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16 May 2019
2019 Issue 7
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Principal's Address

To be honest, I don’t think I would make a good politician. Fortunately, there are a bunch of people who do and, to their credit, they put their hand up and campaign, and some are selected to represent us in parliament. Over the years, I have met and worked with many of these people (and their staff) who have the privilege of serving us in this capacity. 


One of the things that I have noticed that remains consistent across the majority of these people is that they stood for election with a deep desire to serve their constituents well and make a difference. Whether they managed to to this is another matter, but this plan certainly was their starting point. 


With the Federal election just a couple days away, on Saturday 18 May, we have a unique opportunity to speak loudly in to matters of public debate that concern and impact us. The right to Freedom of Religion, which enables us to deliver Christian Education for you in the way that we do at Bayside, is one of those matters and, disappointingly, is very much not guaranteed. 


As you may be aware, during the last term of Parliament there was a lot of debate around religious freedom, and one of the other fundamental rights, the right to be free from discrimination. Much of this debate was misinformed and politically motivated. It was disappointing to see Christian schools misrepresented in the media and Parliament, and to see legislation proposed which would have trampled on the rights of parents to choose a school reflecting their values and beliefs.


I know that there are many issues you will consider as you vote. Your vote in the House of Representatives, and the Senate, will decide who forms Government, and what direction protecting our beliefs, values and freedom takes. My hope is that, as you consider who you will support, this issue will be one factor you consider as you cast your vote. If you would like further information there is a brochure below.

Andrew Manning


Pray for Bayside

Pray in thanks for the fabulous College musical production of 'Beauty & the Beast Jr' that took place last week.


Please pray for this weekend's federal election, that College families would be informed about what is at stake for Christian schools like ours.


Pray that the Annual General Meeting of the Association for Christian Education of Frankston next week would be a wonderful chance to honour our past and look forward to the future of our College.


Please pray for students who continue to complete NAPLAN assessments, that they would have a peace at this time.

From the Deputy's Desk


When I was in Sunday school as a child, I learned a song about joy:

"J-O-Y, J-O-Y, this is what it means, Jesus first, Yourself last and Others in between..."

I shared this message with the Primary students last week.


If we can grasp hold of the truth that true joy comes from this simple formula of having Jesus first in our lives, and serving and loving others before ourselves, then we will have the joy of the Lord in us, and our joy can be full (Romans 15:11).


I pray you have a wonderful week serving the Lord and others in joy.


Congratulations also to the cast and production crew of 'Beauty & the Beast Jr'. Our talented and amazing team of students, staff and volunteers are a wonderful example of what it is to use your gifts and talents to serve God. Their service indeed brought much joy to our community. Thank you!


God bless.


Thailand Mission Trip Trivia Night

This is the major fundraiser to support the Chiang Mai Mission. Firstly, please join us on the night, Saturday 25th May, by booking a table, or taking a few seats on a table. This is the link to the booking page.


Also, we are looking for donations to go towards our silent auction, and hoping that you may have something that you could donate to this. If you are able, please contact me via email or on 5961 6700. All gifts will be gratefully received and you will be really helping our students and the Thai community.



All students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are undertaking NAPLAN online this week and next, between 14 and 24 May. Students require the book-listed headphones for these tests. An email with further details was sent to all parents and carers in these year levels. Please see your class teacher or Head of School with any questions, or visit the NAP website for information and access to practice questions for familiarisation.


School Photos

School Photos will be next Tuesday 21 May. All students must be in FULL WINTER UNIFORM, including windcheater for the Primary students, and tie and blazer for Secondary students. No PE uniforms are to be worn on the day. Each student should have received a school photo envelope which contained ordering information and a list of winter uniform requirements for both Primary and Secondary. Please check with your child, then contact the office if you have not received it.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal


Primary News

From the Head of Primary

What an amazing opportunity some of our Primary students had last week being able to

perform on the stage as part of the ‘Beauty and the Beast Jr’ production! Behind the scenes there were many special moments. The older Secondary students took the time to show the younger students their costumes and to also express words of encouragement. The very young students had the excitement of dressing up and navigating the tunnels to the stage, and then trying to find their parents in the audience. It was very heartwarming!


