KWS Prep School Fortnightly Bulletin

30 May 2018
Issue Seven
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Kinross Wolaroi School
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A Message from
the Principal

Encouraging a Global Perspective:
Student International Exchange Program

At Kinross Wolaroi we offer a wealth of opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom that enables students to dream of a wealth of possibilities and equip them with the confidence, ambition and social awareness needed to face a lifetime of achievement and service.

We live in a vibrant and global society that presents an incredible range and depth of exciting opportunities and experiences. I believe it very important that our students develop an understanding of their place in the world and have and appreciation of the experience and context of those who live beyond our shores.

Over the years I have been a passionate advocate of international student exchange programs for the challenge they present to pre held perspectives and the personal discovery and growth they afford. Student exchanges promote intercultural awareness and understanding, forge friendships across differing cultures and backgrounds, and develop a sense of international citizenship - all contributing to an enriching and rewarding educational experience.

These experiences contribute substantially to our philosophy of providing learning experiences which are personalised and challenging, while giving students the opportunity to build independence and resilience on a global stage.

Kinross Wolaroi has had exchange relationships with two schools in New Zealand in recent years – Christchurch Girls High School and Timaru Boys High School, both whom will continue to be part of our new program. We have also undertaken exchanges in the past with Strathallen School in Scotland, situated near Perth an hour drive north of Edinburgh. Our relationship with Strathallen will be reinstate, and I will be visiting their new Headmaster in Scotland over the July vacation.

During the mid-year break I shall also be establishing exchange links with Rugby School, one of the oldest independent schools in Britain (established in 1567 when Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne) and Rydal Penross School in North Wales. Both these co-educational day and boarding schools are located in magnificent settings and offer an outstanding education experience, both in and out of the classroom.

We will also be exchanging with The Doon School, a boys’ only independent boarding school in India, ranked as the best residential school in the country. A school modelled upon the leading independent schools of Britain, it has afforded marvellous exchange experiences for students in the past when it had a reciprocal relationship with The King’s School in Sydney.

We are exploring opportunities in France and Japan, both countries that will provide a rich cultural and linguistic experience for our students. More information about these opportunities will be available as details are finalised.

Exchanges will be undertaken by our students during Year 10 for a period ranging from six weeks to a term, depending on the specific arrangements agreed upon with each particular school. All students – day, boarding, girls and boys will be eligible to participate and selection will be based on application and interview. It will be crucial that we send outstanding ambassadors of Kinross Wolaroi and our nation.

An essential component of the Exchange Program is its reciprocal nature where we host students from our participating schools from around the globe at Kinross Wolaroi and with our families. Visiting students will engage in the full educational experience at KWS and share their perspectives and understandings of the world with our students. The opportunity to host students is a highly rewarding and satisfying one that can lead to the forging of lifelong friendships.

Some wonderful opportunities ahead.

More information regarding our program can be found within our FROG pages or by contacting our co-ordinator of Student International Exchanges, Mrs Catherine Litchfield ([email protected]

Staff Movements

Mrs Lyn Vernon – Ancient History Teacher and Commanding Officer of Cadets

After 25 years of service at Kinross Wolaroi School, Mrs Lyn Vernon has announced that she will retire at the end of the 2018 academic year. Mrs Vernon has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the School, and has held positions like MIC Swimming, Hockey Coach and over 18 years of service to the Cadet program. Mrs Vernon has worked tirelessly to develop Cadets into the successful outdoor program it is today. The Cadet program will be different without Mrs Vernon, however, there is no doubt the program is much richer due to her years of dedicated service.

On behalf of the School, I wish Lyn every happiness as she moves into her retirement at the end of this year.


Mr Charlie Rowe – Director of Co-Curricular

Charlie Rowe has accepted a position at St Joseph’s College, Hunter’s Hill where he will be the Head of Rowing and coach of the First VIII. This exciting opportunity sees him return to his alma mater, commences at the start Term 3, 2018. Mr Rowe has thoroughly enjoyed his 4 ½ years at KWS and has found it to be one of the most fulfilling stages of his career.

Mr Rowe has been a highly respected member of the School community and has made a strong contribution to KWS in his roles as Head of Co-Curricular, teacher of PDHPE and Acting Head of Senior School. During his time, Charlie has worked on the remodeling of the Sport MIC structure, Co-curricular payments model, Variation to Routine procedures, the School Calendar and has made very positive impact on the Rowing Program. Charlie has also instigated the Athlete Development Unit, the third pillar of support for the students, which is an initiative that the School sees as part of the next strategic plan.

In his role of Head of Co-Curricular, Mr Rowe has been a wonderful support to all areas of our broad co-curricular experience.

On behalf of the School, I wish Charlie and Elizabeth every success and happiness as they return to Sydney to embark on the next exciting stage of their journey.


Dr Andrew Parry

A Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 2 Week 5

As you would expect, our duty of care of your child is at the forefront of everything we do at KWS and it is appropriate that we need your continual support to ensure your child is safe.

There are many activities after school including music ensembles, music lessons, school sport training and swimming. Mrs Keown from the pool sent a message to parents of our swimmers’ regarding supervision at the pool. It is included in the Bulletin. Your attention to this matter is appreciated.

After School Care operates at the school five afternoons a week. There is a cost involved but your child is under supervision.
We also have a number of students who are using Pre-Prep for care after school and after sport. While we are understanding of the ease of pick up, Prep students cannot be there waiting for more than five minutes.
I thank you in anticipation of your support.

