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04 March 2019
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From the Principal's Desk

From the Principals Desk 

Active Learning is the key to a Deeper Understanding 


2019 Student leadership Camp 


Friday 1st March to Sunday 4th March, Ms Smith (Student Voice & Leadership Coordinator) and I took 14 Student Leaders to our first ever Student Leadership Camp of the College at the Lady Northcote Recreational Camp near Bacchus Marsh.


The 2019 Student Representative Council consists of –


School Captains:            Marley MacDonald, Annie Yu and Zac Devereux

Vice Captains:               Logan Chandler and Felicity Hutchinson

Year 10 Representative:  Hannah Yu

Year 9 Representatives:  Hailey Slemenda & Jemma Devereux

Year 8 Representatives:  Tara Nelson & Kiara Cruz

Year 7 Representatives:  Manix Wheeler & Jackson Francese – Fulton


Additional Student Leaders who were invited to attend the camp were Tahlia Noordenbroek, Tennille Huhn, Mikayla Milinkovic and Todd Postolov.


The students were actively involved in leadership workshops from Friday to Sunday as well as undertaking some challenging recreational activities such as the Giant Swing (21 meters), Leap of Faith (10 meters), Mountain Bike Riding and Raft Making.


The leadership workshops focused on such things as Creating a Vision, Communication, Teamwork and SRC Strategic Planning for the year.


The students were able to identify six project areas they wish to develop and implement this year,  which were quite interesting and showed a sense of deep analytical thinking about how we could engage more people in our improvement journey. The six projects will focus on:


Increasing school and House spirit.

Fundraising for charities

Student Contentedness across each Year Level 7 – 12

Fundraising events for new facilities at the school (Shading and seating outside 311)

Events to increase Academic Pride

Events to build a stronger sense of belonging


The students also agreed on 4 ‘Trade- marks’ that the wish to abide by as a student representative body:


To be Approachable

To be Hardworking

To be Committed to the work

To be Reliable


Essential Education Items 

I wish to thank those parents who have made a full or part payment toward the Essential Education Items for their child in 2019. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.


For those parents who have not paid their Essential Education Items for their child/ren, could I encourage you to please do so or at the very least contact the college Business Manager (Shirley Niblett) to arrange a more suitable method of payment(payment by installments, etc).


I am very proud of the curriculum resources and the learning environment that we have developed at Lara Secondary College, over the past 18 years.


The 2019 Information Booklet that was distributed to all parents at the end of the 2018 school year, clearly outlines the three college payment options in regards to the $420.00 Essential Education Items costs for your child.


I respectfully request that you attend to this payment no later than Friday 29th March 2019.

Student Academic Uniform 

As all students and parents would be aware, from Monday 4th March 2019, all Years 7 - 10 must wear the College Academic Uniform (listed on page 31 & 32 of Student Engagement Policy) at all times unless they have a Physical Education Class, Outdoor Education Class, Year 10 Fit to Play or Inter-School Sport. Please read pages 28 - 33 for further clarification.


I am aware that our school uniform supplier (Lowes in Corio Village) has now received a large delivery of uniform stock. As such parents may still acquire the academic uniform by placing an order with Lowes.

Please be aware that any student who is not dressed in our College Academic Uniform as of Monday 4th March 2019 (on a day that they do not have a Physical Education Class, Inter School Sport or Outdoor Education) will be deemed 'Out of Uniform' and the consequences listed on Page 30 of the Student Engagement Policy will apply.


All students were informed of the new Academic Uniform arrangements at the respective Junior and Senior Sub School Assemblies that were held on Thursday 31st January 2019.


I appreciate all parents support in this matter to ensure all students develop a sense of belonging and pride whilst attending Lara Secondary College.


