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01 May 2018
2018 Term 2 Issue 1
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Important Dates

30 April

College Council

2 May

VCAL Pathways Mini Presentations 

2pm - 6pm

15 - 17 May
Naplan Year 7 & 9

14 May

Cross Country - Sydenham

11 May

Cross Country - Kings Park

1 - 8 June

Year 11 Exams

11 June

Queens Birthday Public Holiday - 

No students required at school.

12 June

Year 11 Course Re-counseling

13 June


Year 10 Careers Day

14 - 15 June

Year 12 Exams

15 June 

Correction Day 

No students required at school.


18 June

Semester 2 Begins for Year 11 & 12

Year 10 Evelvate Educate Time Management P4

21 June

Curriculum Day

No students required at school.

29 June

End of Semester 1 Year 7 - 10

2.30 pm finish



16 July

First Day Term 3

17 July
Poetry Incursion Kings Park and Sydenham

20 July

Year 9 Elevate Educate Mnenomics P1

26 July

Pathways Expo Year 10 into Year 11 Information Night

3 August

Year 8 Snow Day Kings Park

10 August

Year 8 Snow Day Sydenham

13 August

College Council


17 August

Science Fair Sydenham

VCAL Project Presentations

31 August

Year 12 VCAL Careers Expo

4 September

Curriculum Day 

No students required at school.

5 September

Year 11 & 12 Parent Teacher Student Interviews

6 September

Year 7 - 10 Student Led Interviews

7 September

Year 7 Immunisations sydenham

10 September

College Council

11 - 26 September

Fuji JHS Visit

12 September

Senior VCAL Pathways Presentations

16 - 20 September

Year 10 Tasmania Camp

21 September

Last Day Term 3 - 2.30 pm finish


College News

Western Bulldogs Leadership Project


Copperfield College is proud to announce that Joshua XK2 has been successful in gaining a position in the Western Bulldogs Leadership Project.

This intensive 6-month program provides young people with hands on opportunities to build capacities in leadership, teamwork, communication, goal setting and resilience and connect contribute and grow as leaders in their community.

Joshua is an exceptional student leader who epitomises Copperfield College’s values of respect, responsibility and valuing relationships.

We wish him well during this journey and are confident he will flourish.

Congratulations Joshua!

Ms Athanasia Dedes
Student Engagement and Wellbeing Leader

Well Being

Screen Smart Parent Tour

Whether you're a parent, carer, aunt, uncle or grandparent it can be a difficult task keeping up with young people and technology or even knowing when and how to start the conversation about online safety in your household. 

Meet Screen Smart Parent Tour—our new interactive self-reflective tool that helps parents and carers of pre and young teens keep on track with online safety. 

The virtual tour takes you through six important online topics including social media, screen time, personal information, inappropriate content, cyberbullying and contact with strangers. Each topic offers practical tips and advice on how to allow children to explore safely and manage online issues if they arise.

Delahey Campus Principal Message


Greetings from Delahey. The lovely autumn weather smiled on our Athletic Sports in week one where a number of Delahey students broke records.  The Delahey participation was higher than usual this year, probably because we have some talented athletes. Congratulations to those students for their success and providing excellent role models to the younger students.

New Staff Member

We would like to welcome a new staff member to the college, John Kerns.  John is an experienced Maths teacher who is replacing Beena Dilip who left earlier in the year.

VCAL Program Development Award

We are very excited that former Delahey Campus Principal, Mary Chiodo is the recipient of the VCAL Program Development Award presented by the Department of Education and Training to exemplary practitioners. Mary led the development of our rigorous and challenging VCAL program which has been recognised in many forums; so it is very satisfying that she gets some accolades for her vision, dedication and leadership. Congratulations Mary.

Doctors in the Schools

On April 20 the students were introduced to the medical staff from Kings Park Medical Centre; Dr Adjoah Mensa and Nurse Agnes Castro came, along with two other doctors who are willing to fill in if Dr Adjoah is unavailable on a Wednesday.  May 2 is the start day for the doctor at the school and several appointments have already been booked.  We are very pleased to have been granted this facility by the state government so students will have the opportunity to consult a doctor during a school day.  This is an excellent way to promote help seeking behaviour and improve health outcomes.  Appointments are made by contacting Judy Scarfe or students can drop in to the rooms during recess and lunch. Parents and students received detailed notification about the Doctors in Schools program via Compass at the end of last term.

