17 May 2018
Issue 39:14  17 May 2018
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transforming paul

Around half of the New Testament in the Bible was written by one man: Paul. His letters to early Christian communities and leaders are full of encouraging words as Paul helped followers of Jesus to live in ways that trusted the God of love and extended his love to other people.


However, Paul wasn’t always a man of faith and love. Earlier in his life he was known a Saul and he was very angry. We first meet Saul as he watched one of Jesus’ disciples named Steven being killed because of his faith in Jesus (see Acts 7:54-8:3). Saul wanted to wipe out the early Christian movement because he thought that the teachings of Jesus went against the religious rules he had learned.


One day, while travelling to Damascus to arrest Christians who lived there, Jesus appeared to Saul and changed his life. Through his encounter with Jesus after his crucifixion and resurrection, the Holy Spirit changed Saul’s heart from being angry and filled with hate, to being full of grace, love and joy. Saul changed his name to Paul and dedicated the rest of his life to telling other people how God could transform their lives through faith in Jesus too.


One example of the change that God worked in Paul’s life is the way he describes the love he found through faith in Jesus:


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8a NIV)


God transformed Paul’s life through the power of his Holy Spirit when he met Jesus, and he is still transforming lives. I have seen the way God changes people in my own life and in the lives of others. He can give patience to angry people, joy to sad people, hope to people who are in despair, and transform selfish people to be much more loving. We don’t get it perfect in this life and it usually takes time, but God can change our hearts and grow something better in us.


If you’re looking for change in your life or in your relationships, maybe read the story of Saul/Paul in Acts, Chapter 9 of the Bible. If he can do that for Saul, imagine what he can do for you…


Pastor Eugene

principal's pen

Building Leadership Capacity

Last week I participated in the National Lutheran Principals’ Conference held this year in Hobart.  Keynote speakers Paul Browning and Mark McCrindle addressed the theme ‘Building Leadership Capacity’, extending and challenging my thinking.   The conference also strengthened my resolve that the educational revolution underway at Good Shepherd is well-preparing learners for their future.  

M 'n' M 2018

The 6th annual Men ‘n’ Minors bush camping weekend takes place this weekend.  Nearly 45% of the school community will be represented - that's over 300 registrations!   


The weekend is planned to be a wonderful time of activity and interaction between dads and their children. The event will also provide another way to connect dads across our community and to develop supportive relationships.  This supports our school improvement goals to …

  1. Maintain and strengthen caring relationships
  2. Value, promote and support cultural diversity within the school

Bring on the fun and fellowship… and … some beautiful May camping weather!

Hidden Hurts / Healing Hearts preventing domestic family violence

The Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Campaign
was activated upon the following resolution of General Convention of Synod, the highest decision-making body in the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA):


That the Convention of Synod reaffirms its condemnation of all forms of violence in the family and authorises [General Church Council] to commit resources for a church-wide campaign to address the prevalence of Family Violence amongst us, which may include sharing of resources, education initiatives and the provision of pastoral care to the survivors of violence, as well as the perpetrators of abuse.


In November, last year, the LCA ‘Hidden Hurts/Healing Hearts’ campaign was launched to pastors and congregations. The campaign’s intent is to reduce instances of domestic violence and to build loving, meaningful attitudes, practices and relationships which will serve to curb violence.

Today I share the campaign broadly, aiming to raise awareness across our extended community.


Please join me today in praying for the victims of abuse in society and for those who use violence.  Pray also that as church and school we may listen to and support appropriately, survivors of abuse and commit ourselves to challenging abuse whenever we see it or hear of it in our community.


Visit the Hidden Hurts / Healing Hearts website at ...   



The National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), an assessment program for Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 students, testing knowledge and skills in aspects of literacy and numeracy, is taking place this week in all Australian schools.  


NAPLAN always makes the media, usually with a sensationalized view that it is the source of great stress and anxiety for students.  At Good Shepherd Lutheran School we continue to emphasize a balanced and pragmatic view of the testing.  The whole child is not well-catered for if we overplay the importance and place of NAPLAN in student growth and development. 


We continue to celebrate and acknowledge that ongoing efforts to increase Collaboration, foster Optimism and Creativity, and strengthen Community are the real catalysts for student learning and ‘success’ in NAPLAN.


Great teachers promote great learning.  A focus on collaboration across any team of professionals, inspires teamwork, builds accountability, improves practice and ultimately results in wonderful opportunities for the learner.


Students and staff who are encouraged to be optimistic and to creatively and critically explore, appreciate that problems can be solved in new and exciting ways.  In this environment, concepts are more readily learned and motivation and engagement is increased.  


