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07 September 2018
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Principal's Report

Term 3 is always a busy term and this year that has definitely been the case. 

It is, in effect, the last term for the Year 12 students and the frenetic pace of finishing the coursework and preparing for the VCAA exams continues throughout the term.  For the other year levels, there is a focus on subject selection for next year.  Meanwhile, the day to day business of the school continues; classes, interschool sport, clubs, celebrations and musical performances, are all part of the life at SCHS.


This is also the term when we stage the school musical.  This is a major production for the school, and once again, the staff and students have outdone themselves.  Last year the school produced a musical centred on rebellious teenagers; this year the musical was also about rebellion!  We Will Rock You, often abbreviated to WWRY, is set in a future world where everyone thinks, acts and dresses the same, and where music is forbidden, especially rock music.  Every musical has a story and a message, and I appreciate that this story is about ensuring that there is diversity and, more importantly, music.

This year marks the third musical production for the school.  As I have oft stated, our school is more than just academics.  Providing opportunities in the arts is essential to the development of both the individual and a whole school culture. And this year we were able to celebrate this musical culture through the songs of Queen.


From the beginning our staff and students have demonstrated that they know how to produce a great show; and this year was no different. I would like to thank the Director, Ms Helena Moore, for her unwavering dedication, and to all the staff who give of their time to ensure the success of the production. The students should also be congratulated, especially the Year 12s, whether they were the performers, the band or the stage crew.


This year we invited local primary schools to a Wednesday matinee.  With some 200 primary school students, and students from Warringa Park SDS, it was a wonderful way for the cast and crew to start their performances. The show was an outstanding success.


Last term we started the process of a leadership review for the school.  This term we have advertised and filled the new positions for 2019.  The main change will be to the structure of the school.  The fundamentals of the leadership structure of the school continue to be sound.  The result of the review in 2015 was that there were essentially two parts to the leadership structure; a teaching & learning part and a wellbeing & engagement part.  When we fundamentally changed the leadership structure of wellbeing & engagement in 2015, it was the first step in providing more effective leadership of student management, student wellbeing and student engagement. I believe it has been a success with the sub-school system working effectively and the engagement of the students also increasing and being more meaningful.


In terms of student wellbeing & engagement, the structure is a mixture of horizontal and vertical.  In a wellbeing structure, a school would normally have either a purely horizontal structure, that is year levels, or a vertical structure, that is groupings based on students from multiple year levels.  Interestingly, SCHS has a hybrid structure where the wellbeing system is semi horizontal and semi vertical; a wellbeing leader looks after Home Group (HG) from two year levels. And the HG are based on the houses.  In addition to this wellbeing system, our major vehicle for engagement is the House system, which is entirely vertical.  The co-curricular program is also entirely vertical.


The House system at SCHS has grown significantly in the past three years.  Student, and staff, ‘buy in’ has increased significantly and association with the house is much stronger.  The student feedback spoke in favour of the house system.  The change in attitude to the house chorals is a perfect example of that positive change that has occurred.  One of the other significant changes has been the level of student leadership.  Student agency and voice in the whole school program is vital and the vertical structures of the houses, and the co-curricular program, more readily allows for high level student leadership and input.


Over the last two years we have modified the tutorial program.  The positive aims of the tutorial program need to be maintained; however, we should also look at not only what, but how we deliver this program.  If we maintain a fundamentally horizontal structure, then the tutorial program will likewise be horizontal.  There is an argument though that components of the program should be delivered to all year levels.  The difference between a 14 and an 18-year-old is not that that significant in many respects.


We are combining both the house structure and the wellbeing structure.  In simple terms, the House becomes the sub-school and looks after all wellbeing issues for the students in that house, as well as also continuing the house program.  The HG would then be vertical; in effect a HG would consist of 6-7 students from each year level.  One of the key improvement strategies in the School Strategic Plan is to “improve the connections between the house and wellbeing programs” and that “staff wellbeing teams based on the house structure will be embedded in the school” and that “student wellbeing will be enhanced through increased participation in the house program.”  The SSP requires that we consider how to achieve these goals.


