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The Principal's Voice
by Mrs Karen Spiller, OAM

Principal's Voice



Some time ago, I attended the Australian Council for Educational Research School Leaders’ Conference which was focussed on “How the Brain Learns; what lessons are there for teaching?”


Keynote speakers included Harvard’s Dr. Bruno Della Chiesa, a researcher in educational neuroscience, Professor John Hattie, Director of Melbourne University’s Educational Research Institute, and Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, author of The Woman Who Changed her Brain.


Some of the key points that still resonate with me include:

  • Fear is the worst enemy of learning, blocking the capacity to learn and it impacts negatively on short and long-term memory
  • Emotions play a vital part in learning; the more you experience pleasure in learning, the more you will want to learn
  • Neuroplasticity - the brain’s ability to change both its physical structure and its functional organisation to form new neural connections throughout life, guarantees the capacity for life-long learning for those who exercise their brain. Use it or lose it
  • The Brain’s organisation is enhanced with practice, rehearsal and effort
  • The importance of praising students for effort rather than innate intelligence
  • Errors play a critical role in establishing and maintaining neural networks and in building expertise. Learning should be about acknowledging this critical importance of errors. The value of educational risk-taking where an error is a possible outcome, is vital

This week at the College

Thank you to Mr Gallo, Mr Andrews' (both) and Ms Ritchie for their work to ensure the sensational performances by our students at last week’s Cabaret Night.  Thank you also to Friends of Performing Arts for all they did to ensure the event was so successful and smoothly run.


Thank you also to Friends of Aquatics for running the hugely successful JPC long course swimming event on the weekend.


Thank you to Ms McQuattie and all Year Six teachers (and support staff and everyone who assisted) with the presentations at the PYP Exhibition held last week. The students’ work was really interesting and well presented. The students with whom I spoke, were able to clearly and articulately describe and explain their research and action. Most impressive.


Thank you again to Ms Guerra, Mr Dennis, Mrs Shaw and all staff who were part of the QCS test and test preparation this year, including our Year Twelve teachers, for their work with our students to prepare for the test. We now wait.


We will be delivering the 2018 Yearbook to all classes on the last day of Term Four, Friday 30 November.

Beaudesert Show

Thank you to Mr Christie, Mr Kerley, Marketing and Property Services staff for their assistance with our booth at the Beaudesert Show on the weekend.


I thank all staff and parents for your leadership of the many events that occur daily at JPC.

Terms notice of withdrawal

As we approach the end of Term Three, I remind parents that if your child is not returning to John Paul College in 2019, we require one full school terms written notice (or one school terms fees in lieu of notice) when withdrawing a student from the school. Currently, we are working on the 2019 timetable and staffing, and it is important that we have accurate enrolment numbers. In some year levels, we have waiting lists and we need to be able to contact those on the list who are hoping to secure a place at the school. Thank you for advising [email protected]

Congratulations to:

This week we would like to congratulate:

  • Year Nine student Madeleine Mackenzie and Year Eleven student Lyla Sampson for being selected to compete in the 2018 Interschool Equestrian QLD State Team. Madeleine will compete in Medium Dressage and Lyla in Senior Preliminary Dressage and CT95cm. The girls will be members of an 82 rider team travelling to Werribee, Victoria in October for the 2018 Marcus Oldham Australian Interschool Championships.
  • Year Twelve student Kyle Niesler for qualifying in 5 events at the Handcock Prospecting Australian Short Course Championships. Kyle will compete in the 100m, 200m backstroke, 200m freestyle and the Individual Medley for 200m and 400m. 


Mrs Karen Spiller OAM


JPConnect and Techsphere Update

#toptip JPConnect


The JPC SEQTA Learn APP for students has arrived!


The SEQTA Learn APP brings the essential organisational information that students need, to their mobile phone or tablet. The APP is the perfect solution for accessing content while on the go. Students can reference their timetable, access lesson content, check the daily notices, review results, submit assessment and check their learning goals.


Familiar and simple to use, students need to install the APP, then connect to the College account using a scanned QR code that is sent to them via email. Once connected, the notifications appear on the badged APP ensuring that newly released content is pushed their way.


“How to” Guide for Students:

Get the APP

Login to the APPLE store or the GOOGLE PLAY store and download SEQTA Learn.


Devices can access personal data plans, however, students are invited to call in to Techsphere to have their phone or tablet connected to the network for data access on campus.


Open “Settings”  

In the web version of Learn on the student notebook, generate a code which will be sent via email to the student email address by selecting “Connect mobile app.”

Scan the QR Code

Open the email received and, using the Learn APP, scan the QR code. The login details are added and retained. The APP displays options for adding an account. Make the selection “I have a code.”  Each QR code contains the unique details of each user.

PLEASE NOTE: the APP is currently only available for students.

Simple navigation ensures access to key information resources

Queries or Questions:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 3826 3496

Drop in: Techsphere Service Centre, Markwell Carpark (7.30 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday in term time)


JPC Announcements

Where to find your lost property

If your property is named, it will be returned to the relevant school office for collection. The exception to this is musical instruments which will be returned to the “School of Performing Arts.”


In order to have one central collection place for unnamed uniform items, all unnamed uniform items will be sent to the Retail Centre and placed in lost property. If the item has not been collected within a month, the item will be laundered and made available for re-sale through the Secondhand Store.


