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18 October 2019
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Our Gospel this week comes from Luke, and despite it's brevity we are drawn to reflect on the importance of advocacy and perseverance. The woman who comes regularly to the judge can easily be seen in any one of us who advocate for a right and just decision. The role of advocacy for the marginalised, indeed for the future of our beautiful world, is a vital, yet often thankless task. In Luke's Gospel we are encouraged to be advocates; for us the greatest challenge is making sure our voices are heard when the messages often coming from mainstream media, and at times even our own government, are contradictory to what we believe are the fundamental rights of all. It is this notion of advocacy and a call to action, that inspired many of the young women of Killester to attend the Climate Strike in Melbourne CBD late last term, these students were supported at school  by our Year 8's who added their appeal for action. A Killester education is one that enables and empowers, and in doing so encourages all in our community to demonstrate courage, and fight for justice. What I found particularly compelling and joyful was listening to our students at Killester speaking about their futures with hope; they dream a world where what they learn at home and at school can be transferred to doing good in our world and making a difference. Much has been said about how young people in society are experiencing sense of hopelessness about what lies ahead for them, this is not the case for the young woman of Killester who can see that participating in meaningful social action, and using their hearts, minds and voices to help shape their future, is both a fundamental responsibility and privilege. It is our joyful work as members of our College community to continue our work, in partnership with families, to develop the God-given gifts and talents of the students at Killester so, like the woman in Luke's Gospel, they can continue to advocate for change and just decisions.


The conclusion of Term Three also saw us come together to celebrate the rich diversity of our College community at our annual Multi-cultural dinner. We were treated to cultural dances, song and food from all corners of the globe, one of the greatest components of the evening was sharing a meal and conversation with so many Killester families. I would like to thank the students who so willingly gave their talents and who represented their cultural heritage with great pride, the staff and students who worked tirelessly to prepare the space and our meal, and in particular Ms Loreto Cannon who co-ordinated the entire event. 


The start to Term Four has seen an abundance of activity, and opportunities for engagement and success. On an individual level I would like to congratulate Alice Nhim from Year 11  who submitted an entry in the "Make Silent Films" competition. Alice was selected to be one of the sixteen finalists in the Victorian Regional Finals to be screened at the Astor Theatre on the 25th of October. We wish Alice the best of luck for the evening, Mr Vi Lam, Alice's media teacher will be attending with Alice's family. The VCAL students hosted a very informative VET expo with representatives from a number of TAFE providers attending the College to explain the myriad of TAFE options to our students. The VCAL class were also very successful in organising Peter Hitchener, of news-reading fame, and former student Ms Dianna Nguyen, to speak about future directions. I congratulate the students and their teachers on the endeavour and enterprising nature of the event. Last Thursday we welcomed the students of our 2020 Year 7 class, along with their families, to the College. The evening was an opportunity for families to meet key staff and for the students to start to get a feel for life at the College. Our transition program continues throughout this term and I thank Ms Michel Kennedy and the Year 7 team for their work in this process. 


We were fortunate enough last week to host Susan MacLean who is a leading expert on Cybersafety Education. Susan spoke to our Year 7 and 8 students about their online profiles and how they can make sure they stay safe in this vast space. The students found her talk to be very informative and challenging. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all parents to visit the Schoolstv link on our website to find a significant array of advice and tips for parents about topics such as Cybersafety, all delivered by experts such as Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Suasn MacClean. The link can be found directly under the parent portal on our website. 


