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21 September 2017
Issue Fourteen
Mission and Values
Dates to Remember
Principal's Report
Success Stories
Curriculum Matters
Student Leadership
Wellbeing - Building Strong Relationships 
JPPC Art Show 2017
RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge 2017- SPONSORSHIP
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Mission and Values

Our Mission

To nurture and develop individuals to become adaptable in a changing environment and to acquire a lifelong love of learning and the skills and attitudes necessary to function successfully in a sustainable global society.

Our Values

Respect, Honesty, Excellence and Resilience.

Student Oath

I am Proud to be an Australian

I will honour the flag

Obey the laws

Respect the community and

Care for the environment

Commitment to Child Safety

Jells Park Primary School is committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This will be the primary focus of our care and decision-making.

Jells Park Primary School has zero tolerance for child abuse.


Jells Park Primary School is committed to providing a child safe environment where children and young people are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Particular attention will be paid to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as the safety of children with a disability.


If there are any concerns or questions regarding Child Safety procedures, please see one of the following staff members: Mr Kevin Oakey (Principal), Mr Dave O'Kane (Assistant Principal), Melissa McLeod (Leading Teacher - Wellbeing)

Acknowledgement of Land

Jells Park Primary School acknowledge the Woi Wurrung  people of the Kulin nation,

as the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which our school is situated, and we pay our respects to their Elders both past and present. 


Dates to Remember

Term Dates 2017

Term 2 - 18 April - 30 June

Term 3 - 17 July - 22 September

Term 4 - 9 October - 22 December

Student Free Days 2017

Report Writing Day - Monday 6 November - Melb Cup Week

School Camp Dates 2017

Year 3 November 1 - 2

Year 4 November 1 - 3

Concert Dates

Monday 11 December - Full Dress Rehearsal 

Wednesday 13 December -Matinee & Evening

Thursday 14 December -  Evening  

September 2017

Friday 22 September - Last day of Term 3- 2.30pm finish

October 2017

Monday 9 October- First day of Term 4

Monday 9 October- JPPC Meeting @ 2pm in the gym

Wednesday 11 October- Level 1 Outdoor Ed Night 

Thursday 12 October- Division Athletics

Saturday 14 October- Family Portraits

Tuesday 17 October- Level 2 Adventure Day

Wednesday 18 October- Division Basketball

Thursday 19 October- Regional Athletics

Friday 20 October- Foundation 2018 Transition Day 1

Saturday 21 October- Schoolaerobics Spring Challenge

Monday 23 October- Senior Hooptime Girls Competition

Tuesday 24 October- Level 3/4 Excursion to Polly Woodside

Thursday 26 October- Junior Athletics Day- Foundation-Level 3

Thursday 26 October- Art Show 3pm-8pm

Friday 27 October- Level 6 Kanga Cricket Day

November 2017

Wednesday 1 November - Friday 3 November - Level 4 Camp Phillip Island

Wednesday 1 November - Thursday 2 November- Level 3 Camp Sovereign Hill

Friday 3 November- Foundation 2018 Transition Day 2 

Monday 6 November- Report writing day- No Students at School

Tuesday 7 November- Melbourne Cup Day - No Students at School

Principal's Report

Jells Park Primary School


Principal:                         Kevin Oakey


Assistant Principal:     David O'Kane


Term 3

It has been a huge term at Jells Park PS and we have seen many achievements despite a number of challenges. The building works are well underway and we thank everyone in the community for their support and understanding during this time.

We have seen many fantastic results from the dedication of our students, teachers and families including some incredible results from Maths Talent Quest and Tournament Of The Minds. Our delegation of students to the recent State School Spectacular event at Hisense Arena performed last weekend and did an amazing job. I was lucky enough to see the fruits of their labour on Saturday afternoon and it was a truly spectacular performance. As usual the dedication of our teachers and families at JPPS allowed for these students to explore their passions and participate in a genuine experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Next Term we look forward to an array of events and achievements, including our biennial Art Show and annual school concert. As usual we also look forward to seeing our esteemed Level 6 students finishing off their time at JPPS with many special events planned, culminating with the graduation ceremony, which is being planned and organised in collaboration with a dedicated team of parents.

