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03 April 2019
Issue Five
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Message from
the Principal

Term 1 | Week 10

At the heart of any quality organisation lies their values, the principles or standards that guide one's thoughts and actions. Our values act as our sign-posts in life and it is by referring to them that we are able to determine how we respond appropriately to different and at times challenging situations. Our values are demonstrated through the respect we show to each other; by our acceptance and appreciation that we are all different; the way we include others; by the courage we show when we stand up for what is right – where we don’t stay silent when someone is being harassed or being bullied; and by the commitment you all show as a group to ‘call out’ unpleasant or nasty behaviour for what it is. These are all actions that will make our school a safe and caring environment – one of which you all can be very proud.


Today I wish to reflect upon the ugly and cowardly social behaviour of bullying and explore what we can do to eradicate it from our School.


Bullying occurs all too often, not just here at KWS – and you will encounter it in broader society. You all know, I am sure what is meant by bullying: it involves the intentional, repetitive or persistent hurting of one person by another, and is characterised by a relationship based on an imbalance of power. Social equals don’t bully one another – the motivation of the bully is to dominate and the effect of bullying is to belittle, humiliate or demean the victim.


People get picked on for all sorts of reasons, none of them valid. Mainly it is about being different: of different ethnicity, nationality, culture, sexuality or being physically different, for being disabled, for having different belief systems or through jealousy – the focus of the bullying can  be almost infinitely varied, and so too the form the bullying may take. It can be physical, verbal, indirect (spreading nasty stories about someone or excluding people from social groups) or cyberbullying (via social media, text, email or video). Some ways of bullying may be new, but the instinct to bully, is as old as humanity itself – and it certainly isn’t limited to school contexts.


Wherever it happens, and whatever form it takes, it is wrong – inexcusably wrong.


Almost all bullying occurs in a social environment, not in isolation. Bullying is almost never simply a matter of the bully and the victim. Often, especially if bullying is sustained for any length of time, there are witnesses. If you witness bullying behaviour, you have to make a choice. One way or the other, you are part of it and cannot remain outside of it. I’m sure you have heard the term ‘innocent bystander’.


What do we mean by a bystander in a bullying situation? Well, we simply mean a person who does not become actively involved in a situation where a victim requires help. What I want to say to you is very simple: When it comes to bullying, there is no such thing as an innocent bystander. If we are to have a School culture which is hostile to bullying, and we must have that, then there can be no room for bystanders.


This may sound naïve. I am sure that many of us have been bystanders at some time or other – and there are some perfectly understandable reasons for this to have happened in a school setting. Perhaps you know that what is happening is wrong, but you are scared of the consequences if you do speak up and call the unkind behaviour for what it is. Perhaps there is concern for your safety. Will you then be the next target and will your life be made miserable?


Perhaps you worry that your intervention might even make things worse for the victim. All that is understandable but it doesn’t make it OK.                           

If you stand by and watch someone being picked on, or witness one person being deliberately excluded from a social group, you are engaging in the spectacle and giving approval to the bully to humiliate and harass their victim. Even if you don’t become actively involved, you encourage the perpetrators who will feel driven on by the audience. Bystanding, therefore, is not passive. ‘Doing nothing’ has a real impact on events, and may cause harm. The alternative to being a bystander is to be a bullying ‘up-stander’: someone who stands up to bullying, whenever they encounter it.


This takes real moral courage. This means more than refraining from bullying yourself. It means exhibiting behaviour which shows you do not tolerate or accept bullying by others. Comfort the victim, take their side, try to stop the bullying. Show your disapproval to the bullying – tell the bully to stop if it is safe to do so.


But you don’t always need to tackle it single handed. Get support from others. Tell an adult or an older student, a prefect or house leader, or a senior pupil you know and trust.  Comfort the victim and encourage them to tell someone. Remember bullying occurs in a social context. Intentionally or unintentionally, almost all within a social group will have a role to play, whether as active participants, or as bystanders, or up-standers.


Bullying can be found in all areas of society, in schools, but also in the work place you will come across it in many areas throughout your lives.


Wherever and whenever you encounter bullying, you will have to choose whether to do something about it. Ultimately, the pressure of the peer group is a powerful influencer of social behaviour and if enough of you have the courage to stand up against bullying behaviour you will stamp it out at KWS.


We will support you, because this is something very important to us. But this really can be the ultimate form of pupil power. Because if you and your peers decide that bullying is not acceptable, and if you are willing consistently to act on that, then it cannot flourish. Without that willingness, this is not a community any of us can be proud of.


It is up to you. Be courageous. Stand together and let’s have a community that is inclusive, where everyone feels welcome and valued and where all are respected for who they are.


If you can do this we will be a fine School.



Interschool Equestrian

The Equestrian Show Jumping Interschool competition was held at Scots All Saints College on Sunday 24th of March.  200 riders participated- with schools participating coming from Sydney and as far west as Dubbo.


Three KWS students represented Kinross Wolaroi School:  Adelaide Cunningham – Year 9; Millie Coddington - Year 10; and Callum Wald - Year 10.


All three students rode well and displayed great sportsmanship, each receiving a place for their efforts.

  • Adelaide 5th in the AM7 class.
  • Millie 105cm class- 4th in A2 class.
  • Callum 105cm class- 1st in AM7 & 4th A2.  105cm Reserve Champion.



After a week of competition at the Australian National Rowing Championships, our School are now National Champions!  On the medal table, Kinross Wolaroi School were the 3rd ranked School in Australia. A fantastic achievement for our small group of rowers.


The podium results are summarised below:


Our Schoolgirl Coxed Quad: Freya Neville, Bridget Yeomans, Lucy Jenkins, Isabella Scammell, Jetta Kennett – are National Champions taking out the Gold Medal for this event. Also achieving Gold were the Under 17 Women’s Double Scull: Freya Neville, Isabella Scammell – who are also National Champions! Freya Neville, Bridget Yeomans, Lucy Jenkins, Isabella Scammell – took home a Silver Medal in the Under 19 Women’s Coxless Quad. A bronze medal went to the Under 19 Men’s Coxless Quad: Richard King, Cody Kelso, Thomas Richardson, Henry Ponder.


Thank you to all of the staff and teachers who have supported these students, enabling them to achieve something very special that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Dr Andrew Parry 


Message from
the Deputy Principal 

Term 1 | Week 10

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term at KWS and I am stunned as to how quickly it has gone. It has been wonderful to see the School in operation and to gain a greater understanding of what we do. There have been a number of highlights, too many to mention individually, but one aspect that has stood out to me has been the friendly, positive atmosphere around the campus. The students have been wonderfully engaging, interested in how I am settling in and what I intend to do here at KWS. I have also enjoyed having the opportunity of meeting and getting to know many of you either at various functions, at sporting events, or simply in Woolworths in town. We are all very fortunate to be a part of this community and I hope that this is not taken for granted. There are times when friendships do get strained in a School environment, we are working with children after all, and it is important that we remind ourselves of the core values of tolerance, mutual respect, inclusivity and understanding: these are skills that will add even greater value to our pupils’ lives beyond the grounds of this School.


The upcoming break will afford families the opportunity to enjoy a slower pace of life and reconnect with each other. For our Year 12 and Year 11 accelerated pupils it is important that a balance is struck between rest, recuperation and revision. For the rest of the School, time should be spent unwinding after a demanding term. I would also encourage our pupils to keep reading over the break to keep the mind sharp for when they return. The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to get haircuts, ensure uniform is looking smart, shoes are repaired and that they have the correct kit for winter sport. There are a number of training camps over the break and I know that the pupils will find these beneficial as they prepare for the season ahead. Finally, I hope our students will keep themselves safe and be sure to make sensible decisions over the coming weeks.


I wish us all a peaceful and healthy break, along with a generous downpour of rain.


Mr James Boyd

Deputy Principal

Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 1 | Week 10

Our students have performed with great credit over many different areas of the past week.


Congratulations to our two Kids Lit Quiz teams who competed against over 30 teams in the competition last week. They were competing against schools from across the region including several Year 7 teams.

KWS Prep 1 team had our best result finishing 9th out of the 34 teams that took part. KWS Secondary 2 was one position behind at 10th. Our other team Prep 2 came in 24th but it they had a great time and it was a very competitive heat. It was great to see the primary school teams doing so well. Also congratulations to Mrs Deans who co-ordinated the competition across Australia and Mrs O’Dea in preparing the teams.


Our Chess teams started their competitive season at the HICES tournament. They came 2nd and 4th from 19 teams with our ‘A’ team locked in a gripping final against Blue Mountains Grammar. Congratulations to the teams and to Mr Hordynsky in preparing them.


