30 April 2019
Issue Four
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Year 7 Camp
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3/20 Outdoor Education Excursion
Eureka Athletics
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Dates to Remember
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Principal's Report

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break and is ready to make Term 2 a success. Our buildings are very close to being finished and our grounds are looking so much better without the construction sites. We have some new grass already visible, as well as some garden areas starting to take shape. With new buildings and less disruption, it’s timely for us to revisit our school culture. We will explore this in a variety of ways over the next few terms starting with a re-examining of our Focus Areas of: Respectful Relationships, High Expectations and Excellence and our associated Values and Beliefs. I’m looking forward to working our way through this with our staff, students and community.


Our Year 12 students did a terrific job presenting our ANZAC service last Wednesday under the guidance of Miss. McGinty. Our students took on the key roles in the ceremony and contributed to the service in some form or another, mostly with speaking parts in front of students, and staff, as well as community representatives. It was a formal, yet engaging ceremony and the rest of the school demonstrated the expected high level of respect for the occasion. Our Choir also sang two items, leading off with the National Anthem. The service was very well received by all who were present and, as Principal, I was very proud to see our students deliver such an important ceremony marking the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.


Our students were also involved in laying wreaths and marching in Beaufort and Skipton. I attended the proceedings in Beaufort on ANZAC Day and was once again impressed with the community involvement and the general atmosphere throughout the various aspects of the morning. Our School Captains, Rhiannon Goossens and Tiarna Prattley, represented our school admirably, with Rhiannon acting as a flag bearer on the day. Our Sports Captains, Willem Greymans and Isabelle McLinden, represented our school in equally admirable fashion at the Skipton Service where they read The Ode and laid a wreath. We had a number of students present at the Beaufort ceremony in various uniforms from a broad range of organisations – it was terrific to see so many from our community present on the day and I’m aware that a Dawn Service was also held in the morning.


Well done to all involved for bringing the community together and making it happen!


Mr. Shier



Year 7 Camp

On Wednesday 27th March to Friday 29th March, the Year 7’s embarked on a great adventure to Norval Lodge, Halls Gap. The three days involved a range of team building, character development and outdoor activities. These included Canoeing, High Ropes, Hiking, Archery, Bush Cooking and visiting the Halls Gap Zoo. This opportunity enabled students to develop skills and knowledge for their personal development in an outdoor setting.


The following are a few of the student’s camp memories:


Davey Alexander:

Camp was a lot of fun with lots of good activities. Canoeing was my favourite. We got to go for an hour and a half and it was loads of fun. I was in a canoe with Tyla.  It was the best. I had a race with three other canoes and we won. It was really fun winning the race.


Felicity Stares:

My favourite activity was the high ropes because it was different to all of the other activities. During the activity I was really scared to do it, but I had really good friends to support me. I finished one course and then another. I was really proud of myself. I would really like to do it again sometime.


Eric Wilkinson:

My favourite activity was bush cooking. We made banana boats. Firstly, we cut a point in the middle of the banana and left the peel on. Then we put three marshmallows and five chocolate chips into the slice. I think I put about seven chocolate chips in mine.

The bananas were wrapped in tin foil and put it in the hot ashes of the fire pit. When they were cooked, we took them out. The bananas had melted marshmallows and chocolate inside them. It tasted delicious. I would like to thank all of the teachers who went on the camp.



House Cross Country

On Friday 5th May, we had our House Cross Country Competition. The students were positive on the day and it was great to see students having a go and achieving great times. We were also lucky to have fantastic weather for the run.

