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05 August 2016
Issue Eleven
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Principal's Report

From The Principal

On Tuesday, we acknowledged students in Years 7 to 12 who achieved excellent results in Semester 1. There was a special assembly where they were presented with Principal’s Awards, followed by a morning tea with their families.  These students are to be congratulated on their outstanding effort and commitment to their studies.  They are pictured below.



At an extraordinary meeting held on Wednesday night, School Council endorsed our School Self-evaluation, which has now been completed, as part of a four year review cycle.  In our self-evaluation, we have reflected on our progress and practice over the last 4 years and measured our achievement against set goals.  There were many areas of success that we celebrated in our evaluation as well as areas identified for improvement. The next stage in this process is a review by an independent reviewer.  He will spend several days in the school, meeting staff and students and analysing relevant data.  We will be supported in this process by 2 practising principals who will act as “challenge partners”.  Michele Coxhill, our School Council President, will also participate in the review process.  This is a very important time for us at Carwatha and we intend to use the review process to continue to improve our school and provide the best possible opportunities for all of our students.


During our pupil-free day last Friday, staff spent time learning and improving their skills in the use of information technologies to improve student learning.  Professional learning was led by Trent Ray, a Teacher Ambassador from Microsoft.  He presented to staff about the value of online collaboration using Office 365 and the importance of equipping our students and ourselves for the 21st century. It was an extremely valuable day.


We have some important events and activities coming up.    Thursday August 18th is our Course Expo evening for students who will be in Years 10 and 11 in 2017 (currently in Years 9 & 10), beginning at 6.30 p.m.   Invitations have been sent out individually to parents about this event.  It is most important that all parents and students from these year levels attend this evening. 


Year 9 students have begun their Community Leadership Program.  They are participating in a range of activities and projects in partnership with the Salvation Army.  The Community Leadership Program provides opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills and to learn how they can help others in the community.


Rehearsals are well underway for our annual Presentation Ball, which will take place on Friday August 26th.  I look forward to seeing many families there on the night.


We will be running our annual Multicultural Day on Tuesday, September 6th.  Students are encouraged to come to school in their national dress.  We will celebrate the diversity of our school community in a special assembly, with staff and students sharing aspects of their cultural heritage with the whole school.  Parents are encouraged to attend this very special event.


Once again we have students performing in the annual State Schools Spectacular, to take place at Hisense Arena on Saturday September 10th. Tickets can be booked though Ticketek.  I encourage families to consider attending this outstanding event.


Mr. Joe Haddad, Year 9 Coordinator, will be on leave from Monday August 8th until the end of this term.  Mr. Kevin Fahey will be Year 9 Coordinator in his absence.


Bronwyn Hamilton

P-12 News

VCE/VCAL Parent Information  & Subject Expo Evening

We look forward to meeting parents of Year 9 & 10 students on the Thursday the 18th of August for VCE/VCAL Parent Information and Subject Expo Evening.

Parents and students will learn all about our unique and to date very successful   V3 program.


The details of VCE and VCAL will be outlined and parents will be given information about how to support their child to select the subjects and pathway that best suits them.  The gym will be set up as a subject area expo where students and parents can learn about what subjects we offer at Carwatha College P-12 and to become informed about their choice.


The evening is compulsory for all students and at least one parent for all Year 9 and Year 10 students.  It is the only place where vital information will be distributed and delivered.  All families of students in Year 9 and 10 should be receiving a personalised letter this week that informs them of the parent information evening and then a personal interview time where the official subject selection happens with a member of the senior course counselling team.


If you do not get your letter by Monday  8th August , please contact the office.

We have been thrilled with the attendance of our parents in the last few years and look forward to this tradition continuing.


I look forward to meeting you all on Thursday the 18th August.


Rosanna Spina

Assistant Principal

Student Information


Asthma Facebook Page For Teens With Asthma


Asthma Newsletter

National Asthma Week 1-7 September

The theme for National Asthma Week 2016 is Become a Better Breather.  National Asthma Week coincides with the beginning of spring and as pollens are a known trigger for asthma, this is an excellent time to ensure your child’s asthma is well controlled.  Sections of the Asthma Australia website that can help with asthma management include:

  • Take the Asthma Control Test to see if you could make improvements to help your child become a better breather.
  • Manage allergies often linked with asthma, including allergic rhinitis (hayfever).
  • Did you know?  90% of people with asthma use their medications incorrectly.
  • Check your child’s technique to see if they are getting full benefit from their medication. 

Regular review of your child’s asthma with your GP and pharmacist will help them to become a better breather.


Need help with your child’s asthma?  Contact our Asthma Assist line on 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) and talk to one of our friendly Asthma Health Professionals.

State School Spectacular


Primary News

Responsible Pet Ownership

Last week the Responsible Pet Education Program came to Carwatha College P-12.

The Prep class, 1N and 1/2B met Simon and his dog, Rory. Simon and Rory taught the classes how to be safe around dogs and how to say hello to a dog and the owner. Everyone listened carefully to the information, participated in role plays, singing and even some dancing.

We enjoyed the experience; meeting Rory and patting him was fun.

Thank-you, Simon and Rory!