Our Rugby season began last week at the local 7’s tournament against teams from the Orange schools. We entered two teams with our ‘A’ team winning the day and our ‘B’ team coming 4th. The teams both played some fine rugby actively supporting each other on and off the field. Thank you to Mr Shannon for his assistance with the rugby programme.


Our Debating team continue their busy schedule with their Round 3 match this week. We wish them every success and thank Mr Bracks and Mrs Charlton for all their work in preparing the students.


We have 16 students heading off to the inaugural Da Vinci Decathlon, an enrichment challenge, in Bathurst this week where they will put their skills in Engineering, Mathematics, Chess, Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Cartography and General Knowledge to the test. We wish them every success.


Our Term 1 reports will be sent at the end of term. They will be posted this time as we re-work our report format. Term 1 is an interim report to indicate how your child has commenced the year with a new format for Term 2 with more information for you to understand what your child is learning and an indication of their progress.


When our School uniform and sports uniform is worn correctly your children look very smart representing themselves, and their school with great pride. As the term has progressed the uniform standard has slipped and we will be taking steps to raise it to where it should be. Could I ask that your child leaves home suitably dressed. We will be targeting the following: wrong sports socks, no ribbons in hair, shirts out, hair grooming for boys and girls, earrings (small studs only), polishing of shoes.

We would appreciate your support in this area.


Our term comes to a conclusion next week following our Athletics carnival. Mrs Barrett has forwarded all the details for what will be a great day of running, jumping, throwing and novelty events.

Parents are most welcome to attend to be part of the day.


ANZAC Day in Orange is a day of great participation from the local schools. KWS always has large numbers marching and representation at the service following. This year we again request that our Year 5 and 6 students attend, if available, to march and stay for the service in Robertson Park. Children from K-4 are welcome to march but are to be collected by their parents at Robertson Park prior to the start of the service. An email will be sent in the coming days with details and to confirm numbers.


Thank you for your support over the term and I look forward to seeing you at the Athletics Carnival.  


At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  Resilience Award Respect Award Principal's Award
Week 9 Lily Dwyer   Jude Jansen 
Week 10    James Hulme Benjamin Knight



Enjoy your week.


Mr Rob McLean 

Head of Preparatory School

Message from
the Chaplain

While it was still dark

“Early on Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been taken away from the entrance [of the tomb].” John 20:1


"While it was still dark..." I know it was in all likelihood meant by John to be only a reference to the time of day, but for me it opened my imagination to a deeper understanding of the text.


Mary had been one of Jesus’ closest disciples. She had seen lives made new, bodies healed, and eyes opened. She had heard the complaining of the disciples and the criticism of the religious leaders. She saw how the crowds adored him and the rulers hated him. She stood under the cross as they killed him, and her heart was broken. She had seen the adoration of the people when they entered the gates of Jerusalem on Sunday and their hostility when they stood before Pilate at the end of that same week.

Now the man who preached love and forgiveness, the one whom they all thought to be the Messiah, was laid to rest in a tomb. In the depths of grief, Mary gathered the strength to complete the burial rights for the man she obviously loved, to anoint his body.


That empty, forlorn feeling is perhaps one we can relate to in some respects: the loss of our own loved one, the effects of drought on our stock, the loss of a job that we gave our ‘all’ to, the betrayal of those whom we thought were trusted, our children who have not fulfilled the dreams we held for them from their youngest days. But what now?


We all have our days when we stand with our dreams tripping our feet. What we must all learn is to embrace the darkness. Anyone can walk in the sunshine; only the faithful walk in the dark. Remember all sunshine produces a desert and insomnia, not a garden and freshness.


Have no doubt about it, when things get dark (and they will) it does not mean that God has abandoned you. When the darkness comes upon you, God is still working in your behalf. Mary did not abandon Jesus, leave his body or deny his significance.


I have seen mothers time and time again, holding nothing but love for their child. I imagine Mary doing just that. I believe that Mary remained faithful and quietly anticipated the light.


All accounts agree that Mary Magdalene was the first to the tomb. The other three gospels mention that she was accompanied by other women. In John's Gospel this happened “while it was still dark”. The author of John’s Gospel wanted the resurrection to be known as a great light breaking in upon the darkened world.


Jesus had been resurrected! Death was dead. No longer must we live in darkness. The light had come. God in Jesus has defeated sin and death.


We can struggle to believe that the same power that rolled away the stone that covered the tomb where Jesus was buried can also roll away the stones that prevent us from fullness of life. That is our struggle but know that with practice and constant reminder, it gets easier.


May this Easter season be for you filled with light, hope and joy. Blessings to you.


Pastor Phil Worrad


Uniting Church Quarterly Newsletter:
Insights Autumn 2019

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Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

Working together – A Gritty Endeavour!

In my last article, I talked about the importance of creating a ‘Grit-Growth’ environment; a learning environment which is conducive to the development of students’ resilience, persistence and perseverance in their learning – Grit.


Not only will this help them to become successful learners in school and achieve their academic personal best, it will also give them the necessary tools to become ‘lifelong learners’. Given that we are sending our students out into an unpredictable and rapidly changing world – a world in which they will have to constantly re-adapt and evolve in whatever it is they choose to do; lifelong learning is essential.


So what does this ‘Grit-Growth’ environment look like in the classroom?

  • The teacher must make students aware that a discussion of the answer to a question is far more valuable than the answer itself.
  • During opportunities for independent study, the teacher should move students away from the default position of simply asking the teacher when an answer is not immediately apparent and instead remember ‘3B4Me’.
    1. Give themselves the time to stop and think very carefully and analytically about what it is of which they are unsure.
    Look it up and read about it in their text book or research it.
    3. A
    sk a peer and perhaps work it through collaboratively.

At this point, if they still are unsure, they should approach their teacher. This process of thinking, reflection, research, collaboration and deduction is vital to their learning development. 

  • Feedback, whether oral or written, should be timely, explicit, detailed and most importantly – ‘genuine’. In expecting our students to act upon feedback and use it to drive their learning, it is important that the feedback they receive is helpful and constructive. If students present work that is rushed, vague and not reflective of their best effort, they should be told this. Feedback is about the learning process and the final product. It is not a judgement on the individual. The open and honest conversation with a student about a task that is clearly not the result of effort and hard work, is also an important part of the learning process. Feedback should make clear to a student where they are going and how they might get there.
  • The learning environment must be one where students feel comfortable to demonstrate their vulnerability in pursuing their personal potential.

Teaching is a precarious balancing act. We need to nurture the necessary ‘grit’ that will serve to protect our students when they are no longer in our care. This is not just about academic learning; it is about social and emotional wellbeing.


And if we thought teaching was tough – what about parenting? As parents we want to protect our children – it is instinctive; it is painful for us to witness our children deal with frustration and failure. And yet, we know in our heart of hearts, that learning to handle failure is healthy and necessary for our children. If we remove all obstacles and shield them from problems and difficulties, they will be ill-equipped to face the bigger and inevitable challenges after school.  


A recent article in the New York Times[1], outlines how parents can best support their children to be ‘gritty’ and resilient.


Empathise, don’t advise – When children have faith that their feelings and emotions actually matter, they have the raw material they need to advocate for themselves and solve their own problems.


Ask what they want to do – the core of ‘grit’ is the ability to generate options in the face of stressful challenges; to anticipate consequences before we face them and to make the most practical and efficient choices. We must resist the temptation to give them the answers and instead question them on their decisions. What do you think would happen if…


Refuse to indulge their every request – when they ask for help, talk them through the process of ‘figuring things out on their own’. Ask yourself, will giving them the answer support their own learning and growth? Will ‘struggling’ a little bit be good for them? It is far better to be able to identify one small step that they can take on their own that will be a little stressful but not too overwhelming.


Make them the decision-makers – answer their questions with a question that will cultivate their own judgement; What do you think? Gritty students will ask themselves; Is this the best essay I can write? They need to learn to be reflective and honest with themselves.


Parent as if you were not afraid – this is a really tough one. Our children always scan our faces and read our emotions in order to gauge how upset they should be about something. The trick is to ask yourself the question, if you knew that, despite whatever was happening now, your child would turn out to be absolutely fine, what would you say and do when faced with an upset, anxious child? This question allows us to pull back from the catastrophising that often makes us say and do things that we later regret.


As both teachers and parents, instead of only worrying about and focusing on setting our students/children up to succeed, what if we spend some of the time teaching them how to cope with failure?


It is a scary thought but it is absolutely crucial that we work together to nurture and support the development of ‘Grit’ in our children. We cannot always be there for them. At some point they have to stand alone. It is important to teach them that it is OK to fall – as long as they get back up again.


