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02 November 2017
Issue Seventeen
Important Dates
Principal's Report 
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2018 France Study Tour
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Important Dates


6th November: 2018 Planning Student Free Day

7th November: Melbourne Cup Day

8th November: Year 12 (in 2018) Course Confirmation

10th November: Year 11 (in 2018) Course Confirmation

13th November: Year 9 (in 2018) Course Confirmation

15th November: Year 8 (in 2018) Course Confirmation

17th November: Year 10 (in 2018) Course Confirmation 

23rd November: Year 10-12 New Student Orientation

28th November: Presentation Night


12th December: Year 6 Orientation Day/ Course Confirmation

21st December: End of Term 4

Principal's Report 

Fond Farewell to the Class of 2017

The final days of secondary school for our Year 12s concluded with Celebration Day on Wednesday 25th October. The guard of honour with Years 7-11 students lining the path from the final assembly to Yarra Boulevard is a respectful farewell after thirteen years of formal schooling. It was full of laughter and pride as other students see this important MGC ‘rite of passage’ unfold year after year. The Valedictory Dinner that night was our chance to reflect, say thank you to our students, parents and the wonderful teachers who have supported them during their time at Melbourne Girls’ College. Congratulations to Pat Sklavakis, Sandor Kazi and their team whose hours of work behind the scenes ensured a memorable occasion for the girls.


2018 College Captains

The celebrations of last week also saw the handover from 2017 College Captains, Courtney McKenzie, Ashleigh Hammond and Nell Crossett to our new 2018 Captains Ky Luong, Isabelle Carney and Claudia Junge.


Nell, Ashleigh, Courtney and Emma Ferguson as Communications Captain have been excellent role models and leaders for all students. Their inclusion of ideas and approachability has seen many barriers between year levels broken down. Isabelle, Claudia and Ky have already spoken about continuing this work to build a united community for the college.



Drugs will not be tolerated at our school, this message was loud and clear at the Year 7 Wellbeing address given by Beth Locke, Manager of the Drug and Alcohol Service at Access Health. Beth, supported by our exemplary in-house expert and Leading Teacher, Bridget Tellefson, addressed the girls about the dangers, the effects of peer pressure and how to stay strong against the influence of others.


An evening session was facilitated by Eileen Berry, founding editor of Parents’ Guides – Drugs 101 who provided parents with copies of her publication and addressed parenting strategies to support children to make the best possible choices as they navigate adolescence.



Bravo Bridget Tellefson and Pat Sklavakis

 On 1st November Bridget our Year 10 Leading Teacher and Pat, Year 12 Leader presented at an Australian College of Educators event, “Early Career Teachers: Understanding support networks and mentoring partnerships” held at Strathcona Baptist Girls’ Grammar. This event supported early career teachers in the process of building a rich and rewarding career, networks and mentor partnerships. Bridget and Pat shared their practical knowledge and experience in order to help new teachers thrive.


Driving School Improvement: A Practical Guide by Pamela Macklin and Vic Zbar

The launch of this excellent educational publication was held at Melbourne Girls’ College on Tuesday 24th October. Pamela is a coach working with our leadership team as well as a highly regarded educator. Vic’s work is published internationally and his research into school and system improvement has informed best practice for decades. Australia and Victoria have a good education system, but the challenge is to always get better, to apply an upward spiral of improvement.By bringing together a judicious mix of educational research, and successful experience in schools, Pam and Vic support leaders to effectively lead the sort of improvement we continually seek and work to support.



After a successful Opening of the Rowing Season congratulations are due to Lara Davies our new Captain of Boats and Natasha Fleming our Vice-Captain, the girls are excellent leaders for the program on and off the water.


Head Coach, Steph Burgess and Rowing Leader, Andrew Beck led an extremely successful ergathon in the Gillard Centre from 9am Friday to 9am Saturday. The buzz and excitement was contagious, even at 3 o’clock in the morning I am told! Thank you to our Rowing Club Committee and parents who supported with time and provisions to ensure success.