Pathways Information  

To prepare students better for the senior campus, the Pathways team is hosting Year 9 students and their parents at an information session on May 1 at Delahey.  Current and past senior students will do most of the talking and the two pathways of VCE and VCAL will be explained, including the option of doing a VCE subject in Year 10.  We would like to thank, in particular, the two former students for their time, Jazmine Pizzo and Philip Vukovic.

Teacher Training - Literacy in Learning

In May seventeen teachers will be doing training about the teaching of writing, called Literacy for Learning.  The aim of this is to equip all teachers – not just teachers of English to support improvement in student writing because writing is a significant element in nearly all exams at VCE.

Women in Leadership Forum

I took a group of Year 12 VCAL girls to the first Women in Leadership forum at the end of April, which is run by our community partner ABCN.  Female staff from Stockland are acting as mentors and the sessions elicit and encourage the girls to recognise and cultivate their leadership capacity.  It was a stimulating session and our students were exemplary.

Year 11 VCAL

Year 11 VCAL students have all met their CHASE mentors and are currently working through the ‘education phase’ of the community health based focus for PDS.  And Year 12 VCAL students are busy preparing for their Mini Pathways Presentations which are a dress rehearsal and an opportunity to get feedback to enhance their final presentations at the end of the year.





Year 11 VCE

Year 11 VCE students will enjoy an incursion on ‘Macbeth’ on May 18 and on May 16 we will re-run the successful ‘Shut the Duck Up’ session for students who get performance anxiety about exams or presentations.  If your child has this experience, please contact Judy Scarfe or one of the Campus Leaders (Bryce Dermody and Mara Aleardi) to put his or her name forward, or encourage your child to nominate him or herself.

Interim Reports

The Team Leaders and Campus Leaders are in the process of consulting with students and parents about any issues that were raised in the interim reports. There are only six weeks until Unit 1 and Unit 3 finish so we need to ensure everyone is aware of what is required to be successful.

Mid- Year Exams

Mid-year exam season is also approaching and while the exams don’t ‘count’ officially, they are a very important part of preparing for the end of the year, when they do.  Students should not over stress but treat it as an opportunity to thoroughly revise the first semester’s work and as a rehearsal for the main game at the end of Year 12.


As usual, the pace is fast and our students continue to impress us, not only with their dedication and focus but also with their courtesy and respectfulness.

Until next time,








Ms Pip Griffiths and Ms Amanda Mullins

Campus Principals

Delahey News

Senior Boys Soccer

On Monday April 23rd the Senior Boys Soccer team competed at the Keilor Division. The boys defeated Gilson College 2-1, Harvester College 4-0 and lost to Taylors Lakes Secondary College 3-2 in the grand final. All boys performed superbly and represented the college positively.








Mr Bobby Todorovski

Sport Teacher

Environmental Leadership Team

In term 2 the ELT has undertaken several activities. We held a contest for a poster showing an environmental issue and discussed about keeping our community free from litter.

We also built solar powered lights for children in third world countries where light and electricity is limited. Members of our group include Kayla, Joseph, Kiara, Louise, Antony and Gabriel.

ELT team


Library News

Now students can access Encyclopedia Britannica on all campuses via the Library Home page. DEL students can use EB as background for their current research. There are multimedia resources as well as more traditional articles.  A wide range of support materials for exams is available in easy to find displays for Unit 3 and 4 subjects.








Mrs Bronwen Ch’ng










Kings Park Campus Principal Message

A big ‘welcome back’ to everybody here at the Kings Park campus. It may be a well-worn cliché but in the blink of an eye, we are almost into the month of May. Term 2 is a long term and an incredibly busy one; busy in a different sense to all the events we worked through last term.

Year 7 camp and assembly last term

A big thankyou to Ms Farrelly, Ms Drago and Ms Tsaloukis for organising the Year 7 camp during the last week of Term 1. Of course, the camp’s success would not have been possible had it not been for our dedicated team of teachers who gave up their time over two days and one night to ensure that the newest members of our student body had an experience they will cherish for a long time. Getting to know teachers in a different setting as well as having opportunities to make new friends beyond those from your Home Group supports the seamless transition into secondary school. Speaking of last term, the Kings Park community came together to celebrate a successful term’s work by all during our uplifting campus assembly. The assembly was student driven and included a variety of reports, awards and musical performances. Congratulations to all for showcasing their talents in a variety of areas.

