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01 June 2017
Issue Eight
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Important Dates


3rd June: Additional Information Session for Prospective Year 7 2018 Students

7th June: Year 12 Music Evening

16th June: Curriculum, Assessment,  Reporting, Student Free Day

20th June: Piano Soiree

27th June: Vocal Showcase (Formerly Cabaret Night)

29th June: Semester Reports available to parents on Compass at 9 am

30th June: End of Term 2


 3rd July: Semester reports available to students on Compass at 9 am.

17th July: Term 3 Begins

Principal's Report 1st June

MGC Trivia Night!

Many thanks and congratulations to our wonderful parents, local community and Parents’ Association who raised over $17,000 for our students at the Trivia Night last Saturday. It is difficult to describe the camaraderie, altruism and philanthropy of the Association which ensures building community spirit alongside financial success!


Thank you to our Presidents, Gailean Hammond and Sallie Carman, M.C. Ritchie Hewitt and all of the team (I would love to list everyone but am fearful of an omission!).


Many thanks to our staff who supported the event particularly Paula McIntosh, Alison Lam and Quiz Master extraordinaire Sandor Kazi. We are all very fortunate to be part of MGC!


Strategic Planning 2017-2020 and Beyond

To inform our next Strategic Plan, the Leadership team are referencing the Review Report and latest research into the world of the future our girls are growing into. Please see the following references we are reading and discussing at present:


Education Policy Outlook Australia particularly the sections on preparing students for the future and continuous school improvement.


The New Work Mindset, found at . This report gives insight into “7 new job clusters” - the informers; the technologists; the carers; the generators; the designers; the artisans and the coordinators.



City Edge Network Professional Learning 16th and 18th August

Every two years the City Edge Network of schools including The MacRobertsons Girls’ High School, Melbourne High School, The University High School, The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Albert Park Secondary College, Princes Hill Secondary College and Melbourne Girls’ conduct professional learning as an inner city Community of Practice. This year the Twilight Session will be held at The University High School on Wednesday 16th August, 2pm - 4 pm. All students will be dismissed at the end of period 3 on this day.


The Student Free Day endorsed by School Council for 18th August will see City Edge colleagues congregate at one of our seven schools to discuss pedagogy and curriculum, particularly related to our schools, performance development plans and Key Note speaker who is Adjunct Professor Erica McWilliam discussing “High Impact teaching for collaborative learning:  What great pedagogy looks like.”


In her presentation, Erica will address the issue ‘why collaborate?’ before exploring what highly effective teachers do build, sustain and ‘normalise’ collaborative learning. Drawing on recent classroom research, she will share a range of useful pedagogical techniques for directing, supporting and sustaining collaborative learning in the context of a virtual ecology of digital disruption and distractibility and high stakes assessment. Insisting that all learning environments function best around facilitative routines, Erica will elaborate on pedagogical protocols for placing dynamic peer-with-peer collaboration at the centre of the inquiry-oriented learning environment.     


Library Refurbishment

The Library refurbishment is finally underway and we anticipate a December completion. The spaces are designed around collaboration, problem based learning as well as quiet study. We are now working with interior designers on the final aspects of the project.

Kind Regards,

Karen Money


Parent Cyber-Awareness Information Evening

Issues to be covered include:

                      - The ways young people use the internet and emerging technologies

                      - The potential risks for young people online such as cyberbullying, identity theft, 

                         inappropriate contact and exposure to inappropriate content

                      - Tips to help us all stay safe online



Date : Tuesday June 20th

Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm

Location: Lyceum


All welcome.



Tip Kennedy

Assistant Principal



Year 8 News

Year 8 Leadership Conference 2017

On Friday the 26th May, 10 year 8 girls travelled down the freeway to Geelong to participate in the annual ‘Leadership Conference’, at Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College. Our girls enjoyed meeting girls from the seven other state girls’ schools in Victorian, where they were able to share their experiences and school with each other. The girls got to participate in digital technology and living garden activities: including Sphero challenge, Virtual challenge and Little Bits challenge. The MGC girls presented a fabulous overview of our school, incorporating three slides, where they were asked to mirror MGC as a colour, image and symbol. The girls chose the colour ‘green’ to represent our beautiful surroundings, the ‘growth tree’ to represent the image of MGC and its incredible diversity which we are proud of and the symbol of ‘Gratitude’, as a reflection of the year 8 theme. The girls really enjoyed the day, and as we trundled back down the freeway to Melbourne, firstly driving through Macca’s for a well deserved soft serve ice cream, they all agreed that MGC was really the best school to be!



Year 8 Challenge

Get a hands on taste of engineering during the school holidays!



