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31 August 2018
Issue Fourteen
From the Principal's desk
What's Happening?
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Student Wellbeing
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From the Principal's desk

It was wonderful to see so many of our children dressed up as book characters last week. In the morning, we had a parade in front of the whole school and then the Prep – 2s ventured down to Melville Street to participate in the community reading sessions. This is a great community initiative celebrating the joy of reading together. Back at the school, children also enjoyed book week activities. I particularly enjoyed the short dramatic performances by some of Year 5 and 6s.


This week we also had the culmination of the debating competition with the grand finals taking place in the Multi-Purpose Room. We will publish all the details in our next newsletter but I would just like to congratulate all of the children on fully engaging with this debating festival.


We will be sending all our NAPLAN results for Year 3 and 5 home today. Please make sure you check your child's bag for the notice. Overall our Year 3 data has improved dramatically, particularly in reading, as has our growth data between Year 3 - 5 in Reading. At the school level, we use the NAPLAN results together with other class assessments to work out areas of strength and areas for improvement in your child’s learning. If you are unsure how to interpret the results or have questions please do not hesitate to talk to your child's classroom teacher.


Over the last week we have also welcomed into the Numurkah Primary fold our new Preps for 2019. They had a lovely afternoon with Mrs Herlihy making Octopus' and will be returning shortly for their second transition day. Year 5 and 6 classes attended Numurkah Secondary College last week and had a taste of what was on offer for 2019. 


The Principal's lunch was a hit on Monday, but my 5 star rating is at risk. Apparently it's a good idea to pull the paper out between the garlic bread before you put it in the oven!


This morning we have our annual Father's Day breakfast and it was fantastic to see all the smiley faces and children snuggled up with their Dad's, Grandfathers, Uncles or carers.



What's Happening?

Upcoming Dates

Friday 31st August - Father's Day Breakfast

Friday 7th September - House Athletic Sports

Friday 14th September - Kinder - Prep Transition Session

Monday 17th September - No assembly

Wednesday 19th September - Afternoon Concert

Thursday 20th September - Evening Concert

Friday 21st September - End of Term Assembly 9am

Friday 21st September - Footy Colours day and House Buddy Activities

Friday 21st September - Last day of Term 3 - Early finish 2:20 pm


Term 4

Monday 8th October - First day of term 4

Friday 12th October - Prep-2 Melbourne Zoo Excursion


Prep-2 Excursion

The Melbourne Zoo Excursion for Prep-2 students is planned for Friday 12th October, the first Friday of Term 4. Permission forms have been sent home with students and are due back by Wednesday 12th September. If you need a replacement form please contact the office.

Debating Festival

Congratulations to students who participated in the Grand Finals of the debating festival. Lots of hard work went into their preparation and presentation. Students are working on their reports and we will publish these in the next newsletter along with photos.


This year, our concert’s songs and dances are based on an Art and History theme. Our concert is entitled ‘Viva la Vida’, named after the Frida Kahlo artwork and the Coldplay song. Each class will receive a note detailing their song and costume. If you have any questions please see either the classroom teacher or Michelle Davis, Concert Co-Ordinator.


Tickets - These will go on sale as per previous year through an envelope payment system. Once available envelopes will be sent home with the eldest student in each family. Please write family name, classroom number, required tickets and total amount on the envelope, place money inside and return the envelope to the office.Please order tickets early, as we do sell out fast. Tickets for the evening concert will not be available at the door. Tickets will be given out in order of receipt of the envelopes at the office. Tickets will be sold from the front of the hall first, then working backwards. Please check your child’s bag for your tickets, once selling has commenced.


Wednesday Afternoon Performance: Tickets are only for sale at the door for the Wednesday afternoon (Sept 19th) performance. Tickets can be purchased from 11.30am with the performance commencing at 12.30pm.


More information about the concert will be included in the next  newsletters.



2018 International Competitions & Assessments for Schools -
Spelling Competition

Back in June this year, 5, Year 3-6 students picked up their pencils and focused on the interesting and challenging questions in the 2018 International Competitions & Assessments for Schools SPELLING COMPETITION.  Our students were not alone, as pupils from 20 other countries also participated in this competition.


I am pleased to report that our students performed really well, with Lily Patrick-Oudeman (Yr 4) and Sarah Abdulamir (Yr 6) both receiving a Credit Award.