There have been many sporting achievements over recent weeks especially with Cross Country and individual efforts in our winter sports. As you are aware we have 28 teams in various competitions and many don’t have many reserves. A reminder to please let the coach know though the office or the various co-ordinators if your child will be absent from their game so measures can be put in place to have all teams with full numbers.

Next weekend (9-11 June) is the Queen’s Birthday Holiday. On Friday 8 June is a pupil free day as staff are involved in professional development. After School Care will be available on that day.

At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Courtesy Award –Week 4 – Charlie Hansen
  • Citizenship Award – Week 4 Finn O’Toole
  • Principal’s Award – Week 4 – Amelia Hill and Charlie Hansen

Enjoy your week.


Mr Rob McLean

Head of the Preparatory School

A message from our Chaplains

Have you ever wondered what your Prep School Chaplain does?

In this, the inaugural Prep Chaplain contribution to the Prep School Fortnightly Bulletin I thought it might be helpful to outline what the role entails and how it can benefit the community of the KWS Prep School.  The introduction of the role emerged from the initiation of the National School Chaplaincy Programme, funded by the Commonwealth government and began in the KWS Prep School in Term 2, 2016. 
My aim, as chaplain, is to provide pastoral care services to anyone in the school community, particularly the students, and to promote strategies that support the emotional and social wellbeing of the students. In the context of being a Uniting Church school and as a committed Christian, I also offer students an opportunity to discuss and question a Christian approach to life, although the services of the Chaplain are offered to anyone from any faith background.
The chaplaincy role itself equates to only one day per week however in our context it has been merged with my role as Religious Education (more affectionately referred to as ‘RE’) teacher, so I have the flexibility to spread the chaplaincy role over the three days that I am on campus allowing students greater access to chaplaincy services.

In the KWS Prep School your child(ren) would see me wandering in the playground before school on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Each week I chat specifically with 4 students to be my Face of the Week which offers us all an opportunity to get to know a few fun facts about them. On Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes students will find me hanging out in Veggie Central (our prep kitchen garden) where we are unafraid to get our hands dirty!  If students are in Kinder, Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3 they also attend Chapel on Fridays run by me … where we have lots of fun singing, dancing and learning about the Bible. If students are in need of a little extra care (and let’s face it, we all need a little extra care at times!) then they are welcome to come and chat things through with me. All they need to do is let their classroom teacher know of their desire to do this, and we will make it happen! If something of a more serious nature is raised in these discussions, then parents and caregivers are notified and a referral to the school psychologist can be made. My role is not as counsellor but more as listening ear and support of students’ needs.
In addition, I am a member of our Kids Matter Team, established to monitor and promote social and emotional wellbeing of students in our Prep School. Through that forum we work together to establish and promote strategies to benefit the social and emotional health of all our students. So far, we have promoted the Kids Matter framework (2016), helped to implement Fun Friends, an annual social and emotional learning program in classrooms (2017) and we are almost ready to launch a fun take on our school values … stay tuned!
If you have any questions or queries about your Prep School Chaplain, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the Prep School office.  I am only too happy to chat … which is just one of the reasons I love this job so much!


Mrs Kate Bracks
Preparatory School Chaplain



If your kids seem to be spending longer than usual on their devices then it is likely that they, like many other kids in the school, have discovered 'Fortnite'. Fortnite is like a cross between Minecraft and the Hunger Games, Fortnite drops 100 competitors on an island and requires them to scavenge for weapons and other resources, build defensive structures and vanquish opponents in a quest to become the last player standing. The game itself is free and playable on game systems, computers and mobile phones alike, but players pay for accessories and costumes for their characters.

It has without a doubt intruded on our family life often distracting from homework, jobs around the house and other better interactions within the family. My boys argue that playing Fortnite is a social experience as they can team-up with friends in pairs or fours. If they’re not together physically, they communicate — over FaceTime, a headset linked to a game system, or the like — to co-ordinate strategy, alert teammates to threats, cheer for one another and trade banter. In addition, I am informed that the game also helps to cultivate the spatial skills needed in mathematics. My boys are hooked: it has quality graphics, a sense of humour, apparently you advance rapidly through the game and the game itself has that enticing element of gamblers luck.

While I do not necessarily agree with all their arguments they do raise some points that need to at least be considered. However, it all comes down to use in moderation and awareness of what they are playing. So as a family and as a School, we are attempting to set limits in a positive manner.

At School -

  • We are in the process of blocking Fortnite during school hours 8.30am – 3.30pm. This will ensure the temptation to sneak a game during class or break time will be thwarted.
  • Tutor is now technology free time in the Senior School. As a school we believe the focus should be on building positive inter-personal relationships without the distraction of devices.
  • Holding information sessions. The Orange Police Youth Liaison Officer will be meeting with Year 7, 8 and 9 over the coming week to talk about digital literacy, including online gaming dangers.

At home -

  • We are focusing on other activities such as completing homework, being physically active, participating in family life and getting enough sleep. Trying to make the time together as a family positive rather than always focusing on the negative and arguing about what they cannot do.
  • Setting limits on screen time that have been negotiated together, such as allowing gaming on Friday afternoons and some time on the weekend.
  • The rule that if arguments breakout and become too heated, then their devices are taken away for a period of time. Nobody gets to play then.

The link below provides some excellent information about Fortnite and is a must for parents to read. Good luck to all those families negotiating the Fortnite online craze.


Emma Bylsma
Head of Student Wellbeing

Student Awards

Merit Awards

KB: Week 4 - Arden Rowe, Prayan Dulal. 
KB: Week 5 - Disha Prasad, Grace Lowther, William O’Connell, Oscar Pigot, Prayan Dulal, Harper Purvis, Lachie Healey.

