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10 March 2017
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From the Principal









The start to this year has seen a buzz of activity with several building projects concurrently underway.  Our ELC extension is fully completed and our youngest learners are enjoying their new space. A highlight for our Junior School students is our brand new playground. Our Library refurbishment is progressing well and at this stage is expected to be ready for the commencement of Term 2. Our Junior School amenities project is also on target to be completed by the commencement of Term 2. 

Staff Survey

During 2016, we conducted a staff satisfaction survey through Independent Schools Victoria.  I am delighted to report that significant improvement has been noted in the number of critical areas by our staff.  This survey is conducted every three years and our school improvement agenda is certainly making a significant difference.


AREAS OF STRENGTH                                                      

Teaching Practice: School Mean- 9.24 | Similar School Mean- 8.77     

Quality of Teaching & Learning: School Mean- 8.45 | Similar School Mean- 8.21

Learning Support: School Mean- 8.19 | Similar School Mean-7.85

School Ethos: School Mean-8.29 | Similar School Mean-8.12

Discipline: School Mean-8.21| Similar School Mean-7.96

Pastoral Care: School Mean-8.81 | Similar School Mean- 8.52

Parental Involvement: School Mean-8.72 | Similar School Mean-8.38  

Leadership & Moral: School Mean-7.60 | Similar School Mean-7.07

Goal Alignment: School Mean-8.54 | Similar School Mean- 8.14

Professional Development: School Mean- 8.20 | Similar School Mean- 7.86

Staff Collaboration: School Mean-8.27 | Similar School Mean-7.93

Feedback: School Mean- 7.80 | Similar School Mean- 6.61


The improvement from the previous two surveys in staff perception of our school has been significant. Whilst we continue to focus on the above domains, our school will be paying particular attention to improving resources to support our students learning journey, providing greater technology support and focusing on student behaviour generally.


Staff News

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs Sarah Caffrey with the recent unexpected passing of her brother Michael who was 41 years of age.

Deputy Principal


Deputy Principal


Welcome to our new parents and students

On Monday 20 February we held the Welcome to New Parents Function in the Arrowsmith Centre. It was great to see so many parents on this occasion. Another clear indicator of a growing school that is putting its stamp on being a leading Melbourne co-educational school that delivers quality education at international standards.


Social functions such as this are an important opportunity for staff and parents get to know one another, and collectively work toward supporting their children as they begin their new school.


Starting in a new school is a big challenge for a young person. As a parent with children who attended a number of schools, I know very well the unease and tension they feel on their first day. However, it gets better; they make friends, they get to know their teachers and they start to develop an important relationship with their Home Group teacher.


The well-being, happiness and success of every student at our school, is clearly very important to us, as it is to parents. Our staff, Home Group Teachers, Subject Teachers, Year Level Coordinators and Heads of School, are all here to support our new students and to work towards making their new school life enjoyable and every day a positive learning experience. However, things are not rosy all the time. So if an issue or concern does arise it is important for parents to let us know. A parent’s first point of contact is their child’s Home Group Teacher.


One of the great strengths of Oakleigh Grammar is that we are a community school and parents are key players in this educational partnership. We value their input, their feedback, their support of the School and importantly their support of their child’s education. Parents have a key role to play in their child’s intellectual growth and development. Your active involvement in supporting them at homework time, modelling reading, helping your child to effectively use the internet for research, being a creative influence if your child is reluctant to get involved with a project, all matter and will make a difference to your child’s learning! Value learning at home!


As you know our theme for 2017 is Resilience. Life continually throws challenges at all of us, young and old in this dynamic world. Developing resilience and the capacity to cope with unexpected changes is an important personal attribute that all young people need to grow. Starting a new school is one of those challenges a child will overcome with the support of their teachers, parents and new friends.

Important Dates & Notices

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

Every Victorian child should have access to the world of learning opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund helps ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. It is part of making Victoria the Education State and the Government’s commitment to breaking the link between a student’s background and their outcomes.

For more information, download the flyer below.

To apply for CSEF, download the form below.



Conference Centre & 9ways Venue Hire

We are now accepting external hires of our Conference Centre & 9ways Centre.


