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10 December 2017
Issue Twelve
Important Dates
Principal's Report
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Important Dates

Tuesday 12th December

  • Grade 6 Orientation Day 1
  • Whole School Assembly (welcome new students/end to academic year)

Wednesday 13th December

  • Grade 6 Orientation Day 2
  • Last Day ECP 2018 Years 8-10

Thursday 14th December

  • Year 10 Work Experience

Friday 15th December

  • Learning Area Activities

Monday 18th December

  • Learning Area Activities
  • Celebration Evening

Tuesday 19th December

  • Learning Area Activities begin at 11:30am

Wednesday 2oth December

  • Learning Area Activities

Thursday 21st December

  • Learning Area Activities

Friday 22nd December

  • Last Day of Term 4
  • Staff Christmas Breakup

Principal's Report

An excerpt of the Year 12 Valedictory speech 2017.


One of the jobs of the principal is to speak to our graduating class at their valedictory and offer them some wise words as they leave MFG and head off on their own adventures.

I don’t claim any great wisdom – even though I know some of you think I am ancient enough to surely have acquired some - but I do have some personal life experiences that might be helpful to you. So, for your consideration, let me offer you my ‘ten truths about life.’


My first truth is this: Life is a contradiction.

Life is both a precious, unfathomably beautiful gift, and it's also unbelievably challenging at times. Life is filled simultaneously with heartbreaking sweetness and beauty, desperate poverty, fires and babies and acne and Mozart, M and M and M and Ms, all swirled together. 

It's not an ideal system.  But it’s the only one we have. So let’s embrace it with optimism and roll with it.


Number two: Almost everything will work again if you turn it off and turn it back on again - including you.


Number three: There is almost nothing outside of you that will help in any kind of lasting way. You can't buy, acquire or date serenity and peace of mind. Life is an ‘inside job’, and we can't arrange peace or happiness for the people we love most in the world. They have to find their own way, their own answers.


This brings us to number four: Everyone is messed up, broken, insecure and scared, even the people who seem to have it most together. They are much more like you than you would believe, so try not to compare your insides to other people's outsides.

While fixing and saving and trying to rescue other people is often futile, radical self-care is absolutely essential.  It's a huge gift to the world.  Being full of affection for one's fun-loving, self-centered, grumpy, annoying self is home. It's where world peace begins.


Number five: Chocolate with 90 percent cacao is not actually a food. It’s best used as a bait in rat traps or to balance the legs of wobbly tables.


Number six: Self-help books won’t help. Instead, if we work from a place where we believe and say, "I'm enough" ... then we start listening, we're kinder and gentler to the people around us, and to ourselves.

As Pink says:

Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever, ever feel
Like you are less than, less than perfect.

Number seven: When you handle ferrets, wear gloves because their bites really hurt.


Number eight: Look up. Go outside. Look up. Get off your phone. Embrace the sky.


Number nine: Death. It's so hard to bear when the few people you cannot live without die. You'll never get over these losses, and you're not supposed to. But you can go on positively all the same.  These precious people will live again fully in your heart if you don't seal it off. Like Leonard Cohen said, "There are cracks in everything, and that's how the light gets in." When the times of grief and sadness come, don’t close down. Reach out your friends and family. Let love and light find you again.


And finally, number ten.  Laughter is the WD-40 of our souls; the gaffer tape of our spirits. It helps us breathe again and gives us back to ourselves, and this gives us faith in life and each other. Make sure you surround yourself with people who make you laugh out loud at the most inconvenient times.

I wish you all the most exciting lives and for one final time, remember to keep ‘looking up and looking forward’.

Year 12s 2017

Our Valedictory Evening was a delight and I thank everyone involved with its organisation – in particular I thank Freda Wright, Jeremy Dyson and Marianne Scott. I thank our wonderful students and their families for a fun evening too. We wish our graduates a magnificent future and they are always welcome to return whenever they desire.

Staff News

In 2018 the following staff will be on leave: Helen Bews, Robyn Myers, Kim Morris and  Ryan Bonner.

We say good bye to Sharon Hogan and thank her for her many years of service as an MFG staff member. We also say goodbye to Colleen Rowe and Tammy Hanson our  Learning Mentors.

We welcome back to our staff Natalie Angove.


We also welcome to our staff D’Arcy Crossley (English) and Alana Harper (Science/Maths), who are both coming from Robinvale Secondary College.

Uniform 2018

In 2015 we moved to a new uniform and at the time advised parents and students that there would be a three year phase in process. At the end of 2017 the three year phase will conclude. In 2018 the three years will have ended and the new uniform is due to be worn by all students in all year levels.

The three year phase in process was to give parents and carers an opportunity to purchase items, as needed, over this time. We understand that this is an extra expense but School Council is adamant about the need to adhere to this timeline for 2018.

