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02 December 2017
Issue Eighteen
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Principal's Report

From The Principal 

I was extremely fortunate on the November 30th to accompany one of our students and 2 staff members to the ABCN presentation night at the Rialto Towers in the city. ABCN works in partnership with our College supporting our students' learning. The ABCN Foundation provides intensive mentoring scholarships through the Accelerate program. The 3 year program targets exceptional students who face economic, family or social challenges. A scholarship from them entitles a student to:

  • Financial support over years 11, 12 and the first year of further education
  • A senior business mentor selected by ABCN from their network of member companies
  • Participation in the ABCN Accelerate program for scholarship recipients

This year ABCN received over 300 applications from around Australia of which only 24 scholars were selected by the Scholarship Selection Committee - made up of the ABCN Foundation Board, senior educators and our member company stakeholders. Every single one of the applications they received was carefully considered.

The committee stated selecting scholarship recipients has been an extremely difficult process - there was often less than 0.5% difference between a successful and an unsuccessful application. Every applicant was deserving of a scholarship and although it is the committee's aim to award an increasing number of scholarships each year, this year they  were limited to offering 24.


As Principal of Carwatha College P 12 I am proud to announce that one of our students, Caitlin Mann, is one of those worthy winners. We are very all extremely proud  of Caitlin and congratulate her on the award!


Year 10 & 11 students have completed the Year 11 & 12 V3 Orientation program, giving them a head start for 2018. Students have been provided with homework to complete before they return to school next year. It is  an expectation that students complete this work.  I encourage them not to leave it to the last moment and ask parents to support us in having this work completed so that students  have a positive start to  the new school year.


This week, year 10 students commenced work experience. I hope they are learning much from their experiences and are having a great time. All students will be visited by a staff member from Carwatha during their placement.


The Secondary awards night will be held on Wednesday the 13th of December at the Drum Theatre. Letters have been sent home to parents of students who will be receiving awards or performing. However all families and students are welcome to attend. Tickets can be purchased from the  College office.


Tickets are also available from the office for our Primary concerts to be held on the 7th of December. The students have been working very hard rehearsing for their performances. I think we will be well entertained on these evenings and I encourage all families to attend.


Orientation day for all our new Year 7 students will be on December 12th. I am looking forward to meeting the new parents and students for the first time and to welcoming our grade 6 families to the secondary college.


Our 2018 preps have been attending kinder club sessions on Thursdays where they have been doing lots of fun and interesting activities. On December 14th new prep parents are invited to an information session where I look forward to meeting them.


Pat Mulcahy




New College Uniform

College Uniform 

The college is excited to announce that with the full endorsement of the College Council we will be adopting a new college uniform that will be compulsory for students in Prep and Year 7 starting next year - 2018. We have included for you details of the new uniform including the new price lists. Full details about the uniform is also available on our college website and samples are on display in the college foyer. 

All other students will have a two year phase in period to purchase the new uniform – so our current uniform is valid for the next two years only.  Current uniform stock that has a logo will be heavily reduced by 50 % and this allows parents and students to purchase items at greatly discounted prices. All families are welcome to purchase the new uniform next year in 2018 but it will become compulsory for all students, Prep to Year 12 in 2020.


P-12 News

V3 at Carwatha College P-12

At Carwatha College P-12,  ALL students in Year 10, 11 and 12 study VCE over three years.
Carwatha College P-12 has an excellent tradition of success at the VCE level, our 2015 and 2016 Dux received ATAR results of: 98 and 95.
The College stands apart from all other secondary schools in the area as it offers the V3 program
– where all senior students study VCE over three years. Students start their Unit 1 & 2 subjects
at Year 10 (V1) and then spread their Unit 3 & 4 subjects over their last two years of senior
school, Year 11 (V2) and Year 12 (V3). Our teaching staff are committed to assisting students
to achieve success in all areas of their VCE.
Why V3?
Our Senior Years program maximizes our students' chances of success. Over three years students
have more choice, and opportunity, to complete the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).
Each student follows a program, which suits his or her individual needs with the opportunity to
study a broad range of subjects or  to retake a number of Unit 3 & 4 subjects for a second time
if they choose. 
Here some students tell you what they like about the V3 program at Carwatha College P-12. If you would like more information on our amazing V3 program or would like to book a tour, please contact Principal Pat Mulcahy on 9795 5848.




Science Fun

Linda Hibbs

We Care Community Services' Annual Helping Hand Day


Secondary News

Sophie Shortlisted For Top Arts

VCE student Sophie Diamantis has had her Studio Arts work shortlisted for the National Gallery of Victoria’s Top Arts exhibition for 2018.

