SKiPPS newsletter 2020

03 March 2020
Issue Three

Welcome to the SKiPPS Newsletter. Our newsletter is released fortnightly and is our primary source of communication to our community. Please take five minutes to stay up to date with what is going on at our fantastic school.

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A message from the Principal

SKiPPS fete 2020

I don't think I need to say too much about the incredible school fete that took place on Saturday. Most of you were there and saw for yourself the amazing attractions, food, drink, entertainment, dunking and picture perfect weather. 

The day was pretty much perfect and provided me with countless moments that made me think how lucky I am to lead a school with such a great commitment to community and having fun. The students, parents and wider community all came together to provide an absolute  highlight of my time at SKiPPS.


As well as being such a fun day, the fete also serves as a fundraiser for the school. This year we hope to raise $20,000 which will be used to purchase ‘classroom libraries’ for each class – money to build an engaging area in each space full of fun, high-quality books that will entertain, capture imaginations and show students what good quality writing looks like.


The work that goes into such a huge event reminded me why we only do this once every couple of years and I believe 2020 managed to top the brilliant fetes we held in 2014, 2016 and 2018. I am already looking forward to 2022 and trying to make that even better again.

I can't talk about the fete without thanking a few people;

  • the hundreds of parent volunteers on the day were wonderful.
  • The fete committee of Anna Bongiorno, Lucy Saliba, Eleanor Bryant, Kristy Vincent, Alana Kelly, Jo Gibbs, John Ahern, Steve Chambers, Robbie Cappuccio, Illaria Miglioranza and a few others who put hours and hours into making it such a great day.
  • Mostly to Catherine Sharples who, despite no longer being a parent at the school, put in the hours of hard work, organisation and late night emails to make this happen. Catherine took this role on when no one else wanted to and built a team that delivered such a great day for our school. Without her, the fete wouldn't have happened and that is a perfect way to bring her time at SKiPPS to an end.

Events like our fete are such crucial parts of making our school community what it is and, with the departure of Catherine and a few other parents who have contributed so much for years, we are really keen to encourage new parents and ideas to step into this role.


We are holding a fundraising meeting at school at 8:15am on Tuesday 10th March (straight after the public holiday) and we will be brainstorming ideas and putting together a calendar of social, community and fundraising events for the remainder of 2020. In particular we are keen to discuss and plan out a mid-year social event for parents only (along the lines of our recent Trivia Nights). If you feel that you can contribute to this on any level, please come along to this meeting.

High Country and Gippsland Comeback - Fitzroy Street

On a similar community theme, for the last 18 months, the school has been an active participant on the City of Port Phillip Fitzroy Street place making group - working together to find ways to revitalise our street.


A brilliant initiative is the High Country and Gippsland Comeback which launched last Friday night. Local venues the Saint (54 Fitzroy Street) and the Thomas (107 Fitzroy Street) have created pop-up 'comeback' shops to allow producers from the areas devastated by the recent bushfires to reach a new market.

I would encourage all of our families to go along to these new venues (open 10am to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays from 29 February - 26 April) and spend some money. Doing this will not only support businesses struggling due to recent events but will also help to bring life back to our street - a genuine win-win situation.


Further details can be found at


Neil Scott, Principal

Important Notices

New School Councillors

Following our recent call for nominations for parent members of School Council, I am happy to confirm that four parents put their hands up to fill the four parent Councillor vacancies.


As the number of nominations matched the number of vacancies, we have been able to confirm these appointments without the need for a ballot of all parents.


I am very happy to welcome Hannah Lawson, (Beatrix 1/2S and Madeline 5/6L), Matthew Saliba, (Chloe 1/2A), Rachael O'Connor, (Camilla FM) and Sonya Stephen, (Molly FM) to the SKiPPS School Council.


These new Councillors bring a wide range of experience and skills to our Council, complementing our continuing parent members to support the strong governance of our school.

School Council AGM and Presentation of Annual Report

Our new Councillors first taste of action will be the Council AGM and Presentation of our Annual report which takes place on Wednesday the 18th March.

This meeting starts with the presentation of our Annual Report to Parents which allows us to look back, take stock and celebrate the successes of the past 12 months.