One of key focus this past fortnight has been preparing our community and our graduating class of 2019 for the next few weeks. When I had the opportunity to speak to the Year 12's late last week about the final few days of school, I simply explained that our expectation of them was that they continue to be the young women of integrity and right decision making they have already proven themselves to be. We had the pleasure of listening to some our Year 12 leaders speak at our final leaders assembly this Wednesday, Jillian, Veronica, Isabella, Sneha and Sarah spoke each about how at Killester we exemplify the Kildare Ministries Living Justice Principles. Each of our leaders spoke to one element of the principles; Jillian talked of being guided to "Be the hands, feet and eyes of Jesus; of being the heart of Jesus and of being the voice of Jesus". She reflected on how students at Killester are empowered by their education to "create endless opportunities to support a hope-filled future". Sarah reflected on building right relationships and how this is at the core of all we do here in our College community, she encouraged us all to bring to school the "love and compassion from parents, the patience of siblings and the gentleness of a loved one". Greta Thunberg, Joey's Van and St Vincent De Paul were foundational in Isabella's reflection on how we 'walk in solidarity'. Isabella's speech concluded with her exhortation that the Year 12's will "leave here..knowing how a world of strength and kindliness can be achieved". "Welcome without predjuice" was the cornerstone of Veronica's reflection as she challenged us to think carefully about "what we do?..How we can improve?...and how can we continue beyond the gates of Killester?" Veronica explained that "to welcome without prejudice is part of our own Killester identity". Fittingly the concluding speech came from Sneha who's "call to action" had us all considering how we can embrace our passion and use it to "make the world better". I congratulate our College leaders who, along with our House leaders, Acacia, Joanna, Serena and Cythanian, have done a wonderful job leading our school community. There will be ample opportunity to reflect on your contributions in the coming weeks and I look forward to this with great pleasure. The final days of classes are upon us for our Year 12 students. We wish our VCAL and VCE students the best of luck as they complete their final competencies and busily prepare for exams. 


I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the staff and members of our College community who joined our working bee last Saturday in preparation for Open Day this coming Sunday, and encourage all families to join us this evening for a stroll through the jungle at the opening of the annual Art and Technology Exhibition. 


Sally Buick,

Principal, Killester College


God, we are so grateful that you call us to be in fellowship with one another.

Help advocates carry that charge into their meetings and work.

Let advocates and their representatives see that together

they can serve you by serving the least of these,

who are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen

Latest News and Reminders

Year 7 2021 Enrolments 

If you have not yet submitted your Enrolment Application for your Grade 5 daughter please do so urgently to avoid missing a place a year 7 place at Killester in 2021.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar on 9547 5000. Enrolment application forms are available from the front office or can be downloaded from our website.

The Weeks Ahead


Monday 21 October

Yr 7 Swimming Program

Yr 12 Final Class and Graduation Liturgy 7.00pm (further details below)

Tuesday 22 October

Yr 10 St Thomas PE Primary School Visit P1-2

Yr 12 Final Assembly 11.00am in Kennedy Hall

Wednesday 23 October

Yr 11SAR Surfing @ Phillip Island 8.00am-4.00pm

Thursday 24 October

Yr 9 Outdoor Education Walk - Cape Schanck 7.30am-3.00pm

Yr 10 Drama Excursion "The Suitcase Series" 7.45am-4.30pm

Yr 11 Lab Skills to Eastern Water Treatment Plant 11.45am-3.00pm

Yr 12 VCAL Final Classes

Friday 25 October

Yr 7 Swimming Program

Yr 11 Lab Skills Rickets Point Field Excursion 9.30am-2.00pm


Monday 28 October 

Yr 11 RE 'Big Issue' City Excursion 9.45am-2.00pm

Yr 11 T & T "Big Issue" Excursion 11.00am-3.10pm

Tuesday 29 October

Yr 9 St Francis to Lawn Bowls  P3-4

Yr 9 Camp Preparations P5-6

SEGAP Intermediate Softball & Tennis @ Kilbreda College 12.00pm-5.00pm

Yr 10/11 Fashion Excursion 'Balenciaga Exhibition at Bendigo Gallery 8.00am-4.45pm

Stewardship Council 5.45pm

Wednesday 30 October

Yr 12 Exams commence in Kennedy Hall

Yr 9 Camp departing 8.00am

Thursday 31 October

Yr 12 Exams - Kennedy Hall

Yr 9 Camp

Friday 1 November

Yr 12 Exams - Kennedy Hall

Yr 9 Camp returning 4.00pm

Upcoming Events


Out and About......