French News

MGC student receives Victorian Premier’s Award for French

MGC student Jenna Sullivan received a perfect score of 50 in VCE French in 2016. Her outstanding success was celebrated at the recent Victorian Premier’s Awards where she received one of only three of such awards for French. She has done all of her French teachers proud and shown the strengths and the value of studying languages at MGC. Reflecting on her French studies over the years and her receiving of the award, Jenna writes:


"For all the hours I put into it, VCE French was the subject that gave the most back. What gripped me was the constant stream of knowledge that came with the shift from foundation-building to interaction with not only the language, but also French culture, history and contemporary issues. I thoroughly enjoyed every unit we studied, and I believe that it was this simple enjoyment that made me want to keep learning everything the language had to offer, right through from Year 8 to the end of Year 12.  “Gobsmacked” is the adjective I'd use to describe myself upon receiving my final mark at the end of the year – it was so incredibly rewarding to see all that hard work pay off. I was also fortunate enough to receive a Premier’s Award for French, which was surreal to say the least. A massive thanks to all my amazingly supportive teachers!"


 Jenna with Mr Kohlman at the awards

Confucius Classrom News

Congratulations to the Winners of the Chinese Bridge Speaking Competition


On Friday the 26th of May, two year 10 students Hannah Ross and Matilda Smithers participated in a Chinese Language Competition held at Melbourne Grammar School and both received the Encouragement Prize.


The 2017 Hanyuqiao Speaking and Performing Competition for Chinese Second Language students is designed for non-background Chinese students to show their achievements and talent after 3-4 years studying Chinese in a foreign country other than China.  The 1st and 2nd prize winners will represent Victorian and Tasmanian senior school students and take part in the 11th International Hanyuqiao Chinese Competition in Kunming, China in October 2017. 


On the competition night, contestants recited a story expressing their Chinese learning journey. In the artistic performance section, Hannah showed her calligraphy skill and Matilda played a Chinese song called ‘The Butterfly Lovers’ on her cello.


This competition is sponsored by Chinese government, and organised by the Teachers Association of Victoria/Tasmania and the Confucius Institute of the University of Melbourne. This is one of the most competitive speaking competition worldwide because the winners have the oppurtunity to apply for a scholarship to study in China. Congratulations to Hannah and Matilda!


We are also pleased to hear the feedback from one parent: ‘It has really helped boost her confidence in speaking in front of audience. We can't wait to start getting ready for next year! It's also a fun night even for a non-Chinese speaker.’ Moreover Our Chinese teaching team is always ready to help and support MGC girls who are interested in learning Chinese.


PingPing Elliott

Confucius Classroom




STEAM Program



All Year 7s have now spent time in the STEAM room running through the introduction scenarios and we’re moving into the next phase. Watch this space in the next few weeks.


The STEAM program also includes visits to classrooms by teachers with specialist knowledge and I want to introduce Linden Raybould as one of our roving STEAM experts.


Linden has worked with the Year 8s with a lesson exploring demographic data and target marketing. Students participated in a range of activities to better understand how easily demographic data can be collected and used by a range of authorities and companies. The class ended with a real-time survey collection and ‘valued customer’ promotion designed to make them think twice before giving away their personal information.


Any questions about MGC’s STEAM program can be sent via the email address below.


[email protected]



Introducing DASH!

We use many robots in our STEAM program and we’re going to introduce a robot to you starting with Dash. Dash can be driven around using an iPad but as part of STEAM, we use a block based programming language to get Dash to where it has to go. Dash is always popular at lunchtimes.



Future Employment Trends

By 2025, experts predict that we will be a fully automated society which is expected to displace 4,000,000 from the Australian workforce. By 2025, the main job opportunities (as predicted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics) are expected to be in:


•              Technology and computational thinking

•              Caregiving and health-related fields

•              Social intelligence and new media literacy

•              Lifelong learning provision


Becoming ICT literate with highly developed skills in computational thinking, digital programming and entrepreneurship are priorities of our STEAM program.



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Performing Arts

Performing Arts News

A huge thank you and fond farewell  to Rechelle Gayler for all her work with our Dance students this term. We wish Rechelle all the best and welcome back Jordan Evans who has been on long service leave.


Many Thanks,

Anne Corry

Performing Arts Leader


Year 11 Performance Evening

The following photos are from our amazing Year 11 Performance Evening. Many thanks to all who attended!



Environment News

Australia (and MGC) has a Problem with Waste

While many of our students work hard to minimize their waste, a large proportion of our community have a lot to learn. War on Waste, a documentary recently aired on ABC and currently available on iView was a shocking wake up call to the amount of waste that Australians produce. We rank second to the United States in terms of the most domestic waste produced per capita.