[1] How to Not Be a Snowplow Parent – Rachel Simmons 25th March 2019

Mrs Serena Lewis 

Head of Teaching and Learning

The Regional
Engagement Enterprise

Year 9 Agriculture

Our Year 9 Agriculture classes visited the Carcoar Livestock Exchange last Friday for the annual weaner sale. The students had an overview of the CTLX by the manager Brock Syphers and a Q&A with stock and station agent Taylor Meek of JD Dresser before watching the sale of over 8800 animals! This excursion was the precursor for our study of feedlot steers in Term 2.



Year 9 Geography

Our Year 9 Geography students visited our Leurella property last week to learn more about gully erosion, land regeneration and to practice their investigative skills. During the morning, they audited the trees planted by Year 10 Geography in 2018, together with participating in soil workshops led by David Mitchell of the NSW DPI. In the afternoon session, the students observed the erosion site and hypothesised actions they could take to stabilise the gully.


Year 9 HisTREE

Our Year 9 HisTREE elective students concluded their “Echoes of Ophir” unit with a visit to the Local History room and a talk from local historian John Glastonbury on the importance of Ophir to Orange. Whilst the majority of students were at the library, a small of group and their teacher (Mr Paine) visited ‘Ophir Bill’ Schmich at his home to observe his fantastic Ophir memorabilia collection and to hear his perspective on its history.



Cattle Team

Our Cattle Team had a terrific weekend at the Cumnock Show as they prepare to participate at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney shortly. Caitlin Adam came 2nd in the Novice Paraders whilst Harry MacDougall was Reserve Champion and Tom Patton Champion Novice Parader! Taylah Hobbs continued her success from 2018 by winning Champion Open Parader.


Entrepreneurial Learning in Action Program

As mentioned in the last bulletin, Kinross Wolaroi School has been chosen as one of seven schools in Australia to undertake the entrepreneurial learning in action program sponsored by Agrifutures Australia. On Thursday, Education Director Liz Jackson visited KWS to officially launch the program and to speak to the Year 10 agriculture program about what will be involved. The students are excited to begin problem solving current and future agricultural issues, before a pitch event later in the year. If you are interested in being involved as a mentor, please do get in touch!


Year 3

Our Year 3 students recently went on an excursion to Mandagery Creek Venison and Swinging Bridge Winery to learn about primary production in the region and to understand the impact the drought has had on these businesses. During their visit to Swinging Bridge the students learnt how many grapes go into a bottle of wine, how the irrigation systems work and what the processes of production involve. At Mandagery Creek, Tim Hansen showed the students the products of venison, before discussing supplementary feeding, regions for export and how his yards work.


Mr Tom Riley 

Director of TREE


Prep Assembly Awards

Merit Awards


  • Week 9 – Tara Webber, Marlon Zielinski, Mahi Bohra, Lily Curran, Julian Capanas, Angus Boyd, Sophia Martin.
  • Week 10 – Felix Knox, Zali Begg, Julian Capanas, Lachlan Hunt, Benjamin Roper.


  • Week 9 – James Proudford-Nalder, Janagan Kandeepan, Stuart Bell, Dylan Cutter, Georgia Dunn, Joshua Leung, Claire Gordon, Isabella Zhang, Alexandra Coleman, Emily Lawrie.
  • Week 10 – Joshua Leung, Grace Harvey, Liam McCormack, Claire Gordon, Stuart Bell, Janagan Kandeepan, Kimberley Williams, Olive McLaurin, James Proudford-Nalder.      


  • Week 9 – Henry Sawtell, Thomas Rourke, Milla O’Toole, Jessica McGreal, Harriett Johnson.
  • Week 10 – Nixie Widauer, Prayan Dulal, Anna Kenny.


  • Week 9 – Archie Bylsma, Lucie Chambers, Elizabeth Harmer, Oscar Pigot.
  • Week 10 -  Archie Bylsma, Lucie Chambers, Grace Lowther, Mya McLachlan, Harper Purvis, Georgiana Saran, Andie Zinga.


  • Week 9 – Ingrid West, James Hulme, Benjamin Knight, Louis Blyth.
  • Week 10 - Zach Stacpoole, Mia Martin, Benjamin Knight, Harry Oldroyd.


  • Week 9 – Henry Brannigan, Luna Cunningham, Elizabeth Croft, Charlie Haydon, Aston Lett, Cassandra Philippe, Harry Price, Janette Proudford-Nalder.
  • Week 10 – Nicholas Balcomb, Andrew Bell, Chrysalide Frecklington, Charlie Haydon, Jack Kenny, Luca Kotasthane, Ashton Lett, Harry Price, Isabelle Provost.


  • Week 9 – Jazmin Marquez, Harriet Boyd, Henry Quigley, Alexandra Whitehead, Daisy Dwyer, Harrison Chapman, Angus Sawtell, Jed Volkofsky.
  • Week 10 – Daniel Rourke, Harriet Boyd, Annabelle Maslin x2, Lily Dwyer.


  • Week 10 – Chloe Caro, Maya McFarlane, Benjamin Chambers, Charlotte Williams, Lucas Choi, Aurora Everett, Max Kenny.


  • Week 9 – Charlie Kimmins, Phoebe Paynter, Lenny Shannon, Isabella Vangestel.
  • Week 10 – Angelina McRae, Phoebe Paynter x2, Isabella Vangestel.


  • Week 9 – Hannah Birmili, Audrey Blyth, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Annabel Clinton, David King, Ashton Montagliani, Georgia Philippe, Eva Smedley, Oscar Zielinski.
  • Week 10 – Hannah Birmili, Audrey Blyth, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Thomas Hunt, Madison Jones, Percy Meates, Lily Moe, Ashton Montagliani, Hugo O’Brien, Oscar Zielinski.


  • Week 10 – Olive Glover, Zoe Harmer, Charlie Davis, Freya Stacpoole, Matthew Roper, Olivia Wilson.


  • Week 9 – Austin Schaapveld, William Karrasch, Jack Steventon, Bianca Wong, Fredrick Durkin.
  • Week 10 – Fredrick Durkin, Samuel Balcomb, Samuel Martin, Toby Gee, Lexi Wilkin, William Karrasch, Charles Swift.


  • Week 9 – Charlotte Buckley, Alice Hansen, Olivia Volkofsky, Claire Ward-Finn.
  • Week 10 – Bridget Horne, Olivia Martin, Emily Caro, Ruby de Vries, Jack Paix, Pranav Srikanth.


  • Week 9 – Charlie Hall, Isabelle Johnston, Isabella Lloyd-George, Nancy Straw, Daisy Wakem, Sienna Wilkin.
  • Week 10 – Jamie Adams, Lachlan Boyd, Ava Buesnel, Aiden Button, Grace Hansen, Roger Kircher, Isabella Lloyd-George, Philippa Martin, Issac Marvasti, Benjamin Maslin, Isobella Montagliani, Hugh Payne, Lillian Pearce, Jackson Raffen, Oliver Smith, Nancy Straw.


  • Week 9 – Aimee Anders, Lillian Armstrong, Maya Bracks, Timothy Lowther, Bonnie McPhee.
  • Week 10 – Joshua de Bruyn, Seamus Dwyer, Hannah Jones, Rhys Jones, Kajan Kandeepan, Lily McBeath, Olivia Searle, Jessica Thompson.   


Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners:

  • Week 9 – Janette Proudford-Nalder, Phoebe Clinton, Joshua Westcott, Charles Jones, Georgia Dunn, Liam McCormack, Harry Oldroyd, Mia Martin, George Proudford-Nalder, Olivia Martin, Elizabeth Harmer, Daniel Kerdic, Olivia Searle, Kajan Kandeepan, Lachie Healey.
  • Week 10 – Isabelle Provost, Mya McLachlan, Disha Prasad, Benjamin Maslin, Issac Marvasti, Bonnie McPhee, Timothy Lowther, Harriet Stratton, Dylan Cutter, Digby Volkofsky, Samuel Balcomb, Isaac de Bruyn, Darcie Marshall, Ingrid West.

Lovely Greetings:  

  • Week 9 – Cassandra Philippe.
  • Week 10 – Luna Cunningham, Annabel Clinton, Anna Kenny.

Thinking of Others:  

  • Week 9 – Isobella Montagliani, Lily Moe, Ruby de Vries, William Stratton.
  • Week 10 – Arad Safeer, Lily Dwyer.

Excellent Behaviour:  

  • Week 9 – Anna Kenny, Nicolette Saran, Hamish Buckley.
  • Week 10 – Oliver Garard, Hamish Slack-Smith, Saxon Haynes.

School Values:

  • Week 9 – Nicholas Balcomb, Harry Price, Kaitlin Smith, Hamish Slack-Smith, Kaydn McLachlan.
  • Week 10 – Lachlan Hunt, Felix Knox, Thomas Robson, Rose Hedley, Charlotte Williams, Olivia McBeath, Willa Paix, Jack Paix.


Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride:

  • Week 9 – Alexandra Coleman, Charles Swift, Daniel Rourke.
  • Week 10 – Winona Wade.


  • Week 10 – Benjamin Maslin, Isaac de Bruyn, Kajan Kandeepan, Kaydn McLachlan.


  • Week 9 – Nicos Cassimaty, Grace Hansen, Nancy Straw, Grace Segger, Vivian Meates, Benjamin Knight, Ingrid West, Jack Dunworth, Emma Ward – Finn.
  • Week 10 – Tara Webber, May McLachlan, Oscar Pigot, Charles Hail, Archer Schaapveld, Samuel Marvasti, Benjamin Knight, Grace Segger, James Jones.

Initiative in the Classroom:

  • Week 10 – Lachlan Knight, Charles Swift, Samuel Martin, Alice Jones.  

Role Model:

  • Week 9 – Issac Marvasti.
  • Week 10 – Ashton Lett, Luca Kotasthane, Tessa Wong, Alice Commins.

Being Kind:

  • Week 9 - Sadie Kimmins, Grace Lowther, Reginald Caskey.
  • Week 10 – Charlie Kimmins, Grace Harvey, Emily Caro.

Excellent Behaviour:

  • Week 9 – Ava Sutherland.

School Values:

  • Week 9 – Olive McLaurin, Harriett Sinclair, Hannah Birmili, William Payne, Koby Bryan, Isabella Pearce, Jessica Thompson, Arden Rowe, Zoe Freeman.
  • Week 10 – Alannah Bryan, Max Kenny, Aiden Button, Lachlan Watts, Alice Hansen, Andrew Caskey, Rohan Kotasthane, Jed Volkofsky, Harrison Fielding.


Message from the 
Director of Co-curricular

Camps Week

In very chilly conditions over the weekend, around 60 students headed off to the Blue Mountains for the annual Music camp which was held in Katoomba. Students in the Orchestra, Chamber Strings, Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Stage Band participated in rehearsals, sectional tutorials, and enjoyed their down time with games and activities organised by the Music leaders. Thank you to all of the staff and students for their efforts in making the camp such a great success.



Plans are almost finalised for all of our students and staff heading out on Camps week activities next week. I hope everyone has a wonderful time in their selected camp activity, and I look forward to seeing you all in action.


End of Season Functions

As the Summer season of sport comes to a close, many of our groups have held functions to celebrate. These functions are a lovely way for the community to come together to celebrate the success of the season and to thank the students, staff and parents for their contribution.


The Rowing presentation dinner was held in the DPA on Friday 22nd March. This was a lovely occasion to celebrate what has been a very long and successful season for our rowing club. It was also an opportunity to bless the new boats, which have been named after the community members who have given so much to the KWS rowing community. A special sight was the newly named ‘Bev West’ eight which was suspended from the ceiling. This gave all of the dinner guests an up-close insight into just how large these boats are. The guest speaker for the evening was our Head Rowing Coach, Ms Sarah Cook who was grilled by some of the leaders in a very informative Q and A session. Thank you to all of the MIC Mr Tobias Wehr-Candler, staff, students and community members who have contributed to the rowing program this season.  And, congratulations on your incredible success.


The cricket presentation evening was held on Saturday night in the staff common room. MIC Mr Ben Ronald shared his immense pride in all the players and coaches for their wonderful season. He also noted that the season, having started in October was an incredibly long one! Captain of Cricket, Sam Ridley was the MC for the evening, and acknowledged the great effort and commitment from all players throughout the season. Awards were given to best batsmen, bowler, and a coaches awards for each team; with the coaches sharing anecdotes and highlights of the season. The Geoff Hull spirit of cricket award was given to the KWS Fever girls team, which was an incredible honour. Other major awards went to Phoebe Litchfield for Junior Cricketer of the year, and Sam Ridley for Senior Cricketer of the year. Congratulations again to all involved.


Ms Heidi Anthony

Director of Co-curricular

Senior School
Performing Arts

Music Camp

Last weekend, students from years 7 to 12 who play in Orchestra, Symphonic Winds, Chamber Strings and Stage Band were involved in our annual Music Camp. What a joy it was to work with our wonderful Music students in the lovely Blue Mountains. Music Camp affords us the opportunity to intensively rehearse repertoire for the upcoming Performing Arts Festival, but also gives us the chance to get to know each other better.


In between rehearsals, there was plenty of outside action to be had, including a Great Race, archery, ropes course and a bushwalk to the Three Sisters.


Thank you to our year 12 Music Leaders, Olivia Mirrington, Sneha Srikanth, Olivia Small, Oscar Tierney, Jasper Mihalich and Noah Baldwin whose thoughtfulness and outstanding organisation of evening activities ensured everyone had a great time.


Thank you also to Music staff who attended the camp as well as Mrs Rebecca Choi whose organisation ensured that camp ran smoothly.



Mrs Jacqueline Shields

Head of Performing Arts

Prep School
Performing Arts

Dates for the Diary

Week 11 – Last co-curricular ensemble rehearsals for Term 1. Please note that Percussion Ensemble will rehearse on Friday April 12.


Term 2:

May 27 – Oz Opera Production of By The Light Of The Moon
June 6 – Prep Performing Arts Concert 5.30pm DPA


AMEB Music Examinations

Early next term tutors will be communicating with parents in regards to students sitting AMEB exams which are due to take place in August. In order to register, tutors will need to have confirmation from parents by Friday May 3 (Week 2). Please keep an eye out for information that will be coming home with your child about these exams. Further information can be obtained from tutors directly.

Music Group of the Week

Week 9 – Junior Dance nominated by Miss Lindsay.
Week 10 – 7 Strings nominated by Mrs Moxey.


Have a restful Easter break.

Katie Sinclair
Prep Music Co-ordinator

Information and Communication Technology

Frog Tip re Smartphones (iPhone and Androids)

Your Smartphone/iPad is a computer with a limited amount of computing resources.  Your device may become overwhelmed if you try to open lots of Apps and lots of Frog pages at the same time.  If you find Frog is not responding properly try closing some Apps, and/or close some of your Frog pages by clicking on the X in the top left hand corner of the page. Try restarting your Smart Phone or iPhone if it is running slowly.

It’s also useful practice to make sure you have free storage on your device to try deleting some videos/photos from your device if it is running slowly, having 15% of free space may help your device perform better.





What can I do when Frog says “You cannot run more than 4 applications concurrently”?

When you see this message (below) on your iPad/iPhone, click the quick launch icon  (9 dots in the top RH corner of the screen), this will Open up a new display on the top right hand corner of your screen and display icons for all open Frog Windows plus some other features):


After clicking on the Quick Launch you will see at the bottom of the group of icons your open Frog Windows


Hold your finger onto the icon for the window that you want to close (e.g. in the pic below the icon for the Window at the bottom of this list of open windows “Year 7…”.  After holding it for  about 1-2 seconds it will give you an option to:

Launch New or Close.  Choosing Close will close the Site that is open in the background and release memory for your device.







Mr Darryn Marjoram

Director Information Services, ICT

Senior School Sport News


The Junior Water Polo season will culminate on Thursday (4/4/2019) with the Grand Final, which will be a closely fought game between the KWS Piranhas and the KWS Barracudas. Some key players will be absent due to Cadet commitments and injury, so the outcome is completely unpredictable. The afternoon will proceed as follows:

  • 4.00pm: Barracudas v Piranhas (GF)
  • 4.45pm: “Fast Fives” – a fast-paced small-sided game which all players are encouraged to join in (Bring your swimming gear!!)
  • 5.15pm: BBQ and Junior awards presentation

Junior players are encouraged to stay on to support our senior teams who will be contesting the semi-finals, starting from 6.30pm.


This marks the end of the Junior competition. A big thank you to all of you. You have represented yourselves and KWS beautifully. You have shown commitment to training and game schedules, respect towards your coaches, team mates and opponents, and you have consistently played with a great sense of fun and sportsmanship. We hope to see you all back next season – and encourage your friends to try this great game too!


To those who are leaving the Juniors to join the Senior competition next season, we wish you all the best as you take your game to the next level.


Details about the Senior Grand Final, scheduled for next week, will be available on Team App and Frog as soon as we know them.


The Senior Water Polo Semi Finals will be held on Thursday 4 April 2019. Two out of the three KWS Opens teams will be contesting the Open Age Semi Finals:

  • KWS 1st meet the Orange Cobras at 6.30pm
  • KWS 2nd meet Bathurst Jets at 7.00pm

The Senior Grand Final will be held at the Orange Aquatic Centre on 11th April at 5.30pm followed by Senior Fast 5's at 6.15pm and the end of season BBQ and Presentation at 7.00pm.


