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17 February 2017
Issue One
Korean Student Teachers
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Korean Student Teachers


Dear Families,  


As we come to the end of the first 3 weeks I am very proud of the way in which the children have settled back into school routines. The past few weeks have been very much about “setting the scene” through our success & learning program and providing the children with strategies and tools to maximise their learning. This week, our literacy and numeracy blocks have commenced. We have very high expectations for all our children and will continue a number of strategies and structures to support their learning.



A reminder that our Playgroup is on every Tuesday from 8.50 am to 10.20am in Room 8.

New families are always welcome.

Please see Tania Schwenke for further details.


Acquaintance Night / AGM

Thank you to all those that came along to the Acquaintance Night and to those that stayed for the AGM.

The number of families that took the time to come along and meet their child’s/ren’s teacher/s was exceptional.

Your support for both your children and the school is greatly appreciated.

Thank you also to the parents that have nominated to be on Governing Council. A list of members will be sent out in the near future.


Year 6/7 Roles

Once again, we have set up leadership roles for our year 6 & 7 students. The Largs Bay Leadership Program enables the students to apply for positions such as Media Officers, Canteen Monitors, Resource Centre Officers, Student Mentors, Student Voice Executive, Environmental Officers, Graduation Committee & Public Relations Officers. Applications included addressing the job criteria as well as providing referee statements. We have been overwhelmed by the number of applications. This is a very clear indication of the pride that these students have in their school and their passion to be school leaders.

Congratulations to all of them.





Korean Student Teachers

Over the past 3 weeks we have been privileged to have 7 student teachers in their second and third year of study from Korea. They have visited most classes throughout the school, talking about their culture and showing the children how to write in Korean. We have been honoured to have them at Largs Bay and wish each of them every success in their future endeavours.


Traffic & Car Parking

It is not unusual that traffic around the school is congested during drop-off and pick-up times. However, regardless of this, we need to ensure that our children are safe when entering or leaving the school. There are ways that we can reduce the bottlenecks if some simple steps are followed:

  1. Abide by all the signage around the school
  2. Kiss and Drop zones have a maximum of 3 minutes standing time
  3. Traffic should flow in an anti-clockwise direction around the school - eg

Fletcher Rd              Junction St              Lincoln St


Do not stop in the middle of roads to pick up / drop off children

I cannot stress enough the importance of always being vigilant and respectful of others when dropping off or picking up children. Thank you for your co-operation.


Dress Code

A reminder that we have a compulsory School Uniform / Dress Code Policy. This is available on our website If you require a copy of the Dress Code, please ask at the front office.

There are some articles of clothing that are unacceptable, including anything that does not cover both shoulders, denim, snap pants (including shorts), clothing deemed by staff to display offensive or suggestive comments, shoes that may easily slip off, jewellery and make-up. Students with long hair may be asked to tie it back.

Thank you for your support.



Regards Mike


Dates to Remember

SAPSASA Swimming Carnival

21st February

Bike Ed Yr 4/5

24th February

3rd March

10th March

17th March

24th March

31st March

7th April


Camp Quality Puppets

Tuesday 28th February

Newsletter & Assembly

10th March

Adelaide Cup
Public Holiday

13th March

Governing Council

20th March

Harmony Day

21st March

School News

Counsellor Corner
Top ways to help your child settle back in to school

Manage your own anxiety

If your child fells anxious about going back to school it’s natural for you to feel concerned about them. Avoid sharing your worries with them by asking questions like “Was it ok at school today?”, “Did you make any friends?”, “Do you like your new teacher?” Instead you could tell them about your day and then ask them about theirs, or ask them if there is something special at school that they enjoy doing.


Validate their feelings by telling them you understand how they feel. Don’t try to solve the problem but understand that it is natural to feel a bit worried sometimes but it will go away. A child who has had their feelings validated is more likely to remain calm, be ready to listen and work with you to finds ways to adjust to the new situation.

Get up earlier

Routines take longer when you first start them. Try to do the same thing each morning so nothing is a surprise. Children, who experience anxiety, benefit from knowing what is coming next and arriving at school on time. Be realistic. Children are often tired, grumpy and more emotional in the first few weeks.

