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08 November 2019
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From the Principal

From the Principal

Yesterday we observed Remembrance Day at our weekly assembly. Astrid Balle, Will Savage, Abigail Gunn and Will Hay led our school through a moving ceremony. Two Modern History students, Zann Shaikh and Jonjo Kavanagh, delivered a thoughtful address to the school. It is reproduced here.


Remembrance Day allows all Australians to reflect and remember those who died or suffered for Australia’s cause throughout all armed conflicts. In commemoration of this day, I would like to share the, until recently, forgotten story of the Indigenous servicemen and women, disregarded for so long, despite their story encapsulating the tribulations of those who have served our country.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have served in all branches of the Australian Defence Forces since the 1860s - serving in the Boer War, both World War I and World War II, through to more recent campaigns including service in Afghanistan. Though many Indigenous Australians who tried to enlist were rejected on the grounds of race, hundreds of Indigenous Australians have given their lives for Australia throughout all armed conflicts, fighting side by side with non-Indigenous Australians as equals.


Aboriginal soldiers were amongst those who fought at Gallipoli, with over 1000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders serving throughout World War I, and over 3000 in World War II. As Australia emerged as a nation, war brought greater contact than ever before between the Anglo-Australians and the Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders. For the Anglo-Australians, it was a chance to learn about Aboriginal culture and recognise the poor conditions imposed on Indigenous Australians. For the Indigenous Australians the war accelerated the process of cultural change. It also resulted in a position of greater equality for Aboriginal women, who played a crucial role in the enlistment numbers in Australia’s war industries.


However, despite fighting and dying for Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders still weren’t considered citizens upon their return from the World Wars. Many veterans were also denied repatriation benefits, and excluded from returned services clubs.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have long sought to gain recognition for the service and sacrifices of their men and women. Emerging descendants continue to recognise their families and local communities for their military services, such as Gunditjmara man Ricky Morris, a retired Army Sergeant who is the 19th of an astonishing 21 men and women who served as Anzacs in his family. This year, Morris was invited to lay a wreath on behalf of all Indigenous veterans at a service in Beersheba, where his grandfather Frederick Amos Lovett served in a branch of the Light Horse unit. Morris’ aim is to preserve the legend and history of all Australian’s, indigenous or not, and to progress towards reconciliation through following in the footsteps of those who fought and died for Australia, and the diversity of Australians who put their hands up to answer the call.


Today we are congregating on the Country of the Dharug and Guringgai peoples. We recognise the strength and resilience of Aboriginal people and their relationship with the land on which we live and learn. We recognise and commemorate the sacrifice made by all Aboriginal service people throughout Australia’s history and into the future.


Remembrance Day is the day we honour all those noble souls, indigenous or non-indigenous, who have served, and continue to serve this nation, its land, its people and its values. It is a chance for Australians to unite as one as they recognise the sacrifices of all service men and women and to honour their memory.


A local man who made this sacrifice is Blair Anderson Wark. Wark was born on 27 July 1894 in Bathurst. He was educated at Fairleigh Grammar in Bathurst, before moving to Sydney and attending St Leonards Superior Public School, which is a predecessor of Killara High School. He finished his learning at Sydney Technical College. After graduating, Wark worked as a quantity surveyor. As he was doing this, he decided to pursue his military interests.


When the call to arms rang throughout the nation, Wark, along with 41,600 other men, made the aforementioned sacrifice, leaving his job and family to fight off the oppressors of freedom. Wark was a Senior Cadet in 1911 and 1912. He enlisted in the 18th North Sydney Infantry for the Australian Military Forces, and was provisionally commissioned in 1913, at the age of 19. In August 1915 Wark was appointed to the Australian Imperial Force and travelled to Egypt as part of the 30th Battalion. In June 1916, he reached the Western Front. During this time, he was working his way up the military ranks becoming captain and a company commander. Wark was wounded in the Battle of Fromelles. At the young age of 24, Wark was given command of the 32nd Battalion in September 1918. As a courageous commander he would lead ahead of his troops into open fire and he was able to secure 200 leaderless American troops into his battalion. Using these efforts Wark’s unit was able to capture four enemy guns and ten of their crews whilst being fired on at the rear. 


On top of this he was able to capture fifty German combatants. These efforts meant that he was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1918 for his constant bravery throughout his service. On the 101st anniversary of the end of WWI, we commemorate the sacrifice of these brave soldiers. They were called upon to fight a war across the world, in lands they thought they would never travel to. We must not only commemorate this sacrifice but be grateful for those who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that future generations wouldn't have to endure the same as them. A soldier such as Blair Anderson Wark, with links to our school, is a way for us here at Killara High School to be grateful for their life and remember them along with the countless others who fought valiantly for their country. 