Antonia Suthers & Darryn Marjoram



KWS Grizzlies v Rim Rockers won the Grand Final 25-20

This was an enjoyable match to watch and hotly contested. Both teams had opportunities to forge ahead but just as the lead was opening up, the other team would lift their play another notch and the tussle was renewed. Mitch and Pete provided a solid backbone at both ends of the court. Lochlan showed shrewd timing with his defensive intercepts as well as providing passes for players moving forward. Lewis and Max made some deft passes and found space in behind the play, as well as showing patience with team possession of the ball. Ryan and Alex had less time on the court but in the second half of the match played with an intensity that lifted their support play to a higher level. Towards the end our opposition was closing and we needed to stay calm and in possession. Well done on this grand final win and all the best for the winter season. Thank you to the parents who attended regularly and those who made it to a match when they could.


Matthew Healey



Reports: March 9-March 30 2019

All results and scores are available at


1st XI Results

Round 14 (March 2 & 9)
KWS 194 (M Powell 39, A Cumming 35, S Crisp 26, H Kermode 26, G Cumming 24no, S Ridley 24) against Centrals 3/63 (A Cumming 2/18)

Report: KWS had a dominant win over Centrals at home thanks to ripping spells from Ed Taylor and Angus Cumming. Day 1 was a grinding affair, with Centrals taking regular wickets but KWS scoring quickly. At one point Centrals looked to be on top before George Cumming and Harry Kermode put on a solid 9th wicket partnership. With Centrals needing an outright win to have any chance of a finals spot, they attempted to start quickly but found themselves at 3/63 after Day 1. On Day 2, Centrals pressed again but their risks went without reward, and KWS bowled sensibly to take the last 7 wickets for 27 runs and see the match end after 45 minutes on Day 2.


Round 15 (March 16 & 17):

KWS 89 (S Ridley 34, W Luelf 31) and 138 (C Greer 45, G Cumming 30no, A Cumming 20) lost on first innings to Cavaliers 7d/182 (A Brien 3/22, G Cumming 2/38)

Report: After decimating Centrals and claiming back the Douglas Shield, KWS 1st Grade were mentally tapped out for the last round against ladder topping Cavaliers. A sound start with Will Luelf was turned on its head with several runouts and poor shots ending KWS 1st innings very early. Cavaliers took the ascendency quickly on a fast Wade Park outfield and KWS found themselves scrambling to contain the damage. An inspired bowling change saw Alex Brien stem the flow after bowling for the first time this season. Cavaliers declared on stumps, wanting to push KWS for an outright on the Sunday. Thankfully, steady heads in Angus Cumming and Charlie Greer batted time opening up the second innings and almost single-handedly put an end to the outright threat. Both captains shook hands after almost 3 hours play to end the ODCA season for KWS 1sts.


2nd XI Results

Round 14:

KWS 160 (W Prowse 39, L Buckley 35, M Webster 28, T Kiss 22) and 127 (N Jones 30, T Madigan 29, T Kiss 23) lost outright to Centrals 230 (N Shepherd 5/62, W Prowse 3/34) and 6/58 (M Webster 3/33)


Round 15:

KWS 70 (W Prowse 22no) and 117 (M Webster 37) lost outright to Cavaliers 8d/185 (N Shepherd 4/51)


3rd XI Results

Round 20:

KWS 100 (M Meiklejohn 52) lost to Spring Hill 151 (W Byrnes 3/16, N Keirle 2/14)


Round 21:

KWS 65 (H Thompson 23, I Hope 22) lost to Cavaliers 8/235 (S Taylor 6/32)


Centenary Cup Results

KWS Blue

Round 13:

KWS 165 (D Hunter 52no, L Hunter 45) lost to CYMS 7/174 (H Sharpe 2/45)


Round 14:

KWS Blue 6/171 (L Hunter 42, H Thompson 24no, D Tucker 21no, C Tink 21, H Forsyth 2/13) defeated KWS Super Kings 134 (F Doyle 37, F Marais 30, A Baldwinson 3/14, H Sharpe 3/30, D Tucker 2/5)


Round 15:

KWS 143 (H Sharpe 33, D Hunter 25) defeated Orange City 8/101 (A Tancred 2/18)


Grand Final:

KWS 3/114 (L Hunter 58no, S Gee 25) defeated Orange City 9/113 (L Hunter 2/2, A Tancred 2/6)

Report: A freezing cold day and overnight rain unfortunately saw the game move from KWS Main to Anzac Park, but its still did not deter KWS Blue from claiming victory in the Centenary Cup decider. With the temperature in the single-digits, KWS bowled first and immediately made life difficult for City, who struggled to find the boundary on the bumpy outfield with tight bowling an excellent fielding. Some great catching from Dylan Tucker and a run out from Luke Hunter kept the pressure on and City limped to a below-par total of 113 off 35 overs. The KWS innings was highlighted by Luke Hunters patient and composed 58no and hitting the winning runs with father, David, at the non-strikers end. This moment encapsulated everything that Centenary Cup is about. Congratulations to the team who were thoroughly deserving of the title after a strong season. It was great to see a mix of ages and fathers involved in this team throughout the season. Well done to all who contributed to the side.


KWS Super Kings

Round 13:

KWS 9/132 (A Haling 32, A Blyde 26, L Ferguson 26) lost to Orange City 4/191 (N McPhee 2/18, W Maslin 2/25)


Round 14:

See result above for KWS Blue.


Round 15:

KWS 155 (F Marais 50no, J Kildey 21) lost to CYMS 7/158 (J Kildey 3/31, L Ferguson 2/11)


U15s Results

KWS Scorchers

Semi Final:

KWS 7/149 (A Tancred 39, J Rasmussen 22, E Smith 21) defeated Orange City 58 (H Forsyth 3/3, J Rasmussen 3/5)

Report: The Scorchers won their way through to the ODJCA Under 15 Grand Final with a comprehensive victory over Orange City at the Country Club on Saturday. Batting first, the Scorchers marshalled their largest total of the season to date posting 149 for 7 from 28 overs. This was based around important contributions from Arnie Tancred (39), Jono Rasmussen (22), and Ethan Smith (21). Jono got the innings off to a bright start despite the loss of Archie Haling early on. After Jono was out in the 7th over with the score at 42 Arnie and Ethan combined in a vital 59 run stand take us past the 100 mark in the 17th over. There was another nice 26 run stand between Arnie and Henry Forsyth that took the score to 127 in the 22 over before the former was dismissed. The City bowlers fought back in the last 6 overs as we only managed to add another 22 runs for the loss of 3 wickets but a final total of 149 was extremely pleasing and reflected the work the boys had been putting into their batting and especially running between the wickets in the last few weeks. The Scorchers have managed to bowl other teams out for less than they have scored throughout the season when they have been defending far more modest totals but they knew that they still had a job ahead of them because of the good batting wicket and lightning fast outfield. Excellent line and length from the bowlers and some smart groundfielding saw City dismissed for 58 in 20 overs. Jono Rasmussen made the early breakthroughs and finished with 3 for 5 from 4 overs. Harry Gutterson (1 for 16 from 4 overs), Will Englund (1 for 19 from 4 overs) and Arnie Tancred (who was economy personified as he finished with 4 –2 -6-0) bowled extremely well and maintained the pressure on the City batsmen. Nelson Shepherd (2 for 8 from 2 overs) and Henry Forsyth (1.2 overs 3 wickets for 3 runs) finished the City innings off in clinical fashion. This was a tremendous all round performance. It was especially pleasing to see the Scorchers not only bat, bowl and field so well but play in the best traditions of KWS cricket and the spirit of the game. Thanks to Mr Hannelly for umpiring and to Mr Englund for scoring in what were difficult conditions at times. Speaking from experience I know how hard it is to keep yourself and most importantly the scorebook dry and score all at once! Thanks also to the parents and others who turned up to support the boys. This was most appreciated. By Mr B Kerridge (Coach)


Grand Final:

KWS 7/88 lost to CYMS 8/90 (H Forsyth 3/ , N Shepherd 2/ )

