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16 November 2018
Issue Eighteen
Dates to Remember for 2018
Principal's Report
Assistant Principals
Library News
Second Hand Book Sale
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Wantirna College
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Dates to Remember for 2018

Term 4 November

Monday 19

Unit 3/4 Exams

Year 11 Exams

Summer Vocal Concert #1


Tuesday 20

Year 7 Humanities KIOSC

Unit 3/4 Exams

Year 11 Exams

Summer Vocal Concert #2


Wednesday 21

Year 7 Humanities KIOSC

Unit 3/4 Exams

Year 10 Exams

Year 11 Assessment Day

Summer Vocal Concert #3


Thursday 22

Year 7 Humanities KIOSC

Year 10 Exams

Year 11 to 12 Step Up

Valedictory Dinner

String Workshop with Vermont Secondary College


Friday 23

Year 7 Humanities KIOSC

Year 10 Exams

Year 11 to 12 Step Up

Year 7 Humanities KIOSC


Monday 26

Summer Contemporary Bands


Year 10 Assessment Day

Year 11 to 12 Step Up

Summer Piano Concert


Tuesday 27

Summer Piano Concert

Summer Contemporary Ensembles Concert

Year 11 to 12 Step Up

Year 10 Exam Feedback

Year 7 Maths KIOSC


Wednesday 28

Summer Dance Concert

Year 11 to 12 Step Up

Year 10 Exam Feedback

Year 7 Maths KIOSC


Thursday 29

Year 11 Exam Feedback

Year 10 to 11 Step Up

Year 7 Maths KIOSC

Summer Dance Concert


Friday 30

Year 11 Exam Feedback

Year 10 to 11 Step Up

Year 7 Maths KIOSC


Monday 3

Year 10 to 11 Step Up


Tuesday 4

Year 10 to 11 Step Up


Wednesday 5

Year 10 to 11 Step Up


Thursday 6

College Awards Night

2018 Term dates:


Term 1:    Tuesday 30 January to Thursday 29 March 2018 


Term 2:    16 April to 29 June 


Term 3:    16 July to 21 September 


Term 4:    8 October to 21 December

Principal's Report


College Captains 2019

I would like to start by congratulating our 2019 College Captains on their appointment. Tahlia Umi, Liam Papic, Jacqui Rogers and Sami Lutui were selected as our College Captains from a very impressive and capable list of applicants. The very thorough process involving interviews, speeches and voting from students and staff is designed to ensure that we have quality ambassadors that our whole community can be proud of, and in this instance I think we could say that not only about those who were successful, but of all the applicants. Next year we also transition to four captains instead of two captains and two vice-captains, and the reason we have done this, is the acknowledgement that there was very little difference between the commitment required throughout the year of all our senior captains. I look forward in the coming weeks to also announcing the new middle years and international captains when we finalise our other leadership positions. And finally I would again like to acknowledge our Year 12 Captains for 2018, and their commitment to the College not only this year but during their entire journey with the school.


Parent Payments

Parents are receiving notifications and communications regarding college charges for 2019. School fees can be broken down into three main categories Essential Student Learning Items, Optional Items and Voluntary Financial Contributions. I encourage you to read the information that you are receiving carefully. As I have explained in the letter that has accompanied the fee information for 2019, we value and appreciate the financial contributions that parents make to our school. The contributions enable us to provide a well-resourced learning environment for all of our students, now and into the future and I want to reiterate the significant impact that payment of these fees has on our ability to continue being a leading school. Any parent who is experiencing financial hardship and may require financial support (e.g. payment plans, applications for State School Relief grants) is encouraged to contact our office manager Nerilee Fletcher.

New Website

We are just putting the finishing touches on our new website that will be going live in the next few weeks. I hope that you find the site engaging and representative of the amazing students and staff that we have here at the school. The new site has a number of new features that are designed to inform visitors particularly parents and students considering enrolling as well as existing parents who are seeking information. I would encourage parents who may find any “bugs” in our new website to contact the school.

Planning for 2019

Planning is very advanced for next year and we are finalising student numbers. If you know that a student will be not attending in 2019 and have not already contacted the school to let us know, then I encourage you to communicate with Gayle in our General Office so that she can help you through the process of transferring elsewhere.


Kevin Murphy


Assistant Principals

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is a significant event in the lives of all Australians. Remembrance Day is different to ANZAC Day in that it commemorates the end of World War I, when an armistice was reached between the Central Powers and the Allies.  Rather than only remembering ANZAC soldiers and the Gallipoli campaign, it is intended to represent all theatres of war and all soldiers who fought and died for their country or sustained injuries.  More than 18 million people died as a result of WWI and another 23 million were wounded, making it one of the bloodiest wars in history, and the worst at the time that it came to an end in 1918. 