Staffing changes 

At the end of last term, we farewelled two staff members. Banu Woods has taken up a position at Tarneit Senior Secondary College after one term here at the Kings Park campus. Susai Balthazar has been appointed to a Mathematics/Science position in Dandenong. Susai has been a valuable member of staff since 2010. We wish both Susai and Banu all the best in this new chapter of their career. We also welcome Rachel Keith to the Kings Park campus. Rachel is an English/Humanities teacher who will be replacing Banu. Welcome aboard Rachel.

Upgrades at Kings Park  

There has been a hive of activity at the Kings Park campus this year as far as upgrades and beautification is concerned. While it has caused minor inconvenience, the end product has been/will be worth it. The area outside C Team has been re-asphalted, landscaped and furnished with outdoor settings and a large shade sail. Our Year 9 and 10 students are very appreciative of their new passive recreational area. We are also installing motorised gates to replace the old cyclone gates at the main entrance and Music area carpark. Complementing those gates will be boom gates to ensure safer movement of traffic particularly before and after school. Another very noticeable addition to the Kings Park grounds are the new signage; not only the main LED free-standing one but directional signage and maps across the grounds

Upcoming events

As mentioned earlier, it is a busy term with its own seasonal events. Next week, all students will be completing the online Attitudes To School survey. This survey gives us quality feedback from students about their perceptions of school life.

The annual NAPLAN testing period for students in Year 7 and Year 9 begins Tuesday May 15 and concludes Thursday May 17.

Our Year 9 and 10 students will be completing their semester 1 coursework over the next month or so in preparation for their Mid-Year Exams in June. It’s critical that parents continue to push their children to complete all CATs and assessments as well as progressive revision of the course so that they give themselves the best chance possible for a successful course outcome.

Our Year 10 students are currently progressing through their Careers Classes with our Pathways Leader, Ms. Bella Moore. This is an opportunity to explore the world of employment and educational pathways in preparation for VCE/VET/VCAL course selection next term.

Speaking of pathways, the Year 9 into Year 10 Pathways Information Evening will occur on Tuesday May 1 at the Delahey campus. Again, this is an opportunity for some forward planning and family discussion around the best subjects to suit the needs of our students’ aspirations.

We have 10 students from the Kings Park campus (as well as 10 from the Sydenham campus) undertaking the ABCN Aspirations Program. Starting on May 10, the program involves our students being mentored by Commonwealth Bank of Australia employees as well as participating in 5 workshops over the next few months

I think that’s all from us. As you have read, it’s a packed schedule this term. Until we chat again, please stay healthy, safe and happy.










Mr Renato Carinci & Ms Mary Chiodo

 Campus Principal

Kings Park News


Congratulations to Travis Meldrum who was selected for the Victorian Kickstart squad for the 2018 AFL National Diversity Championships held in Sydney in April. Well done Travis!








Ms Jade Tauber
C Team Leader

New Recreational Area at Kings Park

The Year 9 and 10 students at the Kings Park campus have a new landscaped area for passive recreation and congregation. With government and school funding to realise this project, our older students are really making use of this new social space. After asphalting, rendering and laying the artificial turf, it has all come together with the large shade sail and outdoor furniture. Now it is your job to look after it kids!








Mr Renator Carinci
Campus Principal

Refugee Research Project

Copperfield College is committed to supporting and welcoming students who arrive in Australia from other countries. At the end of last term, students in year 9 who have already successfully made the transition into school in Australia, shared their expertise and ideas with the college leadership team. Adapting to a new environment, new language and school system can be very challenging. The insights these students shared will help the college to consider how best to support newly-arrived students and ensure that all students have a positive experience at Copperfield College.
Well done to all. Your input will inform our future thinking and practices. We’d also like to thank Simone Cassidy and her team at Foundation House for their commitment and our ever strengthening partnership to provide educational opportunities to these new students as well as support for them and their families.








