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16 August 2018
Issue Twenty-four
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Associate Principal, Operations Report

Learmonth House led the Service on Wednesday and challenged us to consider opportunities rather than limitations.  We were presented with the image of a disabled man who spoke of falling down one hundred times and getting up again each time – and being willing to continue rising after each further fall.  Surely, every one of us present found him inspirational and the message from Learmonth was that we need to emulate him in our own fields of endeavour: to not give up because things are hard; to chase our dreams; to try and try again; to give our best.  It was a good message and all Year 11 members of the House contributed to the Service, each speaking and leaving us with something to contemplate.


Thank you, Learmonthians!


Neil MacLean

Deputy Principal, Senior Years and Wellbeing

Monday 20th August - Friday 24th August

During the week beginning Monday 20th August the SRC has once again organised “Wellness Week”. Each lunchtime throughout this week activities will run to encourage students to think about their mental health and to encourage positive engagement between students of all year levels.

The week will conclude with College Has Got Talent on Friday 24th August at 7:00pm in the Kantor Family Music and Performing Arts Centre. A fun night of entertainment with the winner choosing a charity of their choice to send all proceeds. We are very keen for a few parent acts this year and actively invite any parents to enter this great contest. The staff act once again promises to be a real highlight!

Tickets will be available from the SRC or from the front office.

Students and Concession $10.00 and Adults $15.00


  • Bobs and Statues and Musical Chairs in the Middle Years Centre
  • Fairy Bread
  • Egg and spoon races
  • Library Activities
  • Whole School Conga Line starting from the front of the tower building
  • Mentor Group kindness notes.
  • Dodgeball in the sports centre
  • Photo Competition running all week.



  • Library Activities will be running all week
  • Meditation with Mrs Winter Cooke in the Da Vinci Room
  • Bake Sale
  • Minecraft
  • Board Games including Twister in the Da Vinci Room
  • Girls’ House Basketball



  • Junior Disco in the Simons Auditorium 
  • Library Activities
  • Girls’ House Basketball
  • Wellness Week Assembly
  • Footy in the bin competition
  • Yoga



  • Random Acts of kindness balloons
  • Senior Years Dance off in the Simons Auditorium
  • Boarders’ Activity – Mr Smith
  • House Basketball
  • Mentor Open Notes
  • Library Activities



  • Whole school BBQ (gold coin donation)
  • House Art Competition
  • Learmonth Band (MYPEC)
  • Year 12 vs Teachers Netball

Kristen Waldron

Myrniong - Early Learning and Primary

AMEB Assessments and Results

In the coming weeks, a number of Junior School students will sit AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) assessments. We wish them luck and look forward to hearing their results. Congratulations to Andrew Sun and Lachlan Reid who both recently received  A+ results for their respective violin and cello exams. A+ equates to a High Distinction. In addition to satisfying the requirements for an A grading, the boys demonstrated outstanding achievement in meeting the syllabus objectives in all sections, including performance flair, consistent technical fluency and penetrating stylistic insight. A wonderful effort- well done!

Year 3 and 4 IPSHA Choral Festival

On Wednesday evening, the Hamilton and Alexandra College Year 3 and 4 classes performed at the Melbourne Town Hall as part of the biennial IPSHA (Independent Primary School Heads of Australia) Choral Festival. Under the direction of Mrs Anne Kristin Christie and Mr Ben Hiscock, the students sang ‘Baby Koala Lullaby’ and ‘The Cat Came Back’. Later in the evening, they joined 600 plus students on stage to perform ‘Let’s Sing’. The evening was a wonderful celebration of choral music. On Tuesday, the students visited St Catherine’s in Toorak where they rehearsed and sang with the Year 3 and 4 girls’ choir.

Book Week

Next Friday, August 24th, ‘Book Week’ will be celebrated at the Junior School with the annual ‘Dress Up’ day. Students and staff are invited to dress up as their favourite literary characters. A parade will be held at 12.20 pm and ‘Best Dressed’ prizes awarded in each class. Parents are most welcome to join us.

Farmer Relief

‘Empathy’-one of our College values, was beautifully demonstrated last week by the Rouse family. After a trip to Coonabarabran in the last holidays, where the witnessed first-hand the plight of farmers in western New South Wales,  Sophie and Lucas Rouse returned with the idea of a bake sale to raise much needed funds to assist struggling farmers. Last Thursday they raised in excess of $500.00- a fabulous effort. Special thanks to Louise Rouse for her spectacular baking.

