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06 February 2020
Issue Two
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From the Principal...




Dear Families,


So ... this happened this week. My daughter (Nevaya) started secondary school at Aquinas College and those typical parent self doubt questions started ...  Tash and I have been poring over whether or not we have prepared her enough! Is she independent enough to handle that world out there?  Have we done too much for her over the primary years?  This week I have needed to apply that growth mindset that I am teaching and trying to model here at school, at home!  It is hard to just all of a sudden trust the world as she jumps from bus to bus, makes all of these new friends that we don't know anything about, and accept the nurturing primary school years have ended.  It is now time to add value to that independence, and help her grow.  While reflecting on my own parenting  I came across this great article from Michael Grose and thought we could all use some of the tips it contains as we begin a new year at St Paul's together ...  Enjoy!


The basic task of parenting, whether you have a two year old or a twenty-two year old, is to work yourself out of a job at the first possible chance. REDUNDANCY should be the aim of the game! We never become redundant in a relationship sense – the emotional connection between our children and us is never severed. In a practical, physical way we need to make children less, rather than more, reliant on us. Developing independence is really about stepping back to allow children in. Doing less rather than more! We develop greater independence in our kids one job at a time.
It is easy for parents to take on the jobs and responsibilities that really should belong to our children. With toddlers it is so easy to dress, feed and clean up after them rather than give these jobs over to them. With school-aged children we can find ourselves making lunches, getting kids out of bed and cleaning out schoolbags rather than giving these basic tasks of living over to them. And as I have discovered, it is easy to still do the basics of life for adult-aged children.
TIP No. 1 for developing independence: Be clear about who owns jobs or tasks in your family and never take on a child’s job, or part of a task, unless there are extenuating circumstances such as illness.
A mother I met recently was very clear on who does what in her home. It is her job to wash the clothes of her early teenage children but it is their job to place them in the washing basket. She doesn’t check bedrooms as it is not her job to place kids’ clothes in the washing basket.
Okay, I can hear your thought processes. Sounds good but what happens if kids don’t care and they don’t mind being dirty. Good point. In this case, this mum has a son who is, to say the least, fairly slack in the area of hygiene. But she didn’t become overly fussed about that. She certainly didn’t get fussed when he played a game of football in a wet, muddy jumper that lay in his sports bag for a week. And she happily showed him how to work the washing machine when he wanted his favourite shirt (that
he forgot to put in the washing basket) washed for a special night out.
TIP No. 2 for developing independence: Never be more worried about a child’s job than they are, otherwise it becomes your job.
This mum remained very clear that it was her job to wash the clothes but not to place them in the washing basket. She would remind kids about washing night, but never nag them to put clothes in the basket. She knows that as soon as she keeps reminding them, it become  HER job rather than her children’s job to put the washing in the clothes basket.

Here’s a personal challenge for us: Think of one job that you regularly do for your child that he or she can do for him or herself. Then step back and enable your child to do that for themselves on a full-time basis. Do less not more for your kids. If you do that, then you can congratulate yourself as you have moved one step closer toward REDUNDANCY.

Source: ‘Do Less Not More for Your Kids’ by Michael Grose, 2012

Prayer Gathering Assembly

Thanks very much to all that were able to attend last Tuesday's Prayer Gathering Assembly.  We understand this is not always possible, so it was great to have such a positive turn-out.   Each Tuesday fortnight, at 2.10pm, we hold our Prayer Gathering Assembly in the Church and we invite parents to join us whenever you can.

CHILD SAFE STANDARDS: Volunteering at St Paul's

Volunteers are vital for the life of a school, and our doors are always open to parents.  The Ministerial Order No. 870 Child Safe Standards were introduced as legislation in 2016.  Under these regulations the compliance for volunteers has increased.  All volunteers at our school (classroom reading, sporting activities, excursions etc) are required to have a valid Working With Children’s Check card (WWCC) and a copy given to the office for our files. We also require parent volunteers to complete the "2020 Engaging Volunteers - Child Safe Standards"  eForm recently sent out via Care Monkey.  A WWCC is FREE and can be obtained online via They are valid for 5 years.
We also require you to sign in at the office while you are on our school premises, and sign out as you leave. Thanks for your support and understanding.


It is with sadness that we farewell parents Daniela and Lachlan with their son, Noah (2/3VC). The entire family have made a great contribution to the life of St Paul’s school over the past 2 years, and they will be sadly missed by us all. We wish them well in their future endeavours.