Mr Renato Carinci
Campus Principal

RRR Award Winners
Term 1

C Team

Besime 9C1                             Julian 10C1   

Tayla 9C1                                  Paris 10C1

Ator 9C2                                   Katarina 10C2

Nikkie 9C2                              Jovan 10C2

Asu 9C3                                    Joanne 10C3

Delilah 9C3                             Abby 10C3

Anthony 9C4

Jimmy 9C4








Ms Jade Tauber

C Team Leader

Year 10 Advance

Last term, the year 10 Advance class volunteered their time at FareShare Food Charity.  Fareshare is an organisation that provides meals for people in the community suffering from food insecurities.  The organisation rescues food from supermakets, farmers and other businesses and turns it into nutritious meals. Congratulations to all of the students that volunteered for this organisation.  They worked tirelessly to prepare over 1800 meals and represented the school fabulously.  









Ms Joanne Drago
L Team Leader


After spending term one identifying social, economic and environmental impacts created by the introduction of robotic systems around the globe, students in this year 9 elective have now begun to learn how to program an EV3 brick.

The integral part of the LEGO Mindstorms system, the brick is a micro computer that students are able to program, via a range of programming blocks.

Initially learning how to display images and messages on the unit’s screen, and creating sounds via the internal speaker, students have now begun to explore the use of motors and sensors.

The enthusiasm and interest can be seen on the students’ faces. It really wan't a  surprise that the task of building the robot was completed first by the female team of Chelsea and Kathrena? Go grrrlls!








Mr Glenn McLeod

Robotics Teacher

Hands on Learning

In 2018, Hands on Learning at our Kings Park campus welcomed a group of new students to the program. The group, made up of students from Years 8, 9 and 10, enthusiastically got to work and were quick to show off their skills and keen to learn and develop some new ones. The team has spent much of Term 1 learning about the various tools and equipment used within HOL, and how to use them in a safe and responsible way. They have also developed their skills and knowledge in various building and construction jobs. The group has worked together wonderfully by supporting and encouraging each other and displaying promising leadership skills that will stay with

them for future years.  David and Louise hope the team can keep up the great work and

continue to learn and grow!

During Term 2, we will also welcome a new group of Sydenham students who will commence in the program. We look forward to working with them and introducing more students to the Hands on Learning community within Copperfield College.










Louise Azzopardi & David McNicol

Hands on LearningArtisan Teachers

C and T Team News

Preparations for NAPLAN testing are well underway at the moment. In English, all year 9 students have been revising both persuasive and narrative writing in preparation for the Writing section of the Literacy test. We have been practicing both forms because we will not know which text type students will be required to demonstrate until the day of the test. They have also been working through previous Reading and Language Conventions tests to familiarise themselves with test content, conditions and strategies. Additionally, Maths classes have also been undertaking similar preparations in readiness for the Numeracy tests.  

 All students should be busy completing Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) at the moment with all semester 1 work needing to be completed and assessed before our report writing day week 9.  If you are unsure about what your son or daughter should be doing you can contact their subject teachers at school.

Exams are coming up for year 9 and 10. The year 10s begin their exams on June 4th, while the year 9s begin on June 8th. During exam time students only need to be at school when they have an exam. They must be in full school uniform for every exam. Year 10 Exams will be held in the gym and year 9 exams will be held in the team rooms.

Two pupil free days coming up this term are Curriculum Day on Thursday 21st June and Report Writing Day on Friday 15th June.

Permission slips were given out to our Year 10 students for the Tasmania Trip in term 3 last Friday. Students fly to Hobart where they are met by a coach and tour around for four days. They then sail back on the Spirit of Tasmania. If you are interested in letting your child come along, you will need to sign the permission slip (which can be downloaded if your child has not brought one home from school) and make a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 to the general office.

Our year 10 students will be attending the Brimbank Careers and Job Fair, on Wednesday 9th May, which gives them the opportunity to meet and discuss pathways with a variety of different University’s, TAFES, Government organisations, traineeships, apprenticeships and employment. The students find this experience extremely valuable as it allows them to start thinking about their future pathways beyond life at the Kings Park campus.

RRR Awards for February and March, were handed out in a recent assembly. Students are selected based on achievement and showing respect, responsibility or valuing relationships.