This year has special significance as it marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which ended the First World War. Remembrance Day now extends to remembering soldiers who have laid down their lives in all wars since that time, as opposed to just WWI, and is a time to be thankful for peace and reflect on the sacrifices made by our fellow human beings.


As Remembrance Day was on a Sunday this year, Wantirna College held a series of Year Level Assemblies on Friday 9th November to commemorate this important occasion. Students led the assemblies by sharing information on the history of Remembrance Day, stories of homecomings, the importance of symbols of remembrance, the story of the Unknown Soldier and poetry. This service allowed our community an important moment of reflection and was concluded with Year 10 student Sam Parker playing the Last Post and a minutes silence being held. 



Student Resources for 2019

For 2019, students in Years 7 – 12 will require textbooks, stationery, digital/online resources and calculators. To ensure that the cost is kept to a minimum for families, resources have been sourced from a range of companies. The ‘Resource List Information 2019’ document contains all of the information about how to purchase the required resources and can be accessed via the College website – Parent Menu – School Resources for 2019. It is also available on Compass in the Newsfeed as well as in the School Documentation Folder. It is important that students have access to all of the resources listed as they will be used both within the classroom and at home. The teaching and learning program has been developed with the expectation that students will have access to these resources.


Some of the digital/online resources required for 2019 will need to be purchased through Compass. These will be available under Organisation – Events. Please be aware that this payment will only appear on Compass once the subjects and timetables have been confirmed. This is to ensure that students are only paying for the resources that they require for the subjects that they have been enrolled in.  


The Second Hand Book Sale is also a great opportunity to both sell your current student textbooks as well as purchase next year’s textbooks at a discounted price. The Second Hand Book Sale will be held on Saturday 1st December between 9am and 11am in the Senior Centre. Further information about the Second Hand Book Sale can be found on the homepage of the College Website as well as on Compass in the School Documentation Folder.



College Awards Night – Save the Date!

Preparations are well underway for this year’s College Awards Night which will be held on Thursday December 6th at CityLife Auditorium 1248 High St Rd, Wantirna South. This evening celebrates the success of students by acknowledging those students who have received Academic Excellence Awards, Citizenship Awards, Sports Awards, Music Awards, Learning Area Awards and the Most Outstanding Student Awards. All families are invited to attend the Awards Night and celebrate the remarkable achievements of our students. Students who are being presented with an award will be notified via Compass from the 28th November. Make sure that you are keeping an eye out for this information. More information regarding the Awards Night will be communicated via Compass as the date approaches, so make sure that you ‘Save the Date!’



Catherine Ford, Shane Kruger and Andrew Lewis

Assistant Principals




Library News

Library News

Good Luck to all the Senior Students with your last assignments and/or exams. It has been great to see so many of you in the Library studying and quizzing one another. Do not forget to return all your study guides, books, magazines etc. to the Library before you head out into the wide world.



Remembrance Day 2018

I am thankful that in this country, and at this time, our young people can make decisions about their future without having to contend with war.


To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the signing of the World War 1 Armistice [peace], the Library displayed images of soldiers, nurses and peace and invited students to contribute poppies, messages or images of Defence Force family members to a board. The College Community can now view this board in the College Office.




Mrs Hall and the Library team

Second Hand Book Sale

Wantirna College Parent’s Association
Second Hand Book Sale


Each year in late November/early December (just before the Campion book list is due in) the Wantirna College Parent’s Association runs a Second Hand Book Sale. This is a very popular event where books can be bought at significant savings and unneeded books sold. This action-packed event is held over two weeks.

Week ONE

Friday 30 November

Nov Collection of Books for Sale


Saturday 1 December


Week TWO

Friday 7 Dec Parents/Students COLLECT Money/Unsold Books

STUDENT ID. Or “Authority Note” Required

You will find on the College website:

  • instructions
  • the Second Hand Book List (books for sale/purchase)
  • book labels
  • summary sheet of books for sale

The Second Hand Book List shows the MAXIMUM selling price, which is 70% off recommended retail.   It is suggested that lower prices be set for books not in top condition.


The Book Sale is a major fundraising event, with 20% of all sales going to Parent’s Association (to purchase equipment and fund programs to benefit our students).


The Second Hand Book Sale cannot be run without your help. You may like to volunteer, meet some new people and yes, we do have some fun. If you are interested please contact Jessica on 0425 782 531 or email [email protected]


***Please ensure you have checked the available book list. There is a limited amount of books on the list as well as an unknown qty of each book. This is due to the change in the Australian curriculum and the new school laptop policy. ***


If selling books for more than one student - Complete all labels and the Books for Sale Form in one student’s name.

