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26 August 2019
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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends

The edition of this newsletter finds us in the middle of a very hectic term where so much is being achieved by our dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students with the support of caring parents. 

Visit From Kawaguchi Kita High School Celebrates Sister School Relationship

Recently we hosted students and staff from our Japanese sister school (Kawaguchi Kita High School) as they spent a week enjoying Melbourne and the Peninsula whilst learning about the Australian way of life and practising their English speaking and listening skills.  A huge thank you to our families who generously opened their homes to accommodate our Japanese friends.  The huge success of this visit will now allow a group of students and staff to receive the same warmth of hospitality during their visit to Japan in 2020.

Athletics Day; A Great Day Of Competition With Record Student Participation!

Download Photos here:


A terrific day was had by all at our recent House Athletics Carnival.  It was great to see our students getting into the spirit of this occasion by sporting their house colours.  The level of student participation was inspiring as were all the staff who kept those smiles going whilst supporting our athletes throughout the day.  


Curriculum Day Celebrates A Whole School Approach To Critical and Creative Thinking

Thank you to the efforts of all faculty Professional Learning Teams on Curriculum Day for their enthusiasm and dedication regarding embedding their task critical and creative thinking words into their curriculum planning documents and undertaking further development of curriculum to ensure our students are really challenged to be great problem solvers.  Students will soon be learning about these words and how important they are in helping them learn how to solve problems, which in essence is what their future lives and careers will be about.  

Eco Team Secures A Wicking Garden For Our School.

Our Eco team have outdone themselves in securing a Wicking Garden from Frankston City Council.  This garden has been installed at the entrance to our Year 7-10 Campus.  It has little houses in this garden called ‘bug hotels’ with the purpose of attracting insects to live in these 'hotels' to ensure the pollination of plants in and beyond this garden.  As students enter and leave their school hopefully they will be reminded of the importance of insects in preserving our environment.


Intermediate Concert Band Wins Platinum & Senior Stage Achieves Gold!!

As expected the Intermediate Concert Band and  Senior Stage Band provided superb performances to be awarded Platinum and Gold respectively as they participated in the Victorian Bands Festival.  They competed against elite private and government schools to win these state championship awards.  I am always so proud of these students who dedicate themselves to hours of rehearsal to provide such sublime performances. 

Students Excel In Public Speaking To Open An International Conference

Recently I had the honour of accompanying Ms Georgie Long and three very articulate students to the Ed Summit Conference at Swinburne University.  These girls had been mentored by Ms Long to present the opening address to hundreds of Principals from across the world.  They spoke with great passion about the educational needs of young people in order to thrive in the 21st century.  Ms Long has coached these girls to a level where they are clearly exceptional public speakers.  I was glowing with pride as these girls advocated for the 21st century learner’s needs in a most eloquent manner beyond their years.   Congratulations to Bethany Young (Year 9), Nissy Cai (Year 10) and Michaela Goggin (Year 10).

A Record Number Of Students Accepted For National Youth Science Forum

Lan Li (Year 12 student and an alumni of the National Youth Science Forum) and Ms Adriaans worked together to coach four students in applying for the National Youth Science form.  All four applicants were successful which is a record number for Frankston High School.  These students are now being sponsored by a number of Rotary Clubs to travel to Canberra to work alongside eminent scientists.  These Year 11 students are:  Iyshwarya Nathan, Anastasia Parkhomenko, Benjamin Fiala and Audrey Cousins.

Course Counselling For Middle School And Senior School Students

Teams of course counsellors have worked tirelessly to counsel students in choosing middle and senior school course pathways over the last few weeks.  The diversity of pathways and subjects available for our students continues to increase.  Counsellors have worked with students and their families to ensure courses are tailored to cater for individual student interests and strengths.  Approximately 1200 students have experienced this caring supportive process.  A special thank you to parents because the interest and encouragement they provide their children with respect to their education makes all the difference in supporting our young people to achieve their full potential.

Ms Genevieve Donovan and Ms Lucy Foskett Inspire Aerobics Students To Win Nationals!


Ms Genevieve Donovan and Ms Lucy Foskett have devoted countless hours before school and on weekends to inspire Aerobics competitors to successfully qualify for National Championships.  Recently they competed in Queensland at National Championships resulting in: National Champions in Individuals and Fitness,  2nd and 3rd place in pairs and 3rd place for pre choreographed team. 

By the time you receive this newsletter we will have enjoyed our sensational bands performances at the Winter Concert at our new Performing Arts Theatre.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone at Parent Student Teacher Conferences on 11 September. 