Student Support Services

Children and young people who need extra help are often referred to the Student Support Services team by their teacher. 

Student Support Services include social workers, behaviour support coaches, psychologists, special educators, speech pathologists and provide support to children and teachers in state schools and preschools. 

If your child’s teacher feels that your child or their class as a whole is having difficulties they may engage with the Student Support Services team regarding these difficulties. Your teacher will discuss this with you and obtain you consent before making a formal request for support is made for your child. 

For more information, speak with your preschool or school or visit

Volunteer Training
Reporting to Abuse & Neglect

All of the department's ongoing volunteers must receive the Reporting to Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care (RAN-EC) induction session for volunteers.  This includes people on a governing council.

The session explains what you are expected to do if you have concerns about the safety or wellbeing of children and young people. It helps you understand appropriate ways of relating with children and young people.

The DECD site leader chooses and arranges the best option for the volunteer. The online option might be good for volunteers who:

  • have good English and computer skills
  • already know about child protection issues (eg, medical staff, Department for Child Protection staff and volunteers, police officers)
  • have a job or other commitments that make it hard to come to a site-based session.

Next Face to Face Training: Monday 6th March 6pm - 6:45pm


Online session
The RAN-EC online induction session for volunteers takes about 90 minutes and includes an assessment. Help with the online training is available on the RAN-EC online technical support page.

This online session is not site- specific, so site leaders will make sure that volunteers who do this online are given the name of their nominated site leader as well as any site-specific child protection information.

Please speak to Mike Tate when the training has been completed and provide a copy of the certificate to the front office for admin purposes.

Teaching & Learning
at Largs Bay

Throughout the year, Largs Bay School staff will have a fortnightly focus on various teaching practises to improve teaching and learning. Over the past few weeks staff have focused on

Developing democratic relationships.


Building a community of learners.

Classrooms have established themes or an identity that students can relate to.


Achievement Awards  

At our assemblies some students receive special awards. This is recognition of their achievements as identified by members of staff. Congratulations to the following students.

Room 3 - Lachlan - for showing responsibility in the classroom and helping others

Room 3 - Ellie - for showing great persistence and having a go

Room 4 - Stanley - for showing responsibility and being a leader in the classroom

Room 4 - Tilley - for showing responsibility and being a leader in the classroom

Room 5 - Sisqo - for being persistent and brave in settling into school

Room 5 - Nina - for being persistent and brave in settling into school

Room 5A - Ziggy - for showing persistent in his morning routine

Room 5A - Isabella - for being persistent and brave in settling into school

Room 10 - Willis - for demonstrating high levels of responsibility towards the management of the class

Room 10 - Emily - for taking the responsibility necessary to make a smooth transition into year 6

Room 11 - Isabella - for showing initiative, responsibility and positivity in the classroom

Room 11 - Taiga - for showing initiative, responsibility and positivity in the classroom

Room 13 - Gwenaisha - for showing persistence in her morning routine

Room 13 - Ryder - for showing persistence in his morning routing

Room 14 - Jaiya - for being organised and helpful

Room 14 - Sam - for being an organised and helpful member of our class

Room 16 - Ethan - for always showing respect to the teacher and others in the classroom

Room 16 - Isabel - for always being a responsible leader in the classroom and the yard

Room 17 - Gracy - for showing responsibility in the classroom and helping others

Room 17 - Lachlan - for showing responsibility in the classroom and helping others

Room 19 - Lachlan - for respecting his class mates and getting along with others

Room 19 - Bailee - for showing persistence and giving things a go

Room 20 - Milla - for demonstrating responsibility in her approach to her learning

Room 20 - Nate - for demonstrating respect towards his peers and teachers

Room 22 - Matilda - for demonstrating responsibility in her morning routine

Room 22 - Rhys - for persisting with his writing and giving new tasks to go with a positive mindset

Room 23 - Hensley - for demonstrating respect and kindness towards his classmates and teachers

