13 December 2018
Issue Nineteen
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Thursday 13 December

Duke of Ed Camp

Year 7 & 8 Activities


Friday 14 December

Duke of Ed Camp

Year 7 & 8 Activities


Monday 17 December

Presentation Night Rehearsals

10:30pm – 12:30pm Nominated Years 7-11 Students

1:30pm – 2:30pm Nominated Years 12 students


Tuesday 18 December

7:00pm Presentation Night


Wednesday 19 December

Curriculum Day - Staff PD (no classes)


Thursday 20 December

Curriculum Day - Staff PD (no classes)


Friday 21 December

End of Term 4


Tuesday 29 January

Start of Term 1


Wednesday 30 January

Senior Students (Years 10-12) resume


Thursday 31 January

Junior Students (Years 7-9) resume

Senior Students (Year 10-12) start at recess


Monday 4 February

Year 12 Camp


Tuesday 5 February

Year 12 Camp


Wednesday 6 February

Year 12 Camp


Friday 8 February



Tuesday 12 February

7:00pm Year 12 Parent Information Evening


Wednesday 13 February

2:00pm Year 7 Meet the Principal


Thursday 14 February

School Photos


Friday 15 February

8:30am Photo Catch-ups (P1&2)


Monday 18 February

7:00pm Year 9 Parent Information Night


Tuesday 19 February

6:30pm Finance Sub-Committee

7:00pm School Council


Wednesday 20 February

2:30pm Early Finish (Staff PD)


Tuesday 26 February

7:00pm Year 10 Parent Information Night


Wednesday 27 February

Swimming Carnival


Thursday 28 February

9UP Day 1

5:30pm Year 8 Parent Information Night


Monday 4 March

7:00pm Year 11 Parent Information Night


Wednesday 6 March

Year 8 Survivor Islands Challenge


Thursday 7 March

Year 12 Formal


Friday 8 March

Year 7 Immunisations





Congratulations to Mr Noble, the Senior School Management Team and VCE teachers on running a very successful Orientation Program for our Senior School for 2019.


Students were given course outlines and a very good understanding of the course requirements for next year.  They all worked very well and I hope they cope with all the set homework.  All work is available on the VCE orientation google site.  More importantly I hope they enjoy the learning next year and thrive both academically and socially.


On Tuesday 11 December over 406 Grade 6 students descended upon us for the start of the transition program. It was a day of orientation and information but also a chance to instil excitement about the journey ahead.  Every child is unique with his or her own special personality, qualities and skills that we aim to nurture and develop.


Transition is all about change. Our new Year 7s will be exposed to different perspectives on the world they live in. Many will find this exciting and respond to the challenge of examining their own perspective in the light of alternative viewpoints. Some will find the transition to secondary school difficult, even intimidating. We will do all in our power to ensure that every one of our new students becomes inspired at the possibilities that new learning opens up for them. We will also make sure that parents successfully navigate this change along with their children.


As well as offering exciting opportunities in teaching and learning, McKinnon Secondary College has expectations of both parents and our new Year 7s. Our behaviour as global citizens is integral to the success of our academic program.  


Our 2019 Peer Support Leaders have been selected from a large number of possible candidates. Year 10 students immersed themselves wholeheartedly into the Peer Support training program. I congratulate those selected and wish them well with the very important role they play in assisting our new students’ transition into our school.


I would like to acknowledge and thank Ms Fiona Wallis for coordinating this critically important program.

The following are our Year 11 Peer Support Leaders for 2019:


Timothy Cheng, Phoebe Ho, Tomer Singer, Emma Langley, Tamanna Sharma, Liming Yang, Genevieve O'Brien, Coco Greenberg, Nina Lopez, Clare Wever, Ben Sams, Annalie Grima, Stephanie Goldenberg, Ethan Shapiro, Jarryn Berger, Varshnaavahene BSM, Niki Shulev, Jeremy Zhou, Steven Li, Ethan Lazarus, Patrick Cropper, Jarryd Harris, Darcie Harper, Aleksandra Petrovska, Coco Parker, Erisha Tayal, Nick Paizis, George Dimitrakas, Sophie Roberts, Sophie Sakurai, Nicholas Howe, Moran Vernik, Thomas McGlone, Tash Johnson, Chantelle Hay, Emma Farrell, Keisha Harcourt, Henry Zhou, Richard Zhang, Olivia Dunn, Stella Panozzo, Kitty Connolly, Isaac Wilson, Misha Svyatitskiy, Sonja Pitt, Ruby Frost, Floyd Oakley, Yanni Kontos, Ella Hayat, Doris Feng, Tayla Fischer, Eliana Min Fa, Dylan Clifford, Skyla Isaacs, Mary Christofis, Josie Green, Kya Kahan-Taylor, Alex Kraus, Jedd Stein, Oliver Lopez, Nicola Karavendzas, Kun Liu, Elise O'Donnell, Stav Modelevich, Mia Borowitz, Jack Middleton, Roisin Lyon, Jeffrey Chum, Isobel Stein-Fooks, Lachlan George, Joshua Sacks, Sarsha van Denderen, Yifan Yang, Harry Fletcher, Thanh Trung Tran, Phoebe Lock, Ella Smith, Sam Gorley, Will Sharp, Camille Meric, Jessica Salisbury, Ken Wong, Aliyah Mink, Remi van Denderen, Audrey Sguario, Kaitlin Foldvari, Mina Aziz, Natalie Skobtchenko, David Hantzopoulos, James Liao, Oscar Yuen, Patrick Mullane, Annissa Koletsas, Elle Angelopoulos, Kalia Torcasio, Caleb Gering, Talia Raman, Killian Ford and Samantha Toler.


Congratulations to all the staff and students involved in the Junior School Music Concert which was held last Thursday 6 December in the School Hall. The standard of music was exceptional.

The growth and development that has occurred in our student’s musical learning over a very short period of time is outstanding. I would like to particularly acknowledge the efforts of our very talented Music staff – their passion, commitment and dedication allows all students to thrive.


Thank you to all parents, grandparents and friends who attended to offer support and encouragement.


I hope all the children continue to enjoy their music and pursue their talents.


On Thursday 29 January, Ms Dickson, Ms Antal and I chaperoned twenty-two students and flew to Cannes and Nice, France to take part in the second stage of the French Exchange Program. After hosting their exchange partners earlier in the year, the students are very excited to live life in France, be part of a family and a school community. They will spend four weeks with their French families: two weeks of school and two weeks of holidays. During the school weeks, they will attend classes, help out with English lessons and go on excursions. Students will return on Sunday 23 December.  We look forward to hearing all about what they have learnt, shared and experienced.


We have had published a most impressive Year Book that truly captures the 2018 year.  It is a celebration of a tremendous year of activity and I thank all the staff and students who made it all possible.

The Thistle was produced by Mr Andrew Krause and Mr Adrian D’Ambra.  I thank them for putting together such a wonderful ‘keepsake’ with many memories captured for students, staff and parents.


I received a lovely letter of thanks from Monash Health Foundation thanking us very much for our incredible fundraising efforts on behalf of Monash Children’s Hospital and I quote: 


“On behalf of every child and family at Monash Children’s Hospital – thank you for your thoughtful and generous support.  Thank you so much, we are so grateful.”


They are so thankful for the generous support and hard work through the Run McK Relay event.


I received a message today from the Glen Eira Leisure Centre complementing our students on their behaviour.  The message is as follows:


“Hi James,

Thank you very much for your support and your students. They were great ambassadors for McKinnon Secondary and the quality of the young people you are educating.


They were the best group of inclusive support students that we have had attend the event and I am sure that they learnt some valuable life lessons from volunteering.


On a personal note you were fantastic volunteering to do jobs without even being asked from directing wheelchair traffic to carrying out gymnastic equipment. I really appreciate the effort you put in to the day.


Can you please pass on your principal’s email or forward this email, because I just want them to know what an incredible job you and the students did.

Thanks again.”


I would like to acknowledge Mr Bridges and the students involved for their wonderful attitude and for being great ambassadors for this community.


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all families the very best for the holiday season.  


Thank you for your kindness and support throughout the year.