Results for Cross Country:


13 Year Females:

1st Dallas Smart

2nd Tasha Saunders

3rd Isabelle Mulquiny


13 Year Males:

1st Eric Wilkinson

2nd Logan Sandlant

3rd Riley Burril


14 Year Females:

1st Destiny Frisby

2nd Matilda Sporton

3rd Alexis Greymans


14 Year Males:

1st Jordan Lear

2nd Ben Peacock

3rd Timothy Parker


15 Year Females:

1st Laura McLinden

2nd Willow Parker

3rd Mia Evans


15 Year Males:

1st Myles Sandlant

2nd Jeff Debast

3rd Tyler Richards


16 Year Females:

1st Lainey Tiley

2nd Zoe Wheeler

3rd Jaelyn Brand


16 Year Males:

1st Jack Peacock

2nd Liam McLinden

3rd Mitchell Pesti


17 Year Females:

1st Ashleigh Crowley

2nd Caitlyn Leach


17 Year Males:

1st Jeremy Broadbent

2nd Rory Wilkinson


20 Year Females:

1st Victoria Homan


20 Year Males:

1st Willem Greymans



We also awarded the Fastest Female and Male Runner on the day.  The winners of these were; Jack Peacock who completed the course in 20.03 minutes and Dallas Smart who completed the course in 28.53 minutes.  Well done to these two competitors. 


For the overall competition we awarded a winningHhouse which incorporated participation, dressing up, encouragement/support and enthusiasm.  The winning House of this award was Tanaranga.



3/20 Outdoor Education Excursion

Stand up Paddle Boarding and Surfing

On Wednesday the 20th of March my Middle School Outdoor Ed class was fortunate enough to travel to Anglesea so we could take part in some water based physical activities to accompany the work we have been doing in class such as learning the dangers of lakes, rivers and oceans, and how to do CPR and DRSABCD.


When my class went to Anglesea the activities we participated in were; being taught our way around a wetsuit for the following activities.  The first one was stand-up-paddle boarding on either a massive group board or an individual board. We were taught how to keep our balance, paddle and swerve around objects in the way.  After we all mastered the basics everyone took part in 'the last man standing'.  Out of the 15 students who went on the excursion only three were ladies and they won both of the games!


After the hour of paddle boarding in one of the calm rivers my class moved on to our next destination, a beach for surfing. We students, accompanied by Mr. Collins, were informed about how to stand up on a surfboard so we could ride a wave and what to or not to do in or out of the water with the board. Everyone gave it a red hot go for the two hours we were given to ace the activity.


Although we left school early in the morning and arrived home late and a few students experienced a couple of falls and nose dives, everyone enjoyed the educating and bonding experience thoroughly and we are excited for the next one.


Sky Alexander



In 1914 war broke out, of the 416,809 people enlisted, 60,000 Australian soldiers died, 156,000 were wounded, gassed or taken prisoner. Today we remember and commemorate all Australians and New Zealanders who participated and were affected by war. We have speeches, praying, a moment of silence, wreath laying and parades.


During Anzac Day we remember those who have fought and died by holding Dawn Services, at the time of the original landing in Gallipoli. Another service is held later in the day where servicemen and women march through the cities and smaller towns such as ours.


Our School Captains, Rhiannon Goossens and Tiarna Prattley, attended the annual Beaufort Anzac Day service at the Beaufort Memorial Gardens to show their respect. Rhiannon bared the English flag, to symbolise the allied forces whilst others held the Australian flag. Tiarna laid the wreath for Beaufort Secondary College,  followed by a moment of silence.


Our Sports Captains, Willem Greymans and Issy McLinden, attended the Skipton Anzac Day service where they marched from the local primary school to lay the wreath for Beaufort Secondary College and deliver the ode,  followed by a moment of silence.


On this day, we remember those who were lost as well as what war does to a family, a town and a nation.


Lest we forget.


Ellie Sharples.

Eureka Athletics

On Friday 26th of April, we had students travel to Llanberris Athletics Reserve to compete in the Eureka Athletics. The students had a fantastic day, trying their hardest against the other schools in the division. Overall, Beaufort Secondary placed 5th on 447 points, which was a good effort..

