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16 August 2019
Issue Thirteen
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Principal News


most loving Virgin Mary,

never was it heard

that anyone who turned to you for help was left unaided. 

Inspired by this confidence,

though burdened by my sins,

I run to you for protection for you are my mother.

(a modern day translation of the Memorae)

The traditional words of the  Memorare remind us all that we have the heavenly support of Mary for all our prayers: Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

This week we particularly remember the feast day of the Assumption of Mary, also known as Assumption Day. This celebrates the day that the Virgin Mary ascended into Heaven following her death. It is celebrated annually on August 15.

Assumption Day is a chance for Catholics to celebrate the heavenly birthday of the Virgin Mary. As  Roman Catholics, we believe in the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven; when her earthly life was finished, Mary was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory, where the Lord exalts her as Queen of Heaven. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, # 966). Mary’s assumption gives us the assurance and hope of our own resurrection and assumption into heaven on the day of our Last Judgment. 

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,


With the HSC Trials drawing to a close, we now turn our attention to the marking of the Practical Projects in Design and Technology, Media, Metals, Music and Drama. Major works need to be at school according to the NESA rules. Language students are examined in the oral section of the HSC later this month and the Society and Culture Personal Interest Projects have also been completed. All Year 12 students are now finishing final units and begin to revise topics for the HSC Examinations that commence early next term.

Whilst on the topic of examinations, and there seems to be a never ending round of them...Year 11 soon start the Preliminary final examinations. I hope all students are preparing as best as they can and that families are supporting them by keeping outside events as low key as possible in order to maximise study time. Students also need to keep their priorities in order to give the best account of themselves. These examinations commence on September 16 and a timetable will be issued for students soon. Year 11 and Year 12 will also have final  Support Evenings to help them in their preparation on Thursday 29 August.

The process for moving from one stage to another is well under way, as students in Year 8 will be holding an Information Evening soon and Year 10 have made their selections for their subjects for 2020.

This will be my last newsletter for the term!  I am having a combination of Study Leave and Long Service Leave until the end of the term.  Whilst overseas, I will be spending time looking at the education system of Finland and also visiting the world headquarters of the Marists at Lyon. In between and at the end I will be travelling about on Long Service Leave, In the meantime, Mrs Lora Segrave will be Acting Principal and Mr Heath Neville joins Mr Herb as Acting Co-Assistant Principals.  I congratulate them on their appointments and I am confident that the community will give them any support they require.

Finally, the College welcomes Fr Paul Lu as our college Champlain.  Fr Paul has been visiting classes and is quickly setting into his new role at Marian.  We wish you well and look forward to knowing you better.

Peace and Best Wishes


Alan Le Brocque


Assistant Principal News

It has been another busy, yet productive few weeks here at MCC.


The last fortnight has seen:

  • MCC be commended on our successful completion of the College Registration process

  • Year 12 work towards completing their Trial Exams

  • Year 10 start their decision making process

  • 40 students and four teachers hit the slopes on the Ski Trip

  • MCC Staff continue their Professional Learning Program

  • And much, much more


College Registration

Last week, MCC successfully completed our five yearly College Registration. The registration process involves members of CEDWW and NESA inspecting College Curriculum Documents, College Policies and Protocols. I am pleased to say that MCC was commended on not only our compliance but also our Mission and Vision, Annual Improvement Plan, Student Wellbeing program and commitment to teaching and learning.


Trial Exams

Year 12 have successfully ‘survived’ their Trial Examinations. Students will finish on Monday with exams in Business Services, Mathematics Extension One and History Extension. The exams have been a learning curve for many students, reminding them of the importance of preparation and practice. Teachers are currently spending countless hours marking student responses and recording specific and constructive feedback to give their students clear direction to improve their results. I urge all students to spend time reflecting on not only their preparation and performance in the coming weeks, but also on the feedback given by their dedicated teachers.