The Top Arts exhibition is an annual art show held at the Ian Potter Centre in Federation Square. Top Arts features the best artworks from Studio Arts students from the past 12 months. More than 2000 students apply each year and 100 of these are selected.

Just being shortlisted is a fabulous achievement. Congratulations Sophie and We hope to see your art on display.

Tanya Morey

Year 7 Report

Awards, Awards, Awards!!

During the year level assembly on Tuesday 14th of November, a number of the year 7 students were recognised for the amazing work, efforts and contributions they have made. 

From academic awards, to community service awards – a number of our students were recognised for their achievements and hard work.

Jiaking Tu – outstanding extension piece of work called ‘The space project’ and outstanding maths work

Arda Barka – big improvement in his attendance and effort

Tim Timoteo – big improvement in his focus and effort, being a fantastic group leader during the ‘Earth’ project and outstanding writing on Pompeii task

Hena Kuljuh – for always taking on feedback and applying it during maths lessons

Maddie Drew – for her learning growth in the equations unit

Elizabeth Kalaitzis – for her learning growth in the equations unit

Jayden Kao – excellent effort in ceramics

John Kalomiris – excellent effort in English

Guiseppe Piccolo – excellent effort in English

Norah Hoang – outstanding writing on Pompeii task

Stephen Ureta – outstanding writing on Pompeii task

Robert Riqueleme – for taking on feedback and applying it during maths

Joshua Newton – outstanding organisation of iPADs

Rory Johnstone – outstanding maths work and digital technology

Congratulation also to the Year 7 Futsul Girls who were victorious winners at the Greater Dandenong Division.  As they couldn’t progress any further, they were recognised for their efforts by receiving medals

Well done to Nolween Albert, Ramona Ghandour, Ploy Homkroon, Aleysha Koutsoupias, RoMon Lay and Aliah Zimah.


Ms Georgia Rentzis

7C Science Experiment - Friction

On Monday November 27, 7C science students had a lesson on ‘Friction’. This term we have focused on Physics, beginning with ‘Earth’ and students are now learning about forces and machines. Students were in groups to experiment with different sized of toy cars/trucks and see which surface provided least friction and which surface provided the most friction. Students worked this out from measuring the distance that the vehicles travelled and analysing their data. Students worked very cooperatively with each other and recorded their results. The learning goals and success criteria for the lesson are listed below:

Kyla Crawford

8C Science Experiment- Can You Save Fred?

On Friday November 17, 8C science students had a problem-solving lesson. This year, we have focused more on teamwork and how to work effectively with peers. Students were in groups to try to solve a problem called ‘Can you save Fred?’ and then attempted to solve a challenge from the TED Institute. Students worked very cooperatively with each other and communicated their ideas and opinions respectfully. The learning goals and success criteria for the lesson are listed below:


Learning goals:
1. Think in a critical and creative way
2. Work cooperatively as a group
Success criteria:
1. Use your imagination and creativity to solve problems
2. Use team skills to work effectively as a pair or group

Kyla Crawford

Year 8 Positive Relations Day

On Tuesday 28 November the Year 8’s participated in Positive Relations Day. The day was a great success, despite the very hot weather.

The purpose of the day was to assist students to become more self-reliant and resilient in their relationships with others. Others includes their friends, peers and teachers.

The day was comprised of a wide variety of activities designed to promote positive communication and cooperation between groups. These groups varied from a whole class, to a few individuals and finally their own friendship groups. The successful completion of each activity required students to work together, to plan, solve or perform a physical activity in a competitive setting.

A massive lunch was provided and it came as no surprise to see that by the end of lunch, there were no leftovers.

To further assist on the day, all electronic devices were either left home or left securely in the main office to be collected at the close of day. While many students found this a bit of a challenge at first, they managed to make it through the day and have a fun time doing so.

We would like to thank Katherine Cheeseman and her team from One Eighty for running many of the activities on the day. Their enthusiasm and drive kept things going when the weather flagged a few spirits.

Overall, it was an amazing day. Well done Year 8.

Barrie Skadins


Year 9 Primary Reading Program

Carwatha College P-12 has, for many years, run a program in which Year 9 students assist primary students with their reading. This year, 21 Year 9 students worked with Prep M, 1/2Z, 2/3A and 3L. They spent time with the primary students over 5 days a fortnight, hearing them read and discussing their books with them.

At a recent primary assembly, the Year 9 students were presented with Thank You cards by the students they helped and received a certificate from the College that marked their involvement in the program. The primary students explained how much they enjoyed the program and how their reading benefited from working with their Year 9 mentors. Responding on behalf of the Year 9’s, Sarah Dayaseela explained how the Year 9’s had benefited through improved communication skills and the deep satisfaction they felt when their primary buddies showed improvement in their reading and comprehension.

