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02 November 2016
Issue Eighteen
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Upcoming Events &  Principal's Report 

Dates to Remember


Thursday 3rd          Whole School Photo Day

Monday 7th             Yr 4 Camp Depart

Tuesday 8th           Education Sub Cmmittee      Wednesday 9th      Yr 4 Camp Return

                                      Prep - Pet Incursion

Friday 11th      2017 Prep Transition

Tuesday 15th   2017 District Swim Trials 4pm

                                  Yr 5 Leadership Incursion

Wednesday 16th   Prep - Zoo Excursion

Thursday 17th     Headlice Checks

Friday 18th     2017 Prep Transition

Sunday 20th   Working Bee 8:30am - 11am

Friday 25th            Twilight Market 5:30pm

Monday 28th         Prep-Yr 2 Swimming

Tuesday 29th Yr3 Planetarium/Scienceworks

                              Prep - Yr 2 Swimming


Thursday 1st  Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Friday 2nd       Prep -Yr 2 Swimming

                              2017 Prep Transition

Monday 5th  Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Tuesday 6th   Whole School Transition

Wednesday 7th   Prep-Yr 2 Swimming

Wednesday 14th  Yr 6 Graduation Night

Tuesday 20th LAST DAY OF SCHOOL -                                                            1:30pm Dismissal

Prep Transistions Days 

  • Friday  11th November 2016  2:00pm – 3:15pm *An Information Session for parents will be held in the Hall on this day while the children join this year’s Preps and teachers for the activity.
  • Friday 18th November 2016  2:00pm – 3:15pm
  • Friday 2nd  December 2016 2:00pm – 3:15pm
  • Tuesday 6th December 2016 11:15am – 1:00pm

Public Holidays 2016

  • Tuesday 26th January - Australia Day
  • Monday 14th March - Labour Day
  • Friday 25th March - Good Friday
  • Monday 28th March - Easter Monday
  • Monday 25th April - Anzac Day
  • Monday 13th June - Queens Birthday
  • Friday 30th Spetember - AFL Grand Final Day
  • Tuesday 1st November - Melbourne Cup Day
  • Sunday 25th December - Christmas Day

School Council Meetings 2016

  • 16th of November
  •  7th of December

Term Dates 2016

Term 1

28th January to 24th March - 2:30pm finish

Term 2

11th April to 24th June - 2:30pm finish

Term 3

11th July to 16th September - 2:30pm finish

Term 4

3rd October to 20th December-1:30pm finish

Term Dates 2017

Term 1

31st January to 31st March - 2:30pm finish

Term 2

18th April to 30th June - 2:30pm finish

Term 3

17th July to 22nd September - 2:30pm finish

Term 4

9th October to 22nd December-1:30pm finish

Principal's Report

Working Bee

A Working Bee is scheduled for Sunday, 20th of November from 8:30 – 11:00 am. Come along and join with me and the band of voubteers where the focus will be on tidying the yard. I encourage all parents to come along with their barrows, shovels and brooms to clear the courts in time for the Twilight Market  to be held on the following Friday. The Working Bee will include a BBQ and light refreshments.



Each year I provide an opportunity for parents to email or write to me regarding social and educational issues relating to their children which I would need to consider in the creation of class groups for 2017. Please email me on [email protected] if you would like to raise relevant issues.

Do not request certain teachers as this is beyond the purpose of the opportunity. Parents are also advised not to assume that teachers will be teaching the same year level in 2017. I routinely move teachers so they can have varied teaching responsibilties in order to continously build their professional capacities and experiences. The correspondence period starts now and closes on Friday, 25th of November.


School Organisation 2017

Planning for the 2017 school year is well underway with the intention of organising the 405 – 410 students in eighteen single-year level classes. There will be:

  • Three Prep classes
  • Three Year 1 classes
  • Two Year 2 classes
  • Three Year 3 classes
  • Three Year 4 classes
  • Two Year 5 classes
  • Two Year 6 classes

The mix and range of specialist teaching roles is currently under review. The Workforce Plan 2017 – 2019 is now being developed based on the Indicative Student Resource Package which was released to school on the 3rd of October. Budgetary constraints and school educational priorities will determine the final outcome.


Students not returning to Ormond in 2017
Any students in Year 5-Prep that will not be returning to Ormond Primary School in 2017 are asked to notify the school office in writing by Friday 25th November so the organisation of the 2017 classes can be finalised. Please include the school you will be attending in 2017 in the email/letter so appropriate transfer information can be sent. 