ReportThe Scorchers ended up the losing team after a tough contest against CYMS on Saturday. Batting first, the Scorchers only managed to score 88 for the loss of 7 wickets after their 28 overs. Several players got starts most notably Jono Rasmussen (12) Arnie Tancred (12)  and Ethan Smith (19) but they were unable to build on their hard work and go on to make the big score that the side rally needed. The turning point of the innings came when Nelson Shepherd and Arnie Tancred were run out – the latter to a brilliant piece of work from opposition captain Nick Murphy. Lower middle order batsmen Will Harborne, Will Englund and Henry Forsyth in the closing overs all worked hard but 88 was at least 20 runs shy of what the boys were hoping for. Having said that, the Scorchers had shown time and again throughout the season that they could defend small targets. All the bowlers did their jobs and made run scoring difficult for the opposition. Arnie Tancred and Will Englund and Henry Forsyth were especially impressive early on but the wickets that we needed so badly weren’t coming By drinks CYMS were in a strong position at 3 for 43. Following the break, the Scorchers continued to make life difficult for CYMS with Jono Rasmussen bowling fast, full and straight to the dangerous Murphy in a fantastic spell of fast bowling. (Look up Alan Donald bowling at Steve and Mark Waugh at the SCG in 97/98 on Youtube to see something similar) Jono eventually got his man and then the skipper Nelson Shepherd chimed in with the wicket of the stubborn Wykes and the game was very much in the balance at 5 for 54. Try as they might, the Scorchers could not make another breakthrough until the score was at 72. While many teams might have given up at this point the Scorchers were not done yet. Henry Forsyth picked up a wicket to make it 7 for 73 and another with the score at 87 but CYMS were able to scramble their way home with an over and a half to spare. Thanks to the umpires and Mr Englund and Mrs Charlton for scoring. Thanks also to the parents and supporters who came along on the day.  As is always the case, one side had to lose and the Scorchers were disappointed that they were that team on the day. All who were there would agree that it was a game worthy of a final and was played in a fantastic spirit. Well done boys. By Mr B Kerridge (Coach)


U13s Results

KWS Sixers

Semi Final:

KWS 82 (A Pengilly 28) lost to Orange City Warriors 6/91 (C Hansen 2/4)


U17 Colts T20 Challenge Cup

Grand Final:

KWS 89 (O Hoskin 27, A Blyde 21no) lost to Cavaliers 7/90 (G Cumming 3/14, J Thompson 2/26)


Mr Ben Ronald

Social Sciences | Dean House Tutor | MIC Cricket



NSW Junior State Age Championships

Last weekend it was the turn of our junior swimmers to represent us at NSW state swimming. There were some exceptional performances with many swimmers times reflecting the effort they have put into their training over the summer. Lottie O’Hehir-Corones finished 7th in both the 50 and 100 breaststroke and only just missing out on a top 10 in the 200 Breast finishing 11th. Lottie swam very well all weekend and is now less than one second off the national qualifying time in the 100 breaststroke. Lottie also swam PB’s in the 50 fly, 100 free, 100 fly, 200 IM.


Callum and Kyla Brown both swam well getting very close to their entry times in their events.


The following swimmers also performed well swimming PB’s in their events:

  • Tommaso Cornelius-Feltus – 400 free, 200 breast, 50 free, 200 IM
  • Angus Ervin – 50 back, 50 free
  • Lazo Jalal – 50 fly
  • Thomas Pell – 100 breast, 50 breast
  • George Wakem – 50 free

The boys medley relay team (George, Lazo, Thomas, Angus) took nearly 2 seconds off their entry time.


Head Coach Kim Taylor was pleased with the young teams performance.


Jo Keown

KWS Swimming Co-ordinator

Rowing News

National Champs!

Kinross Wolaroi School... National Champions in rowing once again, and on the medal table, we ranked 3rd best School in Australia!


Last week at the Australian National Rowing Championships our rowers performed incredibly well winning 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal.


National Champions:

  • Schoolgirl Coxed Quad: Freya Neville, Bridget Yeomans, Lucy Jenkins, Isabella Scammell, and Jetta Kennett
  • Under 17 Women’s Double Scull: Freya Neville and Isabella Scammell


  • Under 19 Women’s Coxless Quad: Freya Neville, Bridget Yeomans, Lucy Jenkins, and Isabella Scammell


  • Under 19 Men’s Coxless Quad: Richard King, Cody Kelso, Thomas Richardson, and Henry Ponder

It was a challenging week for everyone who competed, racing against the top rowers and crews from across Australia. It tested them mentally and physically, however they rose to the challenge and all competed with passion and grit.


At the start of the week, nerves were high, both rowers and coaches believed in the ability of all crews to perform, and while we tired as the week progressed, our confidence and belief grew. What was most pleasing to see is the support that the rowers showed for one and other throughout the week, cheering other crews on where they could and showing a genuine interest in and desire for their team mates to perform well.


In the under 19 men’s and women’s coxless Quads (our Silver & Bronze medals), both crews raced incredibly well and were the best school/club crew in each race. The only crews better than them on the day were composite crews using athletes from multiple states/clubs to field the best crews they could muster.


Another seven crews from Kinross Wolaroi School competed at the National Championships, their results below:

  • 6th – Under 19 Women’s Pair:
    Bridget Yeomans, Lucy Jenkins
  • 6th – Under 17 Men’s Coxed Quad:
    Jack Weeks, Alex Brown, Harry Houghton, Sam Rae, Lucinda McCarten
  • 9th – Schoolboy Coxed Quad:
    Richard King, Cody Kelso, Thomas Richardson, Henry Ponder, Harrison Straw
  • 18th – Schoolgirl Coxed Four:
    Flinn Madigan, Alana Dihel, Charlie Harding, Bridget Longley, Xanthe St Clair
  • 19th – Schoolgirl Coxed Quad:
    Lucy Kirk, Olivia Hilder, Katie Coleman, Emer Spora, Lucinda McCarten
  • 35th – Schoolgirl Single Scull:
    Sass Reynolds
  • Just missing out on the final in the Under 17 Men’s Double Scull: 
    Jack Weeks and Alex Brown.

Unfortunately, this was an elimination event and the boys did not have an opportunity to race for 9-16th placings. They improved well through the week despite this and finished in a very tight tussle to the line, finishing in 5th place by 0.83 seconds behind fourth place, with only the top four progressing.


Jack Weeks and Alex Brown partnered up with Harry Houghton, Sam Rae and Lucinda McCarten to race in the Under 17 Men’s Coxed Quad later that same day, and narrowly progressed through to the semi-final. From there the crew improved every race and finished a respectable and well deserved 6th place in the final.


After winning a bronze medal earlier that morning, the Schoolboy Coxed Quad raced their semi-final that afternoon and had a battle on their hands the whole way down the course, narrowly missing out on the A-Final by 0.35 seconds, a devastating blow for them, and disappointing to not be racing in the final. Despite this, the crew picked themselves up and in a clinical performance they won the B-Final, ranking them 9th in the country.


Both the Schoolgirl Coxed Four and Coxed Quad who placed 18th and 19th respectively performed very well at the NSW Schoolgirl Head of the River, with a Silver and Gold performance at that regatta. With many schools stacking their best rowers into these events for the National Championships they were always going to be tough events. Despite neither crew making the A&B Semi-Final, they both did incredibly well and should be proud of their efforts.


For Sass Reynolds to be racing in the Schoolgirl Single Scull at the National Championships and place 35th out of 47 entries, this is a fantastic effort, as she has only been rowing for 6 months, compared to the 4-5 years of her competitors. Sass has shown dedication and persistence where many others would give up, and will reap the benefits of her hard work in years to come.


On the medal table, we were the 3rd ranked School in Australia, behind only Scotch College (VIC) and Queenwood College (NSW). A fantastic achievement for our small group of rowers.


A big thank you to all of the parents, family and friends who travelled down to Penrith to support us, and to volunteer their time at the regatta.


Finally, a big thank you to the staff who supported these students, and an acknowledgement to our team, Sarah Cook, Tom Joseph, Harriet Haege, Jake Coleman, Ms Trin Graham, Mr John Giuffre, and Mr Tony Parish.


Enjoy the winter, see you all again next season.


Tobias Wehr-Candler

MIC Rowing

Prep School Sport News

Winter Sport & Training 

Sport now moves to Winter Sport training this Wednesday 3 April and Monday 8 April. Monday is an optional training for students in Year 2. All students will need to bring their equipment / mouth guards / boots etc to both sessions.


As the weather can change quickly in Orange, please have a back up plan in case sport is cancelled. Mrs Kennewell (Prep Office) cannot get messages to children at the last minute, so please discuss your alternative back up plan with your children so they know how to get home and what to do.


As all students have signed-up to their Winter Sports, the MIC’s of each sport are currently sorting through their numbers. Netball is currently the only sport who has listed teams due to early registrations.


Please check the sport noticeboard to check sign-on sports are correct.


For 2019, staff contacts for each sport are:

  • Football: Mrs Sharpe
  • Netball: Mrs Pengilly
  • Hockey: Mrs Barrett
  • Rugby: Mr McLean

Training days for Term 2-3 will be as follows:

  • Football: Mondays & Wednesdays U12, U8-U11 Wednesdays
  • Netball: Mondays & Wednesdays U11-U12, U9-U10 Wednesdays
  • Rugby: Mondays & Wednesdays U11, U9 Wednesdays
  • Hockey: Mondays All teams with matches Wednesday afternoon / evenings

Registration information and links will be pushed out through Team App. Please make sure you have an account with the sport your child has selected.


