21 September 2018
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The Principal's Voice
by Mrs Karen Spiller, OAM

Principal's Voice


Junk In Junk Out

Can you imagine being 16 but your brain acts as though you are 70 years old? That’s what some foods can do to you. A Christchurch teenager did an experiment to find out the effect of food on his school work. For two days he ate only junk foods - Coco Pops, lollies and Coca Cola for breakfast, cake and pies for lunch, sugary drinks and sweets for dinner. Then he did tests in reading, mathematics and typing. He repeated the tests after two days of eating chicken, salad, rice and bread.


The results showed a huge difference. When he was eating junk food, he read 43% slower, typed 50% slower and was 35% slower solving mathematics problems than when he was eating healthy food. His mother noted that during the two days on junk food, he was irritable, sluggish and miserable. He brightened up when he started eating healthy food again and improved his results.


Similar effects were recorded by a New York film director who, for a month, ate three meals a day of McDonald hamburgers. He put on 12 kilos, his cholesterol level shot up and his liver started to malfunction. He suffered from headaches, bad moods and even lost interest in the opposite sex!


Researchers in England found that teenagers who had a chocolate bar and a sugary drink like Coke for breakfast slowed down their mental reactions to the same level as a person aged 70. Girls who skipped breakfast did less well at school and put on more weight than girls who had a breakfast that included porridge or wholemeal bread, fruit and a glass of milk. When you consider a can of Coke, containing 10 teaspoons of sugar, combined with a chocolate bar injects more caffeine into your system than a cup of coffee, perhaps it’s no wonder that a regular intake of junk food can cause serious damage to your health, your weight, your moods and your school results.


What is a good diet for the brain? Two of the wonder 'foods' - frequent drinks of water and regular servings of fish like salmon and sardines which are high in Omega-3 oils, have proven to be beneficial for the brain. If you eat wholemeal foods like bread, porridge and brown rice, at least five servings a day of fruit and vegetables, daily protein from lean meat and chicken, and calcium from milk and yoghurt, you will be well set up for a healthy body and a healthy brain.

This Week at the College

Australia National Reading Hour

On Thursday afternoon, the College celebrated and read for an hour! All members of the College participated in reading, many in classrooms with students. This is all part of working towards developing a reading culture in our College.



Congratulations once again to our students in Years Three, Five, Seven and Nine who were listed among the biggest improvers in the State over the 2016 results. Our Secondary School was listed as 54th best improver and the Primary School 18th!!


TAS Results

Thank you to all students, staff and family members who have committed to a variety of sports, performing arts and other activities this term. Our students have had some wonderful experiences and successes and I appreciate the support of our Friends of Groups, P & F and all our staff who assist them to enjoy the full life of the College.


The TAS finals were nail-biting. Well done to all for the excellent results of a season well played.


Primary Netball and Athletics

Congratulations to our Primary School netballers at the Netball Primary Schools Cup on the weekend. Our JPC Blue team achieved fifth best Primary School Netball team in Queensland.


TAS Athletics

I am so proud of all our students for their efforts in taking out the  TAS overall champion school title and our JTAS team for achieving sixth place.


We are the first school in the co-educational TAS competition to win the overall champion title for the three interschool carnivals of swimming, cross country and athletics in the same calendar year.


These results are amazing and are testimony to our coaches, students and families who have coached, trained and supported for many months.


What I am particularly proud of though, is the determination and willingness of students to have a go, especially those who stepped up to take the place of students who were injured or couldn’t compete; many at short notice. It was this willingness to step in and support the team that got us across the line. Thank you students for your spirit and commitment to our College.


Performance Evening

Thank you to Mr Gallo and his team and all other staff who were involved in preparing for and delivering another spectacular performance evening. The programme was thoroughly enjoyed by all and I commend our students for their wonderful efforts and performances.


Community Service


Thank you to our students who raised $1,305 for Melanoma Research. Thank you also to our students and staff who participated in the Big Red Kidney Walk last weekend.


I wish all members of the school family a happy and safe break and remind all that school resumes on Monday 8th October.

Congratulations to:

This week we would like to congratulate:

  • to the teams who won Premierships in Trimester Three of the TAS competition:
    • Football Seconds - tied Premiers
    • Football Year Nine 
    • Football Year Eight
    • Basketball Seconds Boys 
    • Basketball Year Ten Boys
    • Volleyball Firsts Girls
    • Volleyball Seconds Girls
  • Exit 24, Mr Sean Andrews and Mr Sharne Andrews on their outstanding win in a very competitive field in the Battle of the Bands last week. Congratulations to:
    • Year Eleven student, Iz Wilson, awarded Most Outstanding Vocalist and
    • Year Twelve student, Rory Fleming, awarded Best Overall Musician and Best Overall Guitarist
  • TAS Athletics Age Champions from the TAS Athletics Carnival:
    • U13 Girls - Heidi Dennis (Year Eight)
    • U15 Boys - Zion Ashby (Year Ten)
  • the students who broke records at the TAS Athletics Carnival:
    • Year Eight student, Kirsten McEwan – 100m U13 Girls

    • Year 11 student, Brian Foster – 400m U16 Boys

    • U13 4 x 100m Relay team – Mackenzie Auton, Heidi Dennis, Jade Egglesfield and Kirsten McEwan

  • Year Nine student, Summer Sullivan for her outstanding gymnastic achievements. Summer competed in Level 7 at the recent regional competition, placing second overall in the uneven bars, floor, first in the beam and third on the vault.  At the Australian National Championships, she placed 13th overall and will go on to compete at the National Club Championships during the September holidays on the Gold Coast. All the best Summer!

  • Year Eight student, Amina Hatia for her selection in the U14 Springwood and Mai-Stylez  representative teams at the 2018 INFQ (Indoor Netball Federation of QLD) Junior State Championships. 