KK: Week 4 - Benjamin Howe, Saxon Haynes, Archie Bylsma, Audrey Gaudin, Harriett Johnston. 
KK: Week 5 – Jack Caro, Reginald Caskey, Sebastian Marquez, Alice Jones, Claire Harrison.

1C: Week 4 – Louis Blyth, Zaro Jalal. 
1C:  Week 5 – Mia Martin, Harry Price, Vivian Meates.

1W: Week 4 – Cassandra Philippe, Nicholas Balcomb, Meckenzie Flowers.  

1W: Week 5 – Andrew Bell, Charlie Haydon, Luca Kotasthane, Darcie Marshall, Grace Segger, Ingrid West.

2E: Week 4 – Niamh Dwyer, Alexandra Whitehead, Daniel Rourke x 2, Caoilinn Dwyer, Jed Volkofsky. 

2E: Week 5 – Samuel Commins, Hannah Cunningham, Max Kenny, Olivia McBeath, Annabelle Maslin, Arad Safeer, Xavier Zinga.

2H: Week 4 – Alannah Bryan, Chloe Caro x 2, Sophie Caro, Harrison Chapman, Lucas Choi, Anoushka de Brito, Timothy Edwards, Harrison Fielding, Pixie Harmer x 2, Ella Kerdic x 2, Eliza Lord, Maya McFarlane, George Nash x 2, Mitchell Perizzolo, Angus Sawtell, Grace Schaapveld, William Stratton, Charlotte Williams. 

2H: Week 5 – Alannah Bryan, Chloe Caro, Sophie Caro, Harrison Chapman, Luca Choi, Pixie Harmer, Eliza Lord, George Nash, Angus Sawtell, William Stratton.

3R:  Week 5 – Lily Moe, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan.

3S: Week 4 – Audrey Blyth, Oliver Garard, Maxwell Horne, Floriana Jackson-Le Couteur, George Proudford-Nalder, Lenny Shannon.  

3S: Week 5 – Annabelle Clinton, Charles Hail, Floriana Jackson-Le Couteur, Rohan Kotasthane, Matthew Lowther, Willa Paix, Georgia Philippe.

4F: Week 4 – Julia Bligh x 2, Ava Healey x 4, Varnikaa Kannan, Lachlan Knight x 2, Daniel Lord, Hayden McKenzie, Lucinda Nash, Luca Popa x 2, Thomas Robson, Austin Schaapveld x 3.

4F: Week 5 – Ava Healey, Luca Popa.

4P: Week 4 – Samuel Balcomb, Jack Carslake, Zoe Harmer, Phoebe Hunter, William Karrasch, James McRae, Lucy Reidy, Hamish Slack-Smith, Spencer Williams. 

4P: Week 5 – Grace Bylsma, Samuel Hughes, Thomas Goodsir, Lucy Reidy, Jack Steventon.

5M: Week 4 – Jack Dunworth. 

5M: Week 5 – Issac Marvasti, William Ward, Claire Ward-Finn, Hannah Jones, Benjamin Maslin, Cameron Nash, Elijah Cunningham.

5P: Week 4 –Jamie Adams, Maya Bracks, Joshua de Bruyn Alice Hansen, Charles Jones, Isobella Montagliani, Finn O’Toole, Jack Paix, Olivia Volkofsky. 

5P: Week 5 – Jamie Adams, Koby Bryan, Ava Buesnel, Isaac de Bruyn, Joshua de Bruyn, Ruby de Vries, Kajan Kandeepan, Philippa Martin, Lily McBeath, Isobella Montagliani, Finn O’Toole, Hugh Payne, Dominic Segger, Jessica Thompson, Tessa Wong.

5W: Week 4 – Roger Kircher, Lachlan Watts, Sienna Wilkin. 

5W: Week 5 – Charlotte Buckley x 2, Bonnie McPhie, Pranav Srikanth.

6C: Week 4 – Kate Adams, Ruby Coulton, Amelia Hill, Angus Pengilly, William Steventon, Jack Tink.

6C: Week 5 – Kate Adams x 2, Oliver Chandler-Sullivan, William Knight, Andrew May, Honor Tyrrell, George Wakem.

6H: Week 4 – Angus McPhie, Thomas McRae. 

6H: Week 5 – Julian Connan, Angus Croft, Scarlett Mackenzie, Oliver Mendham, Madeline Sinclair, Neve Jansen.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 4 – Benjamin Howe KK, Janette Proudford-Nalder 1C, Elizabeth Croft 1W, Andrew Bell 1W, Jude Jansen 2E, Arad Safeer 2E, David King 3R, Alannah Bryan 2H, William Stratton 2H, Austin Schaapveld 4F, Samuel Balcomb 4P, Abbygail Hunt 6H, Angus McPhie 6H, Nina Smedley 6H.  Lovely Manners: Week 5 - Mya McLachlan KK, Vivian Meates 1C, Lily Dwyer 2E, Jazmin Marquez 2E, Ella Kerdic 2H, Harrison Fielding 2H, George Proudford-Nalder 3S, Hannah Birmili 3S, Finn Price 4F, Bianca Wong 4P, Simon Livermore 6H.

Lovely Greetings: Week 4 – Louis Blyth 1C, Lily Moe 3R, Luca Popa 4F, Spencer Williams 4P, Maya Bracks 5P, Charlotte Buckley 5W.

Lovely Greetings: Week 5 – Ashton Montagliani 3R, Olive Quigley 4F, James McRae 4P, Jackson Raffen 5M, Isabella Lloyd-George 5W.

