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29 March 2018
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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends

We have had a super charged start to the year with Easter arriving just in time for us all to catch some breath before we embark on another great term at Frankston High School.  There have been our series of very successful camps, including our most recent New Zealand Athletics trip.  I can’t wait to hear from our students and staff about the great experiences they had competing internationally.  Semper Squads have had students attending in droves celebrating the joy of physical activity with a nutritious breakfast before school, whilst breakfast club is packed out three mornings a week, where students can share some rest time in a welcoming environment socializing with others, before school begins.  It is difficult for me to choose what to write about with all that has occurred, but here goes.  I hope you enjoy reading this edition of the newsletter.



I am pleased to  introduce you to  parents and staff who are members on School Council.  I am listing all parents and staff on School Council, in order for you to know who to approach if you have concerns or any positive feedback to share.  These parents and staff play an integral role in representing the school community, and in so doing, informing the governance of our school. 


The parents/community representatives are:

Mr David Cross , President

Mr Daryl Durack, Vice President

Mrs Vera Roberts, Treasurer

Mrs Nicole-Ann Fidge, PFA representative

Mr Bruce Howden

Ms Melissa King

Mrs Shez Cantlie &

Mr Brian Coghlan


Also, in particular, I would like to welcome our new parents on School Council:

Mrs Michelle Kapnoullas  &

Mr Mark Rickinson


Our staff representatives on School Council are: 

Ms Suzanne Caldwell

Ms Cathy Hogg

Ms Kylie Williams &

Ms Helen Wilson


We are indebted to our parents and staff for the great volunteer work they do in representing our school community on School Council.  School Council is our governing body which ensures that Frankston High School keeps moving onwards and upwards by leading Australia in providing excellence in teaching and learning for our students.  Minister Merlino has mandated that all school councils have student representatives.  Next term we will be undertaking a process that will be determined by the government to appoint student representatives on our School Council.


It is at this time we farewell a long standing parent representative on School Council; Mr Gil Garnier.  Gil served on School Council for eight years and has had both a son and daughter successfully graduate from our school, who are now both studying at University.  Gil’s career in the tertiary education sector enabled him to contribute passionately in School Council discussions with his never-ending positive ideas for school improvement.  We wish Gil every success and happiness for the future.  




2018 is an important year in our school’s Accountability Cycle.  It is a year of review where all members of the community are invited to contribute to evaluating our achievements over the last four years whilst identifying areas for ongoing improvement.  On Tuesday 19 June at 6.30pm our usual School Council meeting will be an open meeting whereupon all parents will be invited to contribute to our self-evaluation.  The recommendations from the self-evaluation will be presented to an independent reviewer who will visit and assess our school in Term 4, helping us to develop a new Strategic Plan for the next four years (2019-2022).  Parents are encouraged to attend this forum to have their say about what they feel the priority areas for improvement should be.  I am looking forward to meeting with you and especially hearing from you at this gathering.





The Somerset National Novella Writing Competition provides an opportunity for serious student writers to have their writing appraised in order to encourage them in their literary growth.  It gives me great pleasure to announce that Abby Strangward (Year 10) has won this prestigious award.  Abby’s novella was ‘Backyards’ and, knowing Abby’s passion for writing, I am sure publishers will be sourcing her great work in the future. 



Last year Harry Stuart (Year 12) was selected from thousands of applicants from across Australia to participate in the Australian Youth Science Forum.  This provided Harry with the opportunity of working alongside renowned scientists, inspiring him with an understanding of the passion and curiosity scientists have for finding answers to questions they have about life and for acquiring knowledge and skills that help improve life for us all on this planet.  The latest news is that Harry has been selected to represent Australia at the International Youth Science Forum at the Heidelberg Summer School in Germany in July.  Harry is now earnestly embarking on a fundraising mission to help meet the costs required for participation.  If you have some ideas to help Harry with his fundraising, please contact the school and we will put you in touch with Harry.  We know this wonderful experience will inspire Harry to continue to excel in his studies whilst planning a future Science learning pathway.