Thank you to the following Year 9 students for their efforts:



Jenny Huynh

Victoria Kim

Benny Rotich

Sovann Sam

Aryan Shetty



Michael Alexiadis

Sarah Dayaseela

Angela Fourie

Paige Hughes

Lyric Ngan-Woo

Lily Oldfield

Hannah Whitaker



Reginald Comeros

Jewel Dao

Amber Douglas

Hanna Garrard

Hamza Mandzic

Fernando Nhem

Amy Nguyen

Paul Saba

 Zeik Zeik

Kevin Fahey

9A Science Experiment - Current Electricity

On Thursday November 2, 9A science students performed a science activity to demonstrate current electricity. Students have been learning about electrical energy lately. The focus of this lesson was how current electricity is created and how to draw electric circuits using circuit symbols. Students took apart a torch and identified the three main components of a basic electric circuit: the load, power and path. They then filled in a sheet to show knowledge of this task. The learning goals and success criteria for the lesson are listed below:

Kyla Crawford

Arthur Williams Junior Citizenship Award

The Rotary Club of Noble Park-Keysborough conducted their 52nd The Arthur Williams Junior Citizenship Award on the evening Thursday 23 November at Sandown Regency Motor Inn.

Five schools in our area were invited to nominate their own worthy student.  All nominated students showed dedication to their studies as well as proving themselves as valuable citizens to their school communities and the wider community.  Each student received a Citizen watch and a framed certificate.

One of our year 10 students, Ben Bright, was presented with this prestigious award and enjoyed the evening with his parents and Rotarians.

Joe Haddad

Unit 1/2 Biology Experiment - Light Microscope

On Thursday November 2, prospective Unit 1/2 Biology students (as part of their Orientation program) learned how to use a light microscope successfully. Students have been learning about cells and organelles lately. The focus of this lesson was using microscopes, following a Method in an experiment and drawing scientific drawings. Students worked very safely and cooperatively and viewed organelles in an onion cells. The learning goals and success criteria for the lesson are listed below:

Kyla Crawford

Kirsten Hallett - Monash University Extension Program

Current Yr 12 student, Kirsten Hallett has recently graduated not only from Carwatha College P-12, but also from a special Monash University program. Monash University offers this program to students who have achieved a Yr 12 study score of 40 or above in a particular field (such as: Physics, International Studies and Mathematics). This year Kirsten completed the Monash University Extension Program in the Biology discipline. She has been able to balance this program, along with her Yr 12 studies, a part-time job and also being a College Captain. Kirsten has found this program very rewarding in terms of allowing her to get a taste of what it is like to be a University student and being academically challenged. This program offers students a chance to begin their University experience earlier than usual, with subjects completed acting as ‘credit’ towards their desired University course, should they attend Monash University in the future. Also, students who have completed this program could gain a maximum of 5 points to their ATAR. This experience will serve Kirsten well in her endeavour to complete a Bachelor of Nursing/Midwifery. The Carwatha College P-12 community congratulates Kirsten on her amazing achievement. ATAR scores are released on Dec 15 this year, and we wish all of our Yr 12 students the best of luck!


Kyla Crawford

Valedictory Evening

It is with pride that on Tuesday, November 21st , staff, parents and families joined together to officially farewell the students of the class of 2017.

It was a beautiful evening which reflected the commitment and dedication of our students to the core values of our school.

Watching them all grown up, confident young men and women accepting their certificates and reflecting on thirteen years of education, brought a sense of pride for their success.

Success was celebrated with many awards being presented for academic and personal achievements which was also reflected in the celebratory speeches.

Students posed for photos to capture the culmination of their schooling whilst music and refreshments enhanced the overall atmosphere.

On behalf of our school, I would like to congratulate you and wish you all the best for the future.


Lambrini Christopher

Primary News

Prep/1M Experiment - Measuring Mass

The Prep/1M students have enjoyed measuring mass. They have weighed toys, blocks, pencils, books and sharpeners to see what is the heaviest item. Then they have compared items to see which ones weigh the same and used different types of scales to measure. They cannot wait to measure capacity! There is a lot of mathematical excitement in the room.

Sonia McPhie

Prep/1M Pe - Balloon Tennis

Prep/1M participated in Balloon Tennis in Pe this week. Gaining some great skills whilst having fun, students had to try and keep their balloons off the ground using only their bats.

Well done to all, everyone did a great job keeping their balloons off the ground.


