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28 March 2019
Issue Four
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Important Dates


Friday 29 March - Student free day

Staff Professional Development Day

7pm, VCE Ball


Saturday 30 March

Working Bee - cancelled 


Thursday 4 April - No scheduled classes 

1.30pm to 8pm Year 7 to 10 Parent Teacher Student interviews

(dinner break 5-6pm) 


Friday 5 April

Early finish at 2.15pm. 

End of term 1


Tuesday 23 April

Term 2 begins


Wednesday 24 April 

10.15am, ANZAC College Assembly 


Thursday 25 April 

ANZAC Day (public holiday)


Friday 26 April 

9am, College Tour


Tuesday 30 April 

7pm, Open Evening (early finish)


6 to 10 May

Year 10 Work Experience Week


Monday 6 May 

9am, College Tour


Wednesday 8 May

9am, College Tour

7pm, Vocal Night


Monday 13 May 

House Performance competition 


14 - 17 May

Year 7 & 9, Naplan Testing


Saturday 18 May

Year 7 2020, Enhancement Program entry testing day 


20 - 24 May

Year 8 Camps

Year 7 & 9 Naplan Testing

Year 12 Theatre Studies production week 


Monday 27 May

Intermediate Round Robin


Tuesday 28 May

9am College Tour 


Wednesday 29 May

7pm, Junior Music Showcase 


Friday 31 May

Year 11 exams begin

Principal's Message

Dear parents, families & guardians

We have many positives to celebrate as a community at Mentone Girls’ Secondary College and it goes to the core of our values.  At Mentone Girls' Secondary College we value the development of the whole person, student well-being, diversity and respect, personal best, student leadership, agency and voice and school pride.  All of these values were visible to everyone during Cultural Diversity and Harmony Week.


Cultural diversity and harmony can mean different things for different people, but I would suggest that everyone would agree that it is about acceptance of others, tolerance, empathy and inclusiveness.  Having a one week focus on these essential elements that make us compassionate human beings allows us to acknowledge our similarities and understand that the differences can provide us with an opportunity to broaden our world view of arts and culture. 


I would like to thank Jocelyn Chang, our newly appointed EAL & Literacy Learning Specialist, for heading up this week and for working closely with students and staff on this endeavour. There were a number of activities that were running during the week which were very popular with our students.  The food was spectacular and the henna tattoos were as well.  I even joined in the exercise class in front of the tennis courts the other day.  I can’t say my moves were inspiring but it was a lot of fun. I may have been the only staff member up on the tarmac dancing along with the international students but I was pleased for the company of many of our students.

We saw the continuation of this theme of cultural diversity in this week’s Year 9 My Migrant Story Expo which was organised by Deb McKay and the Year 9 Humanities teachers.  It was an outstanding evening which showcased the high standard of research and analysis of the Year 9 students as they explored the world of their parents, grandparent and ancestors. The journey to Australia for each family was unique and often unknown by the Year 9 students until they began their research.  As visitors to the expo, we were able to read and hear about the struggle that their parents or ancestors experienced due to economic and social situations at the time as well as what an insight into the life of indigenous people. 


So, let’s continue the celebrations in our daily life.  It is what unites us rather than divides us.


Kind regards

Linda Brown 


Getting Girls on Track    

Our Pick My Project community initiative has reached a significant stage with the tender documentation for the construction of the track and oval improvements now available on our website Quotes are due COB Thursday 4 April. 


College Matters

School Council Report

Hi everyone, my name is Luiza Levenfus. My daughter Tejana is in Year 9 and we moved to MGSC at the end of last year. We are all looking forward to getting to know the new community. I have been a parent representative on a few previous committees with two of my other children and I find this role very rewarding.

I joined the Department of Education and Training almost three years ago and work in the central office (People Division) focusing on developing Diversity and Inclusion policies. I’m privileged to have exposure to new initiatives that DET implements that will have direct impact on student outcomes. One of the current projects I’m working on is increasing the number of staff with a disability employed by DET. The department is developing initiatives to ensure our environment is inclusive for all spectrums of diversity. I look forward to assisting the Council to identify areas of improvement and add value by contributing to the school’s strategic direction to meet the needs of MSGC community.


