Lilydale High School News

12 May 2017
Issue 6
Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program 2018
Education Week
Lilydale High School
9735 5644
25 Melba Ave
Lilydale, VIC, 3140



Term 2:  18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3:  17 July to 22 September

Term 4:   9 October to 22 December



Monday 15

Language Perfect World Championships (15 to 25)

Year 7 Phillip Island Camp 3 (15 to 17)

Bainsdale School Clay Target Shoot


Tuesday 16

Operations Management Yakult

VCE Music Performance - Rehearsal in Theatre




Wednesday 17

Vocal Ensemble rehearsal with Mullum Mullum Choir

Big Science Competition


Thursday 18

Curriculum Day - Student FREE DAY

VCE Music Performance Night 1


Friday 19

SEAL Testing Day

Hellenic Museum Excursion

VCE Music - Performance Night 2


Monday 22

Professional Learning Week

Positive Speakers Unit 1 HHD Incursion


Wednesday 24

VCE Arts Camp (24 to 26)

Simultaneous Storytime - Library

Premier League AFL Round 2

Victorian College Championships


Friday 26

Yarra Ranges Youth Summit


Monday 29

Unit 1 Biology Classification & Taxonomy  Aquarium Excursion


Tuesday 30

Year 9 & 10 - Football (Boys), Netball (Girls), Soccer


Wednesday 31

GAT Preparation - Year 11 & 12 students

Vocal Ensemble Performance



Thursday 18 May

Staff Professional Development Day

Students are NOT required at school on this day.

School Reunion

1969 - 1975

Saturday 10 June

School Hall


For more information please see below.


School Car Park

Parents/Guardians delivering and collecting students by car are reminded that safety considerations are paramount for all of us.

The STADIUM CAR PARK is designated for drop off/collection of students. There is room to park or drive through and students can walk/wait under cover for their transport.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter.

Approving Absences on COMPASS

Student absences should be entered on COMPASS by parents/guardians OR by calling the school Absence Line on 9735 5644.


The Sub School Offices should be contacted if it is expected that your child will be away for more than two days


Parents and Guardians who may have forgotten their Compass username and password, can contact the relevant Sub School Office for assistance.


Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program 2018

Testing Day

Friday 19 May

9.15 am - 12.30 pm

Lilydale High School


To guarantee your child’s place in the test, all application forms, payment and supporting material must be received at the School Office by 3.30 pm Tuesday May 16, 2017.


The cost for the test is $30.



For details of the application forms, please see the ‘Application Forms & Supporting Material' page on the school website.  


To Register for the Testing Day, please go to the school website homepage.


For further information about the program, please contact Janine Sayers on 9735 5644.


Janine Sayers

SEALP Coordinator

Education Week

LHS - Education Week

Education Week will be held between 21-27 May, celebrating all the wonderful educational activities students are engaged in here at Lilydale High School.


Lots of fun activities including music, our annual literary lunch, story time in the library, Maths games, Art and Technology activities just to name a few.


Stay tuned for more information about when and where these activities will be held! 


Janine Sayers

Head of Curriculum

Education Week
Writing Competition

In the lead up to Education Week, students in Years 7 to 10 can take part in our annual writing competition.


Students have been challenged to compose a creative piece of writing that is no longer than five hundred words. The winning entries will be judged by their ability to follow the show, don’t tell principle.


Students are to be reminded that their submission can be a piece that they’ve already written in their writing folio workshops.


The following was directed to students as guidance for how to best put their piece together;

  • We want you to compose a piece of writing that engages us as readers and makes us feel the emotions and other ideas that you are looking to get across.
  • Focus on what you want to say in your piece and how you want your reader to feel and react. 


Ben Taylor

Head of English



Year 7
Maths Pathway Parent Information Evening

On Monday 1 May, Tom Moore (Head of Maths) ran the Year 7 Maths Pathway Parent Information Evening to give parents an overview on how the pathways program works at Lilydale High School.  


There were approximately 500 guests who attended to find out more.  ‘Mini’ sessions were  held with the students, parents and teachers of each form to get individual assistance with the program.  


Thank you to all those that attended. It was a fantastic night.


