05 September 2019
Issue Fourteen
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2019 COHR Swimming 
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Principal's Message

What a musical SPECTACULAR!!

Tuesday night’s performance of ‘The Sound of Musicals’ was a real showcase of the talents of our children (and teachers) here at Christ Our Holy Redeemer. I was so proud of the children and their performances. They have put in an enormous amount of time and effort in preparing for the show, developing many skills and having plenty of fun along the way.


The feedback from parents, grandparents and friends has been overwhelmingly positive; the student performances, the manner in which the children moved on and off the stage, the narrators, the staff item, the finale, the venue itself and in particular, how much the children enjoyed themselves.


Again, congratulations to all the children and a sincere thanks to Sarah Counihan and all the teachers for preparing the children and to all our dedicated support staff who helped in so many ways to ensure that the show would run smoothly. Thanks also to the many parents who assisted with costumes. Your support is sincerely appreciated.


DVD and MPeg4 video file orders are now being taken if you would like a copy of the concert. Please refer to the concert news section in this fortnight's newsletter. The order form has been sent home with your child tonight.

Non-Food Sharing Reminder

Just a reminder that we expect that children do not share their food with others at school. We have a number of children with allergies to different foods as well as children with anaphylaxis.

We also remind parents to refrain from sending food treats to share with the class to acknowledge and celebrate a child's birthday.

 While we can not ban food types we can certainly reduce the likelihood of a student having an allergic or anaphylactic reaction.


Prep 2020

Over the past two days Jill Palermo and myself have met with our 2020 Prep students and their families. This has been a great opportunity to get to know the children in preparation for starting school next year. We currently have 23 students enrolled for Prep.


Swimming commences NEXT WEEK. All children  present at school during the next two weeks, are expected to participate in the program as a swimming program is mandated as part of the Victorian Curriculum.
Please refer to the Swimming page in this edition of the newsletter for an update. 

3.20 pick-up

The 3.20pm pick-up is working extremely well. 

For the safety of our children, please remember that the early dismissal time is only for students being collected from the gate. 

Prep 2020 Interviews

This week Jill Palermo and myself have been meeting with our 2020 prep families. It has been a wonderful opportunity to touch base with these children and have a chat with their parents about how we can best support them as they prepare to commence school in 2020.

Term 3 Footy Fundraiser

The children are having a lot of fun with this social justice fundraiser.

As of last Monday the AFL team that had accumulated the most money was RICHMOND, closely followed by Collingwood. The class  that had raised the most money was 3/4D, raising $116.70.

But there's still 2 weeks to go!

The final tally will be announced in the final week of school. We hope to raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause!

This terms charity is: John Moriarty Football Fund. This charity brings Indigenous youth together through sport, promoting good health and well being.


Library News

Premier's Reading Challenge - PRC

The Premier’s Reading Challenge finishes TOMORROW. All books need to be added by 11.00am. Remember 30 books for P-2 and 15 books for 3 - 6.

Here are the log in details for the last time.

You can log into PRC and add your books read and we’ll verify  them. 



Go to            click on Student Login 


The username for all children begins with    cohr______________

P – 4 usernames are christian name & first letter of surname

5 – 6 usernames are initial of christian name and full surname


The password for all children is similar and ends with 3166   eg: _______3166

P – 4 passwords are christian name & first letter of surname

5 – 6 passwords are initial of christian name and full surname

(no spaces and all lower case – eg:  cohrkarenw OR cohrkwakeling &    kwakeling3166)


Username:  cohr_________________      Password: __________________3166


Sports Report

District Athletics

We congratulate and wish all students involved in tomorrows Division Athletics all the very best.



DVD Orders

We are now taking orders for you to purchase either a DVD or a MPEG4 video file of our school concert.

We are sending home the below order form tonight.


Photo: Jack and Sienna

School Captains  

Photo: Jack and Sienna

Term 3 


Hello, we are your School Captains  Jack and Sienna,


We have been working extremely hard even this term, even through all of the building progress.

The concrete floor and columns have been poured and we can see where the location of where the elevator will be. 


The concert was a great success this week and we would like to thank all of the students who put in lots of time and effort to make it such a terrific night. We had so much fun showing everyone our dances and we loved to see all the families that came to watch and support us.

A big thank you to all staff (especially Ms Counihan and Mr Bode) for their support, encouragement and amazing dance moves. We all screamed loudly and cheered when the staff were on stage because it was so unexpected and it looked so good! 


We would also like to thank Mrs Wakeling and Lorraine for organising a fun day for Book Week. We had so much fun showing everyone our costumes, they looked AWESOME !!!!!!


We are looking forward to the swimming lessons that begin next week!


We would like to wish all of those students that made it through to the next competition of Athletics luck in their events tomorrow. 


Throughout the term the parents in our school have made it so fun, through the Father’s Day stall, hotdog day and food for the Footy Colours Day, coming up on the last day of the term.

As the term comes to a close we would like to congratulate the students on such a wonderful time and we can’t wait to see everyone back after the holidays for another great and fun term.


Thankyou for reading we hope you have an amazing day!


Jack and Sienna

2019 COHR Swimming 

Swimming Starts Next Week!

As we approach the beginning of the swimming program next week, teachers are finalising details. We are grateful to parents who have completed the CareMonkey permission and replied if they are able to assist with supervision on the bus to and from the centre. 