Welcome to our new students and families

A feature of last Tuesday's Prayer Gathering Assembly was when each Prep student was recognised for "STARTING IN STYLE"!!  We also recognised our new students in other year levels and welcomed the Cosme, Milikins and Flynn families to St Paul's.  Other recent starting families at St Paul's have been the Thomas and Philipp families.  Overall, since October last year, 28 students have started at St Paul's, including this year's Prep class.  It is a pleasure to have you all on board! 


This time, next year, we will be right in the thick of our biennial Country Fair - can't wait!  Our mighty P&F have already begun preparations ...  WOO HOO!!!

The Music Bus - Update

Last year we introduced The Music Bus for instrumental music lessons.  Many students enjoyed the experience.  Unfortunately, this year we have not yet had an enrolment for The 2020 Music Bus, and therefore The Music Bus has not visited St Paul's.

For those families that are interested in The Music Bus we are holding a 'relaunch' day on Friday 28 February.  Classes will visit The Music Bus and parents will have a chance to speak with The Music Bus staff.  More details will follow closer to the date.

Parents and Friends (P&F) - ALL WELCOME!

All parents at St Paul's are members of the Parents and Friends (P&F).  We have an executive group that includes Jacqui Cook as our P&F President,  with Sally Zylinski (Vice President), Tameka Groen (Treasurer) and Nicole Osborne (Secretary). The P&F is responsible for our fundraising initiatives and we are very grateful.  Our P&F are always looking for assistance!

On Friday 21 February, at 2.00pm, our P&F will hold a "Meet and Greet" as their first meeting.  Unfortunately I am at Professional Learning Conference that day, but I really encourage anyone interested in being a part of the P&F and sharing your ideas to go along.  ANYONE, and EVERYONE is invited and warmly welcome.  This will be held in the school/church foyer and Meeting Room.

Out of Hours School Care

At Before and After School Care, children come together in enriching environments that are well-resourced, vibrant and fun. It’s only natural that children will benefit from the experience.

Here are some ways your child benefits from attending Before and After School Care:

Life skills

The learning doesn’t stop when children get to Before and After School Care, it simply continues in a different way. Children learn important life skills such as decision making, problem solving, empathy, resilience and communication. Through activities such as cooking, playing board games, creating art and craft or playing sport children will also learn how to solve problems and be creative thinkers – skills that are useful throughout life.

Sharing and being part of a group

It’s important for children to learn how to share and be part of a group. At Before and After School Care they do both of these things on a regular basis. Eating together as a group, deciding on activities or games, helping to plan the upcoming program and sharing the resources on offer are all ways in which additional learning takes place.


Learning to be responsible is a skill that takes time and plenty of practice. Children who attend Before and After School Care have to make their own way there in the afternoons (except for Prep students) together with all of their belongings. Once they’re there they might help out with younger children, assist to run an activity or game or help with packing away items and cleaning up. All of these tasks help children to understand the role of responsibility.

Having fun!

Of course, the main benefit of attending Before and After School Care is that it’s fun! The interests, needs and development of each individual child is incorporated into the program to provide superior experiences for children. It is an environment where they can be adventurous, creative and inquisitive in a safe setting. They get to spend time with their friends doing things they enjoy.

Attending OSHC has many benefits for children. It helps build life skills and confidence, extends on classroom learning and allows for the development of social skills too.

Youth Leadership Victoria (YLV) 

For several years now the student numbers in OSHCare at St Paul's have been critically low.  After School Care has had decent numbers in the past, but for the last 5 or so years the demand has not been there.  Last year we worked hard with YLV to be approved as a Before School Care service, adding value to our After School Care program, in the hope we could grow the numbers.  Unfortunately at this time the numbers are once again very low.  We know there is a definite demand from some families for OSHCare and we need our community to support the service.  

In order for us to get Before School Care up and running we need families to enrol and engage in regular bookings.  We are approved for BSC, but we do not have families enrolled at this time, therefore it is not viable for Cheri to arrive at school at 7am with no bookings.  This has lead to YLV not being able to accept casual bookings for Before School Care as no staff are here to run the service until there are permanent bookings.  Further to this, to maintain a quality After School Care service we also need families to enrol and have permanent or regular bookings.

If you have considered using the service, I really encourage you to enrol and book - there are many benefits!  Perhaps you have an arrangement with friends for after/before school, if so perhaps all of you would consider booking into OSHCare. Cheri is a fantastic educator and she runs a very engaging program.  Cheri is always open to advice and willing to act on feedback, we I invite you to give it a go!