Division 4 Hockey

College Bandicoots defeated Coleraine 4-1 in a ‘top of the table’ clash. Bandicoots attacked throughout and were rewarded with some excellent team goals. Best players on the day were goalie Gabe Marshall, Will Merrin and Izzi Adamson.


College Numbats defeated a gallant College Tassie Devils 3-1. The sides were locked at 0-0 at half time after a pulsating first 30 minutes. Numbats were best served by Jack Austin, Sybil Fleetwood and Natalie Featherston, whilst Phoebe Russell, Harley Milich and Ben Potter starred for Tassie Devils.


College Drop Bears drew with Monivae 2-2 at a cold and windy Pedrina Park. Drop Bears led 2-0 but let their opposition back into the match. Jake Butcher played strongly up front, and was well supported by Angus Dohle and Charlotte Rowe. Emily Ash played strongly in goals and made several crucial saves.

Stephen Nelson

Head of Junior School

Middle Years 

Last week this article came through to me and I thought it contained excellent advice for parents. I think the last paragraph sums teenagers up beautifully.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg’s book Surviving Adolescents has just been updated, with adolescent health expert Elly Robinson.  In this interview, Elly Robinson reflected on the challenges teenagers are facing and what parents can do to help.

Can you talk about the motivation for writing a new edition of Surviving Adolescents? How have things changed in the 10 years since it was first released?

Young people have fallen off the political agenda now for several years.

  • There’s no doubt that a focus on the early childhood years is critically important for positive outcomes, but adolescence is the second riskiest period of growth and we’re failing our young people at present. This is most acutely reflected in high rates of mental health problems, growing stress and anxiety.
  • It seems more important than ever to ensure that parents and carers and those who work with young people have the skills, knowledge and strategies to provide this generation of young people with the love, stability, routine and predictability they need.

Why is teenagers’ mental health declining?

  • Teenagers are swamped with social media and advertising images that are unrealistic and unachievable. Just when a young person’s identity and sense of self is most fragile, they face more judgement and rejection than ever, thanks to the digital social media colosseums in which they engage.
  • We know that school and family stressors contribute to problems as well, with factors such as unemployment and family breakdown playing a role. One study has shown that Year 12 is particularly stressful, with almost half reporting a level of anxiety that is high enough to be clinically concerning.
  • We need to change the cultural narrative around teenagers. The fact that teenagers don’t enjoy a public profile doesn’t help – they have a reputation for being self-absorbed, irresponsible and materialistic. It’s a perception that is unfair, wrong and exceptionally annoying to young people.

Are parents struggling to cope with this new environment?

  • Parenting teenagers has always required a new bag of tricks. But the current environment, especially with the 24/7 advent of technology, makes it all the harder. A study of parents showed they were more likely to feel that they were more often critical of their teenagers than their younger children. This is not surprising – of all the events that occur in a family’s lifecycle, adolescence is the most likely to test the flexibility, tolerance and relevance of past parenting practices.
  • The good news is we understand a whole lot more about adolescent development than in the past, and we can use this to our advantage to parent and work with teenagers.
  • Understanding the developmental psychology of adolescence, the stages of adolescence, how the teen brain develops and works, managing risk factors and promoting resilience, negotiating effectively and communicating well are all learned skills that parents, carers and professionals can utilise. There’s plenty of help at hand online for parents of teenagers, for example, the Raising Children Network and the Healthy Families website, run by beyondblue.

What are the signs of stress that parents can look out for?

  • It is an age-old adage that mood swings and irritability are a normal part of being a teenager. To some extent this is true, but generalised ideas about teens are not helpful to parents and carers when they are trying to identify when to worry.
  • If your teenager is showing signs of low mood, is upset or crying and is irritable on a consistent basis for two weeks or more, it’s worth having a chat to your GP as these might be signs of depression.
  • Other signs are when a teenager is less engaged with the things he/she used to love, spends less time than normal with friends or is not really ‘there’ at family events or activities. It’s difficult to start the conversation with your teenager if you think there may be something amiss. A good way to do this is to think about location. Some teens will engage if they are active and mobile, so ditch the intense dinner time conversation and go to the park to kick a ball around. A car drive is also a good strategy; your child is captive and they don’t have to make uncomfortable eye contact. Make sure you are doing less talking and more listening, and be your teenager’s biggest fan. Listen to what they have to say, what is troubling them and resist jumping to conclusions or advice.

What advice for parents do you have to help build resilience in teenagers?