Each individual school section has a general lost property box/cupboard, where unnamed non-uniform items will be placed. Unclaimed lunch boxes and drink containers will be disposed of after one week. Other items, if not claimed by the 28th day of each month will be disposed of.


The College encourages all students to ensure that all of their belongings are clearly named.

Code Camp - Unlease your child's imagination

Dear Parent,
We are excited to announce that Code Camp will be running at John Paul College these school holidays.

We are very privileged to work with schools like John Paul College. We currently host school holiday programs at over 120 schools around Australia and we have had over 40,000 children aged 5-13 years learn to code and get creative with technology.


There’s a lot of talk around the importance of children learning to code and it’s always helpful to understand the facts when deciding if you would like your child to participate in a course like ours. It’s hard to predict the future but what we do know is that the changing workforce structure requires employees with high digital literacy, creativity and problem solving skills. Learning to code helps children develop these skills, putting them in the driver’s seat for their future.


The great news is that ultimately, when kids learn to code, they are no longer just consumers of technology - they are creators. We are strong advocates for technology and the benefits that come along with understanding how it works. Code Camp students are introduced to the world of code through creative game design. Children get to build their own world; drawing on their creative flair and problem solving skills. Fundamental coding concepts like algorithms and computational logic are taught in a playful way that allows the child’s confidence to soar!


When a child finishes a Code Camp, they leave feeling proud of what they’ve accomplished and eager to show their apps off to friends and family. We enjoy watching kids grow as they come back each holiday to progress to the next level of their coding journey!


We would love your child to join us these holidays. Please let us know if you would like any further information on why coding is the language of the future or our Code Camps.


Warm regards,
Hayley Markham, Co-Founder


Code Camp - Spark

This is our most popular camp which over 20,000 kids have completed so far and where every child aged 7 and above should start their Code Camp journey regardless of their prior coding experience.

Ages: 7 -12

Date: Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 October 2018

Cost: $349

Code Camp - Ignite

Are you ready to take your coding skills to the next level? Ignite is for those who have conquered Code Camp Spark or who already have a lot of coding experience elsewhere. Build your own top-down adventure game with heaps of mini-games and fun features!

Ages: 7 -12

Date: Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 October 2018

Cost: $349

Code Camp - 3D Blast

Welcome to Blast 3D, the world's first 3D coding platform designed for kids to code, create and build spectacular worlds and apps. Our most advanced camp is designed for those who have completed Spark and ignite and are ready to take on the world of pure JavaScript.

Ages: 7 -12

Date: Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 October 2018

Cost: $349

Play Club Football for JPC

John Paul College Football Club is hoping to build on the success of its JTAS and TAS season, by extending the current number of players and teams it currently has entered in the Football Brisbane competition.


We compete so successfully in the school competition because the athletes love playing with their mates, so why not continue that absolute enjoyment and sign up to play Club Football for JPC? Our fields are the best in Brisbane and training is so convenient as the students simply walk to the ovals after school.


We currently have an U9, U11, U12 (playing finals) and U15 (playing finals) team. Next year we would love to have the numbers to enter at least six teams into the Football Brisbane competition including an all-female team. We are a friendly, supportive community who love watching our kids playing football with their mates. Why wouldn’t you have your child play Club Football for John Paul College?


Very shortly, communication will be sent to JTAS and TAS players asking for expressions of interest to join us for the 2019 season. Click here to register your interest. Team trials for JPC Club Football will be held on September 17 - 19 after school. Information outlining the specific details of the trials will be published closer to the dates.  


Friends of Football is committed to supporting our club teams by entering carnivals locally and interstate. Be with us as we endeavour to make 2019 our best season ever! #JPCCOMMUNITY #JPCPRIDE

Holiday Netball Clinic

Led by JPC Head Coach Carynne Robinson and current Wildcat players.


What is it?
This FREE clinic will aim to cover all aspects of netball such as attacking, defending,
goal shooting, ball handling, footwork, as well as match play practice whilst
fostering a fun and inclusive environment.
All abilities are welcome to come and join in the fun!


The details
Age: 10-16 years
Date: Tuesday 2nd October
Time: 9am to 3pm
Venue: Coleman Centre, John Paul College
What to bring: Water bottle, packed lunch and healthy snacks
Cost: FREE for JPC students


Share lunchtime with WILDCATS – an opportunity
for autographs and photos.

How do I register?
Register online here
Contact Head Coach: Carynne Robinson [email protected]


Senior School

From the Head of Senior School

Welcome to Week Nine

As we come to the end of another busy week, we are edging towards the final week of the term and looking forward to a well-earned break. Exams have been completed and marking and reporting



2019 Leadership Candidates

Last week, candidates for Captain and Vice-Captain positions had the opportunity to speak to the Classes of 2019 and 2020. They introduced themselves and gave a short speech on their vision for 2019 and why students should support them. All candidates spoke in a professional and sincere manner. Since then students have had the opportunity to show their support for the candidates in a poll. Teachers were also able to cast a vote.


Voting has now closed and the successful candidates chosen to go to the interview process will be told mid next week. With the quality of candidates, it will be a very hard decision to make. I am sure we have a fantastic group of young people who will successfully lead our College going forward.