C-Team February                        T-Team February

9C1 Besime Demirovskiu     9T1  Vanessa Huynh

9C2 Ator Chol                              9T2  Brodee Hyatt

9C3 Asu Allen-Soma                9T3  Dylan Siyavong

9C4 Anthony Tjung

XC1 Julian Toma                        XT1  Phuc Hong

XC1 Paris Morgan                    XT1  Joell Curmi

XC2 Katarina Gocevska        XT2  Liam Parker

XC3 Abby Sihareth                XT3  Benjamin Tuakoi






C-Team March                              T-Team March

9C1 Tayla Gacovska                 9T1  Marissa Chung

9C2 Nikkie Nguyen                   9T2  Loulou North

9C3 Delilah Aiga                         9T3  Arieta Tupua

9C4 Jimmy Nguyen

XC2 Jovan Vlad                       XT2  Charlotte Chung

XC3 Joanne Lim                      XT3  Tess Liang


Ms Deanne Geyer                           Ms Jade T-Team LeaderTauber                                    C-Team Leader         Mr Bradley Rankin          

 Year 9 and 10 Campus Leader

L Team News


Term 2 is already upon us, and it has been a busy start to the term.  Our College Athletics Carnival was held early this term.  Unfortunately L team was not victorious on the day, but many L team students had the opportunity to demonstrate their athletic talents by competing for their team in a range of track and field events. It is expected that all students attend these College wide activities and get involved by either competing or cheering on their peers.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent teacher interviews were also conducted in week 1 of this term. It was lovely to meet with so many of the student’s parents and carers.  These interviews are an excellent opportunity to discuss student progress, support student learning and to further connect with the College. In term 3, Students will get the opportunity to present their own learning.  

Iron Form Day

The year 7’s have settled well into Secondary life.  To conclude the transition program, students participated in Iron Form day.  This involved a range of class verses class challenges.  Well done to 7L3 who took out the prestigious Iron Form trophy and for keeping the trophy in L team once again. 

Year 7 Camp

Last term the Year 7’s went on camp to Campaspe Downs in Kyneton.  The students participated in a range of activities including Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Leap of Faith, Spot Lighting and Team Building. An awesome time was had by all, new friendships were formed and memories were made.  

Author Comedian Visit: Oliver Phommavanh

In week 7 of this term, the year 7’s will be fortunate enough to be visited by a guest author / comedian, Oliver Phommavanh. Oliver is an incredibly funny speaker, who will inspire and motivate students to improve and enjoy their reading and writing.  

Year 8 Coastal Excursion

The year 8’s have also had a great start to the year and are working productively in classes. All year 8 Humanities classes facilitated their learning with a Coastal Excursion to Williamstown. Students observed man made and geographical features.  Their findings will be presented in their CAT for this topic.

Year 8 Snow Day

In term 3, the year 8’s have a Snow Day to look forward to.  This is a day trip to Lake Mountain where students will enjoy a day of tobogganing and snow fights. 

RRR Awards

Finally, a big congratulations to the following L Team students who received the RRR  awards for term 1; Demetrios Williams Mohi-Garland, Nebiyu Menberu, Ashpreet Kaur, Nick Feii, Nam Nguyen,  Adam Chu,  Kevin Tran, Nick Dao, Jasmina Lazeska, Zabihullah Hassani, Lilyanie Medina, Ann Nguyen, Christina Singehebhuye & Alex Hristoski.

Jo Drago

L Team Leader

Copperfield College Kings Park Chess Club


When: Monday and Friday Lunchtime

It’s a great way to make new friends, challenge yourself and learn some  valuable skills

Newbies and professionals welcome

For more information please see Mr Malady school nurse, health and wellbeing.

Benefits of Chess


With the increase of fast-paced modern forms of entertainment such as computer games, television and internet technology, many educational experts are concerned over decreasing concentration levels in students, to the detriment of classroom learning and exam performance. Chess games, on the other hand, demand precise logical thinking and can be long, arduous and require consistent intense concentration - any lapse may forfeit the game. Thus when tested by various educational researchers, some studies have shown that chess-playing students show increased aptitude for concentration, patience and perseverance than their non-chess playing counterparts.

Problem solving:

Chess promotes efficient problem solving abilities, since success relies on the ability to quickly and completely assess a given game scenario, involving planning ahead (taking into account one’s own and anticipated opponent moves), and drawing upon a pool of experience to find the correct strategy. Strong analytical and logical skills are thus also required.