The Multicultural Dinner occurred at the end of last term and was the culmination of many people collaborating towards an event that would bring our community together. It showcased great food, great cultural dress and design and entertainment specific to people of various backgrounds. Thanks to the guest speakers on the night; Christina Huynh (Class of 2000) and Kim Phan (Class of 2016) Thanks to the Killester Involvement Committee members, to Bill Tucker, Eva Kordupel, Lucy Collins and their team of Hospitality students, to Sandra Rotunno and Ralph and Graham in maintenance. Thanks to Bernie Hickey, Lizzie Kouznetsova and Sharon Batterham in the Music faculty and the Senior Vocal and Strings groups, as well as the performers and MCs on the night:  Dalena Le, Shawoni  Hettiyandurage, Kanishka Kapil, Alicia Hereford,  Susanthica Jayachandran, Jessica Coleman, Gloria Le, Audrey Tuipala, Florence Elia , Itrat Zahra , Mikayla Lowther, Agenese Iosua, Anushka Naik, Mr Pearce and Mr Lam.  Thanks to Leo (ICT). Thanks to the girls who arrived in cultural dress and assisted on the night. Thanks to the parents, teachers and community members who cooked meals and attended.


Open Day

A reminder that everyone is welcome at the Open Day this Sunday from 1.00pm until 4.00pm. There will be many activities occurring,  many displays, student-led school tours, an animal farm, a jumping castle, teachers to answer questions. Please feel free to come along.



A request to parents to please look at the length of your daughter's dress. Many of the girls appear to have grown enormously in the past six months. Can the dresses please reach to the middle of the knee.


Year 12 End of Year celebrations

On Tuesday the School Leaders for 2019 presented their farewell speeches at a school assembly. They spoke eloquently about their time at Killester and their achievements. Next week we will attend the Graduation Liturgy on Monday and their formal farewell on Tuesday. We wish them well as they prepare for their VCAA exams.


School Magazine photos now for Sale

Our school photographers, Schoolpix, are now offering parents the opportunity to purchase committee and sports team photos that are featured in our school magazine.  Please refer below for further details.

Best wishes for the coming fortnight.

Loreto Cannon

School Organisation and Community Development

Final Farewell Celebrations for the Class of 2019

The academic year is fast drawing to a conclusion for our Year 12 students.  To help celebrate this important occasion, I would like to invite all parents, family and friends of the Class of 2019 to our Graduation Liturgy, which is being held on Monday 21 October, at 7.30pm.  Your daughters are asked to be in attendance by 7.00pm.  This event will be held in the Kennedy Hall and the girls must wear full summer uniform.  


The following day, Tuesday  22 October, is the Year 12 Farewell Assembly.  You are also most welcome to attend this event, which will be held from 11.00am to 12.35pm in the Kennedy Hall.  Guests are asked to be seated by 10.55am.


On Thursday, 21 November at 7.00pm is the Graduation Dinner – the social event of the year!  This is the final farewell to the Class of 2019 and all students and their family members, as well as Killester staff, are welcome.  This function is at The Grand on Princes, 2251 Princes Hwy, Mulgrave.  Each Year 12 family has already received an Edsmart notification, and a special invitation, detailing the on-line booking procedure for the dinner.   I look forward to seeing you at these various events.

Kathleen Lawson

Year 12 Student Development Leader

Book Lists Available Online

This year we are being more environmental with regards to our booklist distribution. All booklists are now available online at Campion website. Visit and order using the code MG5R. There will be no paper book lists distributed but we continue to offer the service of a pickup day - 17 January 2020 - at the school. Parents also still have the option to pay for their orders by credit card or cash on collection.   Girls will find a copy of the book lists in their year level areas identifying which books can be bought or sold secondhand and the suggested prices.


Secondhand books can be purchased through the Sustainable School Shop


CDG Youth and Family Services - Performers Wanted

My name is Josh and I work at the City of Greater Dandenong Youth and Family Services.  Youth and Family Services often run stage on local Festivals and Events. The stage provide young people opportunity to showcase their skills and to build their performing portfolio. Young people will be provided with small amount of reimbursement for their time and skills. We pay $10 per performance for new performers.  We are looking for performers for our Dandy Show event stage. This is taking place on Saturday November 9 from 5pm till 8.30pm.  The stage size is 6M X 4M so dancers will need to plan their act accordingly.  We are particularly interested in young people who can  Sing (solo / duo)

  • Dance
  • Rap
  • Spoken word or poetry
  • Magic
  • Stand-up comedy.