Australian Reading Hour

On Thursday, September 20, 2018, during Lesson Six, we will stop what we are doing for one hour and pick up a book. We want all John Paul College students and staff to enjoy the benefits of reading. As a school we will take the time to read, escape and relax. As a school we want to show our commitment to developing strong readers.


Why Read? ….you may ask


According to the Australian Reading Hour Website

  1. Increasing literacy and numeracy skills has a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction.
  2.  Reading reduces stress by 68%, relieving stress more quickly than listening to music, going for a walk or having a cup of tea
  3. The more leisure books people read, the more literate they become and the more prosperous and equitable the society they inhabit
  4. Reading a gripping novel causes positive biological changes in the brain that can last for days
  5. When tested for empathy, readers of narrative fiction achieved significantly higher than other groups
  6. Reading is closely linked to increasing our understanding of our own identities

On Thursday throughout Australia, people are encouraged to support this initiative of reading for an hour. In preparation for this, please help your child to find an appropriate book to bring to school so that they are fully engaged in reading during this time.

From the Head of Careers and Pathways



The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) http://www.ncaa.org/ represents more than 1,100 colleges and universities in the United States. The organisation supports nearly half a million athletes that make up 19,500 teams competing in NCAA sports. Many of these sports are broadcast on pay TV channels in Australia each week. (ESPN & ESPN 2)


Each year a small number of JPC students seek to gain entry into this elite programme and the purpose of this article is to point out a few vital pieces of information. Some of our more notable school Alumni like Genevieve LaCaze (athletics) and Kristy Wallace (basketball) are great examples of JPC students who have followed this pathway.


The NCAA is quite unapologetic about the academic standards required to gain selection (at least for the top levels of competition – Division 1 and 2). Students will need to maintain a C+/B average grade for ALL of Year Nine to Twelve to be acceptable. They will need to study in a FOUR (4) year sequence Year Nine to Twelve.


Students need to follow a set pattern of subjects throughout Year Nine to Twelve as well. They will need to study English, mathematics (at an advanced/ mathematical methods level), natural/physical science and social science as part of their subject make-up. This sequence is vital to their eligibility and students who have not chosen wisely in the past have been ineligible for selection.


Some subjects that athletic students take and even excel in, cannot be used to calculate their overall GPA. It has been said that the three most important things necessary to get into USA College sports are “academics, academics, academics.” Students will also need to get a SAT or ACT score (national standardised tests for USA students) commensurate with their GPA. Students can register with the College Board at https://www.collegeboard.org/ and choose JPC as a testing centre to do these tests (usually done in Year Eleven and Twelve).


It is timely to remind all students and parents that conversations about this as a possible pathway need to take place early. Recently a number of students who have left the school have found difficulty gaining entry into the NCAA program due to subject selections made and academic records attained in the past.

If a student/parent/family is interested in this as a possible pathway for the future, I would suggest that you make an appointment ASAP with me to discuss this fully.


Mr Steve Cuthbert ([email protected]) or 38263593

Head of Careers & Pathways

How can I help my child to learn another language?

Continuing on from last week, here are a few more suggestions to help your child learn another language

  • Encourage your child to use the language when speaking to overseas visitors or other language students. Host an exchange student, or support your child’s efforts to participate in one of the many exchange programs or tours offered through our College.
  • Record any relevant programs or films for your child. SBS television has many foreign language films and programs, including the news, which can help to improve students’ vocabulary and comprehension - especially with the option of rewinding and replaying  key points. Other stations also run documentaries, which often provide interesting and important cultural information. The Internet also gives access to current language-specific television and radio programs. Don’t forget public events such as the annual German Film Festival.
  • Promote reading in the new language. Subscribe to a foreign magazine or newspaper, arrange for a penpal or visit your local library. Many municipal libraries now contain a section of books / magazines in languages other than English. Don’t forget many non-English newspapers and books are also published in Australia. The internet brings world publications to your door! If you lack access at home, encourage your child to use the facilities provided at school.

Please click on the PDF for the complete document.

With many thanks for your support and participation in the language learning process!

The Modern Languages Department

National Titration competition

Article supplied by Mrs Robyn Collins

On Saturday 1 September, three Year Twelve students, Caesar Qiu, Selina Yang and Nita Li, competed as a team in the National Titration competition held at the University of Queensland, St Lucia. These students have been practising their analytical skills every Friday afternoon for the last month. This team had previously placed an equal first in the regional competitions and were invited to take part in the nationals.


Students had three hours to complete the chemical analysis and submit their results out of over 25 teams competing at this venue, the John Paul College team placed second.


Special mention goes to Selina Yang who arrived at the exact answer with a zero error.  Caesar, Nita and Selina were all awarded gold medals and rated as an “Excellent Team”.


Once all of the results are compiled from other venues around Australia, this team will know exactly where they are placed in the nation.


Well done chemists on this great achievement!

Dates to Note:

Monday 17 September - National Australia Day Council (NADC) Student Forum: Homelessness and Belonging

Wednesday 19 September - Year Eleven Retreat

Thursday 20 September - Australian Reading Hour

Friday 21 September - JPIC Term Three Graduation

Friday 21 September - Term Three concludes at 3.20pm


Mr Allan Dennis

Head of Senior School

Middle School

From the Head of Middle School

Middle School Dance

Last Friday night our Student Council representatives hosted the Middle School Dance in the Coleman Centre. It was an enjoyable event with lots of bright colour and glows to match the ‘Glow in the Dark’ theme. Money raised from the event will contribute to the Student Council account with a decision being made by the council in Term Four on how to best disperse the funds for the needs of the students in Middle School. A big thank you to Friends of Basketball for running the canteen on the night.