I attended my first School Council meeting for the year last week. Members of both the 2018 and 2019 School Council were in attendance at the commencement of the meeting.  The Council thanked the outgoing members of School Council Richard Elstone (parent), Louise Rieniets (staff/DET) and Nazy Jalali (student) for their contribution to School Council over their terms of office. The Principal, Linda Brown, called for nominations for office bearing positions, with the following results:

  • President: Rachael Angus
  • Vice President: Geri Sumpter
  • Treasurer: James Malliaros

Congratulations to the elected office bearers. 

Other members of School Council who are continuing on from 2018 are:

  • Simon Cleur (parent representative)
  • Rosa Ferrari (parent representative)
  • Sinead Garry (student representative)
  • Wendy Harvey and Alison Pickard (staff/DET reps)  
  • Darren Hawkless (community representative)

In addition School Council welcomed the newly elected members:

  • Luiza Levenfus (DET employee & parent representative)
  • Andrea Webster (DET employee and parent representative)
  • Mia Evans (student representative)
  • Phil Pearson (staff/DET representative)

The following people attend School Council meeting but are not members.  We thank them for their time and input into the School Council meetings.

  • Assistant Principals - Carol Duggan, and Bronwyn Moline 
  • Business Manager - Kelly Lloyd-Vanni 
  • Secretary - Wendy Eman

Luiza Levenfus

School Council member

Parent/Teacher/Student interviews

The interviews for the Year 7-10 students will be held on Thursday 4 April between 1.30pm and 8pm, with a break between 5pm and 6pm. Please note that there are no scheduled classes on this day.

Bookings open for Year 7-10 students at 3.30pm on Friday 29 March.


VCE parents who were unable to attend the VCE interviews will have an opportunity to book an appointment at this session after 3.30pm on Tuesday 2 April.


Compass for payments and approval for excursions/camps

Compass is being used for payments and to give approval for excursions/camps/events. To do so, log into your parent portal. Any payments and consents that are due will be visible on your home page, above the news items. These items are highlighted in green. If all payments have been made and all approvals given, there will be no items to view.

To refer back to these events, click on the Organisation tab on the dashboard of your parent portal and select Events. You will then be able to see the details of all the excursions and camps for which you have given approval.

We are continuing to use Compass for News Feeds, monitoring attendance, providing feedback on learning tasks and booking parent/teacher interviews.
Please ensure that only you are the only one to access the parent portal, especially when entering student illnesses and appointments.
If you do not recall your Compass ID and/or password, please send an email to the ICT Helpdesk to request your Compass login and password[email protected]

Open Evening - Tuesday 30 April

This year’s Open Evening will be held on Tuesday 30 April from 7 to 9pm. Many students will be involved as tour guides, performers and domain leaders. Parents are welcome to attend.

On this day we will have an early finish so staff and students can set up.

8.50am - 9.50am Period 1
9.50am – 10.15am Recess
10.20am – 11.20pm Period 2
11.25pm – 12.25pm   Period 3
12.25pm – 1.10pm Lunch
1.15pm - 2.15pm Period 4


Parents & Friends’ Association (PFA)

Year 9 Migrant Story Expo on Tuesday 26 March

Thanks to Anna Borek, Rosa Ferrari, Linda McIntyre, Ales Nebesky, Elizabeth Semmel and Emma Walker for serving tea and coffee on the night. 


Next PFA meeting - Tuesday 23 April at 7pm

At the meeting we will be discussing:

  • the proposal for a new bike shelter
  • using PFA funds to support a school initiative such as project funding, prizes for House events
  • ideas for more social events

All parents are welcome to attend.

Last day of term - Friday 5 April 

Please be reminded of the early finish time on the last day of Term 1, Friday 5 April.
There will NOT be a period 4 class and students will be dismissed at 2.15pm.
The bell times are:

8.50am - 10.05am Period 1
10.05am - 10.45am Recess
10.50am - 12.05pm Period 2
12.05pm - 12.55pm Lunch
1pm - 2.15pm Period 3

Carol Duggan & Bronwyn Moline

Assistant Principals


Change of supplier 

The change of uniform supplier will take place during the school holidays. 