We had some great results for the day, including:


U12-13’s -

Felicity Stares: 4th 200m, 7th Javelin

Isabelle Mulquiny: 4th 400m

Scarlett Vandenberg: 8th High Jump,

Tasha Saunders: 2nd Long Jump, 3rd Triple Jump, 5th Shot Put

Dallas Smart: 6th Long Jump, 8th Triple Jump, 8th Shot Put

Caitlin Scanlon: 2nd Discus

Bria Moodie: 4th Discus

Mischa Burge: 6th Javelin

David Alexander: 7th 100m, 5th Long Jump, 2nd Javelin

Riley Burril: 7th 200m, 14th 800m, 12th Shot Put

Alexander Holm: 18th 800m

Eric Wilkinson: 12th 800m, 8th Triple Jump, 9th Javelin

Logan Sandlant: 7th Long Jump, 5th Triple Jump

Eamon Arvidson: 8th Shot Put



U14’s -

Destiny Frisby: 4th 400m, 7th 800m

Matilda Sporton: 9th 800m, 9th 1500m

Hannah Fraser: 6th High Jump,

Kayla Talbett: 6th Long Jump, 10th Triple Jump, 12th Shot Put, 11th Discus

Sarah Boyd-Whatmore: 9th Long Jump, 9th Triple Jump, 5th Discus

Rhiley Cawthan: 8th Shot Put

Charlotte Fraser: 6th Javelin

Eastyn Carr: 7th 100m, 10th Triple Jump, 3rd Javelin

Jordan Lear: 4th 200m, 2nd High Jump, 2nd Long Jump, 2nd Shot Put, 4th Discus

Fletcher Holz: 5th 400m, 13th 800m

Timothy Parker: 4th 800m, 4th Long Jump, 4th Triple Jump, 6th Javelin

Ben Peacock: 11th 800m, 9th 1500m, 10th Discus


U15’s -

Willow Parker: 5th 100m, 9th Shot Put, 4th Javelin

Naomi Gerrard: 9th Shot Put

Sophie Cook: 6th Long Jump, 7th Discus

Mia Evans: 9th Long Jump, 6th Javelin

Laura McLinden: 7th Triple Jump

Fynlee Smithwick: 5th Discus

Mitchell Kercheval: 2nd 100m, 3rd 200m, 3rd Long Jump, 7th Shot Put

Myles Sandlant: 5th 800m, 2nd Long Jump, 2nd Triple Jump

Jeff Debast: 4th High Jump, 6th Shot Put, 3rd Javelin

Tyler Richards: 5th High Jump

Louis Debast: 4th Triple Jump, 6th Javelin


U16’s -

Tayla Stanaway-Barker: 5th 100m, 5th 200m, 7th Long Jump, 1st Shot Put, 2nd Javelin

Jaelyn Brand: 9th Shot Put

Lainey Tiley: 6th 400m, 8th Long Jump, 8th Triple Jump, 10th Discus

Zoe Wheeler: 7th Triple Jump, 8th Discus, 7th Javelin

Luke Arvidson: 6th 100m, 7th Long Jump, 8th Triple Jump, 7th Discus

Liam McLinden: 6th 200m, 12th 800m, 13th Long Jump

Jack Peacock: 3rd 400m, 3rd 800m, 6th Triple Jump

Davey Sawtell: 10th 800m, 8th Discus

Xavier McErvale: 10th Shot Put, 5th Javelin


U17’s -

Vivian Johnson-Knight: 7th Long Jump, 6th Shot Put

Alanah Pesti: 9th Shot Put, 7th Discus, 6th Javelin

Bernadette La Spina: 8th Long Jump,

Jeremy Broadbent: 5th 100m, 6th 200m, 7th Javelin

Rory Wilkinson: 10th 800m, 6th 1500m, 10th Shot Put

Lachlan Fraser: 8th Shot Put, 9th Javelin


U18-20’s -

Victoria Homan: 4th 100m, 7th Long Jump, 3rd Triple Jump, 4th Shot Put, 1st Discus

Joelle Godfrey: 10th Shot Put, 3rd Javelin

Tiarna Prattley: 8th Long Jump, 5th Triple Jump, 6th Discus, 5th Javelin

Matthew Treacy: 5th 100m,

Thank you to all of the staff who came to assist and the parents who came along to support. It was fantastic to see so many friendly faces there on cheering on our students. 

