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25 June 2019
Issue Six
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Photo: Afternoon Tea at Macquarie Bank

Executive Director

Photo: Afternoon Tea at Macquarie Bank

What a wonderful first semester at MITS!  We’ve been visited by the Prime Minister, the Governor General, the Treasurer and many more special guests.  The students have cheered for the Tigers at Dreamtime, formed friendships with peers from across the NT and Victoria and have stretched themselves in the classroom every day.


At this time of year I can’t help but reflect on how remarkable our students are.  As I type, I can see through my window that it’s grey, raining and cold outside.  For our Top End students, being away from the dry season takes great strength.  For our Victorian students, while the weather is similar at home, the cold can make being away from home and from family that little bit harder.  Every one of our 22 students is finishing the term strongly and they should feel so proud of their achievements this semester.


We now look ahead to Term 3.  At MITS, we call this “the Premiership Term”.  It’s the term in which we see our students really stretch themselves in the classroom in preparation for their new schools.  It’s also the term in which we consider each student’s placement at their Partner School – it’s important that we see students trying their hardest in the classroom and living by the MITS values every day.  And, the students will also have the opportunity to go on our Outdoor Education Camp from 2-6 September.


Over the break, I encourage our parents to talk with your young people about the opportunities that lie ahead.  Take the time to read your child’s school report together, reflect on their achievements and set goals for next semester.  If you have questions about their reports, please give us a call.


For now, I wish our whole MITS community a very happy and safe winter break.

Edward Tudor




Photo: Simpson's Barracks - Reconciliation Week

In the classroom

Photo: Simpson's Barracks - Reconciliation Week

Over the last 3 weeks the students have been incredibly busy finishing assignments in their key subjects and sitting tests so we can check the progress that they are making.  In the past week, I have been really impressed by how much improvement has been made in the areas of English and Maths and  the quality of the assignments that have been completed in Science and History.  On Friday in Physical Education the students took part in a Netball Tournament ran by SEDA.  The tournament was the final week of a five week netball program and the standard of the games was impressive.  We might have some netball stars in the making. 

This past semester has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding times I have had in my professional career.   The 22 MITS students arrive each morning at Richmond Football Club (the only professional sporting club in the world to host a school) full of energy and a willingness to learn and make the most of the opportunity that MITS offers them.  What amazes me most is they are really aware of the example they are setting back in their communities and often speak about how their courage and commitment to getting a good education has inspired brothers, sisters, cousins, friends to apply to come to MITS when they are old enough.


Next semester will be action packed as the students start to visit partner schools across Melbourne where they might be going to school in 2020.  They will wear the MITS formal uniform and the school work will lift in standard again as we prepare them to smoothly transition into partner schools.


Charlie my young fella came home this week with his Semester 1 report and in it contained a letter to parents with some advice from Stephen Russell - Headmaster St Kevin's College that I thought was worth sharing as a way to ensure the reports getting sent home later this week are a valuable learning tool.  "I asked (them) to read their semester reports three times! Once alongside their parents, the second time in a quiet place where (they) can genuinely reflect seriously on each comment and let the

information sit in heart and mind. The third time should be at desk or kitchen table, alongside

parents or solely, with pen in hand, constructing a goal in each subject for next semester, as well as a

specific series of action points that will start from Week 1 Term III.”


Congratulations to our MITS Award winners for week 9.

MITS Courage Award - Debbie

MITS Respect Award - Rhiannon

MITS Care Award - Isaiah

MITS Academic Award - Paul

MITS Boarding Award - Marley


Finally, have a relaxing holidays and enjoy the time with your family and friends.  I am looking forward to an exciting Term 3 which includes a camp, a snow trip and a while lot of learning.


Photo: Winners are grinners!

Living at Lockington

Photo: Winners are grinners!

It is hard to believe that for the MITS class of 2019 we are now half way through the year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the boarding staff who have nurtured, cared for and entertained the students after school and on weekends this year. 

We also have a wonderful army of volunteers who assist with homework, transport students to footy matches and hang out both after school and on weekends. A huge thank you for all that you do!

The last month has included more RJFC matches, attending the footy at the MCG, a visit to the Metro Tunnel works with Transurban and many shopping trips to Vic Gardens, Chadstone and DFO South wharf. This weekend we finished the term on a high spending two hours at Darkzone Box Hill playing laser tag and arcade games.


A highlight for the boys was a trip to Rick and Liz’s farm in Samaria over the long weekend. Despite some wet and cold weather the boys enjoyed camping and the open spaces. There was plenty of walks, footy matches, yabbying, sitting by the fire, night exploration and games of spotlight and tiggy.


The girls relaxed at Lockington over the long weekend, went to the movies and had a day at Luna Park. Next term they look forward to spending a couple of nights camping in Samaria.  We have also celebrated a few birthdays this month with Rumarlea, Paul and Adam all getting another year wiser. Ryan has produced some delicious cakes for all to share.


All of the staff and students will soon enjoy a well-earned rest in preparation for an exciting second half of the year. Next term we look forward to a snow trip, footy finals, the weather getting warmer and a trip to the Go Karts in Phillip Island. To all the MITS staff, students and families – have a fantastic break and I look forward to seeing all 22 students back for Term 3!

Brad Carmody

Photo: Johnny Minjin - Tipperary Cattle Station

MITS Pathways

Photo: Johnny Minjin - Tipperary Cattle Station


Cooking at Half Acre

Saturday morning at Half Acre in South Melbourne: A small but enthusiastic group of 7 Alumni students spent 2 hours making (and eating!) giant burgers and chips! Thanks to Chef Ivan and Leigh Worcester for teaching us so much.  