The reasons for the vertical structure are many, but the main ones are that HG equates to a ‘family unit’; it helps build house spirit and pride; it builds stronger connections across year levels and provides more opportunities for meaningful mentoring; working with diiferent age levels prepares them for the adult world; and, it will improve transition into the school and across year levels.


We have started the process of transitioning the school to the new structure.  All students, both current and incoming, have an opportunity to nominate who they would like to be with in a HG.  The staff will then create the new HG informed by these student requests.  The new vertical sub-school structure will be in place in time for transition in late Term 4.


Another major outcome of the change will be to the daily structure and the tutorial program.  The tutorial program is highly valued; however, we also recognise that there needs to be changes.  Following education best practice, we will move the HG time from the beginning of the day to after Period 2 (and before recess) and extend the time from eight (8) minutes to 18-20 minutes.  There will be one less tutorial period per cycle and therefore the school day will finish ‘early’ on Wednesday of Week B.  We will send more detailed information via Compass next term.  If you’re interested in reading some of the literature pertaining to vertical systems, I have uploaded some reading on Compass under Community/School Documentation.


With the change to the structure we have also revisited the student leadership structure.  The structure has not changed significantly; however, we have aligned the SRC to the Houses and also added some additional whole school leadership positions.  These include, Sport Captains, Music Captains and Citizenship Captains. The new system will be explained to students and applications will be called for before the end of Term 3.


The final week of this term will see the entire school undertake examinations; trial exams for the Unit 3&4 subjects and standard exams for the other subject levels.  This is a good chance to remind that the exams for Year 9-11 are just another assessment task and not the final assessment of the year’s work.


In the first week of Term 4, the school community will assemble for Presentation Night.  This year we will be holding the event at the Melbourne Town Hall on Wednesday 10 October.  We expect all students to be in attendance. This promises to be a magnificent evening and I look forward to seeing you on the night.


Colin Axup


Upcoming Events

Whole School Exams
| Mon 17th - Fri 21st Sept

Whole School Exams will commence on Monday, 17th September, and conclude on Friday, 21st September. Please be advised that no classes will run this week.

Last Day of Term 3
| Friday 21st September

The last day of Term 3 is Friday, 21st September. We hope you enjoy your holiday break!

Term 4 Commences
| Monday 8th October

The first day of Term 4 will be Monday, 8th October. All students are expected back at school on this day.

Presentation Night
| Wednesday 10th October

Suzanne Cory's annual Presentation Night is a celebration of academic and creative work from throughout 2018. Parents and friends are warmly invited to  attend the evening; it is an expectation that all students Years 9 - 12 attend the event. Tickets are limited, and are available to purchase online here. Tickets are limited, and are available to purchase online here

Year 12 Celebration Day
| Tuesday 23rd October

Celebration Day is an opportunity for our 2018 Year 12 students to reflect on their time at Suzanne Cory, and to celebrate the exciting times to come.

Melbourne Cup
Public Holiday
| Tuesday 6th November

The school will be closed on Tuesday, 6th November for the Melbourne Cup Public Holiday. No students or staff are required on this day.

Year 9 Welcome & Community Trivia Night
| Friday 16th November

All students, staff, and community members of Suzanne Cory High School are warmly invited to the SCHS Community Trivia Night! This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy an informal evening with Suzanne Cory staff and students, and to welcome our incoming cohort of Year 9s for 2019! Ticket info will be released soon, so save the date!

Extra-Curricular Opportunties

The Taekwondo Club is holding an inter-school Taekwondo Tournament in Term 4! Participants from SCHS and other schools are welcome to compete or to spectate on the day. To register, click here.


SCHS Careers & Pathways Website: Keep up to date with university open days, scholarship opportunities, and holidays programmes.


Victoria University's Fitness Centre (Werribee) is a proud supporter of Suzanne Cory, and has partnered with Melbourne Athletics to provide personal training to our staff and students.


SCHS Alumni: All past students of Suzanne Cory are warmly invited to join the offical alumni Facebook page and to get involved in student-organised events and reunions!


Follow the official Suzanne Cory Facebook page for more pictures, videos, and outstanding student achievements throughout the term!

