed to thinking skills lessons, and students of all levels will be taught how to:


  • scan for information properly and quickly
  • analyse data competently
  • answer difficult questions confidently
  • label difficult words and then to understand the sentence, and much more.

An information evening for families will prepare your child/ren for the program, and also provide you with an opportunity to develop great thinking skills at home. Our school calendar will also be undergoing an adjustment to accommodate staff training in this area. Please note the dates for staff professional development (Student Free Days):


TERM 1 - Week 5:  Monday, 24th of February. Student Free Day - Day 1 of training in FIE.


TERM 2 - Week 1:  Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th April 2020.


Mr Sonny Aiono


12 SEPTEMBER 6-8pm

For over 20 years, Heritage College has provided excellence in values-based education for families in Cardinia Shire. We invite you to experience Heritage College (Early Learning - Year 12) on Open Night, Officer campus, Thursday 12 September from 6-8pm. 


Open Night is an opportunity for new families to discover, existing families to share and previous students of Heritage College to re-connect on campus.

New families can engage in classroom activities, meet with teaching staff in a relaxed environment, and explore the campus with regular tours with school captains and principals.


We welcome all current Heritage College families to attend. There will be free activities for young children, including an animal zoo and jumping castle whilst the older ones can try the challenging rock wall. Light refreshments will be available during the evening, and entertainment will be provided by the Heritage College band.


Register your attendance at: heritagecollege.vic.edu.au/opennight

Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


27th - 30th August

Year 9 Rafting Camp


Friday, 30th August

Father's Day Community Walk & Breakfast (OCP)


Sunday, 1st September

Father's Day


Monday, 2nd September

Father's Day Community Walk & Breakfast (NWS)

Years 5/6 Hooptime OCP


Wednesday, 4th September

Responsible Pet Ownership Program NWS


9th - 13th September

eSmart Week


Tuesday, 10th September

OCP Prep Orientation Day 2


Wednesday, 11th September

NWS Prep Orientation Day 2


Thursday, 12th September

R U OK? Day

Open Evening Officer

Years 5/6 Hooptime NWS


Monday, 16th September

Parent/Teacher Interviews NWS


Tuesday, 17th September

Parent/Teacher Interviews OC



Thursday, 19th September 



Friday, 20th September

Footy Colours Day

Last Day Term 3 Finish @ 12:50pm

General Information

Student Absences

If your child is unable to attend school on a specific day, please email absences@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au by 9:30am with the child's name, year level and reason for absence.  Thank you.

Canteen Menu
Term 3


Parent Feedback

Do you receive the Heritage College newsletter each week? We would like to hear from you.


We would like to know how you think we can improve. What do you read? What would you like to see more of? Who would you like to hear more from? What needs to go, what can we include? What format is the best for you? 


Let us know your thoughts by emailing feedback@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au.

Digital Technology Bytes
Week 7

Games, Apps and Social Networking


Parent info page


“Games, apps and social networking sites are popular among children and adults alike.


Learn about the latest apps, how to protect your information and where to get more safety guidance.


All information provided is factual and it is up to each individual to decide whether an app, game or social networking site is appropriate for themselves and their family.


Any app or game that allows users to interact with others, including people they may not know, presents a potential risk of unwanted contact.” (Office of the eSafety Commissioner)


Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum Coordinator

PB4L Merit Awards
Week 7

Year 1/2 BV - Diesel

Year 3/4C - Mighty

Year 1W - Eddy for Excellence

Year 3MC - Micah 

Year 4CP - Hailey

Year 5W - Junior

Year 5/6RP - Railee for Resilience

PB4L Report
Week 7

Winter is almost over and as this particularly nasty flu season comes to an end I am reminded of how wonderfully and carefully our bodies were designed for resilience. Psalm 193:14 says, “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” God designed an intricate immune system in order for our bodies to grow and strengthen.


Resilience of our our immune system is not the only way our teachers and students are tested from day to day. Psychology Today describes Resilience as “an ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever.” At Heritage College we are encouraged to ‘Bounce Back’ when faced with disappointment or challenges. 

The Bible tells us, “We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.” 2 Cor 4:8-9 As our bodies bounce back from Winter and we move into Spring let’s remember that we have been designed by an awesome God who will always give us the strength and fortitude we need to show Resilience.


Ms Alicia Wold

PB4L Committee Member



Get out and about in Cardinia Shire!


Combined Campus Reports

Year 6 Transition Program 2019


Heritage College on Facebook

Did you know that Heritage College has received over 900 likes and is growing each day? 


We welcome contributions by our parent community on our Facebook page. Remember if you ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Share’, then our content has a higher chance of being seen by others in your friendship groups and beyond. 


We also welcome parent reviews on our Facebook page, so if you love your school, let us know and leave us a star rating.


Mrs Fiona Spence

Community Engagement Officer

Term 3 Gymnastics Timetable


Year 6 Families VIP Tour of Secondary

The Secondary years are a big step from Primary School. We look forward to continuing the journey with you and supporting your child to make the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 at Heritage College, Officer Campus.


We warmly invite you to experience the Secondary Campus with us, on a Principals’ Tour with Mr Roger Sevenhuysen (Deputy Principal - Primary) and Mr Darren Martin (Deputy Principal - Secondary). 


On a walking tour of the campus, you will experience the classrooms in action, view the learning spaces and samples of student work. The tour will also give you the opportunity to connect with Mr Martin and become familiar with the layout of the campus where your child will attend. Our College Bursar will also be on hand later with any queries regarding bus fees and charges.


The tour for current Year 6 families is scheduled for the following date:


Thursday 19th September 2019 from 11:30am

Heritage College, Officer Campus

66 Starling Road, Officer


If you would like to attend the tour, please arrive at Officer campus reception prior to the start time.