Wayne Terrill


Upcoming Events

Monday March 4th -                                         Indonesian Fruit Testing for year 8 students                                                                                         Year 12 Outdoor Ed Indigenous Cultural Presentation                                                                                                       sessions    3&4


Tuesday March 5th -                                         Fit to Play Lara swimming pool excursion sessions                                                                                                                3&4                                                                                                                                                                                                                     VCE Physics students to Luna Park Melbourne

                                                                                       Drum Circle for selected students

Thursday March 7th-                                        Carmen’s Road Safety Presentation for all year 11 & 12                                                                                                    students in 311


Friday March 8th -                                             Year 11 Outdoor Ed Swimming Assessment at the Lara Pool
                                                                                       Senior Boys Volleyball Corio Leisure time Centre
                                                                                       Senior Girls Volleyball Corio Leisure time Centre
                                                                                       Senior Boys Tennis Geelong Lawn Tennis Club
                                                                                       Senior Girls Tennis Geelong Lawn Tennis Club
                                                                                       Senior Boys Cricket


Monday March 11th-                                       LABOUR DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY


Tuesday March 12th -                                      Drum Circle for selected students


Wednesday March 13th -                               Year 12 Parent Information Evening 6pm-7pm in 311


Wednesday March 13th -
Friday March 15th -   
                                         Year 7 camp 2019 to Cave Hill Creek


Thursday March 14th -   
Friday March 15th   
                                           Fit to Play overnight Surf Camp at Bancoora Beach                


Friday March 15th -                                            Intermediate Boys Volleyball
                                                                                         Intermediate Girls Volleyball
                                                                                         Intermediate Girls Tennis
                                                                                         Intermediate Boys Tennis
                                                                                         VCAL students to the Grand Prix 2019


Tuesday March 19th -                                        Drum Circle for selected students


Thursday March 21st -                                     Year 11 Outdoor Ed students surfing in Anglesea

Tuesday March 26th -                                      Drum Circle for selected students

Tuesday March 26th
Friday March 29th -     
                                     Year 12 Outdoor Ed Adventure Hike/ Camp at Otway

                                                                                       National Park 


Wednesday March 27th -                               Positive Relationships Team student meeting session 4

Thursday March 28th -                                    Whole School Assembly


Friday March 29th -                                          Year 11 Outdoor Ed Surfing in Anglesea
                                                                                        Year 9 Sports Elective Personal Challenge Day 2

Seniors Years Report 

Year 12 Parent Information Evening 

Parents and guardians of all Year 12 students are invited to attend an information evening on Wednesday 13th March, focusing on strategies to support their Year 12 child throughout the year. High pressure times will be identified and school support networks shared to further build the team around each student. The evening will be in 311 from 6 - 7pm.  If you have queries please contact either Ben Johnson or Tania O’Callaghan.

Ready Set Work 

Year 10 Ready Set Work students have been attending the Geelong Industry Trade Training Centre (GITTC) throughout 2019 to experience a range of different trade tasters. The purpose of these trade tasters is to allow these students to make informed decisions about their future pathways choice when they proceed into their VCAL program in 2020. Ready Set Work students will continue to attend the GITTC each Thursday throughout 2019 and utilise the knowledge learnt to support their engagement in the classroom at school. Thankyou Ms Gertz, Ms Kelly and Mr Norman for their support in organising this opportunity for our students.

Junior Years Report 

Junior Years Report 

After a busy start to the term,  the Junior School levels have all settled in to the new school year. Our new year 7 students have made a great start and have been very busy making new friends, building relationships with staff and learning their way around the school. They are also really excited about the upcoming Cave Hill Camp, which will take place next week.


Our Year 8 classes have also been out and about, completing their Immersive Excursions this week. Students have been surfing, visited the Melbourne Museum and also the Melbourne Zoo. Feedback from students and staff has been really positive and the excursions sound like lots of fun!


Our Year 9 students have also had a very busy start to the term and yesterday had the opportunity to attend an excursion to the Avalon International Airshow, as part of the STEM project. At the Airshow, students learnt about physics, technology and mathematics in the aviation and defence industries and participated in a wide range of Hands On Activities. They also had a chance to tour parts of the Airshow along with Airforce personnel guides. Our Year 9's are looking forward to the upcoming ‘Personal Challenge’ excursions which are taking place in Week 10 of this term.