Costume World's clearance sale ends this Saturday 30 March, when they will cease be the official supplier. Please take advantage of the significant savings. Again our thanks to Sherrin and the Costume World team for their work and support of MGSC. 


To enable the change of supplier, there will be a two week period when no new uniform items can be purchased. Bob Stewart Uniform Specialist Mentone will begin selling MGSC uniform from Saturday 13 April. 


In April and May students can choose to wear either full summer or full winter uniform. The full winter uniform is to be worn from 1 June until the end of August.


A reminder that as we move into Term 2 and the weather begins to cool down, students are not permitted to wear any clothing items that are not part of the MGSC uniform. Items such as hoodies, wrong-coloured scarves and track pants that are not the MGSC track pants worn with the PE uniform will be confiscated for two weeks.


Please take the opportunity over the holidays to ensure your daughter is prepared with all the uniform she requires for winter and all items are named. It is highly recommended that your daughter, especially Year 7s and Year 8s, have a pair of MGSC track pants for PE as otherwise she will be wearing shorts all day even in the cooler weather.


Summary of uniform arrangements

Costume Worlduntil 30 March

1291 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham

9584 7006 

Monday 10am - 6:30 pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 10am - 6pm

Thursday & Friday 10am - 7pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm


Bob Stewart Mentone from 13 April 

93 Balcombe Road, Mentone

9036 7367

Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 4.30pm

Saturdays 9.30am - 12.30pm


PFA Second-hand Uniform Shop - during school term

Tuesday afternoon 2.45pm - 3.45pm

Friday morning 8.15am - 9.15am


Carol Duggan

Assistant Principal

Student Leadership

L   Learning Together
E   Empowering Others
A    Achieving Goals
D   Discovering Potential

EAL Leader, Senior School 

I am Annie, an EAL leader of the Senior School. I joined this big loveable family last year, but the passion and love of mine for this amazing school is no less than anyone else's. As an international student, I know exactly what culture shock is like and how Australia as a friendly, diverse country has given us all this help and care. I understand the difficulties students who have different cultural backgrounds are going to face, but the most important thing that always fills my heart is the endless thankfulness and gratitude to my friends and teachers who selflessly give me so much help and love. In this very last year of my high school life, I really want to actually take action and contribute my own power to the school I love and make other students feel the kindness that I feel. I will try my best to make our school a more beautiful place.

Annie Zhou (Year 12)


EAL Leader, Middle School 

My name is Hanwen Liu and I am honoured to be an EAL leader. I have been at Mentone Girls' Secondary College for half a year and have found that our school is inclusive. I'm allowed to make mistakes and correct them, and to learn and grow happily. The teachers and students are all awesome and enthusiastic. I like sports such as swimming and cycling and I love art, music, reading and playing the piano.

English as an additional language (EAL) refers to the learners' first language not being English. I believe study should be associated with interests and we should study and participate in recreation together. As an EAL leader, I will unite classmates, learn efficiently with them, and I will communicate with teachers and students. This year I want to organise some interesting and useful cultural activities. Let us study through playing. Hope all of you enjoy school-time.


Hanwen Liu (Year 10)


GRIP Leadership Conference

Earlier this month selected Middle and Senior school leaders attended the GRIP Leadership Conference at Melbourne Convention Centre, alongside a number of students from a variety of Melbourne-based schools. 


The conference focused on nurturing confident, thoughtful and team-oriented leaders through guided discussion and team building exercises.


The themes that were discussed included the importance of communication, empathy, trust and support in a community in order to lead efficiently. The event encouraged us to evaluate ourselves as leaders and to find and work on our weaknesses.


The conference offered electives, such as how to grow student involvement in group events and offered opportunities to speak to fellow leaders to exchange ideas and stories from our schools.


A number of ideas and strategies were shared with us, from techniques used by world famous leaders and demonstrations of strong leadership in film, as well as events developed by other schools that have helped enhance their school spirit.