Mrs Karen Spiller OAM


Chair of the Board Announcement

New Vice-Chair of the JPC Board announced!

Mrs Helen Weissenberger, Chair of the John Paul College Board of Directors, would like to congratulate Mr Dominic Taylor on his appointment to the position of Vice-Chair of the John Paul College Board of Directors.


Dominic was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2015 and is also a member of the John Paul College Audit & Risk Committee. He has two daughters at John Paul College; his wife is an alumnus of JPC and was School Vice-Captain.


A Business Strategy, Marketing & Communications Manager with close to 20 years’ experience, Dominic is passionate about youth mental health and the importance of giving children a sense of well-being through active participation within healthy communities.


Dominic currently works as a Strategic Projects Manager at Tatts Group.


Mrs Helen Weissenberger

Chair of the Board John Paul College

Deputy Principal's News

From the Deputy Principal's desk

The National Australia Day Council returned to JPC this week as we hosted an event to promote the work of Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett, better known as the boys from Orange Sky Laundry.


The forum aimed to address the topic of homelessness and belonging, particularly among young Australians and to discuss the importance of people feeling a sense of connection to their community in which they belong.  Students from Years Ten to Twelve were joined by some guests from Year Six, who had recently chosen this topic as part of their PYP Exhibition. 

The 2016 Young Australians of the Year were impressed by the interest shown and the depth of questioning from the audience who were kept entertained by their presentation.  This generation has a social conscience which is very evident by their desire to improve their world and the future of those around them, to make a difference.  It was certainly evident in the forum, and the challenge is to how to convert such ambitious intentions into reality.


For information about the work of Orange Sky Laundry, visit https://orangesky.org.au/



Mr Norm Kerley

Deputy Principal

JPC Announcements


A letter from Queensland Government Metro South Health:


Dear School Community


We have recently been notified of cases of influenza (“the flu”) in members of the school

The following recommendations are provided to assist in the prevention of the spread of
influenza in the school community:

  • Students and staff with symptoms of influenza (as outlined in the influenza fact sheet attached) should not come to school and should stay away from school until they are fully recovered. This is usually five to seven days but can be longer.
  • Student boarders who develop symptoms should seek medical assessment as soon as possible and access alternative accommodation where practicable until they have recovered. If this is not possible they should be isolated and cared for in the school clinic.
  • Some members of the school community may be at higher risk of complications from influenza. People at higher risk of severe influenza include pregnant women and people with chronic medical conditions. It is particularly important for these people to see their doctor early if they develop symptoms of influenza.
  • Regular hand washing and covering the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing will reduce the risk of transmission of influenza.
  • If not already vaccinated, children and staff can be vaccinated against influenza with seasonal influenza vaccine.

These recommendations are made to reduce the risk of further cases of influenza in the
school. I have included an information sheet on seasonal influenza. Please refer to the
Queensland Health website at: https://www.health.qld.gov.au/clinical-practice/guidelinesprocedures/
more flu prevention information.


For more details about the symptoms and Signs of Influenza, please click the PDF below.


Code Camp - Unlease your child's imagination

Dear Parents

We are excited to announce that Code Camp will be running at John Paul College these school holidays.

We are very privileged to work with schools like John Paul College. We currently host school holiday programmes at over 120 schools around Australia and we have had over 40,000 children aged 5-13 years learn to code and get creative with technology.


There’s a lot of talk around the importance of children learning to code and it’s always helpful to understand the facts when deciding if you would like your child to participate in a course like ours. It’s hard to predict the future but what we do know is that the changing workforce structure requires employees with high digital literacy, creativity and problem solving skills. Learning to code helps children develop these skills, putting them in the driver’s seat for their future.


The great news is that ultimately, when kids learn to code, they are no longer just consumers of technology - they are creators. We are strong advocates for technology and the benefits that come along with understanding how it works. Code Camp students are introduced to the world of code through creative game design. Children get to build their own world; drawing on their creative flair and problem solving skills. Fundamental coding concepts like algorithms and computational logic are taught in a playful way that allows the child’s confidence to soar!


When a child finishes a Code Camp, they leave feeling proud of what they’ve accomplished and eager to show their apps off to friends and family. We enjoy watching kids grow as they come back each holiday to progress to the next level of their coding journey!


We would love your child to join us these holidays. Please let us know if you would like any further information on why coding is the language of the future or our Code Camps.


Warm regards,
Hayley Markham, Co-Founder


Code Camp - Spark

This is our most popular camp which over 20,000 kids have completed so far and where every child aged 7 and above should start their Code Camp journey regardless of their prior coding experience.

Ages: 7 -12

Date: Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 October 2018

Cost: $349

Code Camp - Ignite

Are you ready to take your coding skills to the next level? Ignite is for those who have conquered Code Camp Spark or who already have a lot of coding experience elsewhere. Build your own top-down adventure game with heaps of mini-games and fun features!

Ages: 7 -12

Date: Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 October 2018

Cost: $349

Code Camp - 3D Blast

Welcome to Blast 3D, the world's first 3D coding platform designed for kids to code, create and build spectacular worlds and apps. Our most advanced camp is designed for those who have completed Spark and ignite and are ready to take on the world of pure JavaScript.

Ages: 7 -12

Date: Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 October 2018

Cost: $349

Play Club Football for JPC

John Paul College Football Club is hoping to build on the success of its JTAS and TAS season, by extending the current number of players and teams it currently has entered in the Football Brisbane competition.


We compete so successfully in the school competition because the athletes love playing with their mates, so why not continue that absolute enjoyment and sign up to play Club Football for JPC? Our fields are the best in Brisbane and training is so convenient as the students simply walk to the ovals after school.


We currently have an U9, U11, U12 (playing finals) and U15 (playing finals) team. Next year we would love to have the numbers to enter at least six teams into the Football Brisbane competition including an all-female team. We are a friendly, supportive community who love watching our kids play football with their mates. Why wouldn’t you have your child play Club Football for John Paul College?