Mr John Albiston


Senior School News

Course Counselling and Subject Selection

Thank you to our Careers Practitioner, Mrs Sharon Bourne, and the Senior School Coordination team for overseeing the course selection process for senior school studies in 2020.  I would also like to thank the team of course counsellors, including Mr  John Albiston, Mrs Cathy Hogg, Mr Craig Richardson, Mr Jacob Givogue, Mrs Carolyn Walsh, Mrs Kerryn Elrick, Mrs Sharon Koning and Mrs Carolyn McIver who assisted students and parents in this important process. 

Congratulations Lucy Philpott

Lucy Philpott (Year 10) has received a Certificate of Commendation acknowledging her excellent nomination and submission for the 2019 Roy Ward Leadership Prize.


In addition to Lucy’s leadership roles at Frankston High School, her commitment to service to others includes Lucy participating extensively in wider community projects.


The Order of Australia Association stated: “You clearly demonstrated leadership in the school through your involvement in the Student Leadership Council and the Sport Leadership Council and your involvement in the Snowy River School for Student Leadership. External to the school your commitment to community is exemplified in your involvement in the Relay for Life event setting up and running Survivors and Carers Afternoon Teas. As a result, the Panel’s recommendation, endorsed by the full Committee, was that your submission being of a high standard, was deemed to merit a Certificate of Commendation

Congratulations To William Rear

Congratulations to William Rear (Year 11) who was judged the winner of the Roy Ward Leadership Prize – Courage and Fortitude.  The prize is granted to a secondary student in Years 10, 11  or 12, who has shown, both in his or her school, qualities of character, leadership and community service, which exemplify Australian citizenship, over an extended period.   


Mr Albiston and I had the pleasure of attending a presentation luncheon on Friday 23 August where William was presented with this prestigious award in front of his proud parents.  William’s inspirational speech is below:


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I hope you are enjoying this afternoon’s lunch.

"I would like to say what a privilege it is to be just the second recipient of the Roy Ward Leadership Prize for Courage and Fortitude.

I was thinking about how I have come to be standing here in front of you today and one thing that I realised almost eight years ago was how quickly life can change. I was a normal, happy, cheeky eight year old when I was unexpectedly diagnosed with brain cancer.

For many months, life in our family was turned upside down as we started to come to terms with what was happening. When I returned to school after finishing my treatment and recovering at home I realised that my goal was to be normal rather than different but at the same time never forgetting how quickly life can change. I became more determined to enjoy life and live in the moment. If I decide I’m going to do something I don’t put it off. Throughout this time, I was always persevering and striving to be normal and there was a quote that helped me through this time: “You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life”.  This quote enabled me to achieve my goals and led me to live my normal life.

The following year my dad took part in a two day cycling event raising money for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre which is one of the hospitals that treated me. It was during this time when he was fundraising for the event that I realised I had a useful part to play in raising money for cancer research. Since then I have become involved as an ambassador for Tour de Cure, a cycling charity that has raised over $50 million for cancer research in Australia, has funded 432 cancer projects and delivered 29 significant cancer breakthroughs.

Learning to call myself a survivor was one of the hardest things to get used to. I was superstitious and afraid to describe myself like this. But I soon realised that this gave me the power to get myself noticed, to influence people and to lead change.

The Tour de Cure has become a big part of life for my dad and me. I was lucky enough to be a guest speaker at the event launch in 2017 and last year I produced a video that was shown at the event gala dinner in Tasmania. Cancer affects so many people that almost everyone I meet has a story relating to it - a friend, a family member. But I believe in stories of hope. I have come to understand that the best way to create change is to inspire other people to follow you.

My goal is to create Victoria’s first Tour de Cure Spirit Ride. This will be a bicycle ride that school children and other young members of the community can take part in and one that will bring awareness and raise much needed funds for cancer research and local projects. This ride will also promote the Tour de Cure motto for young people which is “be fit, be happy, be healthy”. This program is vital in helping to demystify (explain) cancer and encourage kids and their school communities to make healthy lifestyle choices for their future.

One of the questions I was asked in my interview for this award was what I wanted to do when I leave school. Well, the honest answer is I don’t really know! What I do know however is that I want to work with children. I think, at times, we are all kids at heart but I know that my experience during a part of my childhood has given me some super-powers that I can use for good. I have had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary people who have inspired me to follow their example. I have been given opportunities I would never otherwise have had and I have been lucky enough to understand how the power of many can bring about amazing and positive outcomes.


I would like to thank my school Principal Mr John Albiston and my Senior School Principal Ms Helen Wilson who encouraged my application for this award and through their guidance and support during my time at school have given me the confidence to strive for and reach as many of my goals as possible."

VTAC Selections 2020

This term Year 12 students begin the important process of preparing their Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC) selections for next year.  Information, guidance and assistance will be available in iSupport sessions over the next few weeks and from the Careers Practitioner, Mrs Sharon Bourne.


To assist parents, a VTAC Parent Information Night will be held at 7.00pm on Tuesday 27 August in the Senior School Presentation Area.