R U OK Day Fun Run

Yesterday, the Student Council held their annual R U OK Day Fun Run in support of the national day of focus on mental health and wellbeing - R U OK Day. Staff and students from Years Seven, Eight and Nine, as well as the International College, had a fun morning walking, jogging and/or running the 1.7km course around the Secondary campus. R U OK Day enables us all to stop and think about the needs of others above our own and I thank all participants for supporting this event in the right spirit. A big thank you to the Student Council for their oversight of the event and to all the teaching staff and support staff from Techsphere, Property Services, and Administration for supporting the students in their planning and implementation of the Fun Run.

Students in Action:


Important Dates:

TAS Athletics - Tuesday 18 September – Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre

Final Day of Term - Friday 21 September


Mr Mark Zietsch

Head of Middle School

Primary School

From the Head of Primary

Dear Parents,


With the approaching holidays and end of Term Three nearing, we are busily organising events to celebrate our learning for the year, to be held during Term Four.


Galatians 6:2 implores us to “Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” In following the example and message of Christ, we are excited about our Farmer’s Hat Friday where we will ‘pass the hat’ around for our farmers. This is a very tangible way for us to support those of us burdened by drought.


As previously communicated, our Grandparent’s Day will be held in the first week back in Term Four, on Friday 12 October and we are looking forward to this day. We are planning a slightly different format this year and will begin with a concert in the Coleman Centre at 9:00am. We want to keep this concert to approximately one hour and will then move to classrooms to join in with learning activities.


As well as visits to classrooms, we will also have some dance and choir items in the ARC to allow further opportunities for grandparents to see students performing. We also plan to have some choir items or musical items as grandparents are arriving.


We will have our normal shared morning tea at approximately 11:00am and we look forward to our loved and respected grandparents joining us on this special day.


Year Six students will be a part of Speech Night

On Monday 5 November at 7:00pm at the Queensland Performing Arts Complex (QPAC) Concert Hall, students, staff and families will gather to formally celebrate the outstanding efforts of students from Year Six to Year Twelve at our annual Speech Night. All children from Years Six to Twelve are expected to attend and we look forward to presenting our Year Six students with their Academic Honours Awards (Top 10%) and announcing the recipient of the Stanley Sclavos Award for 2018.


Our culminating end of year, ‘Celebration of Learning’ will take on a new format, with students from Prep to Year Six celebrating with families at the Coleman Centre on Wednesday 21 November from 9:00am – 10:00am. This celebration will include a performance by each year level, reflecting the learning for the year and we warmly invite parents to join us for the event.


Student Action Against Poverty

We share with our JPC Family, another example of our Student Action resulting from inquiry during the Year Six PYP Exhibition.


Dear Honourable Mick de Brenni,

I am Humza Hajee Aboo and I am a Year Six student at John Paul College. I am passionate about helping people and making a difference in the world. I believe that small changes that we can implement in our lives can help those that are less advantaged and can make a big difference in their lives. I have researched into poverty and found it to be of growing concern. I have started creating awareness in my school and local community about this issue and ways to help. I feel sometimes we get so comfortable and consumed in our lives we forget about the people that could use our help. That is why I feel that creating awareness about this situation could help bring about change.

I would like to share my thoughts on future action that could be implemented in Australia to help fight against poverty. Firstly, we could make use of any underutilised or underutilised government buildings or spaces that could serve as a centre for those who require assistance. This centre could assist with finance, housing, jobs, food, water, clothing and general health and wellbeing. We would need volunteers such as Human Resource Managers to help find jobs for people languishing in poverty, so they can get back into the work force and contribute to society. We would require a financial advisor to help those who need help in managing their money to make better financial choices. Some of them might need to be educated or better educated to help them go forward in life. We would also need other volunteers to help in other areas of need. By creating awareness this would be a collection point for those who would like to donate financially. I also envisage this centre to provide at least one hot meal a day for those who cannot afford it. This centre would also provide temporary shelter for the homeless until suitable housing is found for them. We would initially need financial assistance from the government to start up this project before it could run on donations and volunteers. Our goal is to create a centre like this in every city of Australia to help eradicate poverty.

I strongly believe that giving in charity does not make any one poor. A little help from all individuals can make a big difference to help end poverty in Australia.

I look forward to hearing your response and your thoughts on my action plan in ending poverty in Australia.

I would also like to invite you to our Year Six Exhibition on the 6th of September where I will be expressing my views on poverty. I have attached the invitation to this email, I hope to see you there.

Thank you for reading my email, this is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Humza Hajee Aboo

Year Six Student, John Paul College


Mr Andy Gordon

Head of Primary School

Library Learning

Learning in the Library

Reading for fun is important at JPC!

Our students love their library visits to make personal choices for their reading experiences at school and home. The sheer volume of books that students select for their independent reading in the classroom and at home, tells us that JPC students love to read. We are constantly updating our collection and always looking for new titles and series to delight our readers. We would love to hear any recommendations you might have. See any of the library team with your suggestions.