From Narre Warren South

Year 1W's Comics

Storm Maker saves the day! As part of our Book Week activities 1W students had a go at writing their own superhero comic strips. First we used the "Roll to Create" template to figure out the features for our comic. Then each child had a go at writing their own comic strip using those features. 


Have a look at their efforts! Some of them had never even seen a comic strip before, let alone had a go at writing their own!! Great job 1W! 


Why not use the template to have a go at writing your own superhero comic strip? 


Ms Alicia Wold

Year 1W Teacher

Book Fair Sale

26th-28th August (Mon-Wed)

Book Fair is coming to NSW Campus with books for all ages and posters and much more.  The more we sell, the more books our school receives for our library. Children will bring home their "wish list".  Payments by cash, EFTPOS and online.  The Book Fair will also be open in Room 4 before and after school for parent convenience.  


We will also have 2 competitions for our students with prizes for the winners:


Grades Prep-2  Colouring Competition

Grades 3-6 Design your own "Front Cover of a Book"


Mrs Sandra Watson

NWS Book Fair Coordinator

Brekkie Club


Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club Issue 6, 2019 catalogues are here and have been distributed to students. 


All cash orders need to be in latest by September 2nd, 2019.  Don't forget you can order and pay with your credit card online through the LOOP system. Just follow the instructions on the order form. 


Any queries can be directed to Penny Tan at p.tan@heritagecollege.com.au.

From the Officer
Primary Campus

Term 3 Dates to Remember and General Information

Welcome back to school and the start of another new term. The staff at OCP have been busily planning lessons, excursions, outings, sport events and much more for Term 3. Please take note of the dates and events that apply to your child.


Uniform Term 3:

  • Full Winter Uniform - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Sport Uniform -  Tuesday and Friday

  • Prep students wear Sport Uniform every day

Traffic Light Lunch Boxes Reminder:

  • Recess: fruit, vegetables, salad, yogurt or cheese & crackers (or other ‘green’ foods)

  • Lunch: sandwich, wrap, roll (or other savoury)

  • Water Bottle: labelled with child’s name

When students have healthy ‘brain-food’ we notice that they are able to concentrate longer on learning and participate in learning without becoming tired. 


Events & Special Days in Term 3:

Reminders will be sent home closer to each date/event

  • School Banking Every Thursday

  • Gymnastics Lessons 3rd, 10th & 17th September @ OC MPC

  • 30th August - Father’s Day Breakfast & Community Walk OCP

  • 2nd September - OCP Years 5/6 Hooptime Team Competition Day

  • 9-13th September - Digital ‘eSmart’ Week

  • 10th September - 2020 Prep Class - Orientation Day 2 of 4

  • 12th September - Open Evening at Officer Campus

  • 17th September - Parent/Teacher Interviews @ OC in the MPC

  • 20th September - Footy Colours Day

  • 20th September - Final Day of Term 3 Finish @ 12:50pm

If you know of family or friends who are interested in enrolling their child at Heritage College Officer Campus, please encourage them to make contact with the school as classes for 2020 are filling up fast already!

Scholastic Book Club Orders - Officer 

Scholastic Book Club Issue 6 orders are open until the 5th of September 2019.  Purchases can be made via credit card using the Scholastic LOOP app (available for Apple and Android) or online at:  http://scholastic.com.au/LOOP


We appreciate your support.


Your Officer Library Team

News from The Second-Hand Uniform Shop

This term in the shop we have a lot of new second-hand items. We have three high school blazers in near new condition. These are only $80 each, a great price.


If there is something you are after, come by and have a look.


Opening hours are: Tuesday 8:30-9:30am and 2:30-3:10pm.

OCP Spelling Bee 2019!

Students in Year 3-6 participated in the annual spelling bee last Wednesday. Congratulations to the Year Level Champions who will now go on to compete against other students in Australian Adventist Schools!


Mrs Kim Nuske


Book Week in the Library

Last week students and staff were given the chance to recommend books they would like to see become a part of the Officer campus library.  These ideas were shared during lunch breaks and class sessions in the library. It was great to see the prep class adding their suggestions during their library session on Friday.  We will leave the box in place for awhile longer and hope to see many more recommendations. 


Know of any fantastic books the library should consider purchasing?  Feel free to encourage your child to visit the school library to share your family's favourite book or alternately you can email your library team at librarystaff@heritagecollege.com.au and share your suggestions.


Your Officer Library Team

From the Secondary Campus

Secondary Music Concert


News from The Second-Hand Uniform Shop

This term in the shop we have a lot of new second-hand items. We have three high school blazers in near new condition. These are only $80 each, a great price.


If there is something you are after, come by and have a look.


Opening hours are: Tuesday 8:30-9:30am and 2:30-3:10pm.

Teenage School Holiday Program


From the ELC

Book Week

Reading is my super power- and what a super power it is! There are so many benefits to reading and this week our ELC children were spoiled with numerous opportunities to share books with their friends, educators and family members. They were invited to share their costumes and stories with us throughout the week and participate in the Book Week Parade shared with the whole Officer Campus community on Friday morning.


It was so pleasing to be involved in the excitement that surrounds Book Week and seeing all the students and educators get in to the spirit of sharing their ‘Secret Power” this week.


If the excitement of Book Week wasn’t enough this week the children also participated in the filming of the new Early Learning Centre promotional video. The children played the perfect part showcasing the fantastic things they do here in the Early Learning Centre. You should be so proud of the resilience the children showed throughout the day sharing their smiles right until filming was completed. What a great show of our school values. Keep an eye out for the video which will be shared in the near future.


Heritage College News