Grade 5 Science Enrichment Program

The grade 5 students had the opportunity to have a science lesson in the secondary labs on Monday 28th November.  The students were amateur scientists, making some amazing observations and coming up with hypotheses.   The grade 5 students also had the opportunity to participate in some hands on experiments, making bath salts and bath bombs.  A big thank you to the Year 7 mentors, who helped to guide the students through their practical activities. 

Year 7 mentors – Hena Kuljluh,  Bhaskar Vidya Shankar, Bella Eghanian,  Joseph Tanga, Kevin Lomuro,  MacKenzie Ho,  Sarah Dib,  Uma Basic,   Ramona Ghandour,  Shay De La Haye, Aleysha Koutsoupias


Georgia Rentzis

Grades 4- 6 Excursion - CERES 

On Tuesday the 14th of November the grade 4 to 6 students visited CERES (Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies). We participated in activities in which we learned about sustainability, food packaging and the environment, gardening, and different types of soils. Some of our favourite parts were going for walks around the reserve, learning about where different foods and packaging come from, and getting to eat mulberries straight off the tree! It was a very hot day but we had a great time!

Ivana Novakovic

Football Technique Australia Skills Clinic Grade 4-6’s.

Last Friday the 24th of November Football Technique Australia ran a skills clinic for the grade 4-6’s.

Some of the activities the students participated in included:

Noughts and crosses soccer, number soccer, king of the ring and tag team soccer.

Student were also involved in learning drills and skills to improve their soccer abilities some of these were inside and outside foot passes, dribbling, trapping the ball and toe tapping.

The students had a fantastic time refining or learning the skills.


Library News

From The Library

Craft resumed last week after a 4 week break. The students made some beautiful angels from coloured paper and wooden beads. This week they made gnomes from cardboard tubes, paper and wool. Many mastered the most difficult part which was making the cone hats. We only have a couple more weeks until we close for the year. I hope you have enjoyed your child’s creations.

Could all parents please check that their child has returned their library books. All books are due back on December 8th. We don’t offer loans during this long holiday break as we do during the shorter mid year breaks.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season and looking forward to seeing your children in the library in 2018.

Mrs Wood and Mrs Sal

Careers News

Career News

Year 10 Work Experience

During this week and next our Year 10 students are out on work experience. We have had lots of positive feedback on the program to date. We have had many students out this week at various locations including schools, kindergartens, retails businesses, Architects, telecommunications companies and Pharmaceutical providers.

Students gain a great insight into the world of work. They are able to observe, in others, a variety of employable skills including communication styles, time management processes & organisation around office management and logistics as well as observing people management. For many it will be a chance to see if the workplace they have chosen is something they wish to pursue in the future.

A huge thank you to our employers who have agreed to take on our work experience students. As a college community we are very grateful for the time and support they show our students. Also thank you to the Year 10 teachers who check in on the students & employers to ensure they are having a worthwhile experience and that all parties are happy.


VET (Vocational Education & Training) 2018

The VET program for 2018 is looking really busy with many students taking up the opportunity for some hands on vocational learning as part of their V3 program! Thanks to the families that have completed their payments for the VET programs their student is doing. A reminder this should be finalised by end of the year. 

Last Friday all students undertaking a first year VET program with Chisholm attended an orientation morning at Chisholm.

Students were taken through the Trade Training Centre which Carwatha part owns (along with 4 other consortium schools). Students also had a wider tour of the campus. We covered the importance of attendance and needing to complete all Units of Competency (UOC’s) in order to pass a VET certificate. I also informed students of the need to ring both Chisholm and the school if for any reason they are not able to attend on their VET day.  Students are reminded to check their emails, that they provided on the application form, for any updates. This will be Chisholm’s main way of corresponding with students and it is really important that it is regularly checked.  


Year 12 Change of preference

Year 12 students are reminded that that I am available, all day, on Friday 15th December  (ATAR day) and Monday 18th December to meet with students regarding change of preferences.  Students should consider making an appointment time now, with me, for one of those days if they predict they will need assistance. 

Remember - VTAC Change of preference will close at 12 noon on Wednesday 20th December.

A word from VTAC …..

The Post Results and ATAR Service (PRAS) is a joint enquiry service operated by VTAC and VCAA. It provides a single phone number and email address that can be used for questions about both the ATAR and VCE Results in the five days immediately following the release of results.

Part of the PRAS is a joint blog which operates until January, with content from VCAA and VTAC about VCE Results and the ATAR. The 2017 PRAS blog is now available at:

Both VCAA and VTAC will post to the blog from now through the results release period, covering topics such as how to understand statements of results, scaling, statistical moderation, change of preference, etc. Students can enter an email address to subscribe for notifications of new posts.