Year 4 Camp

All Year 4 students are eagerly looking forward to attending the Lady Northcote Camp at Rowsley, near Bacchus Marsh next week. I will be attending the camp for the three days and during that time Lorrie Dell will be the Acting Principal.


Twilight Market

Friday, 25th of November is Twilight Market Day. This great community event will conducted at school from 5:00 – 8:30 pm. The program is full of interests for all the family. Come along and join in the fun.


Whole School Photo

The whole school photo will be on Thursday 3rd November at 9:00am. I encourage all students to be at school on time and neatly presentable so this process runs smoothly and on schedule.


Glenn Butler


School News

Events now on Compass


Swimming Program

Melbourne Zoo

Responsible Pet Education Program

Year 1

Cololingwood Children's Farm

Living Eggs

Swimming Program

Year 2

Swimming Program

Year 3

Scienceworks & Planetarium

Year 4

Lady Northcote Camp

Year 5

Inter school Sport Term 4

Leadership Incursion

Year 6

Inter school Sport Term 4

Korean Cooking



COMPASS Parent Portal


*please note that once the 'due by' date has passed the online consent function is no longer available.

Maths Olympiad

What an amazing end to our Maths Olympiad season. A huge congratulations to the entire team, earning Ormond Primary a placing in the top 10% of participating schools across Australasia. A special mention to Nicholas Johnson for receiving a perfect score, a great achievement. 9 students finished in the top 10% and 10 more students finished in the top 20%. All the students that participated in the Olympiad will be receiving certificates at the assembly on Monday 7th November.


I am personally so proud of this year’s team.

Nicholas J, Jack A, Sam P, Otto CM, Laura G, Jonah R, Philbert Z, Joshua L, Bharath B,  Ethan H, Andrew M, Georgia F, Jett R, Rebecca M, Derrick Y, Hyun C, Mia V, Clancy W, Liam O’N, Anisha R, Thomas S, Zareef Z, Lewis S, Tom P, Sue W, Caitlin L, Jasmine A, 

Liana L, Nathan T, Ella P, Casandra J.


Mrs Felicity Hall-Shulman

Korean Cooking

As part of the Korean program, the fabulously talented Ms Park, cooked with all the students a traditional and delicious Korean dish. Each student wrote out the recipe, so be sure to get your children in the kitchen.

"It was delicious"  - Nic Year 3

"We all wanted seconds" - Sacha Year 3 

"The food was really tasty and I'm glad I got to write down the recipe."  - Emma Year 3

"I enjoyed eating the meat."  - Annabelle Year 3


Year 1 News

It’s unbelievable to think how fast the year has gone and how far the students have come. In the world of Year 1 there is still so much excitement yet.


Over the next couple of weeks we will be having a visit from the ‘Living Eggs ‘ program and they will leave us with an incubator and some eggs. As we learn how plants and animals can impact our daily lives we will learn about the lifecycle of a chicken by watching and caring for chicklings as they hatch. We will have them for 2 weeks, after that they will be up for adoption or be cared for by a farm. Other highlights in inquiry have been growing our own seeds individually and in a Year 1 garden box. We will also have notification coming out through Compass of an upcoming incursion teaching further information about healthy eating and growing nutritious foods.


In writing, we continue to learn about the Seven Steps to Writing Succuss. We are beginning to finalise all our learning in the final step ‘Putting it all Together’. We look forward to practising all our steps while creating some exciting stories and comparing our before and after pieces once done.


Level 1 and 2 Soiree

We thank all parents, family and friends who attended the Level 1 and 2 on the 13th October. It was a wonderful night and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We had a fantastic variety of songs and acts from the students, and were so proud of seeing the confidence and excitement that shone through as they performed. Through the Ormond Primary soirees we aim to develop student’s confidence, projection and performing arts skills in singing, acting, speaking and dance. Well done to all grades!


Year 2 News


On Wednesday 19th October the Year Two students went to Scienceworks. They attended a Toys and Forces Workshop, as well as explored other exhibits. The following comment were made by some of the Year Two students:


"We explored toys with push and pull forces."  - Saila

"I liked the fun piano. There were pedals under the piano and all you had to do is press the pedals up and down to make music." - Mary

"I enjoyed Scienceworks. It had so many fun things to do. I liked the climbing wall the best." -  Bella

"I loved the science show because it taught me about forces and toys." -  Isla

"I can’t believe there is a tower in Saudi Arabia that’s 1000 meters tall. That’s past the clouds." -  Elliot

"At Scienceworks we went to Sportsworks and there is a running track. We raced against Cathy Freeman."  - Charlie


Visual Arts News

Zart Art Student Gallery

Congratulations to the following students who currently have artwork on display at the Zart Art Student Gallery. 

