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15 November 2018
Issue 36
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2018 Calendar

2018 Camp Dates

  • 5-7 December - Year 4

2019 School Dates

Term 1 -30.01.2019 - 05.04.2019

  • All students (except Prep) commence Wednesday 30th January 2019
  • Foundation (Prep) students start Thursday 31st January 2019

Foundation students do not attend Wednesdays for the month of February 2019.


Mon 19/11

Schoolpix photos - Gr 6, School Captains, portrait re-takes

  • Snr Unit - Soak the Teacher week (all week).  20c a throw or 3 for 50c

Wed 21/11

PFA: Casual clothes day - Christmas Day Raffle donations

  • see classroom donation list on  the PFA page.

Year 5 - Preparation for Puberty

Keyboard concert 6.30 pm in the Music room

Wed 28/11

Year 5 - Preparation for Puberty

Sarah's Wind/Drums concert

Book Club orders due in.

Fri 30/11

Year 3-6 Orienteering at Hanging Rock

Snr Unit - Year 6 Disco - Time/Cost TBD


Saturday 1/12

Alex's Guitar concert

Mon 3/12

Strings concert at 7 pm

Wed 5/12 - Fri 7/12

Year 4 Camp

Wed 5/12

PFA meeting at 7.30 pm

Tue 11/12

Whole School - Transition Day

Wed 12/12

Whole School Concert  - 5.30 pm arrive for a 6.30 pm start

PFA BBQ 5.30-6.30 pm

Thur 13/12

Year 4/5 Project Display for parents.  Woodend at 9am / Carlsruhe at 2pm

Tue 18/12

Year 6 Graduation - 6 pm dinner, 7.30 pm start

Wed 19/12

Yr 6 excursion

Yr 4/5 BUPA  visit at 1.30 pm (singing carols) 

Sushi Day

Friday 21st December

  • 1.30 PM FINISH

From the Principal,
Diana Ellis


As we head towards the end of the school year we are excited about the events ahead of us including our whole school concert, our Cultural Inclusion Day and Graduation.

Of course our concert would not be possible without the work of our outstanding Music (Performing Arts teachers) Mr. Joseph Bromley, Desiree Underwood and earlier in the year, Zoe Hall.

Each week our students enjoy participating in these sessions and are provided with a range of experiences in dance, drama, instruments and choir.

We are very proud of our Performing Program and the musical skills of the students in our school.

Please put December 12th in your diary so that you don’t forget our concert.

Parent Forum

I will be running Parent Forums in the Music Room tonight and tomorrow morning. In the past when I have provided these forums the feedback from the parents was that they were really useful in providing information about our school on a range of topics that parents generally don’t see or hear about on a daily basis. It is a great opportunity to ask questions about any of our programs, about how the school is financed, how class structures are decided, about the formation of policies  etc.

I look forward to meeting with you and answering your questions about how we operate as a school.

The forums will be held in our new Music/Performing Arts room at the end of the Multipurpose Hall.

The sessions are at 7.00 pm tonight and 9.00 am tomorrow morning.

Curriculum Days

In response to feedback from parents that they would appreciate more notice in regards to Curriculum Days we have already set our curriculum Days for next year and they will be confirmed with you as soon as they have been ratified at our December School Council Meeting.

End of year

As we head towards the end of the year it is timely that I remind everyone that the last day  of school is Friday December 21st and finishing time is 1.30 pm.


For 2019 all students in Years 1 -6 start school on January 30th and our Foundation students start on January 31st.


Throughout the year our students have many experiences of informal cross class transitions as they work with other classes and teachers. Our formal whole school transition day is on Tuesday Decemeber 11th. On this day students will go to their new room to meet their new teacher.

From the Office

Lost Eu. $$

If any student has recently lost some International Currency (notes), please contact the office.

Bookpack ordering for 2019

2019 – OFFICEMAX ONLINE ORDERING IS NOW LIVE….go to www.officemaxschools.com.au to place your order



REMEMBER, if you order your books by 2 December 2018 there is no processing or delivery charge and books will be delivered to your home address.