Thank you to the whole school community for a successful Term 3 and please have a well earned and safe school holiday. See you in Term 4 to enjoy a busy and fulfilling final term for 2017.

Dave O'Kane - Acting Principal

School Council

This term we welcomed a new member to School Council. Vicky Bouranis joins School Council taking the position previously held by Michelle Jefferies, who can now be found working in the school office. Vicky is a new parent to Jells Park PS this year and we are excited to have her representing our parent community at future School Council meetings.


Term 3 Highlights


Division Football

Market Fresh Incursion- Level 1&2

Level 5 Camp Coonawarra

Responsible Pet Incursion - Foundation

Junior Hooptime

Regional Football


Life Ed Van

Level 5&6 Netball championship

100 days of school celebration- Foundation

Hockey 7's Tournament

Heart Dissections- Level 5&6

2017 Pie Drive

Aerobics Nationals in QLD

Book Week

Sports & Captains Photos

Responsible Pet Incursion- Level 2

Caufield Grammar- Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Senior Hooptime

Jeans for Genes/RSPCA fundraiser

Scienceworks Excursion- Level 3&4

Father's Day Stall

Queen Victoria Market Excursion - Level 1&2

Kew Traffic School Excursion- Foundation

RACV Bendigo

School Disco

Foundation - Level 2 Swimming Program

Enviro Week

State School Spectacular

Softball Cup - Level 5&6

Sporting Colours Free Dress Day

Level 3 Pancake Breakfast

KidzCar Incursion- Foundation

Level 4-6 house sports morning

Level 6 Father's Day Celebration














Success Stories

Achievement Awards

Congratulations to the following students who won an award at Assembly:

Georgia C, Anna M (FM), Jamison B (FJ), Everleigh M, Gus L (1D), Zac B (1K), Emily C, Kristian B (2C), Anastasia S, Aailah B (2B), Chloe S, Jaz O (2DW), Lucas C, Madison VM (3B), Harry C, Jamie E (3N), Aidan M, Tenzin L (4L), Lawrence W, Zahli C (4K), Chloe C (4H), Lily CF Aisha W(5M), Tom P, Jaxon L, Shelby V, Jett BL, Rega T (5S), Christian H, Sean Q, Dan K, Jessica L (6J), Jessica B, James B (6Z), Sharmitha K (LOTE), Shikaafaa F (Art), Larissa M (Music), Violet H (Sport), Asher T, Oceana L (2A Literacy), Jake VM (ICT)

State School Spectacular

On Saturday 16th September, 16 students from grade 5 and 6 represented Jells Park in the Victorian State School Spectacular. The students performed as part of the Mass Dance crew at Hisense Arena among a cast of thousands. They were given the chance to be part of a very special performance, celebrating the talents of many State School students from across Victoria. We were so proud of our own students incredible talent, commitment and dedication towards this event.

We would like to congratulate Larissa M, Porsha L, Matthew G, Amelia F, Tiana M, Lara G, Olivia J, Jessica P, Ella N, Amber S, Aisha W, Jessica G, Emma H, Jessica W, Aria B and Imogen W on their hard work and amazing performance on Saturday. Thank you also to Natasha Mayer, Denise Toner, Kaylene Freibel and Nadia Costabile for all their work on the State School Spectacular Team.

Carla Wyllie

State School Spectacular Coordinator

Curriculum Matters

Tournament of Minds

On 26 August, four teams comprised of seven students from Grades 5 and 6 each, competed in the Tournament of the Minds at Mount Lilydale Mercy College in Lilydale. Tournament of the Minds is a program that pits groups of kids from all over the country against each other, competing in challenges that stretch their mental skills and creativity, test their performance chops and help them develop their ability to work effectively in teams. Each group is given a challenge and work on this for six weeks in order to present it to a panel of judges on the day as a play, showing that they have a good understanding of the concepts they have explored. Alongside these long-term projects, they also take part in a spontaneous challenge on the day which forces them to show that they can think on their feet.