Sport Report 

LSC Annual Swimming Carnival 

Tuesday February 5th was our annual Swimming Sports Carnival at Lara Pool. Students came dressed in some of their best house colours and outfits, ready for a day of fun and excitement. The day kicked off with our competitive races of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke interchanged with the always popular novelty races. Some fantastic individual swimming results were met by some equally brilliant singing and dancing performances on the edge of the pool by all the houses; teachers included. The highlight of the day for most however, was watching some of the staff brave the water and compete in the teacher student relay. A huge congratulations to our 20 students who have qualified to compete at the Geelong Swimming Finals this Friday 1st of March. Good luck to all competitors for the upcoming event.


English,Science and Technology

Science Report 

It has been an exciting time in Science with students starting off their new year with enthusiasm to learn. The eager year 7’s have been introduced to safety in the science lab and in Earth science they have looked at the different phases of the moon using Oreo's as a model. The year 8’s are going through how to write a practical report and are looking at the different types of rocks and their formations in their current geology unit. In year 9, students are studying the properties of electricity and how to build circuits, some circuits needing resistors to stop them from overheating! The year 9 STEM students have cracked the codes on a zombie escape classroom and have taken a close look at the engineering design process. The year 10’s have chosen their stream of science and are looking at things in motion, and space. The Weird and Wacky’s getting a chance to explore Nebula’s and why we see those colours because of particular elements that are present. Lastly, the VCE students have begun undertaking study in their chosen areas in preparation for their future careers. We especially wish the year 12 students all the best in their scientific studies for their last year of high school.


Technology Report 

Technology at Lara Secondary College consists of both Digital Technologies and Food Technologies.


In Digital Technology, Year 7’s are learning about what makes up a Digital System and developing their coding skills creating a game using block-based code. Year 8’s have looked at text, image and sound data and how computers store and process this as well as applying this knowledge to an Arduino based Gamer device. Late last year we were fortunate enough to receive a Federal grant towards a new ‘Makerspace’ – an area that students can ‘tinker’ with technology, including 3D printing and design. A new space has been created, shelving is being added and we will add some new 3D printers shortly.


In Food Technologies, all classes have had a focus on health and safety. In practical classes, Year 7’s have had fun learning how to make Salted Caramel apple spiced ‘Mug’ Cakes, Zucchini BBQ burgers and Choc Chip Cookies. Year 9’s have made California Rolls and baked some lovely sponge cakes and finally the Year 11’s focus on Food Culture has led them to recreating some an Ethiopian Spiced Lentin Stew with Teff pancakes.



Courses at The Gordon 

Once again, Skilling the Bay is offering two courses at the East Geelong Gordon Campus for selected Year 9 and 10 students. Courses include: Robotics, Coding and the Internet of Things as well as Gaming with Python. Please see the information brochures attached to the College Times for more information. If you are interested – see either Ms Kelly or Mrs Butler.


English Report 

Books we've read at LSC


Reading is an integral part of the learning program at Lara Secondary College. This year, students have an extra session of Literacy in years 7 to 9. This allows teachers to directly teach a range of reading strategies to students in a small group setting, which supports students to become literate individuals, allowing them to move from interpretation to reflection and critical analysis.


One initiative we have introduced this year, to build on our positive reading culture at Lara Secondary College, is to create a “Books We’ve Read” reading wall in classrooms. Students and teachers are posting reviews of the books they have read in 2019, listed under appropriate genres. This will expose students to a range of reading options, and support students when choosing books to read in the future. Students at Lara Secondary College are expected to read for 30 minutes at least three times a week at home. It would be great if parents could support students by discussing what they are reading and encouraging students to read each evening. 