The day was broken up by group activities and games run by Loud Noises, a fun and energetic duo that offered a break from the content of the lecture. The duo used engaging and humorous games that taught important skills such as trust, teamwork, and encouragement that allowed us to get to know other leaders.


Overall, Ruby and I found the day to be engaging and very encouraging to us as leaders who are developing our skills, and it has given us so many new ideas that put our fellow students first with their best interests in mind.


We are so excited to put our new skills to the test!


Amethyst Parlanti

College Captain

World Vision Youth Conference

Last year, a large group of our students attended the World Vision Youth Conference and many went on to lead MGSC’s efforts with the Backpack Challenge.  This year's conference is at the World Conference Centre on 23 May. The focus of the conference is building leadership skills and developing student ability to make change happen. A group of up to 20 students will be able to attend this year.

Please let Ms Harvey or Ms Sharpe know if you are interested.


A reminder to all student leaders to regularly check emails and team classroom for important notices.


Wendy Harvey

Director of Student Leadership & Engagement

SRC News

World's Greatest Shave

The SRC will be supporting the World's Greatest Shave on Monday 1 April.


At lunchtime three students and one teacher will be shaving or donating their hair. A local hairdresser  will be coming to school to help cut the hair properly! We would love the school community to get behind these amazing students and teacher and help raise funds to fight blood cancer.  


The World's Greatest Shave is a charity which raises awareness and funds to help research blood cancer and help support those already living with blood cancer. By donating to the WGS you give families that are facing the burden of blood cancer the physical and emotional support systems they need


Here is the link for everyone to donate to support these amazing students


Harmony Day 

On Thursday 21 March we celebrated Harmony Day. There was face painting, food stalls, henna, music and dancing. It was a wonderful showcase of all the different cultures the MGSC community is made up of.  The SRC helped to direct traffic at the food stalls and ensured the lunchtime ran smoothly.


Libby McQuiston (President)

and the SRC Team 

International Students

Cultural Diversity & Harmony Week

The week of Monday 18 to Friday 22 March was an eventful week because at MGSC we celebrated Cultural Diversity and Harmony Week. This week is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values. The theme was ‘Everyone Belongs’, it was a day to focus on our commonalities rather than our differences.


We had daily competitions from Monday to Wednesday.  Congratulations to all the eager participants for being fastest respondents and sending in their correct answers!


Lunchtime on Harmony Day (21 March) we held henna and origami workshops and created the Cultural Diversity and Harmony Week poster. There was face painting of your country's flag or colours. We also had Food Stalls where students and parents from various nations prepared and served food in their national colours or costumes, we had Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Italian and Thai food and Harmony Day muffins for people to try.


Some students performed a dance and encouraged all to join in a traditional Chinese exercise. It was great to see that all students from different country joined this activity. It really showed how willing and open everyone was to experience, explore and appreciate the wealth of cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds at the College.


Thank you to everyone for participating this week. Special thank you to all staff, students and families who supported the activities and made this week so wonderful!


Wendy Wang (Year 12) and Alice Xu (Year 10)



Junior School News

Year 7 and 12 Fancy Dress 

On Friday 22 March, the Year 7s and 12s performed dance routines together to a theme, such as 'horror' or 'teen movie' . The Year 12s taught the dance routine to the Year 7s over a few lunchtimes in March.


Now this wasn’t just get up and dance session. No, it was a competition and the successful winners will  perform at the next College Assembly. The class will also receive fish and chips for lunch!  


All performers dressed up in their costume and danced their hearts out to win the prize and to be awarded the winners of the 2019 Fancy Dress competition! Congratulations goes to 7D who were crowned the winners. Their dance was very entertaining and everyone loved all the tricks and formations they did. It was very cool to watch. Well done!


Claire Amato - 7E


Year 7 Camp

Early in term 1 the Year 7s packed our suitcases to go on a bumpy bus ride to camp Arrabri Lodge, Warburton East. We socialised and built new friendships, and overcome our fears in many enjoyable activities. We all learnt something new in this entertaining school camp. We learnt a fun, unique, energetic dance called the bush dance and learnt many fascinating things about it. There was also a cow named 'Milkshake'. He was convivial, but really noisy.