Swimming Details 

When:     Monday 9 September - Thursday 19 September 2019

Where:    Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre: Warner Ave, Ashburton 

Who:       All students from Prep to Year 6  

Travel:    Students will travel to and from on a bus  

Cost:       Prices are included in the school fees

There are nine sessions culminating in a Water Safety fun time in the final session. 

Caps are optional 

Long hair needs to be tied back (tight hair band please)

Goggles are required and necessary


Class Prep                                         Swimming Lesson  9:30 - 10:10am 

Leave COHR  9:00am                   Leave Swim Centre  10:30am  


Class 5/6N                                        Swimming Lesson  10:10 - 10:50am 

Leave COHR  9:40am                   Leave Swim Centre  11:10am  


Class 5/6CM                                     Swimming Lesson  10:50 - 11:30am 

Leave COHR  10:20am                Leave Swim Centre  11:50am  


Class 5/6F                                         Swimming Lesson  11:30 - 12:10pm 

Leave COHR  11:00am                Leave Swim Centre  12:30pm  


Class 1/2L & 3/4GR                       Swimming Lesson  12:10 - 12:50pm 

Leave COHR  11:40am                Leave Swim Centre  1:10pm  


Class 1/2G & 1/2HO                      Swimming Lesson  12:50 - 1:30pm 

Leave COHR  12:20pm                Leave Swim Centre  1:50pm  


Class 3/4D & 3/4S                          Swimming Lesson  1:30 - 2:10pm 

Leave COHR  1:00pm                   Leave Swim Centre  2:25pm  


Class 3/4T & 5/6C                          Swimming Lesson  2:10 - 2:50pm 

Leave COHR  1:40pm                  Leave Swim Centre  3:05pm  


Swimming Survey

Many apologies for the miscommunication of the pre-program survey. Thank you for your understanding. 

Developing Independence

This is a good opportunity to encourage your child to practise changing their clothes on their own. The aim is for all students to dress/undress themselves and to look after their swimming items independently. There will be teachers and staff members available to assist when required. There are allocated change rooms for our school students on the premises. If parents are present, they are not permitted into the change rooms. 

Parents and family are welcome to watch the lessons free of charge. If you choose to have a swim or you have other children who may like to swim, there is the usual cost involved with entry to the Centre.   


Outline of the Day

* Students can wear their bathers underneath their sport uniform in the morning. 

* Prior to leaving school, they put on their thongs/pool shoes and leave their runners at school. They have a  toilet stop. 

* Upon arrival at the pool, they place their uniform in their bags and have their pool shoes close by. 

* Students have their lesson. 

* Following the lesson, students collect their bag and pool shoes and go to the change rooms. They change out of their bathers and into their school uniform. Please note there is no time allocated for students to have a shower following their lesson. Due to the short time frame, students need to be prepared to dry, change and organise themselves quickly.

* Classes return to school via bus.  

* Students change into their runners/school shoes at school.

A reminder that students might need to practise packing and unpacking their bag or changing themselves. 

Each student is to bring a swimming bag containing a towel, goggles, change of underwear, thongs and cap (optional). 

Extra Information


Parents Association News


Thank you to the organisers of this year's Father's Day stall and also to the parents for giving up some of their time to assist in setting up and selling at the stalls.  



Thank you to all the parents who assisted at the last Bunnings BBQ on 24th August.  It was a successful day raising over $1000.

We are hosting our next Bunnings BBQ at The Links on Saturday 14th September.  A roster will be placed in the office foyer if you are able to assist. 



We are holding a "Footy Lunch" on Friday 20th September.  It will include a packet of plain chips at morning tea and a choice of pie or sausage rolls for lunch.  Forms will be sent home Monday.  We will also be accepting CDF payments via the link on the school website.  Payments are required to be finalised by Friday 13th September. Children are welcome to wear the footy colours on this day



Term 3 Dates


Wednesday 11th           School Education Board 7:30pm

Saturday 14th                 Bunnings Sausage Sizzle - Helpers required

Mon 9th-Fri 13th            Swimming Program (Grade Prep-6)

Mon 16th -Thurs 19th   Swimming Program

Friday 20th                        Footy Colours Day

Friday 20th                        End of Term 3

Term 4 Dates


Monday 7th               Term 4 begins

Monday 14th           Parent/Teacher Interview (4-7pm)

Tuesday 15th           Parent/Teacher Interview (3-5pm) school dismissed at 2.30pm

Wednesday 16th    Parents Association Meeting 7.30pm

Wednesday 23rd   Mission Mass 11am

                                      Prep (2020) Parent Information Night  7.00pm  

Thursday 24th       Feast Day Mass 9am



Monday 4th              School Closure Day

Tuesday 5th              Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Thursday 14th         Prep (2020) Orientation Day

Wednesday 20th    Prep (2020) Orientation Day

Thursday 21st          Grade 4 Camp to Marysville

Wednesday 27th    Prep (2020) Orientation Day

Friday 29th               School Closure Day



Thursday 12th        Graduation Dinner & Mass

Tuesday 17th           End of Year Mass 9.00am

Tuesday 17th          End of Term 4 School Concludes at 3.30pm



Community News

CDF Pay Instructions


Ashwood Wolves


CDFpay New Parent Guide - COHR Oakleigh East.pdf
Watch around water flyer (1).pdf
COHR PS Water Safety Day 19.9.19.pdf
Bookweek Parade 2018
Week 4 Term 3