  • Bookpack Requisites for Year 3 – 6:
    - ORDER ONLINE at www.officemaxschools.com.au – goods will be delivered to the student’s home address NOT to the school
    - order BEFORE 2nd DEC = FREE DELIVERY & guaranteed delivery before 31.12.18
    - order AFTER 2nd DEC = $12.95 per family and delivery before the start of school
    - bus and netbook fees can be paid at the same time as bookpack ordering
    - to ease the financial pressure on families towards the end of the year, School Council have decided that voluntary contributions will not be required to be paid until Feb 2019 but if you prefer, can be paid via QKR from November 2018
    - There will be NO SPARE PACKS AVAILABLE from the school - bookpacks can continue to be ordered online at Officemax until the end of Term 2
  • Bookpack Requisites for Year Prep – 2
    - students do not receive an individual bookpack – parents pay for their child’s requisites, which are delivered directly to classrooms. Payment for these essential requisites is compulsory and expected. Payment options are:
    1. via www.officemaxschools.com.au
    2. via QKR November 2018
    - to ease the financial pressure on families towards the end of the year, School Council have decided that voluntary contributions will not be required to be paid until Feb 2019 but if you prefer, can be paid via QKR from November 2018.

QKR logon issues:

If you have forgotten your password and are experiencing difficulties with the suggested reset process (eg. wrong postcode supplied), it may be that you have one of the older (pre 2016) accounts. The only fix for these accounts is for QKR to delete them and then the parent to create a new account. If you would like this to occur please send an email to turner.sue.p@edumail.vic.gov.au with the email address your QKR account is linked to. I will advise when the deletion has occurred and you are able to set up a new account.

If you have a newer QKR account and are experiencing functionality issues, the first thing is to ensure you have installed any upgrades to the app. If you are still having problems, please contact the school and we will be happy to assist.

Compass phone app

Some parents have advised when using Compass on their phone, they are not able to find the link to provide consent and pay for upcoming Events. Once again, please ensure you have installed the latest upgrade and this should fix most of the functionality issues. If problems still exist, it may be your phone is not ‘new’ enough to cope with the processes. In either case another solution is to open the program in your browser…… on the Compass home screen on the phone at the top left, there are 3 horizontal bars. Click on the bars and then click on ‘Open in Browser’. That will open up the same screen you see on your computer and the link to the Events page should be available.


Office staff are always happy to assist with password resets or functionality issues.

Payment Methods for School Activities


Movember 2018

Movember 2018 edition

This year Mr. Spilsted, Mr. Condon and Mr. Bruns will be doing their best to grow their moustaches in an attempt to raise awareness and more importantly money, for men's health.


Thank you to all that have donated so far, we are at $562 so we are half way to achieving our total of $1000.


UPDATE...if people donate to Movember TODAY, Lynx will match any donation between $50 - $100 000.

Please go to the below link and donate as much money as you possibly can. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.



Senior Unit

Cricket Blast

On Friday the 5th of November Year 6’s and 4/5’s participated in T-20 cricket. We entered a boy and a girls team consisting of Year 6’s and one mixed team with a mixture of Year 4/5's. The girls won 1 and lost 2, the boys won 1 and lost 2 and the mixed unfortunately lost 3. Everyone played extremely well and showed great sportsmanship towards the other schools. After we played all our matches we had a competition. The competition was which school could dance the best Nutbush. It was a fun way to end the T 20. And for all the Year 6’s a great way to finish our last sporting event of the year representing Woodend Primary. Thank You to all the parents and teachers that helped make the day possible.


Garden Stall

On Sunday the 11th of November Thomas and I scooped 15 bags of smelly alpaca poo for Monday so they could sell it at the garden stall. The garden stall was on from 3.00 pm to 3.30 pm.