The teachers planned many fun captivating activities. One night we went on a bush walk. The following night we had a dance party. It was the time to share our hidden talents and awesome choreographed dance moves which cabin-mates devised together. Talking about our cabin, the beds were really cosy and comfortable not including the fact that it was infested with mozzies.


 We had a little fun with a get to know each other activity called the 'secret sister', when we wrote a letter to a student on the camp that we didn't know.  It was thrilling to know what the anonymous friend wrote about you. Throughout the camp we filled our stomachs with the camp’s healthy distinctive meals. We went gold digging in the river. It was refreshing. Some people accomplished finding gold, and some people enjoyed their time having a water fight.


There was a nerve racking time for the people who were nominating themselves for form captain roles. Congratulations and great job to the students who were successful.


The very last day was the time to say goodbye to our wonderful experience. To end our time there we had a very nice lady bring in cute, cuddly and scaly animals. She taught us many things and let us experience holding a snake.


Thank you for this unbelievable opportunity for the newbies starting high school this year


Hansika Chandrakumar - 7E

Fancy Dress appreciation 

Thanks to all that contributed to the successful 2019 Fancy Dress event.

The Year 12 students arranged the music, choreography and rehearsals in the lead up to the competition. Each form performed brilliantly and the scores were incredibly close. Congratulations to the winners 7D and their action filled performance.


A huge thank you to the senior school team - Ms Clare Selir, Ms Tess Molina and Ms Sylvia Christopoulos, house captains, the Year 12 dance leaders and the judges - Ms Tess Molina, Ms Petra Witt and Ms Jessica Elloy. 

Uniform Matters 

A reminder that as we move into Term 2 and the weather begins to cool down, students are not permitted to wear any clothing items that are not part of the MGSC uniform. Items such as hoodies, wrong-coloured scarves and track pants that are not the MGSC track pants worn with the PE uniform will be confiscated for two weeks. Please take the opportunity over the holidays to ensure your daughter is prepared with all the uniform she requires for winter and all items are named. It is highly recommended that your daughter has a pair of the MGSC track pants for PE as otherwise she will be wearing shorts all day even in the cooler weather.


Emma Holman

Director of Junior School 


Smart phones for Virtual Reality goggles 

We are seeking donations of old smart phones to support our class set of Virtual Reality goggles.


The mobile phones are inserted into the goggles and used by students like this Year 9 Digital Technology class. For our STEAM program we would welcome donations of old smart phones.  They need to be"

  • Wiped of data and information
  • Unlocked
  • No SIM card is required
  • Screens can be cracked but not shattered
  • Charger cable would be very useful too 

If you have a smart phone that is no longer required  we would welcome them being donated. They can be dropped off at the General Office. 


Many thanks


Diana Gilbert 

Learning Specialist Science & STEAM

Steam newsletter is coming 

STEAM ( Science • Technology • Engineering • Arts • Mathematics ) is a major focus in the world and within the MGSC community. As a result, our STEAM student leaders have banded together to create an official STEAM Team in order to enhance the promotion of exciting STEAM opportunities for our students!

The STEAM Team is very happy to announce the creation of an offical MGSC STEAM newsletter! Arriving in Term 2 (with a new edition every fortnight), this newsletter will include ALL things (events, opportunities, news, entertainment) STEAM-related. The newsletter’s content is managed by the STEAM Team and what’s included comes from many sources — including you!


Anyone can contribute to the STEAM Newsletter with relevant information you feel is worth sharing with school. Just email [email protected] or use the link at the bottom of our newsletters sent via email.  If you have an interest in enhancing STEAM at MGSC and would like to be a part of the STEAM Team — Let us know!


See you in Term 2!

STEAM Team - [email protected]

Photo: 2018 Work Experience

Pathways & Careers 

Photo: 2018 Work Experience

Work Experience opportunities

Do you have a business, or work for a company that could offer our Year 10 students work for their Work Experience placement? It’s not always easy for our students to secure placements in their field of interest so we’d like to broaden our Work Experience employer base.