The school uniform policy is attached. Additional (optional) items have been added to the uniform list, these include:

  • MFG  Rugby jumper (available mid-2018)
  • MFG tracksuit pants – two options tapered leg as well as open leg
  • Scarves, mittens and hats – school colours (red, navy, yellow and white)
  • MFG school bag

Please note that the second hand shop has some items for sale.

School Council has carefully considered this decision and we thank you for your support to ensure that the policy is followed.

If this poses any financial challenges for you, please contact Chelsea Bright, the School Services Manager, to discuss how we can support your child to be in the new full school uniform in 2018.

Finally, there are a few misconceptions regarding uniform that I would like to clarify. These are our current and ongoing guidelines regarding uniform:

  • The blazer is compulsory and to be worn to and from school unless the advertised daily temperature is 25 or over
  • The jumper is optional
  • Hair colour is natural only
  • Boots are not permitted as school shoes
  • Tracksuit pants must be the MFG pants (no other blue pants or leggings are permitted)

Thank you for your support.


Michelle Crofts


Learning @MFG


The ECP has begun and all of our students appear to have settled in to their new learning programs, courses and classrooms. In many cases this means new classes, new teachers and new class-mates. We started the ECP with a whole school assembly this year and emphasised three themes for every student to consider during their ECP experience.


The first is CHANGE.


The ECP is designed to give you some time to become familiar with some things that are going to be new – new teachers, new subjects, new ways of learning and thinking, new classrooms, new ideas and new class-mates. It requires patience and resilience to be able to handle and embrace these changes. The great physicist Stephen Hawking summed it up best:

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.


The second reason is CHALLENGE.


One of the aims of the ECP is to provide you with an engaging and challenging program that sets you up for the 2018 school year. Instead of winding down, we pause and wind up a little with a short period of challenge before we relax into some end of year activities and fun. So take the challenge and challenge yourself during the ECP.


The third reason is CHOICE


The ECP will be rich with choices. Who should I sit with? Do I ask that question? What should I write about? But it’s also a chance to make some better choices. To choose to face your learning with a more positive mindset. To choose to give something a go even though it might not be appealing or interesting to start with. To choose to be more open-minded than perhaps you have been.

So embrace the changes, the challenges and the choices that come with the ECP and get off to a great start.

Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs) and Formative Assessment

In 2018 all of our teachers will be participating in a ‘Teacher Learning Community’ (TLC) next year. This is to enhance our collective focus on student learning and enhance our teacher collaboration. Each TLC will focus on Formative Assessment, which is best defined below:


Our teachers will be zooming in on the strategies below and the specific technique related to formative assessment – one of the strongest influences on improving and enhancing student learning and engagement. Our teachers’ focus is best represented by this diagram:


I look forward to sharing our progress with you and the difference that it’s making to our students’ learning.


Our Year 10 and Year 11 just spent two days in class reflecting on their exam performances, unpacking how they went and thinking about their next level of learning and future improvement goals.


One of the keys to VCE success is being able to ‘think like an examiner’. Our teachers have been using a range of techniques including:

  • Peer assessment (students using the grading criteria to mark each-other’s exams)
  • Giving feedback that increases the students’ efforts
  • Allocating this class time for the students to respond to their feedback; make corrections; address their errors or improve a response
  • Having groups of students match the teachers’ comments to the students’ responses


Multo is an excellent investigation based on the Multiplication Facts from [0 × 0] to [9 × 9] and Bingo. It starts out as a simple, good fun game but it has deeper layers of learning. It connects number skills and probability concepts, then turns into an investigation that contains all the elements of Working Mathematically, making a rich powerful learning journey that helps students develop important mathematical understandings.


Our Year 7 students recently participated in the annual Year 7 Multo Championships. Thanks to Mr Paul Dangerfield for continuing to promote the spirit of Multo!



Jo Toone (Leader of STEAM Initiatives) and Sharon Hogan (Maths teacher) have been involved in one of the Project Development Teams for the Geelong Tech School and the project below.


Compass Chronicle Advice for Schools

There was recent media attention relating to a school’s use of Compass and concerns about the privacy of sensitive information. Compass published this to clarify any concerns parents/carers might have about its use:


The Compass Chronicle module allows authorised staff to record and access observations about individual students that are consistent with teacher and school professional responsibilities, noting that reportable incidents are still to be recorded in IRIS and/or CASES21.

Government schools collect and manage information about students to support their educational development and wellbeing. The majority of this information is available to be shared with parents and guardians if requested. General notice is provided in schools’ enrolment statements on the collection and use of students’ personal information.

If schools are contacted by parents concerned by the issues raised in this recent article, the following advice about sharing information with parents is provided.

Sharing information

Schools and the Department are empowered to collect a range of information about students, which is then managed and retained in accordance with the Public Records Act 1973 and associated recordkeeping standards.