If you would like to make a booking, or obtain more information, please contact

Miss Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer on (03) 9569 6128 during school hours or on 0449 863 622 after hours to leave a message or via email at 

[email protected]


Check out our website:



You can also find us on Facebook:


and Instagram: @ogconferencecentre.

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Construction Work Update




Junior School Playground


More to come...

Future location for modular design classrooms.


Senior School

Head of Senior School


Head of Senior School

The first term of 2017 is half way through. New students transitioning into Senior School are now beginning to understand the different dynamic of study in the business end of the School.


The focus of Term 1 is always to start our students off positively and with direction. Resilience, time management and the development of all important relationships with their teachers form an integral part of the pastoral program overseen by the Senior School Pastoral team. These concepts sit side by side with needs of curriculum, ongoing assessments and performance evaluation. Shortly, interim reports will arrive home. I strongly encourage you to discuss the results with your child but more importantly, I ask you to take the time to make an appointment to meet your child’s teacher on either March 20 or 21 at Parent Teacher Interviews. These educational conversations provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and to address areas requiring attention with their teachers.

Year 11 & 12 Camps

Year 11 Camp - Student Reflection

After a whole day of tiresome sport and academia, we set off from Oakleigh Grammar at approximately 4:30pm, to start our journey to our accommodation in Shoreham. Read More.


Year 12 Camp

Year 12 students accompanied by their home group teachers and the Head of Senior School spent the later part of last week at Queenscliff on camp. Read More.


Middle School

Head of Middle School


Head of Middle School


Middle School

Clean Up Australia Day

Students from Year 6, 7 & 8 Joined the Junior School students in cleaning up the school and surrounds in support of Clean Up Australia Day last Friday 3 March.


In an activity aimed at recognising the contribution we can make to keep our immediate, surrounding, and indeed global environment clean of rubbish, students spent their pastoral session cleaning up the gardens and nature strips surrounding the school and the Sts Anagiri Church carpark and grounds.


Damage to the environment from human waste is an ever-increasing global challenge the world faces. We are all reminded that protecting the environment starts with us protecting our own local environment.


Year 7 Students – Click against Hate

This week our Year 7 students undertook the two session program, Click against Hate (CAH),  which is an interactive cyber-safety program run by the Anti-Defamation Commission, that covers topics including Invasion of Privacy, cyber bullying, online dangers, Stereotyping, Incitement, Defamation, YouTube reporting, Facebook reporting, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, freedom of speech and vilification, pluralism/diversity/multiculturalism, attitudes to Indigenous Australians, bystander vs upstander, scams/identity theft/trolling/phishing.


The program is taught using a PowerPoint demonstration, discussion and a final collaborative presentation by students.


The aim of CAH is to challenge students and take them ‘out of their comfort zone’, which the program certainly did, and get students involved in the discussion.


The programme was a huge success and we look forward to it returning, in the Year 9 version, in the coming weeks.


House Swimming Carnival

The House swimming Carnival was held at Oakleigh Pool on Tuesday 21 February on a beautiful summer’s day. The competition was fierce between all three Houses with the final result from the full carnival programme coming down to two races.


Whilst congratulations go to all students who contributed to the points tally on the day and pushed themselves in the name of House spirit, there can be only one winner and on this occasion it was …………………Rose House! With Fraser in second place and Bradman a valiant third.


Congratulations to George Daglaras and Anastasia Anastopoulos for leading Rose House to victory. We look forward to the Athletics carnival, which will be held on Wednesday 29 March.


Year 6 Camp

Year 6 students travelled to Camp Toolangi on Monday morning last week for three days of fun and adventure in the beautiful Toolangi State Forest. Students tackled obstacle courses, a knee trembling High Ropes Course, the flying fox, and many other activities. Read more.







Year 9 Camp

Year 9 students spent Wednesday to Friday last week at the Summit Camp in Gippsland, pitting themselves against the elements and each other, in a range of challenging team building and initiative activities. Read more.


Year 9’s get motivated!

Following on from the Year 9 Summit Camp, our Year 9 students were visited by Nathan Hulls,  an engaging motivational speaker who also consults with the Summit Camp in the development of their youth programmes.