I have so  much more to share because of all the good news stories that have happened this Term, but I think enough is enough from me.  However, just quickly:

It was great to meet an excellent turnout of parents at our recent Year 7 Meet and Greet evening, which explains why we have such a lovely new cohort of students beginning at our school.  Also congratulations to our swimming team who became District Swimming Champions and won gold, with many individuals and all our relay teams competing in Regional Championships this week.  Congratulations to the rowing team who recently won gold, silver and bronze in State Championships and to our many athletes who achieved personal bests and won in some cases gold and, if not, were ranked in the top 20 of Australian athletes in their field of endeavour at recent Australian Track and Field Championships in Sydney. Thanks also to the many parents and students who worked hard at our recent Working Bee, mulching, weeding and planting.  Our grounds continue to thrive and look beautiful thanks to your hard work on a very stormy, typical Melbourne weather type of day.   I am so thankful to the combined efforts of our staff,  students and parents for enabling Frankston High School to have such a great start to the school year. 


Wishing everyone a well-deserved enjoyable Easter break with family and friends. 


Mr John Albiston



Senior School News


Harry Stuart has been successful as an applicant in the National Youth Science Forum International Program.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Harry and is a just reward for his academic excellence and conscientious approach to his studies.



Calvin Gu has taken out the top prize for his entry in the video competition “A Day in the Life of an International Student”.  In the video Calvin highlighted the benefits and opportunities of being an international student studying and living in Melbourne.



Students may wish to nominate for the 2018 VCE Leadership Awards.  These awards recognize the efforts of VCE students in promoting leadership and participation in their school and local community.  VCE Leadership Award recipients are students who demonstrate initiative, inspire others, work well in a team and are committed to making a difference.  They take an interest in activities such as the arts, sport, debating and public speaking; they may campaign for social justice and environmental protection and/or raise funds for worthy causes.

To qualify, students should be studying at least two Unit 3 & 4 studies.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or another student, please see me as soon as possible.



Students should now have developed regular study habits and an organization/study timetable according to the guidelines presented in the Elevate Education seminars and iSupport.    In the senior student diary there are great hints on where and how to study, motivation, goal setting, note taking skills, essay writing, research strategies, memory skills and stress management.

I encourage all students to have a look at this valuable resource and discuss how they can use these techniques to develop better study skills, which are vital for Years 11 and 12.

Students should also be practising as many exam type questions as possible, in preparation for the end of year examinations.



Parent Student  Teacher Conferences will occur on Tuesday 17 April.  These interviews provide an important opportunity for teachers, parents and students to work together to further improve learning outcomes. 



Students who drive to school are reminded that they must complete a consent form (which is available from the senior office) and attach a photocopy of their driver’s licence.

Students are not permitted to park in the school grounds and hence, must ensure that they follow local parking restrictions on nearby roads.  For safety reasons, students are not to park on Foot Street outside of the senior campus.

Students should also be aware that they must not park too close to the pedestrian crossings or driveways.



I wish all senior students and staff a relaxing and safe holiday.  Students need to ensure that they are revising their work over the holidays and Year 12 students should continue to practise past examination questions.

Examination papers  can be viewed on the VCAA website:  Students should also look at the assessment reports on this website; these are written by the examiners and individual questions are discussed.  Generally, if students have performed poorly on a type of question, then this question may reappear on future exam papers.

I cannot stress highly enough to students the importance of using part of these holidays for study purposes. 


Ms Helen Wilson

Senior School Principal

Important Dates and Notices

Important Dates


Finance Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

8.00am - 4.00pm



8.00am - 11.00am

11.00am - 1.00pm (CLOSED)

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Hours


Sarah Smith & Sara Dawson

Telephone 9784 9080





12.30pm - 1.30pm

3.00pm - 4.00pm

7.30pm to 8.30pm


10.00am - 12.00noon




Junior Resource Centre & Homework Club


Breakfast Club


If any parents are available and able to assist (must have current WWCC) or should you know of a local business that would like to donate to our Breakfast Club,  please contact Sam or Stav on 9783 7955

Parent Student Teacher Conference Day
Tuesday 17 April

Bookings are now Open via Compass School Manager.

Refreshments available on the day including LEAD Bake Stall & Sausage Sizzle (See Flyer below)


FHS Parent Information Night


School Tours Year 7 2019

Bookings via our  website


Year 10 Work Experience

Work Experience Week

25 – 29 June

Please hand all forms in to

Ms Lorelle Molloy in the JRC


All Work Experience Arrangement and Work Experience Travel Arrangement forms were due back on 16 March.   If your child hasn’t returned their forms or they are having trouble finding a position, please ask them to see Ms Lorelle Molloy in the JRC as soon as possible.


