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28 February 2020
Issue Three
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Upcoming Events


Wednesday 4 March

Twilight Sports - 6pm to 7.15pm approx


Thursday 5 March

Footsteps program


Friday 6 March

Curriculum day - No students at school


Monday 9 March

Public holiday - No students at school


Friday 13 March

Footsteps program


Monday 16 March

PnC Association AGM (Elections) - 6.30pm

PnC Association Meeting - 7pm


Friday 20 March

Footsteps program


Thursday 26 March

Footsteps program

Friday 27 March

Footsteps program


Friday 27 March

Last day of Term 1 - 2.30pm finish



Tuesday 14 April

First day of Term 2


Wednesday 15 April

3/4 Camp


Thursday 16 April

3/4 Camp


Friday 17 April

3/4 Camp


Monday 20 April 

5/6 Camp


Tuesday 21 April

5/6 Camp


Wednesday 22 April

5/6 Camp


Friday 26 June 

Last day of Term 2 - 2.30pm finish



Monday 13 July 

First day of Term 3


Friday 18 September 

Last day of Term 3 - 2.30pm finish



Monday 5 October

First day of Term 4


Friday 18 December

Last day of Term 4 - 1.30pm finish



Latest news

Latest news




Car Parking

In early April, Moreland Council will change the parking restrictions around the ‘activity centre’ of Sydney Road. All car parking spaces within 200 metres will be restricted to two hours. This will impact significantly on Moreland Primary School.  Already it is difficult to find a car park on some days as commuters by tram or train park in the area to walk to the station or tram stop. These people will be pushed to the area just beyond 200 metres which is just past the children’s crossing in Blair Street. We will lose all all-day parking in DeCarle Street (19 spaces) which is mostly used by commuters and staff. Council have informed me that I can purchase as many annual car parking passes as we need, which some staff may decide to take up but the main issue is for visitors for the school. If parents, contractors, presenters or Casual Replacement Teachers attend our school their parking is likely to be restricted to two hours. We could buy annual or daily passes, but at whose expense? And how many do we need? I am concerned that an offshoot of this may be that CRTs won’t come to our school because, given a choice any day, they wouldn’t choose the school where they have to pay for parking! I have mentioned to the Council Officers who visited to inform me last week that a likely solution to the issue is that we may need to convert a large portion of the playground into a carpark to accommodate our needs. This is clearly not a desirable option. Whilst I acknowledge the rationale behind this decision, I am concerned that the council has not engaged in a thorough consultation effort over this matter and has not considered the consequences for many rate payers and workers in Moreland.


Fresh Fruit Program

As you will be aware for the past couple of years we have had a fresh fruit program providing plenty of fruit to our classrooms each week free of charge.

Until now the fruit has been picked up each week by Prue Satchwell on her way to work, but with a change of meeting times this year Prue is required at school at 8.00am on Tuesday and is therefore unable to pick it up. We need someone in our school community to volunteer to call over to Preston each Tuesday between 8 – 10am and bring the fruit boxes back to school to be distributed by lunchtime (11am).

If you are able to assist us with this please call the office to let Tansy or Libby know.


Coffee anyone?

MPS now has it’s very own professional coffee machine which will be used throughout the year at breakfasts, BBQ’s, school fete and other events. Only people that are authorised will be able to operate the machine. 

So we are looking for 10 parents who are willing to be our group of authorised baristas. You will receive training on how to operate the machine and make fabulous coffee. We are seeking parents ideally in the younger years of the school e.g. Prep – Grade 4. 

To be an authorised MPS Barista you need to be available at times when we are likely to use the machine e.g. Friday mornings 8am - 9am. 

Please advise Alex if you would like this opportunity:


New Courtyard

It is wonderful to see so many students using our courtyard during the school day but also joining with family before and after school. The overwhelming response from all has been positive and I am always very proud to show it off to visitors. The children are to be commended on the care they are taking with the plants, the vast majority of which are thriving at this time of year where they are getting plenty of sun and water. Congratulations also to the children on the variety of play they are bringing to the space. They are not only being creative but it is great to see them interacting with water, the rocks and the different surfaces. We have had some concern over the installation of artificial turf on the mounds and whilst I can tell you that it was a misunderstanding that it would be installed as I was expecting a rubber surface, I have been assured by the installer that the product will maintain its integrity and it is great to see the children rolling or sitting on it which they may not have chosen to do had it been rubber. We have been approached by other schools who are in the early planning stages of playground development, to come and visit which is very rewarding.


Family holidays

Can I remind everyone that if you should be planning an extended family holiday, we would like you to complete a form at the office informing us of the intended dates and your destination. Should it not be convenient to do so at the office could you please send a letter or email to Donna or myself with all the details.


Head Lice

Just a reminder to regularly check your child's hair for head lice.  If your child should have head lice, ensure that it is treated before returning to school.


Maths News – Free Online Problem Solving from the

Australian Maths Trust

Students and families in the 3-6

Sandpit is a great platform for students to test their skills in mathematics and informatics.  The online platform is designed for students to have fun with new problems and techniques.  Students can easily choose their level, category and difficulty (chilli rating shows how mentally spicy the problem is) and useful tips and tricks are provided if needed.  This platform is perfect for students to engage in problem solving and offers a great variety of topics.  Check it out at www/

Prue Satchwell and Roxanne Levett


International Women's Day

International Women's Day this year will be celebrated at MPS next Thursday 5th March after school in the hall. 


Our focus is in line with this years theme: An equal world is an enabled world.  Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day. We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements. Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world. 


