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14 February 2020
Issue Two
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Upcoming Events


Saturday 15 February

Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser - Coburg


Friday 21 February 

Footsteps program


Friday 28 February 

Footsteps program


Wednesday 4 March

Twilight Sports - 6pm to 7.15pm approx


Thursday 5 March

Footsteps program


Friday 6 March

Curriculum day - No students at school


Monday 9 March

Public holiday - No students at school


Friday 13 March

Footsteps program


Monday 16 March

PnC Association AGM (Eelctions) - 6.30pm

PnC Association Meeting - 7pm


Friday 20 March

Footsteps program


Friday 27 March

Footsteps program


Friday 27 March

Last day of Term 1 - 2.30pm finish



Tuesday 14 April

First day of Term 2


Wednesday 15 April

3/4 Camp


Thursday 16 April

3/4 Camp


Friday 17 April

3/4 Camp


Monday 20 April 

5/6 Camp


Tuesday 21 April

5/6 Camp


Wednesday 22 April

5/6 Camp


Friday 26 June 

Last day of Term 2 - 2.30pm finish



Monday 13 July 

First day of Term 3


Friday 18 September 

Last day of Term 3 - 2.30pm finish



Monday 5 October

First day of Term 4


Friday 18 December

Last day of Term 4 - 1.30pm finish



Latest news

Latest news


School Fees / Building Fund

Thank you to all families who have already paid fees for this year. Our school is deemed to not be socially disadvantaged and as such we get very little in the way of equity funding. Some schools get hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity funding to make up for this deemed disadvantage but we receive only $34000. We use this to fund a fraction of an education support staff member as well as about one day a fortnight for our psychologist who along with working with individual students, also conducts a social skills program. More information on the social skills program is below.


We rely heavily on all families paying our annual fees and, as many as can afford it, contributing to our tax deductible building fund. Three years of building fund donations made a major contribution towards our new courtyard  and our current priorities will include external painting and carpet replacement. Without the money from the building fund we will not be able to afford this.


We currently have a building project paid for through DET Emergency Maintenance funding which will be finished hopefully by the end of this term. It involves replacing all of the student toilets in Block B as well as the staff toilets in Block A. Also, you will notice over the next few weeks, all of the drinking fountains will be renovated so that they will be all working. We have received a grant of around $140,000 to renovate the kindergarten playground and hopefully this will be completed by the end of this year.


Should you have difficulty paying this year’s family contributions or building fund, please contact the office to arrange a payment plan. We do have some families who have setup regular direct payments and others who pay by the month or by the term.

John Williams



Congratulations to our new School Captains and Student Reps

School Captains

Amelie Shelley

Charles Hoskins

School Vice Captains

Joseph Sandy-Sgro

Hannah Richards

Junior School Council Leaders

Astrid Raab

Oscar Kowarsky

Sustainability Leaders

Ada Horsfall

Tobias Consedine

Red House Captains

Quincey Wright

Kevika Maharjan

Blue House Captains

Zahra Brown

Oscar Jones

Green House Captains

Phoenix Balaamgunderson

Khloe Jones

Yellow House Captains

Aryan Madakulangara

Harriet Hoskins

Courtyard Captains

Sim Howie

Uma Moussalli

Twilight Sports - Wednesday 4 March

Moreland Primary School's annual Twilight Event will be held on Wednesday 4 March, from 6pm to 7pm and it is a fantastic opportunity for the students to connect with other children in their house team as well as the event being a social gathering for families whereby new connections at the school can be made.
At Moreland Primary School our students are assigned to a House Team.  The teams are red, green, blue and yellow. New students to the school will find out from their home group teacher which team they have been assigned. 
The Twilight Event will be run by Kaboom Kidz Sports. We have used this company for a number of years and the event is full of fun and activity.
We encourage you to join in the fun and celebrate with the wonderful community that is Moreland Primary School.

**Please note families are welcome to arrive at school at 5pm with a picnic to enjoy before the event commences at 6pm. 

You will also be able to purchase the following at the event:-

- Sausages / hamburgers (Halal)

- Sausages (Vegan)

- Sweet treats

Available until sold out.