Thinking of Others: Week 4 – Prayan Dulal KB, Samuel Martin 4F, Harriett Sinclair 4F, Claire Ward-Finn 5M, Aimee Anders 5M, Isobella Montagliani 5P.

Thinking of Others: Week 5 – Disha Prasad KB, Harry Price 1C, James Jones 1C, Benjamin Knight 1W, Charlie Haydon 1W.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 4 - Milla O’Toole KK, Mia Martin 1C, Lachlan Watts 5W, Emma Northam 6C, Andrew May 6C. 

Excellent Behaviour: Week 5 – Sebastian Marquez KK, Ava Sutherland 3R, Jessica Thompson 5P, Isaac de Bruyn 5P, Krishan Kandeepan 5W, Lolli-Rose Pasquali 6C, Angus Pengilly 6C, Emma Aldersey 6H, Lucia Varian 6H, Madeline Sinclair 6H.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 4 – Harper Purvis KB, Eva Smedley 3R, Thomas Hansen 3R, Isabella Vangestel 3S, Drew Carslake 3S, Maddison Lawry 4F, Elijah Cunningham 5M, Georgia Miller 5M, Julian Connan 6H. 

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 5 – George Nash 2H, Lachlan Thomas 3R, Georgia Philippe 3S, Percy Meates 3S, Kajan Kandeepan 5P.

Helpfulness: Week 4 – Harriett Johnston KK, Cassandra Philippe 1W, Benjamin Knight 1W, Chrysalide Frecklington 1C, Jack Kenny 1C, Max Kenny 2E, Xavier Zinga 2E, Jude Jansen 2E, Olivia McBeath 2E, Annabelle Maslin 2E, Caoilinn Dwyer 2E, Samuel Commins 2E, Lucas Choi 2H, Audrey Blyth 3S, Lenny Shannon 3S, Zoe Harmer 4P, Sam Hughes 4P, Grace Hansen 5W. 

Helpfulness: Week 5 – Benjamin Howe KK, Reginald Caskey KK, Mia Martin 1C, Harry Price 1C, Vivaan Desai 2E, Hannah Cunningham 2E, Annabelle Maslin 2E, Aurora Everett 2E, Poppy O’Hehir-Corones 4P, Jack Carslake 4P, William McPhie 5M, Seamus Dwyer 5W, Bonnie McPhee 5W.

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 4 – Matthew Roper 4F, Finn O’Toole 5P, Kajan Kandeepan 5P, Seamus Dwyer 5W, Charles Hansen 6H. 

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 5 – Lily Dwyer 2E, Arad Safeer 2E, Ruby de Vries 5P.

Role Model: Week 4 - Rose Hedley 4F.

Role Model: Week 5 - Arden Rowe KB, Cassandra Philippe 1W, Ingrid West 1W, Anoushka de Brito 2H, Matthew Roper 4F, Varnikaa Kannan 4F, Philippa Martin 5P, Alice Hansen 5P.

Being Kind:  Week 4 - Anna Kenny KK, Pixie Harmer 2H, Lucinda Nash 4F, May Bracks 5P, Charli Greatbatch 6H. 

Being Kind: Week 5 – Austin Cutter 3R, Angus Croft 6H, Mitchell Fuller 6H.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 4 - Oliver Chandler-Sullivan 6C, Sophie Smith 6C. 

Excellent Behaviour: Week 5 – William Steventon 6C, Sophie Smith 6C.

Prep Performing Arts Press

Dates for your Diary

Friday 1 June - Six Strings to opening of UPA – Synergy Lifestyle Centre
Thursday 14 June 5.30pm - Prep Performing Arts Concert (DPA)
Thursday 21 June 6pm - Secondary Performing Arts Festival (Civic Theatre)

Co-curricular Ensembles

Don’t forget our fabulous Prep Performing Arts Concert is coming up on 14 June 2018. The concert will include a wonderful array of music, dance and drama displaying the fantastic talent of all of our Prep students. Ensembles involved include:

  • All stage choirs
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Koristers
  • Prep Band
  • Prep Strings
  • Six Strings
  • Junior Dance
  • Verse Speaking
  • Speech and drama items

There will be warm pumpkin soup (grown & cooked here at school) for sale on the evening.

Year 3 Instrumental Program

Information regarding this program will be going home this week. Students will be looking at and listening to some of the instruments they will have the opportunity to play on Thursday. Once they have decided what they’d like to try, we will ask that forms be completed and returned to school for try-outs to take place in Week 8.

Six Strings – Friday 1 June

Six Strings will be playing at the opening of a centre managed by UPA Community Care called Synergy – Active Lifestyle Centre. UPA Community Care assists elderly to live independently in their own homes and the new centre will allow them to bring some of their clients for a day of respite and also give clients opportunity to attend group therapy and activities, such as a men’s shed, art therapy room, café, music room etc. This is a wonderful opportunity to support such an important community facility. We wish them all the best for this event.

REHEARSAL – we will have an extra rehearsal on Thursday 31 May at lunchtime.


Mrs Katie Sinclair
Prep Music Co-ordinator

Prep Sports News

Winter Sport Uniform

Training and matches for Winter Sport is well underway. Full school tracksuits need to be brought to school with training uniform especially when going home after sport on the bus.

Full tracksuits are required when students have PE. They must be worn to and from school on these days. Hats are also compulsory all year round.

For Hockey training, many students are not bringing warm clothes. It can be extremely cold and layers (especially when playing) are needed. Unfortunately, we are having too many students needing to miss out on training due to lack of mouthguards, incorrect shoes and wrong uniforms. Please assist your children to pack the correct uniform and equipment.