We will be celebrating the amazing achievements of women, including a visit from Veronica Sherman, creator of Happily Made, a social enterprise focussed on providing meaningful employment to marginalised women in Cambodia. 


There will be light refreshments and a chance to be creative with some art projects, as well as opportunity to meet people from our amazing and inclusive MPS community. 


Any questions, please contact Emily (5/6E)


Emailing Teachers in Compass

A reminder that you can email teachers directly from Compass. If the teacher you are wanting to email does not appear initially, you can add them via the green +. 


Twilight Sports - Wednesday 4 March

Moreland Primary School's annual Twilight Event will be held on Wednesday 4 March, from 6pm to 7pm and it is a fantastic opportunity for the students to connect with other children in their house team as well as the event being a social gathering for families whereby new connections at the school can be made.
At Moreland Primary School our students are assigned to a House Team.  The teams are red, green, blue and yellow. New students to the school will find out from their home group teacher which team they have been assigned. 
The Twilight Event will be run by Kaboom Kidz Sports. We have used this company for a number of years and the event is full of fun and activity.
We encourage you to join in the fun and celebrate with the wonderful community that is Moreland Primary School.

**Please note families are welcome to arrive at school at 5pm with a picnic to enjoy before the event commences at 6pm. 

You will also be able to purchase the following at the event:-

- Sausages / hamburgers (Halal)

- Sausages (Vegan)

- Sweet treats

Available until sold out.


 This is definitely an alcohol free event.  We appreciate your understanding and co-operation.
Students are to be supervised at the event by a family member over the age of 18 years who remains at the school for the duration of the event.




Learning Areas

News from the learning areas



The Preps have been progressing through our Me at School topic. This week, we have explored the ‘Catastrophe Scale’, which looks at different scenarios of varying emergency and talking about the best way to handle each situation. This has helped the students learn strategies to manage minor and major problems. For example, forgetting to bring a water bottle to school is a minor problem that doesn’t involve a ‘disastrous’ reaction but falling off the monkey bars and hitting your head would definitely require the help of a teacher. This helps to develop the students’ resilience, independence and problem solving skills.


In Maths, the Preps have been extending their understanding of numbers 0-10 by matching numerals to collections, comparing and ordering numbers and practicing using concrete mathematical tools such as tens frames, number lines, dice and counters. Next week, we will start looking at part of our Measurement and Geometry unit by learning about length, followed by 2D shapes.


In Reading, we have been learning about features of a book such as the title, author and pictures. We have also been talking about the difference between letters, words and sentences as well as recognising spaces between words and text directionality from left to right. All of these skills are building the students’ beginning reading knowledge.


Prep Testing

Prep testing has now finished so students will start coming to school every Wednesday as of the week beginning on Monday 2nd March. 


School Hats

This is another reminder about remembering to ensure your child has a school hat to wear every day. We are still finding that many students are relying on us to provide spares, which we don’t have many of. This means they will be asked to play in the shade or in the quiet area during lunch and snack time.


Letters and Sounds

The Preps have also been continuing to work hard on building their knowledge of letters and sounds.


This week we have learnt:

Gg –

Girls giggle – g, g, g

Hh –

Happy house – h, h, h


Next week we will be learning:

Ss –

Seals swim, seals slide – s, s, s

Kk –

Crazy kites – k, k, k




In term one, the Grade 1/2’s will be learning about the history of their community and how landmarks have changed over time. They will also be exploring how digital technology has influenced our lives. They will be exposed to a range of items from the past to present to see the impact of the change, explore past objects and compare the advantages and disadvantages of technology.



Cuisenaire Fun

Last week the students in the 3/4 Learning Area had a wonderful time exploring and learning with cuisenaire.  After initially exploring the varied colours and sizes, their task was to make a picture, sculpture or structure with the cuisenaire rods. 


The next step was estimating how long their cuisenaire rods would be if laid end to end.  They knew that the white rod, the smallest unit is 1cm.

After estimating some students lined the rods up against a metre ruler, carefully checking. Others made a table showing the rods used in different colours, the number of each colour used and the length of each coloured rod.  They used multiplication and addition to check the length.  Looking at place value, they were able to easily convert for example:- 543 cm to 5 metres 43 cm.


Millie’s structure which is photographed, although relatively small in size, came up to 776 cm.  We had a student who had estimated the length to be 8 metres and one who had thought 7 m 50 cm., which were both very close to the actual length.  It was lots of fun and gave students the opportunity to estimate, calculate and compare results.






Community News

Community News




Is your Lollipop person the sweetest?

School Crossing Supervisor of the Year Award


As part of our commitment to the ongoing safety of your students, School Crossing’s Victoria, together with your local council, is looking for the ‘Supervisor of the Year’ 2019/2020.


There are seven regions across the state. A winner will be selected in each region, and the overall winner, will be selected from the regional winners. The winner of the 2017/2018 Supervisor of the Year is Margaret Coulson from the City of Greater Geelong and School Crossing’s Victoria would like to enlist your help to boost this year’s nominations.


It is our goal to reach as many parents, residents and school staff as possible and by involving them in the nomination process encourage all road users to think about, and reward, the active role the Supervisors play in the safety of their children.


Your support of this program will help ensure your Crossing Supervisor is shown the appreciation they deserve. We would appreciate if you could include the attached advert in your next school newsletter.


Nominations are open now, and close on Friday 8th May 2020 go to the School Crossings Victoria website and complete an online nomination.


Thankyou for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you will be able to support this initiative.




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