The four Jells Park PS teams did exceptionally well, producing creative performances that covered topics such as Literature, Engineering and Maths and Social Sciences. One team in particular, The Laika Lottery (Team 3 – Mathematics/Engineering) received honours, meaning they came within the top 15% of teams. Well done to all the kids, families and teachers, who worked hard on these projects and came down on the day.

Maths Talent Quest

This week we received the results for the State Maths Talent Quest Competition. This year the Maths Association of Victoria had a record number of entries with roughly 680 projects received across Foundation to Year 10. Miss Newton and Mrs Kennedy attended the judging and as always the standard of projects were very good. Students are marked out of 60 on the new judging rubric and most projects are judged three times. We would like to congratulate all students who worked extremely hard to put together their projects!

The students will be told today of their results. Overall the school entered 25 projects and received 1 Participation, 11 Credits, 4 Distinctions and 9 High Distinctions. Three of the High Distinctions were judged to be of exceptional standard and will be sent through to the National Maths Talent Quest Competition for judging during the school holidays. These were Max H from Year 6 with his project ‘Max’s Recipe Cards’, Mr. Noordhoff’s Maths Group with their project ‘JPPS, we have lift off!’ and Miss Lakeman’s Maths Group with their project ‘Space Rockets’.

Students who received a distinction or high distinction will be invited to the Award Ceremony to be held at La Trobe University (Bundoora) on Thursday 19 October from 10am until roughly 12:00pm. Parents will need to organise students to be transported to and from the venue on the day. We will provide more details on this before the end of term.

Mr. Noordhoff and Miss Newton

The Results:

Foundation         Miss Newton’s Maths Group                      The Doorbell Rang           Distinction

Foundation         Mrs Friebel’s Maths Group                          The Doorbell Rang          Credit

Year 2                    Sienna H, Jakara B                                         Aquarium                           Credit

Year 2                    Mr. Coughlan’s Maths Group                      Up, Up and Away             Credit

Year 2                    Mrs.  Kennedy’s Maths Group                    The Block: Playground   Distinction

Year 2                    Sofia K                                                                 Planes                                   Participation

Year 2                   Mrs Willey/Mrs Dring’s Maths Group       Lego Class Project            Distinction

Year 3                    Zoe H                                                                  Plane Detective                High Distinction

Year 3                    Mr. Noordhoff’s Maths Group                   JPPS, We have lift off!    High Distinction

Year 4                    Archer J                                                              Archer’s Target                 High Distinction

Year 4                    Te’a S                                                                   Sugar Content                   Credit

Year 4                    Zahli C, Evie C,                                                 Rockets                                Credit
                                Anastasia S, Gabriella M

Year 4                    Miss Lakeman’s Maths Group                    Space Rockets                   High Distinction

Year 5                    Miss McLeod’s Maths Group                       Cupcake Calculation        Distinction

Year 5                    Mr. Small’s Maths Group                              The Dog 8 it                        Credit

Year 5                    Lily C-F, Jess G                                                  Endangered Animals       Credit

Year 5                    Josh A, Josh W, Travis T                              JJT Ginger Boys                 High Distinction

Year 6                    Larissa M                                                            Planning a Holiday           Credit

Year 6                    Yath K                                                                  NBA                                       Credit

Year 6                    Josh C                                                                Footy Formulas                 High Distinction

Year 6                    Patrick W                                                           AFL by Numbers               High Distinction

Year 6                    Max H                                                                 Max’s Recipe Cards         High Distinction

Year 6                    Jack C                                                                Rubik’s Cube Maths        High Distinction

Year 6                    Hanson Y                                                          Australia’s Geography   Credit

Year 6                    Jack C, Harry L, Luke F                              The Altarian Invasion      Credit

Healthy Body Incursion-Level 5 &6
Tuesday 12 September 

Following an intensive term discovering a range of details about the amazing human body, the Level 5 and 6 students attended a boot camp and healthy nutrition session.