Good Shepherd goes the extra mile to build community – this weekend's camp is a perfect example  An open door for parents to attend weekly worship and classroom activities, small groups and programs to support and grow parents as lifelong learners, and staff who greet children personally as they step from the family car into the school car park every morning, all make the difference. 


I am very comfortable with our focus on optimism, creativity, collaboration and community as the drivers of student learning.  We’re OK with NAPLAN and its place as one of many useful student performance measures, but we refuse to obsess over results or compromise on what we know makes for an engaging and successful learning environment; one that is preparing students for their future, not our past.  We value the data we receive from the testing, but no more so than teacher observation, school based assessment and ongoing professional dialogue around student performance and needs.


As parents you can support your child following the testing by not focussing on what they couldn’t do, rather what they could, how they were challenged and their efforts to do their best.


Parents and students (Stage 3 and 4) are asked to ensure the correct uniform is worn at all times.  As the weather cools please pay particular attention to the jumper and rugby top.


Only the jumper is to be worn with the formal uniform.  The rugby top or old style boss top may be worn with the sport uniform.  There is to be no mixing and matching. 


Thank you

parent information

Lost and Found

Parents are reminded to label all items which come to school with their child's name.  Jumpers, hats and drink bottles are filling the lost property trolley in the front office.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Put a note in your diary:  Friday 1 June at around 9.15am (after chapel) in the church café area.  Come and support Cancer Research at a combined church/school big morning tea.


Men 'n Minors

Not many sleeps now to the biggest event for school dad's and their children.  Good weather has been ordered, wood has been cut, activities are being prepared and its nearly time to pack!

We trust this is a valuable weekend for male parents to bond with their youngsters, as well as share stories, ideas and experience from other men.  We look forward to sharing some pictures in the Newsletter next week.

Coffee Invitation

It is always great to see so many parents attend Chapel each Friday morning at 8.40am.  Join in the singing, listen to the message, then stay on for coffee and fellowship in the cafe.  All welcome.


Little Lambs Playgroup

Little Lambs Playgroup is held on Friday's in the Church hall from 9.30am to 10.30am for parents with pre-school children.  See the flyer for further details:


Endeavour College Open

The next open morning will be held on Thursday 21 June from 9:00am – 11:00am.  Parents are invited to come and look at the college and see classes in action.


School Disco

All students are invited to an evening of music, fun and fellowship on Friday 15 June.  Cost is $5.00 per child.

Stages 1 and 2 begin the evening at 6.00pm, with Stages 3 and 4 taking over from 8.00pm until 9.30pm. 

Tickets are still available.  


Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books are now overdue.

If you want to keep the Entertainment Book sent home, place cash / credit card details in the envelope it came home in, or pay online

If you do not want to purchase a book please return it to school in the envelope it came home in. 

Additional books are still available from the school office.

Teaching children about money

Do your kids understand money? I mean, really understand it?

Probably not; most of them don’t. That’s because we pay for things with a swipe or a tap, and often don’t use actual cash. 

The risk we run by not teaching our kids about money, is that they’ll can fall into the credit card trap when they turn 18, and begin their adult lives in a world of debt.

Here are 5 suggestions for teaching your children BASIC financial skills:

  1. Get them into school banking. They learn so much from physically touching the money and participating in their own savings.
  2. Teach them they need bread for sandwiches, but want chocolate for a treat. There’s a difference.
  3. Make them earn their own money by doing chores! It’s old school, but it works.
  4. Don’t buy stuff for them all the time. They can buy it with their own money.
  5. Google “Three Jam Jars Kids Money” – a great way for kids to visualise budgeting.

To open an LLL Children’s Savings account, collect a form from the front office or visit  School banking through the Lutheran Laypeople's League is available every Thursday.

Events for Parents

13th June in Pooraka, ‘Positive Discipline’ with Madhavi Nawana Parker (Behaviour Consultant and Published Author).

27th June in Oaklands Park, ‘Let’s talk about mealtimes’ with Emily Lively (Speech Pathologist and Director of Lively Eaters Feeding Services)

Further details and how to book are available on the noticeboard in the front office.

Uniform Shop

In 2018 the uniform shop will be open the following times:

Monday:        Closed

Tuesday:       1.30pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday: 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Thursday:     1.30pm to 3.30pm

Friday:            8.15am to 9.15am


Email orders and enquiries are also welcome, [ click here ] with goods being held at the office until payment is made.

Canteen Roster

The canteen is open for business each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Lunch order bags are available from the classroom. 

Soup on offer next week is pumpkin.