If you have any students who you think would benefit from this opportunity, I have attached the expression of interest form.  Student will need to fill in this expression of interest and send a short video of a sample of their act.  They could also contact us to arrange a meeting if they would like to perform directly in front of us.  We look forward to receiving expression of interest from you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further information. 

 Contact Joshua Baron, Youth Worker,  Youth and Family Services

P. (03) 9793 2155 |  F.: (03) 8571 5196 

Mazenod Victory Football Club

Mazenod Victory FC are running a FREE 8-Week Football Program for beginners keen to learn new skills.

Girls program starts Monday 14th October and continues for 8 weeks, every Monday held at Mazenod College, Mulgrave:

Ages 8-11 starts at 6.00pm - 7.00pm
Ages 12-16 starts at 7.15pm - 8.15pm

If you are interested, please provide Players Name, DOB and Contact Details to:
Burt 0417 011 715 (SMS only) or Email orVia Facebook Messenger by Friday 11th October.

Catholic Education Today

Published each term, Catholic Education Today celebrates the faith, life, achievements and culture of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.


Year 9 Kryptic Challenge


On the last day of Term 3, Friday 20th September, all Year 9s set off into the city, to meet their teachers at Federation Square, for the Kryptic Challenge.  The Kryptic Challenge is a challenge where students, in groups of five to nine, were required to answer clues to navigate themselves through the city. Each group were to take photos at each of the checkpoints, where a teacher was waiting for them. An example of a clue was, an area with an Asian influence. Using their maps, navigation skills and their kryptic knowledge skills, students had to make their way to Chinatown and answer a series of questions. Students achieved a point for each correct answer. Groups were able to achieve three points, for the most creative name. Some examples of creative names were, "Lord of the yummy goat", "Bubblet" and "Van Gogh get 'em!"


Overall, it was an enjoyable excursion, as it enabled students to travel on public transport independently (a first for some students) and to discover various tourist attractions around Melbourne in a competitive and fun way with their friends, on the last day of term. A highlight for term 4, will be the Year 9 Camp at Bindaree. Another year level event we're all looking forward to.


Fros Stabologlou, Year 9 Student Development Leader

Insight Parenting

Well being and engaging learning experiences go hand in hand as one of the most important ingredients to ensure your daughters not only look forward to coming to school each day but make the most of the opportunities on offer.  Of course our girls look forward to connecting with their friends at school but often they can experience Issues with their friendships and even difficulties making friends.  This article will give you an insight to these challenges and some guidance as to how you may assist your daughter.

Please contact your daughter's Homeroom Teacher and/or her Student Development Leader if you have any concerns relating to your daughter and friendship issues.


Luana Doko, Student Well being Leader

Killester Wellbeing Week


At Killester College we believe wellbeing and the total growth of the person cannot be removed from learning. They are inextricably connected and must be located at the center of school life. We all have a key role to play in supporting the development of our students to collective wellbeing. This eventually builds the attitude and values of our community in the longer term.


October is Mental Health Month, which aims to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing and is a fitting time to have our own Wellbeing Week at Killester. Wellbeing Week aimed to encourage those in our school community to take a step back and check in on their own feelings, thoughts and wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those around them.


Student Support Services designed the week to bring wellbeing to the forefront of the school community and invited some external agencies and services to come in and help to encourage and empower us to learn about the importance of looking after our personal wellbeing.


The Wellbeing events for the week were:

Monday: Yoga session and Presentation on Managing Anxiety.

Tuesday: Services Expo

Wednesday: Presentation by Headspace on Self-esteem & Self Worth

Thursday: Tai Chi

Friday: Zumba

Community Service

Student Day of Action


On the last day of term three four teachers and sixty two students travelled by train to Treasury Gardens to be part of the Student  Day of Action on Climate Change. It was a great day of solidarity with so many other schools, work, church and union groups who gathered to listen to several speakers voice their concern about climate change. The day had a focus on three demands for governments.


1 No new coal, oil and gas projects, including the Adani mine.

2 100%  renewable energy generation and exports by 2030.

3 Fund a just transition and job creation for all fossil fuel workers and communities.


It was an amazing response from so many Killester students but also in Melbourne, across the country and the world.  Thank you to the teachers who supported them, Mr Halliday, Ms Heyes, and Ms Jamieson.  Hopefully this will lead to the governments of the world taking more concrete actions to preserve our environment for  future generations.