It is hoped that all the mothers were suitably spoilt on Mother’s Day when they received their gifts carefully selected from the stall run last Friday. Thank you to all those involved in sourcing gifts and to those who served students at the stall on the day. It is really appreciated.


Earn and Learn - If you happen to shop at Woolworths, please collect the stickers and put them in the big green box in G-Block foyer.


Photo Day - Tuesday, 21 May. Please make sure your child/ren wear full winter school uniform even if they are timetabled for a PE lesson on the day. 


Big Talk - A reminder about the positive impact that participating in ‘Big Talk’ with your child at home before they do their ‘Big Write’ can have. Oral language is such an important part of children being able to develop their ideas that they can then use in their writing.


Confidence - This term, the students are working on developing different aspects of confidence: standing tall, using a ‘big’ voice, saying "hello", shaking hands, having a go at hard work before seeking help, understanding that we can learn from mistakes that we make, and, most importantly, our confidence that God loves us and is with us always. May you also encourage your child/ren at home in these things.


God bless you,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

5/6W & their Buddies from Prep/1A

Check out the fun games we played with our class buddies and Mr P, our pre-service teacher!


Across the College

That's a Wrap!

After hundreds of hours of planning and six months of rehearsals, a talented cast of 47 students, together with another nine students crewing, and a dedicated team of over 15 staff and parent volunteers ‘bumped-in’ to the George Jenkins Theatre last Monday for what was to be a big, wonderful and emotional production week of 'Beauty & the Beast Jr'.


Bayside Christian College productions have always been of a very high standard, and this year’s show was no exception. With 13 of our seasoned performing Year 12 students in the cast, along with wonderfully creative sets and costumes, Beauty & the Beast Jr was one of Bayside’s best and most memorable productions.


Year 10 student Hannah Lock played an exquisite ‘Belle’ as she commanded the stage, alongside her ‘Beast’, played by Callum Osterberg. Callum brilliantly showed how a heart can transform from beastly arrogance and pride to gentle and humble sacrificial love. Every student was perfectly cast in this show; each exceeding our expectations as a production team. The audience loved the very charming and energetic 'Lumiere' played by Lachlan Vass; a wise and gentle 'Mrs Potts', played by Claire Lomulder, and a wonderfully pompous 'Cogsworth', delivered by Sam Simpson.

Supporting the lead ‘Castle Crew’ was the bubbly ‘Babette’ and very cute ‘Chip’, played by sister and brother Phoebe and Owen Mathews. A very special mention goes to the beautiful soprano sounds of Year 7 student, Isabella Delios, in her role as ‘Madame De La Grande Bouche’.


Each year Bayside’s production team loves to further develop our students, giving them roles that will stretch them as performers. And it was an utter delight to see Matthew Dumicich and Ethan Hooper step up in their roles, as the arrogant ‘Gaston’ and his silly-side kick ‘Le Fou’, and take to the stage with great skill.


The audience loved the big ensemble musical numbers, with special mention to ‘Gaston’ and ‘Be Our Guest’, where the entire cast sang and danced their hearts out, in these colourful and energetic show-stoppers.


Year after year it is always a thrill to see Bayside students grow in their potential, their confidence, and their unity and maturity on and off the stage. It has particularly been a privilege to see our Year 12 students develop as wonderful role models and performers over the past 10 years of being involved in our Bayside productions, as we witnessed a very emotional final closing of the curtain for these students on Friday night.


From the College Leadership, to an incredible team of parent volunteers, it has been our honour and privilege once again to give our Bayside students the opportunity to use their God-given gifts and shine.


Coral Vass

Production Team


Anonymity – It never goes well.

A new app called ‘YOLO’ has become the #1 most downloaded app in the Apple App Store. It is an add-on to Snapchat, allowing users to request and receive anonymous questions which can be replied to on their 'story'.