Student News

VCE Psychology Incursion

On Thursday 19th July, Unit 3/4 VCE Psychology students participated in a full-day Psychology incursion. The day consisted of three different workshops and seminars that helped students to better understand the theoretical aspects of this semester’s curriculum, and also provided useful insight that will be helpful in future assessments. We were fortunate to begin the day with a presenter from the Epworth Sleep Centre, who helped clarify misunderstandings regarding sleep waves and sleep disorders. We were guided through the process of analysing a volunteer’s brain wave activity, which helped us to understand the distinction between the different stages of sleep much more clearly. We also learnt more about disorders such as sleep apnoea and circadian rhythm shifts, and got to experience first-hand some of the treatment options that are available.

In the middle of the day we all participated in a workshop that helped us to better understand various research methods and guided us through the best way to approach research-based evaluation questions in the exam. To do this, we conducted an experiment into the effect of chewing lollies on our ability to tear a Minties wrapper into the longest strip possible. It was a fun way to approach the theory, especially because the teachers bought too many Minties so we all got to eat a lot of lollies!


The first two sessions were extremely valuable, but the highlight of the day was definitely the presentation by ex-Australian soldier Rob Atkins. Rob’s candid discussion of his experiences with PTSD was not only useful to understand mental illness but also emphasised the importance of caring for our own mental health. Rob talked openly about how his former experiences as a policemen caused him to exhibit symptoms of depression and PTSD, and develop abusive tendencies. Talking about his past experiences and the reality of confronting his illness caused all of us to cry at times during his session, including Rob. It was really moving to see such a big tough-looking guy talking honestly about his struggles and openly showing his emotions. Rob also emphasised the importance of his assistant dog, Jimmy, who is his constant companion and helps him to cope in stressful situations. Rob and Jimmy demonstrated how Jimmy observes and monitors Rob’s mental state and intervenes when Rob starts to become overwhelmed.

Even though the three sessions were all very valuable, the best part of the whole day was definitely petting Jimmy and watching him run around! Overall, the incursion was a really great day and provided us with lots of useful insight and resources for the rest of our VCE Psychology studies.


- Benjamin (Year 12)

SCHS Musical 2018: "We Will Rock You"

The first term of school had barely begun and the entire cast and crew of the school production, We Will Rock You, were already hard at work, rehearsing and perfecting aspects of the role designated to each of us. The rehearsal process came with its challenges, but overcoming these progressively became easier as the bond between the cast strengthened with each day that passed. Each member of the musical had their own individuality; they were respectively unique, quirky and mysterious. Ms Moore brought all of us together and produced a family - the most enthusiastic, outgoing and joyous group of students to ever exist!

Throughout the seemingly unending weeks of terms two and three, every one of us were worn out by the amount of practice and rehearsing that we invested in order to get everything polished. Practicing was more intricate than purely memorizing things, we also had to convey the story and develop our characters. It was hard work, but compensated by the enjoyable things that came alongside the long hours. It consisted of the smallest things, like being able to pick and adjust costumes to your liking or just simply spending time with our fellow cast members, making new friends and enjoying the fun, warm vibe of the musical production.


Acting, memorizing lines and nailing cues were the real challenges. It was a difficult stage to overcome, especially for the leads who had to remember all their lines within that 85 page script! Props and mad respect to Duy, Sanika, Jane, Nam, Ricardo, Julia and Cameron for their superb efforts. The process of getting through the vocals was hard yet quite enjoyable as the cast went wild jammin’ to most the songs. Ms Wu demonstrated great motivation and diligence in taking care of the vocals, and her cat. Of course, it wouldn’t have been complete without the band’s exceptional accompaniment which was led by Mr. Paye. Thanks also to Mr Donaldson for keeping everything running smoothly with his 10/10 stage managing skills.

The resilience and hard work everyone put into the show was well worth it. Everyone killed it and the performances were so outstanding that our shows sold out! The audience each night gave us overwhelming amounts of positive feedback and the primary school students who attended the matinee enjoyed it so much that they sent us fan mail. Everyone was grief-stricken at the end of the final performance, as we realised that it was all over and we would never get to share the We Will Rock You experience with the same group of people ever again.


I can definitely say on behalf of the cast, band and crew, being part of the school musical was an amazing experience and was most certainly rewarding on all counts. Sets were damaged, costumes were misplaced, microphones were broken and lots of lines were forgotten, but what we will remember is the fun we had and the friendships we made. Even though it was hard work, and sometimes very stressful, we all loved the experience and would gladly, without a doubt, do it all over again.