Firbank Grammar School Reconciliation Week Lunch

Firbank Grammar School held a delicious lunch and special interactive art installation by artist Robyn Latham, to celebrate Reconciliation Week.  Jodie and Jenae were confident, happy participants along with several of their friends and mentors.                           


Photo: Sam and Paul

The MITS Student Page

Photo: Sam and Paul

Why MITS Is A “Gudwan Pleis”


The Melbourne Indigenous Transition School, AKA: MITS, brings twenty-two young Aboriginal kids to Melbourne for the opportunity of a better education. It also aims to change the way people think of Indigenous people. I am of the opinion that MITS is a great place for both the students who go there and the MITS community. 


I started MITS this year and when I came here, I was very nervous and shy. The MITS community almost immediately welcomed me with open arms. Who doesn’t want a warm welcome? I soon got to know the other kids and now it’s almost the end term two and we are all starting to feel like a family. I love how supportive and encouraging the teachers and boarding staff are. We have lots of Indigenous staff who we can relate to and talk to about cultural aspects of life. We find that being around all these Aboriginal students and staff makes us comfortable and wanting to share our culture.


I can’t believe how exciting it has been already! We walk up and down Rowena Parade every day. We also feel very welcomed by the Rowena café staff and neighbours, that often wave at us when we walk by. One of the most exciting things about our school is we are the only school in the world which is based in a professional sporting club. If you support Richmond or not we get to see the footy players almost every single day, whether it is watching them from our classroom window or assisting them, when some of us get picked to run water. 


Furthermore, it’s not only the teachers and boarding staff it’s the incredible volunteers and the Rowena Parade community. We have volunteers at both the boarding house and school. We love having the volunteers around and they do a lot for us. For example Jan coming in every Thursday for art, it could be painting or sewing heat packs or even making teddy bears; we have a lot of fun. We love our Thursdays for another reason as well. Every Thursday after school Con and the other Rowena staff kindly donate their time to make us delicious freshly baked muffins. We love our muffins every Thursday and our art with Jan, big thanks to them!


We have so much fun learning and I really think that we have all improved by a huge amount. We came down from the Northern Territory communities or Gippsland for the opportunity for a better, bigger, brighter education. MITS is a school that allows Indigenous kids to transition for one year, to help them make strong relationships and get used to Melbourne.  MITS also have various partner schools and both the teacher and boarding staff work hard to find the school that suits us best.


In conclusion, I strongly believe that MITS is a great place for young Indigenous kids. It is supportive and it helps us create strong relationships across Melbourne. Finally, MITS having a strong connection with the Richmond Football Club and the unmatched educational opportunity it gives us, make its one of the best places ever. It truly is a “Gudwan Pleis”

By Ruby

MITS is a good place

MITS stands for Melbourne Indigenous Transition School. At MITS we learn to write and read better. We also have Wellbeing, ICT, Math, Art and lots of great things like Book Club. At MITS we have 22 kids, 3 kids from Victoria and 1 from Western Australia and the rest are from   Northern Territory.  

On the weekends we play for Richmond Junior Football Club.  We have also met the Richmond Football Club players and see them every week.  

On weekends we do awesome things like going to the football at the MCG, swimming at the beach, shopping at Chadstone and Culture King, watching Baker Boy and Yothu Yindi as well as seeing last year kids and the 2017 and 2016 mob. One of the big highlights was when all of the boys went camping with Mr Brad and Patty on the Mornington Peninsula and it was a wonderful weekend. We played footy climbed hills and cooked tucker around the fire with Rick and Liz. 

 At MITS each term we have two captains and when we go on excursions to places like the city the two MITS Captain talk before we leave to say thanks and they also run assemblies.  

Next year I’m going to St Kevin’s College to study hard and play footy for the school. 

By Adam

Why you should come to MITS

MITS stands for Melbourne Indigenous Transition School.  Our classroom is at the Richmond Football Club and we live next to St Kevin’s College in Richmond. At Lockington we have homework to complete every Tuesday until Thursday.  In the classroom the teachers set homework for us to help our learning.  

We learn history and all about famous Aboriginal people. I loved learning about William Cooper because he tried to save all of the Jewish people from the Nazi’s. At MITS we also do Book Club every Wednesday. In Book Club we find words from the book we don’t know and we look them up to understand them. In P.E. class we do new sports each term that has included SEDA soccer then SEDA netball. I also like the game Capture the Flag. I also like doing maths because I like timetables and measurement.  We measured the Punt Road Oval and Yarra Park. This was fun. At MITS the teachers also take us out for excursions in the city and around Melbourne.   


When we first came to Melbourne, we all didn’t know each other but as a class we formed a big circle and we shared stories about ourselves. Where we come from and what our Totems are. When you finish MITS and go to a partner school you can still visit MITS. When you finish the year you will miss the MITS family but anywhere you go the staff or teachers still look after you.   

By Antonio


Photo: Kingswood College

The MITS Photo Booth

Photo: Kingswood College

Once again ... you guessed it, really busy!


Photo: Aunty Pam Pederson in the MITS Classroom

MITS 2019 Term 2 Dates

Photo: Aunty Pam Pederson in the MITS Classroom

Dates to remember


Friday 28th June

Students Return Home

Monday 22nd July

Students Return to Melbourne

Tuesday 23rd July

Students first day of Term 3

Friday 26th July

Visit Forest Hill Secondary College

Friday 16th August

Snow Trip


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