The Emma’s boot camp was a rigorous hour of cardio and strength building activities that demonstrated the variety of muscles in the human body, their jobs and the importance of keeping the body active.

During the hour long nutrition session, Kristen explained the value of eating a healthy balance of nutritious food ensuring a good supply of fuel for active and growing bodies. She highlighted the importance of food labelling and eating breakfast.

The students enjoyed both sessions but agreed that the boot camp was hard work.

“I thought my legs were going to break.” (Filip 6Z)

“I enjoyed the fitness and learning which muscles were being used in each exercise.” (Emma 5S)

“Tiring beyond compare!” (Sasha 6J)

“Boot camp was challenging but fun and I really enjoyed it.” (Josh W 5M)

“Boot camp was quite hard but good for fitness.” (Josh A 5M)

“I learnt about the nutritious parts of food.” (Kyle 6Z)

“I thought it was great that Kristen showed how certain foods affect our bodies.” (Jaxon 5S)

“I learnt a lot about how much fruit and veg to eat every day to keep our bodies healthy.” (Aria 5M)

KidzCars Incursion- Foundation

On Wednesday 20 September, Cameron from KidzCars brought some motorised cars to school for the Foundation students to drive. Even though Mum and Dad have at least 20 things to remember when driving, the kids only had 2 things to remember; Use one foot to brake and accellerate, and keep our thumbs on top of the wheel. It was great fun driving around the track. When the students weren’t driving the cars they had to be pedestrians. They learnt when it was safe to cross the road at a zebra crossing and to always look at the cars when crossing.

Cooper P (FF) – ‘I liked when we drove the cars. It was hard to make sure you didn’t crash!’

Angie DB (FM) – ‘I liked it that you could go fast if there was no one in front of you.’

Rachael W (FN) – ‘I liked driving the car. It was easy to steer but hard to remember to keep your thumbs on top of the wheel.’

Noah D (FJ) – ‘I liked driving the cars too. It was easy to put one foot on both of the peddles.’

Student Leadership

Environment Week 

Last week was Enviro week and it was great to spend the week trying to make a positive impact on our environment. On Monday we went without heaters, lights and computers in order to reduce our energy consumption and reflect on what school used to be like. We raised over $450 for our new vegie patches. We will work with James (our amazing maintenance man) and these will begin production next term. If anyone can source some packing pellets for us we would love to hear from you. Please email Mr Jenkins ([email protected])

Tuesday was nude food day and it was great to see a much smaller number of wrappers in classrooms. On Wednesday we donated over 450kg of 2nd hand clothes to the Salvation army (check out the video on the school facebook site). On Friday it was walk to school day. Thank you all for participating in Enviro week.

Ben, Madi, Liv & Bailey

Environment Captains

Performing Arts Troupe

Auditions have been progressing well for our performing arts troupe and will conclude this week. We will notify all children who auditioned as  to the possible involvement in activities moving forward. Next term we will release details of where and when the troupe is performing and follow up permissions. Thank you to everyone who has auditioned and for your patience.

Performing Arts Captains


Sporting Colours Day

Today the Level 6 House Captains ran a Sporting Colours day. Everyone came in their favourite sport colours and did a parade to show what sports they like. The main purpose of the day was celebrating the AFL and NRL finals. Everyone sang their song with pride, especially the teams which remained in AFL and NRL finals.

The Level 4-6 students played sports including kickball, dodgeball, handball and volleyball. Everyone went home with a smile on their face after having a great day. Well done everyone and Go the Cats!

Level 6 House Captains


Wellbeing - Building Strong Relationships 

Acts of Service

The final language in our series on the Love Languages of Children is ‘Acts of Service’. Of course most of us will think ‘isn’t that just called parenting when you do things for your children that they can’t do themselves.’ In the early stages of life as children continually do things for the first time, we are required, as parents, to do things for our children they can’t do themselves. As they get older however, parents can equip their children to be able to do these things for themselves. For a child with this love language, parents need to identify which activities are important enough to that child, that your involvement is actually an incredible boost to their emotional love tank.