Visual Arts and Technology

Congratulations to Emma Croker who won the Parents’ Association Art Award, announced at the launch of the annual Art and Technology Exhibition on Tuesday 17th October. Thank you, as always to our amazing Parents’ Association who support the purchase of key art work every year to ensure the expansion of the MGC Collection. Jo Jepsen, Roger Dunscombe, Harriet Turnbull, Fiona Storrie, Ingrida Ansons, Emma Mc Cowan, Carol Busetti, Hazel Etheridge, Lenore Twist, Ashley O’Brien and Ollie Hull worked tirelessly to ensure the exhibition, associated activities and competitions were successful for the students.


All parents are invited to the Year 9/Year 10 Technology Electives exhibition on 28th November. Please arrive early to Presentation Night and view the inspirational work of students and the Product Design and Technology teachers Carol Busetti, Hazel Etheridge and Jo Jepsen. Work on display features:


                  - Year 9 Textile Design

                  - Year 9 Jewellery Design

                  - Year 9 Fashion Design

                  - Year 9 Interior Design

                  - Year 10 Jewellery Design

                  - Year 10 Costume Design


Congratulations Lilith Stewart

Congratulations to Lilith Stewart of second Clifton Hill Venturer Unit who has earned the Australian Scout Medallion. To attain this top award Lilith showed initiative, persistence, self-discipline, teamwork and leadership in a wide range of endeavours. Lilith is a true representative of Melbourne Girls’ College values.


Thank you for your ongoing support to ensure all MGC students show respect and leadership.


Kind regards,

Karen Money

MGC Presentation Night

 Presentation Night

The Melbourne Girls' College Presentation Night is coming up on Tuesday 28th November. The evening will commence at 7pm in the Gymnasium and conclude at 8:30pm.

Students finish at the end of period 3 (1:10pm) on this day. It is the expectation that students will attend this celebration in full school uniform.

This is an important school event which commends the achievements and talents of our students. Parents and family members are very much invited to this celebration. We look forward to seeing you there.

Book your tickets here:
(Students are not required to book)



Year 7 News

Visiting the Islamic Museum

Throughout August and September, the Year 7 classes attended an excursion at the Islamic Museum. All of the year 7s had an opportunity to attend the museum, located in Coburg.


At first, we were very surprised to hear of a museum so far from the city, however as we learnt more about Islamic culture we learnt that there is a high population of Muslims in the area surrounding the museum. As we toured through the museum many more realisations came upon us.


A passionate person spoke to us about her family and what it is like to be a Muslim in Australia. We were walked through her family tree; meanwhile she cracked jokes about how her great uncle looked like a terrorist. She spoke about how her family had many different religions, cultures and nationalities intertwined within it and yet, they were all Australian. She spoke about how even though she laughs at who will get bomb checked at the airport, it does hurt to feel targeted. She showed us a new perspective of life. She showed us that many people don’t have the luxury of acceptance. After giving the inspirational speech about her life and culture, she continued to educate us on her culture and what their beliefs and practices looked like. She explained how even countries who were commonly known as “Muslim Countries” didn’t always follow the Quran in the same way in their laws. And that some of the strict interpretations were not in the Quran. She explained that the Quran was essentially a Muslim bible and that it was the book of their religion. Throughout this whole speech little parts of her personality and humour shone through the information. After, we were left with a sensation that we had just been spoken to by someone who was truly passionate and proud. She taught us things we never thought we would know and she was my personal highlight of the Islamic museum. The spectacular speaker proceeded to show us through the museum.


During our tour, I was surrounded by eager students rushing to get all the answers to the quiz we were given.  The museum had different galleries within it, all in which educated us in some shape or form on Islam culture. In each gallery, we all walked out knowing something we hadn’t known yesterday. The galleries each had a different name in which the information in the gallery was centred on. One of the galleries we were taken to was named Boundless Plains which was about four Australian men who wanted to discover first hand Australian Muslim history. Another, named Islamic architecture entailed information about mosques all over the world. The third one was named Islamic faith, this was the most interesting. It gave us knowledge about the Islamic names for characters from the bible; there are many links btween Jews, Muslims and Christians. In addition, the Islamic art exhibition was very interesting. It included artwork of infused Muslim and Australian culture and traditional Islam prints and patterns. Lastly, there was an Islamic contribution to civilisation gallery. This gallery was very fun and informative. Inside the gallery there was a giant chess set and many articles paired with images about creations that Islamic people helped to create.


That concluded our tour and our visit to the museum. Overall, we had an amazing time and learnt lots of new things. I know we would all be happy to go back and further expand our knowledge of Islam.