Please contact me with any questions you may have.


Jodie McCarthy


College General Information

The Main Office

Office Hours:         8.15am - 4.00pm


Parents should always make contact with the Main office when visiting the college. 

Office Staff:

Buisness Manager:      Rosann Bivens

Accounts:                        Glenice Despard

                                            Megha Malhorta

                                            Ruth Arnold

Front Office:                   Pauline Horbaczow

                                            Nicole Drew

First Aid:                          Donna Azzopardi

Term Dates 2018

Term 1  

Tuesday, January 30th to Thursday, 29th  March  (9 weeks)

Term 2

Monday, 16th April to Friday, 29th June (11 weeks)

Term 3

Monday, 16th July Friday, 22nd  September (10 weeks)

Term 4

Monday, 9th  October  to Friday, 22nd December  (11 weeks)

Secondary Contacts 2017

Year 7      Mrs Rentzis

Year 8      Mr Skadins

Year 9      Mr  Skadins

Year 10    Mr Haddad

Year 11    Mrs Bawa

Year 12    Mrs Christopher

Secondary Junior Leader    Mr Fahey

Secondary Senior Leader    Mrs Ross

Assistant Principal ( Year 7-12)   Mrs Spina


To Speak to or book an appointment with a coordinator, College Leader  or Assistant Principal please contact the main office.

Primary Contacts 2017

Prep M     Mrs McPhie

1/2Z          Ms Zelazo

2/3A          Mrs Abraham

3L              Mrs Lilburne

4S             Mr Spina

4/5N        Ms Novakovic

5B             Ms Bishop

5/6L         Ms Arnold-Levy

6E             Mrs Elias

STEM      Mrs Brayon

Art           Mrs McAleer

PE            Mrs Peters (Prep-2)

PE           Mr Richards (3-6)


Assistant Principal: Mrs Sheila Horn

Primary Leading Teacher    Mrs Beauchamp-Wylie



To speak to or book an appointment with a class teacher, leading teacher  or  Assistant Principal please contact the main office.

Bell Times



All students are expected to be punctual and regular in attendance. After each absence, a note of explanation, dated and signed by the parent/guardian must be brought to the school or absences can be monitored and/or approved online via compass. 

College Map


Useful Forms

For useful forms:

  • Fee Sheets
  • Book Lists
  • Canteen List
  • Uniform Lists
  • Medical Plans
  • Qkr  How To
  • Edrolo Information
  • Centrepay
  • International Home Stay Information
  • Primary Mobile Phone Agreement

See the last page of newsletter titled "Useful Forms".

Lost Property

Lost Property is located in Sickbay. If your child has lost an item please call or see Nurse Donna in Sickbay.

Sustainable School Shop: 
Second Hand Uniforms
Second Hand Books

The College is conscious of the need to provide an efficient process for families to be able to buy and sell second hand uniform.

We are happy to announce the sustainable school shop website that Carwatha College P-12 has previously directed parents to use for second hand books now offers buying and selling of second hand uniforms.

Please go to


For the best results:

  • Register on the Sustainable School Shop website
  • List your second-hand uniform items for sale
  • List wanted ads for those items you are looking to buy
  • The College’s uniform lists are loaded into the system to make listing ads easy
  • The system matches the ads of buyers with sellers and notifies the buyer via email
  • Buyers contact sellers and arrange where and when to trade.
  • The school is not involved in the transaction
  • Parents are well supported via Sustainable School Shop’s telephone (0438 743 444) and email help lines
  • The system is simple and easy to use - If you don’t have a computer, internet access or an email address, please call the Sustainable School Shop for assistance.


Our prefered method of payment is Qkr.

See our 'Qkr How To' information sheet on newsletter page titled Useful Forms.

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Thurs         7th            Kinder club 2pm to 3pm

                                        Carwatha College P-12 Primary Concert

Fri                8th            Last Day Year 10

Mon           11th           Prep to grade 2 excursion to Chesterfield Farm 

Tues          12th           Year 6-7 Orientation Day

Wed           13th          Carwatha College P-12 Secondary Awards Night

Thurs        14th           Kinder club and parent information session  9am to 11am

Fri              15th            Primary Music Performance Assembly

Tues          19th           Grade 6 Graduation 

Thurs        21st            Primary Assembly 

Fri              22nd           Last day Term 4

January 2018

Mon          29th             Book pick up 2pm-6pm

Tues         30th             First Day Term 1 2018 


Thurs           8th            8th to 13th - Life Education Van - Primary

Mon            12th           School Photos Day

Tues           20th           Swimming Carnival

Thurs        22nd           Primary Twilight Sports


Thurs         15th           College Athletics  

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