Room 23 - Della - for demonstrating persistence with her writing and having a growth mindset when faced with new tasks

Room 26 - Aidan - for demonstrating persistence in his transition into Year 6

Room 26 - Jace - for always showing respect and continuing to persist on all tasks

Room 27 - Lachlan - for persisting with his writing and approaching his schooling with a more positive mindset

Room 27 - BJ - for constantly showing respect to all peers and approaching her schooling with enthusiasm

Room 29 - Charlie - for always displaying persistence in completing tasks to a high standard

Room 29 - Isabella - for taking responsibility for her learning and setting high standards

Room 30 - Liam - for always showing respect to the teacher and classmates and persisting in all tasks

Room 30 - Nykita - for showing persistence with her Literacy and Maths and always having a positive mindset

Room 31 - Caitlin - for showing responsibility with her learning

Room 31 - Rome - for showing respect to all members of the school community

Room 32 - Sam - for showing respect to all members of his class

Room 32 - Taneliya - for demonstrating responsibility in her approach to her learning

Room 33 - Elektra - for being responsible and focused on learning tasks

Room 33 - Ava - for demonstrating great organisation skills


Indonesian - Room 31  - for being responsible and persistent learners


HASS - Room 13 & 14 - for excellent planning and making a display of their family


OSHC Award

Thomas -  Room 13

For always being kind and inclusive of others 

Principal's Attendance Award
Abby - Room 30


Classroom News  

Every Face Has a Place in Room 13

We have been very busy building the foundations for a successful year in room 13.

We have been getting to know each other through games, art, purposeful play and writing about our friends. Learning about each other and building a strong sense of community in our class ensures everyone feels valued and connected.  

Here is Riki-Lee, Nicholas, Kate, Thomas, Joel, Alexis and Edward holding their

self-portraits that they created as part of our ‘Every face has a place’ art activity.


Room 30

Last week our class did a STEM Spaghetti and Marshmallow challenge. Our task was to create the tallest tower using only 20 pieces of spaghetti, string and sticky tape that would support one large marshmallow on the top. The first time we did the challenge, we found it quite difficult, especially as most of our towers fell over once we put the marshmallow on. However, the second time around, we were also allowed to use 15 mini-marshmallows. We used our problem solving skills and all groups were successful the second time!


Room 26

To begin our year in ‘The Zone’ we have been concentrating on setting goals that we want to achieve during 2017. As a group ‘The Zone’ has designed a class motto and some non-negotiables. This has allowed all of our students to contribute their ideas. To help achieve our goals throughout 2017, ‘The Zone’ has decided to create either a 7,17 or a 2017 that shows all our goals and a little bit about ourselves. Another activity we completed was our ‘I know I am a star in the zone because’ which was deciding which of our characteristics made us an important member of ‘The Zone’. These are all important tasks which we have used to help develop a positive learning culture which is focused on all students achieving success!

Avah and Amelie (Room 26)


Room 3
We are bucket fillers!

During the beginning of the term we have been learning about being kind and respectful to others. Together the children and I have read the book ‘Have you filled a Bucket Today?’, which has been fantastic for students to understand how to be a great bucket filler. Each student made their own bucket and together we shared and discussed a time that they helped to fill someone’s bucket.

“Going to the park fills my bucket. We like to get ice-creams after” - Hendrix

“Playing with my friend Willow fills my bucket”. - Shelby


Room 20

In Room 20 we have been learning a secret code called rainbow facts that helps us when adding numbers. Rainbow facts are 2 numbers that add to 10. We used our hands to work out our rainbow facts. 


Room 32

In our class we had a real challenge. We used teamwork to save Fred the worm. We had to rescue him off his ‘boat’ (plastic cup) and put him in his ‘lifejacket’ (burger ring) only using paper clips. It was tricky but working together we got the job done!


Room 22
STEM Challenge

Room 22 worked in small engineering teams to construct the longest paper chain from an A4 piece of paper.  Students needed to work together to problem solve, think critically and be persistent.

The engineers had to communicate with each other non-verbally. They did a wonderful job and constructed some lengthy chains.