Our program will run from 6 - 10 May in Term 2. 


If you think you may be able to help, please contact Karen Garton in Careers email -  [email protected] or call 9581 5217.


Karen Garton

Careers & Educational Pathways Coordinator

Premier's Reading Challenge

Year 7 to 9 students are participating in the Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC) this year. 

The challenge is to read 15 books by 6 September.  Ten or more of those books should come from the Challenge Book list. 


To begin the process a large selection of books were placed on display with students able to request the Library purchase titles that caught their interest.  These books will now be added to the collection and be available for students participating in the PRC to borrow and read. 


Dylan Reeves

Learning Specialist English and Literary 


Round Robin Wrap 

Congratulations to all Year 7 and 8 students who represented the College in either Cricket, Tennis, Softball, Volleyball or Lawn Bowls in the March Round Robin competiton. Year 8 Softball. Year 8 Cricket, Year 7 Tennis,  Year 7 Volleyball and Year 8 teams have all progressed to the Southern Metropolitan regional level. Below is a list of the dates for various teams will be competing at the Southern Metropolitan Regional Level:


Year 8 Cricket - Term 4 (date TBC) 

Year 8 Softball  - Wednesday 8 May

Year 8 Volleyball - Thursday 2May

Year 7 Tennis - Friday 10 May

Year 7 Volleyball - Wednesday 1 May


Please keep an eye out for information from your coaches regarding training sessions in the lead up to these days.


A big thank you to our student coaches who have religiously run trial sessions where needed and coached their teams in preparation for the competition day. A special mention must also go to our staff coaches for overseeing this - Mr Hull, Ms Harvey, Ms Mathews, Ms Erwin, Mrs Cappuccio, Mr Hall, and Ms Smith.  


Term 2 will begin busily with the Senior netball teams and all AFL Football teams heading out week 2. Again students are reminded to be constantly checking their emails for information relating to various teams in order to ensure they don’t miss out on opportunities.


I wish all families a safe and relaxing Easter break.


Ilana Parker

Interschools Sports Coordinator


On Tuesday 19 March, the Year 7 cricket team competed in a round robin at La Page Park. They played exceptionally well despite there only being six of them! Although they lost to Beaumaris Secondary College and Leibler Yavneh College, they won against Elwood Secondary College and had a nail biting final game against Cheltenham Secondary College, which they drew. Unfortunately one of the girls got injured during the second game but the girls pulled through, and still managed to do remarkably well. All of the girls definitely improved throughout the day and should be extremely proud of their efforts. Thank you Mr Hull for making this day possible. 



Angel Caris and Deni Lindholm (Year 10) student coaches 

Student Success Stories

Aerobic performance 

On Friday 22 March, Tara Ash and Bella D’Adamo (Year 7) presented their aerobics solos at the Beaumaris North Primary School disco. They opened the disco with a bang and it was a great opportunity to rehearse before the first competitions.

Netball representative

Congratulations to Olivia Wilkinson (9E) who has been selected to be part of the SSV  Netball team for 15 years and under. Olivia will play for Victoria at a tournament on the Gold Coast later in the year. Congratulations Olivia and all the best for the upcoming tournament.

Glowing Green report 

Maisie Taylor (Year 10) won the competition for 'Song and Dance' at the Tania Robins Academy of Dance and Drama. She sang 'The Wizard and I' from the musical production of 'Wicked' playing the role of Elphaba. This included being greenified! Congratulations Maisie!

2020 Enrolments 

Open Evening - Tuesday 30 April 

The annual Open Evening is an opportunities for families and the community to gather information about the 2020 enrolment process and to see our school and students 'on show'. We encourage any families considering MGSC for their secondary schooling, especially those with daughters in year 5 and 6, to attend the Open Evening or one of the regular College Tours.  The website has a list of tour dates. 


Year 7 2020, Enhancement Program 

Introduced this year, the Enhancement Program will run from Years 7 to 9 and will provide students with the opportunity to learn through higher-order thinking, inquiry and rich tasks as part of an enhanced curriculum in English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science.