Other students also received participation awards: Angelina Crisara, Grace Mullane and

Sapphire Brown.


Achievement certificates are awarded to all students at a range of levels:

High Distinction to the top 1% of students

Distinction to the next 10% of students

Credit to the next 25% of students

Merit to the next 10% of students

Participation to all other students


The school congratulates all these students for “having a go”, and being interested in applying their knowledge and understanding to solve SPELLING problems.  I am sure all the students benefited from their experience in this extension activity.


Parents please note: on Monday 3rd September these students will be acknowledged at the assembly. The Participation Certificates will be presented to students by their class teacher. 


Jenny Sartoria –                                                                                 

2018 SPELLING Competition Coordinator.    

Parents & Friends

Fathers Day Stall and Raffle

Thank you to every who supported our Fathers Day Stall and Raffle. The students were very excited to pick out their purchases.


The raffle prizes were drawn this morning and all winners have been notified. A list of winners will be published in the next newsletter so that winning students can keep them as a surprise.


Pie Drive

  • The P&F are very excited to join with Numurkah Bakery for a Pie Drive Fundraiser this term. Pies can be ordered as either 6 individual pies or a family size pie.
  • All money raised will be going towards new sporting equipment for the students.
  • Please return all order forms and money to the office by Wednesday 5th September.
  • Collection will be on Thursday 20th September between 3 pm and 5:30 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Thank you in advance for all your support in this fundraiser. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask, we will answer them as quickly as we can.


The P&F Committee

Athletics Day

The Parents and Friends Committee will be holding a BBQ at the Athletics day on Friday 7th September. We are looking for volunteers to assist with cooking and serving at the BBQ. Cooking begins at 10:30 am. Time slots are 10:30 am, 11:30 am & 12:30 pm. Helpers at the canteen are also needed. Please let the office know if you can help. 


Coleslaw will also be served at the BBQ. If anyone is able to donate some coleslaw it would be appreciated.


Thanks from the P&F Committee

Student Awards

Student of the Week - 17/08/2018

Prep/1S - Zavier Archer - For always showing the four school values around our school. Keep it up! 

Prep/1H - Kayden Tetley - Trying hard to focus on his learning tasks and use school values in the classroom and at play. 

2/3C - Jaxson Stonehouse - For his excellent behaviour and efforts this week. Keep it up! 

2/3R - Chloe Lawson - Chloe has been showing positive work habits and she takes pride in presenting her work neatly. Keep up the great work! 

3/4S - Josh Lyons - For a focused week with many tasks completed independently. 

4/5W - Ella Pelchen - Well done on trying your best. I am impressed by how you recognise what you need to work on in your learning. 

5/6H - Cody Peatling - For challenging yourself to move out of your comfort zone in Maths Extension.

5/6S - Christopher Bodsworth - For having a positive attitude as you successfully completed a range of individual tasks. You also showed great leadership skills in your role of debating chairperson.

Reader of the Week - 17/08/2018

01H - Caleb Gundrill

01S - Levi McKenzie

23C - Charles Waites

23R - Ella Carlisle

34S - Holly Philpott

45W - Seiona Miller

56H - Karli Gerdtz-Suffern

56S - Odin Mutimer

Student of the Week - 24/08/2018

Prep/1S - Sonny Dunstone - You blew me away with your Cold Write this week. I love that you are starting to listen to sounds in your words. Keep it up!

Prep/1H - Dean Drury-Smith - Well done Dean on producing a very good Cold Write piece this week. 

2/3C - Taesharn Crowe - For always following our school values.

2/3R - Tianah Hutchinson - For a settled week of positive behaviour and great work. 

3/4S - Jade Smith - Jade, you have a lovely calm demeanour which is appreciated greatly in the class.

4/5W - Cody Simpson - Great day of learning on Friday in class. Well done! 

5/6H - Jesse Powlesland - For demonstrating excellent leadership skills during class activities for Book Week.

5/6S - Lloyd Jetten - For having a positive attitude as you successfully participated in the NSC Transition activities. You have also shown great leadership skills in your role as debating chairperson.