Similar to other apps that are based around anonymity, there is potential for this platform to encourage poor teenage decision-making, such as bullying. The app has been rated at the ages of 12+. Do you know many 12 year-olds who consistently make positive decisions over time with little-to-no accountability?


Make sure they are ready for what they might read!

If you are going to allow your kids to use ‘YOLO’, and social media platforms in general, it is important that you talk to your kids about bullies. ‘Put it down and tell an adult’ are two simple steps when receiving a disturbing or really cruel YOLO post.


Did you know?

Bayside has provided families with access to ‘Family Zone’ which helps parents monitor and control devices that are being used by children. For example, parents can make a schedule that puts a device to sleep during bed time. See the College parent portal for details.


Information sourced from:

‘YOLO: Anonymous Questions’ by


Be sure to check out the Family Zone blog for other helpful articles on digital parenting.


Joel Kong

eLearning Manager

Open Day


The College was grateful to host approximately 50 enquiring families on tours around our beautiful grounds for our 2019 Open Day on Saturday 4 May. And many of our current families also took the opportunity to check out some new facilities and sample different parts of our educational offerings!

Whole School House Cross Country

On Thursday 2 of May, students from across the College participated in the Bayside Cross Country. There were some challenging weather conditions to start the day, but the students got through this and it was fantastic to see so many giving a fantastic effort during their events. Many students were able to raise money for 'Run 4 Bibles', which was much appreciated. The day also doubled as selection for the upcoming Primary and Secondary Inter-school events.


Andy Lancaster

Secondary PE Teacher


The parents/carers of our Bayside Family Network caught up on Wednesday morning to hear all about 'Boundaries with Kids' by Henry Cloud  and John Townsend. It is always a pleasure to see our parents and carers spending time together gathering valuable information and enjoying a delicious morning tea.


Keep an eye out for their next event!



Years 7 & 8 IT is getting an overhaul with the

introduction of some hands-on robotic and coding resources. This term students will explore the micro:bit, which is a pocket-sized computer. During classes students will learn about the programming process with an emphasis on not only the coding, but also identifying a need and designing and creating a solution.

Watch this space for more exciting news...


Kerri Bernon

Years 7 & 8 IT Teacher

Medieval Day

On Tuesday 14 May, as part of History studies, all Year 8 students participated in the rite of passage that is our annual Medieval Day!

Students enjoyed a range of practical workshops presented by Medieval Education on topics such as Crime and Punishment, Archery, Weaponry, Education and Games and Tournaments. Students engaged very well with all the activities and particularly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in simulated duelling with the blunted weapons. It was also a chance to reflect soberly about some of the historical practices and conquests performed in the name of Christianity during this period.


A big congratulations to  Corey and Jasmine from 8A, and Madison and Elijah from 8B, who were awarded the best dressed males and females respectively.


Jay Johnstone & Joel Williamson

Secondary Teachers

End of Semester Examination Period

This semester, the examination period occurs during Week 7, the week starting Monday 3 June. This will be the first experience of end of semester examinations for our Year 9 students. They will sit exams for English, Maths and Science, and also complete a research task for History. Year 10 (VCE) students will sit exams for their VCE subject: Psychology, Outdoor Education Studies or Health and Human Development, as well as their Year 10 English, Maths, Science and History examinations. These examinations will be appropriately modified according to students’ learning needs. Year 10 VCAL students will present their folios to the VCAL assessment panel, and sit examinations for English, Maths and Science.


I’d like to encourage parents and carers to support our students in their preparation for their examinations - in the organisation of their notes, and reading the relevant sections of their textbooks. Teachers will be providing specific advice regarding the best ways to study for each subject. Please ensure that those in your care are mindful of this.


Sharyn Hadlow

Years 9/ 10 Coordinator

Years 9/10


In Year 9 Maths this term we have been learning about Linear Relationships including exploration of the Cartesian Plane, graphing linear equations, graphing lines using the intercept method and the gradient. Students will soon be working on their revision booklet covering all of the work that we have completed this semester.


Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary


Modified Maths

Year 10 Modified Maths students have been examining geometry and its various elements, particularly looking at the way repeating combinations of shapes and patterns are found in Creation, as well as in beautiful artwork.  As well as learning how artists such as Escher use repetition to engage audiences, the students themselves have created some stunning tessellations.