How can you help your child to be a great reader? Here are my top 5 tips!

1.            Set a good example – let your child see you reading and talking about the books or articles you read.

2.            Come to the library or visit a local library to help your child select books – we may still have some titles or series that were favourites when you were young. Pass those titles on to your child. We love seeing parents and children in the library sharing a book. If you are with your child, you can borrow extra books for home reading!

3.            Read with your child – picture books are a great place to start. You can progress to simple chapter books that will encourage your child to visualise the characters and action as you read. When your child is a more confident reader, let them read to you!

4.            Make time for your child to read every day – have books in the car for on the way to and from school, bedtime and even while you cook dinner. Read the recipe together as you cook.

5.            Talk about the story with your child. Who is their favourite character? How did the story make you feel? Are there any new words you didn’t know before? Did the story teach you anything?

Many thanks to Year Five student, Faatimah Carim, for allowing us to display her passion project, Nora, in the NMLC. Faatimah created this delightful sculpture to promote reading and it is accompanied by the the following explanation: 

Hi, my name is Nora!

For my passion project I inquired into literature. This is my sculpture that I made to demonstrate the benefits of reading. The purpose of the model is to give people a visual of the benefits of reading. It is made from cardboard boxes and Paper Mâché.

Mrs Marilyn Fry


WWI Project in NMLC

As Year Nine students embark on their studies of World War I, the NMLC is supporting their learning with a display encompassing both fiction and non-fiction resources, hard copy and digital.


The Lower Reading Room is currently home to a display of historical fiction and true stories focusing on war and conflict throughout the ages while the Lower Research Zone holds a display bannered ‘WWI: The facts’. The non-fiction books in this area will be available for students researching their assignments next term, and we look forward to hosting class groups as they work on their assessment. The Learning Centre catalogue also features several movies, such as War Horse and Gallipoli, and ebooks, such as Private Peaceful, that students can access over the holidays to help them continue to learn about this momentous part of Australian history.

Premier's Reading Challenge Wrap Up 

Thank you for your support of the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year. We had 178 students complete the challenge. Certificates will arrive in October and will be handed out at year level parades.


Highest participation was from Prep! Forty-six students completed the challenge. Well done to our little people.


The highest number of books read for the challenge was 380 books by Sierra Coventry in 3AF. Well done Sierra! Another commendable effort was from Joel Miettinen in 1RH who read over 200 books!

Borrowing for the Holidays

Spring into reading this holiday. Primary students will have the opportunity to enjoy double borrowing next week in preparation for the break. Middle and Senior students will soon receive some ideas for holiday reading through our emailed holiday reading lists.


Year Six students have been off to an early start, inspecting the fiction offerings and comfy leisure reading space available in the refurbished Reading Room in the lower level of NMLC. The Reading Room is now the ‘go to’ place for all Middle and Senior students looking for a book to let their imaginations take flight.

Book of the Week

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

Alice and her mother seem to have been plagued by bad luck over the years, always packing up and moving when bad luck creeps up and lays its sticky fingers on them. Alice craves some stability and fantasises over living at the estate of her reclusive author grandmother – the Hazel Wood. When her grandmother dies, Alice discovers that she should have been more careful with her wishes. Her mother is stolen away by a dark figure claiming to be from the Hinterland, the supernatural world of her grandmother’s grim fairy tales. The only way Alice can see forward, the only way to be reunited with her mother, is to defy her mother’s final words: ‘Stay away from the Hazel Wood’.


Dark and dreamlike, creepy and enthralling, The Hazel Wood will appeal to those who love their fairy tales rich, brooding and malevolent. Recommended for Year 7 and over.


Boone Shepard by Gabriel Bergmoser

Boone Shepard is a time-travelling journalist and adventuring accidental hero. He has some very interesting friends and acquaintances, such as literary greats Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker, and frequently ends up investigating stories that later become famous books. Right now he is on the hunt for a very rare and dangerous book but is interrupted by his editor who sends him off to investigate an odd disappearance deep in the Scottish Highlands. Boone is grumpy at the interruption, and made more so when he is forced to work with his rival, photographer Promethia Peters.


The story has more twists and turns than a maze, a generous smattering of characters that you will recognise from throughout history and plenty of sass. A little bit of Sherlock, a little bit of Indiana Jones and a shadowing of gothic horror make for a light mystery adventure that will entertain you with every page. Recommended for Year 6 and over.

Chaplain and Community

Year Eight Retreat

On Tuesday the Year Eight students had their Retreat day. This year we invited ‘Real Talk’ to be the program provider. Their organisation is all about getting real on the topics of sex, relationships and personal identity. Based on Christian values and using personal sharing from a team of dynamic presenters, Real Talk provides presentations, programs and up-to-date resources. They want all young people to know their true value, worth and dignity and to experience love for all it was created to be.


The Love and Life seminar explores:

  • Self-worth
  • Making good choices
  • The importance of our bodies and our actions
  • The media and how relationships and body image are portrayed
  • A biblically based approach to healthy relationships

The students played some ice-breaker games, were given physical challenges (such as trying to communicate while wearing headphones), watched targeted video clips (for example, exploring what is our purpose in life), listened to personal stories about relationships and participated in large and small group discussions.


The final session saw the boys and girls separated so that each could explore some ideas that are more common for their gender, such as the media’s impact on what the ‘ideal woman’ is supposed to be.