WAS & HICES Cross Country Carnivals

A wonderful day of competition was had at the WAS Cross Country Carnival on Friday 18 May at Orange Anglican Grammar School. The set up and quality of the course was excellent, with our competitors being challenged running a true cross country course. It was truly wonderful to see all the students having a go and trying their hardest. This was great experience for our team prior to the much bigger HICES Cross Country Carnival Tuesday 29 May.

KWS Cross Country Team 2018:

  • 8/9 Years Boys - Ollie Garard, William Karrasch, Drew Carslake, Hamish Searle, Hugo O’Brien.
  • 8/9 Years Girls - Annabel Clinton, Angelina McRae, Willa Paix, Georgia Philippe, Flossy Jackson-Le Couteur.
  • 10 Years Boys - Hayden McKenzie, Spencer Johnston, Finn O’Toole, Jack Carslake, Will Garard.  
  • 10 Years Girls - Lucy Reidy, Lexi Wilkin, Poppy O’Hehir-Corones, Emily Caro, Grace Bylsma.
  • 11 Years Boys - Hugh Payne, Krishan Kandeepan, Isaac de Bruyn, Kajan Kandeepan, Ollie Smith.
  • 11 Years Girls - Sienna Wilkin, Pip Martin, Tessa Wong, Olivia Martin, Matilda Fabar.
  • 12 Years Boys - Ollie Chandler-Sullivan, Liam McKenzie, Will Knight, Jack Tink, Andrew May, Angus Pengilly.
  • 12 Years Girls - Alice Waddell, Lottie O’Hehir-Corones, Neve Jansen, Sarah Choi, Maddie Sinclair, Emma Aldersey.

Charli Greatbatch – HICES Netball

Congratulations to Charli Greatbatch who was a member of the HICES Netball playing at the CIS Netball Carnival on Friday against many other CIS school sports associations. The team played very well coming away with equal third after a tough day of competition. Well done Charli.

Sporting Teams of the Week

Congratulations to the following teams for their nominations for Sporting Team of the Week. These teams were acknowledged during assembly.

Netball: U10 Bluebirds, U11 Kestrels, U11 Firebirds, KWS HICES Team.

Hockey: U12 Foxes.

Sporting Program for K-2 Students

Starting this Wednesday, K-2 students (who are not involved in KWS sport) will have the opportunity to participate in either a NetSetGo Netball program or a Get Into Rugby program after school 3.30pm – 4.30pm. We have specialised coaches from NSW Netball and NSW Rugby coming in to deliver these programs. Both these programs are designed to introduce and develop student’s fundamental gross motor skills (catching, throwing, and passing, moving into space). Both are non-contact programs.

An email has been sent to all parents in K-2 in regards to these programs. If you are keen for your child to attend, please email or contact the Prep Office [email protected].

Sport Dates for the Diary

18 May: WAS Cross Country

29 May: HICES Cross Country

18 June: CIS Cross Country, Eastern Creek

27 July: NSWPSSA Cross Country, Eastern Creek

26 July: WAS Athletics, Dubbo

28 August: HICES Athletics, Sydney

13 September: CIS Athletics, Sydney


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Sports Reports

Rugby Reports


9’s - There was no better day to play rugby in Dubbo on Sunday.  Our first game was good and we continued to improve each game with the help of our wonderful coach Mr Hazelton.  Some awesome individual performances were on show with Matty Lowther's tackling, Joe Dunworth's confidence in taking the ball forward, Oscar Zielinski's ball control, Drew Carslake's willingness to help his team mates improve, Maxwell Horne's skilful footwork, Charlie Hail's straight hard running, Andrew Caskey's overall improvement, William Stratton's no fear attitude, Tom Hansen's confidence in running the ball, Lenny Shannon's textbook tackles (on his weaker side) & Austin Cutter's improvement in positioning.  The improvement shown in these boys as a team in 3 gala days is a credit to them and their fabulous coach!
Drew Carslake


Last Sunday we played at Orange City for our Gala day. Our three matches were against Bathurst Bulldogs, Emu Green and Emu Black and they were tough! We are learning lots each week, having fun and looking forward to our first win soon! Special mention to Drew who tackles really well and never gives up.
Maxwell Horne


11’s - It was a beautiful sunny day in Dubbo on Sunday - perfect weather to play rugby.  It was a mix of blue and white that played together for 3 games back to back, but it was good to play with our mates.  We still have a lot to learn like forming a backline, but we are improving in cleaning out.  We need to make sure we continue to learn how to improve as a team and do as our coach says.
Jack Carslake


12’s - The boys travelled to Grenfell and had a great game winning 43-12. Exactly what we practised at training played out in the game.  Forwards played tirelessly and were exhausted by the end. Backs linked well passing the ball with finesse. Angus was outstanding in defence while Jack Tink was strong at full back. Mitchell Fuller improves with every game in his first season.  We were made to feel most welcome by the Panthers team and the club. Great day had by all. Try scorers were Ollie Roach, George Wakem x 2, Sam Fabar x 2, Zac Shannon, Angus McPhie 5 goals.  Thank you to Mrs Maslin and Mr Fabar.

Football Reports

U7 Leopards – Week 5

What a great morning for soccer. The KWS Leopards played a very close match against CYMS. Harry and I played some great defence with Alby, Jimmy and Ben's attacking skills well on display. It was a fun morning playing soccer.