The focus of Nathan’s talk was Motivation, Self Esteem, Bullying, Success, Responsibility, and Prevention and using his own story of being born with a disability, facing bullying and overcoming adversity to live the life of his dreams.


Nathan encouraged the Year 9 students to view their lives through a new lens. To understand that their destiny is not determined by the ‘stuff’ that happens to them, that their destiny is determined by the decisions they make in response to those things.


Students left the talk empowered and energised and ready to grasp all opportunities that come their way in the future.


Upcoming events

Upcoming events to put in the Calendar include;

  • Labour Day Public Holiday – School Closed: Monday 13 March
  • Parent-Teacher Interviews: Monday 20 March; 4 – 6pm & Tuesday 21 March; 4 – 8pm
  • Greek Independence Day March: Sunday 26 March
  • Inter-house Athletics Carnival: Wednesday 29 March

Junior School

Head of Junior School


Head of Junior School


Morning Good-bye

Now as we are nearly half way through Term 1, it is essential all students, particularly ELC and Prep, can complete the morning routines of their classroom independently. This assists each child to be effectively organised and enter school with confidence.


Our students are encouraged to develop their independence and organisational skills. The teachers set daily morning routines to improve their competence and so we ask parents to avoid entering the classroom and ‘helping’ with this routine.


If you and your child need five minutes to say goodbye, I urge you to commence this at 8.40am so that they are ready to walk into class with their teacher and peers when the bell rings.  Encourage your child to focus on the tasks they will be completing when they get to their room. 


Students waving, yelling and blowing kisses, while adorable, are not concentrating on completing the tasks required to enter the classroom and settle to work.


Students who are late to school are signed in, parents must not proceed past reception as the school day and learning for all of the other students has begun.


School Happenings

Thank you to Mr Greg Joyce and Mrs Nicole Lewis-Jacobs for organising our swim team trials and Interschool Carnival.  Students who successfully made the team will competed in the Bentleigh District Interschool Swimming Carnival. 


The New Parents Get together was wonderful and a real pleasure getting to know more of the new parents at Oakleigh Grammar. 


The Oakleigh Owls buddy program was launched on Thursday 18 February where the Year 4 buddies and our Preps shared a plate of food at a High Tea. Read more.


The Junior School Choir has begun and we look forward to performances in the future with such a boisterous interest in this co-curricular activity.


The Junior School Arts Club has begun.  Parent volunteers are always welcome! Thank you to Marita Halkiadakis . Marita is very enthusiastic and approachable and is looking for like-minded members of the community keen to explore their creative side with our students.  The Art Club has been a fantastic success in the last few years with many students enjoying the chance to participate in extra Arts and Crafts activities. So, if you have a free lunchtime to share on Wednesday 1.40 – 2.25, then come and join the fun! This is a GREAT opportunity to contribute to the Arts and Leader in Me process at our school.


Parent Helpers

Most classes have now rostered parent helpers.  The teachers are very thankful for your support.  Please ensure that you sign in at the office before going to the classrooms and during the course of Term 1 please obtain a Working With Children Check.  It is a policy of Oakleigh Grammar for parents to attain one of these for classroom help, excursions, sport and camps.  You should have received a letter outlining the requirements.  Thank you to Mrs Fotini Gameras for running the Parent Helpers Seminar.


Clean Up School Day

On Friday 3 March we participated in National Clean Up School Day where many Schools actively participate in Cleaning up their Schools.  On Friday, ELC to 7 picked up any litter that had spread around our grounds.  Taking your children to help at a local site is a great way to build a strong sense of connection and responsibility for our area and environment.

Early Dismissals

Whilst we encourage students to remain in our care for the entirety of the School day, could parents please be advised that if you would like to collect your child early from school due to an appointment this needs to be arranged prior to the date via the diary.  Teachers will not receive information from the office advising them to send students from class to be collected.  If the teacher is aware of the time in the morning, they can easily arrange for this to happen on the day.


Please note that there are no announcements made during class time.  Where possible please make appointments outside of School hours to ensure your child’s academic progress is not being interrupted. 





The Leader in Me


Leadership Facilitator


As part of best educational practice within The Leader in Me process, we implemented an exciting  opportunity for our new students to spend some quality time with their peers, where they could “think, pair, share” all about the 7 Habits and what it means to be a leader at Oakleigh Grammar.