The garden stall raised over $40.00 and the poo was successful - we sold five bags. At the stall, we sold a variety of plants and poo and we were also selling mulch. Thanks to our FANTASTIC parent helper, Nicole. The garden stall helped the Year 6's raise more money for the celebration to Funfields at the end of the year.  By Lachlan

Zooper Dooper Sale

On Monday the 5th and 12th, we sold Zooper Doopers for 50 cents and we made a total of $131.90.   We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the people who supported us by buying an icy-pole.   Thank you also to Coles who donated the icy-poles for us to sell.  We apologise for any children that did not get an icy-pole on Monday, we hope to work with Coles again to hold more days like this in the future. 

Favourite Colour Clothes Day

On Wednesday some of the Year 6’s organised a whole school favourite colours day this was part of our fundraising for our end of year celebration. On the day, we ran some games for the whole school at recess and lunch.  It was great to see all the children come together and play fun games. The whole thing was a huge success. Thank you to our great school community.  By Riley and Tyler


On Thursday the 8th of November SU1 started learning about science. On Thursday SU1 Year 6’s started learning about energy in science in groups of 2 to 3.  After they learn about their subjects, the students will stand in front of their class and teach their subject. Gemma and I used Makey-Makeys to learn about how currents are circulated. It is a great way to teach the students and help them learn from their peers.

By Georgia



Next week we will be holding a soak the teacher week. It will be from Monday to Friday at lunch time on the basketball court. It is some cheap and fun entertainment.  Cost: 20c a throw or 50c for 3.  There will be no end to the excitement.

  • Monday 19th we will have Mrs. Sutton and Miss Edwards
  • Tuesday 20th we will have Mr. Spilsted and Mr. Bruns
  • Wednesday 21st we will have Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Condon
  • Thursday 22nd we will have Mrs. Mills and Ms. Harrap
  • Friday 23rd we will have Mr. Chamerski and Mrs. Minchew 

All the money raised is going toward the Year 6’s trip to Funfields so please come along on your chosen day to soak your favourite teacher.   By Gemma

The Disco

On the 30th of November the Year 6’s will be holding a School Disco to help raise money for their trip to Funfields. The disco will include games, dancing and other activities. An official notice will be handed out with the times and other information closer to the date. Students have been asked to please wear appropriate clothing and for shoes to cover your toes. Entry will be $2.00 per child, we will be looking forward to seeing you on the day!  By Charlotte

For Sale

Parent selling: Kyneton Secondary College - Girls School Uniforms.  All in excellent condition.

  • 2 x S14 Summer Dresses @$30.00 ea.
  • 2 x S30 Sports Shorts @$9.00 ea.
  • 1 x S14 Sports Top $23.00
  • 1 x S14 Track Pants $18.00
  • 1 x Med KSC Coat (worn twice) $50.00
  • 1 x S10 Winter Skirt $30.00
  • 2 x S12 Winter Pants $15.00
  • 2 x S14 Polo Shirts @$15.00 ea.

Please Call on mobile:  0418 891 688

Carlsruhe Annexe


We would like to send out a huge ‘Thank You’ to the Boyer family who came out to Carlsruhe over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of November, to mow all the lawns. Without this ongoing support of our families the Carlsruhe program would be very difficult to sustain.


Just a gentle reminder that all students need to bring a filled water bottle and school wide brimmed hat to school every day. Many of our activities are undertaken outside of the classroom and we need to consider health and safety during this time. You may also want to provide your child with sunscreen to keep in their bags.


This week we have been exploring scale and measurement in Math and creating enlarged pictures using these skills. This took lots of concentration and very accurate measuring and drawing. Here are just some of the finished enlargements.


Zoos Victoria - Phone Cycle


Middle Unit 

Years 1 and 2

Smiling Minds

As part of our Social and Emotional Development, the children in Years 1/2 have been practicing mindfulness by completing tasks using the ‘Cosmic Yoga’ site on the internet using the grades’ interactive white boards. This helps us cool off on a hot day after lunch.

We have also been completing ‘Calming Colouring’ activities which are very bright and colourful. We have also been putting a ‘smile on our minds’ using the ‘Smiling Mind’ app on the ipads.

At the end of each day we are practicing gratitude by sharing something that went well during the day with the rest of the grade.