 This is definitely an alcohol free event.  We appreciate your understanding and co-operation.
Students are to be supervised at the event by a family member over the age of 18 years who remains at the school for the duration of the event.


Friday Morning MPS Cafe

Soon the PnC will be starting an MPS Pop Up Café in the new courtyard on Friday mornings. From 9am every Friday morning, we will be serving coffees from the Northern side of the courtyard, starting in Term 2. 


These mornings are designed to bring the community together, build connections between parents from different year levels and act as a springboard for parent involvement in school programs.


We will need to put together a timetable of parents who can operate the machine and help pack up and down. If you would like to get involved, or have experience making coffees (and can run a master class for other parents!) please contact Pip via


PnC Elections

The Parents Club will be holding our AGM at 6.30pm on Monday 16 March. At this meeting all of the current office bearer positions (President, Treasurer and Secretary) will be dissolved and new nominations called for. We anticipate new faces being elected to these roles. If you are interested to know more before the meeting, please contact Pip for more info. 


New Event - Comedy Night Fundraiser

Another new event for MPS, a Comedy Fundraiser will be held in Term 2. We are currently in the planning stages, but this will be an important fundraising event for the school. Keep your eyes peeled for more info!


Parent Engagement Programs

Hello wonderful students and parents at MPS! This year we continue to run the following parent and student engagement programs:



Playgroup is open to all families in our community with children 0-5 years of age. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday 9-11am in the Playgroup room (between the Kindergarten and the Prep area). New families are welcome! The program is $5 per session per family. We offer indoor and outdoor play activities and an opportunity to socialise, meet new families and have fun.


Family Cooking

The Cooking Project is open to all Moreland Primary School students and parents. In small groups of four, students and their parents come to school, shop for ingredients and prepare a meal of their choice. Cooking is arranged during school hours. The school allows $25 per group to buy ingredients. The purpose of the program is to engage in learning, to meet new families and to have fun. Students can choose their own group or we can arrange a group with new families.


If you would like to participate in Playgroup and/or Family Cooking, or would like more information, please email Gosia at: or text 0432088016 - look forward to hearing from you!


International Women's Day

International Women's Day this year will be celebrated at MPS on Thursday 5th March after school in the hall. 


Our focus is in line with this years theme: An equal world is an enabled world.  Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day. We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements. Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world. 


We will be celebrating the amazing achievements of women, including a visit from Veronica Sherman, creator of Happily Made, a social enterprise focussed on providing meaningful employment to marginalised women in Cambodia. Some of you might know the famous knitted monkeys? For more info:


There will be light refreshments and a chance to be creative with some art projects, as well as opportunity to meet people from our amazing and inclusive MPS community. 

Any questions or if you are interested in helping out, please contact Emily (5/6E)

Instrumental Music Lessons

Through the ‘Octopus Music Program’ Moreland PS offers weekly instrumental music lessons on keyboard, guitar, bass, singing, drums, violin and ukulele. These 30min lessons are conducted throughout the school day. Instruments are provided during lessons, and are available for hire. For more information head to





Learning Areas

News from the learning areas


Art News Term 1 2020 

Last year there were so many families that participated in the Woolworth’s Earn and Learn program at Moreland Primary School. I was completely surprised to find out that it was the Art department’s turn to use the points for 2019. 


We were able to purchase heaps of new art supplies including a brand new art cart. It took six months for the goodies to arrive making it the perfect Christmas present for the art room. 


I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who brought in their Woolworth’s Earn and Learn stickers last year! 


Thanks everyone! 


Japanese Science News

Yokoso (welcome) Mariko!!

As many of you will remember from the announcement at the end of last year, we are welcoming a Japanese language assistant to Moreland Primary School this year and she is arriving in Melbourne this Sunday!

Her name is Mariko and she is a university student from Tokyo.  She will be supporting Carley and I in Japanese class for 4 weeks from Monday 17th February until Friday 13th March. We are very lucky to have Mariko join us and I hope all students will use this opportunity to practice their Japanese as much as they can.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Martin family (Nicola and Daniel) and the Duffin family (Penny) for kindly offering to host Mariko. In fact, as many more families generously offered to host Mariko, the school had to randomly select the names from a hat. Thank you for your continued support and I will endeavor to seek more opportunities like this in future.