On Tuesday 7 March, new students from the Junior School met in the 9 Ways Centre with a student “7 Habits expert”. The focus was on students familiarising themselves with their Leader in Me Activity Guides and discussing the habits  with each other.

Feedback given to classroom teachers from our students was positive. Comments included feelings of being connected and students caring for each other.

 We look forward to embedding this initiative in our Leader in Me process on an annual basis and thank our budding young leaders for teaching to learn!



Middle/Senior School House Swimming Carnival

On Tuesday 21 February we held our annual MS/SS House Swimming Carnival at the Carnegie Swimming Centre. The conditions were ideal, mild temperatures and lights winds. Students represented their Houses in a variety of swimming and novelty events ranging in distance from 50m to 25m.


The day also provided great training for those students going on to represent our school at the Bentleigh District and EISM Swimming Carnivals. Many thanks to all staff and House Captains who worked tirelessly to support the day.   


The competition was extremely close all day.


Final results:  

1st Place: Rose House - 427 points

2nd Place: Fraser House - 393 points

3rd Place: Bradman House - 336 points     

Congratulations to the triumphant Rose House


Rose House Captains: George Daglaras and Anastasia Anastopoulos.


Bentleigh District Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday 1 March a handful of Oakleigh Grammar students competed in the Bentleigh District Swimming Carnival at Oakleigh Recreation Centre. In very hot conditions we had competitors competing in various events throughout the day.



Georgianna Petridis (Year 6)

1st Place: 11 Girls 50m Backstroke (41.94sec)

2nd Place: 11 Girls 50m Butterfly (41.71sec)


Kai Di Natale (Year 5)

2nd Place: 12/13 Boys 50m B Freestyle (38.45sec)

2nd Place: 12/13 Boys 50m Breaststroke (56.23sec)


Veronica Micallef (Year 4)

2nd Place: 9/10 Girls 50m Breaststroke (54.83sec)


Jaeda Louw (Year 5)

2nd Place: 11 Girls 50m Freestyle C (41.40sec)   


Our 50m Freestyle Relay Teams did well placing 2nd, 3rd and 6th in their age groups. Some relays teamed up with St Andrew’s Primary School to give both schools a chance to compete.

Our Bentleigh District Swimming Team consisted of:

Georgianna Petridis, Kai Di Natale, Veronica Micallef, Kristian Kolokithas, Natasha Kaniandakis, Olga Pavlovic, Gerry Angelatos, Matilda Bourke & Jaeda Louw.


Three of our swimmers have qualified and will progress onto the School Sport Victoria Beachside Division Swimming Carnival, which will be held on Friday 10 March.


We wish Georgianna Petridis, Kai Di Natale and Veronica Micallef the best of luck at the next level of competition.


Nicole Jacobs

Junior School PE Coordinator


The Arrowsmith Program

Barbara Arrowsmith Presentation

Barbara Arrowsmith Young captivated an audience of over 250 at Oakleigh Grammar on the evening of Wednesday 1 March 2017. Her story alone is powerful enough, and when she delves into the details of how her own difficulties inspired her research and the eventual development of the Arrowsmith Program, it is truly awe inspiring.


The evening began with an official opening of the Oakleigh Grammar Centre for the Arrowsmith Program by Ms Arrowsmith Young, as she and Mr Mark Robertson (Principal of Oakleigh Grammar) unveiled a plaque commemorating the event. They were accompanied by key stakeholders in the implementation of the Arrowsmith Program at Oakleigh Grammar, and it was a pivotal moment in the school’s history.


Before welcoming Ms Arrowsmith Young to take the stage and make her presentation, Mr Robertson briefly described the process of implementing the program at Oakleigh Grammar. Within a very brief period of time at the end of 2015, Mr Robertson had a video-chat meeting with Debbie Gilmore (Executive Director of the Arrowsmith Program), convened with the Board of Management (who unanimously voted ‘yes’ to the program) and enrolled a number of key staff in rigorous training to teach the program which took place in Sydney in early 2016.