Jade Frame




Year 10 News


Congratulations to Bella Soccio and Emma Boyce who performed as leads in a local production of FAME! Many children from all over Melbourne had auditioned to be a part of this production and many have been in professional productions, featured on TV shows, movies and in commercials. Both Bella and Emma were truly outstanding on stage!


A short clip of the performance can be viewed at 



Performing Arts News 

Filming of “Newcomers” trailer.

Thank you to the following students who gave up their lunchtime on Thursday, 12th October, to be “extras” for the filming of a trailer for a pilot TV show, “Newcomers”:


Sophie Aston, Genevieve Campbell, Isabelle Carney, Bella Crawford, Marissa Di Marzio, Ella Eckhold, Angie Eldred, Jasmine Farrugia, Emily Fitzwilliam, Uyen Hoang, Lily Hopkinson, Imogen Howden, Mae James, Hannah Jukes- Frere, Emma Kirkham, Amelie Lay, Nicola Lennon, Isabelle Mardon-Chivell, Courtney McKenzie, Jessie McDonald, Alice McGinty, Ophelia Murray, Anastasia Scanlon,  Georgina Tatham, Sophie Townsend & Laura Walsh and to JB,  Andrew Arney & Tip Kennedy for their support.



Dance News

Dance Showcase

Congratulations to the students who performed at the Dance Showcase on the 26th and 27th October 2017.  Both performances were successful, with the girls’ hard work coming to fruition at the showcase. Students from Year 7 to 11 participated in the performance evenings, presenting learnt dance works and pieces choreographed by the girls.


Students can download the performance via Jordan Evans’s Dropbox located on the M Drive.



Unit 3/4 Dance Students

Well done to the 2017 Unit 3/4 Dance students who were externally assessed on the 23rd October 2017.  The girls were required to choreograph and perform a technical solo and a composition solo in front of a panel of three assessors.  Students performed exceptionally well and were confident in the assessment room.  Good luck with your future studies.


2018 Dance


Auditions for future Year 7 students in 2018 will be held on 12th December 2017 from 3pm-4:30pm. Students are required to enter their preferences into Insight, via Compass if they are intending to audition for the program.


Current Year 7 students, transitioning into Year 8 in 2018, who are wanting to be involved in the program will be required to sign up later in November.  Classes that will be available will commercial jazz, hip hop, contemporary, ballet (extension students only) and acrobatics. More details to come.

Technology Week News

Design Challenge Competition

As part of Technology Week  Year 8 and year 9 students were invited to participate in a design challenge.

Congratulations to all our Year 8 and Year 9 Design Challenge participants.


Many thanks to Tip Kennedy and Andrew Arney for judging the competition for us.


For the Year 8 Packaging Design Competition:

1st Prize – Amanda Kristanto

2nd Prize – Alessia Acquaro


For the Year 9 Sustainable Design Challenge:

Most innovative and outstanding product – Carla Jones

Most inventive product – Allie Currie



2018 France Study Tour

2018 France Study Tour - Deposit close off date Thursday November 9

A reminder to those students wishing to join the 2018 French Trip, that applications using the official deposit form need to be submitted at the Front Office by next Thursday 9 November by 4pm in order for girls to be considered. A number of forms have already been lodged but the final list can only be drawn up once all forms are in – so please don’t delay! A minimum of 25-27 students is needed for this unforgettable two-week cultural experience at the end of Term 3 next year.


If you have any queries or questions please speak to Monsieur Mac/Tim Macdougall (French Trip Organiser) or email [email protected]


Year 10 Community Challenges

Melbourne Period Project - 10C2

For the year 10 community challenge, class 10C2 has chosen to partner with the Melbourne Period Project. The Melbourne Period Project is an organisation which aims to give homeless women access to sanitary items such as pads and tampons, as well as other necessary items. Read more at (


We have chosen to open donation boxes around the school in order to collect items and raise awareness, and further educate our students on this pressing issue. To do this, we will have representatives from our class coming to talk at year level assemblies in the next few weeks. 


We will be accepting donations throughout all of week 3 (23rd-27th October) and will have representatives from 10C2 collecting items from classrooms. The donation boxes will be placed around the school, so look for them in the year 12 study centre, sick bay, deans' offices and other areas around the school! 