Reader of the Week - 24/08/2018

01H - Angus Parkinson

01S - Ben Drury-Smith

23C - Asha Parry

23R - Mohammed Abdulamir 

34S - Marshall Duncan

45W - Jade Holmes

56H - Angelina Crisara

56S - Kayla Gerity



Book Week

It has been great this term to see so many of our students receiving Readers of the Week and just witnessing the pure enthusiasm of our children to engage in reading. Melville Street was also bustling last week as our children together with the other young people in town, enjoyed the many stories read to us by our locals. 


Audio Books on Wheelers

Wheelers are currently offering us 40 plus audio books until the end of term. So if you like to chill and listen to someone reading to you, log in and check the books out.  Lucas Spokes is currently enjoying listening to the book below. Maybe you would like to reserve it as well.

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

They killed Number One in Malaysia. Number Two in England. And Number Three in Kenya.John Smith is not your average teenager. He regularly moves from small town to small town. He changes his name and identity. He does not put down roots. He cannot tell anyone who or what he really is. If he stops moving those who hunt him will find and kill him.But you can't run forever. So when he stops in Paradise, Ohio, John decides to try and settle down. To fit in. And for the first time he makes some real friends. People he cares about - and who care about him. Never in John's short life has there been space for friendship, or even love.But it's just a matter of time before John's secret is revealed.He was once one of nine. Three of them have been killed. John is Number Four. He knows that he is next . . .

I Am Number Four is the first book in Pittacus Lore's Lorien Legacies series and is now a major Disney film.

Student Wellbeing

Reading Time

We all know the value of reading books – and what a great Book Week theme we had this year – ‘Find Your Treasure’. But what is the greatest treasure that we gain from reading? Is it growing our knowledge? Finding out new things? Of course, but I believe one of the greatest benefits we gain from reading a range of texts is learning to see and understand another person’s point-of-view. Books take us out of ourselves and the limitations of our own experience into whole new worlds. We can consider what it may have been like to be a slave in ancient Rome – or to have been one of the first people in space – or what it may have been like to grow-up in a war zone.


It is believed that people with a good understanding of other people’s points-of-view are better able to express empathy and kindness to others. The ability to connect and interact meaningfully with others is a vital skill; it helps keep communities strong and adds to our own sense of well-being.

Time spent in a world created by an author is not time wasted – through experiencing a character’s point-of-view in a fictitious world, we can learn and become better citizens of our real world.

Keep reading!


Head Lice

Please note we have had an increase in the reports of head lice amongst students. Please be extra vigilant in checking your child's hair and treating appropriately, including follow up treatments to ensure all lice and eggs have been removed. It is recommend that students with long hair ensure that their hair is tied up each day to reduce the risk of head lice. 




The Annual House Athletics Sports for will be held on FRIDAY 7th SEPTEMBER, commencing at 9.45 am. All parents and family members are welcome to attend to cheer on our students.


  • Children from all year levels will represent their houses in individual and team events on the day
  • All children are requested to wear comfortable running shoes on the day  
  • If students have t-shirts in their house colours, we encourage them to wear them
  • Individual competitor’s cards in house colours will need to be pinned on to a t-shirt.  These cards will be distributed to students on Friday, before the sports, and will be a record of your child’s participation and achievements to keep afterwards
  • Programs will be on sale at the general office from Wednesday 5th September @ 50c each (and also on the day of the sports)
  • Families are invited to join us for a BYO picnic lunch or BBQ lunch.  School community members will be running a BBQ if you are able to assist in cooking or serving please let the office know.
  • LUNCH TIME  12.30PM – 1.15PM (approx.) There will be no school lunch orders available
  • If inclement weather looks likely to cause the postponement of the sport, check with the school, after 8.30am. We will also have a Facebook and Compass notice. The sports will then be held sometime the following week, if possible. The Friday will revert back to a normal school day




As part of our Athletics program at NPS, and following on from our own House Athletics Day, students who wish to have the opportunity to compete at the next level, Division Athletics in Shepparton. Selection here involves teachers monitoring and observing students efforts and achievements throughout the course of Term 3, through our weekly training sessions with Skillzone, the House Athletics Day, and then scheduled trials the previous 3 weeks leading up to the Division day on MONDAY 15th OCTOBER. Please take note of point 6 below, which states that each school may nominate one competitor for each event, e.g. - one boy, one girl, and also point 7, family cost is $10 per competitor. Please think carefully about supporting and encouraging our students here, whilst also being aware that for some events there are minimum standards (see high jump below). Before the event, I will complete the application forms for students wishing to attend and compete. The due date for these forms is Friday 21st September. Depending on how many students participate will determine whether we organise a bus trip or rely on parents to drive. More information to follow here closer to the day.


