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07 March 2019
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Weekly Calendar

This information is also available on Compass!

Week beginning Monday 11th of March is an Odd Week


1/2L & 3/4M performing at assembly this week

Friday 8th March

  • Yr 6 Leadership City Excursion – Students to be at Belgrave station at 9am
  • Yr 5 Buddy Leadership Day - at school.

Monday 11th March

  • Labour Day Holiday

Tuesday 12th March

  • 3/4J Forest Classroom

Wednesday 13th March 

  • 3/4H Forest Classroom

Thursday 14th March

  • 3/4M Forest Classroom
  • 6.45 pm Family & Friends meeting

Friday 15th March

  • All 3/4’s At the Forest Classroom
  • Regional Swimming


Marramb-ik burndap

Woiworrung word of the week

Meaning - I am good

A Word from Tanya

Dear Families,


As a community we express our gratitude to the hundreds of fire fighters and other volunteers who have worked tirelessly over the last week.


This cooler weather has brought a little respite to those battling the fires. Within our community thank you for the work of many towards supporting families, fighting fires and offering assistance.


These events have differing impacts on all and we have been closely monitoring all children; providing opportunities to share thoughts together within the classrooms. This is an important process. Please inform us if your child requires any extra support.


Family and Friends Group- Important Meeting - Thursday March 14th 6.45 pm


It was great to meet on Monday and commence this process. Many wonderful ideas were shared. Due to the fire situation and heat we cancelled the night session but will now hold a meeting for all class representatives on Thursday March 14th at 6.45 pm.

It would be great to see you there!

We already have two Convenors- Olivia Cassidy (FK) and Kath Goullet (Three Year Old Preschool Rep).


We have listened to your feedback re lessening the number of events and this term there will be two events:

  1. Family Picnic BBQ- (sausages for sale)
  2. Easter Raffle ( tickets to go home soon)


Family Picnic- Friday March 22nd

Our first community gathering will be a Family Picnic on Friday March 22nd commencing at 5.00 pm on the oval. Bring your picnic rug, chairs and meal. Sausages in bread will be for sale for $2.00 for a quick and easy bite to eat! Family games will be provided or you can just sit and relax amongst friends.

It would be great to see everyone there!


Thank You Families!

We have had some wonderful sessions for families in the last two weeks- Cool Cats training session, Foundation- Reading at School and Home session, Plot to Pot Pop Up Market - we thank you for your support of the staff and children.


OSHC News!

Just letting all families know that as of next week, Kiara will be taking the OSHC sessions on a Monday and Tuesday before and after school, until further notice. We thank her for her willingness to assist. All other arrangements will remain the same.

We have growing numbers in all sessions so we have had to put on two educators on a Tuesday and Thursday morning as we have more than 15 booked in.

With growing popularity and need, please do not assume there will be positions available, many afternoons we have had 28 or 29 and our maximum is 30. Please call to make a booking.


Lots On!

There are a lot of exciting happenings on in the coming weeks, please complete permission forms promptly. Thank you to those families who are volunteering to assist on these days.

  1. Friday 8/3- Year 6 City Leadership excursion
  2. Friday 8/3- Year 5 Buddy Leadership day
  3. Week Commencing 12/3- Year 3/4 classes are going to the Forest Classroom at Ferntree Gully National Park
  4. 15/3- Regional Swimming Championships
  5. 18/3- Year 5/6 Kayaking
  6. 22/3- Year 1/2 Artvo Excursion


Assembly- Friday March 8th

This week 1/2M and 3/4M will be presenting. All families are welcome to attend!

Sports News

Swimming – Dandenong Ranges Division


Yesterday our school was represented by eight students (Nate Turner, Alice Seddon-MacDonald, Reve Cashmore, Laini Turner, Alyssa Brown, Brooke Brown, Hannah Guglielmi and Gulliver Kozel) at Division swimming , which was conducted at Aquination, Ringwood. 

We had a wonderful day, with some fabulous results, as follows:

Reve Cashmore – 1st Breaststroke, 1st Freestyle (shaving 3 seconds off his personal best)

Brooke Brown – 4th Backstroke

Hannah Guglielmi – 4th Butterfly

Girls Freestyle Relay (Laini, Alyssa, Brooke and Hannah) – 3rd

Medley Relay (Nate, Reve, Gulliver and Hannah) – 4th


Well done to all competitors, and we wish Reve the best of luck next Friday when he competes at the Eastern Metropolitan Region Swimming Carnival.


 Reminder: EDEC Athletics (for qualifying students) will be conducted at Cockatoo Little Athletics Track on Wednesday 27th March – information will be available on Compass soon.


Plot to Pot News

The "Bear Claw"

This technique is used for chopping, slicing, dicing and julienning.  We have been practising this technique in class.


It takes a bit of practise, but is a safe way to chop ingredients as your thumb and fingertips are tucked in, out of the way. In this grip, your knuckles will become the guide for the placement of the blade of the knife, keeping your fingers and thumb protected.

Here’s how to use the bear’s claw on a zucchini half:

• Hold the handle of the knife firmly with one hand.

• Tuck in the fingers of your other hand (the bear’s claw).

• Use this bear’s claw grip to securely hold the zucchini half. Now tuck your thumb out of the way, behind your fingers.

• Use the flat surface of your knuckles to guide the placement of the knife blade.

• Carefully place the tip of the knife down on the chopping board and start to cut the first slice. Keep the tip of the knife to the board and use a rocking action. The tip of your knife should never leave the board, and don’t bring the blade higher than your knuckles.

• Move your fingers back with each cut, so your knuckles continue to guide the knife blade.

• Take your time and line up your knife, making sure to keep your fingers tucked back before each cut. Always make sure your thumb stays tucked behind your fingers – it tends to move to the front and get in the way!


Information Source: Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.


This Week at OSHC Universe Exploration

Our daily wonder led us to the question: How was the world created?

We explored the Big Bang, painted the universe in all its infancy. Galaxy rock painting, martians, UFO's and flying rockets. Space Bingo was a hit with our winners taking home Galaxy Jars.

What will our explorers come up with next week?

Community Information


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