World of Science

Our journey with animals in Science has been quite a success. The stick insect continues to thrive and has gone through her first moult. The aquaponics fish tank has exceeded expectations and the majority of the silk worms have spun cocoons, only a few more to go!



General Information

Why wear a Uniform

Positive Image

A uniform presents a positive image to the community.

A uniform creates a sense of pride and association with Beaufort Secondary College.

Reduce Costs to Parents

Over time, uniforms are cheaper than casual clothing and remove the competitive element potentially involved in designer casual clothes.

Safety of your Child

As a key element in meeting the Child Safe Standards, uniform allows staff to easily identify students as members of the school community and therefore maximises their safety.

The uniform is designed to be compliant with the Health & Safety requirements in all areas of the school. This is especially important with regard to shoes, which must be leather and polishable so that students are able to participate in technology subjects.




Vaccinations - Year 7

For those Year 7 students who  missed out on their vaccinations, the Shire will be at Beaufort Kindergarten next Wednesday 8th May from 9.30am - 10.30am.  Parents will need to take their child to the Kindergarten.  This is a free service, otherwise you will need to visit your own GP.

Library Happenings

The Library has been a busy place lately. The Year 7 girls are enjoying making Origami figures and Taliah and others have been completing a huge Jigsaw.

We are expecting some new Origami books soon and there are lots of other Jigsaws waiting to be attempted.


Oh yes and LOTS and LOTS of BOOKS.





Night Circus 

By:  Erin Morgenstern


“Magic is secret and secrets are magic.” This book was part fairy tale, part mystery and part love story. A circus arrives in town and seems to have popped up from nowhere. The show offers all sorts of magical illusions for the audience but behind the scenes two magicians are competing for their lives.





Dates to Remember

Important Dates


Sun 5             Debutante Ball Training begins

Tues 7           Eureka Cross Country

Fri 10             Girls' Football & Boys' Netball

Wed 22         Eureka Football & Netball (11-12)

Thurs 30      Eureka Football & Netball (9-10)



Wed 5           Year 8 - Ecolinc

Fri 7              GWR - Cross Country

Mon 10        Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tues 11         Eureka Netball (7)  Year 11  Exams   

Wed 12        Eureka Football (7-8)  Eureka Netball (8)

                       GAT - all Year 11/12 students completing Unit 3/4 Exams

Th 13 - F 14         Year 11 -  Exams

Tu 25 - F 28         Year 7-10 - Exams

Wed 26        Eureka Hockey (7-12)

Thur 27       VCE Legal Studies Supreme Court Melbourne

Fri 28            Last Day Term 2

                       Debutante Ball



Mon 15        First Day Term 3

Tues 16       GWR Badminton (7-8)

Wed 17       GWR Badminton (Int & Snr)

M-F 22-26            Year 9 -  Rubicon Camp  

                                Year 10 Work Experience

Fri 26          Eureka Basketball (Int & Snr)

M- F 29 - 2           Year 10 - Work Experience



Thurs 1      GWR Table Tennis

Mon 5         Year 12 Chemistry - Ecolinc

Wed 14       Eureka Basketball (7-8)



Mon 16       GWR Athletics

M-F 16-20   Year 10 - Melbourne Urban Camp

Fri 20            Last Day Term 3



Mon 7           First Day Term 4

Wed 9           Eureka Tennis & Volleyball (7-8)

                       Year 11 Chemistry - Ecolinc

Wed 16         Eureka Tennis (7-8)

Wed 30         VCE Exams Start



Tues 5           Melbourne Cup Day



M-Tu 2-3       Year 8 -  Exams

W-F 4-6         Year 8 - Surf Camp - Anglesea

Th-F 12-13   Year 7 & 9 - Exams