Very shortly, communication will be sent to JTAS and TAS players asking for expressions of interest to join us for the 2019 season. Click here to register your interest. 


Friends of Football is committed to supporting our club teams by entering carnivals locally and interstate. Be with us as we endeavour to make 2019 our best season ever! #JPCCOMMUNITY #JPCPRIDE

Holiday Netball Clinic

Led by JPC Head Coach Carynne Robinson and current Wildcat players.


What is it?
This FREE clinic will aim to cover all aspects of netball such as attacking, defending,
goal shooting, ball handling, footwork, as well as match play practice whilst
fostering a fun and inclusive environment. All abilities are welcome to come and join in the fun!


The details
Age: 10-16 years
Date: Tuesday 2nd October
Time: 9am to 3pm
Venue: Coleman Centre, John Paul College
What to bring: Water bottle, packed lunch and healthy snacks
Cost: FREE for JPC students


Share lunchtime with WILDCATS – an opportunity for autographs and photos.

How do I register?
Register online here
Contact Head Coach: Carynne Robinson [email protected]


Senior School

From the Head of Senior School

Week Ten and the end Term Three

Welcome to the last week of a very busy term, that has been filled with learning, activities, sports, exams, performances, challenges and wonderful achievements.

Australian Reading Hour

On Thursday we all took time out from what we were doing, picked up a book and enjoyed one hour of reading. As a school we want to show our commitment to developing strong readers.


Why read you may ask?


According to the Australian Reading Hour Website:

  1. Increasing literacy and numeracy skills has a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction.
  2.  Reading reduces stress by 68%, relieving stress more quickly than listening to music, going for a walk or having a cup of tea.
  3. The more leisure books people read, the more literate they become and the more prosperous and equitable the society they inhabit.
  4. Reading a gripping novel causes positive biological changes in the brain that can last for days.
  5. When tested for empathy, readers of narrative fiction achieved significantly higher than other groups.
  6. Reading is closely linked to increasing our understanding of our own identities.

From the Head of Careers and Pathways

Students, parents and colleagues often ask me for information regarding current trends in the labour market.


The Job Outlook website (https://joboutlook.gov.au/default.aspx) run by the Australian Federal Government is a wonderful resource for students and jobseekers to explore the labour market at a variety of levels. Information provided includes employment, unemployment, age profiles, largest and growing jobs, skills that different jobs require and even pay rates.


I highly recommend this site to all as a great place to target your job and career research.


Have a great break all. See you again in Term Four.


Mr Steve Cuthbert ([email protected])

How can I help my child to learn another language?

Continuing on again, here are a few more suggestions to help your child learn another language


  • Foster the use of online programs and apps available to practise language learning outside the classroom. Many of these are free and the greater exposure to the target language they allow can be extremely beneficial.
  • Applaud participation in competitions such as Education Perfect and Assessment of Language Competence to build your child’s confidence, and give him/her additional opportunities to use the target language.
  • Praise your child’s efforts! Like anything new,  learning another language can sometimes  be frustrating and learners can easily lose confidence. Remind your child that s/he didn’t learn his/her first language overnight, so a second or third language will be no different. Everybody makes mistakes, but the biggest mistake of all is giving up!

 Please click on PDF for the complete document.


 With many thanks for your support and participation in the language learning process!

The Modern Language Department

Year Seven Street Science Incursion 2018

On Friday 7 September, Year Seven students participated in a Street Science incursion. Jess from Street Science presented a variety of exciting and engaging experiments highlighting just how awesome Science can be!

Students were encouraged to be involved throughout the presentation, which covered topics that were discussed within the Year Seven Science curriculum this term.


The students were left in awe at the brightly coloured fire bombs, smoke clouds and loud explosions that Jess from Street Science produced.


The high calibre of questions asked by the students, clearly demonstrated their interest and engagement with the presentation.

Dates to Note:

Friday 21 September - Term Three concludes at 3.20pm

Tuesday 2 October - Netball Clinic – Coleman Centre

Wednesday 3 – Friday 5 October - Code Camp - Burke Building

Monday 8 October - Term Four commences

Thursday 11 October - IB Art Exhibition


I hope all students, parents and our dedicated staff enjoy a well earned break from the usual routines of school life and have an opportunity to relax and refresh, ready for the last term of 2018.


Mr Allan Dennis

Head of Senior School

Middle School

From the Head of Middle School

I take this opportunity to commend the hard work and diligence of many of our Middle School students this term. We have had a jam-packed ten weeks with an extensive range of extra-curricular activities on top of their academic work-load. I have received lots of positive feedback from teachers recently about the effort from students in their classes. Our Pastoral Care teachers have been meeting one on one with students during PC lessons to discuss their academic welfare (academic progress, wellbeing, activity, subject choices etc.) and to set new goals for the remainder of the year. Having students reflect on their own data and performance holistically, develops in them the self-regulation skills required in life to be successful. As this programme matures into our Academic Mentoring Programme in the future, I am confident our students will become even more independent in their studies and apply the right strategies for success at the right time.

Middle School Assembly

On Wednesday we celebrated some significant achievements of our students in Years Seven, Eight and Nine at our end of term, Middle School Assembly. Particular mention went to Bethanie Walsh for her stunning singing performance at the Performance Evening on Monday night, and to our successful athletes Heidi Dennis (Under 13 Girls TAS Age Champion), Kirsten McEwan (U13 Girls 100m record), and the Under 13 Girls 100m Relay team for also breaking a record (Mackenzie Auton, Heidi Dennis, Jade Eggersfield and Kirsten McEwan).  I commend the Year Seven leaders for planning and facilitating the Assembly with such confidence and skill.


Students in Action:


Finally, I wish all families taking holidays over the next two weeks an enjoyable and relaxing break and look forward to all returning safely and refreshed for the start of Term Four.