We have also been completing secret acts of kindness and learning about empathy.


Year 3

This week in Year 3 we have started exploring poetic devices and the various types of language used in poems. The students have created an Acrostic poem on their chosen topic and published their work. We will also be exploring shape poems this week.


In Mathematics we have been looking at Perimeter of shapes. The students have been practicing using their rulers to measure and calculate the length of all the sides added together.


For our Integrated Studies topic of "Creativity" we have been looking at young inventors. The students have thought of a problem in their lives and created a CRAZY invention to help them with the issue.


Junior Unit


The Foundation children had a great time on ‘Favourite colour day’ yesterday. They played some special games at recess with their Year 6 buddies and did some writing about all the things that are their favourite colour. The Foundation children have been really pleased and excited to be able to help out their Year 6 buddies with their fundraising activities. A big thanks to all the Foundation families for supporting the Year 6 effort.


Student Awards & Achievements

Students of the Week

JU1 - James

Writing a fantastic summary of Little Red Riding Hood including a lot of detail and correct punctuation.

JU1 - Rachel

Writing a summary of Little Red Riding Hood including some new spelling words, full stops and capital letters.

JU2 - Lachlan

Showing great perseverance and creative thinking when making a model house.

JU3 - Hayden

Making a huge effort to improve his handwriting. Great work!

MU1 - Charlie

Settling in well to Woodend PS. We love having you in our grade.

MU2 - Eadie

Her efforts to include detail when answering questions during Guided Reading. Well done!

MU3 - Jack

Trying your best to meet class expectations. Well done Jack!

MU4 - Anna

Her wonderful fractured fairytale ‘The 3 Little Penguins’.

MU5 - Rohan

Working hard at improving his inferring skills when he is reading. Fantastic, Rohan!

MU6 - Natalia

Fitting in perfectly to Woodend Primary School and MU6. You rock Natalia.

MU7 - Nina

Alerting us to the alarming amount of rubbish on the oval today. Thank you for showing pride in our school.

MU8 - Grace

Her outstanding Procedural Writing describing how to make ‘Rainbow Fruit Skewers’.

CU1 - Tom

Working extremely hard in all aspects of the curriculum.

CU2 - Nil

CU3 - Mariella

For her terrific work ethic, beautiful handwriting and for taking pride in the presentation of all her work.

CU4 - William and Jonty

For using efficient mental and written strategies when solving mathematical problems and confidently explaining his reasoning to the class.

SU1 -Nil

SU2 - Nil


Artists of the Week

Foundation students have been busy creating beautiful 'Butterflies' which are on display in the office foyer.


Meanwhile the Year 2 students have made juicy, fat 'Caterpillas,' which are nesting happily on the wall outside of the art room.   


Our Foundation 'Artists of the Week' students are:
Alex, Zoe, James, Matilda, Edwin, Zoe, Charlie, Lachlen, Cohen, Grace, Isabelle, Ben, Rachel, 

Paddy, Madison


Our Year 2 'Artists of the Week' students are:

Liam, Eliza, Breanna, Brynn, Remy, Damon, Elle, K’ian, Gabby, Neve, Tiana, Ben, Ellie, Eli




15th  NO help needed

16th  Sandra, Michael

21st  Emma P

22nd  NO help needed

23rd  Robyn, 1 x helper needed

28th  Help needed

29th  NO help needed

30th  Lauren, Alice

  • Please contact me if you can help at woodendcanteen@gmail.com or mobile 0411 558 557.  Remember its only 9-12.30pm and your child(ren) receives a free icy pole and the chance to see their carer behind the counter.


  • A huge thank you to John for covering on Wednesday at such short notice.
  • please remind your child(ren) to place their own lunch bag in the classroom tub prior to 9am.
  • Sushi Day is booked for Wed 19.12.18
  1. This will be our last canteen day for the year.
  2. No other lunches will be available on this day. 
  3. All orders via Qkr.
  • Pasta Bolognese is currently unavailable.  The item has been removed from the Qkr menu.