For more information about the Enhancement Program see the website or contact Mr Sam Haines, Director of Curriculum and Enhancement on [email protected] 

In our community

Clothing swap


This Girl Can in Glen Eira


Parenting Strategies Research


School information 

General Office

8.15am to 4.15pm

Monday to Friday 

Tel 03 9581 5200

Principal Team & Sub-School Directors

Principal - Linda Brown

Assistant Principal - Bronwyn Moline

Assistant Principal - Carol Duggan


Director of Junior School - Emma Holman

Director of Middle School - Deb Jarvis

Director of  Senior School - Sylvia Christopoulos

Attendance & Absences

Students should aim for a 100% attendance record. They are expected to attend school regularly and remain at school and in class until officially dismissed.

Year 7-10 absences: Parents/guardians are asked to use Compass to log absences. 

VCE student absences:  Parents/guardians contact the VCE Office on 9581 5231 before 9am and update attendance on Compass. If contact is not made on the day of absence, an explanatory note must be brought from home on the day the VCE student returns and handed into the VCE Office. 

Late arrival - after 8.50am

Years 7-10 must sign the arrival book at the General Office and take the white late slip to class. 

VCE students sign in at the VCE Office.


It is your responsibility to ensure your child attends school every day. Learn about your responsibilities and what you can do to help your child's attendance. Schooling is compulsory for children and young people aged from 6 -17 years. School participation will help your child develop important skills, knowledge and values to further their learning and participation in the community. Attending school every day also helps your child develop crucial social and emotional skills such as good communication, resilience and the ability to work in teams.

Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives. 

For more information see:  DET Attendance and missing school.


Second Hand Uniform Shop hours:

Tuesday 2.45pm - 3.45pm

Friday  8.15am - 9.15am

Reimbursement after sale of items is by bank transfer.

Please label all items for the second-hand uniform shop clearly with: 

  • Seller's name and contact details
  • BSB and Account Number

Please hand in items to the General Office.  If you have any financial queries please, contact the school. 


Official Uniform Supplier  (from 13 April) 

Bob Stewart Uniform Specialist Mentone 

93 Balcombe Road, Mentone

T:  9036 7367

Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 4.30pm & Saturdays 9.30am - 12.30pm

Assessment & Reporting

A parents' guide to assessment and reporting can be found on Compass under School Documentation, which is located in the Community tab on the menu at the top of the page. The guide is also on the website under the Curriculum tab.  Guide for parents.

Library hours

8.30am to 4.30pm, school days

Facilities Hire

Many of the school's spaces are available to hire including the gym and lecture theatre. 

For information on hire rates and availability, contact Bronwen Peterson, Facilities Manager on 9581 5200.


Online ordering is available through the canteen operators, Bocca Foods. Orders must be placed before 10am on the same day and receive a 5% discount. Register at

  1. Select “Register now” to register yourself as a parent account.
  2. You will be required to complete all relevant details within the parent account before selecting to register your child/children. This will ensure that we have a way of contacting you should it be required for any reason.
  3. Select the checkbox “I will l be ordering for multiple students” (Even if you will only be ordering for 1 child).
  4. And select “Add Student”.
  5. Complete their details ensuring you select the correct school for your child, (multiple schools can be entered for multiple children) and fill in their year level and class information.
  6. Here you should also complete any relevant Dietary Requirements or options that will ensure the food provided to your child meets their specific needs.
  7. Once completed select “Save” and you are ready to begin ordering.

Student accident insurance, ambulance cover and private property brought to

Parents are reminded that the Department of Education does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.

Statement of commitment to child safety 

Mentone Girls’ Secondary College is committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This will be the primary focus of our care and decision-making.

Mentone Girls’ Secondary College has zero tolerance for child abuse. Mentone Girls’ Secondary College is committed to providing a child safe environment where children and young people are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Particular attention will be paid to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as the safety of children with a disability.

Every person involved in Mentone Girls’ Secondary College has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role he/she plays individually and collectively to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of all children and young people is at the forefront of all they do and every decision they make.  Please refer to our policies on our website: for detailed information.

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