Mr Mark Zietsch

Head of Middle School

Primary School

From the Head of Primary School

A tremendous headline in this week's Albert and Logan News regarding NAPLAN results - 'Logan’s Top Primary School'!


Congratulations and thanks to our learners for demonstrating their high levels of understanding in literacy and numeracy. Our teachers and support staff collaborated and committed to supporting our learners. We are very proud that our focus empowered our learners to achieve.


If we can tame water and fire, take shelter from storms and protection from dangerous animals, surely, we can make a dent in creating a world with compassion and love through our thoughts, attitudes and actions. Our values aren't something or some things, they are everything. Culture is what we do, character is who we are.


Looking back over the term, I am humbled by the evidence I see in your children making that dent in creating a world with compassion and love: through their thoughts transposed in writing sessions, their actions demonstrated by creating awareness of issues affecting our society and environment, their attitudes to supporting charities, their peers and the JPC uniform.


We pride ourselves, as members of the JPC family, on our values - our culture.


Take the time to dive into each classroom by spending time in the Year Level Blog via JPConnect. This is your best insight into the learning. Your child is also empowered to discuss their learning and achievement with you. This can be a ‘together time’ holiday activity.


Have a safe and special Spring break and we look forward to amazing learning experiences with high levels of academic achievement in Term Four.


We have some exciting and timely changes to our uniform offering for 2019. We have listened to feedback, consulted a parent group and these are the following updates:


You may have heard of many schools making a move to add a pants option for girls’ dress uniforms. We will offer girls from Year Four to Year Six the option of wearing burgundy culottes and a formal blouse which is similar to the style of the formal dress. This combination of culottes and blouse is acceptable as a formal option, along with the dress, and will continue to identify the older grades within the Primary School (please see image of the sample).


If you would be interested in purchasing the new blouse option for Years Four to Six, please reply to me ( [email protected] ) by email and advise your child’s current uniform size for the shirt or dress. We will take replies into consideration when placing our first order with the manufacturer.


For the cooler months in 2019, students will have the choice to wear either the woollen or polyester burgundy jumper or the burgundy jacket (as pictured) with their formal uniform. Naturally on very cold days, the burgundy jumper can be worn under the burgundy jacket over the formal uniform. 


The bucket hat is an option for all children from Prep to Year Six. In addition to the bucket hat and wide-brimmed burgundy hat, Year Three children may also choose to wear the HPE cap with their PE uniform and at Sports Carnivals.


As previously communicated, our Grandparent’s Day will be held in the first week back in Term Four, on Friday, 12 October. We are planning a slightly different format this year and will begin with a concert in the Coleman Centre at 9.00 am. We want to keep this concert to approximately one hour and will then move to classrooms to join in with learning activities.


As well as visits to classrooms, we will also have some dance and choir items in the ARC to allow further opportunities for grandparents to see students performing. We also plan to have some choir items or musical items as grandparents are arriving.


We will have our normal shared morning tea at approximately 11.00 am and we look forward to our loved and respected grandparents joining us on this special day.


Mr Andy Gordon

Head of Primary School

Mother Tongue Club

This year the Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival falls on September 24, 2018. It is a popular celebration among Chinese families.  At Mother Tongue Club on Wednesday, 19 September, we celebrated it in advance with 20 Cantonese-speaking students, teachers and parents from the College. It was heart-warming to watch the Years Ten and Eleven students proactively interacting with our Primary students during lunch, and guiding them through the lantern craft activity.


A warm thank you is extended to:

  • Cecilia Wong (Primary Spanish Teacher) for her enthusiasm in leading this event
  • Eric Zeng (father of Haisong in 2AM and Antong in 1NPC) for providing the delicious moon cakes and facilitating the activities
  • Allan Dennis and Heads of Year, Dawn Boland and Chris Wild for their support in gathering the Secondary Students
  • Ros Sullivan for her warmth and endless support for all the Mother Tongue Club gatherings

Kind regards

Mrs Alice Pan-Moreau

Year Two Classroom Teacher

From the Friends of Primary

Thank you family and friends for all of your support this term. Friends of Primary greatly appreciates all your time and help with events that we have with our primary children. 


Our Parent Reps have had some wonderful class celebrations over the last few weeks to show their appreciation for our teaching staff. We look forward to having the rest of the class celebrations in the first few weeks of Term Four. A big thank you to our Parent Reps for helping organise picnics and play dates. 


Friends of Primary wish you all a happy holiday break and look forward to seeing you all again in Term Four. We would love to see you at our next Friends of Primary meeting on Tuesday, October 16 at 9.00am


Kind regards

Deonie Cameron and your Friends of Primary Family 

Library Learning

National Reading Hour

Every hour is reading hour in the Learning Centre, however Thursday, September 20 is Australian Reading Hour.


Why read? Australian Reading Hour  lists the benefits of reading as:

  • Increasing literacy and numeracy skills which has a positive and significant effect on jobs.
  • Reading reduces stress by 68%, relieving stress more quickly than listening to music, going for a walk or having a cup of tea.
  • Children who know adults who read for pleasure take it for granted that reading is valuable.
  • The more leisure books people read, the more literate they become and the more prosperous and equitable the society they inhabit.
  • Reading a gripping novel causes positive biological changes in the brain that can last for days.
  • When tested for empathy, readers of narrative fiction achieved significantly higher than other groups.
  • Reading is closely linked to increasing our understanding of our own identities.
  • It was found by the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research that reading to children six to seven days a week puts them almost a year ahead of those who are not being read to.

The last fact should be enough to encourage all adults to read to and with children for pleasure if we want them to be the best they can be academically. As Dr Seuss says, 'You are never too old, too wacky or wild, to pick up a book and read to a child'.


So, let’s make every day reading day! Come to Noelene Munns Learning Centre (NMLC) to choose your reading material from a fantastic collection that will delight all ages from Kindy to adult. Happy holiday reading!