One year later, Oakleigh Grammar hosted the training on our own grounds, with many new teaching staff taking part in the training. Mr Robertson remarked that as Oakleigh Grammar values access to education for students of all abilities, it only made sense that the school implement the program.


Mr Robertson invited Ms Arrowsmith Young to the podium and she engaged the audience immediately. She described her difficulties as a child, and how they affected her health and general wellbeing. She spoke of a link between learning difficulties and physical health, and commented that human error may in fact be a cognitive mismatch.


She described her parents, and their important roles in her life. She quoted her father, who once told her that “if the rest of the world says you can’t, don’t listen” – and she followed that advice, creating exercises to re-wire her brain and mend the cognitive mismatches within her brain.

Her presentation was warm and at times funny, presenting her story in such an inspiring way. She concluded with a memorable quote: “it is through cognitive transformation that we help unlock each individual’s gifts, allowing them to dare to dream”.

Ms Arrowsmith Young is an inspiration to all – not just those with learning and cognitive difficulties of their own. She addressed her issues, and when she couldn’t find existing solutions, she created her own, and now those solutions are changing the lives of many children and adults all over the world.


“Barbara Arrowsmith Young’s talk at Oakleigh Grammar was inspiring, uplifting and confirmation that students of all ages can benefit from the principles of neuroplasticity.” – Wayne Stagg, Head of the Arrowsmith Program at Oakleigh Grammar.


Following her presentation, Ms Arrowsmith Young answered many intelligent and insightful questions from the audience (two of which came from our very own Arrowsmith students that attend our Middle School), before signing copies of her book The Woman Who Changed Her Brain.

“The Dare to Dream theme espoused by Barbara Arrowsmith captured the passion of the audience. The official opening of the Oakleigh Grammar Arrowsmith Centre was a special occasion for all within our Community – at Oakleigh Grammar we do indeed Dare to Dream!” – Mr Mark Robertson, Principal.

Faculty News


Career Advisor




SUBSCRIBE to www.oakleighgrammarcareers.com for extended Careers News, upcoming events and course updates.



Applications close 2 June; test 26 July. Information Booklet: http://umat.acer.edu.au. and/or see Mrs. Mascaro for further information.



Attend an ‘Inside Monash’ seminar. Coming soon: March, 28th Pharmacy; April 6th Design and Fine Art, 11th Architecture, 12th Interior Architecture; Register: www.monash.edu/inside-monash;



These dates are supplied now for your diaries so you don’t double book activities on these days. Attendance at Open Days is vital for senior school students. They are especially important for courses which involve a folio presentation, an interview, an audition or completion of some type of information kit as part of the application process (e.g. many art, design, drama and music courses). You need to see the facilities, go to an information session, talk to staff/students, and compare institutions.

  • AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY (ACU) – Sun 13 Aug (Melbourne); Sun 27 Aug (Ballarat)
  • BOX HILL INSTITUTE – Sun 20 August (Lilydale); Sun 27 August (Box Hill)
  • DEAKIN UNIVERSITY – Sun 6 August (Warrnambool); Sun 20 August (Geelong); Sun 27 August (Melbourne)
  • FEDERATION UNIVERSITY – Sun 27 August (Ballarat, Berwick and Gippsland)
  • HOLMESGLEN – Thursdays – book on-line
  • LA TROBE UNIVERSITY – Sun 6 August (Melbourne); Sun 27 Aug (Bendigo)
  • MELBOURNE POLYTECHNIC – Sat 19 August (Preston)
  • MONASH UNIVERSITY – Sat 5 August (Peninsula); Sun 6 August (Caulfield and Clayton); Sun 20 August (Parkville)
  • RMIT – Sun 13 August (City and Bundoora)
  • SWINBURNE – Sun 30 July (Hawthorn)
  • UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE – Sun 20 August (Parkville)
  • VICTORIA UNIVERSITY – Sun 20 August (Footscray)



How can you find out about studying at La Trobe University? Experience La Trobe provides an opportunity to attend workshops, lectures, and seminars whilst being exposed to areas of the university not usually available on Open Day. You’ll be able to talk to current academics and students to find out what their dream career is really like. Parents can attend the parents’ session if they wish covering topics like university costs, courses and admissions. When: Melbourne: 9.30am – 4.30pm, Fri 7 April & Thurs 6 July; country campuses have Experience Days later in the year. Registrations and information: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/experience/events/experience-la-trobe-events

Chaplain's Corner


School Chaplain


The Orthodox Christian Church has entered into the period of Great Lent. In Great Lent we turn our souls towards the Source of Power and New Life through daily prayer, spiritual reading, the Liturgy of Pre-sanctified Gifts, Great Compline, the Akathist Hymn and participating in the holy sacraments.