I’d like to also thank the staff for their great work and the difference they have made and I look forward to the safe return of our entire school community in 2019.


Pitsa Binnion





We hope our Year 7 and 8 students enjoy the upcoming end of year activities arranged for them.  This is a great way for students and staff to celebrate the end of another busy year and spend time with each other building relationships.  A reminder that activities start at 9.30am each day and end at 2.30pm on Thursday and Friday this week.


Thistle yearbooks have now been distributed to all students.  If your child did not collect one they are available to be picked up from the General Office on Monday 17 December.


Rehearsals for our annual Presentation Night will be taking place on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 December. Students involved in these rehearsals have already been informed about when they are required at school. The final three days of the year (Wednesday 19 - Friday 21 December) are teacher professional development and planning days. As such, these final three days of the school year are student-free days.


Students should also ensure that any items they have borrowed from the Library or Technology Office now need to be returned.


All students need to retain their combination lock for their lockers. The lock must be taken home and brought with them on the first day of school in 2019.  A reminder to all students that the entire contents of their locker should be cleared out by Friday 14 December.  We need an opportunity to clean all the empty lockers so that they are ready for redistribution in 2019.


We thank all families for your support of our teachers and curriculum programs throughout 2018; we wish you all a safe and restful summer break, and look forward to working with you again in 2019.



Congratulations to Tristan Fuhrer and Sai Waller for their entry into this year's Science Talent Search. These students created a short documentary on the work of Dr Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh. The students' video explained how Dr Kalantar-Zadeh's innovative ingestible "gut gas" measuring capsule can improve the ease and accuracy of diagnosing disorders of the digestive system.


The boys video "Smart Pills: Emerging Digestible Technologies Offer a Wealth of Health Info", featured an interview with Dr Kalantar-Zadeh himself as well as an animation of how the capsule works. The school congratulates these students on this fantastic achievement.

Photo features from L to R


L. Science Talent Search 2018 Keynote Speaker Dr Seamus Delaney (Leader in Science Education at Deakin University), M. Sai Waller, R. Tristan Fuhrer


Merryn Walker




Over the past few weeks, we have been coding robots to navigate themselves around obstacles and mazes using very few codes. We were given instructions which we had to follow to make it do some specific things like draw a square or a triangle. Then we were also asked to make the robots go through a maze on which there were lots of obstacles. In the first week, we focused on doing the basic things like make it go forward and as time passed, we started making it draw some shapes and go through mazes. In the last week of Lego Mindstorms, there were laid out mazes in which there were obstacles like cones and tape.

Click here to see video.

The cones were some upright obstacles whereas the tape were laid down obstacles. We had to then code the robots to go to the finish line without touching the cones and the tape which was a little bit of a challenge. Everyone tried the most easiest route first. After that, we fiddled around with the sensors and tried to use them. The sensors allow the robot to know if there is any obstacle or anything in its way. Overall, the Lego Mindstorms activity was very fun and engaging. We all got to code the robot and make it do many cool things.


Prarthana Agarwal & Nadia Satyaputra

Year 7 Students



On Wednesday 5 December, all Year 7 German students participated in a German Folk Dancing lesson by arguably the best German Dancer in Australia. Rowan Classen appears regularly on TV shows such as The Today Show, The Living Room and The World Cup Show on SBS. He performs and teaches the popular type of dancing called `Schuhplattler´ or ‘slap dancing’ in English.

This dance originates in the Alpine regions and involves a high energy combination of stomping, clapping and striking the soles of your shoes, thighs and knees with flat hands. The students managed to master this dance in just one lesson. His method made it easy to learn and hard to forget! Everyone really enjoyed dancing and he was very impressed with the level of energy and enthusiasm of our students.


Frau Paal

German Teacher


It has been a big year in Year 9 German. Students have produced short films, spoken with native speakers, learnt a range of new grammatical concepts and as an end of year treat they made waffles. The catch: the recipe was entirely in German.

A skill that our students have learnt is to make sense of written texts, even when many of the words appear to be unfamiliar. Obviously, the stakes for a correct translation were very high given that our stomachs would suffer any misunderstandings. Their Waffeln were served with Nutella, Eis, Schokoladen Sauce und Marmalade. They were delicious, a testament to their German skills.