Now is the time for Year 12 students to make appointments with their teachers and mentors in order to make the best possible plan to improve their learning and hence their results.


Year 10 Decision Making Process

Year 10 are in the middle of the subject selection process for 2020. The students participated in information sessions and workshops on Monday and along with Parents, attended an Information Evening on Tuesday.


I wish to commend Year 10 students on their mature and enthusiastic approach to this process. I urge them to make the most of their interview time slot during Monday’s Interview Day and to seek advice from appropriate sources.


Stage 6 Support Night

Our next series of Stage 6 Support Evenings will take place on Thursday 29th August 2019 at 6pm. These nights are essential for students in Year 11 and Year 12 in preparing for their end of year exams and preparing for university. I urge all parents and students to make a concerted effort to attend the evening to gain the valuable insight on offer.


Year 8 into Year 9 Subject Selection

Year 8 will also start their decision making process in coming weeks. The key dates are listed below:

Tuesday September 3rd

Year 8 into 9 Information Night 6pm Hall

Wednesday September 4th  

Yr 8 into 9 Subject Selection  Info Sessions - APC and Period 2  (Drama Room)

Tuesday September 10th

Year 9 2020 Subject Selections Due

Yours in learning,


Lora Segrave and Damien Herb

Co Assistant Principals


Leader of Curriculum News

Year 10 2019 into Year 11 2020

I would firstly like to congratulate our year 10 students on the maturity and thought they have put into the decision making process for selecting subjects for year 11 2020. This week, our careers advisor has met with a number of students and their parents regarding future interests and their implications on subject choice.

It was also pleasing to see a large number of students and parents present at the Year 10 into 11 Information Night on Tuesday 13th August. I hope you all found the night helpful, with a number of our KLA coordinators and TAFE representative commenting on the interest shown by our students in choosing courses.


Whilst there has been a lot of information given to students over the past week, I would like to stress the following as important considerations when selecting your course of study:

  • Abilities - choose subjects in which you are capable of doing well
  • Interests - choose subjects which you are interested in
  • Motivation - choose subject areas which you want to study
  • Career aspirations and needs - be realistic about your career choices and about your subject choices.

I look forward to seeing all year 10 students with their parent/guardian(s) on Monday 19th August for i-day. All interviews will occur in the Languages Centre in L3 and L4. A list will be on display in the Languages Centre foyer with the teacher you have been assigned to.




Mr J Seers



Director of Mission News

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.
— Desmond Tutu.

I was asked to reflect upon this statement last week by presenter Phil Glendenning in reference to how we promote the mercy culture of our College. It sparked robust discussion on the importance of our College morals and virtues through the foundation of faith that we strive to provide. This once again brought the importance of mission to the forefront.

2019 AMSSA Conference – Speaking the Silence.

The 15th Biennial Conference of AMSSA gathers Mercy educators to share stories and renew their commitment to “speak the silence.” On Thursday the 8th of August Mr Le Brocque and I attended a three day conference in Sydney hosted by the Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College. The theme was Speaking the Silence and challenged us on why we remain silent in the face on injustice? Is this what we are promoting in our cultures. Sr Angela Reed opened the conference and spoke about the necessity for us to stand with, listen to and act for those who need us. What was comforting was the fact that I felt that we do this well at Marian. I have often given examples of kindness and compassion that our Community Action Team and others demonstrate at Marian. Sr Angela also used the phrase ‘mercy muscle’ and how it needs to be strengthened and built up. That mercy is not something that simply happens. The mercy muscle of Marian is continually being built up in strength by our students. The question we should all ask ourselves is; How am I building my mercy muscle for my community and others?