Aston Lett
U7 Pumas – Week 4
The Pumas were pumped for the third game of the season.  Playing the Jaguars, the Pumas entered the game with energy and enthusiasm.  Every team member played with effort and each week our skills are improving.  Congratulations to Chrissie who scored our goal, with the final score being 2-1 the Jaguars way.  Grace, Mia and Viv had some fantastic kicks from the sidelines.  Zaro and Chrissie were handy in defence.  It was a great game.
Louis Blyth
U7 Pumas – Week 5
On Saturday 26 May, my team KWS Pumas versed OAGS Strikers, first I want to congratulate OAGS Strikers for their amazing performance, and they won the game 7-0. Pumas didn’t do well in the first half, in the 2nd half, Pumas performance improved, especially in the defence, and chasing the ball, everyone in the team tried their best to prevent more goals scored against us. I am sure our team had fun and enjoyed the game.
Zaro Jalal
U9 Fury – Week 4
The entire team played well. We were really close to scoring a goal. We stayed in our positions most of the time. We cooperated a lot. Can’t wait to play next week.
Hamish Buckley


U9 Fury – Week 5
On Saturday we played CYMS Gold at PLC. It was a nice sunny day and we all played well. The two Toms scored our goals, Tom Hansen scored the first one and Tom O’Connell scored the second one. The goalies were good too (I was one of them!) Hamish Buckley and I saved lots of goals. CYMS won but we are playing better every week.
Oscar Chandler-Sullivan

U9 Thunder

Another great effort this week, with some great attacking at the front by TJ and David. A big thank you to Oscar who played in goal this weekend, well supported by Tom in full back. The Waratah Rebels were strong but everyone pitched in and showed improving skills.  Looking forward to next weekend, thanks Mrs Houston.

Austin Cutter


U11 Jets
Saturday saw us up against Waratah Mariners. They were a good side and it was a close match. They took the win 6-5. We played really well, keeping our positions and passing the ball. Charlie Poole created heaps of spaces to play the ball, Ollie Smith kept the team in position and Finn O’Toole was great a keeping pressure on the other team’s defence. A great team effort.
Jack Dunworth

U11 United

On the weekend, the U11 United played Waratah Jets at Waratahs Sports Ground. The best part of the game was seeing Tim playing so well and trying really hard. We displayed great sportsmanship when we worked together so well and supported each other, and congratulated our opponents on a well-played game. We played as a team by encouraging each other constantly. Soccer is so much fun!!!!

Ruby de Vries

Netball Reports

U9 Doves

On Saturday, 12th May, our team played our second game. We played very well to pass the ball to each other and we intercepted a lot of the other team’s passes. Although we lost the game, we improved on our first week. Thank you to Mrs Essex for coaching us.

Chloe Caro 


On Saturday 19 May we played against a great team. We are learning to play our positions and each week we have improved. Our passing this week was great and we have been training hard to learn about the game. Thank you to Mrs Essex for training us this week and thank you to Mrs Philippe for looking after us on Saturday.

Sophie Caro 

U11 Firebirds – Week 4

Last Saturday’s game was awesome! It was the U11 Firebirds first win of the season, defeating OAGS 6-1.  Mrs Caro said we were focused and tried hard, and our efforts paid off. Lilly and Emily our shooters shot some amazing goals with great defence from Charlotte and Aimee.  We were obviously going to crush OAGS from the beginning!  Well done Firebirds!
Alice Commins


U11 Firebirds - Week 5

On Saturday 19th May the Under 11 Firebirds played a brilliant game. Although we lost by two goals, the score didn't reflect how we played. Charlotte and Aimee were brilliant in defence in the goal circle, while Ava and I worked hard in our attacking goal. Bridget and Lily did a fantastic job in centre court, while Mia and Alice did a great job to feed the ball to our shooting circle. We missed Matilda who was unwell, but all round we were proud of how played and we were thrilled with our result.
Emily Caro


U12 Falcons

The weather was perfect for netball and for crazy hair and sock day. The Falcons were ready to play and started well with excellent positioning from Hannah, Molly and Neve. The second-quarter was also good with excellent passing from Emma, Hannah, Honor and Helen.  At half time the mood was great even though the oranges turned up late (Sorry).  Unfortunately the third-quarter saw the other team score many goals but the game ended well and it was a fun day for all. Lovely to see the team enjoying each other's company.

Nina Smedley

Hockey Reports


This week we had our first win of the season.  We won 2 goals to 1 against City Thunder.  Olivia and Bianca scored one goal each.  Willa was great in defence and the rest of the team did a great job both in attack and defence when needed.  It was a great game and we can really see our ball skills improving.  Can’t wait till next week!
Kaydn McLachlan


The Kookaburras came up against strong opponents this week, Confederates Dragons. It was a tough game and the end result didn't reflect the hard work and team ship of the Kookaburras. The defensive back line worked hard under the pressure of some speedy balls delivered by the Dragons. This season is seeing some great hockey and encouraging play across the team. Well done Kookaburras.
Maddison Lawry


This week the mighty scorpions played against the Canobolas Storm. Our defence skills and passing have greatly improved and this was demonstrated throughout the entire game. Our teamwork was evident by the way we gave each other high fives. It was an exciting game which we unfortunately lost 2-1. I can’t wait to score a goal again next week. Thank you to Mrs Coote who always gives us lots of encouragement.

Hugo O’Brien


The team played exceptionally well winning 6-nil. We followed the ball, called out to each other and passed to each other perfectly. I love how focused we were, and how we keep on improving every week.