Holiday Reading 

Many students and staff have spent the week stocking up on books to read over the holidays, especially after being tempted with our holiday reading ideas. The holiday reading lists are available here for those still looking for ideas to take to their bookshops and local libraries.


Books in hottest demand recently in the NMLC Lower Reader Room have been CBCA-shortlisted book for Book of the Year for Older Readers, In The Dark Spaces, and The Medoran Chronicles series, the first book of which, Akarnae, was part of the Readers Cup book list. Happy holiday reading!


Book of the Week


The Fandom by Anna Day

Violet and her friends love the Gallows Dance; they love the book, they love the movie, and they adore the characters. So when they get the chance to go to Comic-Con and experience the fandom they can’t wait. All goes awry though when they find themselves unexpectedly launched into the world of the Gallows Dance. This is no longer a story for them. This is real, and what’s more, their lives are on the line! There’s only one way to survive; become the characters they love, keep the plot on track and maybe—just maybe—they might get to go home. Love, friendship, jealousy, guilt and fear plague the girls as they play their parts, but not story is worth dying for…right?


A mix of Inkheart and The Hunger Games, this novel will keep you well occupied over the holidays.  Recommended for Year Seven and over.


The 1,000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford

‘There are stories about people who want to live forever.

This is not one of those stories.

This is a story about someone who wants to stop…’


Alfie was 11 at the time the Vikings invaded his home in England. One thousand years later he is still the same scrawny 11-year-old, just 1,000 years older. And he has discovered there is a definite downside to living forever.


But he, his mum and his cat Biffa are together and that is good enough for Alfie. Then one fateful day, a fire takes everyone he loves and leaves him alone. He doesn’t want to spend another 1,000 years alone so he embarks on a quest to find a way to change this, to find another way to live. First though, he has to find a way to die. 


Full of family and friendship, heart and hope, this story of Alfie and his quest to find a better way to live is unusual, captivating and just lovely.


Recommended for Year Five and over.


Chaplain and Community

God Made You Special

On Monday, Prep to Year Two students gathered for our Term Three Service in the ARC.  The theme of the Service was ‘God Made You Special.’ The students participated in prayers, singing (in the choir and as a whole group), helping the Chaplain with an activity and remembering a Bible verse. This verse stated,


“God, you made me special. You are amazing for making us so different!”


The students learned how they are unique and that there is no-one else like them in the world. God made them this way on purpose and as his children they are very precious to him. One of the ways they came to understand this was from a Bible reading as seen below.

Year 2: Emily Farrell

A large crowd of people gathered around Jesus. An important man named Jairus came, saw Jesus and bowed down before him. He kept asking Jesus over and over to come to his house.

He said, “My little daughter is dying. Please come and lay your hands on her. Then she will be healed and will live.”


Year 2: John Jia

So, Jesus went with Jairus but the crowd came very close to him as he went on his way.

One of them was a woman who had been sick for twelve years. She had suffered a lot. Many doctors had tried to help her but couldn’t fix her problem.


She heard about Jesus, followed him in the crowd and touched his coat. She thought, “If I can just touch his clothes, that will be enough to heal me.”


Year 2: Romicah Hope

As soon as she did it, she became better. Jesus knew what had happened, so he stopped and turned around. “Who touched my clothes?” he asked.


The friends of Jesus said, “There are so many people. How do you know someone touched you?”


Year 2: Sharon Chan

But Jesus continued looking. Since the woman knew she was better, she came and bowed at Jesus’ feet. She was very scared because she didn’t know what he would say.


So, she told Jesus the whole story of how she had been sick for so long. Then he said to her, “Daughter, my child, you are made well because you believed in me. Go in peace. You will not suffer anymore.”


When Jesus called the woman ‘Daughter,’ he was letting her know just how precious she was to him. Understanding that is how he sees us, helps all of us to feel important, valued and loved. And what child shouldn’t know that?


Mr Stephen Ward


Prayer Group

The John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group welcomes all members of the John Paul College Community.


The Prayer Group's purpose is to honour Christ by praying for the College staff, students and families within the JPC community.


Prayer Group meets every Wednesday morning at 8.30am in the meeting room in the Wellbeing Centre (except for every fourth Thursday of the month when it is held in the evening at 7.30pm at Julie Gordon’s house – 64 Highview Terrace, Daisy Hill).


Co-ordinator: Julie Gordon can be contacted on 0421 809 984 or [email protected] by any parent wishing to inquire about about the John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group.

Co-curricular Performing Arts

From the Director of Performing Arts

It has been a busy final week of Term Three with numerous performances by many of our students including over 465 students entertaining family and friends in our final Performance Evening for 2018 on Monday night across the disciplines of Cheer, Choral, Dance and Instrumental.  Thank you to our Friends of Performing Arts for providing a beautiful selection of refreshments for our students and families.  Your continuous support is greatly appreciated by all.



On Friday night last week, Clairvaux MacKillop College hosted 2018 Battle of the Rock Bands.  Exit 24 competed in front of a crowd of 800 enjoying 40 rock songs performed by 10 competing bands with over 100 student musicians on stage during the evening. 

Congratulations to students in Exit 24 and their Directors, Mr Sharne Andrews and Mr Sean Andrews on their success on their debut in this competition, receiving:

  • Gold Level award – Exit 24
  • First Place & $2,000 prize – Exit 24
  • Most Outstanding Vocalist – Iz Wilson
  • Most Outstanding Lead Guitar – Rory Fleming
  • Most Outstanding Musician Overall – Rory Fleming
  • Vocalist Honorary mention – Ethan Rutledge

Our Primary Cheer teams competed on Sunday 16 September at the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF) State Cheer Competition held at the Gold Coast.  We congratulate the Primary Cheer Teams on their energetic and successful performances.