  • We know that teenagers who have an adult mentor or role model in their lives are more likely to think twice before doing anything that might damage that connection. A significant other adult in your child’s life, whether it be a teacher, sports coach or a parent’s friend, can provide a sounding board for a teenager to talk about their lives at times when they may not feel they can share things with a parent.
  • It’s also really important to engage your teenager in activities that they can develop skills and confidence in. Providing them with a succession of structured activities that they are good at and enjoy, whether it’s a sport, drama, art or music, helps to build competence and confidence. It allows them to take healthy risks and mix with peers who have similar interests and offers routine among the usual chaos of teenage life.
  • Extra curricular activities will often give your teenager something to do after school, and this is important when we know that risk-taking is actually highest in the hours between the end of school and when a parent gets home from work.
  • It’s also good to talk to your teenager about the value of positive self-talk. What we think is how we feel, and resilient teens talk encouragingly to themselves.

Lastly, keep in mind that many teenagers look like they’re physically ready for anything, but they’re not cognitively or emotionally well-developed yet. While your teenager is a work-in-progress, parents and carers need to keep setting boundaries, enable routine and predictability in the background and be there when things inevitably fall apart.

Julia Winter Cooke


I thoroughly enjoyed The Wizard of Oz and thought the boarders gave spectacular performances. Alannah Sander (The Wicked Witch of the West), Grace Austin (Aunt Em) and Alyssa Hocking all had lead roles and stole the show. It was great to see Annabel Hetherington supporting so well as part of the chorus and all the amazing work from Billie Smitheram (makeup), Anna Spaull (makeup), Marcus Chu (Assistant Tech Director) and Tim Gilling (lighting).


16 members of the Boarders’ Bushwalking Club had a leisurely walk up to Pinnacle Lookout at Halls Gap on Sunday. Amy Steer was chief navigator and only got the bus lost on two occasions on the way there. Toby led the expedition to the lookout and the view was amazing once we got there. It was a really enjoyable day with a lovely group of young people and many of us even saw kangaroos in the wild for the first time.


We held our Formal Dinner on Monday night and I believe it was a huge success. Boarders dressed in full school uniform and blazer and a seating plan was used to mix up where everyone sat. Tables were set, including bread plates, with jugs of punch and glasses on the table. A manners and etiquette guide was provided on each table to highlight some things to consider during the meal. Most points were not new to the boarders but we thought it important to reinforce the messages they no doubt receive whilst at home. Alexa Balog, Lucy Roberts, Tom Hinddaugh, Zac Pringle, Phoebe Russell and Isaac Hocking did an amazing job as waiters and selflessly served the rest of the boarders their main meal and dessert. Sky Zhang gave us a performance on his acoustic guitar and we were delighted to have Graham Lewis speak to us about his time at College from Kindergarten through to Year 12. This was made even more special considering his close relationship with many of the Harrow/Balmoral boarders. It was a wonderful night and we look forward to more in the future.


A huge thank you to Gabbi Bensch for all her hard work and organisation, Gail for stepping into the kitchen and giving a helping hand, and Leonie for her help in setting up. Thanks also to our waiters and students who helped set tables, with a special mention to Anna Spaull who not only prepared tables but helped in the kitchen all night. Please see below for the manners and etiquette that were outlined on the night.


  • Pay attention to dress codes. If in doubt, it is better to overdress than underdress.
  • Make sure you have met everyone on your table and know their names.
  • Phones should not be used at the table and should be on silent.
  • Place your napkin on your lap.
  • If someone arrives late and you are already sitting down, you should stand to greet them.
  • Wait until everyone on your table is served before starting your meal.
  • Your bread plate is on your left and your glass is on your right.
  • Use the ‘outside-in’ rule with cutlery.
  • Do not place your elbows on the table and sit up straight.
  • Politely ask for items to be passed to you and say thank you. Do not reach across others.
  • Offer to pour drinks or to pass items to others.
  • Chew with your mouth closed and do not speak with food in your mouth.
  • Try to include everyone in conversation.
  • If possible, it is polite to speak in a language that all people at the table understand so that no one feels excluded from conversation.
  • When finished eating, place your knife and fork together on your plate.
  • Excuse yourself if you must leave the table.
  • Wait for everyone to be finished before clearing dishes or leaving the table.
  • Listen attentively and respectfully to any speakers.


This Sunday we will have some students joining us for a boarding trial. This is always exciting but even more so when it includes younger siblings. We look forward to welcoming Lucy Steer and Jake Andersen and I know Amy and Chloe, as well as the rest of the boarding family, will ensure they have a lovely stay.