Peter O'Neill,  Mission and Identity Coordinator


Year 9 Business Tycoon


The experience of running and being apart of business was thrilling. We were able to obtain many skills and understand the significant aspects of a business and how running a business pushes us to be organised, collected, and cooperative. We learned that running a business can be tough and at times quite chaotic but the thrill of standing in front of a stall and watching as customers came flooding in to see what we were selling was worth all the effort. Through our experience as business entrepreneurs we can surmise that the key to a successful business is not just money and competition, but the passions and friendships that we were able to make and share as we created our business. We believe that if it was the willingness to cooperate and be apart of a team that made up at least 50% of our success. 


Yechelle Fernando, Harleen Kaur, Melinda Lao and Sharna Trinh

Year 9 Business Tycoon Students

VCAL Careers Expo


On the 11th of October, the Senior VCAL girls of 2019 organised the Inaugural TAFE and VCAL Careers Expo. The day comprised of Representatives from different TAFES and Universities who spoke about the different pathways available in VET and after school.  The event is specifically designed for the Year 10 students who were very fortunate to have guests such as Dianna Nguyen, a former Killester student who is now an actor and has her own web series called PhiandMe. She spoke about pursuing our passion with gusto, persistence, networking and hard work are important things to become successful in life and how being brought up Asian in Australia has its challenges especially in choosing career paths. Peter Hitchener, a well-loved television presenter from Channel 9,  gave everyone the words of wisdom to the graduation class of 2019. He emphasized being resilient and taking time to care for ourselves. Lastly, Melanie Angeloupolous, former Killester VCAL Student from Class 2015, shared her experience while doing VCAL and why it was the best option for her and led her to be successful now in her chosen career.

All in all, the Careers Expo was a great learning experience and a great opportunity for VCAL girls to showcase their skills and experience in choosing this pathway. 

HEPE and Sport

ExSight Sports

There are many sports out there for everyone, even for the disabled. Mr Brodie’s Year 11 Physical Education class participated in an incursion with ExSight Sports for our current study of barriers and enablers. Daniel, our host, introduced the sport Goalball to us. Which surprisingly is not only for the blind and visually impaired, but also those who are perfectly sighted can play too. However before we got started Daniel brought some paper glasses that simulated different types of vision impairment. All of them were very interesting, some of us even accidentally walked into other students due to the lack of vision. In Goalball, everyone who got involved had to wear a completely black mask to insure that everyone had a fair chance. Once we slipped the masks on top of our eyes a slight fear shivered up our spine since we could not see a thing, but the knee and elbow pads insured that our joints were protected. The ball used in the game had a bell inside to help those playing locate the ball through their hearing. The game seemed easy without the mask but as soon as they were on the difficulty level skyrocketed through the roof. As soon we learnt the basics we began the game! Many of us laughed as most of us slid to early or late to protect the  meter goal and struggled to find the ball. By the end, all of us became aware of the many sports available to those who are disabled our class enjoyed playing very much, however class ended within a flash and the incursions had to end. It was a great experience for all of us!

SCSA Table Tennis



On Thursday the 10th of October, the Killester table tennis teams headed to MSAC in Albert Park to compete against 5 other schools: Our Lady of Sion, CLC, Sacred Heart Geelong, Mater Christi and Santa Maria.  Even though it was a long drive it was worth the trip as we came back with Juniors and Inters winning plaques. The senior team, made up of Year 11s, made the grand final but were defeated. They placed second overall which was still a great effort considering other teams had year 12 students competing in their teams. During the day teams practiced, competed, umpired and most importantly they cheered on each other. All the girls put in a great effort and showed great sportsmanship throughout the day.  Overall it was a very enjoyable day, all the girls went into each game ready to give their best go, regardless of the outcome! A special thank you to the teachers who trained and supported the teams on the day.