Parent Teacher Transition Interviews

Parent Teacher Transition Interviews will be held on Wednesday 26 February.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  School will finish at 1.00pm on February 26

The interviews are for 10 minutes duration. The purpose of the interview is to provide parents with the opportunity to meet teachers and share personal knowledge and understandings of your child with their respective 2020 teacher(s).  Over the next couple of weeks each family will receive instructions for booking the preferred interview times online.
The procedure will be much the same as when bookings were made for the Beginning Year Transition Interviews conducted this week, however, this time where a family has two or more children consecutive interview times will need to be booked.
If the 26 February timeslots are unsuitable please contact your class teacher(s) directly to arrange another mutually agreeable time.

Car Parking

It was pleasing to see most families following the rules of the school car park, both before and after school last week - thank you! Please ensure that children are not dropped off in the middle of the car park to make their way independently through the traffic. For the safety and wellbeing of all, I would like to emphasise that children are always escorted to the asphalt pathways surrounding the car park by an adult, and conversely that the children are escorted to cars by an adult at the end of the school day. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these matters.

Working Bee and Emerald BBQ Dates - Correction

The Working Bee and Emerald BBQ Dates have been sent out via Care Monkey.  My apologies if you received the wrong dates when the form first sent.  To clarify, the February Working Bee will be held on Friday February 28.  The May Emerald BBQ  date should read Saturday May 9.

Fitness Friday Walk to School - All welcome!

‘Fitness Friday’ walk to school will resume tomorrow with Greg Moody.  For any new families who may be unfamiliar with this exercise, it involves meeting at 8.20am at the rear of the Safeway/Woolworth’s carpark and walking to school, along Moores Road, usually accompanied by myself and 1-2 parents. Due to many school commitments at the beginning of the year there is no staff available on a Friday morning in February, however Greg Moody (a St Paul's dad) will be at the Woolworths car park by 8:20am each Friday ready to walk to school!    It’s a great way to begin the day and promote the benefits of healthy exercise.

In the event of wet and miserable weather,  special school events or unforeseen circumstances, walking is cancelled. There are Fridays where I have Professional Learning conferences, meetings or off site commitments. On occasion another member of staff may be available to walk however at times this will not be possible.  We will notify you via the newsletter if we know in advance, or Flexibuzz early on a Friday morning, if no staff are attending 'Fitness Friday'.  Thank you to those parents that join us!!

Before School Supervision

The children are supervised in the mornings by teaching staff from 8.30 – 8.45am. During this time the children may enter their classroom and commence setting up for the day and play outside.  We respectfully remind all families that children are not to be dropped off at school any earlier as staff are not scheduled to supervise until 8.30am as they are regularly involved in meetings, preparation and administration.

Leading Learning Innovation Immersion Program: Canada - April 2020

Catholic Education Melbourne offers a range of leadership programs that support and nurture leaders as they shape, and are shaped by, Catholic Education within and beyond their local context. Catholic Education Melbourne holds a broad view of leadership, one that considers leaders in both formal and informal roles as working towards the common goal of improving teacher practice and learner outcomes. It is for this reason that Catholic Education Melbourne has offered the Leading Learning Innovation Immersion (LLII) program in 2020.

The LLII is designed to provide formative, immersive and extended experiences in Leading Learning Innovation for existing Catholic school leaders. The LLII program is aimed at Principals within their first five years. Eligibility and selection is aligned with the AITSL Professional Standards for Principals or Highly Accomplished and Lead Teaching career stages. 

The program will deliver a multimodal experience for leaders encompassing:

  • Targeted school and district visitations around Canada
  • Supplementary Professional Learning Days (Centre for Urban Education Leadership)
  • Formal and informal networking opportunities
  • Conference attendance: National Catholic Educational Association Convention (NCEA), Chicago, USA and uLead ‘Reimaging School Leadership’ Conference, Banff, Canada.

I feel very fortunate to have been accepted into this program.  I will depart for Canada on 2 April, and will return to school on Tuesday 5 May.  In my absence Stephenie Peels will be Acting Principal.

Kind Regards,





Michael Watt


From the School Office ...

Welcome to the 2020 School Year!