Rohan Kotasthane



On Saturday we played CYMS Gold at PLC. It was a nice sunny day and we all played well. The two Toms scored our goals, Tom Hansen scored the first one and Tom O’Connell scored the second one. The goalies were good too (I was one of them!) Hamish Buckley and I saved lots of goals. CYMS won but we are playing better every week.
Oscar Chandler-Sullivan



The game on Wednesday night was a good fair fight with both teams playing very well however in the end the Emus won with one goal in the bag.

Lucia Farian



On Monday 14 May the under 12 Foxes girls played the Heat girls, the Foxes won 1-0. With a close game both sides had some good teamwork moments. The Foxes had great attacking and defending moves as well as some really good passing.

Elke Sweetapple

Canowindra Gymkhana - Sunday 20 May 2018

On Sunday, May 20 the following KWS Preparatory students participated in the Canowindra Gymkhana:

Pippi Clinton (Pre-Prep), Annabel Clinton, Lulu Clinton, Will Stratton, Harriet Stratton, Isabelle Pearce, Neve Jansen, Hannah Goodsir and Camilla Crossing.

Cudal Gymkhana - Sunday 27 May 2018

Many KWS Preparatory students competed in the Cudal Gymkhana on Sunday May 27, 2018.

Pippi Clinton (Pre-Prep), Annabel Clinton, Lulu Clinton, Harriet Stratton, Hannah Goodsir, Neve Jansen, Lucia Varian and Sophie Smith.

Congratulations to Lucinda Clinton who was an Age Champion and Annabel Clinton who came 3rd overall in her age group. Harriet Stratton won the C Grade Jumping competition.  Lucia Varian did extremely well for 1st competition, placing in her rider class.  Emma Aldersey has come along leaps and bounds for her 2nd gymkhana helping her Team of 4 riders gain 2nd place with Neve Jansen who also has just started competing. Hannah Goodsir ...4th in Dressage, 3rd in Pony Club Mount, 2nd in pair of riders, 1st in 4’s, 4th bareback, and placed in each sporting event. Harriett Stratton took the jumping home coming 1st for her grade. Also placed awesomely in sporting. Sophie Smith did exceptionally well coming 3rd in her age group.



13 Reasons Why Season 2

13 Reasons Why, Season 2 commenced last week. Season 1 of the show depicted a number of confronting topics related to adolescent mental health in the context of suicide.  Netflix and Headspace have released a resource for parents to discuss the content of Season 2 with their teens. The resource can be found here:

There is also a discussion resource for young people here:

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or are concerned about someone you know, please arrange to see a School Counsellor by visiting the Student Support Suite, or call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.

Rebecca Anderson

School Counsellor - Registered Psychologist

Traffic Safety at KWS

I am writing to ask (plead really) for the cooperation of all drivers in making traffic safety in and around our school a personal priority.

On Thursday 24th May the afternoon traffic queue of cars with prep parents picking up children stretched (as always) back past the Stop sign towards Cox Ave. This is to be expected.  As a teacher who was walking from the main bus bay area adjacent to the Gym down to Sally Kennett Oval behind the Gym walked past the first car he observed the driver chatting away on her phone.   By the time he reached the end of the queue he had counted 14 out of the 19 cars in the queue where the driver was either talking on, texting or reading their phone whilst driving.

This behaviour is well-recognised as being a significant factor in increasing the risk of injury or death to pedestrians – particularly children. Aside from anything else, using a mobile telephone in anything other than hands-free mode while in control of a motor vehicle is unlawful. Just because you are inside the gates of the School does not alter this fact.

As a final comment, we highlighted the use of mobile phones as one of the safety rules on campus in the video prepared by our Prep School students in late 2017. I would ask all drivers to remind themselves of the rules by taking a few minutes to re-watch the video, which can be found here:

In the end, the safety of your own children is at risk.  It requires a conscious effort from all drivers to prioritise pedestrian safety.

Thank you for your attention.

Greg Alderson

Business Manager

Language Exchanges:
Host Family Expressions of Interest

As the school builds upon its International Exchange Program to include a Language Exchange Program, we are seeking expressions of interest for volunteer host families to welcome some of our international visitors. Students participating in this program a likely to come from France, with a good level of English, but may also be from New Zealand or Scotland and, in the future, Wales, England, India or Japan. Students are 15-16 years old and would be in Year 10, attending KWS for between 4 and 6 weeks and participating in all aspects of school life as well as other cultural excursions. This is an excellent opportunity for students to get to know a culture other than their own, and would be particularly beneficial to students of French, though this is not a requirement. If you and your family would be interested in participating in the program, please forward expressions of interest to either Mrs. Catherine Litchfield ([email protected]) or Ms. Holly Young ([email protected]). Any such expression would not commit you to the program and an information session and package will become available at a later date.

Holly Young

Swimming Pool Housekeeping

Just lately there have been an increase in unsupervised KWS children at the pool so I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the following:

  • If your child does not have lessons or squad training, waiting at the pool for collection is not an option.
  • If one child has lessons but their siblings do not, they cannot come to the pool to watch unless they have adult supervision with them.
  • If your child’s lesson is at 3.30pm or 3.45pm (squads) they can come straight to the pool from school, any lesson after that must involve them being brought over by after school care or a supervising adult, waiting at the pool unsupervised is not an option.
  • Junior squads finishes between 4.45pm and 5.00pm, leaving your children at the pool and not collecting them until 5.30pm is not acceptable.

The pool staff cannot be responsible for children who are not meant to be at the pool for a specific purpose, please remember that it is not an extension of the playground or after school care and should not be treated as though it is. These measures are designed to ensure the safety of all children who come to the pool. Many of you would be aware that the Orange Aquatic centre requires children under the age of 12 to be accompanied by an adult at all times, we believe we are very flexible in the arrangements that we have set up and would not like to go down the same road as the public pool.