Sonia McPhie


Living Eggs

Last Monday ten eggs were delivered to the Prep room. The Prep students were very excited! In our Science unit this term we are learning about living things and what they need to survive. The students have watched the eggs hatch and discussed why one egg didn't hatch!  They have cared for the chicks, changing the water, cleaning the container and feeding them seeds daily. It has been an exciting time in the Prep room!

This is what some of the students said about the experience:

  • I like learning about the life cycle of a hen. Chantelle
  • I like learning new words about chickens, hatch and pipping. Collin
  • The chicks are so cute and fluffy. Tami
  • The chicks live in the brooder box. Brayden
  • I like looking after the chicks so they survive. Iksha
  • The fluffy chicks are growing feathers on their wings. Stella
  • The eggs were in the incubator, now they are in the box with a light to keep them warm. Andrej
  • Chicks don’t have feathers yet, they have dander. Siena

We are certainly learning about how to care for living things!

Thanks to the Living Eggs company for the experience.

Sonia McPhie

Primary Crepe Day

On Wednesday the 20th of July, the Primary section of the school was lucky enough to have Crepe Day.

We went down to the canteen and watched crepes being made from scratch. It was really interesting seeing how they make them.

We lined up and waited our turn to get our crepe and pick a topping (chocolate, jam or lemon and sugar); most of us picked chocolate.

They tasted amazing!


"I thought the Crepe day was fantastic! They tasted awesome and we loved being part of the Primary Crepe Day. " - Locklyn 2K


From Ms Levy and 2K


Primary Art

Students in Grade 1 and 2 rolled food dye across photos of themselves. They created a triangular painted background, and then arranged triangular cut outs from their photos to create a new ‘crazy face’.

Mrs McAleer

Primary Science Fair


Careers News

From the Careers Team......

Year 9 & 10 students


This term is one full of research and decisions for Year 9 & 10 students. Year 10 students have had their prerequisite MIPS conversations about what career pathway options are of interest to them. A prerequisite is a subject that the student needs to successfully complete in their V3 program in order to be considered for a particular course.   We encourage students to consider “in demand” jobs of the future as well as to follow their strengths and interests.


Year 9 students will be having a “Jobs for my future” session on Tuesday 16th August. Students will have the opportunity to explore potential careers of the future, identify subjects they really enjoy and what prospective employment options exist related to their favourite subjects.


The Year 10 MIPS sessions and Year 9 session have been planned to assist students start preparing for the decisions they need to be making with subjects this term. It is a key time for families to also be having conversations about what their child wants to do with his or her future! There are some really helpful websites to help guide your conversations. For tips I would use

  2.  VTAC brochure “Year 10 Guide-Choosing VCE studies for the right reasons”- we will send this home with Year 10 students next week.


Year 12 students


  • Thursday 11th August- all VCE students (& VCAL students needing to apply through VTAC) will be involved in a SEAS, VTAC, Scholarships, SNAP day. Students will get to register online with VTAC, set up their account and start their SEAS and Scholarship applications. All VCAL students will be involved during period 1 & 4 – to hear from our guest speaker and from Centrelink regarding eligibility for financial assistance available as soon as students finish Year 12.
  • Monash Guarantee and SEAS brochure available now!

To find out more about Monash Guarantee program and SEAS you can now access the link below to view their 2017 information.

     access-entry-             scheme-2017-brochure.pdf


  • How to pick which degree is right for you?? I often hear students say all I want to do is go to Monash, or I really want to do is go to Deakin. When researching your future options, it is important to look at the content of the actual courses. Yes, the location is important, however finding the right course fit for you is even more so! Ask yourself what subjects will you have the options of studying? Do these really interest me? You need to be excited about what you are applying to do. This link has more things to look for when picking a degree to apply for..



Congratulations to the Year 10 students who have been returning their Work Experience forms. Keep the forms coming in! A reminder that the Year 10 work experience dates are now Monday 5th December to Friday 9th December 2016.


Jodie McCarthy – Careers & Pathways Manager

Parents & Friends News

Fathers' Day Breakfast

Thursday 25th August 

Multi-Purpose Centre

Breakfast served from 7.00am-8.15am


$10.00 each


A variety of hot and cold foods will be provided

Eggs, sausages, pancakes, muffins, quiches, cereals, toast, etc.


Payments can be made on QKR or cash and card to the office by Tuesday 23rd August 2016.

Fathers' Day Raffle

2016 Fathers' Day Raffle

Tickets 50 cents each

Return by Thursday 31/8/2016

Drawn on Friday 1/9/2016


For more tickets, please contact the office


 Prizes: Hampers, vouchers and lots of assorted gifts

Breakfast Program


Upcoming Events


Thurday 18th            Years 9 & 10 Information Evening and Course Expo for 2017

Thursday 25th          Fathers' Day Breakfast 

Friday 26th                Presentation Ball

Wednesday 31st      Fathers' Day Stall


Thursday 1st            Fathers' Day Stall

Tuesday 6th             Multicultural Assembly

Thursday 8th           Parent Teacher Conferences

Saturday 10th         Victorian State Schools Spectacular (Hisense Arena)

Friday 16th               Last day of term 3

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2016 Book List


CSEF form


Centrepay form


Ipad Program


Canteen Price List


Anaphylaxis Management Plan


Asthma Management Plan


Primary Mobile Phone Agreement


Community News



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