We invite all of our school community to attend this meeting to share this 20-30 minute presentation and to ask any questions about our Annual Report and progress made over the last 12 months.


The meeting will start at 6pm in the Performing Arts room - we would love to see as many of you there as possible to celebrate another great year for SKiPPS.

Message from Catherine Sharples

The current councils last meeting will be the AGM on the 18th March. We encourage everyone to come along and hear about the schools achievements and plans. 

It is also an opportunity to thank the outgoing council and welcome the new.

Sub committee members who have worked hard all year are especially encouraged to come along.


A huge shout out to the fete committee who did such a superb job in preparing for, then putting on a wonderful event last Saturday. Alana Kelly, Jo Gibbs, Ilaria Miglioranza, Robbie Cappuccio, John Ahern, Lucy Saliba, Steve Chambers, Anna Bongiorno, Eleanor Bryant, Stella Borland and Kristy Ayre. The school is lucky to have you. 


I would like to thank the 2019 council for their efforts. For those leaving, Malcolm Shiel who has served as Treasurer and Kirstin Donaldson who has served as Vice President a special thank you for your dedication to the school community. It has been a pleasure working with such a wonderful group of people and I know the wonderful school my family is now leaving will continue to achieve great things

Basketball uniforms and Out of School Hours Sports Policy

Basketball is something which plays a key role in our school - from the before and after school training sessions to the Monday assembly sports results to the Friday evening games at MSAC.


For many years the Playball teams organised by parents but representing SKiPPS have provided sporting opportunities and social connections for our students.  


The black basketball uniforms, rented by families from the school are an important part of this and it is great to see how proud our students are of receiving these and wearing them throughout their time at SKiPPS.


Many years ago, when families hired the basketball uniforms, it was understood that these were only to be worn during the Playball games. They were not to be worn at other times, especially to school during the school day.


There were a number of reasons for this but the main three were;

  • As the uniforms are rented and belong to the school we wanted to reduce wear and tear by limiting them to basketball games.
  • The basketball singlets do not conform to the school's sun smart policy which states that all shoulders should be fully covered.
  • For some students not part of a basketball team, the uniforms can appear exclusive.

Over the years, this rule has slowly been forgotten and we are now regularly seeing many students coming to school all day in their full basketball uniforms.


Whilst we do not want to take away the pride and excitement felt by these students in getting their uniforms, we are again now asking that students no longer wear them to school. If teams have an after school game, they are welcome to bring them in their school bags to change into straight after the 3:30pm bell.


This issue and many others around SKiPPS basketball are being discussed as our 'Out of Hours School Sports' policy is currently being reviewed by Education sub-committee. If any parents would like input into this conversation they are invited to attend the next meeting. Interested parents should contact Michelle on 


Curriculum Day Friday 13th March

A reminder that next Friday (13th March) is the school's third student-free curriculum day of the year. As this is the Grand Prix weekend, we find that it makes sense to take this day as a student-free day each year due to the noise and disruption from the event.

We are taking full advantage of this situation and are looking forward as a staff to continuing our work with George Telford from Challenging Learning. His particular focus for the day will be on feedback and the use of Learning intentions and Success Criteria.

Their Care availability for Curriculum Day Friday 13th March

Their Care will be available for bookings for the full day on Friday 13th March. 

Please contact 1300 072 410 or 0429 095 435

Enrol at

Local Schools Community Fund Grant

Many of you would have seen our local Federal Member for Macnamara, Josh Burns, at our School Assembly a couple of weeks ago.


This is the second time that Josh has come to our school and, as well as appearing at assembly, took the time to talk about Canberra to our Year 5/6 students in preparation for their upcoming  camp. 


Josh was very happy to confirm that SKiPPS was the recipient of a $20,000 Federal 'Local Schools' Community Fund' grant awarded at the end of last year.


Alongside a large amount of locally raised fundraising money, this grant has been used already to support the purchase of our shiny new interactive whiteboards in spaces. Further details of the scheme can be found at


We are incredibly thankful for this grant and have already seen the impact of this money on the engagement and learning of our students.