There was many highlights of the conference and one in which stood out was the witness of Mely Lenario who was the remarkable voice of an advocate for survivors of human trafficking. She spoke of her own story of resilience and survival, being silenced by domestic abuse, lack of educational opportunity, poverty, abandonment and sex slavery. Her presence and testimony gave memorable witness to the broader understanding that, as keynote Angela Reed RSM stated, 

“If these conditions – like an adequate standard of living, quality education, safety, gender equality – were in place for many girls and young women, then the vulnerability to trafficking would be reduced significantly.” – Mely Lenario

The three day conference displayed the capacity and value of ‘Mercy’ education. This was supported and emphasised by guest speaker and former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese who challenged us to break boundaries and the silence of the oppressed.

She was also an advocate for voices of faith and in particular, female voices in our faith. She spoke about supporting #overcomingsilence which is  a movement that addresses the global issue of women in leadership and how there has become national initiatives focused on supporting the higher representation of women in leadership positions in the workforce and our religion. This is definitely something I look to support here at Marian Catholic College in the future and accept the challenge from Mary McAleese.

I could speak for eternity on what and how this conference enlightened myself in many ways. Instead I will leave you with this simple reminder:

We are all gifts to one another, it is just our wrappings are all completely different.


For futher information on the conference and speakers you can check out the link below:

Check out the MSSA Speaking the Silence  page here.

Other News

This term for our Mission work we will be looking to support Needy Paws with our Pyramids for Puppies campaign. Please support our community by donating cans of dog food to a great cause. Another reminder that our Youth Mass will be hosted by Yr 10s on the 25th of August and a great time to gather with friends and family.


Have a great weekend and remember to be in touch if you have any questions, queries or suggestions around how we can continue to enhance your Marian through Mission.


Kind Regards

Heath Neville

Director of Mission

Calendar and Canteen

Calendar of Events


Canteen Roster


College News

Important Dates for Years 8 and 9


Prayers please

We pray for any families in our community who are suffering illness or are in need of any prayers, our thoughts are with you all.

Ex-student Elena Turunen returns to Marian Catholic College to talk about opportunities for young women

Moving six hours away from your hometown straight after Year 12 isn’t normally a decision made lightly. But that is exactly what Griffith local Elena Turunen decided to do after completing her HSC at Marian Catholic College in 2016. Three years down the track, Elena is well and truly into her second year as an Education/Arts student at The University of Sydney and lives on-campus at Sancta Sophia College.


For most regional students, the prospect of living at a university college is something that tends to be a mystery, or seemingly too far out of reach. This month, Elena is returning to Griffith to give students from her hometown the scoop on college life in Sydney.


“Living and studying in Sydney is absolutely an option for regional students. I want to share my story with them to show that it is possible, and there are places like Sancta there to support students with their study and living arrangements”, says Elena, who is one of over 20 current Sancta residents who grew up in the Riverina.


Sancta Sophia College is a residential college on-campus at The University of Sydney. For Elena, and the 200 other female undergraduate students she lives with, Sancta is a complete home away from home. The College provides residents studying at the major Sydney universities with all of their meals, tutoring, pastoral support and access to the social, sporting and cultural life of the Sydney University College community.


Sancta Principal Fiona Hastings, key staff and two current residents (including Elena) are visiting the Riverina and Canberra as part of an annual Regional Roadshow to celebrate their tradition of empowering regional women through education and leadership opportunities - which Elena herself is well versed to speak about. She is currently the Social Justice and Sponsorship Secretary of the student-led House Committee, having been elected by her fellow Sancta residents.

All senior students are invited to hear from Elena and the Sancta team when they visit Marian Catholic College on Wednesday 21 August during lunch break.


Pastoral Care News


The C.A.T and the Year 11 Wellbeing Committee are currently finalising plans for their term 3 activities.

The Community Action Team are going to focus their attention this term on Needy Paws. There will be educational activities regarding the importance of responsible ownership and they will promote the “Adopt don’t shop” campaign which is a worldwide approach to reducing the abuse of puppy farms. A new initiative this year is “Pyramids 4 Puppies”. Each homeroom will be asked to create a pyramid constructed of donated canned food. Each pyramid entitles the homeroom to be listed on the “Wall of Fame” and gain an opportunity to win some great prizes. The more pyramids; the more entries!!!!!!! Along with the canned food donations of dry food, bedding or toys would also be will greatly appreciated. More details will be discussed with students at both the student briefing next week and within homerooms.