Jane Dennett


Key Dates

Term 4

11 November                                      Elective Music Night

12 November                                      An Evening of Eminence - Year 8 Gifted and Talented Showcase - 5.30pm

13 November                                      Year 12 School Formal at the Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney - 7.00pm

14 November                                      Leadership Induction Ceremony

20 November                                      Junior Drama Night

20 November                                      P&C  Meeting - A Block Common Room - 7.00pm 

22 - 23 November                             Schools Spectacular Performance Qudos Bank Arena

25 - 26 November                             Year 9 Surf Safe Program at Newport Beach

25 November - 6 December          Year 10 Work Experience/Service Learning Week

28 - 29 November                              Year 7 (Group 1) Surf Safe Program at Newport Beach


3 December                                         2020 Year 7 Enrolment day

3 - 4 December                                   Year 7 (Group 2) Surf Safe Program at Newport Beach

9 - 13 December                                 Year 10 Successful Seniors Week

9 December                                         PAE End of Year concert

10 December                                       Volunteers Thank You Morning Tea - 10.00am - 11.00am

10 - 13 December                               Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme Gold

13 December                                       Stage 4 Completion Assembly and Luna Park Excursion

16 December                                       Stage 5 Completion Ceremony

17 December                                       Annual Awards Ceremony

18 December                                       Final school day for all students

19 December                                       Year 12 Celebration Morning Tea - 10.00am


PDHPE Archery Excursion

On Monday 28 October, Year 11 PDHPE students participated in an Archery Excursion at Sydney Olympic Park. Students will draw on this practical experience in an upcoming assessment task, where they will need to discuss the stages of skill acquisition, effective types of feedback and psychological strategies used to enhance motivation and manage anxiety. 




Key Dates - Term 4

  • The Strings Ensemble will be visiting Lindfield East Public School on Tuesday 12 November as part of the KSP program. They will mentor the students and perform a short concert to conclude the afternoon.
  • Our choir students are busy preparing for the 2019 Schools Spectacular at Sydney Olympic Park. Performances will take place on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 November.
  • The end of year PAE concert will be held in the Kerrabee Hall on Monday 9 December at 6.00pm. All PAE students will be performing and family and friends are encouraged to come along and enjoy a wonderful evening of music.

Latest News

The Year 7 Concert Band visited Gordon East Public School on Wednesday 23 October. This was a great experience for our students and allowed them to mentor the younger students as well as give a performance of the pieces they have been working on this year.

Ryde School Spectacular

On Thursday 25 October, Killara music students participated in the Ryde School Spectacular at the Sydney Opera House. Killara had two featured artists that evening – Braden Langley in Year 9 who sang the Finale with the choir – and Leah Berry in Year 12 who successfully auditioned to perform a solo item with her HSC band. Congratulations to all students for a wonderful performance – Brandan Langley, Leah Berry, Will Hay, Taro Iikura, Chiara Minotto, Alex Nightingale, Zann Shaikh, Thomas Shaw and Justin Yeo.

Stage Band 2 – KSP visit to Beaumont Road Public School


Arts Council Talent Quest


Elective Music Night 11 November


Student Achievements

Junior AFL

On 26 August the annual Junior Sydney AFL awards night was held with all clubs in the Sydney Harbour district attending. A number of St Ives AFL players were invited to attend to receive awards for Best & Fairest Player (as voted by the umpires), Umpiring Awards, Representative All Star Teams & the Kieren Jack Medal. Ben Katz, a Year 7 student,was one of the recipients, being recognised as Best and Fairest runner-up in his division, as well as being awarded Best First Year Umpire for the North Shore. Ben also won the Best and Fairest Award for his St Ives Club U13 Team. A great team player and leader.


To top off a great AFL season Ben was selected to umpire an U11 Grand Final match for which he too received an umpires Grand Final Medal. Well done, Ben.


Killara Schools Partnership

Year 2 Maths Workshop

On Tuesday 29 October, a group of Year 9 Accelerated Mathematics students (Alex, David, Jong, Mavis, Parmida, Shannelle, Toby, Nathan, Tahel, Yuval) took part in a Mathematics workshop run by Mr Graham, Mr Yeo and Ms Dixon which helped Year 2 students from the surrounding primary schools learn about networks.

The Year 2 students, assisted by their Year 9 mentors, worked on puzzles that helped the children understand concepts such as nodes and edges in network systems. Along with these puzzles that challenged, the students also constructed hexaflexagons which the children really enjoyed creating. Most of the students managed to finish their hexaflexagons and it was clear that both Year 2 students and Year 9 mentors had a great time and learnt a lot about both mathematics and cooperation from the experience.