Learmonth House is unable to win anything but they can hold a great House Service. I enjoyed seeing Nikita Cavill, Lauren Richards, Jeremy Cheung, Bonnie Zhang, Alice Yan and Woody Kong present on stage.


This weekend we are looking to take a bus to the Melbourne University Open Day and will use any leftover seats for people who would like to go to the city for the day.

Alex Smith



Congratulations to Jack Sharp who won the Hamilton Kangaroos Junior Football Association U 16 Best and fairest and Jack Austin who was runner up B and F in the U 13 division last Sunday at the vote count. We also had Nick Gunn, Connor Hunter and Hamish Cameron finishing in the top 5.

Last Sunday saw the HKJFA semi-finals held at a wet and muddy Pedrina Park. The Under 13 boys unfortunately could not match the very strong St Mary’s side in the conditions but they hopefully can defeat St. Andrew’s this coming Sunday at Coleraine at 1pm in the Preliminary Final and have another crack at them in the Grand Final. Better players included Izack Mayfield, Jack Austin and Max Hausler.

The Under 16 side has continued their undefeated season and won a hard-fought game against St. Andrew’s to progress through to the Grand Final. The heavy conditions made it a real slog for both teams but after a slow start the team managed to work harder than the opposition through to the final siren. Better players were Jack Sharp, Nick Gunn, Toby Barrie, Zac Cunningham, Tom Hirst and Jake McKenzie.

The Grand Finals will be played at Melville Oval on Friday 24th August under lights with the Under 13’s at 5.30 and the Under 16’s at 7pm. Our club presentation night is being held at Alexandra House on Sunday 26th August beginning at 6pm. Players are free of charge and adults are $20 for a 2-course meal. Drinks are at bar prices. It would be great to see everyone there to celebrate another fantastic season of junior football.

Leigh Alexander

Head of Football

Hockey Draw - Round 14

Division 1 Men – 17/8

College v Monivae – 7.30pm @ Pedrina Park

Division 2 Men – 18/8

College Blue v Coleraine Demons – 9.00am @ Pedrina Park

College Gold v Monivae – 10.30pm @ Pedrina Park

Division 4 – 18/8

College Numbats v  Monivae – 12.00pm @ College

College Bandicoots v  Demons – 1.10pm @ Pedrina Park

College Tassie Devils v Dunkeld – 1.20pm @ College

College Drop Bears v Coleraine – 2.30pm @ Pedrina Park

Division 1 Women

College Strikers v College Thundersticks (played game during the week)

Division 2 Women – 19/8

College Scorchers v Demons – 12.00pm @ Pedrina Park

Girls' Hockey

A Grade Thundersticks

In torrential rain last Friday night, the Thundersticks defeated Dunkeld 2-0.  The Thundersticks had incentive to win this one with our beloved GAP Student Beth playing her final game before travelling home. In a relatively even first half, Beth was able to break the deadlock with a cracking goal from the top of the D. The girls really lifted their intensity in the second half and, with the forward line finding space, Beth was able to find the back of the net for the second time. Emily Ash, Mrs Nichols and Charlotte Boyd-Walsh were impenetrable on the backline and managed to hold out a flurry of Dunkeld attacks in the final minutes.

Better Players: Phoebe Sweeney, Hannah Nichols, Charlotte Boyd-Walsh, Emily Ash and Mrs Belinda Nichols.

A Grade Strikers

Despite being down a number of key players, the Strikers kept their unbeaten record intact defeating Monivae 1-0. Many of the young guns for the Strikers stepped up and certainly showed the future of College hockey is in very good hands. Ruby Cush and Isabelle Musson did not stop working all game and captain Erin Powell played one of her best matches of the season. Maddi Mutch and Shayleigh Ingelse were instrumental on the forward line. The Strikers should be particularly proud of this win.

B Grade

The showdown between College Blades and Scorchers lived up to expectation with an entertaining and high standard game. The Scorchers, however, were once again too strong defeating a valiant Blades 3-0. Millie Dopheide continues to grow in confidence as the fill in goalie but I don’t think she plans on making this a career move. Amy Boland was on fire in front of goals for the Scorchers: what a shame she waited so long to take up the game! Better players for the Blades were Bridget Delany, Rosie Dopheide and Jordy Brown and for the Scorchers Lucy Roberts, Emily Crawford, Amy Boland and Phoebe Russell were all dominant.

Kristen Waldron

Boys' Hockey

The two Division Two (Under 16 boys’ with variations) teams recorded wins last week but each faced much-improved opponents and both sides had to work to achieve success.  Not a bad thing!