Rather than point fingers at where the fault may lie, The MGC Environment Team would like to take a proactive approach to addressing this problem: Single-use plastic cutlery will quite literally outlive our students. The type of plastic that disposable cutlery is manufactured from is not recyclable in any commercial recycling service. Bioplastic cutlery, while being compostable in industrial composting facilities that reach 650C, will not break down in landfill or domestic compost bins and it is currently not recyclable in curbside recycling facilities. Hence the MGC Environment Team have teamed up with Richmond IKEA to provide an alternative product with a much lower environmental impact for our community.



A plastic fork is forever, but its days are numbered at MGC!

On June 5th, World Environment Day, The MGC café will no longer be providing plastic forks or spoons to customers. People are invited to bring their own reusable cutlery or to borrow a metal reusable spoon or fork from the canteen for a refundable fee of $1*. Thanks to some forward thinking Environment Team students who sought support from local business Richmond IKEA, IKEA have donated reusable cutlery that will be made available for MGC café customers so that we may be able to move away from single use plastics. This is also a great opportunity to remind the MGC community that disposable coffee cups are another form of single use plastic that are neither recyclable nor biodegradable. The MGC Café continues to offer 50c discounts to customers who bring their own reusable cups. So BYO cup next time you order a hot beverage to avoid being an environmental mug!



Documentaries like Australia’s War on Waste remind us of how big these problems are, but most importantly, also remind us that we are not powerless to address these problems. The MGC café and the Environment Team have worked collaboratively to make it easy for our community to make positive environmental decisions. It is up to all individuals in the community to make that a reality.



*- that’s as cheap as one of those cheap 7-11 coffees served in a disposable cup that will also outlast any living human on this planet!



  1. Australia State of the Environment Committee, 2001, Australia State of the Environment 2001 – Independent Report to the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment and Heritage, CSIRO Publishing.



Parents' Association

A Letter from Our PA Co-President Gailean Hammond

Dear MGC Community,


To all those who helped, from asking businesses for donations, picking up donations from near and some VERY faraway places, sponsoring tables, helping with the Friday setup, Saturday setup, running of the night and of course cleanup I say a really big Thank you!


It is our biggest event for the year and more time consuming than others so the more help, no matter how small is very much appreciated.


Without a few major players there is no way we could have had such a smooth successful night.


In particular Paul, Robynne, Kirsty, Dem, John, Paula, Fortina and Sallie thanks for all the hours and hours of behind the scenes work. Such a wonderful group of people. Jordyn and Michelle and all of the office supporters – you are the best!! 


Karen and the Principal team – you make it so easy, the support and gratitude that you show to us makes us all feel like it is so worthwhile and very rewarding.


It is looking like a profit of about $17,000 whilst we await final figures.


We are on the downhill run now –the raffle, Father’s Day and the P.A. work for the year is done.


Very best regards,




Philanthropy news

Beeswax Wraps Fundraising

The Philanthropy and Environment groups are joining forces to sell beeswax wraps, a great alternative to plastic! Please see the poster for more information.



Performing Arts Centre Fundrasing Appeal

Donate to the Performing Arts Fundraising Appeal Today



Get to know MGC's Education Support Staff

The General Office


Michelle Vadnjal: Administration Support


Hi! You can find me at the front desk and I can help you with any of your questions and queries. I also organise the Student Bulletin, Newsletter, run lost property on Thursday at lunchtime and look after the monitors.


Bryony Sahlstrom: Administration Support


You can find me at the front desk and I can help you with any of your questions and queries. I also take payments for your excursions and camps at lunchtime. 


Jordyn Taylor: Principal Class Personal Assistant


Hello, I'm Jordyn. I am the Principal Class Personal Assistant.  I am also a former student, and was involved in lots of programs during my time at MGC! You can find me at the general office where I can help you with any questions you might have.



2017 Camps, Sport and Excursion Funding​

(CSEF) Applications are Open

Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply.

Each family receives $225 per year paid for eligible secondary school ​students. A special consideration eligibility category also exists.


Payments are made directly to the school and are tied to the student. 


Please note: If you applied in 2016 your application will carry over to 2017. You do not need to submit a new application unless your circumstances have changed.


Please submit applications to the Front Office or any questions please email [email protected]


Applications Close- June 23rd, 2017.



Richmond Rotary News

Richmond Rotary Pop Up at MGC

Richmond Rotary is having a Pop Up store at MGC. For more details, please see the flyer below.



Melbourne Girls' College
Treating and controlling headlice.pdf
2017 csefapplicationform.pdf
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17P-0405 T2 - Year 8 Challenge - ENG Flyer FA (1).pdf
Beeswax Wraps Fundraiser Poster.pdf
Beeswax Wraps Fundraiser Poster.pdf
Beeswax Wraps Fundraiser Poster.pdf
Flower Arranging 4.pdf
Flower Arranging 4.pdf
Richmond Rotary Pop Up Store 17 June 2017 Portrait (3).pdf
Richmond Rotary Pop Up Store 17 June 2017 Portrait (3).pdf