David Cooper

Year 9 student

Augmented Reality Workshop

On Monday 4 November, fifty Year 3 students from our local primary schools gathered at Killara High School for a workshop to learn about Augmented Reality (AR). The primary school students were able to discover what AR is and use a range of educational AR applications to explore different areas of interest.


Killara High School students in Years 8 and 9 volunteered to assist primary school students with each app. The result was a fun, energised and educational morning where primary school students used AR to explore celestial objects, different animals, and competition in ecosystems. Students were also able to use the AR apps to bring their colouring pages to life in 4D and to catch hidden virtual letters around the room and use them to create spelling words. It was a valuable educational experience for both the primary school students and volunteers alike.


One notable app, Reservoir Crabs, demonstrated how differences in organisms in the wild allows some to be more competitive than others. It utilised physical cards with numbers 1-15 that were scanned to show different crabs with different features. The group leader explained  that when two crabs were scanned, they fought in a virtual world, and while fighting we were able to see what affects a crab’s ability to win competitions for food. We realised that the claw length and mass both affected the crabs’ ability to fight and each primary student got to try fighting different crabs. By the end of the workshops the students were all confident in their ability to identify which crab would win competitions by looking at the physical attributes of each crab prior to viewing them compete. The children had a great morning and enjoyed learning all about augmented reality.


Year 8 and 9 students did an excellent job in helping the primary school students learn and have a great morning. We wholeheartedly thank Ella Adey, Dulandie Dissanayake, Maksim Gusavac, Nimita Patel, Natalia Sutherland, Francesca Gunn, Elizabeth Lee, Erin Qin, Keon Sano, Kian Rieger and Josh Jordan for their outstanding efforts.



Larissa Vella, Julie Della Villa and Ann Dixon

Science Teachers and KSP Coordinator

Apollo 2019

Year 10 Showcase

You are invited to attend Killara High School’s inaugural Apollo Showcase. Apollo is a problem-based learning course where Year 10 students develop important skills and dispositions by tackling real world challenges in a multidisciplinary forum. Student choice is a core focus of Apollo. At the Showcase, students will be exhibiting their Major Flight projects where they have solved real world problems or explored complex questions that they identified.


KHS Magazine

Attention All Students

Killara High is getting its very own student-run magazine. This means a publication created entirely BY YOU, FOR YOU. But first we need to establish a team of journalists and designers to kick-start this legacy.

If this sounds like you and you’d like to join one of the teams or find out more information see Mrs Akmens in the TAS staffroom. 

Uniform Shop

New School Caps

We have received our new school caps and have also added bucket hats to our list of uniform items.  All students should be wearing a hat or cap when playing sport or in the sun for an extended period.  Please ask them to pop by and take a look. I am sure that one or the other will do the trick.


Just a reminder that the Uniform Shop operates from E Block and is open for over-the-counter sales and collection of online orders between 8.00am and 10.30am on Tuesday and Friday mornings during the school term (open during the first recess) with our last opening day this year being Tuesday 10 December.  To find us, use Gate 5 on Koola Avenue, go down the stairs, turn left and follow the signs.

If you find it difficult to come to the Uniform Shop, please try our online ordering system.  Your son/daughter can come in and try on the items prior to taking them home.  Otherwise, they can take the items home, try them on and if they are not correct bring the items back to the shop along with their receipt and we will  be happy to assist with an exchange or refund ( please don't wear or write names on any items if you want to return them).


If you haven't tried the online method of ordering, please do so, and you may be converted. Our online ordering software is called Qkr! (pronounced quicker) by MasterCard, and is an easy-to-use application for iphones/ipads and android smartphones that makes purchasing through the Uniform Shop a breeze.


Qkr! is a secure mobile application run by MasterCard and the Commonwealth Bank which allows fast and easy payments (Amex not accepted).  It provides you with a mechanism for paying and collecting uniform items without your child carrying large amounts of cash.  There is no fee for parents using this method of payment, nor do you need to load funds in advance. 


To find out more information on Qkr!, our price list or any additional information including opening days early next year, please go to the Killara High School website/About Us/Uniform.


Contact details: 9498 3722 ext 128 or email


Barbara Liebenberg

Uniform Shop Manager

Help Needed

The Uniform shop is looking for parents to assist with the upcoming Year 7 fittings, stocktake and sales on Enrolment day.  There are a few weekend dates in November, December and January as well as mid-week assistance required.  If you are keen to volunteer please email for further details.


Latest Information

Newsletter Term 4 Week 2

School Information

Visit our School Careers Facebook page for the latest information. Search Facebook for ‘Killara High School’s Careers Page’.