All school staff can, and must, share information about a student with other staff who ‘need to know’ that information. This enables the school to educate, support and fulfil their legal obligations for that student.

A student’s new school can request records from their former school – particularly where they will be helpful to the new school in supporting the student. The Department does not have central access to a student’s records.

Schools may provide parents with information about their children, including any information held in Compass or Chronicle, providing that there are no risks to sharing that information. Possible risks may include records that could lead to other students’ personal information being compromised or individual circumstances relating to the child and parent in question that indicate that access may not be appropriate, or may be harmful to the student’s wellbeing.


Damien Toussaint, Assistant Principal, Learning and Teaching​

What's On @ MFG


Over November all students have received packs for 2018 which included; School Fee information, dates for payment, booklists, subjects and electives for 2018; and other bits and pieces relevant to each year level or to the student’s individual pathway.


If students were absent when these packs were distributed then they were posted home.

This information has contributed to the smooth transition into the Early Commencement Program where all students have moved into their 2018 classes as of November 30th.


Our incoming year 7 students for 2018, will be attending Orientation Days on December 12th and 13th. They will receive their information packs during these days.


Thanks to everyone who has been part of the Pathway and Subject Selection process over the last 2 terms and hope that everyone is excited about the learning opportunities for 2018.


Joy Carr

Leader of Student, Staff and Parent/Carer Learning


EducationPerfect Science Championships 2017



Between the 14th and 21st of August, students from 24 countries were tested on their Science skills, including biology, chemistry, physics and general sciences. They gained points by answering questions.


Congratulations to the following students:

Bronze Awards:

Grace Tyrrell

Jeena Mohannadi

Phoebe Ward


Gold Award:

Caitlyn Hennessy


Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

During semester 2 the Yr 9 Digital Technology elective class participated in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge run by ACER.  They were challenged with the task of creating a video game around the theme of “React”.  Three groups were successful in completing this task and as a result have been recognised by the Australian Council for Educational Research. 


Congratulations to:

Karla Beaumont

Ella Henry

Morgan Hawthorn

Lily Brailsford

Shirley Solomon

Olivia Nye

Sarah Garlick


Matthew Flinders Girls College student selected for STEM summer school


Year 10 student, Kelly Barrett, has been selected to attend the Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science (ASSETS) for her outstanding achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Kelly Barrett is one of only 105 students from across Australia to be selected to attend one of the three 2017/18 summer schools. Kelly will attend the summer school which will take place in Adelaide in January 2018


The MFG community would like to wish Kelly all the best for this amazing experience.


ASSETS is part of a broader Indigenous STEM Education Project funded by BHP Billiton Foundation and

delivered by CSIRO. www.csiro.au/indigenous-education

Outdoor Ed News

Year 10 Education & Challenges in the Outdoors


The Year 10 Outdoor Ed class this semester have had a lot of fun learning many new skills. They participated in Initiative activities, Stand-up paddle boarding, Snorkelling, Geocaching, Canoeing, Orienteering, Surfworld Museum, Sailing, 2 days hiking and camping in Lorne and Surfing.

Year 11 Outdoor Environmental Studies


In term 3 students focused on the alpine environment and the threats to this pristine and unique environment. They completed a 3 day camp to Mt. Stirling where the cross-country skied to the summit and camped in the snow. The student’s reflections from this camp showed the important impact these learning experiences can have on individuals.



The Hub News

So here we are, the last Hub News for 2017!

What a fun rollercoaster of a year! I can honestly say, through all the challenges and craziness, it has been definitely one to remember and one that I will not forget in a hurry.

The Hub has come together as a strong team this year, full of support for not only our PSD students, but also each other. Great grounding work in preparation for another successful year next year!


I hope everyone has a Happy & Safe Christmas Break!


The Hub 2018 

As you have all most likely seen, we have made the big move from our ‘home’ this year, up to our new ‘home’ in the old year 12 common room, for 2018.

The Learning Mentors have already started plans to make the new area even better than this year with lots of different areas to relax, work and chat in.

It’s already turning into a warm welcoming, respectful area for all to enjoy!!

Working Bee

On Wednesday 15th November we held another one of our working Bee’s. Helping students catch up on work and get Common reportable learning tasks completed before the end of term.

This was another great success and the girls worked really hard getting work finished with our Learning Mentors doing a fantastic job at keeping everyone on task and helping out where needed.



School Photos - 7th February 2018


Celebration Evening 2017


Immunisation Catch Up

For Year 7 students (Gardasil) & Yr. 10, 11, 12 students (Meningococcal W)


Barwon Health Immunisation Belmont

1-17 Reynolds Rd, Belmont, 3216

Tuesday 12/12/17 & Thursday 14/12/17


Phone Barwon Health Immunisation 42156963 to arrange

Funding for Meningococcal ends 31/12/17









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