  • Meteors – First Place in the Primary Level 2 division
  • Asteroids – Third Place in the Primary Level 1 division
  • Stardust – Fifth Place in the Primary Level 1 division

On Tuesday this week, staff and students enjoyed the opportunity to witness three talented string recital finalists perform in the Stephen Bean Theatre who placed fourth, fifth and sixth in the 43rd National Youth Concerto Competition.  This competition is Australia’s leading competition for string soloists aged up to 17 years. Year Twelve JPC student, Chae Eun Oh performed as one of the recital finalists with Lili Stephens, Qld (Violin) and Sebastian Pini, NSW (Double Bass).


On Wednesday this week many of our Senior School students continued our long-standing tradition with St Mark’s Anglican Church of performing for their parishioners.  For over 15 years, the audience has been very appreciative and once again enjoyed the performances from our talented musicians and vocalists.

Year Twelve student, Natalie Koch has been successful in securing auditions for the full-time training programme at the New Zealand School of Dance, the Pre-professional Year Programme at the Sydney Dance Company, the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) at the Victorian College of the Arts, and the full-time training programme at the National Theatre Ballet School (Melbourne).  Well done to Natalie and we wish her well in her auditions over the coming weeks.


Congratulations also to the following students who recently completed their Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams.


Manaal Ahamed - Year Three - Cello - Preliminary

Yusuf Seedat  - Year Four - Piano for Leisure - Preliminary

Jaeden Kowald - Year Four - Piano for Leisure - Preliminary

Amelie Baron - Year Six - Piano for Leisure - Grade 2

Sergei Prosvirnov - Year Nine - Piano - Grade 6


Upcoming Dates

Friday 21 to Sunday 23 September - Melbourne Cheer Competition/Tour – Supernovas & Nova Starz

Wednesday 17 October - Music Fest – Symphonic Band

Friday 19 October - Music Fest – Wind Orchestra

Saturday 20 October - Concert Band Spectacular – Wind Orchestra & Big Band

Friday 26 October - Music Fest – Sinfonia

Saturday 27 October - Music Fest – Corelli Strings and Vivaldi Strings

Monday 29 October - Dance Night – Academic and Co-Curricular Dance

Tuesday 30 October - Music Fest – Primary Concert Band

Wednesday 31 October - Music Fest – Capriccio Strings

Saturday 3 November - Music Fest – Big Band, Stage Band, Viva Choir, Concert Choir and Chamber Choir


Mr Bobby Gallo

Director of Performing Arts

Co-curricular Sport

From the Director of Sports and Activities

                              TAS Finals ​

Last weekend our Trimester Three TAS teams competed in the TAS Finals in Football, Touch Football, Basketball and Volleyball.

Eleven of our teams were competing in grand finals and seven of these teams – Seconds Football, Year Nine Football, Year Eight Football, Seconds Basketball, Year Ten Basketball and Firsts and Seconds Volleyball won the Premiership in fiercely contested games.


We would like to congratulate all students who competed in the competition along with their coaches.


TAS Athletics Carnival

On Tuesday, over 100 John Paul College students competed at the TAS Athletics Carnival. Despite the large number of students having to withdraw from the competition due to injuries, the team pulled together and competed with great spirit and determination.


John Paul College came second overall in the girls' competition and first overall in the boys' competition and was announced as the Overall TAS Athletics Champion School for 2018.


We would like to congratulate all coaches and students on this significant achievement as back-to-back Athletics Champions which completes the trifecta after being named Overall TAS Champion School for Swimming and Cross Country this year. This has never been achieved by any other school in the TAS co-educational competition.


Congratulations to the following students on some excellent results:

Age Champions

U/13 Girls Age Champion - Heidi Dennis

U/15 Boys Age Champion - Zion Ashby

TAS record breakers

U/16 400 metres - Brian Foster

U/13 100 metres - Kirsten McEwan

U/13 Girls Relay - Mackenzie Auton, Heidi Dennis, Jade Egglesfield and Kirsten McEwan


JTAS Athletics Championships

On Friday, September 14, our Primary Athletics team travelled to QSAC to compete in the Junior TAS Athletics Championships. In warm conditions, our students competed admirably with a final placing of 6th overall. Congratulations to our Junior Open Boys for winning their age group.


Regional Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Regional Athletics Championships on 7 September, 2018. 


First Place

Kirsten McEwan - 400m (broke regional record), 200m (broke regional record)

Brian Foster -  400m (broke regional & state record), 800m

Isaiah Riquelme - Triple Jump

Jessica Smith - 800m, 1500m

Zion Ashby - 400m, 200m

D'Artaganan Koeun - 400m, 200m

Toby Marks - Steeple Chase

Lachlan Ward - 1500m

Josh Shah - 1500m

Chekole Getenet - 1500m, 5000m


Second Place

Eli Tuia - Discus

D'Artaganan Koeun - 100m

Jessica Smith - Long Jump, 400m

Lachlan Ward - Steeple Chase

Tom Dauncey - Steeple Chase

Daniella Hare - 800m

Isaiah Riquelme - Shot Put

Josh Shah - 800m

Chekole Getenet - 800m


Third Place

Lachlan Ward - 800m

Josh Shah - 3000m

Tyler Kiem - 1500m


State Qualifiers outside of top three,

Kai Warren - 100m

Roy Xiong - 100m

Danica Martin - 400m

Gymnastics State Championships

Congratulations to Year Nine student, Summer Sullivan on her Level 7 gymnastics achievements.


Summer placed second at regionals on the uneven bars and beam and third at the Queensland State Championships on the uneven bars, floor, beam and vault. She went on to achieve 13th place at the Australian Nationals Championships held in Melbourne.


We wish Summer all the best for the National Club Championships in September on the Gold Coast. 