Catherine Cloherty

Secondary Teacher


Fun in Science

This term in Year 9 Science, as part of Biology, we are studying the body systems, particularly

the nervous and endocrine system. In one of our practical activities, the students drew an outline of their bodies and then sketched in where all the various glands of the endocrine system are located, as well as the Central and Peripheral Nervous System.


Everyone was very enthusiastic!


Ulli Austermann

Secondary Teacher

Science Talent Search

This Term, the Science Talent Search (STS) comes into full swing. The STS is a fantastic innovation run through Swinburne University. It is an annual, science-based competition open to all Secondary students in Victoria. Science Talent Search fits closely with the College curriculum.


In the STS students can participate in the following categories: Creative Writing, Scientific Research, Science Photography and Science Videos.


At the end of Term 1, students in Years 7-10 were sent an email seeking an interest in participating in this great opportunity.


We have met on several occasions, but there is still time to register up until the end of May. There will be meetings at lunchtime for students interested for the remainder of Week 4 and Week 5, and then projects will commence in weeks to come.


Tim Baker

Secondary Teacher


Saving the Universe on Open Day

On Saturday 4 May, the Science Department went to 'Star Wars Universe' for Open Day. Han Solo's friends were released from carbonite prisons, air cannons were used to measure potential Force-users strength, and cells were put under the microscope in search of Midichlorians to understand the mysteries of the Force better. 

Open Day was a fantastic opportunity to explore Science in a new way, as well as inform potential parents of what makes Bayside Christian College unique in its approach to teach biblically. 


Tim Baker

Year 10 Science

The Year 10 Science students have been studying Mitosis. This is a photo of Olivia's garlic cell under the microscope. Well done Olivia!


Year 10s at VCAL Camp

This week, our Year 10 VCAL students, along with Years  11 & 12 VCAL students and teachers, ventured to Balnarring foreshore for the annual VCAL camp. This wholly student-led camp provides the opportunity for students to develop and extend their leadership, planning and problem-solving skills.

The Year 10 students actively participated in a range of activities prepared and organised by themselves and other members of the Outdoor Foodies, Artvo, Adventure Camp and Athlima groups. Artworks were created at camp, and on the beach, meals and snacks were prepared and shared, and physical skills and endurance tested. All students were challenged and inspired while building relationships within the groups and developing new skills too. Make sure that you ask a VCAL student to talk to you about their exploits on this most worthwhile camping experience.


Sharyn Hadlow

Careers Update

Year 10 Careers Excursion

Next week all Year 10 students will be attending the Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Jobs & Careers Expo at Chisholm TAFE's Frankston campus. Tertiary providers (including universities and TAFEs), along with apprenticeship groups and employers, will be there ready to have conversations and provide information. There will also be some seminars running, which we encourage students to get to. 


Work Experience

A reminder that Year 10 students who are participating in Work Experience Week need to get their forms returned to Ms Dawson by no later than 31 May, which is just over a fortnight away! Spare forms can be downloaded here

Years 11/12 Happenings

Life in Years 11-12

What an amazing couple of weeks! Congratulations to all our incredibly gifted students - both on and off-stage - who made 'Beauty & the Beast Jr' such a wonderful show. We are so blessed as a College to have these opportunities, and to have students who share their gifts with the whole community. This was a very special year for the Years 11-12 team, with so many senior students involved. Well done everyone.


Our Primary students had their first official visit over to North Campus this week. This is a new initiative between the Primary School and Years 11-12 as we find ways to keep connecting with each other across campuses. Community is an important part of who we are as a College, and our ‘big kids’ have enjoyed time with the younger students again. This will take place on Mondays at lunch times.


It was a privilege to attend the Inter-school Basketball Rally Day last week. Our students are always a credit to the College, not just in their ability, but in their interactions and their sportsmanship.