The Retreat was based on the following passage because it reminds us that we all have value, no matter who we are:


Genesis 1:27

So, God created human beings in his own image.
In the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.


We all have worth because the Creator of the universe made us. So, we should treat one another accordingly. Simple as that.

Prayer Group

The John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group welcomes all members of the John Paul College Community.


The Prayer Group's purpose is to honour Christ by praying for the College staff, students and families within the JPC community.


Prayer Group meets every Wednesday morning at 8.30am in the meeting room in the Wellbeing Centre (except for every fourth Thursday of the month when it is held in the evening at 7.30pm at Julie Gordon’s house – 64 Highview Terrace, Daisy Hill).


Co-ordinator: Julie Gordon can be contacted on 0421 809 984 or [email protected] by any parent wishing to inquire about about the John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group.

Co-curricular Performing Arts

From the Director of Performing Arts

Over the past week our musicians have enjoyed opportunities to perform for family and friends and the broader community.

On the evening of Thursday 6 September, our Primary Rock Band enjoyed the opportunity to perform to an audience of students, staff and families as part of the PYP Exhibition.  Congratulations to these students on their wonderful performance and thank you to their Ensemble Director, Mr Sharne Andrews for his careful mentoring of our young developing musicians.

Another successful Cabaret Night was held on Friday 7 September at The Glen Hotel.  Over 100 family and friends were once again entertained with wonderful music by our extremely talented students while enjoying a night of dinner and dancing.  Thank you very much to the Friends of Performing Arts committee led by our executives Mrs Batty, Mrs Long and Mrs Cahill Baird for their hard work and organisation of the evening.   A sincere thank you also to our dedicated musicians and performing arts staff.

Congratulations to Year Two student, Sharon Chan who recently competed in her first eisteddfod and placed 3rd in the Brass and Woodwind Preliminary Grade 1 and 2 section at the Brisbane Eisteddfod.


Congratulations also to the following students who recently completed their Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams:

Lola Sawka - Year Six - Clarinet - Grade 3 

Oliver Radcliffe - Year Seven - Piano - Grade 4

Aurelia Gallo - Year Seven - Bassoon - Grade 4

Tina Gallo - Year Nine - Oboe - Grade 6

Upcoming Dates

Friday 14 September - Battle of the Rock Bands, Clairvaux MacKillop, Mt Gravatt – Exit 24

Sunday 16 September - AASCF States Cheerleading Competition – Primary teams

Monday 17 September - Performance Evening

Tuesday 18 September - National Youth Concerto Competition, Stephen Bean Theatre

Friday 21 to Sunday 23 September - Melbourne Cheer Competition/Tour – Supernovas & Nova Starz

Wednesday 17 October - Music Fest – Symphonic Band

Friday 19 October - Music Fest – Wind Orchestra

Saturday 20 October - Concert Band Spectacular – Wind Orchestra & Big Band

Friday 26 October - Music Fest – Sinfonia

Saturday 27 October - Music Fest – Corelli Strings and Vivaldi Strings

Monday 29 October - Dance Night

Tuesday 30 October - Music Fest – Primary Concert Band

Wednesday 31 October - Music Fest – Capriccio Strings

Saturday 3 November - Music Fest – Big Band, Stage Band, Viva Choir, Concert Choir and Chamber Choir


Mr Bobby Gallo

Director of Performing Arts

Co-curricular Sport

From the Director of Sports and Activities

                              TAS Sport Wrap v CHAC:​

We welcomed visitors from CHAC last Saturday for our final round of TAS sport before the finals this weekend. With early morning rain we had to transfer all outside matches for volleyball and basketball into the Coleman Centre. We had a competitive day across the board with JPC winning eleven matches and losing thirteen.


Our touch girls had another tough day going without a win. Big improvers, the Seconds, had a close match going down 3-2.

The volleyball girls also had a competitive day out with one win  from six. Congratulations to the Seconds on a convincing 3-0 victory. The Firsts lost by three sets to two in a exciting match. After leading by two sets CHAC gained momentum and won the next three sets to take the match in a thriller.

Our basketball boys dominated across the day with all teams winning. It was great to see our Year Seven team have a comprehensive victory 48-9. The Year Tens fought back after losing the first three quarters to win in a close one 24-21.

Playing in slippery conditions, our footballers enjoyed four wins from six, with the Year Sevens and Eights losing in tight matches. The Firsts had a solid 4-2 win in a fierce match and our Year Tens finished the regular season win a dominant 9-0 victory.

Congratulations to all teams on your effort throughout the season so far. We look forward to finishing strongly in the finals matches with games occurring at the following venues:


Years Seven and Eight – Ormiston College

Years Nine and Ten – Canterbury College

Opens – St Paul’s School

State Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to Year Twelve student Jessica Smith for competing in the State Cross Country Championships. Jessica came sixth in her age group and won a gold medal in the relay event.  Wonderful effort, keep up the great work!


South / Logan District U14 Boys Cricket

Congratulations to the following students who were selected in the combined Logan and South District 13-14 Years Boys Cricket team to compete at the Met East trials at Churchie on October 12: 

  • Fareed Pandie- Year Eight
  • Caden Careswell- Year Seven
  • Riley Henderson- Year Eight

Best of luck boys!