Please see below for information on the following:

  • School Fees 2020
  • Fee Support for Families
  • Uniform Shop
  • Secondhand Uniform Shop
  • FlexiBuzz App
  • CareMonkey
  • Conveyance Allowance
  • PTV - School Bus Management System
  • Student Banking
  • CDF Pay - Online School Shop

2020 School Fees

All families should have received their 2020 School Fee Statement via email mid-January.  Please note the Student Levies are due on 21 February.  If you have not yet received your statement, please notify the school office.

For those families wishing to set up a direct debit payment plan, please visit the school office.

Fee Support for Families

Do you have a valid Concession Card or Health Care Card (HCC)?

If so, you could be entitled to financial support in the form of:

1.  Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) 

The CSEF is a state government funded scheme to assist eligible families with payments for their child’s camps, sports, and excursion activities run by their school. To be eligible, parents must hold a valid means-tested concession card, see further information on the flyer below.

  • Families who received CSEF support in 2019 do not need to re-apply as the application will remain active for 2020.  However, if you have an additional student who has commenced school this year you will need to contact the office to add them to your application.
  • If you have not received CSEF support in the past and are unsure as to whether you qualify please contact the school office to discuss eligibility and/or to request an Application form.

The payment for primary age children is $125 per child and is made directly to the school.  The payments are tied to the student, and can only be allocated to applicable school activities.


2.  Health Care Card Holder Discounts

Please note holders of valid and current Australian Government Health Care/Concession Cards may also be eligible for fee relief of $500 towards school fees/levies for the current year.  If you have any queries or feel you may be eligible, please contact the school office.


The Catholic System also provides additional funding to the school, per eligible child. The funds for this additional support are provided by Catholic Education Melbourne and can be used to provide a portion of additional fee relief for eligible families.

Secondhand Uniform Shop

Our secondhand uniform shop is managed by Kylie Storer with items being purchased by gold coin donation.  If you are looking for items of secondhand uniform please feel free to text Kylie on

0430 546 611 with your wish list or to arrange a mutually convenient time to search through the stock for items that you require. 

The secondhand uniform shop welcomes donations of St Paul's current school uniform which is still in good condition and for which you no longer have a need.  Please feel free to leave donations at the school office.

FlexiBuzz - Our School App

A reminder to ensure you have downloaded our school app to your mobile device, otherwise you may be missing important school reminders.


Care Monkey

Please ensure you login to Care Monkey to update the Student Profiles for your children—it is essential that we have current medical, contact and family details for all students to ensure our information is always up to date. 

Conveyance Allowance

  • If you are currently receiving Conveyance Allowance there is no need to re-apply unless you have an additional student who has commenced school this year. 
  • If you are not sure whether you qualify for Conveyance Allowance but believe you may be eligible please contact the school office to discuss eligibility or to request an Application form.


School Bus Management System (SBMS)

The school bus is managed by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) via the School Bus Management System (SBMS).  If you have any questions or wish to apply for a place on the school bus, please contact PTV on 1800 800 007 or visit the PTV website:  



Student Banking


CDF Pay - School Payment System


Important Dates

St Paul's Community Calendar
Please be aware that dates can change. 
We recommend checking the dates on our
Live Calendar found at:




Wednesday 12

No school for Prep students

Thursday 13 

OPEN DAY - School Tour at 9.30am 

Friday 14

Open Water Learning Experience (OWLE) - Aspendale Beach

Tuesday 18

School Advisory Board - 7.00-8.30pm

Wednesday 19

No school for Prep students

Friday 21

Welcome - Meet & Greet New P&F Members - 2.00pm  (All Welcome)