This is where all draw information; draw changes, wet weather information, team selections etc will be found. Notifications can be pushed out directly to mobile phones, so is very important all parents sign up. The app is free to download from the app store. Please then look up the following teams and only request “parents” at this stage. No children are to sign-up.

KWS Prep Football

KWS Prep Hockey

KWS Prep Rugby

KWS Prep Netball


Outside Sport

Congratulations to Ashton Nock and Lachlan Boyd on their selection into the Orange 12’s representative team.


A number of KWS students competed at the Eugowra Gymkhana. The girls were representing both Cudal and Panuara Pony Clubs. They all did extremely well taking home an assortment of ribbons from a variety of disciplines. Hannah Goodsir, Lulu Clinton, Bell Clinton, Pip Clinton, Ava Rouse.



Prep Athletics Carnival 2019

All information regarding the Prep Athletics has been emailed home to parents. A copy of the letter and the Athletics Carnival Program can be found on the Prep Sport Frog page: Prep / Prep Sport / Athletics.


Please note the day will start 5mins earlier to allow time for the March Past. All students from K-6 are involved in the day. All students must come to school in their sport uniform, hat included.


High Jump finals will be run prior to the Carnival on Thursday 11 April.


Please check the sports noticeboard next week for all field events finalist.


Sport Dates for the Diary 2019

12 April: Prep Athletics Carnival
7 May: Prep Cross Country, PLC



Nineteen excited students competed at the Orange 7’s rugby carnival last week. We entered two teams. Some of our students had not played before but everyone was involved from the start. The B team improved with each game played scoring some great tries and defence became stronger with each match.

The A team won all their games and played with great skill and determination especially in the final against OPS. The boys support play was a feature of their game.


The A team now goes onto the State Final in May. Congratulations to both teams for the rugby they played, sportsmanship shown and support of each other.


Thanks to all the parents for their attendance and especially Mr Stuart Shannon for his coaching of the team.

Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

News from around our School

Harmony Day

Saturday 23rd March was Orange Harmony Day with celebrations that were organised and run by Orange City Council. The KWS Indigenous dance groups were invited to perform for the second straight year. Orange Harmony Day celebrates how multicultural Orange is and showcases dances/culture for all the different nationalities and cultures of the people of Orange. Our dance groups were invited to showcase the Indigenous culture.


Both the boys and girls groups were represented although both groups were significantly smaller due to other commitments. The girls group which normally has 13 girls were down to 4 and the boys who are generally a smaller group normally have 6 were down to 2. Logan Knight and Halle Doyle performed for the first time in the KWS Dance groups. Both new to the school in Year 7 had a few days to learn the dances that they were performing and both did an excellent job.


Due to such small numbers, the girls had to alter their dance to suit the numbers. This was a massive ask as they had 2 days to complete this.


Both groups performances were wonderful and I would like to thank all that participated on the day which includes Tyrese Carr-White, Logan Knight, Jade Jolliffe, Alanah Tompkins, Chanel Knight and Halle Doyle.


All the students enjoyed a special lunch in the Indigenous office for their efforts. They had the Indigenous Office special which they all enjoyed.



Corey McLean
Indigenous Learning Support

Career News

Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)

Mrs Kimberley Jones 

Year 12 Co-ordinator/Careers Advisor

Applications for 2020 open today Wednesday 3rd April. Today all Year 12 students should receive their UAC pin. The school does not have access to this PIN so please keep in a safe place. Early bird applications to UAC close on September 30th. More info -


Charles Sturt University - Early Entry Scheme

Charles Sturt University has introduced a new Early Entry Scheme for 12 students who are interested in studying one of their courses from Communication & Creative Industries!

If you come along to the upcoming Explore Days at either the Bathurst, Port Macquarie or Wagga Wagga campus, they will have the opportunity to apply for an Early Offer through a specifically devised entry scheme. More info on website.


Bachelor of Nursing will be offered at Port Macquarie from 2020

CSU’s Bachelor of Nursing will be offered at their Port Macquarie campus from 2020!

Their Nursing students have led the way for almost 50 years and are known for their resilience, versatility and adaptability, and CSU are looking forward to welcoming their first intake to Port Macquarie next year.


10 majors now available in the Bachelor of Education (K-12)

CSU have just doubled the number of secondary teaching majors in the Bachelor of Education (K-12), giving students more options to specialise in exactly what interests them.

New majors include Drama, Geography, Legal Studies, PDHPE and Visual Arts.


Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Services

Since 1998, the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service (AATIS) has been the leading source of Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships information for students, job hunters, employers, career advisers and service providers.


A key resource from AATIS, the Australian Apprenticeship Pathways website ( provides accurate and updated Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships information and resources to people considering career options and employers looking at recruitment. If you are considering an apprenticeship and need more information then have a browse through the website.


University of New South Wales

New College is a leading provider of undergraduate accommodation on campus at UNSW. They place a very high priority on pastoral care, academic support and community participation - Find out More.

They are contacting schools to ensure our students do not miss some great opportunities.


2020 Scholarship & Bursary
First Round Applications will close on 30 September 2019.


Applications to live at New College in 2020 are now open.
Applications require an interview with the Dean.


If you will be in this part of Sydney and would like to arrange a tour of the New College, please email [email protected] to make a booking.


Education USA

Just a quick update re their School Holiday General Information Sessions dates for April.


Session 1:

April 15th, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

U.S. Consulate General Sydney

Booking essential:


Session 2:

April 17th, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

U.S. Consulate General Sydney

Booking essential:


They are identical so you only need to attend one.


Academy of Interactive Entertainment

AIE Industry Experience Day - Wednesday the 17th of April 2019

AIE's Industry Experience Days are a great opportunity for students in Years 10 - 12 to learn about the local and international game development, 3D animation and visual effects industries. Students will be able to get creative in practical workshops using industry-stand programs. More information and registration or call 02 8514 8800.

Notre Dame Early Entry

Notre Dame’s 2020 Early Offer program is officially open to high-achieving Year 12 applicants who excel academically and/or possess leadership qualities and a commitment to engaging with the community through extra co-curricular activities. Notre Dame welcomes Year 12 students to submit their application into the program.

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Upcoming Events

Defence Force Recruiting Y.O.U Sessions - Orange 11-13 April

Charles Sturt University Explore Days - Orange and Port Macquarie 9 April, Bathurst 12 April and Wagga Wagga 15/16 April – Vet and Animal Sciences

University of Melbourne Information Day for Interstate Students - Monday 15 April

Maquarie University - Macquarie in a Day - 17 and 18 April

University of New England Open Day Friday 10 May

UCAT Applications Close Friday 17 May

ANU Direct Application Close Thursday 30 May

UAC Parent Seminar Tuesday 4 June 2019 - KWS

Kinross Wolaroi School Careers Evening Thursday 20 June 2019


Mrs Kimberley Jones

Year 12 Co-ordinator | Careers Advisor

Upcoming Events

KWS Regional Tour - Dubbo NSW

We would like to invite you to our 2019 Kinross Wolaroi School Regional Tour. In Term 2, we will be in Dubbo NSW, to visit current and future families and past students.


As part of our Regional Tour, key members of staff from our Senior Management Team and Admissions office will be present. This event will also be an opportunity for you to meet our new Deputy Principal , Mr James Boyd who has commenced at KWS for the start of 2019.


We will be holding a private function at the Commercial Hotel in Dubbo, located at 161 Brisbane St, Dubbo NSW 2830 on Friday 3 May 2019.


Please note that there are limited places available at this event, so please RSVP to indicate your attendance.


To RSVP please click here!


Careers Evening 2019


Important Notices

Flu Vaccinations

We would like to encourage parents to organise a flu vaccination for their students (particularly boarding students) during the upcoming school holidays to combat the predicted winter flu season. 

Annual seasonal influenza vaccination is recommended for any person aged 6 months and over who wishes to reduce the likelihood of becoming ill with influenza.

For more information please visit NSW Health.

Kelli Radford RN
KWS Health Clinic


Parent Teacher Interviews
Year 11 & Year 12 Day Parents

This is not an additional Parent Teacher Interview; this is for Parents who missed out in making an appointment in Term 1.


Parents will have access to make appointments via PTO on FROG from 9am on Wednesday 10 April 2019.


Please ensure your email address is up to date in the KWS System.  We have provided PTO the mother’s email address, unless there is no address and then the father’s will be used. This is the email address that will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website. Both parents’ email addresses will be provided in the case of parents living apart so separate logins can be requested.


Note: Parents can reset their FROG password by clicking the “forgot password link” from the FROG login screen. If you have any issues logging into FROG please contact to Darryn Marjoram [email protected].


Interview DateMonday 29th April 1:30pm - 6:00pm (Year 11-12 Day Parents)

Interviews will be held in the DPA - Refreshments will be provided.