Central Australia/Darwin Tour

I would like to wish the Year 11 students who are embarking on the Central Australia/Darwin tour all the best for a fantastic trip.  I am sure they will have a wonderful time and will have life-long memories of this adventure.  A special thank you to Mrs Anne Thomson who has overseen the organisation of this tour and Mrs Adrienne Shepherd and all staff attending the trip for their excellent work in ensuring the trip is an outstanding success.

Performance And Oral Examinations

Students in studies with a performance or oral component have been given a timetable for these examinations.  Any student who has not received a timetable should see Mr Simon Cameron immediately. The examination period begins on Monday 7 October and ends on Sunday 3 November.   Students should arrive at their examination half an hour before the scheduled start time and must have photo identification with them.  Good luck to all students involved. 

Year 12 End Of Year Exams – September Holidays

Frankston High School is conducting Year 12 end of year exams during the September holidays.  The exams will commence on Thursday 26 September and will conclude on Friday 4 October.


The advantages of this practice are clear including:  ensuring students utilise their September holidays for revision; opportunities for our students to maximise their success/results; maximising class revision time in Term 4 where teachers can address areas of concern in student performance and exam technique and it provides opportunities for students to hone exam techniques and practices.


It is our expectation that Year 12 students would devote the third term holiday period to revision and study in preparation for these examinations and the final VCAA examinations.  These examinations will be conducted under VCAA and Frankston High School guidelines.  Final examination timetables have been distributed to students and parents.


I hope this initiative of examinations and the provision of teacher feedback will significantly enhance your child’s performance in the exams, allowing them to achieve their best.

Parent Opinion Survey

Thank you to the parents who participated in The 2019 Parent Opinion Survey.  Our ‘CASES21’ computer program, randomly selected 15% of our families to participate in this survey.

The survey responses are confidential and are sent to an independent organisation that collates the data.  This data will be used to enable the school to celebrate success as well as identify areas for improvement

Your participation in this important process is greatly appreciated. 

Students Driving To School

Students who drive to school are reminded that they must complete a consent form (which is available from the Senior School Office) and attach a photocopy of their driver’s licence.

Students are not permitted to park in the school grounds and hence, must ensure that they follow local parking restrictions on nearby roads.  Students should also be aware that they must not park too close to the pedestrian crossings or driveways, particularly the entrance and exit to the Senior Campus.


Ms Helen Wilson

Senior School Principal


Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars (KLDYS) Program At The University Of Melbourne

The KLDYS Program is aimed at giving talented students an insight into life at The University of Melbourne and to motivate and encourage them into considering going to university.  Nominations from current Year 10 students open on 2 September for inclusion in the 2020 Program.

In addition to the KLDYS Program there are a range of scholarships available for international and local students who intend on studying at The University of Melbourne.

Please see me for more information.  You can seek information about such scholarships at

The Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarship

Applications for this annual scholarship are invited from government school students of VCE Music - Solo Performance.  The selection panel will consider applicants who can demonstrate a commitment  to music in recent years and to a future career in music performance.  The students’ study scores for VCE Music - Solo Performance will be taken into consideration. This scholarship was established by the family of the late Margaret Schofield in recognition of her achievements as a musician and her commitment to music education and is coordinated by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). The annual scholarship will contribute towards the cost of tertiary education in music performance.  

The application form is published on the VCAA website:

The David Burgess Foundation

The David Burgess Foundation has provided scholarships to well deserving, disadvantaged students for the past 28 years.  The Foundation aims to help young people from State secondary schools who have had to struggle to overcome adversity, who have shown commitment to their goals and those of the community, and who, with some help, have the opportunity to succeed in their studies and future life.


Any Year 12 students who satisfy the criteria and are interested in applying for this award are asked to please see me.  Details regarding the criteria and additional information regarding The David Burgess Foundation can be found at


Applications for 2020 scholarships close on 28 October, 2019.


Ms Helen Wilson

Senior School Principal

Important Dates and Notices

Important Dates


Finance Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

8.00am - 4.00pm



8.00am - 11.00am

11.00am - 1.00pm (CLOSED)

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Hours


Sara Dawson & Adele Tonroe

Telephone 9784 9080




12.30pm - 1.30pm

3.00pm - 4.00pm


10.00am - 12.00noon



During Term 3 the

Uniform Shop will NOT open

Thursday evenings




Winter uniform must be worn

until the end of Term 3.

Parent Student Teacher (PST) Years 7-12 Conferences
Wednesday 11 September

Parent Student Teacher (PST) Years 7-12 Conferences are being held on Wednesday 11 September. 

  • There are no formal classes on this day except students studying a VCE Unit 4 subject who will need to attend Periods 1-6 as timetabled. 
  • There will be no Period 0 (8.10am-8.55am) on this day. 
  • Students studying external VET classes will need to attend their Wednesday class as normal.