Primary Schools Cup

Well done to all girls who attended the Bundaberg Netball Primary Schools Cup Carnival last weekend. JPC Blue came fifth out of 80 teams, the highest result for JPC since entering the tournament. Well done also to JPC Burgundy for continuing to develop and improve their game play throughout the weekend. 


Year Ten student, Katie Jennings, deserves special congratulations for being chosen (out of 80 umpires) by Netball Queensland to umpire the grand final match. This is a huge honour for Katie and the College. Well done!


Mrs Karen Graham

Director of Sports and Activities

John Paul International Life

From the Director of John Paul International

This week the initiative and work of students in Level 5A is profiled.   Congratulations to JPIC teacher, Dr Susan Anderson and JPC teacher Ms Kate MacLeod on your collaboration on this project and your enthusiasm in inspiring our Level 5A students.

Level 5A study Shakespeare

Most, but not all, mainstream students dread studying Shakespeare, many believing the language is too difficult and the stories boring, so introducing ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (R & J) to the JPIC Level Five students was a challenge, but necessary, as they prepare to transition to JPC in Term Four.  Working with a mainstream English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher, Ms Kate Macleod, Level Five students were introduced to the study of ‘R & J’ through music, the movie and its trailer, Behind the News texts, integration into a mainstream classroom, and an incursion which assisted students to connect the themes of the play with modern ‘real world’ themes: love, authority, rebellion, fate and youth.

Behind the News texts were used as listening exercises, for vocabulary development, and as an introduction to the works of Shakespeare in general, and why his works are studied around the world even today.  Students learned that although the language is difficult, the stories behind the words are worth knowing, teaching morals, values and attitudes.  They also were made aware of Shakespeare’s role in the development of English vocabulary, e.g. gossip, lacklustre, quarrelsome, assassination. 

Shakespeare is a famous writer, his works are also performed, and through his works, we can know the world through his eyes, feel a different world.


‘R & J’ was introduced using the 1996 movie trailer, which starred Leonardo de Caprio. The trailer simply summarises the storyline and the themes represented, and persuades the audience of the relevance of the movie today.  This was followed by introducing the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s hit, ‘Love Story’, which offered a sneak peak of the ‘R & J’ themes: parental control, rebellion and young love.  It also offered pronunciation practice, and an opportunity for lyrical analysis and vocabulary development.


Before studying the song, I didn’t know the meaning of the lyrics, I just sang it, but now, I like it more than before and understand it completely. The song changed the ending and made it happy but I think it lost its value with the change.


Students then attended a mainstream EAL class, where they watched excerpts of the 1996 movie, read the relevant sections of the play, translated the meaning to simple English, and analysed the themes represented.  In a separate class, Ms Macleod introduced JPIC students to the major themes of ‘R & J’ using a PowerPoint, giving a series of simple statements.  Students were asked to agree with the statements, disagree or indicate that they were not sure by moving to different parts of the room.  Follow-up student and class discussions established reasons for their opinions, and clarified their understanding of the themes. 


I realised the background of the play which raised a lot of controversial topics.  R & J represents true love, what people are looking forward to. 


Students then attended an incursion with all Grade Nine students and Grade Ten EAL students, and experienced a modern ‘R & J’ performance with the difficult language of Shakespeare stripped away to make it easier to understand, and modern-day props and costumes, including jeans, T-shirts, sunglasses and baseball caps, which made it easier for students to relate to.


The actors changed a lot of things to make the spectator feel interested and made it easier to understand the story of R & J.  It was fun and interesting, and can teach students some morals.  After participating in these interesting activities, I have a strong desire to read the whole play and watch the whole movie.  I was exceedingly surprised at such an old play making people laugh, relax and be touched as well.


Ms Macleod and I believe the ‘R & J’ initiative was a great success for JPIC students, and although it didn’t include an in-depth analysis of the Shakespearean play, it has begun to prepare them for the rigors of ATAR English at JPC in the future.


When I first heard we were going to watch R & J, I thought it would be really boring for me and when I went to the EAL class there were a lot of words I couldn’t understand but after analysing the story through bits of the movie, the song and class discussions on themes and characters, I was able to know what was going on in the play. It inspired me to think deeply about love, violence, hatred and revenge, and I feel it was a fantastic and meaningful time.

Staff Profile: Dr Susan Anderson (Level 5 teacher)

How long have you been teaching? I began teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) in 1979 in Japan, employed in the Education Department of a major steel manufacturing corporation, preparing managers to travel overseas to work in allied industries.  At the time, I was also a tutor for doctors in a small private hospital dealing with international patients. These experiences developed in me a love of language teaching, and I taught Japanese in universities for 28 years before I returned to EAL teaching at JPIC in 2014.


Previous careers? My first job was as a tracer of design documents in an electrical engineering firm, as I loved Geometrical Drawing & Perspective (now Graphics) at school.  My undergraduate Asian Studies Degree gave me qualifications in Japanese and Economics which led me to a Graduate Clerk position in the Australian Taxation Department for three years. Serendipity, led me to a university career teaching Japanese and linguistics, and involvement in teacher training, from 1987 until 2015, across three Australian universities. It seems that my career has come full circle with a return to EAL teaching at JPIC.  It brings me great joy to assist international students develop into global citizens who are achieving success in a new culture and society, capable of thinking critically, developing as independent learners, and capable of moral decision-making.  My career has been varied and sometimes, I wonder what the future still holds for me!


Other languages, living overseas? At 17 years of age, I went on exchange to a small town in Japan where I studied in Grade 11 for one year, and learned Japanese.  On return, I majored in Japanese at university and still continue my links with Japan today. With four homestay families in one year, my experiences allow me to empathise with the international students studying at JPC.  I lost my last homestay mother only three years ago, and was privileged to attend the family memorial service as her ‘international’ daughter.  Having lived in Japan for many years, as a school student, a university researcher, a student at the National Language Institute, and as a traveler, it is truly my second home, and Japanese, my additional language.  I love telling students about my life experiences and seeing their surprise!