  • Please ensure your child(ren) have the correct details on Qkr. 
  • When ordering from Qkr, please purchase a lunch bag first, if you're not supplying your own. 
  • Term 4: NO CASH ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Please see the office staff for help loading Qkr.


Woodend Primary School
Annual Christmas Raffle

It’s that time of year again when the PFA gear up for the Annual Christmas Raffle.  This year’s raffle will be drawn on the School Assembly on Friday 14 December 2018 and once again we are reliant on the generosity of the school community to assist in donating items for the raffle.


So on the 21 November 2018 we invite the kid’s to wear casual clothes for the day and bring with them something to contribute to the raffle prizes.  To assist, we have allocated each class a theme, but we invite you to get creative, think of something you would like to receive if your were a lucky prize winner or even band together with other Parents and Friends for a larger prize donation.


As always, your support of this endeavour helps us to help the school and your thoughtfulness with donations is much appreciated.




Book Club due 28th November.


Overdue Books

Great to see overdue books being returned.  Thank you and keep them coming in.

  • All library books will need to be returned no later than 7 December 2018.
  • However, all overdue books need to be returned ASAP.

Susan Machell




Well done to everyone who has returned sponsorship money.  So far we have raised over $8000.00.  Great work!


Its not too late to still bring in sponsorship money (either cash or Qkr). 

The Grand Prize draw will be in December, so we will be giving out prizes until then.


Thank you for your support.

Sandra Mann

Gardening Group

Woodend Community Children's Garden

Where:  WPS Community Children’s Garden

When:  12.45-2.00pm Mondays - parent help required with lunchtime Kid’s Garden Club

2.00-3.30pm Mondays - parents' gardening session (pruning and garden maintenance)

BYO: Gardening gloves, sturdy shoes, weather appropriate clothing

Sign in: Please sign in at the Office before gardening

Contact: Nicole Middleton 0418 233 366

Student Banking

8 Deposits - Choose your reward

Catherine, Ethan

9 Deposits - Your reward has been ordered

Flynn, Archer, Charlotte

10 Deposits - Your reward has been sent home

Mariella, Zoey, William

Welcome to School Banking


Term 4 Rewards - NEW

  • New for Term 4 - Slushie Cup Maker and Zoom Flying Disc

Uniform Shop

Grade 6 Jacket Order

The Grade 6 Jackets have arrived! Please remember that purchase of a Grade 6 jacket is not a compulsory purchase however they are offered as an acknowledgement of reaching Grade 6.


If you would like to purchase a Grade 6 Jacket, there are a couple of purchase options:

  • Place your order and pay immediately via QKR (free phone app). The jacket will be given to your child within the week.
  • Come into the Uniform Shop on a normal selling day by the end of the year  (Tuesdays 8.45 – 9.15am or Thursdays 3 – 4pm).

We know the students are very keen to have their jackets from Day One in Grade 6. Please be conscious that the office staff are extremely busy in the first few weeks of the new school year so it is not recommended that you send money with your child at the beginning of the year with the expectation they will be provided with a jacket. One of the above options is preferable.


Recently students were sized for a jacket and a note advising the estimated appropriate size for your child was sent home. You are welcome to order a different size if you prefer.


Jackets cost $35 each. Please remember to name the jacket clearly.

Lost Property

Lost property is located just in front of the uniform shop and part of keeping it under control is that I will return any clearly named items to the class room. To do this, I need a readable first and last name, although if room is an issue a first initial and last name will also work.

Name Stamp for clothing

I have also found a Name Stamp that can be used on uniforms that does not wash off.

This is the website on where to find it.        


Uniform Shop Hours

Tuesday: 8.45am - 9.15am

Thursday: 3pm - 4pm

Michelle Wearne

Uniform Shop

Community News

Local Community


Michael Grose: Parent Insights

Making a smooth transition to secondary school

Going to secondary school is both exciting and scary for many kids. There's excitement about new friends, teachers and ventures, but this can be overshadowed by anxiety and stress.


