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21 September 2018
Issue Thirteen
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Principal's Report

September 2018

Statement of Values and School Philosophy


The work behind our vision and values over the last few months will result in a new policy to be presented to Council called the Statement of Values and School Philosophy. This policy will outline our school’s vision, our values and the expectations on all members of our school community. This policy will be available on our school website and student planner once it is approved by Council in Term 4.


To celebrate and embed our Statement of Values and Philosophy in our school community, we intend to:

  • display posters and banners that promote our values in our school
  • celebrate our values in our school newsletter and online communication platforms
  • provide awards and recognition for students who actively demonstrate the values
  • discuss our values with students in the classroom, meetings and assemblies.


The recommendation to Council is that Kurunjang Secondary College’s new vision is to achieve success for our community through respect, responsibility and collaboration.


The recommendation to Council is that Kurunjang Secondary College’s adopts the 3 new values of Respect, Achievement and Responsibility.

To give Kurunjang Secondary College’s values of respect, achievement and responsibility some further clarity the following statements are intended to give the values further clarity:

We respect ourselves, our school and each other, and understand that our attitudes and behaviours have an impact on the people around us.

We strive to achieve success in everything we do, to the best of our ability, and embrace every opportunity that is offered.

We take on responsibility by being personally accountable for, and in control of our actions. 


The next phase of work from here is for the College to support its new Vision and Values by developing a mission, a motto and specifying the “why, the how and the what” we plan to do to embed these into our day to day work. The “Why?” is underpinned by the underlying core values and beliefs that we have. The “How?” is denoted by the specific principles that we adhere to and the “What?” is epitomized in the various practices that will all adopt to ensure that we all have the skill to model the values of the College.


This is important work that I anticipate spending most of Term 4 developing before bringing it back to Council for consideration.


This is certainly a busy time for the College but at the same time a very exciting period as well.

Doctors in Secondary Schools Launch.


It was with great fanfare and pride that last week, on Wednesday 12 September 2018, the College formally launched its Doctors in Secondary School Clinic.

The Doctors in Secondary Schools Program enables young people to get the health care they need, including referrals for further physical and mental health management where needed.

Our students need this care and deserve this care. Adolescents have among the lowest GP attendance rates and frequently miss out on important health care due to barriers in accessing services, such as the cost of consultation visits, not knowing where to go, lack of parental support to attend, and concerns that confidentiality will not be assured by the doctor. Once fully rolled out, almost 65,000 students from 100 Victorian Government secondary schools will have access to a GP onsite at their school.

The College has been operating the clinic for the last month with great success. I look forward to hearing the success of this venture in the next few years.


The College welcomes our new partner, West Care Medical Centre, and in particular Dr Sonya Morrissey and nurse Leanne Smerton and we look forward to a long and productive relationship.


Initiatives of this magnitude do not occur on their own. I would like to take this opportunity to thank David Veale, who was Acting Principal of the College at the time this proposal was put together, Lisa Nottelmann of the North Western Melbourne PHN who negotiated the relationship with West Care and Melanie Hayward, the College’s Student Support Leader and her team for the their work in ensuring the implementation was in place.




I wish all of you a pleasant, and restful break.

John Mitsinikos

College Principal


Important Dates

Term 4

Monday 8th Oct

Term 4 commences


Thursday 11th Oct

Student, Parent & Teacher Interviews



Tuesday 23rd Oct

Last day of normal classes for Yr. 12 students


Monday 5th Nov

Student Free Day


Tuesday 6th Nov



Thursday 8th Nov

Rock Band Evening Concert


Tuesday 20th Nov

VET Awards Ceremony


Wednesday 21st Nov

Yr.12 Valedictory Celebration


Tuesday 27th Nov

End of Year Music Concert


Tuesday 4th Dec

Transition Evening for 2019 Year 7 students


Tuesday 11th Dec

Grade 6 Orientation Day


Thursday 13th Dec

End of Year Awards Ceremony

Tabcorp Park


Friday 14th Dec

Student Free Day


Friday 21st Dec

Staff Planning Day- Student Free Day


Exam Period

Year 12 Exams

Wednesday 31st Oct to Friday 16th Nov

Year 10 & 11 Exams

Wednesday 21st Nov  to Tuesday 27th Nov

Year 9 Exams

Wednesday  5th Dec & Thursday 6th Dec


2019 Orentation & Class Preparation

 All Year 10 & 11 students will attend orientation for their VCE and VCAL classes in preparation for 2019. .

Orientation Week will run from Wednesday 28th November to Tuesday 4th December.


Students will are then invited to participate in the 2019 Preparation Program from Wednesday 5th December to Friday 7th December. This will be an opportunity for students to complete holiday homework and have tutoring in any coursework from orientation

Parent Information

General Office

Our office hours are 8 am-4:45 pm Monday to Friday.

Parents visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children must always make contact with the General Office first.