Giving our students authentic opportunities to use their language skills is a big part of our languages program at McKinnon. Our students certainly enjoyed the fruits of their labour.


Herr Kamener

German Teacher


On the Wednesday 5 December, the Year 9 French classes went on an exciting excursion to the Bergerac Restaurant in the city.  We were all very excited and nervous about the French meals we were about to eat. Of course, we knew we were going to eat snails (a.k.a escargot) and we were all doubting whether we would try it or not.


After a long journey to the station, we finally arrived and were seated in a formal manner and we patiently waited for our first meal. For entrée, we had a baguette with butter, then came everyone's most nerve-wracking meal - snails. Some of us ate it by itself, others ate it with bread and some didn't try it at all, some loved the snails, while others weren't such a fan of them. Afterward, we had the main meal which was either chicken and potato mash or steak and mash. Finally, we were served with dessert, which was either crème brûlée or a chocolate cake.


We all had an awesome time and were grateful for the amazing experience and cannot thank Madame Jimenez and Monsieur Casey for taking us and giving us the experience of eating snails and trying French foods. 


Jordyn Freeman

Year 9 Student


On Wednesday 5 December, a group of enthusiastic French students journeyed to Bergerac, a beautiful French restaurant located in the heart of the city. The calm weather made the usually exhausting train ride to the venue easy and stress free. After a long and exhausting walk in the city, we finally reached our destination and were delighted by an authentically stunning restaurant.

As we entered the restaurant, we rushed to our seats, ready to indulge a quintessential three course meal. Many of us were astonished as cooked snails were brought to us, and despite their unappealing appearance, they were delicious. The main course, which consisted of chicken or steak, potato mash and a complementing sauce, was appetizing and everyone was pleased. To finish of a wonderful meal, we devoured either a luscious chocolate tart or a classic crème brûlée. The kind waiters made us feel welcome as some even stopped by for a conversation, giving us a chance to put our French speaking to the test.


It was a lovely experience and a satisfactory end to the school year. We headed back to school filling up the trains with chatter and laughter as we were filled with delight from such a great meal. A huge thanks to the teachers who made this wonderful excursion possible.


Klaudija Zidonyte

Year 9 Student


Bonjour from France! We arrived in Nice on Friday 30 November and have been having a magnifique time ever since. Our group of 16 students and two staff members are joined by a group from Northcote High School who also have an exchange program with our sister school, the Centre International de Valbonne. Even more importantly, we are joined by Mrs Binnion who has travelled to France with us. She has enjoyed coming to the school and experiencing the program first hand.

The students were happy to reconnect with their exchange partners and to meet their host families. They are noticing many differences between French daily lives and what they are used to. The students are enjoying their nights and weekends with their host families. Many have been exploring the region (Cannes, Nice, Antibes etc) and others have gone as far as Paris, Lyon, Rome, skiing in the Alps and Barcelona during their weekends.


During the week, we have been going to the French school. The teachers there have put together a busy schedule with special lessons to improve understanding of French language and culture. They are also following their exchange partner to different classes. We have also been on several excursions already: the perfumeries of Grasse, the town hall and markets of Valbonne, old towns like Villefranche sur mer and even an afternoon in Monaco.


French school days are long with most students starting at 8am and finishing at either 5 or 6pm. There are lots of differences between the two systems and lots for our students to get used to (no uniform, long bus rides, no lockers, no chromebooks). It is quite tiring, the length of days and the constant listening to and speaking French. However, it is also a lot of fun. The students are making the most of the experience and learning so much already.


We leave France on Sunday 23 December and will enjoy every minute until then.


Ms Kellie Dickson

French Exchange Co-ordinator


The most famous song of all times ...


is a Christmas Carol. For 200 years, ´Silent Night, Holy Night´ - ´Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht´- ´Douce nuit, sainte nuit` has crossed borders and overcome crises. The song has been translated into over 300 languages and dialects and connects people no matter what their origin, age or religion is.