- Ryan (Year 10)

Bio21 Tour of Melbourne University

On Thursday 16 August, ten Year 10 students visited Bio21, a University of Melbourne research institute. At the institute, students learnt about microscopy, structure of cells and the lifestyle of research scientists. Students then visited the Parkville Campus for lunch, and were treated to liquid nitrogen ice-cream cooking demonstration at the Department of Chemistry. Students finished the day by visiting the Tiegs Museum to view their zoological collection.


- Mr Brendan Taig (Careers)

NAB Connecting Women in IT - Year 9 Immersion Program & Work Experience News

The National Australia Bank (NAB) Women in Technology Program was started in 2014 to address diversity challenges and increase the number of women in technology where they are underrepresented.  The aim of this program was to create sustainable change and an easier path for women to enter into a career in technology.  As a result, the School’s Immersion Program was piloted around this time to Year 9 girls covering subjects such as Human Centred Design, Cyber Security and Data Science.  Students have an opportunity to interact and collaborate with female students from other schools as well as with professional women in IT at NAB.


So far this year, 11 of our Year 9 girls have already participated over 2 programs, with a 3rd program due to be held around Oct/Nov.   Furthermore, 2 of our Year 10 girls have successfully participated in the NAB pilot Work Experience program which was introduced this year.  This is an excellent way to introduce more girls into IT and get them engaged in related activities to help them build important skills for the future.


This year, we have introduced to students of Suzanne Cory a greater variety of work experience opportunities.  This is to enable students from all levels to experience a variety of workplace environments and tasks with the focus on participation and engagement. Through this, they are becoming more aware of the fact that they can acquire transferable skills in any area and apply them elsewhere while also having fun.   So far, many of our students have completed or will be participating in work placement at MYER Melbourne in the City with some of the students having been offered employment at the completion of their placement.  Overall, we received glowing feedback from MYER for all our students who have completed their placement. 


There are other wonderful opportunities for Work Experience some of which are with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO), Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC), NAB and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.   There are also opportunities to participate as a volunteer with the Korean Film Festival and Epworth just to name a few.  For more information, please refer to our Careers Website or speak to Ms Paye or Mr Taig.


- Ms. Lina Paye (Wellbeing/Careers)

SCHS Symphony Orchestra Performance at Manorvale Primary School

On August 30th members of the Suzanne Cory High School symphony orchestra and string orchestra were invited to perform a few pieces for the young students of Manorvale primary school. Between performances individual members of each section also presented the children with a short demonstration of their instrument.

It was a lovely experience for the orchestra members and the children both! It was amazing to see the children so keen to listen to what we had to offer, after all one could imagine that most of them had never witnessed a live orchestra performance prior. More than that, they were all so bright, able to name and pick apart the different instruments in our orchestra when asked. It's a very different experience than, for instance, playing for an audience of parents. Children are so active, wanting to be a part of whatever it is they are witnessing. This was especially the case for the students of Manorvale primary school; they'd clap and cheer along to whatever we'd play. And that's what made the event so fun! Credit goes to Mr Paye and Mrs Scott for overseeing the proceedings and organising for us to have such enriching opportunities like this one.


Thanks also goes to the members of the SCHS symphony orchestra and string orchestra, made up of equally incredible people: needless to say it was their individual talents and dedication that made our orchestra appear so amazing to the children.


- Antonio (Year 12)

Wyndham Council Learning Festival Performance

SCHS Wind Ensemble Performance at Point Cook Shopping Centre as part of the Wyndham Council Learning Festival on Saturday, September 1st saw the SCHS Wind Ensemble congregate on the basketball courts outside Target at the Point Cook Shopping centre to perform as a part of the Wyndham Learning Festival, an initiative of the Wyndham Council. The day started off well in sunshine and reasonably warm, but little were we to know that was all about to change! The Band was engaged to perform a short set as a part of the opening remarks and then a longer set later.