If you were unable to attend and have a question about the Maths Pathway at Year 7, please contact Tom Moore at;

[email protected]

Year 10 Maths Methods

This week Mr Carr kindly allowed us into his classroom to see what his Year 10 Maths Methods students were up to.


They are just completing their topic on Surds, where they have used mathematical operations to simplify and evaluate them.


The students have been working hard to prepare their summary notes sheets as a revision tool and to use for their test.


“We have been learning about Surds and concentrating on dividing them by each other” – Michaella Kincaid


“I liked learning how to simplify Surds while Mr Carr told us some jokes” – Tahlia Schlittler


“I’ve learnt that Surds are challenging to work with but with hard work and our student teachers help we have been able to rationalise surds” – Alex Caldwell



Elizabeth Rundell

Assistant Head of Maths




Melissa McMillan

Assistant Principal


Indonesian Sister School
Host families needed

Our Indonesian sister school, Celebes Global School in Makassar, are visiting LHS again this year.


We will be hosting 15 students aged from 14-18 from Sunday 23 July until Saturday 5 August.


Please contact Sharon Stoyanoff at the school if you are interested in hosting a student.


Hosting an International student

Nacel Australasia

Six great reasons to welcome a French student into your family for 4 to 10 weeks this year;

  • Improve your French language skills without leaving home
  • A chance to win a family holiday
  • Receive $75 Coles voucher per week
  • Get 10% off a Nacel language program to France
  • Free tickets to take the  student and your family to either the Melbourne Zoo, Aquarium etc
  • It's a really fun thing to do

For more information and to apply go to



Sharon Stoyanoff

Head of Languages


Year 9 Textiles

Year 9 Textiles students have been developing their PJ pant designs for their Design Folio and CAT2 garment construction project using ICT.


Marie Hovanjec

Year 10 Textiles

Front and back design options from Amber Kilpatrick's  design options/folio.


Marie Hovanjec


Year 10 EIS Basketball

On Wednesday 26 April, the Year 10 EIS Basketball students went to the State Basketball Centre to compete in the Molten 3x3 Schools Challenge.


Competing against a range of schools from around the State in a 3on3 basketball format, the students competed with great spirit and a high level of skill.


The boys had 3 teams and they were required to finish top of their pool to make the finals. The team of Lochie Johnson, Riley Spicer and Connor Walker went closest to making the final rounds, just dropping their last pool game in a very tight contest.


The girls team of Sarah Harper, Brianna Hale, Kiara Ryan-Bader and Bella Clark won all of their pool games very comfortably.


Coming up against Haileybury in the quarter finals, the girls went in confident until an ankle injury to Bella in the warm-up, left us a player down. The girls unfortunately dropped the game.


Great effort by all the students involved with them all representing the school in a high regard.  



Alister Stuart

Head of Physical & Sport Education





Year 11 Business Management students

Thursday 4 May

Market day is a favourite day on the calendar and fosters a great sense of school community. It is the culmination of weeks of careful planning of a business idea.  This year, 46 Year 11 Business Management students showcased twenty different stalls.


The sun was shining and there was a great buzz and atmosphere throughout lunchtime as we were tempted by an array of original and delicious food.


We commend the students for their dedication, work ethic and enthusiasm. They raised an incredible $3000.00 which will be donated to various charities in the coming weeks.


We extend a big thank you to the whole school community who support our business students every year.


Sharon Wall & David Blaxland


Interschool Dirt Bike Team Grasstrack Competition

On Friday 5 May, Lilydale High School partook in its second consecutive State Motocross competition. It is an event that requires a tremendous level of commitment and that is just to get there.


The competition is held in Warnambool, which is a  3 and 3/4 hour drive. Some lucky students and their families camped at the track the night before, which gave them the added sleep that would be needed by the end of the day.


The event started at 8.30 am, however most competitors started arriving around 7.30 am to start setting up what can only be described as professional looking workshops.


The day started out mildly moist and the riders were talking excitedly on how perfect the conditions would be. However, the cold crisp morning produced a slippery track that did not reward anyone, but the person leading each race. The sun did come out and create a track that was described by the end of the day as “EPIC”. 