Mrs Jo Keown
KWS Swimming Co-ordinator

Head Lice

Winter is almost here and while it may seem like head lice are hiding away from the cooler weather, there is (unfortunately) no off-season for head lice. 
Please refer to the School Program link so that you are up to date with how to treat and deal with head lice whatever the season may be -

Mrs Ruth Edwards

Parent Teacher Interviews

A new way of booking for Parent Teacher Interviews will be introduced to the Prep School from Term 2. Parents with students in the secondary school will be familiar with the PTO (Parent Teacher Online) system which will be introduced into the Prep School.

Parent Teacher interviews will be on Tuesday 26 and Thursday 28 June and bookings can be made for 3:30 – 6:45pm on either of the days, but not both.

The PTO system will open for parents to make bookings from 12 June at 9am and will close off on Tuesday 26 June at 8am. Parents are not able to login outside of these dates and times.

Please ensure your EMAIL address is up to date in the KWS System. We have provided PTO the mother’s email address, unless there is no address and then the father’s will be used.  This is the email address that will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website.  Both parents’ email addresses will be provided in the case of parents living apart so separate logins can be requested.

NB – For class 6C parents only – Mrs Charlton will be away on Tuesday 26 June. Bookings with Mrs Charlton for Thursday 28 June can be made by logging in and booking on PTO. Mrs Charlton will do interviews on Wednesday 27 June in lieu of Tuesday but to book for this day, parents will need to email or ring the Prep Office and book with Mrs Edwards at [email protected]  or ring 6392 0316. Bookings can only be made in the same date range as for PTO bookings and no bookings will be made prior to that time. 

Mrs Ruth Edwards

School Life Updates

Year 6 Canberra Excursion

Students from Year 6 have recently undertaken an education tour of the national capital. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.

Over four days, we visited both old and new Parliament House, taking part in both tours and role play opportunities where students acted out the presentation of a Bill in the House of Representatives and were able to gain a greater understanding of how our nation’s government works. At the Parliamentary Education Office, students were shown how our preferential voting system works as they voted for preferred fruits - it turns out that apples are more popular than oranges in Year 6!

On Tuesday, we visited the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery. This was a great opportunity to look at elements of indigenous Australian artworks and some sculptures which will be a focus of our studies in Visual Arts this term. We also participated in a guided walk along Reconciliation Place which gave us some great insights into important events in our Nation’s past, and how we can look towards the future.

On Thursday afternoon, students braved the Canberra cold as they participated in the Last Post Ceremony at the National War Memorial. On Friday, we returned to visit the interactive D-Zone and toured other exhibited throughout the Museum. Before climbing onto the bus to return home, we had one final guided tour of the Memorials along Anzac Parade.

Other highlights throughout our stay included swimming at AIS, exploring Questacon at night, touring the AIS and sharing our mealtimes with some of the athletes, and having a night of fun at iPlay.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $20 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion and is taken into consideration in the costing for the Year 6 Curriculum Levy.

The Year 6 teachers and students would like to acknowledge and thank the additional staff who came along to help us throughout the four days: Mrs Sharpe, Mr Bracks, Mrs Savage, Cassidy Holmes and Freddie Williams. A special thanks also goes out to Adam, our bus driver from Langley’s for keeping us safe and in time throughout our trip.

Upcoming Events

Camerata Concert

The Camerata Concert is an annual concert which showcases premier solo performances from students in years 7-12. The concert features the students who entered the Concerto Competition earlier in the year, as well as including some of our senior performers in Years 11 and 12 . 

The Camerata Concert will be held on Friday June 1st  in the KWS Chapel commencing at 6:30pm. A small supper will be provided at intermission. All welcome!


Prep Performing Arts Concert

The Prep Performing Arts Concert will be held on Thursday 14 June 2018 at 5.30pm. 

The concert will showcase our Prep Performing Arts ensembles including Strings, Band, Choirs, Dance, Solos and Percussion. All students will be performing and all are welcome to come along.


Orange Youth Forum

Headspace Orange is partnering with CAHMS to present the 2018 Youth Mental Health Forum for youth 12-25 year olds, parents, caregivers, family and friends.

The forum proposes to increase peoples knowledge about mental health by sharing lived experiences, collaborating with services and professionals.

The Forum will also have two guest speakers, Dan Hunt, former NRL player, having played 150 games for the St George Illawarra Dragons over 9 years. Dan will be sharing his life story, including growing up, his NRL career, injuries, addiction, his mental illness journey with bi-polar, and the strategies he found helpful in overcoming these difficulties.

Chris Fitzpatrick, suicide survivor.  When Chris's life was just about to take off, he had a false start which left him with a life altering disability. Since then he has been working hard on becoming someone that he can be proud of. It hasn’t been an easy road, but it has been worthwhile. Chris will share his story with us and some of the best lessons he's learned so far, in a very raw and honest way.

The forum will also host a Q&A Panel for participants to ask questions on the day as well as presentations from headspace, CAHMS and other service professionals.

Headspace staff will be available on the day should any one feel the need to chat with them on any of the content presented on the day.

For more information or to register contact Sharna Lord on 0428 299 158 or email [email protected]

Tickets are free and can be booked through Eventbrite,

Rebecca Anderson

School Counsellor - Registered Psychologist

Student Short Film Festival

Rahamim Ecology Centre is running their Film Festival again in 2018.

If you would like to be involved, please visit:


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