Year 6

Jenny, Laura W, Celeste, Chloe, Ethan H, Alice, Quinn, Seamus, Nicholas, Jamillah, Lisa, Ozzy, Jack, Otto, Jett, Holly, Georgia, Abby,    Emilia, Emma, Aidan


Hunter, Maxwell, Jack, Jonathan, Jayden, Austin, Hayley, Audrey, Adelaide, Olivia, Zoe


The exhibition will be open until Wednesday 23rd November 2016.  Come down to 4/41 Lexton Road, Box Hill North 3129 and see their wonderful work, as well as by students from other primary and secondary schools.


Gallery opening hours are as follows: Mon–Wed, Fri: 8.30am–5.00pm | Thursday: 8.30am–6.30pm | Saturday: 8.30am–2.00pm


Here are the links showcasing some of the works by our talented students.



Helen Kupfer

Visual Arts Teacher/coordinator                                      

Out of School Hours

After School Care Activities

Thursday 3rd         Friendship Bands

Friday 4th               Cooking

Monday 7th           Paper Art

Tuesday 8th           Cooking

Wednesday 9th     Yarn Art

Thursday 10th      Hobby Horse

Friday 11th             Cooking

Monday 14th         Cellophane

Tuesday 15th        Rainbow Fish

Wednesday 16th  Marbling


April Kopitz

Out of School Hours Coordinator

Parents & Friends Update

Twilight Market, Friday 25th Nov 2016, 5:30pm-8:30pm

There are just 4 weeks until the Twilight Market.  A big thank-you to all the families who have sent items to school to date!


Class Stalls

Your class stall needs YOU!  Ask your class rep how you can help, as there is plenty to do!  And if you have more help to give, please email [email protected]ail.com.


Mega Working Bee

Sunday 20th November, 9:30am-11:30am.  Let’s get the school looking great for the market!  BBQ included.  


Preserves Cooking Bee

Sunday 6th November, 1-4pm.  Do you have a few hours to contribute to the chutney and preserves Cooking Bee?  All helpers encouraged.  Please contact Helen Merry from 3A.


Request for Hampers or Gift Boxes

Do you have any baskets or large gift boxes lying around that need a new home.  We need 12 for the Silent Auction hampers.  If you can help, please your bring your item/s to collection days or contact Rachel Marsden via [email protected]



Please drop off donation items every Friday between 3:15pm-3:45pm outside the Korean Room.  We need the following:

  • Recycled ladies, mens & kids clothes, shoes + accessories
  • Teddies & soft toys
  • Lucky jars – filled with things a child would love
  • Bottles of wine, champagne, beer or spirits
  • Books, CDs, DVDs and vinyls
  • Anything that could be a good prize.

Sponsor Details

Thank-you to the Guss family for generously donating to the market.  For all your party hire needs, please contact them on 03 9428 0066 or [email protected].


Thank-you to our Platinum Sponsor, Hocking Stuart.  If you are interested in knowing the value of your property or selling it, please contact Hocking Stuart Bentleigh on 03 9557 7733 for a free appraisal.


Thank-you to our Bronze Sponsor Provincial Home Loans. Next time you are seeking assistance for a home loan and/or property advice for buying or selling, contact Sue Stevens on 0432 705 815 or Jason Kuan on 0433 147 323.


Thank-you to our Bronze Sponsor Commonwealth Bank Bentleigh branch.  They can be found at 387 Centre Rd, and will be happy to help you with your banking needs.

Community News & Adverts


Global Citizen Awards


Olivia T  -  Persistence

Olivia persisted throughout the Prep Soiree rehearsals  and perfected all her dance moves. What a star! Congratulations,Olivia.

Jack G  -  Persistence

Jack consistently persists with all learning tasks especially when memorizing his speaking part in our Prep Soiree. He executed his lines confidently with great expression. Well done, Jack!

Levi N  -  Persistence

Levi’s efforts during the prep soiree were fantastic. He never gave up and tried extremely hard during all rehearsals! He should be proud of himself! Well done.

Austin W  -  Persistence

Austin tried so hard to learn his speaking lines for the Prep soiree. He never gave up and is to be congratulated on an outstanding effort. Well done!

Year 1

Emily F  -  Persistence

Showing greater persistence within her narrative writing. With this focus she has written some creative Sizzling Starts.