So, whilst the list of errands, tasks and taxi runs is never ending as a parent, the ability to go over and above in order to serve your child in ways that are important to them may just be the most crucial thing you can do to fill their love tank.

If your child’s primary love language is Acts of Service, it can, however, be a balancing act, as it does not mean that you must automatically jump at their every request. We all want to ensure that children are equipped with the skills to manoeuvre through their life journey, so empowering children to fend for themselves is crucial, however if your child’s love language is Acts of Service, then don’t underestimate the power of saying to them “How can I serve you today?”

Serving children will be different for each child so, as per all of the love languages, there is no ‘one size fits all’ rule as to how to serve and it is always important that it is not perceived as a chore or a reward, but rather just a parent trying to bless their child.

Examples might include:

  • Assisting him/her to complete a homework task
  • Return the football, soccer ball, cricket ball whilst they work on their skills
  • Making their lunch for them one day when they normally make their own
  • Do their chores for them (as an act of service)
  • Cooking their favourite meal for no special reason
  • Make them breakfast in bed
  • Fixing something of theirs which is broken

“Your children will sense how you feel about them by how you behave toward them” (Chapman, Love Languages for Children)

The good news is that acts of service may represent the best opportunity of the 5 Love Languages for teaching our kids valuable life lessons. Lessons such as:


  • Attitude is a choice. Serving someone when you don’t feel like it is a great gift.
  • Serving someone who could never repay you (kids included) is modelling generosity.
  • Teaching kids to serve others influences their social conscience and balances out our natural selfish tendencies.
  • When kids ask for our help, they’re asking for us to fill their emotional tank.
  • Teach them how to receive acts of service with gratitude.
  • Hospitable adults come from parents who model hospitality.

This is the final instalment of the Love Languages series. It is a valuable tool as parents and partners in order to communicate love to those around us and also to understand how you personally like to receive love.

To discover someone’s primary language, note the following:

  1. Observe how they express love to you.
  2. Observe how they express love to others.
  3. Listen to what they request most often.
  4. Notice what they complain about the most.
  5. Give them choices between two options.

You need to show love in all five ways, but try to discover the person’s primary language (or top two or three) and whilst your child is under 5 years old, try to hit all five languages.

If you are interested in knowing your child’s love languages then sit down with them and complete the survey via the link below.


JPPC Art Show 2017




Another big thank you to Vanessa and Rohan Blake for giving Ziggy a spa day! She is ready for the holidays now that she's had a bath and a haircut. Term 4 is a busy term but Ziggy is looking forward to getting back into as many classrooms as possible and seeing all the children hard at work.

We are very fortunate to have three community sponsors already and are always looking for more, so if you or anyone you know might be able to help please contact Miss McLeod at [email protected]

Families are also able to donate toward the cost of Ziggy's care through the Qkr app.

A huge thank you to Mulgrave Country Club for their generous donation towards Ziggy's training and food costs, Brandon Park Vet for their support of the program through free puppy classes and subsidized vet costs and to Waverley Park Dental Care for covering the costs of Ziggy's obedience training.


RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge 2017- SPONSORSHIP

RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge


As our Maryborough event draws ever closer the school holidays are an ideal time to get some extra training in. All teams will be working on presentations and practicing in the vehicles during the holidays with a special school holiday training day. The HPV teams will also be competing in a small unofficial practice race out at  Casey Fields along with their normal Sunday training sessions. Uniforms have been ordered and should arrive early term 4- if you missed out on ordering an adult supporter polo please contact Miss McLeod directly ASAP.


If you would like more information about the program visit the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge website.