Next week is “Book Week”, celebrating the wonderful world of reading.  Did you know that not only is reading a great hobby but it is also beneficial for your wellbeing? Studies show that reading~


From Monday, the C.A.T will be collecting unwanted books you may have at home which will be distributed to agencies and services within the community. Not everyone can afford or access reading material, so perhaps your secret power is to provide the opportunity for others to enjoy the simple pleasure of reading. A box will be available in the library for donated items.

Following on from their very successful “Stress Down Day” on Friday 6th Sept the year 11 Wellbeing Committee will be hosting a range of activities to acknowledge and promote R U OK DAY. Nationally celebrated on 12 September this day of action is dedicated to reminding everyone that every day is the day to ask, “Are you ok?” and support those struggling with life's ups and down. More details regarding activites on offer will be given to students as the day draws nearer.


Please don’t forget to send in you plastic lids for the “Lids for Kids” campaign. Lids are reused to make prothestic hands for children in third world countries.

I hope are new families to MCC are settling in well and that you all have a wonderful weekend.


Sue Hone (Pastoral Care Worker)





Year 9 iSTEM

Mr Marshall's iSTEM class have been exploring the engineering and technology around flight.

We've been using the Power Anchor to design, build and refine model aircraft with the goal of making an airframe capable of carrying the largest weight possible.

Students started with a basic airframe model and have been exploring further into streamlining, how lift is generated by an aircraft wing, what airfoils do and how control surfaces work on aircraft.
The current weight record for the basic airframe is four large bulldog clips, however, we're confident that with a decent look into aerodynamics we can lift so much more.


Mr Marshall

Hospitality News

During Week 2 of Term 3, Year 11 Hospitality students participated in a 35 hour block of work placement as a mandatory requirement of their course. Work placement allows students undertaking this course to be placed at a local hospitality establishment to gain first-hand experience in this fast-paced industry.

During this time, students undertake a range of tasks delegated by the host employer in either front of house (customer service) or back of house (food preparation) to further develop their skill base and display prior knowledge.

Work placement is a fantastic opportunity to develop a rapport with future employers and within the community as a young citizen. As a result of this placement, a handful of students were offered casual employment. Well done to all the students involved.

A huge thank you goes to the following establishments for hosting our students –  (Griffith) Limone Dining , Sugarmill, Leagues Club, Romeo & Giulietta’s, O’Donnells, Health Hut, Victoria Hotel, 99 Spices, Belvedere, Malcolm's, Exies Sports Club and (Leeton) Crate.

Thank you also goes to Sarah Barber from Compact for all your hard work arranging these placements and being a familiar face when visiting placed students.

Gabrielle McMahon

Year 11 Hospitality Teacher

Fr Paul - College Chaplain

Dear friends,

Greetings to each and all Staff & students at Marian College.

I am Fr. Paul Lu, assistant priest at Sacred Heart Parish. I came from Vietnam to study for the priesthood and serve God and in particular, to serve His people in the Diocese of Wagga Wagga. I am privileged to be the chaplain of Marian College.

Students, at the moment, you are one of the sources of my inspiration to keep studying and praying more. I ask that the Holy Spirit will work through all the staff and me, to bring you all closer to God and to deepen our faith in Him. I will pray for you all to grow in your faith and in your knowledge, so that the more you get to know God, the more you discover yourselves and the marvellous world which the Lord has created.

I invite you all, students and staff, to join in this prayer for God’s inspiration and help, to pray for all of us, especially for all students of Year 12 who are doing their HSC trial.



may everything we do

begin with your inspiration

and continue with your saving help.

Let our work always find its origin in You

and through You reach completion.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,

who lives and reigns with you

and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.



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