This week our VCAL students went on a student-led camp. It was great to observe as they worked through a range of challenges - developing teamwork, leadership, time management and problem-solving skills. A big thank you to Mrs Williams for overseeing this, and to the staff who also supported the students through the camp.


As students settle back into normal routine, it is important to remember that VCE exams and VCAL Assessment panel are coming up. These will be held in the first week of June. Students should be beginning to revise and plan for these so that they are well prepared and calm when the week arrives. The GAT will be held on Wednesday 12 June.


This is a time when students often become a little stressed or anxious. Please continue to remind them that stress is a natural part of life, and that we are all here to support them to develop strategies for facing challenges. Preparation and putting in effort before assessments is always helpful to alleviate feelings of stress on the day. Above all, we encourage students to remember that they are of great worth and that God has good plans for their lives. As they place their trust in Him, He will guide their paths.


As always, please keep in contact with teachers as we partner together in this wonderful journey.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Coordinator

Word from the Captains…

WOW what a fortnight.

This past week the ‘Beauty & the Beast Jr’ cast invited you to be our guest for the last time and it was absolutely incredible. Despite being a bittersweet ending to the Year 12s' Bayside production career, Beauty & the Beast Jr was the best production Bayside has ever performed! With the highest ticket sales ever, and 14 talented Year 12 students, Beauty & the Beast Jr will be a show we will never forget.


On Saturday 4 May the student leadership team and staff participated in Open Day, presenting the fabulous, fun-filled, fantastic College that we attend to some potential students and their families. It was amazing and a big encouragement to see some of the future members of the Bayside community.


Bayside’s VCAL crew has just returned from a student-led camp at Balnarring. We pray that they enjoyed a safe and educational trip.


Also in the past couple of weeks, the athletic students of Bayside have attended the Basketball Rally Day and came back with two ribbons. Well done guys!


On Monday 13 May, the Years 11 and 12 students had some visitors to the “Senior Precinct”. Mrs Martin's Prep/1 class joined us for lunch and some intense games of basketball!


We hope everyone continues to have a fabulous, fun-filled, fantastic year. Have an amazing term and don’t get too “t-t-t-tense” (if you came to see Beauty and the Beast you will understand this)!


Thanks everyone,


Ellen Bond & Matthew Dumicich
College Captains

Subject in Focus

Year 12 Business Management

This term we have begun to study Operations Management, examining the importance of operations and how this area of management contributes to meeting business objectives. Students learnt about the elements of operations (inputs, processes and outputs) whilst designing and creating decorated biscuits. They studied the difference between operations in manufacturing and service businesses, the role of technology in maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and strategies of materials management. Today we also visited the Yakult factory in Dandenong South to gain first-hand experience in operations within a manufacturing business. Students saw sophisticated machinery, processes and quality control, as well as ways in which a business can follow ethical practices.


Sonja Campbell

Secondary Teacher

Basketball Rally Day

The Years 11 & 12 Basketball Rally Day took place on Tuesday 7 May at Cardinia Life Centre in Pakenham. Both the boys and girls teams fought hard all day and were very competitive. They played with incredible skill, with both teams only losing one game in the round robin part of the competition.

Both teams made it to the Grand Final match, where tensions were high but the teamwork and skills were even higher. In the end the girls team overcame their opponents, with the boys coming a close second. Congratulations to all and the mighty fine effort each member contributed to this highly successful day!

VCAL Balnarring Camp

On Monday 13 & Tuesday 14 May, Years 10, 11 & 12 VCAL students ran a camp as part of their major assessment this semester.


Year 12 students managed the whole camp - from food, to risk, to supplies, to problem-solving, to on-the-spot decision-making, to schedules, to tents. Years 10 & 11 students ran an activity for their groups, on the theme of the group.

This year we had four camps - Artvo, Adventure, Athlima and Outdoor Foodies. Years 10 & 11 students chose which camp they would like to join. The Year 12s organised team games "Capture the Torch" and "Sardines" for the nighttime activities.


It is such a blessing as a teacher to see your students out of the classroom, engaging with people they may not have an opportunity to mix with much, in  kindness, humour, support and friendship.


