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27 February 2020
Bulletin 5 

Students are at the Heart of everything we do!

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Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart Community


Opening of the School Year Mass

Thank you to all the families who were able to join us last Sunday, for our Opening of the School Year Mass. It was great to see some of our families of other religious faiths, joining our inclusive parish and school community, to celebrate what it is we have in common, a desire for a great school year. Congratulations to our 2020 year Prep students, who were officially welcomed to our community, and our senior leaders who received their leadership badges. I would like to acknowledge our beautiful school choir, who are such an integral part of any school celebration. Thank you Kate for all your work with our choir. I would also like to thank the parents who helped with refreshments in the school hall after Mass. It was great to see parishioners and school families celebrating together. 


Ash Wednesday

Yesterday we commenced the season of Lent with the celebration of Ash Wednesday. All our students attended the parish Mass and received the ashes. After our tragic summer with so much destruction caused by the bush fires, the symbol of the ashes is even more profound for us all. All our classes will have a focus on the season of Lent in the coming weeks in their Religious Education classes as they lead up to Easter.



District Swimming Carnival

Yesterday three of our senior students represented our school in the district swimming carnival at the Northcote Swimming Pool. Congratulations to Georgia, David and Oscar who competed in the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly events with great courage and tenacity.


Bake Sale

Next Monday, our Year Four student Ria, is holding a bake sale at lunch time. Ria and her family will be busy baking over the weekend so that they can sell their biscuits and cakes to raise money to help with the bush fire relief effort. I now that they would be very grateful to any students who can bring a gold coin on Monday to purchase some o their cooking. Well done Ria on this fantastic initiative.

(Ria with her helpers Sinchan and Evelyn)



Congratulations to our School Captain Connor, who has been chosen by Melbourne City, to be the official goal keeper for their U12’s squad going to Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi he will be part of a team playing for the Manchester City Abu Dhabi Cup. What an amazing experience. We are all very proud of you Connor.



Please see Alexandra's exciting classroom news for her Year One/Two class about this beautiful bear


School Closure Day

Our first school closure day for 2020 has been organised for Tuesday 28th April. On this day the staff will commence preparation for our School Review which takes place in fourth term. I will negotiate with Extend, our Out of School Care provider to offer services on this day.


Yours Sincerely

Mark Tierney




Deputy Principal / Religious Education News 

Religious Education News

All around the world, Catholics begin the season of Lent on Ash Wednesday. The ancient ritual of having damp ashes smudged on our foreheads serve as a physical reminder of the invitation to refocus on God’s abundant love. Pope Francis reminds us that small acts of kindness, not great speeches, show God’s love best.  Ask your child what small acts of kindness they have done or will be doing to prepare for the Resurrection of Jesus? (Easter Sunday)

Week One of Lent: Theme Opening Our Hearts

As a family, take it in turn to share a favourite story about a random act of kindness.






Project Compassion: Caritas
Let's Go Further Together!


Lent also marks the beginning of Project Compassion where we raise money to allow Caritas Australia, the Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development, to work with local communities around the world to alleviate poverty, hunger, oppression and injustice.
We encourage all families to put your compassion into action this Lent through your prayer, fasting and almsgiving by supporting Project Compassion. Our Social Justice Group will be providing more information next week on fundraising activities and the work that Caritas does to help those in need.




Behaviour Management

Currently our school is in the process of reviewing our Behaviour Management Policy. This term we are looking at our current school rules to ascertain whether they are appropriate for us in 2020 and beyond and if changes need to be made. Please discuss the school rules with your child as we value input from students, staff and parents.

School Rules:

1. Move around the school in a safe and quiet way.

2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

3. Speak politely to people without swearing or using hurtful language.

4. Allow others to work and play without interruptions.

5. Follow instructions first time given.

6. One person speaks at a time.

7. Respect people, equipment and property.

CD Launch Photos.

We have three photo orders from last year's CD launch and two orders do not have a name on them. Please see Jenny if you ordered photos and did not receive them.

Keep the Date Free: Bunnings BBQ
Saturday 18th April.

We have been fortunate to secure a Bunnings BBQ date this year. It will be the first Saturday in Term 2 so please keep this date free to help. The more the merrier and it is a great way to promote our school.

Classroom News 

1/2 News
Pancake Tuesday! 

The 1/2 had a very yummy Pancake Tuesday. We learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and wrote acrostic poems. We also learnt how to make Pancakes and then got to taste some. 



1/2 Class Buddy Bear 

The 1/2's where so excited to meet our class bear this week! 

One student a week (in no particular order) will take home Buddy the bear and a class journal. Buddy will be taken home only over weekends and will return the following school day. The purpose of Buddy is for students to further engage with our school learning dispositions, in particular ‘Responsibility’. Students need to make sure Buddy returns to school safely, with a written journal entry your child has completed about Buddy Bear’s journey. They then share this with the class. Please encourage students to use Colorful Semantics in their writing. More information will be kept at the front of the journal.



P-2 Need your help! 

If you have any old, small appliances at home and would like to donate them to P-2 'Discovery Learning Center' could you please bring them in to either Bethany, Alexandra or Ann we would really appreciate it!






Dates to Remember  

Dates to Remember 

Term 1 - 28th January - 27th March


Please note that our Year Prep students do not attend school on Wednesday in the month of February


27th Feb, Thursday 2.30pm - Whole School Assembly


3rd March, Tuesday - Very Snuggly Quilt Program 11.30

9th March, Monday - Labour Day

15th March, Sunday 10:30am - Reconciliation Commitment Mass 

15th March - Catholic Education Week

19th March, Thursday -  Open Day

25th March, Wednesday - School Photos

26th March, Thursday 2.30pm - Whole School Assembly

26th March, Thursday Y3/4 Sleepover

27th March, Friday - Last day of Term 1pm finish. 


Term 2


10th April - Good Friday

12th April - Easter Sunday

13th April - Easter Monday

18th April, Saturday - Bunnings BBQ

20th April - 22nd April Monday- Wednesday Year 5/6 camp

28th April, Tuesday - School Closure Day


4th May - Monday St Johns Ambulance lessons

26th May - Tuesday  7:00pm Sacrament of  First Reconciliation 

Term 3 


26th July - Sunday 10:30am First Eucharist Commitment Mass


9th August - Sunday 10.30 - Y5/6 Confirmation 


13th September - Sunday  10:30am Sacrament of First Eucharist

OHSC by Extend

Extend Update







Aussie Rules football challenge

Healthy rice bubble creations

Dodge the dodgeball

Sensational slime

Overnight garden crystals






Edible engineering challenge

Vegetable quiches

Fruity meringues

Science-Bread in a bag

Dribble, shoot and win!












Cooking food from different cultures.


Seeing the amazing reaction between ingredients!



Making crafty snakes! Sssss’’ be careful!






For being mature, responsible and helping his peers.




This week at Extend in before school care we observed how corn ‘danced’ around in a jar when we added some fizzy ingredients and liquid! We used lots of hands on skills during craft and sewing activities.

Students have been making their own boat out of recycled materials- how great is sustainability. It even has a sail made out of felt which the students are stitching up themselves. We were also very active in the kitchen this week whipping up our own veggie wraps, and crepes we learnt that they are a French delicacy! Our sushi was very yummy. A pie was baked filled with delicious fruit.

Service Coordinator
Kartia Pearson




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