200 years ago, Joseph Mohr, a priest from Salzburg, who wrote the text, and Franz Xaver Gruber, a teacher who wrote the melody, performed this song for the first time at the St. Nikola Church in Oberndorf near Salzburg in 1818.

The original song had six verses, today only the first, second and sixth are sung anymore.


The Languages faculty would like to extend to the McKinnon community


Best wishes for a peaceful festive season and

a happy, healthy and successful new year!


Andrea Fowler

Head of Languages



On Wednesday 5 December, 13 Year 9 McKinnon students attended International Day of People with Disabilities hosted at GESAC in conjunction Marriott Services.

The students were involved in interacting with disabled people by playing and assisting with coaching in a wide variety of different sports. These included wheel chair AFL, netball, basketball, dancing, cricket, softball, wheelchair tennis, soccer and gymnastics. 


Congratulations to all the students who attended this event and making a difference and a special day.


James Bridges



On Sunday 25 November a group of Year 7 & 8 Female Triathletes competed in the 2XU Triathlon Series held at Elwood Beach. Waking up early the girls were up and ready to go for their 7:25am race start. With the swimming leg cancelled due to the rain, the girls had to complete a 750m run, 7 km bike ride and then a 1.2 km run. The girls had the opportunity to complete the course individually or in a team of three.

McKinnon were represented well with our best result coming from Monique Andjelic (Year 8) who finished with a speedy time of 29:19 placing 16th for her age group. Other times for the day included Stephanie Gould (Year 8) completing the course in great time of 33.31 and the team of Ruby Powell, Holly Langley and Rose McCallum (all Year 8) finishing with a super time of 33.43.


Well Done Girls!


Congratulations to all who competed as the first McKinnon Triathlon team. There are five other races over summer. If you are interested head to the 2XU Triathlon website.


Tim Blackwood



On Monday 26 November the Year 7 Boys Cricket Team travelled to Warragul to play in the State Quarter Final against Marist-Sion College. In a reduced 15 over a side match McKinnon batted first and made a total of 79 with Thivi Salwathura making 48 not out. McKinnon then bowled well and in turn restricted Marist-Sion to 60 advancing us to the State Finals to be played on Wednesday.

On Wednesday 28 November the boys ventured to Northcote to play in the State Semi-Final and Final. In the Semi-Final McKinnon came up against Bendigo South East. Batting first McKinnon amassed a total of 147 off our 20 overs with Lewis Sellenger the highlight making 73. We then bowled and were able to keep Bendigo to 103 off their 20 overs therefore advancing the boys to the State Final to be played against Maribyrnong. In the State Final we lost the toss and bowled first against the strong Maribyrnong side who were looking in good form early in their innings however some late wickets to us restricted them to a competitive score of 7/130. Coming out to bat the boys were confident until the loss of regular wickets stemmed the run flow and Maribyrnong were able to restrict us to 7/82.


Overall, the boys had a great year ultimately finishing as State Runners Up for 2018.


Well Done Boys!


Tim Oaten/Tim Blackwood



Congratulations to the Year 7 Girls Table Tennis team, consisting of Azumi Hosako, Alessia Frantzis, Valeria Camacho-Acevedo, Amy Wilkins and Casandra Joseph, for representing McKinnon Secondary College at the Table Tennis State Finals that were held on Wednesday 21 November at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

In the round robin pool stage, the girls beat Mary MacKillop Leongatha six rubbers to nil in the first round. They then won their second round contest against Mercy Regional College 4-2, before losing to eventual state runners up Balwyn High School 1-5 in the third round. This placed the girls second in their pool and set up a semi-final showdown against eventual state champions Girton Grammar which they lost 0-6. The girls place equal 3rd in the state and should be very proud of their efforts.


Deon Weingarten



The following Year 8 Boys Haruku Nishikawa, Kevin Feng, Zong Yu Li, Aaron Zachariah, Shuangming Guo and Andrew Seamer represented McKinnon in the State Final that was held on 30 November at MSAC.


In the preliminary rounds they defeated Wonthaggi Secondary College and Mercy Regional College Camperdown winning both six matches to nil.


They were defeated by a strong Mount Waverley Secondary College (last year’s State Champions) five matches to one.