Second Hand Uniform Sale

7th &  8th March

8:30 – 8:50am and 2:45 -3:15pm

Yard A

Kyton's Fundraising

Dear Friends and Largs Bay Family,


Please support LBS and purchase from our delicious range of Easter Products baked by Kytons.

Including award winning Kytons Traditional, Fruitless, Menz Fruchocs Hot Cross Buns & Lamingtons.


Please find attached our Kytons Easter Order form.

Please return your order forms and payment by Monday 3rd April to the Front Office.


Delivery of the orders will be on Wednesday 12th April.

On this day your child will be reminded to pick up your order after school from the Green Room. Alternatively pick it up yourself after 2:45pm.



Yours sincerely,

Largs Bay School Parent Help Group.




Community Notices     

Free Parenting Seminar

Register to attend in person or view the live webcast at

The mysterious world of teens: survival tips for parents



Volleyball SA


Australian Sports Camps





Would your child benefit from some extra support with reading?

The Smith Family’s student2student program matches students with trained high school buddies who listen to them read over the phone a few times a week.

Last year, 95% of participating students improved their reading over the course of the program.

The 18-week program aims to improve students’ reading and confidence. Students need to be 8 to 14 years old to participate in the program.

For more information please contact:

Tania Marshall-Bates (Program Coordinator)

(08) 8248 3110 or 0419 291 461

[email protected]


Fulham United FC
Junior Girls Football


West Torrens
District Cricket Club

west torrenscricket c.pdf


School Sport

Sailing Term 1

This term students from grades 5-7 have the opportunity to participate in a sailing programme supported and funded by the Federal Government’s Sporting Schools programme and the Largs Bay Sailing Club. We are really excited about providing the opportunity for our students to be involved in this programme. 21 students will learn to sail on Mondays after school for 3 weeks.

Thanks to the Largs Bay Sailing club for their support.


School Cricket

Saturday morning school cricket begins this week. We have entered a Kanga team, C grade and B grade teams. This year the format for the games has changed slightly to encourage greater participation for all players.

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered their time to coach and manage teams.

Please refer to the following website link for all details and programming information.

School Basketball

After school basketball will commence next week for our teams. We have approximately 70 players and 8 teams entered. It’s great to see so many of our students participating. Again thanks to our parent volunteers who support this programme and ensure the participation for our students.


SAPSASA Swimming

This week, we selected our SAPSASA swimming team for the upcoming Port SAPSASA carnival. Students born in 2007 and older were invited to trial.  We wish them well for the carnival on Tuesday 21st Feb.


SAPSASA State Teams

Largs Bay provides the opportunity for students to participate in many SAPSASA events including Cross Country, Athletics, Softball, Cricket, Tennis, Football (AFL), Soccer and Hockey. Please find attached the 2017 SAPSASA calendar (with Port SAPSASA District events). Fliers will be given to interested students. District events (swimming, athletics and cross country) are limited to students 10 years old (born 2007) and older. SAPSASA State carnival teams are selected from students in year 6 & 7.

12 & Under state team information and nomination process is available on the DECD school sports website.

It is the responsibility of parents to nominate for state teams.

As a guide, nominations for team sports close a few days prior to the first trial and nominations for individual sports close soon after the championship.


Bike Education

This term our school will be participating in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s (DPTI’s) Way2Go Bike Ed program. It is a practical program for our year 4 & 5 students delivered by qualified instructors. The program starts on Friday 24th Feb and runs until the end of term.

Students receive a Way2Go Bike Ed student learning journal and a bike check card that will record the roadworthiness check of her/his bike from the first session.

Through participating in Way2Go Bike Ed students:

build their knowledge and understanding of the road laws and traffic environments

develop bike handling and maintenance skills

develop decision making skills for off and on-road bike riding.


Rm 30 8:50 – 10:10am

Rm 31 10:10-10:30 & 10:50-11:50

Rm 32 11:50-12:30 & 1:20-1:50

Rm 33 1:50-3:00

Students will be expected to bring their bikes to school and lock them in the bike racks until their lessons.