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24 June 2019
Issue Eight
Principal's Message
Important Dates
Curriculum Day Aug 26
Student News
French Portfolio Returns
CHPS Chess Team
Request For Trash - Art Room   
CHPS Fair - 2019
Walk For Water Campaign
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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers


Hello from New Caledonia.  This week we have 29 grade six students participating in our New Caledonia study tour.  A great time to get away from Melbourne's winter.



As we approach the half-year mark, it is the perfect time to reflect on our school value of "gratitude".   Our school definition for gratitude is:

  • We show appreciation for what we have and what others do for us, and we give back in return.

We encourage our students to "give back" in a way that makes sense for them, and I would like to share a few examples:


1.  Grade 2 students have been completing a unit of work on War Against Waste, which involves looking at ways to minimise rubbish at home and in our community.  They also have become Waste Warriors by helping to clean up our local environment.  A Waste Warrior who was noticed in our yard was Xander from 2OW who volunteered to clean up our schoolyard one Friday afternoon.  Thank you to Xander for giving his time to keeping our school clean.


2.  Jackson from 3RK approached me to ask if he could create a newspaper for our school.  As a first step, he has agreed to write articles for our newsletter, the first one is in this edition.  This is a great way for students to share what is happening in our school through their eyes and show parents what they are learning.


3.  Clio from 5CW and Lachie from 3RK have shown that they care about broader issues in our society.  Clio is leading a campaign to collect bottle top lids so that they can be recycled into prosthetic limbs and Lachie is collecting old phones to support Melbourne Zoo's plight to save the gorilla.


It would be wonderful if each family could talk about what they are grateful for and ways that you as a family may be able to "give back" in some way over the coming school holidays.


Enjoy your break and I look forward to seeing you in term 3.




Important Dates

Important Dates

TERM 2         

June 2019  
Sat 22  New Caledonia Study Tour
Fri 28      Final day of term 2 (2.30pm finish)
TERM 3  
July 2019  
Mon 15 Term 3 Commences
Wed 17 State Cross Country
Fri 26 Annual Fundraising Raffle Draw
August 2019  
Thu 1 State AERO Schools Championships

Fri 2                   

Community Bush Dance

Mon 5                 

Huaibei Sister School Visit

Mon 19             

Book Week
Fri 23 CHPS 4-6 Athletics Carnival
Mon 26 Curriculum Day - student free
Thu 5 District Athletics
Fri 6 Footy Colours Day
Sat 7 CHPS Trivia Night
Mon 9 Grade 3 Camp 1
Wed 11 Grade 3 Camp 2
Thu 12 2019 China Trip
Thu 17 ICAS English Assessment
Wed 18 Division Athletics
Thu 19 Whole School French Cultural Day
Fri 20 End of term 3 - 2.30pm finish











Curriculum Day Aug 26

Make a note in your diaries, Curriculum Day for term 3 is on Monday 26 August.  Camp Australia will operate on the day, subject to sufficient registrations.


Camp Australia

1300 105 343

[email protected]

Student News

Welcome to the first edition of Student News. Student News is a new section in the school newsletter, written by students for students. In each edition we will bring you the latest news from around the school. In this edition we interviewed Lachlan a to find out more about his phone drive. 


Phone drive interview:

What made you want to start a phone drive? 

I thought that the gorillas needed help 


What are you going to with the old phones? 

Phone cycle will collect all the phones 


Did you think up the phone drive by yourself or did something inspire you? 

I thought the phone drive up myself 


Will your phone drive save wild gorillas or gorillas that are in the zoo? 

The phone drive will save the gorillas in the wild 

Reporter:  Jackson M - 3RK

French Portfolio Returns



A reminder to parents of Grade 2, 3, 4 and 5 French students, to share their work and then return student portolios to school by their due dates along with the parent feedback form. All portfolios must be return no later than the end of term.

Students need their portfolio at school for the rest of the year.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Merci beaucoup,


Sophie Gammon (teaching Grades 5, 4MB, 3RK, 3SC, 3CF)

[email protected]


Penny Webb (teaching Grades 4FF, 4KC, 4WJ, 4MM)

[email protected]


Sophie Robson (teaching Grades 2, 3VG)

[email protected]

CHPS Chess Team

Congratulations !

Congratulations to the Clifton Hill Primary School team on their performance in the inter-school chess competition held at Flemington Primary.


Representing our team was Artie,  Harry, Imogen, Jacques, Ed, Otto and Sam who helped our team become third place winners. Sam achieved second place overall - well done team.



Request For Trash - Art Room   

Trash request from the Artroom

Do you have any of the following items we can upcycle for Art projects?

  • Small toys/figurines (nothing too big please)
  • Puzzle/game pieces
  • Small wooden items such as blocks, pegs or timber offcuts
  • Cardboard tubes (not toilet paper rolls)
  • Old computer parts
  • Corks
  • Plastic bottle tops
  • Jar lids
  • Buttons
  • Wool

Please send them in with your children or drop in to the Art room (there is a box just inside the door). 


Thank you in advance, 

Clare Mathieson

Art Teacher

[email protected]



CHPS Fair - 2019

CHPS FAIR 2019 - November 23rd 10am-4pm

Roles to be filled as soon as possible:


Silent Auction Coordinator

This year we are asking for a volunteer to take on the Silent Auction Coordinator role. It may be one parent or a small group who would like to work together. The Silent Auction is one of the most fun and interactive events at the Fair and people come from near and far to bid on the huge variety of items that are donated from our school community and local businesses. The Silent Auction raises a significant proportion of the money on Fair Day. The  new Coordinator will be supported by a comprehensive handover and will have the full support of the Fair Committee. If you would like some more information, or would like to volunteer for this important role, please contact me as soon as possible.


Trash and Treasure Coordinator

This stall is the embodiment of the saying “one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure”! We need a person or small group to coordinate the donations and  set up of this Stall the day before the Fair. One or two classes are allocated to help with this and rostering of volunteers on  Fair Day. There is also handover information available to those interested in finding out more.


Sand Art Activity

This was a new activity last year, and one that received overwhelmingly positive feedback. We need one or two parents to coordinate the roster of their class volunteers (the supplies have already been purchased).


Kate Lovett

CHPS Fair Coordinator

(Parent Volunteer)

[email protected]

0408 897 965

Walk For Water Campaign

THANK YOU so much to all of you for your donation and support!


We are absolutely thrilled to have raised over $2000 and increase awareness for World Vision’s 6k for Water this year. The 6km was done in glorious sunshine, and all the children did a superb job. Hannah (Gr4), Caitlin (Gr3), Christian (Gr2) and Sean (Grade 1) all easily completed the walk, and little Cara did nearly 5km unassisted.


Whilst the national tally for this year’s event is not yet finalised, the money raised last year went towards helping 63,000 access clean, safe water!! This is absolutely fantastic.


Thank you from Hannah and Christian Richardson, Caitlin, Sean and Cara Lacey

Community Notices

Jellis Craig


Brass and Woodwind Ensemble


Dan Donnelly Tennis Coaching Programs


Boost Sport - July


Jackson Afterschool Drama- Term 3 2019


Clifton Hill Primary School
Xander - a Waste Warrior
Lochie with his donated phones
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