Thank you VCAL for an amazing camp - a time of fellowship, fun and growth!


Olivia Williams

'Camp Observer'

Lunch for the Admin Team

On Wednesday 15 May, our Hospitality/Kitchen Operations team prepared a delicious and very professional lunch for our Administration Team. Thanks Scott & team!


Chess in the North

It is such a joy to see students at North Campus participating in some friendly competition and enjoying the life-sized chess set which has recently been installed.

Surprise for Tilly

The Secondary students at North Campus provided a surprise 18th birthday party for Tilly McDonald (Year 12) recently - happy birthday!


Ahn Do

On Tuesday night 14 May, Year 11 English students went to Frankston Arts Centre to see the famous Australian comedian Ahn Do. This funny and entertaining evening brought one of our English texts, ‘The Happiest Refugee’, to life. He took us on his life journey from starting in Vietnam and travelling to Australia as a refugee, sharing many hilarious anecdotes.



From the Finance Desk

The following fee payments are due by Monday 20 May (next business day as the 18th is a Saturday):

  • 2nd Half Year instalment for early bird payers. Direct debit or direct bank transfer payments receive 6% discount. 4% discount applies to payment via credit card/Eftpos/Bpay

  • Term 3 fee instalment. Direct debit or direct bank transfer payments receive 4% discount and a 2% discount applies to credit card/Eftpos/Bpay.

  • Monthly fee instalments.

Note: The second instalment for Regular Half Year payers (18Jan/18Jun) is not due until Tuesday 18 June.


Please contact the finance department if you need to confirm your payment amount.

School Photo Day

School Photo Day is this Tuesday 21 May. 

Remember that all students must be in full winter uniform including maroon windcheater for Primary students and blazer and tie for Secondary students.


Government funding for Camps/Sports/Excursions is available for families who have a current health care card/pensioner concession card. If you have not yet applied please see the finance department for an application form. Make sure to bring your card with you.    



Australian Gymnastics Championships


Bayside AGM - Thur 23 May


2020 & 2021 Enrolments

We are now accepting enrolment applications for all year levels for 2020 and 2021. Waiting lists already apply to some year levels for 2020.


Applications for Prep 2020 and Year 7 2021, including for siblings, should be lodged as soon as possible to ensure that a place is available. We have already commenced Year 7 2021 enrolment interviews.


Current ELC4 students are guaranteed an ongoing enrolment at the College - you do not need to lodge a separate Prep application form but do need to confirm your ongoing enrolment.


The deadline for ELC 2020 applications is 30 June 2019, including for siblings. Late applications may be considered after all on-time applications, and subject to the availability of remaining places.


For all application forms and enquiries, please contact College Registrar, Mrs Julie Rebbeck, via email or call 5971 6709

College Uniform

A reminder that normal term-time trading hours have resumed in the Dobsons uniform shop: 

  • Mondays, 8:30-11:30am
  • Thursdays 1:30–4:30pm. 

If you can't make it during opening hours, online ordering and click & collect facilities are available from the dedicated Bayside Christian College page on the Dobsons website. Shop contact details can also be found on the College uniform page.


Second hand uniform can be sourced through the College Facebook group.

Instrumental Music Lessons

Bayside Christian College offers affordable instrumental music lessons. Our specialist music tutors enhance our College music program by offering private and group lessons in piano, guitar (new teacher just started!!!), vocals and drums.  


Please check out the College website for more information and to sign up for enriching music tuition. 

Outside School Hours Care

Outside School Hours Care is available for Kinder and Primary School students between 7-9am and 3-6pm Monday-Friday at the College through Camp AustraliaPlease note that most families are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy and their out of pocket expense will be far less than the advertised fee.


A reminder that morning playground supervision commences at 8:35 and afternoon playground supervision concludes at 3:35. Parents/carers are responsible for the supervision of their children outside designated duty times.


Any Primary student who has not been collected at 3:35pm will be taken to the College Office, and Secondary students are to remain at the tables outside the A block staff room. The College will make contact with parents/carers of children who are consistently dropped off or collected outside of duty times.


Bayside Christian College News
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