​- Sanitary pads (any size)

- Tampons (any size)

- Baby wipes

- Hand sanitiser

- Scented bags

- Toothbrushes/toothpaste

- And any other sanitary items!



            Lost Dogs Home and Guide Dogs - 10R1

For our community challenge, 10R1 are collecting old blankets, old towels, dog, cat, puppy and kitten food as well as pet toys and treats.


We would love your help! Please bring donations to the yellow boxes outside room 116​.


Thank you

Chara Wilson and Georgia Wolfe




Hands Off Foundation - 10L3

As part of the year 10 Wellbeing program we have been encouraged to participate in a community challenge. As a class, 10L3 has decided to support the Hands Off Foundation. The Hands Off Foundation’s mission is to aid the healing process for families and survivors of sexual assault by providing tangible and meaningful support at times when they need it the most. In order to help and support this cause we ask you to donate any items on the list below to help us make care packages for survivors:


•  Mindfulness colouring

•  Children's colouring 

•  Coloured pencils 

•  Sharpeners 

•  Blankets/Throws 

•  Journals 

•  Pens 

•  Stress Balls 

•  Fidget Cubes 

•  Fidget Spinners 

•  Hand Grips


Any donations, large or small, are welcome from now until Friday the 10th of November! Please bring them to Mr Hilton in the Languages office on level 2.


If you would like more information about the Foundation please go to their website at:



Thank you so much for all your support!



Aboriginal Literacy Foundation - 10R2

For the year 10 community challenge 10R2 are supporting the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.



Student News

Education Perfect Science Champion

Congratulations to Fiona Akhounova who achieved an Elite Award in this recent event – Fiona answered 11,428 science questions during the week-long event which is an amazing achievement. Fiona was awarded a certificate and badge for her work.


Sona Hariharan received a Gold Award for answering 3000 questions. Bronze Awards went to Tyana Tsai and Tracey Chan. Credit Awards were given to Yasaman Dehbozorgi, Amelia Stroud, Vedika Vasan and Poppy Freeden.


Overall MGC place 24th in Victoria and 186th globally.


Congratulations to everyone who took part!



Top Mathletics Students

Students in Years 7 and 8 have access to the Mathletics program at school and at home. Some students use this platform regularly to practice their skills and prepare for tests. Mathletics recognises improvement in skills and provides Achievement Certificates to students who have shown the most improvement during 2017.


The Top 3 Mathletics students for 2017 are:

                                                     1. Jasmine Mosley

                                                     2. Ella Thyer

                                                     3. Hiruni Ratnayaka



Wellbeing News

Uniform and Textbook Donations

Dear Parents/Guardians,


My name is Elisa Pedron and my role at Melbourne Girls’ College is Student Counsellor/Social Worker.


As you would be aware purchasing uniform and textbooks can be difficult for families, especially when there is more than one child in the family. Financial hardship can occur at any stage in ones’ life and for some individuals it is not a comfortable topic to speak about.


If you have pre-loved school uniform (summer, winter and sports) and textbooks (years 7 to 12) in a reasonably suitable condition which are no longer required and would like to donate to the school, you are more than welcome to come to the Wellbeing Centre located towards the end of level one and leave the donated uniform and textbooks with me. I will then provide the items to students in need.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 9428-8955 or email [email protected]


Your assistance will be much appreciated and will demonstrate further community support and teamwork in MGC.




Yours Sincerely, 

Elisa Pedron

Student Counsellor/Social Worker

Year of Awesome!!

Let's Change the World! Starting Now


This year Melbourne Girls' College has joined the awesome team at playground Ideas for its inaugural Year of Awesome campaign to help our school raise much needed funds to encourage play. At the same time, we are also raising critical funds to help kids around the world get a chance to play, break the cycle of poverty, and thrive!
It is a wonderful cause and we really encourage everyone to participate. Not only does the school benefit but so do many children around the world. We are fundraising for our Outdoor Classroom so please assist in any way you can!
Playground Ideas is a Melbourne based non-profit that allows anyone, anywhere to create their own play space for children using locally sourced and recycled materials. To date, they have supported over 1,800 play projects in over 140 countries.

So, how do you fit in?
We need your help to sell tickets. And it’s easy. Just share the link below via email or through your social networks. You don’t even need to leave the house, or your couch for that matter.