Tuesday 25

Shrove Tuesday

Wednesday 26 - Ash Wednesday

Parent teacher Transition Interviews - SCHOOL FINISHES AT 1.00pm

No school for Prep students

Thursday 27

World of Maths - incursion

Friday 28 

Hot Lunch Day

Prep Taster Day - Library Storytime @ 9.30am

Working Bee - 3.15 to 5.45pm

Saturday 29

Emerald BBQ


Tuesday 3

Open Day

Friday 6


Monday 9

Labour Day Public Holiday

Thursday 12

Mater Christi Taster Day - Year 4 girls

Friday 13

Sushi Friday

Prep Taster Day - Experience Italy @ 9.30am

Wednesday 18

P&F AGM - 2.00pm

School Advisory Board - 7.00-8.30pm

Wednesday 25

Open Day

Friday 27

Hot Lunch Day

Prep Taster Day - Backyard Blitz @ 9.30am

Last Day of Term 1


Friday 10 - Monday 13


Tuesday 14

Term 2 commences

Friday 24

Prep Taster Day - Science Fair @ 9.30am


Friday 8

Mother's Day Breakfast

Mother's Day Stall

Saturday 9

Emerald BBQ

Friday 15

Hot Lunch Day

Wednesday 20

School Advisory Board - 7.00-8.30pm


Friday 5

Sushi Friday

Saturday 6

Working Bee - 8.30 to 11.00am

Friday 19

School Disco

Wednesday 24

School Advisory Board - 7.00-8.30pm

Friday 26

Hot Lunch Day 

Free Dress Day - Country Fair Collection Donation

Last day of Term 2


Monday 13

Term 3 commences


Tuesday 4

School Advisory Board - 7.00-8.30pm

Friday 7

Hot Lunch Day

Saturday 15

Emerald BBQ

Friday 28

Sushi Friday


Friday 4

Father's Day Breakfast

Father's Day Stall

Tuesday 8

School Advisory Board - 7.00-8.30pm

Friday 18

Footy Day - Country Fair Collection Donation

Hot Lunch Day

Last day of Term 3


Friday 16

Working Bee - 3.15 to 5.45pm

Wednesday 21

School Advisory Board - 7.00-8.30pm

Friday 23

Hot Lunch Day


Friday 13

Sushi Friday

Saturday 21

Emerald BBQ


Friday 4

Hot Lunch Day


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Saturday 13


Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing Week- What is your strength?

We launch our new year with 'Wellbeing Week' at St Paul's Primary. Each day students have explored a snapshot from each of the Berry Street Education Model components.

Monday: Body- Mindfulness, Self Regulation

Tuesday: Relationship- Personal power, Friendships

Wednesday: Stamina- Growth Mindset, Resilience, Emotions

Thursday: Engagement- Goal setting, Brain Breaks, Problem Solving

Friday: Character- Values, Strengths, Gratitude

Throughout the year students will continue to unpack these components in greater depth

Some activities from this week


Positive Action Agreement for Safe School

During the following week, students will discuss our PAASS document in class with their teacher and peers. Next week a CareMonkey for our PAASS document will be sent home. Please chat with your child/ren about the elements of this policy. The Prep students will bring home a hard copy as well. If you would like a hard copy of the student version, please email


What's On at St Paul's...




Throughout the year your child will bring home Scholastic Book Club catalogues.   Our school receives 20% of the total orders in free books for our library.  The first issue for 2020 has been sent home with orders due by Friday 13 February.   Orders can be placed online or by completing the attached order form and returning it to the school office via the classroom black tubs.

If you have any questions regarding Book Club or require any help registering for the "LOOP" online ordering please contact Sally Moody on 0400 269 235.



Out of School Hours Care: Youth Leadership Victoria

Youth Leadership Victoria


Youth Leadership Victoria is a community and child focused, not for profit, Out of School Hours Care and Vacation Care provider that runs across 33 schools in Victoria.

YLV is 100% Australian based and operated and have over 17 years of experience in delivering high quality programs for primary school aged children.



St Paul's Primary School

59 Moores Rd, Monbulk VIC 3793



Before School Care:  Permanent bookings only

After School:   3:15pm - 6:15pm Monday - Friday

Bookings & Enrolments:

Phone:     8790 6511



Out of School Hours Care 


Community Notices


For Sale - MLMC Uniform Items


Seeking Italian Tutor

A local family are looking for an Italian Tutor for 1 hour per fortnight to provide assistance, particularly with oral language practise, for their child who is currently in Year 9.

If interested, please contact 0429 352 829.






Thank you Bendigo Bank for your support 


Thank you MRE Property Marketing for your support


School Car Park Map


Transition Information


Transition to Primary School



Transition to Secondary School


School Uniform Shop

Secondhand Uniform Shop

We are still running our secondhand uniform shop at school.  All items are sold by gold coin donation.

If you are looking to purchase any items from the secondhand uniform shop please text Kylie Storer (0430 546 611) with your wish list or queries.


If you would like to donate any good quality items of school uniform that you no longer need, please drop them into the school office.

Child Safe Standards

The care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people is a central and fundamental responsibility of Catholic education.  St Paul's is committed to the care, safety and wellbeing of all young people.


St Paul's School Newsletter
Child Safety Policy (2).pdf
Child Safety Code of Conduct (2).pdf