Motocross is a rare school competition where students don’t turn up as individuals.  We were a team that consisted of students from every year level in the school. What was more impressive was the fact that the love of motorbikes transcended any difference of age.  The love of the sport also allowed our students to have race rundowns with students from other schools as well. Our students represented themselves in a manner that one would expect of professionals, but more importantly it came to each of them naturally.


Our day started with Ryan Harford having mechanical issues with his newly tuned bike. Jacob Street kindly donated one of his, so that Ryan could perform.  On a borrowed bike, Ryan managed to finish 2nd in two different classes. Matt Garner, fresh off an ankle injury managed to ride with style and achieve 3rd place in his class. Team Captain, Tayla Allan, gallantly joined a relay team from another school and rode her way to a Silver medal; all in the midst of stopping mid race to help another competitor who had fallen over. Jacob Street managed to ride his ‘monster’ bike (unanimously claimed by anyone who knew anything about bikes) to second position in the ‘All Powers’ class.  Paula Pavic was a welcome addition to our team and added our first Farm bike to the event.  She showed true spirit in her determination to participate that earned her respect from all of her team. Tayla Street was a commanding presence on track and made herself tough competition. Ellie Beecroft was a consistent rider who constantly looked in control. Our team’s new additions this year were siblings, Ethan and Beau Pollard, both of whom rode hard and fiercely all day and competed in battles that changed overall standings in the 250 class.


Finally, I would like to thank all the parents who committed time, enthusiasm and effort to the running of the event.  More importantly for the time taken from their work to allow students the opportunity to ride their treasured dirt bikes at a school event.


In addition, thank you to the school administration, who have once again allowed our students to show their talents and passions in an area not traditionally explored in school sport. We look forward to competing again later this year.



Christopher Pennycook & Adam Price



Storytime 2017

National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual campaign that aims to encourage more young Australians to read and enjoy books.


Now in its 17th successful year, it is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy, using an Australian children's book that explores age-appropriate themes, and addresses key learning areas of the National Curriculum.


Every year a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops and many other places around the country.


On Wednesday 24 May, as part of Education Week, the school Library will have 4 story reading sessions running; Periods 2, 3 and 4 and lunchtime for students and staff to attend.


The Cow Tripped Over the Moon

Hey diddle diddle

You all know the riddle
A cow jumps over the moon...
But the moon is very high in the sky. 
How many attempts will it take before Cow makes her famous high-flying leap?


Library Staff


"Welcome to Jackson"

This week the cast were working towards their first performance in front of an audience of over 500 people at the School Information Evening on Thursday 11 May.


Hair, costumes, makeup and props were heavy topics of discussion as the cast polished and perfected the opening number for Act 2.  


The song ‘It’s All Happening’ was definitely the theme of the week.   


The cast, crew and volunteers were absolutely amazing and we could not be more excited for later this year when the production is on.


Stay tuned to the school website for more information about ticket sales soon!



  • Thursday 31  August 7pm
  • Friday 1 September 7pm
  • Saturday 2 September 2pm
  • Saturday 2 September 7pm

Amy Cumming and Catherine Zavrou

Production Coordinators 2017


Helpful Websites

Apprenticeship Vacancies 

See the attachment below,  for a list of apprenticeship vacancies in the Melbourne metro area.


Apprentice Bricklayer Wanted.....

Looking for someone wanting to start a bricklayer apprenticeship.  Must be hard working and reliable.  


Contact Dave on 0419 643 581.

Careers Appointments

The Careers Coordinators are available to assist students to make informed decisions about career choices and choices for study. 


If you would like some advice on career pathways or training options please book an appointment with the Careers Office on 9735 5644.


Tim Kogelman and Craig Harris

Career Practitioners



Monday 15 May

Year 7 Camp 3

Year 7 & 8 Boys Netball


Wednesday 15 May

Year 8 Girls Netball & Soccer

Year 8 Boys Football & Soccer


Thursday 18 May

Student FREE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day


Monday 22 May

Year 7 Boys Soccer & Football

Year 7 Girls Netball & Soccer


Tuesday 13 June

Year 8 Significant Persons Day 1


Wednesday 14 June

Year 8 Significant Persons Day 2


Wednesday 21 June

Year 7 Teacher Morning tea



Year 7 - NAPLAN

The NAPLAN tests held this week were one of the first in-school activities to include the entire Year 7 cohert.  