I will formally introduce Mariko to everyone at the assembly on Monday so please come along or visit her in the Japanese Science room to say konnichiwa!

Thank you,



Prep Learning Area

The Preps have been busy settling in to the daily routine at school and learning lots of new ideas. For our Integrated Curriculum topic Me at School, the students have started learning about making healthy eating choices at school and making sure they understand the importance of our Nude Food expectation. We have also looked at what their school uniform looks like and what to put in their backpacks every day to be prepared for school.


This week, we have also explored what the school and classroom rules are and why we need to make sure we are respectful of them. Next week, we will be learning about SunSmart so please make sure your child has their hat labelled.


Prep Testing

Prep testing will continue on Wednesday’s. Please check your interview time (either on compass or in the Prep area) so that we can keep them to schedule. 

Testing should take between 30 to 45 minutes. Your child will spend this time with their homegroup teacher. During testing, the parent/family member can go and get a coffee or have a walk. They are not required to attend the test. After the testing there will be time for a brief 10-minute chat with the homegroup teacher. Please be prompt to your interviews so that we can keep them on time.


School Hats

We have noticed that several students don’t have school hats to wear outside and are relying on us to provide a spare hat. If this is the case for you, can you please remember to purchase a school hat, as we unfortunately don’t have spares to lend each day.


Letters and Sounds

The Preps have also been hard at work learning new letters and the sounds they make. Each letter is introduced using a catchy chant and action to help the students remember the sound they make. To keep the Prep families up-to-date with the letters we are currently learning so that you can reinforce this and practice at home, we will post the chants in the newsletter.


This week we have learnt:

Mm -

Chant: Mummy on the moon – m, m, m.

Bb -

Chant: Bounce balloons – b, b, b.


Next week we will be learning:

Ll -

Chant: Lizards like lollipops – l, l, l.

Tt –

Chant: Trotting tigers – t, t, t.


Brain Food

Just a reminder that our Brain Food break at 1pm each day is for healthy options only (fruit or vegetables).

Please make sure you pack your child some fruit or vegetables to eat at this time and cut it into easily edible pieces so that they can eat it quickly within this time. Eg. An apple.


1/2 Learning Area

Today I met my classroom pets! They are stick insects! They look like sticks! Do you want to see one?

Yes? Okay! Here is a picture.


They are cool!

They are small!

They are very different to sticks because they have legs!

They are interesting!

We have eight (that I could find).

If you want to see them, come to the 1 / 2 classroom!

We might have more!

And that's it! 


by Lily

3/4 Learning Area

This term we welcomed the new year 3s to the 3/4 area. Everything is very different this year.  Our teachers are Mrs Dunn (3/4A), Renata (3/4B), Luisa(3/4C), Miss Jennah/Pru (3/4D) and Sengul (ES). They have been introducing us to interesting topics, we particularly enjoy the math games.


The grade threes got their laptops on the first Friday of the term. They were very enthusiastic.


This term we have been doing a little project simply called ‘Origins’. We talked about our family backgrounds and made profiles including our interests, likes, dislikes and fun facts. We also made feet, in which we drew our family, friends and things like that. Each area has a world map we can use to show our origins.


Our teachers read us a book about being an active citizen. Then the students and teachers talked about what values we want in our learning area and we are making some posters about it, because that’s linked to being an active citizen. When we finish we will put them up in our classrooms.


We have also started the house point system, if you get enough house points you get to be a couch potato. A couch potato means you get to sit on the couches during floor time for a week.


In the first week of term two the 3/4s will go to school camp, which will be exciting for the grade 3s because it will be there first time going on school camp. I hope this camp will be as good as last year’s!

This year is going to be a good year. J



Hilary McKay, Year 4


5/6 Learning Area

In the 5/6 area this week, the students have been busy working on their ‘Island’ Project. They have been creating names for their state, thinking about viable businesses they may run, designing logos and maps but most importantly ensuring that everything has done democratically.


Here are some sneak previews of their work so far…..






Community News

Community News





















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