Mahekpreet Dhillion and Sienna Pasitchnyj Year 8 Mary Mackillop

Year 8 Rally Day

On the 18th of September, the Year 8s participated in Rally Day, which was organised and run by the year 11 Sport and Recreation class as part of our coursework. We had to make up the score sheets, umpire the games, organise what sports the girls were going to play and organise what equipment was needed. We also made posters and displayed them around the year 8 building and surrounding areas to promote the day itself. The girls were split into the house colours and competed in sports such as t-ball, netball, volleyball and soccer. The day ran smoothly, and the girls were competitive throughout the whole day.  Thank you to everyone who helped out with the running and organisation of the event and thank you to the Year 8s for participating in the sports


Laura Parisi -  Year 11 Sport and Recreations Student 

Year 11 Sport and Rec MCG Tour

On the 11th of September, the Year 11 Sport and Recreation girls visited the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), as part of our Organised Work Priorities unit. We had a great tour guide who took us around the stadium for an hour, informing us all about the history of the MCG and answering all of our questions. He spoke to us about the great cricketer Don Bradman, who set Australian records in his 21 years playing. We walked through the MCG Library, seeing pieces of the stadium's history. He spoke about the industry and how they compete with places like Marvel stadium for business, such as concerts or sporting events. We found out that the biggest ever crowd held in the MCG was for a Billy Graham concert, which had a maximum estimate of 143,750 people. The biggest crowd for an AFL match was 121,696. We got taken up to level 4 of the MCG and looked out onto the field. We learnt that they used different techniques to keep birds away from entering the stadium, one of the first ones being real-life hawks, but was changed multiple times as they now use wires that stretch across the diameter of the top of the stadium. Overall it was a great experience, which we all enjoyed and came out learning something new about the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.


Bianca Broadbent Year 11 SAR Student

SEGAP Volleyball and Tennis

Our SEGAP program (which stands for South Eastern Girls Activity Programme), ran term in Term 3 with the junior and intermediate volleyball and netball teams competing against OLSH, Kilbreda and Sacred Heart Oakleigh.   At the end of last term, the intermediate volleyballers went to Monash to play in their grand final match.   



The following has been written by Harleen Kaur:

As the whistle blew the Killester students powerfully served the ball up through the air, over the net. On the sidelines, the chanting of Killester students grew louder and louder. It was another after school sports day that had all the students excited and enthusiastic to complete.  The scores were really tight right throughout the game for our volleyballers. However our B and C girls overcame the pressure and came out of the game victors. However, even though our beautiful netball girls did not get the results they were expecting, I know that they will back better than ever next year. Overall it was a great term of after school sport that has become a treasured memory for us, students and teachers. 


Harleen Kaur, Year 9 St Emilie

Performing Arts

VCE Farewell Concert 

It was a lovely night for our nine VCE musos.  These girls have given an enormous amount to the Music Department and the school community in general with their music making over the past 6 years. They have contributed to all the ensembles, several of them in multiple groups and I'm sure have drawn great satisfaction at seeing and listening to the younger students who stand ready to take their place. My thanks go to Mikayla Lowther and Angel Chau as Music Captains this year. Leadership comes in many forms but in music a lot of it comes from participation, example and enthusiasm and both girls have shown these qualities all year. My thanks also go to Vivien Nguyen, Joanna Guelas, Casey Li, Sarah Lui, Ponsruthi Ponnarasu, Angelina Bun and Maya Micallef. It has been great to share your journey in music for a short time. There will be many years of music making and appreciation to come. Bravo the Year 12s!

Honk - The Mini World Wide Tour 2019


An excited hall full of students at Resurrection Primary School. Friday afternoon after lunch. What could possibly go wrong? This was a gig that even the most seasoned entertainers would think twice about. But not HONK. Our girls performed beautifully, entertaining the whole school with great demonstrations on their instruments and fine ensemble playing. With repertoire like the theme from the Magnificent 7, C-Jam Blues and Malaguena not to mention Tequila, Ode to Joy, Cold Duck Time, Another One Bites the Dust, HONK once again showed Killester off to more of our young prospective students. Girls will be coming to Killester now wanting to join a band like this and thus the power of music is handed from year level to year level. Well done girls!

Important Dates

Killester Open Day - 1.00pm Sunday 20th October

Stage Band, Concert Band and Honk will be performing across the afternoon. Honk -  1.15 - 1.45pm, Stage Band 1.50 - 2.20pm, Concert Band 2.30 - 3.00pm. Please make sure your daughter is available for this important school event. Dress is school uniform.