This placed the boys in the Semi-Final against Sirius College (last year’s Runners Up).


They won four matches to two in which some of the matches were very close.


The win placed the boys in the Final against Mount Waverley.


They lost four matches to nil, however, most of the matches were very close compared to the previous round.

Congratulations to these boys for being Runners-Up in the State.



The following Year 7 Boys Kanato Sato, Kar Wei Kwong, Ashton Eikelis, Ryan Kaminsky and Shuban Balamurugan also represented McKinnon in the State Final.


In the first preliminary round they were defeated by Wonthaggi Secondary College four matches to two.


In the second preliminary round they defeated Mercy Regional College Camperdown winning six matches to nil.


In the third preliminary round they were just defeated by Glen Waverley Secondary College.


It was three matches all so it came down to games where the boys lost 12 games to 11 games.

Congratulations to these boys for being fifth in the State.


Ray Braniska and Deon Weingarten









On Tuesday 4 December, three voice students went to Malvern East Arcare to perform solos, duets and carols with the residents. Chloe James sang a Baroque Italian aria and you could have heard a pin drop. This was followed by jazz numbers, some great pop tunes by James Vassiliou and Grace James singing and acting her mechanical 'Doll on a Music Box' from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The girls sang Irving Berlin's 'Sisters' and the Everly Brothers classic, Bye Bye Love in harmony with Chloe accompanying on guitar. We finished with a carol singing session with everyone - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer being the favourite!


This was followed by a high tea and some discussion with the residents who all enjoyed the performance hugely!



The Senior Singers performed various items from their repertoire at this luncheon held at the Woodlands Golf Club in Mordialloc on Thursday 5 December. They managed to sing unaccompanied several songs as well as carols with the audience in four-part harmony. Their musicianship was brilliant with some of the students (namely Eriks Stepanuks, William and James Hardy) singing the keyboard accompaniment parts at times! Former McKinnon teacher, Ms Marilyn Hubbard is on the committee and presented us with a cheque to go towards the 2019 Tour with singers, orchestra and stage band.


Ms Blanka West

Vocal Teacher


Congratulations to all the students from the Junior and Intermediate ensembles who performed in a stellar concert on Thursday 6 December in the School Hall. It was fantastic to hear the standard that had been achieved over the year from all the ensembles. Thank you to all those who were in the audience for your ongoing support. Thank you also to all the music teachers who assisted the students in achieving such a high level.


Congratulations to the Year 8 Band who performed brilliantly at the Junior School assembly on Friday 7 December. It was a fitting final performance for the year! Congratulations also to Grace James (Year 9) for singing the national anthem at the start of the assembly, and thank you to Mr Kurowski for accompanying her.


Congratulations to Naomi Krichelli (Year 10) who performed the national anthem at the opening ceremony for the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup on Sunday 9 December at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. It was a fantastic opportunity and your performance was well regarded.


Congratulations to the Intermediate Stage Band who performed at the Parent Information Night (Monday 10 December) and to the new Year 7 students (Tuesday 11 December).  The standard of performance was very high and your representation of the school was outstanding. Thank you to Mr Martin West for his ongoing development of this ensemble.


Congratulations to the singers and string students who performed an evening concert at Claremont Terrace aged facility on Monday 10 December. The students and parents joined the residents in celebrating the holiday festive season with a fabulous concert and carols singing session. Thank you to Ms Blanka West and Mr Stuart Cook for your attendance at the evening and to Ms Clare Bugeja for her organisation of the evening.


Congratulations to the Senior Stage Band, the Intermediate Stage Band and the Senior and Tour singers who performed to a very appreciative audience at Mentone RSL on Tuesday 11 December. This was a fundraiser for the upcoming overseas tour next year. Thank you to all those who attended, and to Mr Dmitry Serebrianik, Mr Martin West and Ms Blanka West for their organisation and development of these ensembles.


Megan Papworth

Head of Music



All books borrowed this year will be due back at the start of the school year 2019. Students are encouraged to borrow lots of reading books for the holidays as well as study aid books to help with holiday homework. The library catalogue, Oliver, is available online and tells you what books are available. If the book you want is out on loan, no worries, it can be reserved.  When it is returned you will be notified to come and collect it.