Parents and guardians are reminded that the Department of Education and Training (DET) does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident/insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.  The DET cannot provide advice to parents or guardians on the purchase of individual student accident policy or ambulance cover.  Insurance policies can be purchased from commercial insurers.  Private property brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. This can include mobile phones, calculators, head phones, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.  As the DET does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property, students and staff are discouraged from bringing any unnecessary or particularly valuable items to school.

Newsletter Translation

If English isn't your first language you can use the Google Translate funstion at the bottom of each page to translate the newsletter into your preferred language.

Uniform Shop

Term 4 Opening hours:

Tuesdays: 8am-9am & 3:15pm -4:30pm

Thursdays: 8am-9am & 2:30pm -5pm

Lost Property

If your child has lost items this term, please encourage them to check the lost property box located in the welfare office after school.  We recommend that all uniform items be clearly labelled with your child's name.

Parent, Student & Teacher Interviews

Thursday 11th October

Parent, Student & Teacher Interviews take place on

Thursday 11th October

12:30pm to 7:30pm


 To book a time, access the Compass Portal at https://kurunjangsc-vic.compass.education

or you can go to our website  http://www.kurunjangsc.vic.edu.au and click on the Compass Portal sign.


Alternatively your child can ask a teacher to book for you or you can ring the school and make a booking.


Please note, there will not be any scheduled classes on this day, however students are expected to attend the interviews with parents/carers.



Year 7 and  9 students that completed NAPLAN testing back in Term 2 have had their results mailed home to them.  Be sure to check your mail box over the next few days.

Senior School News

Celebration Day

We will be celebrating on 23rd October. Students will have about 4 hours on a range of entertainment activities including jumping castles, sumo suits, fairy floss, popcorn and Slurpee machines. This will be followed by a delicious lunch served in T block with teachers. Students are asked to pay $ 10 each towards the costs of entertainment and lunch. This is due to the office as soon as possible.

Melb. University Principal's Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Cheyenne Stanley of Year 12, for receiving this award. This is a prestigious award that will provide Cheyenne with many opportunities at the University of Melbourne, including $ 5000.

Valedictory Dinner

Reminder that tickets will be on sale next term. Formal dress - $ 65 per ticket. 21st November at Tabcorp Park. Maximum of 5 tickets per student to begin with. 6.00 – 10.30pm.

Tickets available from the front office.

September Holiday Exam Timetable


Individual Exam Timetables

These have been distributed to students for the VCAA final exams beginning 31st October in A block. Students are reminded to ensure they have read the rules and that they have all the correct equipment. We strongly advise and remind students of NO mobile phone policy in exams.


VCAL students have been busy organising a range of activities for junior students on the last day of term. These include table tennis, dodge ball and chubby buddy activities. Thanks to Ms Parnis for enabling students to develop and improve their organisational skills.


VCE/VCAL Students at Risk

Letters have been sent home to those involved. We seek your support in meeting with us during Parent Teacher Interviews Thursday 11th October. In the meantime, we highly recommend the use of Study Hall in the library Monday – Thursday 3.30 – 6 pm, the use of Edrolo where available, teacher support.



Thanks for your support and communications. We hope you enjoy the term break.

-Senior School Team

R U OK? Day

No really...... R U OK?

Thursday 13th September saw the annual R U OK? event at the College.


On the day there were a series of awareness events including Year 11 curriculum activities, Home Group Challenges, a music performance and a whole host of other activities throughout the day.


R U OK? has a vision  in which we have world where we're all connected and are protected from suicide. The R U OK? Day mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life.


Snow Camp


On September 5th a group of Year 9 and 10 students attended the Snow Camp at Falls creek. The snow camp is hands down one of the best camps this school has ever had. The majority of the group did snowboarding while the rest skied. We had two days of lessons where we learned how to stand, turn, gain speed and much more. On the first day we didn’t have much time to do anything due to the long drive there but we still  managed to ski before the day was over. For the second day we had free ski for most of the day. It was probably one of the worst days of the camp. Foggy and raining, we could barely see 10 metres in front of us, but we made the most of it.  No rain was stopping us! On the final day we were up at the crack of dawn waiting for the ski lifts to operate. On that day nearly all of us were going down blue or black runs (these are the harder runs on the mountain). We owe it to Mr Cullum, Mrs Schwabe, Mr Ronalds and Mr Cole for making the snow trip as good as it could be.

-Nathan Axiaq  Year 10


Divisional Athletics Carnival

Western Ranges Divisional Athletics

Friday  7th of September saw up to 70 Kurunjang students participate in the Western Ranges Divisional Athletics Carnival at the Atherstone Athletics track.

There was much success on what was a very enjoyable day by the students with many taking away places in their events and winning to go onto the next stage to compete in.

Thank you to the students for trying their best and making it a great day for all staff and students.


Farewell Sophie

Sophie is Retiring

Our beautiful Mrs. Bykersma has decided that it is time to enjoy the next part of life...retirement.

Sophie is loved by all.   Staff, students and parents love her for her smiles, generosity, and the care she gives to our students and to our staff.  

We wish her the very best in the next chapter of life.  You will be missed by the entire KSC community.