On the Friday 3 March our senior school students attended the Liturgy of the  Pre-sanctified Gifts. At the end of the service I explained to them that Great Lent from the earliest days of Christianity was always a period of self-examination, self-reflection and a period of cleansing our soul.

It was a blessing to see our students from different year levels (Years 5-12) in attendance at the sacrament of confession to have a conversation with the spiritual father.


On Tuesday 7 March our Year 10 students attended the church for their lesson and we did a workshop on how to make Kollyva (boiled wheat) for the departed. We spoke about the symbolism of the ingredients and after making the Kollyva we conducted a memorial service for all our departed loved ones. May their memory be Eternal! Thanks are extended to Mrs Sophie Angelis for conducting an informative demonstration of how to make Kollyva with some of our students assisting.

On Sunday 5 March the Orthodox Christian Church celebrated the Triumph of Orthodoxy (Sunday of Orthodoxy). Many of our parishioners attended the church service as well as students of Oakleigh Grammar, some of whom assisted in the alter. Many of our parishioners and our students brought their icons and participated in a procession around the church with the clergy offering petitions for the people, civil authorities, our parish and community, our school, and those who have reposed in the faith following with the reading of excerpts from the Affirmation of Faith of the Seventh Ecumenical Council and singing the Great Prokeimenon. “Who is so great a God as our God? You alone are the God who does wonders”

May you all have a blessed journey through Great Lent!


For more detailed information:





Confession at School

Tuesday Week A

Friday Week A

Friday Week B


Services for our students

Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts

10 March Junior School

17 March Middle School



Head of LOTE


March is the month for Greek

March is a month full adventures for the Greek Language at Oakleigh Grammar. There is the “We speak Greek in March” campaign as well as the Commemoration of the Greek Independence Day Concert and Parade.


The “We Speak Greek In March” initiative was introduced in 2015 by individuals and representatives of literary and cultural organisations within the Greek community.


The organising Committee’s policy is to encourage the various stakeholders to initiate, develop and implement activities appropriate to their own fields of endeavour, which promote the Greek language. Our school has been a strong supporter every year with all of our students and their families embracing this event.


This March we encourage everyone to try and speak Greek in any occasion possible. At home if you can, at any Greek shops if you buy Greek products, in a café if you order a delicious Greek coffee or if you eat at a Greek restaurant.


There is a plethora of English words that are derived from Greek, 'plethora' being one of them!


Following are the speeches of Professor Xenofon Zolotas, a well-known Greek economist. The speeches were delivered to a foreign audience, at the closing session of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, on September 26, 1957 and on October 2, 1959.


Professor Zolotas held the positions of the Governor of the bank of Greece and the Governor of the Funds for Greece, at that time.


"I always wished to address this Assembly in Greek, but I realized that it would have been indeed Greek to all present in this room. I found out, however, that I could make my address in Greek which would still be English to everybody. With your permission, Mr. Chairman, I shall do it now, using with the exception of articles and prepositions only Greek words.''

Mr Xenophon Zolotas


First speech


I eulogize the archons of the Panethnic Numismatic Thesaurus and the Ecumenical Trapeza for the orthodoxy of their axioms, methods and policies, although there is an episode of cacophony of the Trapeza with Hellas.

With enthusiasm we dialogue and synagonize at the synods of our didymous Organizations in which polymorphous economic ideas and dogmas are analyzed and synthesized.


Our critical problems such as the numismatic plethora generate some agony and melancholy. This phenomenon is characteristic of our epoch. But, to my thesis, we have the dynamism to program therapeutic practices as a prophylaxis from chaos and catastrophe.


In parallel, a panethnic unhypocritical economic synergy and harmonization in a democratic climate is basic.