  • Unsold books can be donated to Student Welfare, please tick appropriate box on this form and label.
  • Books For Sale Form – Ensure that all information matches the labels attached to the books.
  • The completed form must accompany books handed-in for sale. Photocopy the completed form for your own records.
  • Labels – PRINT CLEARLY. Attach to front of book with 2 pieces of tape only (top and bottom of label).
  • Books – Books should be in good condition with no pages missing. Only books listed on the Second Hand Book List can be sold, so please check titles and editions.
  • Pricing – Maximum selling price is given in the Second Hand Book List. A lower price should be set for books not in top condition. Please price books in round dollar amounts,
  • CD’s – CD’s must be usable. Tape CD’s securely in their pockets to inside of book covers.
  • The PA are not responsible for condition of CD’s.

Collection of Money/Unsold Books

  • ID is essential for anyone collecting money/unsold books. Collecting on behalf of another student requires authorisation note and ID.
  • Any uncollected books/money will be considered a donation to the Parent’s Association if not collected within 14 days of the end of the event.

Please Note


  • Cheaper priced books in good condition usually sell first.
  • 20% of all Sales will go to the Parents Association.

Sales are strictly cash only



Volunteers Required


Second Hand Book Sale Labels


Second Hand Books for sale Form



Uniform Shop Opening Hours
November– December 2018

Mondays and Thursdays 3.00-5.00pm

Saturday 24th November  2.00-4.00pm

December  2018


Community News




General Information

General Office

Office Hours:                  8:00am - 4:00pm

Telephone:                      9801 9700

Attendance Line:        9881 7111


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.


Student absences should be reported to the school prior to 9am.  Please ring the Student absences number directly on 9881 7111.


If your child is in Year 10, 11 or 12 they will be required to supply an absence note when returning to school.  If your child has missed a SAC or been away for more than a couple of days, then they will be required to supply a doctor's certificate.


In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8.40am.  Locker Bell rings at 8.44am and Home Group commences 8:54am.  If your child is late for any reason please contact the General Office on 9881 7111 or 9881 7131.

Collecting Your Child From School

If your child has an appointment and they are required to leave school early please complete the following:

  1. Write a note explaining why your child is required to leave school.  On this note please supply their name, home group, the reason why they are leaving and your name and phone number.
  2. Your child is required to drop the note off in the Early Leaver’s folder, which is situated in the main office.  If your child is required to leave the school prior to recess, please ask your child to request an Early Leavers pass from Debbie Hopper in the main office.  She will write one immediately.
  3. Your child will be required to sign out on the PINK sign out sheet at the main office, prior to leaving the school premises.

Please note that if your child does not have an Early Leavers pass from the main office, teachers will not allow your child to leave their class.  Also, your child is required to keep the Early Leavers pass so, if they are approached by a teacher outside the school, the student has confirmation they have permission to leave the school premises.


If you write a letter for your child to leave school early, you are NOT required to come in and sign your child out.  Also, your child’s attendance will be marked correctly.  If you need to collect your child unexpectedly, please contact the main office.  We will try our best to organise your child for collection prior to you arriving at school.

Arriving Late to School

If your child has an appointment and they are arriving late to school, please complete the following:


Write a note explaining why your child is arriving late to school.  On this note please supply their name, home group and the reason why they are arriving late.


Your child is required to sign in at the main office, so the attendance officer can make the appropriate changes to compass.

Emergency Pick Ups Only

In extreme circumstances you can ring the office to organise for your child to be collected early. It is extremely disruptive to the classrooms, therefore this procedure is for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop is open on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, and the first Saturday of the Term from 1 - 4pm. Prices and additional trading hours can be found on the College website.


Direct Phone:  9881 7168

Lost Property

Lost Uniforms are taken to the Maintenance Office, which is located near Health Centre.  There are two big draws just inside the door.  If you have lost any valuables, ie: phone, watch, etc... they are usually handed in to the main office.

Car Parking

New parents to the College are advised that the main car park on Harold Street is not a drop off or pick up point for students.  The car park is very busy and very tight at peak times.  It is not a safe place for students and waiting cars create congestion for people entering or leaving the car park.


The best drop off and pick up points for the school are:

  • Georgian Gardens (street opposite school crossing on Harold Street)
  • Amesbury Avenue (fenceline along the bottom oval)
  • Templeton Street (South of the roundabout)
  • Saxon Street (off Harold Street)

College Vision

Wantirna College is committed to educating our students to be inquiring learners with high levels of literacy and numeracy, prepared to be global, ethical citizens in the 21st Century, capable of showing resilience and flexibility of thinking, willing to show initiative and take on challenges throughout their lives.

Wantirna College


Kevin Murphy


Assistant Principals:

Catherine Ford, Andrew Lewis and Shane Kruger


College Council President:

Dr Joanne Challinor-Rogers


Sub School:

Dina Mingos (Later Years)

Darren Hoogkamer (Middle Years)


College Captains:

Sam Evans and Loren Shinkfield


College Vice Captains:

Nikhil De Silva and Maddie Wright


Parents Association President:

Pam Wade


Parents of Performing Arts Chairperson

Stuart Broadley

Wantirna College Newsletter
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