Hayley Newport 
PA to the Deputy Principal


Parent Teacher Interviews
Year 7-12 Boarding Parents

Parents will have access to make appointments via PTO on FROG from 9am on Monday 8 April 2019.


Please ensure your email address is up to date in the KWS System. We have provided PTO the mother’s email address, unless there is no address and then the father’s will be used. This is the email address that will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website. Both parents’ email addresses will be provided in the case of parents living apart so separate logins can be requested.


Note: Parents can reset their FROG password by clicking the “forgot password link” from the FROG login screen. If you have any issues logging into FROG please contact to Darryn Marjoram [email protected]


Interview DateMonday 29th April 1:30pm - 6:00pm (Year 7-12 Boarding Parents)

Interviews will be held in the DPA - Refreshments will be provided


Hayley Newport 
PA to the Deputy Principal


Kiss n Go

We’d like to remind parents and caregivers of these points to keep our students safe during the morning and afternoon drop off/pick up times.

  1. No Parking at ‘Kiss n Go’ – this means you don’t leave/park your car
  2. Do not get out of your car to unload/load bags etc. The purpose is to keep traffic flowing
  3. Please display Surname on the visor
  4. Allenby Road is not a Prep School designated pick up area – if you are picking up from Allenby Road you should walk in and collect the children.
  5. Allow cars to exit the Prep Car Park by being courteous
  6. Hold your child’s hand when navigating around traffic
  7. Watch out at all times for pedestrians – especially our little ones!
  8. Only park in allowable parking bays – observe Disabled Parking and Sign Marked bays for staff.

The speed limit within the whole school grounds is 20kms/per hour – no matter who you are!

Gail Kennewell


Messages to Students in the Prep School

Communication with the Prep School is very important for parents and staff. It is much appreciated if parents could keep requests for messages to students for emergencies only. It is not always practical for the messages to get through due to time constraints and can cause frustration when not delivered. Students and parents are encouraged to have conversations as to their plan B should a cancellation of sport and music ensembles occur during the school day. If emailing messages to be passed onto teachers, please include the class in subject line.

Gail Kennewell


Headspace Orange - Toolkit Sessions


Tool kit sessions are a free skill-based workshop designed to provide young people and their parents/carers with brief psycho-education and coping skills. Bring a friend!

Headspace is at 264 Peisley Street, Orange.

To book please contact Headspace on 6369 9300 or email [email protected].


Mindfulness and Relaxation – Thursday 18th April 5pm – 6.30pm
Learning to relax and being aware of the present moment can help young people to develop another coping strategy alongside the strengths and skills they already have. This module is designed to give young people a basic understanding of mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

  • Gain a basic understanding of mindfulness and relaxation and the usefulness of implementing these practices to assist with managing feelings of tension and discomfort.
  • Increase awareness of their current physical, or body state, together with the thoughts, fears and memories that intrude into the present moment.
  • Acknowledge and compare feelings of discomfort with those of freedom and relief.
  • Promote curiosity and sample different mindfulness exercises from a position of openness, free of judgement.
  • Normalise the challenge they may face with trying something new for the first time.
  • Develop their own list of relaxing activities that they can enjoy on their own or with others.
  • Practise these skills regularly, and consider using a relaxation schedule to seek full benefit.

Rebecca Anderson
School Counsellor - Registered Psychologist

Call for Host families for our Exchange Students during 2019

This year we are seeking volunteers from our community to be host families for each of our exchange students. If the exchange student is a boarder, the role will involve taking the student out on a few weekends and giving the student a family experience to remember, whether it be on a family holiday weekend, on the farm or just being at home with siblings enjoying a few Australian meals and great company! Some students are coming to us as day students, so this will involve families committing to the student living in the home with their family for a period of 7-10 weeks.


Being a Host Family can be an amazing experience.

  1. Sharing Australian Culture –As we enter an increasingly global society, international understanding and respect are of utmost importance, and becoming a host family is an opportunity to be a cultural guide.
  2. Learning about Another country – All host family-international student relationships go both ways. While the hosted student is experiencing our culture, you’ll also have the unique chance to learn about theirs.
  3. Embracing a Challenge and Having Fun – Whilst there are challenges including language barriers and cultural differences to overcome, families who have hosted students in the past report how much fun the experience was. There are lots of laughs and when it is over, most host families agree that the experience was rewarding and enriching.
  4. Reconnecting with Your Community – When you’re a local, it’s easy to take every day attractions for granted. When you host a student, you’ll reconnect with NSW and the ACT, the landmarks, galleries, tourist attractions, the beaches, dams, rivers, mountains, cuisine and more.
  5. Making Friendships That Last a Lifetime – The connections that are made can be real and long-lasting. Many host families plan trips to visit their student in his/her home country, and students often revisit Australia and their host family in the future.

If you are interested in being a host family to one of our 21 exchange students from France, South Africa, India, Scotland, Japan during Terms 2, 3 or 4, please email Catherine LitchfieldIn your email, please indicate your preference (if any) for nationality, boarder/day student and gender. Also, please indicate your family circumstances – children at home, ages, etc, so that we can best match our students to families.


Thanks for your consideration.


Catherine Litchfield

2IC Science | Co-ordinator International Student Exchange


KWS Shop Notice 

It is that time of year again when we start thinking about Winter uniforms for girls. 


Girls in Kindergarten to Year 10 are to wear Winter uniform in Term 2 and Term 3 (commencing from 30 April 2019). 


This includes: Long sleeve white shirt, Winter tunic, green long socks, green tie, green jumper, navy blazer and straw hat.


Boys uniforms remain the same.  

Clothing Pool

Only current clothing and  accessories sold through the KWS Shop will be accepted for resale through the Clothing Pool. Any clothing or accessories left for resale at Clothing Pool that are not in good condition, are not current designs or which have been purchased elsewhere will be rejected and disposed of. We do not accept items which are stained, torn or dirty.


The following items are not accepted for resale: socks, bike pants, bucket hats & caps, swimwear, swim caps and hair accessories.


It is a stipulation of resale that all items must be washed or dry cleaned.


For further information please contact Gail Pearce (Shop Manager) on 02 6392 0385.


Gail Pearce 
KWS Shop


Snow Trip 2019

The 2019 KWS Snow Trip is open to all students from Year 7 to 11.  Package includes modern on-snow accommodation, lifts to the lodge door, all gear, meals and daily lessons. 


Final Meeting for Term 1

Room 81

Lunchtime, Thursday 4 April 
See you all there!


Consent and Medical Form Packages must be returned to Ms Graham in the Main Staffroom or can be sent to [email protected].

$500 deposit must be paid to the accounts office to secure your place. All information and forms can be collected from Mrs Grahams office and via KWS FROG: Search Snow Sports


Staff attending:
Ms Graham, Mrs Litchfield, Mr May, Mr Prouse.


Ms Trin Graham 


Prep Dates for your Diary

8 April – HICES Debating Rd 3
8 April – CIS Football trials (boys)
10 April – Assembly 3W – Term 1 House Awards
12 April – Inter-House Athletics Carnival
12 April – Term 1 concludes
15 – 26 April – School Holidays
25 April – ANZAC Day
30 April – Term 2 Commences

Gail Kennewell


Uniting Care - KWS Vacation Care

Uniting Care will be running a vacation program during the upcoming holidays from the 15th April including KWS pupil free day on Monday 29th April, excluding all public holidays. Registration is essential with forms available at the Prep Office.


For more details please contact Tammie McClements at Uniting Care [email protected] or phone 0427 290 761.

Gail Kennewell


Code Camp at KWS in April School Holidays

Code Camp are thrilled to return to Kinross Wolaroi School Orange during the Easter School Holidays to teach your child how to code or help them continue on their coding journey, so they can build their very own iPhone or Android apps!


We look forward to helping your child become a coding superstar! Please see the flyer for details and any enquiries should be directed to the Code Camp organisers on 1300 263 322.


School Holiday Drama Workshop:
Sneaky Secrets for Successful Super Heroes

Please find attached a flyer regarding the Shake n Stir Workshops being held from 15-18 April at the Orange Civic Theatre. These workshops will conclude with a fully staged showcase on the stage of the Theatre, open to family and friends.


For queries, please contact:

Christie Westcott

Administration Assistant
Orange City Council

Phone: 02 6393 8112

Email: [email protected]




KWS Family Newsletter
Code Camp flyer-nsw-Kinross-aut19_digital.pdf
2019 April School Holiday Workshop - Sneaky Secrets for Successful Super Heroes.pdf
Toolkit Session for Family Bulletin.pdf
Uniting April 2019 Holidays program.pdf
Mrs Moxey leading a String Sectional for the Orchestra at Camp.