I apologize for my eccentric monologue. I emphasize my eucharistia to you Kyrie, to the eugenic and generous American Ethnos and to the organizers and protagonists of this Amphictyony and the gastronomic symposia.''


Mr Xenophon Zolotas


Second speech


It is Zeus' anathema on our epoch for the dynamism of our economies and the heresy of our economic methods and policies that we should agonise between the Scylla of numismatic plethora and the Charybdis of economic anaemia.

It is not my idiosyncrasy to be ironic or sarcastic but my diagnosis would be that politicians are rather cryptoplethorists. Although they emphatically stigmatize numismatic plethora, energize it through their tactics and practices.

Our policies have to be based more on economic and less on political criteria.


Our gnomon has to be a metron between political, strategic and philanthropic scopes. Political magic has always been antieconomic.

In an epoch characterised by monopolies, oligopolies, menopsonies, monopolistic antagonism and polymorphous inelasticities, our policies have to be more orthological. But this should not be metamorphosed into plethorophobia which is endemic among academic economists.


Numismatic symmetry should not antagonize economic acme.


A greater harmonization between the practices of the economic and numismatic archons is basic.

Parallel to this, we have to synchronize and harmonize more and more our economic and numismatic policies panethnically.

These scopes are more practical now, when the prognostics of the political and economic barometer are halcyonic.


The history of our didymous organisations in this sphere has been didactic and their gnostic practices will always be a tonic to the polyonymous and idiomorphous ethnical economics. The genesis of the programmed organisations will dynamize these policies. I sympathise, therefore, with the aposties and the hierarchy of our organisations in their zeal to programme orthodox economic and numismatic policies, although I have some logomachy with them.


I apologize for having tyrannized you with my hellenic phraseology.


In my epilogue, I emphasize my eulogy to the philoxenous autochthons of this cosmopolitan metropolis and my encomium to you, Kyrie, and the stenographers."

Parents' Association

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Community Board

Kittens Free to a Good Home

Contact Maria Ravipinto 0478 828 821 to express your interest.


Supporting Teenagers Transverse the High School Years

  • Do you currently have children entering or within the High School Years?
  • Do they become stressed, intense, frustrated or anxious about school?
  • Are they unmotivated or apathetic about school work, homework, assignments, tests, or exams?
  • Does school work and homework create difficulties in relationships in the family home, resulting in a stream of disagreements?
  • Are you concerned about their future, and future direction?

This introductory evening is designed specifically to meet the needs of adolescents of all ages, their families and support people, and teachers will address the many issues facing the parents and educators in the home, school and community environments today.

During the workshop we will be discussing 3 KEY PRINCIPLES to creating immediate change, and strategies for now and future moments.

The workshop will be followed by further engagement opportunities for you and your family.

Presenter: Scott Hardie

  • University Lecturer in Education; Health & Community Services; Adjunct Lecturer in Speech Pathology
  • Speech Pathologist, Learning & Behavioural Clinician
  • Master Coach / Trainer of Coaching; NLP; Time Line Therapy®; Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness

When: Tuesday, 14th March, 2017 - 7pm-8:30pm
Where: Box Hill Library, Meeting Room 1, Level 1, 1040 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, Vic, 3128
Investment: GOLD COIN Donation to WHITELION

For further information, register your interest, and to book your seat - contact Kristie Maher on 0400-383-022 or [email protected] or email Scott on [email protected]

Scott Hardie is considered a ‘Master of Language and Process’ by parents and teachers in the field of Student Communication, Learning & Behaviour.

His experience, within the private & public sectors of National Sport, Education & Mental Health, and private practice, spans 25 years. The many facets of this business support children, adolescents and young adults with social, emotional, language, learning and behavioural challenges. He works with their families and associated school environments to ease the energy of home, school and community environments, and create positive possibilities, and pathways for life.

He is recognised by his work with children & adolescents, families, and schools nationally, for providing a ‘wrap-around’ approach, utilising powerful coaching frameworks, therapeutic evidence-based practice, and accelerated learning techniques.



Football Star Academy

Fun sessions, challenging and professional coaches who are dedicated to the growth and development of young players!


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