Students who have returned their forms, have been given their Industry Modules to do at home and have been asked to return the printed Certificate to the JRC.  


Parents will be sent, via email, a signed copy of the all the forms in June, 2018.  If you have changed your email address please contact the General Office to advise of your new email address.


If your child is struggling to secure a placement during work experience week, they have been advised that they can do their placement on either the July or September school holidays.   They will receive the last week of Term 2 as a holiday-in-lieu of giving one week of their holidays.


Girls School Uniform

Either Summer or Winter uniform (but not a combination) can be worn during Term 2 until Queen's Birthday.


Winter uniform must be worn from thereafter until the end of Term 3.

Asbestos Removal


Recycling Bins have moved for a few months!

The recycling hub has been moved to the Senior School car park area due to building works on the Junior side.

The bins are easily recognisable due to their colouration and sheer size.  

Items that you can put in these bins include plastic toys, small electrical items including home hardware appliances, mobile phones, clothes, accessories, footwear and kitchenware.

Sports for Schools

Double "Sports for Schools" vouchers at Coles this weekend!


Coles will stop giving out vouchers on Tuesday April 3rd. If you are shopping at Coles in Bayside, Frankston you can put them in the FHS collection at the front of the store or you can put them into the collection boxes at school at the beginning of Term 2.


Don't forget to let your family, neighbours, colleagues and friends know you are collecting for FHS as they may be happy to help our school and give their vouchers to you!






Community Events


Community Sport




Around Our School

Semper Squad

No wonder Frankston High School looks so fit and healthy, incredible numbers turning up to Semper activities and training for an hour before starting their day!  The benefits flow not only into sporting ability, and Frankston High School has had some excellent sports results recently, but into all aspects of school, including alertness, concentration and attention span. The Strength and Conditioning group is now held in the hall due to its popularity; attendance has increased so much that Mitch Rowe now manages training on both sides of the hall at the same time.  Congratulations to all the sports staff for making Semper work, to the staff members who provide Semper programs and to all participating students for seizing the opportunity.

Mr Chris Sutcliffe

Semper Squad - Strength and Conditioning

World of Maths

In Week 7, all Year 7 & 8 classes had an opportunity to visit the World of Maths incursion as part of their timetabled maths program.  These hands-on problem-solving activities showcase how maths is relevant to our everyday lives.  The strategies used to solve these challenges are so important in developing the critical and creative thinking we need our children to embrace.

Students needed to read problems carefully, break big problems into more manageable tasks, and approach solutions logically and with optimism.  These are all generic skills that are taught throughout our maths curriculum and can be applied in everyday life.

Mr Andrew Watson

Maths Teacher

Harmony Day

On Wednesday 21 March, Frankston High School celebrated Harmony Day, which is a day where we celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.  Harmony Day is an amazing way to recognise and appreciate individuals' differences and cultures, and come together as one.  The SLC, Sports Leadership, Eco Team and all international students were invited to the barbeque, run by the SLC, and were welcome to bring food displaying their cultures.

During the gathering, students were able to create new friendships and speak to students they may have never spoken to before.  The day ran very smoothly thanks to volunteers and helpers, and was a huge success!  Thank you to all who attended the day, your support made the gathering the best it could have been.

Tess Rogers (Year 9) 

SLC Captain and Sports Leadership Member


Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity.  On Wednesday 21 March the SLC, Sports Leaders, Eco Team and the international students spent lunch time together to celebrate and understand the message behind Harmony Day. 

The activities included a challenge that involved learning more about fellow students' cultural heritage; a speech from one of Frankston High School’s international students, and a barbeque.  The barbeque is symbolic of the sharing of food and stories amongst family and friends.  What a wonderfully simple way to reflect the values of Harmony Day. Individual students also brought along samples of food typical of their country of heritage.

Alex Fox (Year 9)

SLC and Sports Leadership Member

Out and About

Frankston Council Youth Environmental Forum

Eco Team students at Frankston High School recently participated in the Frankston Council Environmental Youth Forum.  They shared their knowledge about microplastics in our environment, using Frankston beach as a field study in terms of the amount of nurdles and microplastics found in, on and around it.