Events and birthdays

Upcoming events and programs

Please also refer to the Calendar on our website for further details of events




Mon 2nd - Fri 6th 

Yr 5/6 Camp

Mon 9th

Labour Day Holiday- students not required at school

Wed 11th

Division Tennis - Boys

Thu 12th

Division Tennis - Girls
Fri 13th

Curriculum Day - students not required at school
Mon 16th

Ride to School day

Fri 20th

Yr 3/4 Soccer Gala Day

Wed 25th 

School Photos

Fri 27th 

Last day Term - 2:30pm finish

February/March birthdays












SKiPPA Meeting - All welcome

When:  Friday 6th March

Time:  8.20am

Where:  SKiPPS Art Room


Everyone is welcome.

Please come along if you would like to know more about what the St Kilda Park Parents' Association is planning this year. 

Hope to see you there!

A message from the Assistant Principal


Several studies have shown that school lateness has a negative impact on learning outcomes. Hammill Institute on Disabilities (Caldarella, Christensen, Young & Densley, 2011). ‘Teachers can become frustrated as late students disrupt instruction, often requiring reteaching of what they have missed. Tardy behaviour can also negatively affect the overall classroom environment,’ the study says.

The effects of arriving late and missing school hours includes:

  • missing important announcements and activities.
  • receiving fewer hours of instruction than students who are in class when the bell sounds.
  • establishing bad punctuality habits
  • disrupting the learning of other students in their classes.
  • missing out on activities designed to build connections with their peers, potentially impacting their social interactions and creating a greater sense of alienation from their classmates.




The battle for the Nude Food Award has commenced!

All students are encouraged to bring nude food to school every day.  Nude food is food that does not have any plastic or paper wrapping and alternatively is wrapped in reusable bees wax wrap or cloth. Each week members of Green Team tally the number of nude food lunches on different weekdays at Intervallo for all grades, with the winning grade announced at assembly each Monday. There will also be a school photo gallery of student’s nude food lunch boxes. Stay tuned for further announcements from Green Team members at assembly and look at our new Green Team display opposite the sandpit.


We still need a few more class representatives!

Why do we have Class Reps?

Building a sense of community relies on all of our parents/guardians being adequately informed through effective communication and having opportunities to contribute to the school community and participate in school events.

Communication, contribution and participation are therefore themes that we aspire to engender through our Class Rep program.

What do Class Reps Do?

The primary role of the class rep is to encourage and maintain a sense of class community. This is done through, organising social events and facilitating communication for the families in their class. Each class should have one representatives who has volunteered to do this. In many instances the class representatives work in a team and cover the whole composite year level. (I.e. four class reps may together look after all of grade 3/4)  

Class Reps are also the link between teachers and parents and may contact parents when teachers need assistance to find volunteers for class activities/excursions/events.  

If you are interested in being a class representative please see your child’s classroom teacher or Michelle.

Curriculum and policies

School Values Display

The St Kilda Park Primary School learning community works together to create an environment in which the following qualities are valued and developed.  These values, developed in conjunction with our community, foster an effective learning community.


You would have noticed the new School Values display boards in the quadrangle with examples of student work demonstrating how these values link in to classroom learning and how important they are in creating and establishing a positive school environment. Throughout the year, Foundation, Year 1 /2, Year 3 /4 and Year 5/6 will display student worked linked to all 4 values.


Financial Assistance Information for parents

SKiPPS Orchestra

SKIPPS Orchestra is open for 2020!

Can’t play an instrument? It doesn't matter.

Can play an instrument? We’ll write a part for you.


Since the orchestras inception we’ve catered for absolute beginners through to advanced students and taken them on a musical journey that’s introduced them to repertoire from classical to contemporary.


We have vacancies in glockenspiels, string section, brass section, keyboards and percussion.


Playing in an orchestra and learning about music notation, rhythm and preparation for performances will open an exciting window of opportunities. Have your child be a part of that!


Come along for a tryout on Monday mornings at 8.00am with our professional conductor Barry Luo.


Contact Michael Dolphin on 0417 014 505 or for further information.


SKIPPS orchestra is managed by parents and is funded by voluntary contributions.


Instrumental teachers are available at SKIPPS for violin, cello, piano, woodwind & brass, percussion and piano.

Community Adverts





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