Logan District U/12 Boys Cricket

Congratulations to the following students selected in the U/12 Logan District cricket team to compete against Ipswich and Beaudesert on 14, 21 and 28 October.

  • Eddie Comer – Year Six
  • Casey Ryan – Year Five
  • Luke Carter- Year Six
  • Gursewak Singh- Year Four

Eddie Comer, Balian Herd and Adhiraj Sandhu also recently represented the Logan District Schools 10-12 Years Boys Cricket team at the recent Metropolitan East Schools Regional Trials. Eddie and Balian did make it into the possible versus probable match, only to narrowly miss out on selection.

Club Netball Finals 

Congratulations to the Club Netball teams Kestrels and Kites who won their grand final matches against some tough opposition last weekend. A wonderful effort and the girls should be very proud of themselves.


Congratulations to all the teams on their excellent effort and commitment throughout the season. Keep up the training and we hope to see them all the in the finals next year.


Thank you to the coaching staff, managers and parents for supporting the teams throughout the netball season. Their cheering made all the difference!


Congratulations also to Year Ten student Katie Jennings on being presented with her National C Badge for Umpiring, and to our Hawks players for graduating from the Netta competition to play Cadets next year.


The future is bright for JPC Netball.


Congratulations to the following John Paul College players who played in the South Brisbane Eagles Junior Turf 2 (JT2) team:


Year Ten student Meg Clark, Year Ten student Alexis Humeniuk, Year Eleven student Danica Martin and Year Twelve student Abby Leadbeater.


The girls team were Minor Premiers and finished the season with a shared Grand Final Premiership after a nil-all draw at full time. Well done girls!



Club Basketball Finals 

Our Club Basketball teams wrapped up the 2018 winter season at Logan Basketball with some fantastic results and development, from our youngest Thunderball players right through to our Youth Premier League seniors.


Our players displayed incredible talent and teamwork to secure three premierships for the College.  The U15/U17 Girls Fire won with their best team performance of the season, the U15 Boys Warriors produced a thrilling one-point victory, and the U17 Boys Jets emerged as winners over the U17 Boys Kings in an all-JPC final.  Special mention also goes to the U11 Girls Lynx for almost causing an exciting grand final upset to finish as runners-up, as well as the U13 Boys Hawks and U13 Girls Jaguars for their very solid bronze medal achievements.  Our Thunderball and Thunder 9 teams showed great improvement throughout seasons focussed on participation and enjoyment.


Congratulations to all players on their success and commitment, and a huge thank you to all of our wonderful coaches and families for your support.


Summer season Club Basketball registration is now open for players from Prep – Year Twelve.  For more information, please contact Club Basketball Coordinator, Mrs Julie Maroske, at [email protected].


TAS Athletics – Tuesday 18 September

Our TAS Athletics squad has been preparing well for the Interschool Championships occurring at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre, Kessels Rd, Nathan, next Tuesday. This year we hope to go back to back as Athletics Champion School and win a clean sweep of the Interschool Championships (swimming; cross country; athletics) in 2018 and create history for JPC! Please note below all the information regarding to the carnival.


Date:                         Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Venue:                     Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre, Kessels Rd, Nathan

Travel:                      The team will travel to QSAC by bus – no cost

Photo:                      Yearbook photo will be taken on the Markwell Lawns at 6.30 am

Time:                         Bus will depart JPC at 6.45 am after team photo

                                      Return back to school at approximately 4.30 pm

Uniform:                 Athletes to wear full sports uniform, including JPC athletics shorts, athletics                                                     singlet, JPC cap, JPC socks and burgundy bike pants. NO black bike pants. Athletics                                       singlets are now available from the Retail Centre.

Canteen:                Canteen facilities will be available. We encourage athletes to bring a healthy lunch,                                       snacks and plenty of water. We also encourage a substantial breakfast.


Best wishes to all athletes for a successful meet.

John Paul International Life

From the Director of John Paul International

Level 4A Studying ‘Crime and Punishment’


Level 4A is a multicultural class with students from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand.


Over the past few weeks, these students have been studying the theme ‘Crime and Punishment’. With such a diverse range of cultures, we have had rich conversations about crime around the world. 


The students have also been writing a narrative based on a crime. They have learnt how to grab a reader’s attention through ‘sizzling starts’ and how to create tension in a story through appealing to our senses of sight, taste, sound, touch, and smell. The students’ stories showed creativity, and were exciting to read.


Staff Profile: Mrs Foley (Level Four teacher)

How long have you been teaching? I have been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) for eighteen years, four of which have been at JPIC. My passion for teaching international students initially started when I was a teenager and hosted my first homestay student.  I enjoyed the experience so much that I hosted numerous students from all around the world, and decided to become a teacher so that I could help them learn English. 


Previous careers? I have been a teacher most of my working life. My other teaching area is Japanese. I have taught Japanese in primary school, high school and university. Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked in an international firm as a customs clerk. I also have been an activities and tour co-ordinator for international travellers.


Have you taught in other countries? I lived in Japan in my early twenties where I taught English to students of all ages. I also taught English through drama to children.  In my late twenties, I moved to the Netherlands.  While living there, I taught English and Japanese to children as well as in universities and businesses.


Do you speak any other languages? I grew up bilingual. My family and I are from the Netherlands and therefore spoke Dutch and English when I grew up. I studied Japanese at university and can also speak Japanese.