Ryan B  -  Persistence

Being a superstar speller. After recently moving spelling groups Ryan has been continued to do well with his more challenging words. Keep it up!

Stephanie B  -  Persistence

Steph has been trying very hard to make better choices when frustrated. Well done Steph!

Sophie H  -  Persistence

Sophie demonstrates persistence when completing challenging literacy tasks. Well done Sophie!


Year 2

Noah S  -  Persistence

Noah has persisted with writing and rewriting his narrative with new improvements and additional descriptive language. A great effort Noah!

Eva L  -  Persistence

Eva demonstrated a determined attitude to write her very best narrative. She persisted with brainstorming ideas, adding descriptive language and editing her work. A wonderful effort, Eva.

Anastasia T  -  Persistence

Anastasia has showed a great improvement in her attitude to mathematics. She has demonstrated persistence in her approach and work habits.

Benji B  -  Persistence

Benji has demonstrated an impressive improvement in both his reading and writing. His persistence and positive approach is evident in his results.

Max M  -  Persistence

Max has shown great improvement in his reading and writing due to his great passion and persistence.   

Isla T  -  Persistence

Isla shows great persistence and effort in all areas of  the curriculum.

Year 3

Sacha L  -  Quality Learning

Sacha demonstrated his commitment to quality learning by taking it upon himself to complete further study on his classroom project at home.

Paras X  -  Excellence

Paras has shown excellence in all her written work. From its exceptional content to her neat handwriting, Paras is working at an excellent standard.

George P  -  Persistence

George has displayed excellent persistence during challenging tasks and activities throughout term 4. His positive attitude has seen good improvements.

Charlotte VA  -  Excellence

Charlotte should be congratulated for showing greater independence with her work in the classroom and continuing to improve her handwriting.

Isabelle L  -  Respect

Isabelle is extremely respectful of her peers both inside and outside of the classroom. She has continued to work persistently in all areas of her learning.  

Max O  -  Persistence

When Max is faced with a challenge he pushes through and continues to work hard. Max also shows tolerance with working with a group of students.

Year 4

Delfin T  -  Quality Learning

Delfin created and shared an excellent diagram which displayed the way in which forces affect a ball in a game. His book work is also very well presented.

Alex Z  -  Excellence

Alex recently competed in a mathematics competition outside of school and scored top results! He is also a very confident and passionate speaker in class presentations.

Alexandra K  -  Excellence

Ally has shown particular focus with her studies into division this semester. As a result she has excelled in her ability to divide with remainders using short division. Well done!!

Joo J  -  Persistance

Joo has been working hard to improve her number fluency skills by participating in extra practice sessions.  She has been making fantastic gains as a result. Keep up the focus Joo.

Year 5

Oscar W  -  Quality Learning

Oscar has demonstrated a greater maturity towards his learning and this is evident in the work he is producing.

Zach McR  -  Quality Learning

Zach has displayed quality learning in all learning activities and has applied himself to all learning tasks with excellence.

Heidi RR  -  Persistence

Heidi’s positive approach to her learning is commendable. She listens to feedback and applies this to develop her work further, a great skill to have. Keep it up!

Tom B  -  Quality Learning

Tom is a conscientious student. He remains focused and works hard in all aspects of the curriculum. Well done Tom!

Year 6

Sara A  -  Resilience

For always giving 100% effort during maths learning tasks on the Cartesian Plane.

Elise C  -  Respect

Elise demonstrated respect, kindness and responsibility whilst helping with the Prep Soiree.

Michael A  -  Respect

Michael demonstrated consideration and courtesy in the classroom when dealing with an issue with another student. Well done!

Elizabeth K  -  Tolerance

Elizabeth accepted other student’s perspectives when discussing a situation with other students in the playground. She also showed great responsibility in lawn bowls.

Samuel D  -  Respect

Sam continually shows respect for his fellow classmates by treating one another with consideration and courtesy, helping create a wonderful learning environment in the classroom.  Great Work Sam!!!

Lachlan B  -  Persistence

Lachlan was displayed persistence by remaining committed to his goals by focusing and working hard on his Literacy and Maths which has vastly improved his results.  Well done Lachy!!!


Darcy M  -  2B  -  Quality Learning

For always striving to produce quality work. He listens well and responds positively to feedback.


Samuel E  -  5A  -  Respect

For his ability to respect his peers performances on the sporting field.

Anisha R  -  5A  -  Respect

For the respect she demonstrates towards her peers.

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