Further Details for DIVISION ATHLETICS 2018:


  1. The 2018 Athletics Carnival for the Goulburn Murray Division will be held at Mc Ewen Reserve Track and Field Complex Shepparton on MONDAY 15 OCTOBER.
  2. MARSHALLING BEGINS:   9.45 am                                                STARTING TIME:   10.00 am
  3. Ages are calculated, as at December 31 of the current year, e.g. a child who turns 11 at any time during 2018 will compete in the 11 years events.
  4. A child is permitted to compete in two individual events. No child can enter the same event in two different age groups.
  5. Each school may nominate one competitor for each event, e.g. - one boy, one girl.
  6. Family cost is $10 per competitor.
  7. Place getters in each event will receive division ribbons.
  8. Please be aware that we start the high jump at the following heights at division.

            Boys 11 & 12/13 yrs 115cm, boys 9/10 yrs 105cm.

            Girls 11 & 12/13 yrs 110cm, girls 9/10yrs 100cm




The first 4 place getters in 100m, 200m, 800m, & 1500m and the first 2 place getters in the Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus & Shot Put will be eligible and invited to compete in the Regional Championships at Alexandra Park, Cadell St, Albury on Friday 19th October.




Class Page - 2/3R





Mia and Haylee said they would help a person in they fell over.

Bailey and Matthew said they would care for the whole school!

Hayley and Holly said they would ask someone what was the matter.

Sienna and Arianna said they would let people play with them and they would be kind and loveable.

Summer and Cadence said they would ask someone if they wanted to play with them.

Tianah and Ava said they would help someone if they were hurt.

Ella and Chloe said they would be caring by helping others.

Kade, Shaely and Riley they would let people join in games and play fairly.

Teddy and Will said they would care for the teachers!

Harrison and Jordan said they would share their toys.

Mohammed and Liam said they would acknowledge the achievements of others.


2/3R Art

2/3R have been enjoying working on their Art. We have some very talented artists, a small selection of some of their artwork is shown below.



Canteen Helpers

Friday 31st August - Selyna Wilson

Monday 3rd September  - Junior School Council

Tuesday 4th September - Alex Sanderson

Wednesday 5th September - Melissa Hall

Thursday 6th September - Helper Required

Friday 7th September - Selyna Wilson

Monday 10th September - Toni Adams

Tuesday 11th September - Alex Sanderson

Wednesday 12th September  - Kylie's Leadership Group

Thursday 13th September - Helper Required

Friday 14th September - Selyna Wilson


Volunteers Required - 

Our school canteen, selling ice creams and icy poles,  is staffed by parent volunteers. If you would like to assist in the school canteen, a volunteer is required each day from 1:30pm - 2:10pm. 


We still require a parent volunteer on Thursday's, if you are able to help out please let the office know.

Canteen Menu

Our Canteen items and prices have remained the same as last year. A price list is attached below.


Lunch Orders


The Lunch Order menu has remained the same as last year. Please see the attachment below if you do not have a copy.



Community Notices

Vanessa Hamilton - Information Session


Movies At Numurkah 


Numurkah Pre-School -
Enrolments 2019


If your child turns four before the 30th April 2019, then you are eligible to enrol for the 2019 Kindergarten Year.


Please collect an application form from Numurkah and District Kindergarten and Activity Centre, 18 McCaskill Street Numurkah, during opening hours 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Or phone the Service Coordinator on 58621569 Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.


A Funded Kindergarten Accredited Program

Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club 
Junior Golf Clinics

A 6 week program will be run for boys and girls aged 8-17 on Fridays between 4:30 pm and 5:15 pm. Please see attachment below for more details.



Free Dyslexia Seminar


Pick My Project

Local Numurkah projects have been selected to participate in the Pick My Project Community Grants Scheme. They are seeking support from the Numurkah Community to achieve votes, as this will decide the successful projects. For more details please see the photos below.


Junior Cricket

Interested in playing cricket? Come along to the Numurkah Showground on Thursday 6th September from 5:30 pm for Under 12, Under 14 or Under 16 sign up, or simply to find out a bit more!

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