Keep up to date by following us on Social Media


Facebook: JPPS Racing

Scott Zachariassen, Melissa McLeod and Darren Jenkins

RACV Coordinators

Platinum Level Sponsors

Waverley Meadows Netball Club -Platinum Level Sponsor

Welcome to Waverley Meadows Netball! We are a non-profit organisation that prides itself on being a family friendly, community focused, easily accessible and spirited club. Our love of netball and team environment has helped us grow and develop strong players and coaches. We are represented by 15 teams, over 140 players, a number of life members, committed coaches and we play at the Waverley Netball Centre, Jells Park.
The club was founded by parents of girls attending Waverley Meadows Primary School, Wheelers Hill and Cooinda Primary School, Glen Waverley. Developing connections with our community is a major focus of our club and we encourage our members to connect with their peers, their school, and their community.
Our club has become one of the most successful in the competition where we regularly play in finals and have been successful in winning several premierships in all age groups. We cater for Under 11s to open age, always welcoming new players.
Our website and facebook links are:


Vital Talent 

Pebble Mix

A family run concreting business that specializes in all forms of decorative concrete such as exposed aggregate and internal polished concrete. We are veterans in the Melbourne concreting industry and have laid more than 5000 decorative driveways and have in excess of 50 years concreting experience. Customers keep returning because they know we’re fast, accountable and will deliver over and above what we promise.

We pride ourselves on being masters at our trade, and that’s what drives us to continually develop our skills while learning about the latest techniques and products. (Ph. 9511 4452)

Gold Level Sponsors

Coach Approach

Coach Approach uses elite athletes to deliver sports programs and educational workshops, that inspire and encourage students across Australia to “Get Active” in a fun and positive environment.  Coach Approach provides inter-active programs that aim to promote all the benefits of sports participation, health and fitness.   Our programs have been benefitting Australians for over 20 years, where we visit over 100,000 school children per year.


AAV Tiling Pty Ltd
Commercial and Residential Wall and Floor Tiling.

Bandits & Co

Bandits & Co is a fully-equipped, professional photographic and design studio operation located in Salmon Street, Port Melbourne. Bandits specialises in advertising commercial photography and excels in automotive, corporate, industrial photography and graphic design.

Bronze Level Sponsors

Waverely R.S.L

Ferntree Gully Bolts

Sport Report

Junior House Athletics Day

An advance notice to all Foundation -Level 3 parents that the Junior House Athletics will run on the morning of Thursday 26 October. The Foundation-Level 1 students will complete a circuit of eight activities from 9:30am till 11:00am. The Level 2-3 students will complete their Athletics circuit from 11:45am till 1:15pm. All activities are taking place on the school oval, weather permitting. Parents are encouraged to support their child and come along and enjoy the Athletics morning. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Andrew Farmer PE Teacher 

Jells Park Parents Committee (JPPC)



Thank you very much to all of the JPPC members and parent helpers who volunteered at the recent School Disco. Both sessions were a huge success with a fantastic attendance. The students thoroughly enjoyed having the Disco in the Gym for the first time and they had a great time with their friends dancing to their favourite songs.



Due to upcoming building works in the school the Mondo Recycling Fundraiser will temporarily cease. We will re-commence this fundraising activity once building works are completed in early 2018. We plan to have recycling bins available for families in Term 1 2018 in the School Office.



Airstream Cafe at Century City Walk in Glen Waverley introduced an ongoing fundraising opportunity for our school last year and will continue to do so in 2017. By using the Airstream Cafe fundraiser card families will be able to receive 5% discount off their total bill when dining at the cafe. In addition, 5% of the price of all purchases will be donated at the end of each term towards our fundraising targets for Jells Park Primary School. This is a wonderful and fantastic opportunity for families to support a local business whilst also assisting our school in reaching our fundraising targets too. We hope you enjoy your dining experience at Airstream Cafe. Spare cards are available from the School Office. 

The email address for Jells Park Parents Committee is [email protected]

I can also be contacted on 0434 146 228 if anyone has any further questions.


Enjoy the School Holidays and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.

Next Meeting: Monday 9 October at 2.00pm in the Gym Meeting Room. All Welcome!

Ani Artinian, JPPC Convenor                                     

Community Advertising







JPPC Disco September.doc.pdf
Jells Park Canteen Menu September 2017.pdf