Reports will be available online from 12.00pm, Monday 2 September.


Please note the following different booking dates:

  • Years 11-12 students:  12.00pm, Monday  2 September
  •  Years 7-10 students:  12.00pm, Tuesday 3 September.

PST Conferences, Wednesday 11 September will commence at 9.00am and with the last booking available at 7.20pm.


There will also be refreshments available for parents and students to purchase from Little Olive Coffee Truck and the Year 9 LEAD Class Bake Stall.



Kingswim Car Park
 Monday & Wednesday before 11.00am



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Out and About

‘Mission to Mars’

Our Middle School STEM students have been busy completing a ‘Mission to Mars’ at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre. Throughout the day students worked as astronauts, mission controllers and research scientists, learning more about the planet Mars. All students showed great teamwork and problem-solving skills, successfully completing a geological survey of the Mars surface and then analysing their results. Thank you to Mr Adam Carson for driving us all the way to Mars (Strathmore) and Mr Mark Seaton for accompanying us.



Science Week

Science Week 2019 – Destination Moon!


This years Science Week was a great hit – with many different activities running throughout the week.  We had the Movie ‘Apollo 13’ running at lunch during the week.  Thanks to Mr Mark Seaton and Ms Michelle Snooks for running and supervising this.

We also had a wander through the Universe using an excellent Virtual Reality App and the VR glasses at lunchtime on Wednesday.  Thank you to Mr Jack Barbour and Mr Heath Booth for supervising this and being able to explain to the students the excitement of space.


On Thursday we had Aeronautical Engineer - Mr Sebastian Stobart from QinetiQ give a fascinating, insightful and educational presentation of his job, the planes that he has worked on and his current work in Aircraft Stress Testing.  Thank you to Mrs Marta Szczykutowicz, Mr Aaron Elias, Mr Craig Ridoutt, Ms Ebonie Burns and Ms Kirsty Baxter for helping organise the mass of Years 9-12 students who attended this presentation.

The grand final of the Balloon Rocket Ship Challenge happened on Friday lunch time.

The winners from Year 7 were:


Ms Kristina Henson’s Class: 7J

Ruby Halfpenny, Pippa Wilson and Ava Limpens designed an extremely accurate rocket that beat out all of the other teams.

The winners from Year 8 were:


Mr Heath Booth’s class: 8E

The winning rocket was built by the team from Julia Channova and Lilidhruth McDonald who designed a particularly brilliant rocket that blasted through the Year 8 competition.


Both teams have won their class a Pizza Lunch.


A huge thanks to all the students that came to support their classmates, and all of the teachers that helped and supported their classes.  Mr Mark Seaton, Ms Carolyn Vaughn, Ms Jade Bayly, Ms Laura Fitzpatrick, Ms Kristina Henson, Mr Heath Booth, Mr Peter Sadler, Ms Rebecca Ashdown.  


A huge thanks also to Mrs Lorraine Buttery for organising all the supplies and the class trials.


It has been another fantastic Science Week and huge thanks to all the students and teachers that participated in things and joined in on the fun!


Ms Kate Adriaans

Director of Teaching and Learning

STEM and Science


Kindness helps build resilience

A person who helps and is kind to others builds their own resilience.  As parents we only want the best for our children, no matter what their age. However, we know that life comes with challenges.  These challenges can be caused by choices that have been made, or events that we have no control over.  Struggles help us to grow and learn more about ourselves and the world.  Resilience is shown when we can ‘bounce back’ from hard times.  Often the difficulties that we experience in life deepens our empathy for others.  This in turn helps us to live a life more wholeheartedly.


It has been found that people who thrive are those who are helpful and kind.  Our children are impacted by our actions more than our words, I encourage you to think about ways you can build kindness into their lives.  Headspace recommends that for a healthy mind people should:


Do something to help someone else.  Acts of kindness help other people but also make you feel good.  Give a compliment, offer to help someone out or volunteer either on a once-off project or an ongoing basis and allow yourself to feel good for making someone else feel good.”


These photos are of a group of students who went on World Challenge in 2017.  They helped build a water tank for a village in Laos.  During this trip I was privileged to witness many acts of kindness by these students.  Our next group of World Challengers leave next term and are currently fundraising for their Village projects in India.  Frankston High School is committed to offering opportunities for the students to be helpful and kind to others.  It’s not only to give the students an ‘experience of a life time’ but it’s also because we know that:


Being kind helps us to live a content and happy life!


Ms Kirsten Bakker

Wellbeing Coordinator


Junior Resource Centre News

On Tuesday 13 August we were thrilled to have author Will Kostakis visit Years 7 and 8 students.  Will had students captivated and inspired with his funny yet poignant stories.  We have been delighted with the positive reviews we have received from staff, students and parents alike.  Copies of Will’s novels are in hot demand and we have already had to order more so please be patient!


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