Blue’s final score was 8-2 over Monivae and there were many moments of fine team play as the boys spread the ball and passed to team-mates on the move.  Ferg Roberts scored his fiftieth goal for the season at this level and that goal was a trademark Roberts goal.  Well done, Ferg - although I thought the best goal of the hat-trick he scored was the first, from a short corner interchange with Euan Sutherland.  Euan and Eren Zehir provided much run in the mid-field and Owen Priestley was effective and calm in defence. 


Gold defeated Demons 4-2 and were under considerable pressure at times.  Goalie Gabe Marshall made a superb save late in the game and showed he is adjusting well to the quicker pace of this level.  Harry Mould and Tyler Butcher worked hard in defence and set up several attacking moves with intelligent passes.  Jock Adamson clearly had not showered that morning – no defender would go near him! – and the Austin boys were also effective workers up forward, although Harry needs to learn to pick on people his own size (opposition goalies are large and well padded)!


On Sunday, the Open team played Bulls.  We began well with some open play leading to a great move where Ferg Roberts fed James Sutherland who swept the ball into the net.  Perhaps we relaxed our pressure; perhaps our opponents increased their work-rate; perhaps it was a combination of both … but we struggled for composure on the ball, became rushed and stopped running into space.  Bulls put five goals past Marcus Munro in goals – and yet Marcus made some superb saves and could not be faulted for those that eluded him.  We have work to do as the finals approach!

Neil MacLean

Hockey Gear

Annie from Just Hockey will be at hockey training next Wednesday 22nd August from 3.30-5.00pm.  If anyone is wanting hockey gear Annie will have this available at the College.


Netball for Term 4 is now open for registrations.  We will need to start organising teams very soon, so I would like to pass on general information for parents.  The dates for the season are 13th October until the 8th December.  There is an intended bye the weekend of the Christmas Expo. 

If VNA is already paid, the season will cost $50.  The VNA insurance fee is $53 for Juniors and $73 for seniors if it has not already been paid this season. (If players have played in Term 1 or at club level during the year VNA will already have been paid).  Payments must be paid through the online portal and cannot be put on school accounts.

There is an 18 and under / Open division, so if parents want to get together and put in a team independently, they are welcome.  Details for entry are available on the Hamilton Netball Association Facebook page or I can email you an entry form.

It would be terrific to get as many girls as possible playing and supporting our local competition.  To enter we must have coaches, umpires and managers, so please let me know if you are available to help in any capacity.  Teams can not be entered without parent assistance.

For more information, or any queries, please contact me: [email protected]

Jody Ogle

Head of Netball

Tennis Academy


School Information

Tuckshop - Specials for the Week

Monday 20th August – Beef Burger

Tuesday 21st – Baked Potato

Wednesday 22nd – Tuna Mornay & Rice

Thursday 23rd – Mexican Beef & Rice

Friday 24th – Crispy Chicken Wrap

Roster for the Week

Monday 20th August – ?

Tuesday 21st – Anthea Sutherland

Wednesday 22nd - ?

Thursday 23rd – Anthea Sutherland

Friday 24th - ?

Riana Beardsall

Dates to Remember 

Thursday 23 August

Open Morning, 9.00am

Friday 24 August

College Has Got Talent, 7.00pm

Wednesday 29 August

Year 9 & 10 (2019) Information Night

Monday 3 September

Junior School Fathers' Day Bbq, 8.15am - 9.30am

Saturday 15 September

Hockey Dinner

Monday 17 September

Grandparents' Day at Myrniong

Friday 21 September

Term ends - early dismissal


Careers Newsletters

Louise Manifold

Parents and Friends

The great thing about having such a wonderful group of parents at the school is that there are always people who come up with fundraising ideas or help out when called upon.  With this in mind I would like to thank the ever dependable Egg Dopheide for suggesting, organising and co-ordinating a wonderful film night in July.   I would also like to thank Jenny Watt who I asked to help with the Sheepvention raffle this year.  Jenny took on the job with a smile and her usual calm attitude resulting in another great raffle.


Christmas Cakes

Please put the following dates in your diaries for our annual Christmas Cake fundraiser.   It is only with lots of volunteers to help over the duration of the cake weigh, make and bake that we can continue this wonderful tradition.  Times and locations to follow.


Weighing and mixing day - Monday 17 September

Cake making days - Tuesday 9 - Friday 12 October

Wrapping day - Saturday 13 October


Please contact Fi at Senior School to put your name on the roster.


Thanks in advance for all your support and help.  It’s a great way to meet fellow parents and friends.

Jane Evans

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