Tell us about how long you have worked at KSC and describe your KSC Experience.

I have had the pleasure of working at Kurunjang Secondary College for 25 years and have cherished every moment of that time working with students, staff and parents to make our college a healthy and happy environment.


What has been your most memorable time at the College?

There have been many memorable times, maybe too many to put on paper, but watching our young students grow into mature young people and leaving our College equipped with enough knowledge to face their future aspirations. It’s special when a past student returns to us as a teacher, or when a past student enrols their children with us.


What will you miss the most at Kurunjang?

I’ll miss the smiles on our students faces as they realise that they can achieve their goals. I’ll miss our dedicated, talented staff, who give there all to help our students find their pathway in life. I’ll miss thinking, what crazy adventure will today bring? It has been an amazing experience, and am proud to have been a part of this wonderful College. 


If you could give any “words of wisdom” to staff and students, what would it be?

I would say, believe in yourself, keep learning, don’t be frightened to ask for help, don’t give up,

stay positive. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself and laugh with others.  


What is the first thing you will do once you ‘clock off’ for the last time?

It’s hard to say good bye, my retirement will start the next chapter in my life. I have learned so much at Kurunjang and have meet so many amazing and interesting characters along the way.

My husband and I will enjoy a trip or two, I will spend heaps of memorable moments with my beautiful grandchildren, there is lots to do around our home and volunteering is on the cards as well.


So, as I hang up my bandages and lock the door to sickbay for the last time, I want to thank all the staff, students and parents for allowing me the honour of being a part of it all.  



Is One Punch Worth It?

Step Back & Think

Last week our Year 9 students were introduced to Ben Toole from Step Back and Think.  Ben was a victim of social violence in 2007.  Ben came to KSC to spread awareness about the consequences of social violence.  Students took the time to learn about the ripple effect of violence, understand the consequences for victims and perpetrators and learn how to actively reduce violence and deal with potentially violent situations.



James's Storey

Step Back Think started because of James Macready-Bryan, known to his friends as MB. He was a courageous footballer, life of the party and the least violent type of guy. He was out celebrating his 20th birthday when he was hit by a stranger in an unprovoked attack, smashing his head on the ground and shattering his future.


A decade has passed since his assault and James’ friends have finished university degrees, established careers and become married with children. James has missed out on all of that. He is alive today but he’s not really living, spending his days in permanent care. That is no place for a young person to grow old.


James’ experience isn’t unique. Social violence impacts one in four men in Australia and only the worst cases make the news.

To prevent social violence, James’ friends banded together to form Step Back Think.

“We believe young people should be out having the time of their lives, not fighting for it in hospital wards.”

Join us on the journey to end social violence.


What is social violence?

Social violence is actual or threatened physical violence between strangers, acquaintances or friends. This can include one-punch assaults, pub brawls or fights in the street, sporting field or school yard.


We know that social violence is prevalent in Australian society, although it can often go unreported. Many instances of social violence result in serious injury and sometimes death.

The harms extend beyond the health and psychological consequences for the victim, with far reaching social, legal and economic costs to the broader community.

Birthing Kits Foundation Aust.

Why Birthing Kits?

Around 300,000 women and 3 million newborns die each year from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.  Most of these deaths occur in developing countries. To help address this, our Year 12 Health and Human Development class held an assembly day, to assemble 200 birthing kits to send to a developing country. The time that our Year 12 students donated will assist in reducing both maternal and infant mortality.

This project has direct links to the content that the students in Year 12 Health and Human development study.

To find out more information on the Birthing kit foundation please visit the following website.



KSC Mario Kart Battle

2018 Tournament

This term all houses participated in the first annual Mario Kart Tournament. Lead by Nathaniel Lakkis and assisted by Connor Ziday, there were 5 groups created (A team, B team, C team, Senior team and Teachers team) for students to join and play against each other to achieve the ultimate glory of being Mario Kart Champion.


Each team had a group of 3-4 students per team with a final show down at the end of every round. Our house winners were Livio De Carvalho Ho (A team), Thomas Bakes (B team), Liam Shrubshall (C team), Catriona Leonard (Senior team). All students worked hard to earn their position but in the end there could only be one winner...... Thomas Bakes (B house). A special thank you to Mr. Hauser, Mr. Ronalds and Ms Heath for participating in the teacher’s tournament. 


Congratulations to all participants for their effort and we look forward to next year!  


headspace Melton

Who are headspace?

headspace Melton is a safe, non-judgemental and welcoming community for young people aged 12-25, their families and others who are important to them.  The Headspace Melton team includes people from a range of organisations and we are here to help you cope with life's challenges.   

headspace Melton is  located on Level 1/16 Brooklyn Road.


How do I get in contact?  Call reception on 8065 5613 or 'drop in' any time.


                                                             Opening hours: 

                                                             Monday: 9am-7pm

          Tuesday: 9am-5pm

            Wednesday: 9am-5pm

          Thursday: 9am-7pm

     Friday: 9am-6pm

               Saturday & Sunday: Closed


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