Decision making:

The ability to make thoughtfully considered, strategic decisions under pressure is crucial to success in chess. When a player feels he or she is losing, or the game is played under strict time restrictions, they must resist pressure to make a rash decision for ultimate success. Many people believe that this aptitude is essential for effective exam performance and studies have shown improved exam performance arising from learning chess. Additionally, advanced chess players demonstrate increased expertise in making difficult and abstract decisions, where there are many different factors to assess. (Seymour and Norwood 1993)


Chess helps a child realise that he or she is responsible for his or her own actions and must accept their consequences. Ultimately it is up to the individual player to make decisions on the board, and if a player makes a mistake, then there is no one else to blame but themselves. Chess also teaches children to try their best to win, while accepting defeat with grace and good sportsmanship. In this way, chess can be a very effective tool for self-improvement and self-motivation.

Useful links on this subject:

Education World – Chess as an essential teaching tool

Mr Michael Malady

Secondary School Nurse

Sydenham Campus Principal Message

A warm welcome back to all of our families for the start of Term 2.  This term, we also welcome Anita Cupic into the fold.  Anita is an experienced Food Technology Teacher who will be teaching across years 7-10.

As always we’ve had a busy start to Term 2.  Thank you to all families who were able to attend our Parent/Teacher Interviews which took place on Thursday the 19th of April.  We always welcome the opportunity to work with families to support the learning and wellbeing of our students and were excited to see so many of you on the day.  If you have not done so already, a reminder that Student Progress Reports are now available via the Compass Portal.  Being such a short term, this assessment cycle may not be rich in grades taken from Common Assessment Tasks (CATs), but will provide you with a detailed sense of your child’s approach to their learning in each of their subjects, as well as insights into their learning goals for the year.  All of this should be the subject of many great conversations to come.





Some recent highlights:

Year 7 Camp

Approximately 160 of our year 7 students attended Camp near Kyneton at the Campaspe Downs campsite. This is an adventure type camping experience with lots of great activities such as the dual giant swing, flying foxes, climbing walls, archery and various team building activities on offer, with expert staff teaching and guiding our students.  Thank you to all staff who attended and ensured that students had a wonderful time away from home.

College Athletics Carnival

All students from the Sydenham Campus took part in the College Athletics Carnival held at the Keilor Athletics field.  For some, it was a day of individual and team achievement, while others chose to support their teams, donning team colours and cheering on their peers.  Congratulations to all students from E and B Team, our overall winners of this year’s event.

And looking ahead:

The remainder of the term will keep us focused, with a number of events taking place.  From May 15-17 all Year 7 and 9 students will undertake NAPLAN testing. As you would be aware, NAPLAN assesses students in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation and numeracy skills. The results are used by teachers to further inform instruction. Results will be made available to parents later in Term 3.

Furthermore, our campus cross country event for junior students is scheduled for the 14th of May and classes on raising awareness of our ‘Digital Footprints’ commence next week.  Finally, please note that students at the Sydenham Campus will finish school at lunchtime (1:12pm) on Wednesday the 9th of May to facilitate staff professional learning.  We appreciate your understanding.

Wishing you a wonderful remainder of the term and we look forward to working with you throughout.








Mr Phillip Coloca and Mr Mark Nugent
Campus Principals

Sydenham News

Year 9 Snacking for Teens

This term, our Year 9 Snacking for Teens class was set a challenge to create their own muesli bar which is healthier than the bars we buy in supermarkets. Students were required to design a muesli bar that did not include any chocolate and one that had minimal sugar. The muesli bar also needed to have a healthy twist and include ingredients that were healthy and nutritious. Student were given 2 lessons to prepare their muesli bar and present it for assessment. It was great to see that students were enthusiastic and keen to create delicious treats. I had the lucky job of tasting their creations and am delighted to report that they were indeed delicious! I am proud of their efforts and especially the care in presenting their samples so professionally. Well done!







Ms  Lina Nicolas
Acting Community Engagement Leader

E and H Team

Welcome to Term Two and the beginning of the cold and ‘flu season.  As the temperature drops, students are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather.  Families need to consider buying their child the long sleeved/legged versions of the school uniform, if they haven’t already done so.  The College navy blue scarf is the only type allowed to be worn. Please note: hoodies, beanies and gloves are not permitted.

Our Year 7 Camp at Campaspe Downs, near Kyneton, was a HUGE success. One hundred and sixty students and all staff had a wonderful time participating in team building activities and challenges with their Sydenham friends. The weather was very kind to us.  Students tried low ropes, rock climbing, archery, and everyone’s favourites- canoeing and leap of faith!  At night, students participated in team building games and a movie night. Thank you to all the teachers who attended and made the camp such a memorable one.