The sheer size of a high school building can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. The potential loss of status when moving from big fish in a small pond to tiny minnow in a large ocean can be hard to swallow for some. Add the increased number of teachers and the hormonal changes that accompany puberty and drive emotional and cognitive development and it is little wonder the first year of secondary school often sees a plateauing in learning. Most kids are flat out making new friends and getting used to how secondary school works, so learning takes a back seat for a time.


While it’s easier for those who have a brother or sister already there who can pass on some tips about how to survive secondary school, many don't have that luxury. Fortunately, there are number of strategies parents can use to make the transition to secondary school easier.


1. Know the school space

Familiarity helps reduce anxiety. Most secondary schools have familiarisation programs for incoming students but it helps to reinforce with your young person where the key spaces are – such as administration, toilets, the tuck shop and drinking taps. A trip to the school during the holidays, if possible, can help reassure a nervous secondary school starter.

2. Make the leap with friends

Negotiating new friendships can be stressful so it helps to identify some friends from primary school or outside school that your child can travel with or meet up before school, at lunch breaks and during times when classes aren't scheduled. This will give them the opportunity to share and compare experiences, which is therapeutic for kids who are experiencing change.

3. Help with planning and organisation

Some students can be overwhelmed by the organisational demands of secondary school. If your child fits this category, be prepared to be on hand to coach your young person in the finer arts of being on time to class, organising work in folders, planning homework time, handing in multiple assignments and filling out forms.

4. Set up a designated study space in the home

Now that your young person has hit the big time it’s important that they have a study space to call their own. Keep this outside the bedroom if possible – the bedroom is a space for sleeping and relaxing. Use any area that is reasonably quiet and well lit. Set up a desk with a computer, if possible, along with stationery items.

5. Establish a work schedule

If your child’s primary school homework was given inconsistently then be prepared for a change. Most secondary schools try to coordinate homework between different teachers but there will be more times than not when your child will come home with multiple homework assignments to complete. Build the homework habit early and choose a regular time that allows for breaks. Encourage them to work quickly so that work does not drag on and become demotivating.

6. Stay patient and positive

The social and academic demands of going to secondary school can be mentally draining for young people. Some will miss old friends and the relative comfort of primary school. It’s important for parents to be patient with their young person, to expect a few behaviour blowouts and to be prepared to listen and help them process their new experiences. If your young person has negative experiences, point them in the direction of the good things that may happen during the day.


Your young person’s coping mechanisms are being tested during this time. They can change on a daily basis. If stress becomes overwhelming or persistent to the point that they don’t want to go to school after the initial settling-in period, consider organising some extra assistance. A year-level coordinator, school counsellor or the local doctor can be good starting points should extra assistance be needed.


Starting secondary school is one of many transitions your young person will face in life. With planning and support, your child can make a positive start to secondary school and enjoy an amazing time at their new school.


You can attend our upcoming webinar, Preparing for High School, at no cost!


About the webinar

In this webinar popular parenting educator, author and secondary teacher Sharon Witt will share a bag full of practical strategies guaranteed to remove the stress and ensure a smooth transition to secondary school.


Tuesday, November 27, 2018 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM AEDT


This webinar is free of charge to families at schools that have a Parenting Ideas membership. Use the voucher code below to register for the webinar valued at $37 per person.


How parents can use the voucher

1. Click this link https://www.parentingideas.com.au/product/webinar-preparing-for-high-school/

2. Click ‘Add to cart’

3. Click ‘View cart’

4. Enter the voucher code TRANSITION and click ‘Apply’. Your discount of $37 will be applied to the order. This voucher is valid until 27 December 2018.

5. Click ‘Proceed to checkout’

6. Fill in your account details. These are the details you will use to login to your account and access your parenting material

7. Click ‘Place Order’

School Information

Whole School Assembly

Every Friday at 3pm in the school hall

Student Banking

Wednesday: Hand in books via classroom

Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

Uniform Shop

Tuesdays       8.45 am - 9.15 am

Thursdays     3.00 pm - 4.00 pm

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