Job Jump

The school is subscribed to Job Jump, a careers website which provides a wide range of information and resources. All parents, staff and students have free access. The password is kh and you can register with your personal email address.


For up to date careers information, please visit the school website at:


Alternatively, please visit the new Careers website at:


For further information on any of the above or for general inquires please contact the careers faculty. Email


Sophie Campbell and Elif Macpherson

Careers Advisers

Term 4 School Travel 

Important 2020 Information for Opal Card users

Applications for student travel in 2020 opened on Friday 11 October. Students progressing to Year 7 no longer need to re-apply if they:

  • are continuing at the same school
  • are residing at the same address
  • have not been sent an expiry notification from Transport NSW.

Where a student meets the new distance eligibility, the system will automatically update their entitlement. If they do not meet the new eligibility, they will receive an expiry notification via email.  Students who have an entitlement approved under a medical condition which is due to expire will receive a notification advising them to re-apply.


Term Bus Pass holders will also receive a notification to re-apply.


If students need to update their information or re-apply, they should go online to


Applications need to be submitted before 31 December to ensure student entitlements are updated and their current entitlement/card is not cancelled. If their application is submitted after 31 December the system will automatically cancel an entitlement/card and a new one will need to be issued.


Students in the Opal network applying for a SSTS or Term Bus Pass entitlement for the first time will receive their card at their nominated postal address. Cards will be mailed out from January 2020.


It is not uncommon for applicants completing the online form to make mistakes, particularly entering their name or date of birth instead of the students. This may be due to an auto-fill function on a device or just human error.  If the information supplied does not match school records or the student is not yet enrolled, the application will not be endorsed.


Bare Creek Run 10 November

Join us for a stroll or adventure run in the Garigal National park this Sunday 10 November. The Bare Creek Trail Fun Run starts at Acron Oval, St Ives with various starting times as follows:

  • 20km - 7:00am
  • 12km - 7:30am
  • 6km - 8:00am 
  • 2km - 10:15am

Note: only the 6km event counts for points in our competition against St Ives High.  


Payments and further information:

Upon sign up, please ensure you state 'Killara High School' in the space provided. 

Safer Drivers Course 14 November 

PCYC Hornsby along with RMS will be running another course for Safer Drivers with the aim to encourage safety for young drivers and their passengers.

Thursday 14 November at 4.30pm. 


Drug Education Workshop for Parents 16 November

Sydney Drug Education & Counselling Centre (SDECC) will be delivering “Parents Prepared”, a one day drug education workshop for parents of high school aged children.  This free workshop will provide parents with information about drugs, their effects and tips for talking to young people about drug use.

Register at

16 November from 10.00am to 4.00pm. 

Coastal Environment Centre, North Narrabeen


Ku-ring-gai Youth End of Year Celebration
22 November


St Ives Showground Charity Event 23-24 November 

Machines & Macchiatos Events will be holding a big charity weekend at St Ives Showgrounds on 23-24 November.  Raising money for Bear Cottage & Cure Brain Cancer with 100% of profits going directly to the charities. 


Parent Forum Life After the HSC 25 November 

Come and hear from different organisations who can help you with life after the HSC. Special guest speakers from Australian Internships and TAFE NSW along with a Q&A panel.


Monday 25 November from 6.00pm-8.00pm (registrations open at 5.30pm)

Ku-ring-gai Council Chambers, Level 3 - 818 Pacific Highway Gordon



Matilda the Musical - St Ives High School
27 November - 1 December


Turramurra High School Christmas Market
5 December


School Bus Timetable

School Bus Timetable

To download the school bus timetable, visit From the Home Page click on ‘Plan your Trip’ and then click on ‘School Bus Timetables’, and search for the name of your school.

Alternatively please view the PDF below:


Robin Chand

Deputy Principal

Parking and Road Rules

Parking and Road Rules

Please click on the PDFs below to view the parking and road rules in a school zone:


U Turns

Note that U turns across double lines are illegal.

This means that U turns are illegal, and dangerous, along the full length of Koola Avenue outside the school. 


Rangers regularly enforce these rules. Please consider the safety of our children before convenience.

Kiss and Ride Zones

Kiss and Ride Zones are designed for your convenience and for your child’s safety. 

Designed for quick entry and exit, these zones minimise congestion and risk when used properly by all parents and carers. These zones operate under the same conditions as no parking zones, which means you may stop to drop off or pick up children for a maximum of 2 minutes. You are required to remain in or within 3 metres of your vehicle. Days and hours of operation may apply to some zones.


Robin Chand
Deputy Principal 

Killara High School
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