All students showed great maturity in organising themselves into our School Hall and classrooms to do their best across the three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). 

Year 7 Camp

Camp 3

Monday 15 May to Wednesday 17 May

7.53, 7.54, 7.55, 7.56, 7.57


School Uniform

As the colder weather approaches, we would like to remind parents and guardians, that all Year 7 and 8 students need to ensure they are keeping up their high standards in terms of uniform and wearing only the approved school jumper and the school weatherproof jacket.


All uniform requirements including shoes are available through Lowes (Lilydale Market Place, Shopping Centre).

Market Day

Thursday 4 May

Year 7 and 8 students enjoyed all the delicious  treats for sale on Market Day last week.



Parent Contact

Please don’t hesitate to call us or your child’s Home Group  teacher, with any questions or queries in relation to the Junior School Program.

Junior School Coordinators



Monday 15 May

Bainsdale  School Clay Target Shoot


Thursday 18 May

Student FREE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day


Tuesday 30 May

Year 9 & 10 - Football (Boys), Netball (Girls), Soccer

The Premier's Spirt of ANZAC Prize

The Premier's Spirit of Anzac Prize provides 22 students with the opportunity to participate in an overseas study tour to sites where Australians have served in times of war and peacekeeping.  


In addition, 20 regional finalists will visit Canberra and be invited to attend the Premier's ANZAC Day Luncheon.

The Premier's Spirit of Anzac Prize is open to students in Year 9 and 10 currently enrolled in all Victorian Government, Catholic and Independent Schools. Students need their parents' permission to enter the competition.

For more information please visit the website and Facebook page;

Year 10 Central Australia Camp

This year's camp to Central Australia was  an amazing experience for all students and teachers involved.


Well done everybody for making the camps so wonderful.  A fantastic time was had by all and the students were a credit to the school.


Attached is a copy of the 2017 9 Day Itinerary for Year 9 parents and students who might be interested in this camp for next year.




Year 10  
Unapproved Absences

Parents and guardians are asked to please approve your child's absences on COMPASS. 


We currently have a large amount of Year 10 students will unapproved absences between Monday 1 May to Thursday 11 May (Year 10 Camp period) and today, Friday 12 May. These absences must be approved as quickly as possible.  Phone calls and emails have been made home to parents requesting the absences be approved.


If you have forgotten the parent Compass username and password, please contact Lauren Kelso in the Middle School Office.


Middle School Coordinators



Friday 12 May

Presentation Ball Night 1


Saturday 13 May

Presentation Ball Night 2


Wednesday 31 May

GAT Preparation


Thursday 18 May

Student FREE DAY - Staff Professional Developement Day


Please refer to the Senior School Calendar available on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.


VCE Coordinator's Report

The first four weeks of Term 2 have certainly been busy ones!


Year 11 students have completed the Fit2Drive Program, Unit 1 & 2 Business Management students took part in the highly successful Market Day and there have been many rehearsals in the lead up to the Presentation Ball - culminating in the big nights this week.


Year 12 students have also been working hard completing the first SACs of Term 2, enjoying morning breakfasts and taking part in multiple sporting competitions.


Looking forward to seeing the continued dedication of our VCE students in Term 2.


Year 11 Presenation Balls

Night 1 - Friday 12 May

Night 2 - Saturday 13 May


The Centre Ivanhoe

275 Upper Heidelberg Road



Arrival times

4 pm for Debutants and 7 pm for Guests


Market Day

Congratulations to the Year 11 Business Management classes who prepared and sold a variety of treats on Thursday 4 May at lunchtime!


Students and staff enjoyed fairy floss, homemade ice cream, ice cream cookie stacks, biscuits, slices, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, rumballs, chocolate fountain, popcorn, spiders, smoothies, milkshakes, fruit skewers, nacos, BBQ dim sims, hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs, egg & bacon rolls and much more.


All profits from the day go to various charities.




Unapproved Absences

Any absences from school must be parent/guardian approved – you can do this through a signed note or you can approve your child’s absences via the 'Parent Approval' button on Compass. 


You can also use Compass to view your student’s past absences. 


If you have forgotten the parent Compass username and password, please contact Jenny McLean in the Senior School Office.



VCE Coordinators

Lilydale High School News
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