Year 11 Biology Excursion 

Year 11 Biology GTAC Excursion  

On Tuesday the 12th February, both Year 11 Biology classes travelled down to Melbourne for a day at the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC). The students went through a variety of activities that addressed the function of organelles and studied the impact of organelle malfunction on cell and disease processes. They were lucky to have research scientists as mentors that were able to take them through the laboratory experiments and also discuss the current work they were completing in their scientific field. The highlights for the day were using fluorescent stains to show the organelles in mouse embryo cells as well as watching a paramecium consuming yeast cells through the microscope. All students will be able to use this knowledge to assist them throughout the Unit of ‘How Do Living Things Function’.


Library News 

Introducing SORA, our new Ereading app 

If you enjoy reading on Overdrive, you’ll love reading on SORA,  SORA is the new mobile and desktop reading experience from OverDrive, designed with students and educators in mind.  The App is available from the schools Intranet page or download the free app from the Google Play and Apple App stores or try in browser at   

Students now have a choice as to which App they’d like to use for ereading.  They can continue to read on Overdrive or switch over to SORA.


At Lara Secondary College, students can access our ereading library, which provides 24/7 access to books.

eReading is ideal for reading on iPads / tablets / phones

Download the Sora app. Set up an account using your network login. Select Lara Secondary College as your library and you are ready to borrow.

Log into Sora using your network login

Books available 24/7

Over 700 titles to choose from

Easy to use

No overdues


Lara Secondary Colleges most popular SORA books


New traditional books available for borrowing 


Spine Crackers Book Club 

This week we held our first Spine Crackers meeting for the year. 

We welcome our new and returning members for 2019.

The Spine Crackers is Lara Secondary College’s own book club.  We meet once a month in the library, to discuss the books we are reading and share reading recommendations within the group.  Members also have the opportunity to select new books to be purchased for the library, they are then offered the opportunity to be the first to read the books.   We also discuss group reading and activity opportunities, all whilst sharing morning tea.


New members are always welcome




My name is Anna Kelly and I am the careers advisor at Lara Secondary College. I have the wonderful opportunity of working with students from 7 – 12 to help them find the right pathway and take steps to achieve it.


We are in a tremendously exciting period of change for Careers Education where the Department of Education has recognised that the word career means so much more than just a job. It is a lifestyle that includes work, learning and leisure. As a result, there is more money and more time being devoted to understanding this concept, staring at Year 7.


All of our students will have access to engaging, empowering curriculum that helps them to understand themselves and the life that they want to build.



Our New Website 

If you haven’t already, please go and explore our new careers website: There is so much information and insight to be gained by students and parents alike. There is a calendar of important events, useful links, information about work placement, job guides, quizzes and more. Additionally students get their own secure log area where the can access lessons, store resumes and cover letters and learn more about making career choices.


Year 10 Work Experience 

As some of you may already know, this year, our Year 10s are undertaking work experience. Every student will attend a work place of their choice from June 24th to June 28th. If you or someone you know could support our students with an opportunity for placement, we would love to hear from you.

Some Further Reading 

We are loving this article about Disney Princesses being re-imagined as modern career woman. It is a really accessible way for our students to see all of the occupations available and add some depth to the characters that they grew up loving in film. If you have a chance to share it with your daughter, it is a really interesting conversation to have about following your passions and capitalising on your strengths. (I love that Anna and Elsa are re-imagined as climate change scientists).



Community Notice Board 


Karen Feldman’s Dance Studio - Lara Studio - is open for enrolments for 2019...

Classes are on Monday afternoons at the Bisinella Community Centre, 75 Buckingham St, Lara. They offer a mix of styles with a bit of jazz, funk, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and cheerleading (depending on age range).

All classes are just $10 (pay as you go...week to week)

We have an online registration system set up on our website - you can sign-up automatically for the class you want! Its just pay as you go, so you can come along & test out a class in the first few weeks!

We kick off the year on Monday 4th February....


For more information give Karen a call on (03) 5276 1357  or 0432 493 527









Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund




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