Any interesting hobbies? Everyday hobbies for relaxation: Fishing; reading anything; listening to music across genre, from Pavarotti to Eminem.


Japanese hobbies: Practising Tea Ceremony from 1975 till 2010, and playing Taiko (Japanese drums) not very well.  Both of these make me feel wonderful!


Walking / trekking / travel:  I lived on a yacht for a year and have sailed the east coast of Australia. I have visited India and Nepal, and trekked to altitude to see Mt Everest. Last year, I walked 950 km of an 1150 km Buddhist pilgrimage around the island of Shikoku in Japan, visiting the designated 88 temples in six weeks.  I have steered a dog sled, visited glaciers, sailed in the North Sea, and viewed the Northern Lights in Sami country in Northern Norway. Presently, planning the next adventure!

Our Boarding Life

The Deputy Head of Boarding

It is with great delight that I announce the appointment of Ms Rebecca Jones to the Houseparent role at John Paul College Boarding.


Ms Jones has over 15 years' experience within Boarding Schools.  She has previously been a Boarding House Co-ordinator at Abbotsleigh School in Sydney, as well as a full-time Boarding Supervisor at Stuartholme in Brisbane. Ms Jones is also currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Religion, Geography and History). She will commence her new position from next Wednesday, 19 September.


Farewell to Brenda!

The appointment of Ms Jones means that Fenton Village bids farewell to our longest-serving staff member, Mrs Brenda Scherian. Brenda was one of the foundation staff members at Fenton Village and has overseen the growth and development of the boarding programme. Brenda has given 15 years of service to John Paul College as a member of the Administration team and the netball programme. Brenda will undoubtedly be missed by all students and staff at John Paul College. We wish her the very best for her future endeavours.

Community News

Women on the move - understanding your car!

Southeast Auto Mechanical: Women on the move – understanding your car - A FREE course created to educate women on basic car maintenance.


Created by a female automotive technician, this 90 minute course is designed to help keep you on the move. You will learn basic car maintenance and the important components of the vehicle that need regular inspection in a comfortable, friendly environment.


Gain a deeper understanding of car servicing and repairs along with the technical jargon used in the industry.


The course will be run by a qualified, respectful, approachable technician in our own professional service centre. You'll learn how to: 

  • Change a tyre 
  • Check Oil & Essential Fluids
  • Learn about Tyre Pressure
  • Check for wear on Belts & Hoses
  • Identify Common Leaks

In addition, we will show why regular servicing is essential for safety and reliability. Plus, you'll also discover more about your rights as a consumer when it comes to log book and new car servicing, potentially saving you time and money.


Light refreshments provided.


Bookings essential - limited places available

Date: Wednesday 26 September -  6.00 pm - 7.45 pm

Venue: Southeast Auto Mechanical, 3/2 Spanns Road, Beenleigh.


Book in via email Fionna at [email protected] or phone to reserve your space P: 3807 9910

Trading Hours: Open Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm 


Click here to see the advertisement online.

Dates to Remember


21 September - Term Three CONCLUDES

21-24 September - Starbound Competition - Dance Years Four to Twelve

21-23 September - Melbourne Cheer Competition

22 September - Boarder Travel Day

22 September - Champion Basketball Schools Cup, Logan

24 September - 5 October - Outside School Hours Care Vacation Care Programme


1 October - Queens Birthday Public Holiday

2 October - Netball Clinic, Coleman Centre

3 - 5 October - Code Camp, Burke Building

3 October - Senior First XI Cricket Trial Game vs The Southport School, CMSC Oval 1

4 October - Senior First XI Cricket Trial Game vs St Joseph's Nudgee College, CMSC Oval 1

7 October - Boarder Travel Day

8 October - Term Four COMMENCES

9 October - Friends of Cricket Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

9 October - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting , Room 5 Gorman Centre

10 October - Prep Incursion (Fairytales Show), Noelene Munns Learning Centre

11 October - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

12 October - 13-14 years Boys Regional Cricket, Churchie

12 October - Primary School Grandparents' Day Concert, Coleman Centre

12 October - Assembly Years Seven to Twelve, Coleman Centre

12 October - Live at the Piazza

13 - 14 October - Vicki Wilson Cup Netball Finals

14 October - Boarding Multicultural Dinner, Fenton Village

15 October - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

15 October - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

16 October - Recital - Guitar, Base Guitar and Drum Kit (Years Four to Twelve), Stephen Bean Threatre

16 October - Friends of Tennis Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

17 October - Prep Parade, ARC

17 October - Ski Trip Parent Information Evening, Gorman Lecture Theatre

17 October - Junior Band Parent Information Evening, Stephen Bean Theatre

18 October - OPEN EVENING

18 October - 2019 Prep Parent Information Evening, Prep Rooms

19 October - Live at the Piazza

19 October - Beginner Strings Parent Information Evening,  Stephen Bean Theatre

20 October - TAS Term Four, Round 1

22 October - Year Twelve Formal, Brisbane City Hall

23 October - Year Four 'Where we are in Place and Time' Exhibition, Burke Building

23 October - Piano Recital (Prep to Year Twelve), Stephen Bean Theatre

24 October - Bond Business Expo Excursion (VET, Cert 3/4 and Diploma Students), Gold Coast

24 October - JPIC Assembly, Gorman Lecture Theatre

24 October - Voice Recital (Years Six to Twelve), Stephen Bean Theatre

25 October - ATAR Years Seven, Eight and Nine Parent Information Evening, Gorman Lecture Theatre

26 October - World Teacher's Day

26 October - Assembly (Years Seven to Twelve), Coleman Centre

26 October - Live at the Piazza

27 October - JTAS Term Four Round 2

27 October - Friends of Tennis 200 Club, Cambridge Tennis Centre

29 October - Year Four


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