Tickets are just $5 and every ticket sold will raise $2.50 for the centre.
1.      Share the link below
2.      Buy tickets and share the link to get more tickets – for free!


The prizes that can be won are seriously amazing:


1.     Intrepid Travel Family Adventure to Vietnam

Experience the wonders of Vietnam on a 13 day family adventure (2 adults and 2 children) with Intrepid Travel, valued at $10,441


2.     Intrepid Travel Victorian Family Adventure Loop

Experience a 3 day Melbourne to Melbourne family Adventure Loop for 2 adults and 2 children, via the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians. Valued at $2,176


3.     Lakeshore House, Daylesford.

Enjoy a luxury lakeside weekend getaway for up to 8 people in Lakeshore House, valued at $1700


4.     Wanderlings Airstream and Peninsula Hot Springs Family weekend

Experience a unique getaway in a Wanderlings Airstream & relax together in the Peninsula Hot Springs, valued at $650.


5.     Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Big 4 Holiday Park

Enjoy a beach holiday at Anglesea Big 4 Holiday Park and visit the Chocolaterie for a kids chocolate making course, valued at $580


6.     Circus Oz

Learn, laugh and leap in a family circus experience with Circus Oz, valued at $120


7.     Enchanted Garden

Family day out to explore the wonders of the Mornington Peninsula’s Enchanted Garden, valued at $100


8.     Slow Clay

 Learn together in a private family ceramics class with Slow Clay, valued at $450


9.  Arts Centre

Win family tickets to see ‘The Unbelievables’ show at Hamer Hall, valued at $276 


10.     National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA)

Family tickets to see the final year NICA students ensemble show, valued at $83


11.  Zoos Victoria Family Membership

2018 annual family membership for unlimited visits to Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range zoo, valued at $216


12.  Museums Victoria Family Membership

2018 annual family membership for unlimited visits to the Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and the Immigration Museum, valued at $79.


Plus Bonus Prizes:


Marriner Theatre’s Priscilla Queen of the Desert, value $410

Take your date nights up a notch with 2 VIP passes to Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Regent Theatre, valued at $410


Melbourne Street Art Tours

Take a friend and be led on a tour of Melbourne’s Street Art, valued at $138


Chunky Move

Learn to dance with Chunky Move’s Beginner Dance four week course for two, valued at $176.

Hurry, before they sell out!



Working Bee

Working Bee – Saturday 18th November at 9am

Image courtesy of


Picture is not an actual working “bee”, it is a native insect known as the hoverfly, however it is performing an important role in pollinating this once widespread culturally significant bush tucker plant, the Yam Daisy or Murnong (Microseris lanceolata).



In 2017, MGC was awarded a Community Partnership Grant to strengthen partnerships with the Traditional owners of our land, the Wurundjeri People with a specific goal to develop our community bush tucker garden on the banks of the Yarra. We have developed a tradition over the past 7 years where year 7 students participate in a Welcome to Country Ceremony on Tree day and they plant their own bush tucker plant into our reconciliation garden. The space is open to the public, located on the eastern fence of the boundary between the bike path and the main building.


Our dedicated student members of the environment team have been working on maintaining the area, but the weeds continue to be a challenge. Hence we would like to invite members of the wider MGC community to lend a hand weeding and landscaping the space on Saturday 18th of November from 9-11am. We will have indigenous plant experts on hand to help with weed identification and lots of knowledgeable students eager to tell you the stories they have learnt about the cultural significance of the Murnong and other bush tucker plants. The working bee is an opportunity to learn about the aims of the reconciliation garden and to also help prepare the site for our first ever Murnong Harvest that will hopefully be conducted under the supervision of Wurundjeri elder Aunty Dianne Kerr in late November. We also have plans to work with the Narrup bush team from the Wurundjeri Council to install signage and care a traditional scar tree on the site.



MGC would like to acknowledge to ongoing support of the Yarra Council in facilitating this habitat restoration and cultural awareness work and invite you to share in the knowledge we have developed since we first started planting Murnongs on the site seven years ago.


If you would like to attend the working bee, contact Andrew Vance @ [email protected] or sign up here


School News

MGC Homework Club

Come one, come all!!


Students are invited to join the MGC Homework Club.


When?  3:30-4:30 Mondays and Thursday

Where?  Room 112


See you there!!

Ms Hajzler


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