Additionally, Eco Team students took part in a beach debris audit which was run by the St. Kilda Eco Centre, enabling them to gain an understanding of the negative impact humans are having on beach environments, whilst also giving more positive options for what can be done to improve our beaches.

Students were also guided through a planning process to give them the ability to take further environmental action within their school.  The Eco Team is planning to inspire our school canteen to make more environmentally aware choices in terms of the food it sells and the packaging it uses.


Students developed their understanding of the environmental field and look forward to helping Frankston High School become more environmentally friendly.


Eco Team students are:

Michaela Goggin, (President)

Georgie Dowel, (Vice President)

Matilda Scroggie, (Secretary)

Mayatili Thompson-Fidge, (Treasurer)

Hayley Musgrave

Ellie Turner &

Freya Vaughan

Thank you to Debbie Coffey, Nickie Fidge and Karen Jones for their support on the day.


Mr Brendan McKinnon

Sustainability Coordinator

National Constitutional Convention 2018

Congratulations to Year 12 students,  Molly Ash and Fern Nicholls, who recently represented both Frankston High School and Victoria at the National Constitutional Convention held in Canberra.

The girls debated with like-minded students from around Australia “Is Section 44 of the Constitution relevant in Modern Australia?” and concluded the wording needed to be changed to reflect modern society.

As part of the trip they had the pleasure of meeting and enjoying afternoon tea with His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia at Government House.  They viewed the Senate in action and met many of our politicians including the Honourable Penny Wong.  The final night was a dinner in the foyer at the High Court of Australia.

Well done girls, your input was highly valued and we hope this has inspired you to one day enter a career in politics.


Ms Cindy Twyford

Legal Studies Teacher 

International Women's
Day Breakfast

It was my second year attending the Annual International Women’s Day Breakfast and, once again, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, going away feeling motivated and proud to be a woman. Being in a room with such like-minded passionate individuals creates such a positive and inspirational environment.  Hearing both Sally Hines and Kristen Hilton share their experiences and life lessons engaged the whole room of aspiring women and men.

Sally spoke about her involvement in the social enterprise, The Big Issue.  She explained the life-changing projects that this not-for-profit organisation is currently working on. Homes for Homes is a new project, The Big Issue is working on, where they raise money towards an ongoing supply of affordable housing for homeless people.

Kristen spoke about the misconceptions about feminism and women, and how it is important that all equal rights are supported in any country or corporation.

Hearing the flipside or different perspective on any situation is so thought-provoking as it makes you question your own perspective.  Being able to understand another point of view, to me, is a necessity in order to progress in how you perceive things.  The whole morning was a learning experience but Sally’s final words left me with wonder and an awakening. She said that these poor and homeless people don’t want to stand out, their goal in life is to be part of the crowd, and just simply, fit in.

Mia Davis (Year 10)

SLC Captain


During the bright early morning before International Women's Day, I was privileged enough to go to the International Women's Day breakfast.  Throughout the breakfast we heard from two amazing guest speakers.

From their speeches, I found it very encouraging knowing as a high school student that I could step up and express what the right thing to do is, no matter how big or small the situation is.  It was also wonderful the there were not only females at the breakfast, but also men who came to support and help empower women.  

Roo Gambiza (Year 11)

SLC Member


On Wednesday 7 March a few other students and I attended the International Women's Day breakfast held at the Mornington Racecourse, presented by the Rotary and sponsored by White Lady Funerals. 

International Women's day is a day to celebrate the progress women have made over the years and to focus on issues that still face us today.  Most importantly, it's a day to identify that women have made and continue to make a difference; a day to celebrate women's input to making Australia and the world a better place for everyone.

There were two guest speakers that came to the breakfast, Sally Hines and Kristen Hilton. Sally Hines is the Chief Operator of the Big Issue and Homes for Homes. The Big Issue is a non-for-profit organisation that supports and creates work opportunities for the homeless and disadvantaged people.  Kristen Hilton worked in corporate law as an industrial relations lawyer before pursuing her career in social justice and human rights.  Both of these women are very inspiring and they both shared stories about their own experiences. 

This event was so eye-opening and inspiring; if you have the chance to attended an IWD breakfast definitely go because overall it has been one of the highlights of my SLC career so far.

I would  like to thank Mrs Sarah Bahramis and Ms Suzanne Caldwell for this amazing opportunity and for driving us from the event.