The first set went well, the band played its repertoire to aplomb. Many interested members of the public stopped by to watch and the band received many favourable comments. After a short break, the band members reconvened to provide our second set. After about a half an hour, the heavens opened, and we were completely drenched in a few minutes! After running away for shelter the band managed to take the stage again and played very well only for the rain to return and this time there was no letting up from the weather and we were forced to abandon proceedings. I would like to thank the Wyndham Council for providing the School with this opportunity and the members of the band for demonstrating such resilience and perseverance on the day.


- Mr Tony Paye (Director of Music)

Rothwell News

House News

Term 3 has seen a shake up to Rothwell with Miss Breed leading the house temporarily while Mr Hand is acting Sub-School leader. The term has been fun with the senior debating and the year 10 house netball and soccer competitions. Coming up we have the senior dodgeball competition in week 8, I’m sure the Rothwellians will come out to play, I look forward to seeing them dodge and weave their way to success. I love the camaraderie of the Rothwell students and their enthusiasm towards everything including the lip sync battle.

Year 10 Sports

Term 3 has been an interesting time of the year in the sport domain, with the highlight of the term being the year 10 inter house sports. The students took part in a series of high octane netball and soccer games during lunch times, in which we performed exceptionally well in netball and gave tough fights in soccer. As the sports leaders it was extremely pleasing for us to see the enthusiasm among the students during sign ups and the hard work they put in during the games. A special mention to Caitlin Mudford of year 12 for helping to umpire the netball games.


- Preeth and Genevieve

Senior Debating

There were many highlights this year for Rothwell Senior debating. While we did not come first, we had good participation and achieved our goal of having 3 high quality debates, providing much entertainment for fellow students. There was incredible team camaraderie, with the more experienced debaters mentoring the younger members of the team. This spirit was mirrored in the number of Rothwell students who came to support our debaters at all the debates. The house debating season is not over, with Intermediate House Debating in Term 4 to look forward to!


- Annie and Michael

Kororoit News

Senior Debating

This year’s Senior House Debating competition has come and gone in a flash with an intense competition during week 5 of term 3. It was great to see such enthusiasm from both participants and the audience. During each lunchtime students were able to see the fiery passion our debaters had as they spoke and engaged in debate with each other. The audience turnout was also incredible,  with both rooms for the debates filling up.


We would like to thank and congratulate all the house debaters, particularly those of our own house, Kororoit, who despite their busy schedules, were dedicated in making sure that they were organised for the debate. Although we may not have won the overall competition, each of our debaters were able to display their public speaking skills in a fun and engaging manner. Furthermore, we would like to thank the student adjudicators who had the incredibly tough job of deciding on a winner from each house. Overall, this year’s House Debating competition has been exciting and we look forward to see next year’s house competition starting with a bang with the Junior House Debating Competition in term 4.


- Kororoit House Debating Captains: Kai and Amos


Year 10 Sports

In house sport this term, our year 10's engaged in either netball or soccer, in which they placed third in netball and came close with a second in soccer. In relation to the year 9's and their intrahouse sport competition, they have managed to secure a second place. Both grades have done an incredible job in making Kororoit proud, and should keep up their efforts.


- Kororoit Sport Captains: Vinoli and Andy

Parent News

Presentation Night 2018 | Tickets Now Available

You are cordially invited to the Suzanne Cory High School Presentation Night: A celebration of student academic and creative achievement throughout 2018!

Presentation Night is an event for the whole community, and parents and families are warmly encouraged to attend. 2018's event will be at the Melbourne Town Hall, located in the centre of the Melbourne CBD. The evening will consist of award and musical presentations, as well as guest speakers.


Tickets are $10.00 (plus booking fee and GST), and are only available to purchase online (click here).


Please note that due to strictly limited seating, tickets are restricted to 2 tickets per family. Additional tickets may be announced closer to the event, subject to availability.


Students of Suzanne Cory High School attend the event for free, and do not require a ticket. Please be aware that students will be seated with their year levels, and not with families. All students will be expected to attend Presentation Night.


We look forward to seeing you on the night, and celebrating the 2018 school year with you and your family!