Any interesting hobbies? My favourite past time would have to be reading. The authors I like best are Karin Slaughter, who is a crime novelist, and Dan Brown, who writes thrillers. There is nothing better than sitting down in a quiet place and reading a book!



Mr Russell Welch

Director of John Paul International

Our Boarding Life

The Deputy Head of Boarding

Boarder in the News

Year Eleven student Zoe Mavromatis (Chinchilla, QLD) was invited to attend the Indigenous Literacy book swap which was held in Melbourne last week. Zoe was one of three Queensland students selected to attend the event as a Queensland Representative of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Zoe also attended a conference  with the foundation's ambassadors on the evening before the book swap, and was able to meet popular children's author Andy Griffiths and historical and womens' fiction author, Dr Anita Heiss.


Congratulations Zoe on being one of the few students selected across Australia to attend this important event.

Community News

Women on the Move - Understanding your car!

Southeast Auto Mechanical: Women on the move – Understanding Your Car - A FREE course created to educate women on basic car maintenance.


Created by a female automotive technician, this 90 minute course is designed to help keep you on the move. You will learn basic car maintenance and the important components of the vehicle that need regular inspection in a comfortable, friendly environment.


Gain a deeper understanding of car servicing and repairs along with the technical jargon used in the industry.


The course will be run by a qualified, respectful, approachable technician in our own professional service centre You'll learn how to: 

  • Change a tyre 
  • Check Oil & Essential Fluids
  • Learn about Tyre Pressure
  • Check for wear on Belts & Hoses
  • Identify Common Leaks

In addition, we will show why regular servicing is essential for safety and reliability. Plus You'll also discover more about your rights as a consumer when it comes to Log Book and new car servicing, potentially saving you time and money.


Light refreshments provided.


Booking Essential Limited Places Available

Date: Wednesday 26 September -  6.00 pm - 7.45 pm

Venue: Southeast Auto Mechanical, 3/2 Spanns Road, Beenleigh.


Book in via email Fionna at [email protected] or phone to reserve your space P: 3807 9910

Trading Hours: Open Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm 


Click here to see the advertisement online.

Dates to Remember


15 September - TAS Trimester Three Finals

16 September - JPC Tennis Tournament, Pines/Mayflower Courts

16 September - TAS Touch Football Breakup Party

16 September - Boarding Staff vs Students Basketball Game, Coleman Centre

17 September - Year Four St Helena Island Excursion, St Helena Island

17 September - NADC Forum, Stephen Bean Theatre

17 September - Prep to Year Two Term Three Service, ARC

17 September - Boarding End of Term Outing

17 September - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

17 September - Air Cadets Meeting 

17 September - Performance Evening, Coleman Centre

18 September - JPIC Carnival, Stephen Bowers Oval

18 September - TAS Athletics Carnival, QSAC

18 September - National Youth Concerto Competition, Stephen Bean Theatre

18 September - Friends of Cricket Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

19 September - Year Eleven Retreat

19 September - Cantonese Mother Tongue Club, Noelene Munns Learning Centre

19 September - JPIC Carnival, Coleman Courts and Mezzanine

19 September - Prep Parade

19 September - St Mark's Concert, St Mark's Anglican Church Daisy Hill

20 September - IB Art Exhibition

20 - 23 September - Champion Basketball Schools Cup, Logan

20 September - Years Three to Twelve, Coleman Centre

20 September - Net Set Go Break Up, Pine Courts

21 September - U-Link Graduation, Gorman Centre

21 September - Primary Parade, ARC

21 September - Assembly, Coleman Centre

21 September - Live at the Piazza

21 September - JPIC Term Three Graduation, Gorman Lecture Theatre

21 September - Term Three CONCLUDES

22 September - Boarder Travel Day

24 September - 5 October - Outside School Hours Care Vacation Care Programme


1 October - Queens Birthday Public Holiday

2 October - Netball Clinic, Coleman Centre

3 - 5 October - Code Camp, Burke Building

3 October - Senior First XI Cricket Trial Game vs The Southport School, CMSC Oval 1

4 October - Senior First XI Cricket Trial Game vs St Joseph's Nudgee College, CMSC Oval 1

7 October - Boarder Travel Day

8 October - Term Four COMMENCES

9 October - Friends of Cricket Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

9 October - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting , Room 5 Gorman Centre

10 October - Prep Incursion (Fairytales Show), Noelene Munns Learning Centre

11 October - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

12 October - 13-14 years Boys Regional Cricket, Churchie

12 October - Assembly Years Seven to Twelve, Coleman Centre

13 - 14 October - Vicki Wilson Cup Netball Finals

14 October - Boarding Multicultural Dinner, Fenton Village

15 October - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

15 October - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

16 October - Recital - Guitar, Base Guitar and Drum Kit (Years Four to Twelve), Stephen Bean Threatre

16 October - Friends of Tennis Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

17 October - Prep Parade, ARC

17 October - Junior Band Parent Information Evening, Stephen Bean Theatre

18 October - OPEN EVENING

18 October - 2019 Prep Parent Information Evening, Prep Rooms

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How can I help my child learn another language 2018.pdf
How can I help my child learn another language 2018.pdf
Students in 7A have completed the first installations of the SEQTA Learn APP