While on the library catalogue take the time to have a look at the TV programs available via Enhance TV.  All programs have had the ads removed, including the movies.


World book online is also worth looking at as it regularly adds new articles, services, etc. Students studying Spanish can use the online Spanish version of the encyclopaedia in either primary, secondary or advanced versions. One of the most interesting new features is the time line. Choose your country, theme, etc and see history presented in a time line.


Mortal Engines. ... Mortal Engines is the first of four novels in Philip Reeve's quartet of the same name. The book focuses on a futuristic, steampunk version of London, now a giant machine striving to survive on a world running out of resources. It is also an upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure film directed by Christian Rivers and with the screenplay written by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens and Peter Jackson. Students who have read the books have commented on how good they are. Earlier on this year the classic science fiction novel “A wrinkle in time” was made into a film. A lot of films are based on novels.  Search the catalogue under the subject “Motion pictures – Fiction” to bring up a list of the novels in the library that have been made into films.  


Click here to view the official trailer



Nomophobia: the fear of not having your phone on you (Cambridge dictionary word of the year 2018).  With the implementation of the school’s new mobile phone policy I guess a few students may be suffering….


The Oxford Word of the Year 2018 is… toxic.  Perhaps students are using this word to describe our new policy?  In 2018, toxic added many strings to its poisoned bow becoming an intoxicating descriptor for the year’s most talked about topics.  

The top 10 “toxic’ collocates in 2018 were Chemical, Masculinity, Substance, Gas, Environment, Relationship, Culture, Waste, Alga & Air.  


After countless hours reviewing hundreds of entries, Oxford University Press Australia and New Zealand has announced its 2018 Children’s Word of the Year: Creativity.


The library has excellent dictionaries. English language ones are located at 423. Subject dictionaries are found at the subject number. Search the catalogue under subject with the term “dictionary” to bring up a list of the wide range of dictionaries available in the library (around about 176 different dictionaries!).


Give your child the gift of reading for pleasure!


Ask your son / daughter what book they are reading and discuss it with them.  If they are not reading a book ask them why.


From all the Library staff have a joyous fun filled Christmas holiday break with your family!  See you in 2019!


Russell Absalom

Library Resources Manager



Office hours are:                        8:15am - 4:30pm

Telephone:                                                8520 9000


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am. Please email the Attendance Officers Alison Pollock/Joanne Robinson ( or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 


A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8:30am. A locker bell rings at 8:35am and class begins punctually at 8:50am. If your child is late for any reason, please notify the school by phone 8520 9050, email or by writing a note in the student's diary explaining the reason. 


If no explanation has been received students are given a pass to class and an after school detention for the following day.


Please ensure that if your child is leaving early or arriving late for any reason that a note needs to be written in the diary so that the teachers are aware too.


If your student needs to leave school early for any reason, please write a note in their diary explaining the reason. Teachers will not allow any student to leave their class unless there is authorisation.


We appreciate your support in this. If you have any questions please call Alison/Joanne on 8520 9050.


Families are now able to order and purchase uniforms online. Ordered items can be collected from the Uniform Shop. Please allow three working days for pick-up. Please click on the attached link to order uniforms:

Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151



For years 9 - 12 only there are a limited number of old style track pants and old style kea jackets being sold at reduced prices.

Track pants $21.00

Jackets          $42.00

Only available for purchase from the shop.



December 2018

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Tuesday 22 Jan                  11.00am – 3.00pm

Wednesday 23 Jan           11.00am – 3.00pm

Thursday 24 Jan                11.00am – 3.00pm

Friday 25 Jan                      11.00am – 3.00pm

Saturday 26 Jan                  9.30am – 12.00noon

Tuesday 29 Jan                  11.00am – 3.00pm

Wednesday 30 Jan           11.00am – 3.00pm


Friday 1 Feb – normal trading hours


Seniors resume 30 January 2019

Juniors resume 31 January 2019


Tuesdays                                      8:15am - 12 noon

Fridays                                        12:30pm - 4:00pm

1st Saturday every month    9:30am - 12 noon


Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.


USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person. If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.



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