Suzanne Cory Presentation Night 2018 | Wednesday, October 10th

At the Melbourne Town Hall - Main Hall (90-130 Swanson Street, Melbourne)

Doors Open: 7:00pm | Presentation Commences: 7:30pm

Book Week: How a Culture of Reading Supports Achievement

At Suzanne Cory, English teachers such as myself appreciate the strong culture of reading our students bring to the school. The enthusiastic participation in the annual book week festivities are evidence of this. At our recent parent-teacher evening, I listened to several reports of enthusiastic readers who balance school work with their love of curling up with a good book. This is great to hear as a vast quantity of research supports the view that young people who read often and for their own interest, achieve highly in many facets of school and life.

There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, there are significant cognitive benefits to reading for pleasure such as improved reasoning, critical thinking and communication skills. As we all remember from primary school days, stories teach us about resilience, empathy for others, problem solving and ethical decision making. Moreover, the wealth of input - words, ideas, experiences - that reading provides, translates into confident and clever users of language.

Parents and students often ask how to improve as writers. The VCE English exam is still three essays in three hours, I am afraid to say. The simple answer is by reading. Reading widely will lead to less time spent trying to learn how to write. It is also linked to academic achievement in other subjects. Even reading in a language other than English is beneficial. We are all jealous of that natural writer who can just put pen to paper and the words flow out. That person is undoubtedly a voracious reader.

The culture of reading at SCHS is reflective of a strong culture of reading at home. This is clear from conservations I have had with students about their childhood reading experiences. Very few SCHS students claim to dislike reading and everyone can name a favourite book (At the moment I will say The Count of Monte Cristo). My Year 9 classes love silent reading on Fridays and enjoy chatting about and critiquing their books even more so. However, by Year 10 many say they do not have the time or energy to pick up a book. If it isn’t study, it is the ever-present screen that absorbs attention. It is at this crucial point that the ability gap widens. Those who drop reading are made to work harder for their marks later on.

Students should try to read outside the school curriculum as much as possible and read a variety of texts, from old favourites to news media. Reading should be challenging but more importantly, it should be enjoyable. Take advantage of our spectacular library collection and ask the staff for a recommendation. Parents can provide the time and space at home for quiet reading and model these habits themselves. We can all put down our smart phones and pick up a book once in a while.

After all, book week should not be just an annual event.

 - Mr. Glenn Kellam (English Faculty)

Community Trivia Night | Calls for Raffle Donations

Parents, business owners, and sponsors are warmly invited to donate raffle items for the SCHS Community Trivia Night. This year's Trivia Night (Friday, November 16th) will be a twilight welcome for our new Year 9 students, celebrating Suzanne Cory's community spirit with food vans, games, music, and more! Goods, services, and vouchers to be used as raffle and door prizes are very much appreciated.


To donate, please contact Mr. Jack Richardson ([email protected]).

Achievements & Results

Illuminate Nextgen Challenge

In the week of Monday 30 July, Gregory B, Arati N, Dinithee B and Ryan S participated in the Illuminate Nextgen Challenge at Footscray City College. These students successfully planned a social enterprise; a business that benefits society. They undertook market research, created a marketing material, planned the financial reports, and pitched their business to a panel of experts. Their business, B-Relax, provides stress relief programs for high school students. B-Relax won the Best Pitch Deck Presentation, Best Marketing Package, Best Trade Display, and Overall Best Business. Congratulations to the students for their efforts!


- Mr Brendan Taig

Sport News & Results

Term 3 has been a busy term for interschool sport we have had a lot of teams competing in the Western Metro competition as well as some State competitions.  Our Basketballers also had their first run of the year. Like is past years Suzanne Cory students have excelled in the racket sports with some great results in badminton, table tennis and squash this term. The students were also able to see the results of their consistent hockey training showing improvement from previous years.  


The results from this term are:



The intermediate boys and girls badminton teams set out for the regional finals held in Altona Badminton Centre. Both teams won their matches against other schools comfortably in their respective pool and proceeded to the semi-finals where they faced the runner-up team of the other pool.


The boys faced their sworn nemesis, Braybrook College. While all games were held to a close score line, the boys were knocked out with only 1 out of 6 rubbers won - placing them at 3rd/4th place for the day. The girls team defeated St Albans SC convincingly in their semi-final bout, only to be knocked out by Maribyrnong Sports Academy in the final.


A great result for both teams on the day where everyone played their heart out!