Madeleine Juleff (Year 10)

SLC Member


I was lucky enough to be able to attend the International Women's Day breakfast and I couldn't recommend it more! The morning opened our eyes to encouraging women to follow their passions in order to create change within their local communities.

Personally, being surrounded by like-minded individuals was so inspiring, especially hearing people's stories about their road to change.  Overall, the morning was a success. I would just like to thank Ms Suzanne Caldwelland Mrs Sarah Bahramis for helping organise us attending the event, and the wonderful speakers from the breakfast. 


Eilis Peters (Year 12)

2018 School Vice Captain

LEAD Year 7 Camp

Tuesday 20 February was the day that the third group of LEAD students went out to run activities with the Year 7s at their camp.  We started the day by serving them all some morning tea.  We then sat them down, introduced ourselves, and told them what we were doing there. We split them up into two groups and we played a variety of activities with them throughout the day.

 Some of the games we ran with the Year 7s were: ship shark shore, poison ball, volleyball and a few others.  After that, we swapped over and played those games with the second group.  After we had finished the games, we sat down and enjoyed a nice lunch with them all, before we had to go back to school.  We each chose a table to sit at and talked to the Year 7s.  Overall, the experience was very enjoyable and one we all highly recommend, our leadership skills have definitely improved and we now know how hard the teachers have to work to keep us all in check.

Alex Fox, Ami Talbot and Kirsten Smith 

Year 9 LEAD

On Tuesday 20 February, our group went to the Year 7 camp to run activities with the students. Throughout this process, we have got to know the Year 7s better, interacting with them and learning some of their names.

The activities we ran included games like ship shark shore, number volleyball, poison ball and jockey up jockey down. We were able to learn a lot from both the Year 7s and each other, improving our teamwork and leadership skills.  Prior to the day, our group had spent a few weeks planning activities and how to run them, which helped as everything went smoothly on the day.  We were also able to sit with the students during lunchtime, where we got to know all of them better, their thoughts on school and answering questions about any concerns that they had.

Neha Alex, Tilly Scroggie and Alicia Zhang

Year 9 LEAD

SLC Camp

This year’s SLC Camp came and went in the blink of an eye - and thus, the SLC students are again thrown into another year of leadership, inspiration, and positive change.  The structure of the camp was as follows: seven teams - each representing a different colour, each sporting a different Year 12 leader, consisting of students from a range of year levels (often complete strangers to one another prior to camp) -  come together in a variety of activities, discussions, and games, to eventually leave the camp as new-found friends.


Day 1 began with all the classic ice-breaker games - Zap, Ninja, you know the drill.  Then an orientation course to really kick-start the team-building, before launching into some incredible leadership workshops.  Recent Frankston High School graduates Danai Harawa and Lizette Gerryts paid us a much-anticipated, much-appreciated visit, teaching us the core principles of leadership, and inspiring us with their words of wisdom.

Casual Dress Day charities were nominated and then voted upon - make sure you participate in Term 1’s upcoming casual dress day, supporting kids with cancer through the charity of Challenge. We then split into our focus groups - with topics along the likes of: Student Voice, Casual Dress Days, Teach the Teacher, Year 7 Induction process, SLC cafe, wellbeing, communications/PR,  amongst others.

The night ended with a truly fantastic 80s-themed disco!  Neon colours, headbands, and even mullets featured on the night, and we all danced along to a phenomenal playlist.


Day 2 was jam-packed with activity.  A morning walk for those motivated enough to face the early hours, and then a brief introduction from us - your SLC class of 2018, the Year 12s.  Mindfulness with Kirsten, and some outside games, were the other activities that occupied our morning.  The outdoor laser strike is always a highlight, and this year was no different; the students let their competitive sides run rampant.  We were enlightened by Project Rockit and Frankston High School’s very own ‘Stomping Out Stereotypes’ group, both providing us with relatable and intriguing commentaries on leadership and perspective in everyday life.

The night saw the infamous Skit Night take place - a battle between the colour groups and even the teachers for comedy supremacy.  Then, once our bouts of uncontrollable laughter had subsided, the Amazing Race began! Visiting countries like Brazil, Egypt, and Japan, the teams raced around completing tough challenges before returning to ‘Australia’ at the conclusion of the race.