Wednesday 23 May

B Nielsen / M Chavda

Thursday 24 May

S Ortega / S Hulme / B Einthal

Friday 25 May

C Grantham / E McElroy / B Purczel

oshc activities

Our snakes and ladders game continues to be enjoyed by Riley, Jacob and Archer with Archer the dominant player so far. Everyone’s Mum enjoyed the gifts we made, and the fridge magnets to remind mum that she's special, not just on Mother’s Day.

Some children have been using modelling clay to make cool stuff and exercise our imaginations. If you need proof check this out!


Breaking News ...

Strange Pets Charlotte!

Charlotte has brought in some rather odd pets, you could say… like a daddy long legs spider and worms!


Reporters: Irene, Eliska and Charlotte



Sport Fees Due

Netball and Basketball fees for Term 2 are now due and payable (by cash only) to the front office.  

  • Basketball $52.00
  • Netball $70.00

Sports Vouchers

The Sports Vouchers program is an SA Government initiative from the Office for Recreation and Sport. The program provides an opportunity for primary school aged children to receive up to a $50 discount on sports membership/registration fees from specific providers.

It offers one voucher for every primary school aged child per calendar year. To find your nearest provider please use the ‘Find a Club’ tool.

Vouchers are available from the school noticeboard.

These cannot be used to subsidise school sport fees at Good Shepherd.

Basketball Results

U8 GS Thunder

Fantastic game played by all the boys. Excellent listening and great teamwork. Very hard fought low scoring game. Really impressed with all the boys skills and confidence improving in every game. Unfortunately not a win, but it felt like one! Defeated by only 3 points.

Scorer: Lucas 2pts.

Adam deLongville (Coach)

U10 GS Rockets

Best game they’ve played so far. The boys have really been listening well at training and it showed! They all played fantastic and the teamwork was awesome. They were rewarded with a 1 point win, 13 points to 12. Keep up the hard work boys!

Scorers: Sam 7pts, Luke 2pts, Jake 2pts and Jacob 2pts.

Adam deLongville (Coach)

U10 GS Heat

A great game of basketball this week Heat.  You used teamwork to look for the opportunities to score. Well done!  With no subs you all ran and worked extra hard!  Thank you again to Nathaniel for filling in from GS Magic we appreciate your help.  Scorer: Alistair 4pts.

Vanessa Duns (Team Manager)

U10 GS Magic

Another great game Magic and with no subs you all got to play a full game which I know you love. We all scored again. The team play is spot on. Well done guys!  Special thanks to Sage for filling in. You were fantastic!  Final score, Magic 40 to Lightning 4.

Scorers: Memphis 16pts, Brodie 8pts, Sage 8pts, Micah 6pts and 
Wian 2pts.
Jodi Hueppauff (Coach)

U12 GS Shooters

It's an absolute joy to be watching you as a team work out how you are going to play the game from week to week. Never is a game played the same and you all bring your own individual style in and make it work together. I may not know much about the game or  what it is that I should be advising you to do but I do know that you all do a great job as a team.  Well done!  Final score 21 to 4.

Scorers: Kyle 10pts, Cameron 4pts, Jye 3pts, Owen and Riley 2pts each.

Renee Modra (Coach)

Netball Results

U9 GS Champs

Netball or tennis?  From the sidelines it felt like tennis due to the quick turn overs and intercepts - well done for keeping the opposition goals at bay!  A few changes at half time and you all settled into the second half. The score crept up as you remembered your calling, and with quick passes from Lilly at centre that continued down the court. 

Well done on a great team effort and to goal scorers Akira, Lucy and Charlotte.  Go Champs!

Karen Bloffwitch (Team Manager)

U10 GS Tiger Bolts

Friday night's game was played so smoothly, we were amazed at how well the girls played together. They allowed their opponents 1 goal then blitzed them 20-1. Great shooting from Casey, Amelia, Chloe and Abbey. Amazing defence from Shaun, Emily, Precious, Kayley and Sarah, and fantastic midcourt action from the amazing flying Dahlia. Well done girls. A fantastic effort from all of you!

Jo Holland (Team Manager)

diary dates

Diary Dates


18-20 May     Men 'n' Minors camping weekend

23-25 May     Stage 4 Experiences

      29 May     ICAS Science competition

      29 May     Assembly led by Stage 3 Abraham

    11 June     Queens Birthday public holiday

    12 June     Assembly led by Stage 4 De Deszery

    13 June     ICAS Spelling competition

    14 June     ICAS Writing competition

    15 June     School Disco

    22 June     SEED day

    26 June     Assembly led by Stage 3 KE

    26 June     School Council meeting

    27 June     School reports available on Edumate

    29 June     Term 2 ends

  2 - 6 July     Staff professional learning

     23 July     Term 3 opens with Chapel

     24 July     School Council meeting

     31 July     ICAS English competition

     31 July     Assembly led by Stage 4 Lytwyn

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