NAPLAN testing will affect all year 7s in week five of this term. Information sheets were given to students during home group. Our year 7s also have had an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo as part of the Science Curriculum. The year 8s are have also been busy with their Sovereign Hill excursion.

On Wednesday the 18th April, all students of the College participated in Athletics Day. We would like to congratulate E and H team students for their excellent participation and success in events for their age groups. A number of our students will now compete at a regional level with students from other schools. Our students, as usual, put on a great display team spirit.

Many parents took the opportunity to attend Parent Teacher Interviews last Thursday.  It is always an excellent time to discuss your child’s progress, both academic and social. A number of recommendations have come of those discussions and students are now acting upon them. At the end of this term, Semester One reports will be completed. Teachers are currently assessing students’ Common Assessment Tasks (CATS) and learning achievements in preparation for completing their reports later this term.








Ms Dolu and Mr White 

E Team Leaders          

Ms Martin and Ms Galea                        

H Team Leaders


Student reflections from the Science excursion to Sovereign Hill 

On the 26th of April, 8H3 and 8H4 went to Sovereign Hill for their Geology unit in science. The year 8 students experienced what life was like in the 1800s. We saw gold being melted by an industrial blacksmith. We also went on an underground mine tour. We learnt about the risks of mining. There were also a range of street activities, including gold panning, horse and cart rides, and candle making.

Our Sovereign Hill experience was really fun. We enjoyed seeing what life was like back in the 1800s. We really liked going underground and learning about the devastating mine flooding. Our favourite part was going on the horse and cart ride, where we got to meet the horses and a tour of Sovereign hill. We enjoyed the handmade traditional lollies as well.

Erin and Jelina 8H3


Yesterday 8H3 and 8H4 went to Sovereign Hill. We had a fun day. We went to an underground mine. It showed us how hard it was to be a miner. We saw a video of an accident that occurred I a different mine and 22 men were killed. It was the biggest mining accident in history. It affected lots of people.

There were lots of shops. I bought a walking cane and my friend bought a top hat. There was a lolly shop, which sold the best lollies ever. The gold panning looked fun but I didn’t do it. There was a big tower that you could climb. My friends and I climbed to the top. We got a great view of Sovereign Hill, and could see everything. If I had to rate this excursion it would be a 9/10

Brandon 8H3


Yesterday 8H3 and 8H4 went to Sovereign hill. It was an hour drive, but worth it. There were lots of activities, such as the gold mine tour, candle making, gold panning and lots more. The people that worked there, were in character from the 1800s. They were very friendly and funny! There were people “robbing” places and police officers pretending to escort the robbers to jail. The special affects in the gold mine were amazing. I had a great time at Sovereign Hill and suggest that you go.

Matthew 8H3


I wish the camp was longer! I like the activities that we did like the Leap of Faith, where we had to jump from a very high spot. It was a bit scary.

Emma and Sherry from 7H4



Our journey at camp was a time we will never forget. Everything we did was fun except the food was not the same as my mum’s. Apart from that, we participated in lots if fun activities. We did the low ropes course, rock climbing, archery, leap of faith and canoeing. Camp was a great experience for us!

Mannat and Jaspreet 7H1


Year 7 Camp reflections – H Team

I wish the camp was longer! I like the activities that we did like the Leap of Faith, where we had to jump from a very high spot. It was a bit scary.

Emma and Sherry from 7H4


Our journey at camp was a time we will never forget. Everything we did was fun except the food was not the same as my mum’s. Apart from that, we participated in lots if fun activities. We did the low ropes course, rock climbing, archery, leap of faith and canoeing. Camp was a great experience for us!

Mannat and Jaspreet 7H1


On the last week of term 1, we went to an overnight camp to Campaspe Downs. It was a shame that not all the students went. Those that did attend had lots of fun. We did cool activities like canoeing, rock climbing, archery and leap of faith. Our class did a vote and canoeing was the best because we got to go in groups. We also learnt how to control the canoe. After we finished, we watched a movie called “night in the Museum”. Camp was a lot of fun!

Ethan and Jake 7H1









Ms Karen Martin
H Team

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Remember. Don't be fooled by cool, cloudy weather! UV rises to skin damaging levels in Victoria, which means it's time to bring out the sun protection measures again - covering clothing, SPF30 (or higher) sunscreen, a broad-brimmed hat, shade and sunglasses.


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