- Mr. James Lam


Senior Girls Badminton

Our Senior girls badminton team competed in the regionals on 31 July. The team – Frances, Anagha, Divya and Sarah (Nguyen) from year 12 and Sneha and Maya from year 11 – fought really hard and worked really well together as a team.


In the first round, the group round, they came second, with convincing wins against Point Cook and Sunbury Downs (both won by 5 games to 1), but a loss to a really solid Belmont side (1-5). That put them through to the semis, where we played Braybrook, our old nemesis. The semi-finals was a hard-fought match. After the singles round we were 3-1 games down, and had to win both doubles by a convincing margin. We played our established doubles pair Divya / Sarah and the new partnership of Sneha / Anagha: both pairs played a fabulous game, winning the semi-final round by 4 points on a 3-3 game draw.


That meant they were through to the final, back against Belmont, who’d beaten us in the group. Divya won her singles and Sneha fought hard in hers, losing 21-19, perhaps the toughest game of the day. Sarah and Frances were beaten in the singles, but in the doubles we had a win from Anagha and Sneha. We didn’t win, but the maturity and confidence the girls showed in this round compared to their first-round game was impressive to see. No state final this year, but the runners-up flag as well as quality play to the end.

A special mention should go to Maya for her team spirit and contribution.


Thanks also to our four outgoing Year 12s, who’ve done the school proud for the past four years: here’s hoping you keep playing and enjoying badminton through your uni days…


- Ms. Helen Bradwell


This year our intermediate basketball teams were the most competitive that they have been.  Unfortunately, we just missed out on the finals in both the boys and girls competition. The best players on the day for the girls were Trami, Catherine and Glianna and in the boys Jeffrey, Edward and Sandeepa. A lot of the students in both teams were year 9 students so hopefully they can make the finals next year.

WMR Senior Boys Netball

This year we saw the senior boys netball team qualify for the Western Metro competition, this is the first time this has happened in Suzanne Cory’s history. The boys played well and worked as a team but were simply outsized by their opponents on the day. Ms Green worked hard with the boys to ensure they all knew the rules and could utilise some netball strategy.  Well done boys.


WMR Senior Girls Soccer

The senior girls soccer team coached by Mr Chau progressed to the Western Metro competition.  Although the team looked a little different to the first round line up the girls did really well winning 2/3 games.  I think next year we will see a very strong senior girls soccer teams with our forces from Year 10 and 11 combining, good luck.

Senior Hockey

This year saw a new look Suzanne Cory senior hockey as we ended up entering a senior boys/ mixed team.  Due to SAC commitments some of our year 12 students withdrew from the teams leaving our keen year 11’s with low numbers.  We combined the boys and girls together and wow we showed what we can do. The students were competitive in every game and only lost by narrow margins against Williamstown High and Northern Bay. MSA were too good on the day but our team never gave up even with the score line. I think we learnt from some of the MSA skills and strategies however we certainly outclassed them with sportsmanship and encouragement. Well done everyone.

Table Tennis

Our table tennis teams dominated this year with the senior girls coming second in the Western Metro competition.  Our intermediate teams have both qualified for the Western Metro competition and will compete later in the year. Our table tennis teams trained consistently and hence their domination at the Wyndham level.


State Cross Country

A huge congratulation to Sophia A who competed in the State Cross Country in week 1 this term. Sophia has been continually surprising herself with her results this year in her running. I hope to see her pursue her running as with some consistent training she can.  Sophia was the only student to qualify for the State Cross Country, a massive achievement well done.



Last week we had 65 students compete in the Wyndham region athletics across the road at the VU track. The weather couldn’t be any better for a winters day and our students were really keen to compete in every event. There were some outstanding athletes from other schools making qualifying for the Western Metro region competition difficult. We have ~20 students heading to the Western Metro event on September 20th.  We have a few relay teams plus individual athletes in the discus, shot put, long jump, triple jump, high jump and some track events represented at the WMR competition.


This year we have seen the reintroduction of aerosports thanks to the initiative of Mackenzie Pyke and Karmil Nguyen.  The two year 12’s students have competed in 3 competitions this year and have finished either first or second in each event.  The girls have now qualified for the National event on the Gold coast in September. We wish the girls luck.

Suzanne Cory High School