Instrumental Soiree - Monday 11th November and Tuesday 12th of November in the Theatrette

Look out for information from your daughter's instrumental teacher regarding which night your daughter will be performing


Summer Sounds Concert - Wednesday 28th of November in the Theatrette

All the younger ensembles will be performing at this concert: Swing Sisters, Honk, Year 7 class ensembles, Year 8 advanced ensembles, Heartstrings.  It will be held in two sessions.  Concert 1 at 6.00pm and Concert 2 at 7.30pm. Details will follow in Edsmart as we get closer to the date. 


The Jazz Night - Saturday 30th of November  

Killester College Theatre -  7.00pm

Featuring: The Killester Stage Band

 Special Guests: The  Julie O’Hara Quartet

Tickets $8.00 per person.

BYO food and drinks



"An outstanding singer".....Laurence Donahue-Green (All about Jazz Magazine, New York)

"O'Hara's vocals are imbued with a strong jazz feel with eloquent phrasing, melodic variations and rhythmic expression " John McBeath (The Australian)

"With her perfect pitch, skillful improvising and ego-free style, O'Hara has carved out a reputation on the Australian and international music scene for high-quality performances that are accessible to everyone". Ken Turnball (Castlemaine State Festival review - vocalese project)

Vocalist, improvisor and songwriter, Julie O'Hara has been active in jazz for over twenty years, growing up in Melbourne, Australia, performing with Big Bands, gypsy swing, traditional jazz, R&B swing, bebop and vocalese. Julie has earned a reputation for her prodigious activity in Melbourne's jazz and music clubs, national and international music and jazz festivals as a versatile and committed vocalist and songwriter. She has performed with jazz lumineries such as Bob Sedergreen, Gil Askey, the B# Big Band and the Cat Empire.

Visual Communications

Killester Art and Technology Show
Friday 18th October and Sunday 20th October


Material's Technology

VET VCE Fashion Parade Friday 18th October


Library News

3D Printing is Taking Shape


The recent installation of a 3D printer in the library is proving to be a most worthwhile investment, operating almost non-stop. Staff and students alike are finding the printing process intriguing to watch and the finished items amazing.  Students can choose to create their own design or download free designs from sites such as thingiverse and tinkercad.

Killester Cup Festivities

Giddy Up Girls! The inaugural Killester Cup will be held in the Library on Tuesday 29 October at lunch time. Leading up to this event, students have been having great fun decorating and naming their (hobby)horse. They have also been making a hat or fascinator to wear on race day. The horse will move along the race track when the jockey correctly answers a horse question (the jockey may consult with the owner, trainer or strapper). Get together with your friends and fill in your entry form at the Library Service Desk to be first past the post!

Book Lists Available Online

This year we are being more environmental with regards to our booklist distribution. All booklists are now available online at Campion website. Visit and order using the code MG5R. There will be no paper book lists distributed but we continue to offer the service of a pickup day - 17 January 2020 - at the school. Parents also still have the option to pay for their orders by credit card or cash on collection.   Girls will find a copy of the book lists in their year level areas identifying which books can be bought or sold secondhand and the suggested prices.

Year 7 Profile

Year 7 2020 Parent Information Evening

Year 7 2020 Information Night has just past. Thank you to all the students who had helped out. The night had started out with our two Year 7 leaders hosting, as well as other teachers talking about their transition to high school. We then had a performance from our award winning aerobics team. They have represented our school well. Soon after, all the parents and Year 6 students were split off into their assigned groups, which the teachers and students talked further about their transition to Killester. We as current Year 7 students got to contribute and tell the Year 6s all the exciting things about Year 7 The information night was a blast.


Kelli Chi Year 7 St Nea

Killester College Newsletter
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Open Day 2019.pdf
Secondhand Uniform Sale Thursdsay 24 October 2019.pdf
Killester Uniform Price List.pdf
Summer 2019 - Canteen Menu Terms 1 and 4.pdf
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CGD - Performer Expression of Interest Dandy Show.pdf
CGD - Performer Expression of Interest Dandy Show.pdf
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