The arrival of Day 3 brought pack-ups and sad faces.  Lulled into a state of complete relaxation by Mr John Russell’s relaxation activity, people ate their hot-dog lunch in a bit of a daze, mentally unprepared for the camp to come to an end.  We reflected with our groups and gave many speeches of thanks, before collecting our Warm & Fuzzies (lovely messages written to us by other students and teachers over the camp) and reading them on the bittersweet bus ride home.


Our endless appreciation goes out to Phillip Island Adventure Resort, for their unfailing hospitality and kindness towards our occasionally rowdy group.  And, of course, to the teachers who gave up their time to assist us on camp, and provide us with entertainment and encouragement across its entirety - thank you to Ms Burgess, Ms Long, Mr Christie, Mr Russell, Mr Burt and Mr Fischmann.


And, of course, our utmost gratitude to Mrs Bahramis, for her continual effort and organisation of the SLC and this amazing camp. We would be without this incredible opportunity were it not for you, and I am sure I am not alone in saying that it is certainly one of the highlights of the school calendar.

Stella Cowan (Year 12)

School Captain


This year’s SLC camp was amazing!  We were put into colour groups with Year 12 students as the leaders of our groups.  Personally, I was in yellow group; I enjoyed this so much and met a whole group of new and wonderful people that I would never have called friends before this camp. There were heaps of fun games including assassins and laser tag (outside).  For those that don’t know, assassins is a game where we get given a name of another person at the camp and we then must assassinate them by being in the same room as them with no one else to be seen. Another reason why this camp was so great is that we really get to find out who you really are as a leader and realise what the importance of being a leader really is.  Two notable nights that were very fun were the 80s disco night on the first day, and skit night on the second day.  I would definitely recommend joining SLC and going on the camp, as it is a brilliant experience for everyone.

Seb Cowan

Year 9 SLC Member


The 2018 SLC camp was a fun-packed, inspiring, eye-opening and emotional three days.


From hour one, we were thrown head first into a whirlwind of activity.  Sorted into colour groups, everyone was encouraged to dive into team spirit, and colours were adorned proudly in every way possible (tutus, tights, shirts, skirts, leg warmers, wristbands, headbands, flower crowns, face paint…).  That energy and enthusiasm set the tone for the entire camp.

We listened to workshops and presentations from SLC students, teachers, and special guests alike. The talks were eye-opening and empowering, and absolutely one of the highlights of the camp.  Skit night was a hilarious group favourite, the 80s disco a fun-filled evening we’ll never forget, and paintball a ridiculously fun and competitive afternoon.


In between these amazing activities, we were working on programs for the entire school – from casual dress days to school surveys, communication to iSupport, the senior café to exchange student relations.  SLC Camp provided an opportunity for everyone to have their voices heard in a supportive and relaxed environment.

The SLC camp is something we all look forward to every year, and this time around it was unforgettable.  I know I speak for everyone when I say that after returning back to Frankston High School, SLC felt like a family, and we were all twice as motivated to throw ourselves into the new year.

Abby Strangward

Year 10 SLC Member


Year 9 MEGAR Week 2018

MEGAR Week 2018
25 - 29 JUNE

In the last week of Term 2 (25-29 June), Year 9 students will be participating in MEGAR week. Throughout the week,  Year 9 students will participate in a range of fun activities that aim to build students’ skills in:




Acceptance and



The activities are intended to promote mental health and wellbeing, all while having a bit of a break from regular classes and stepping out of your comfort zone!  Some activities to look forward to include: various workshops, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, a fitness session, a motivational speaker, a visit to Monash University and Chisolm TAFE, and much more!


For more information about the week, please contact Ms Emma Manks, Ms Paige Jessulat, and Ms April Ewing.


If interested, students will also have the opportunity to volunteer in their local community at some stage during MEGAR week.  To facilitate this, we are partnering with Impact Volunteering to offer students authentic community engagement opportunities.  This is a great way for students to get involved in the wider community and start giving back – letting them start practising empathy and gratitude right away!  For more information about community engagement, please contact Mrs Sarah Bahramis.


Click on the link below to watch a video of students from MEGAR week 2017 enjoying and reflecting on their experience and to get a sneak-peek of some of the awesome activities to look forward to!  


We hope that students are starting to get excited and are EAGER for MEGAR!


Photo Gallery from MEGAR Week 2017:


In the Spotlight




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